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X-Wing Miniatures Game: The Force Awakens – A Review

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Three years and one month ago I reviewed the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. I was quite taken with it but what made me love the game was the gradual – albeit slow – release of very groovy expansion packs. It didn’t take me long to acquire a full squadron of fighters, the […]

Batman Miniatures Game Model Review

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Back at the start of October I reviewed the Batman Miniatures Game and after a considerable amount of preamble I got down to the business of reviewing the game. As it turned out it was pretty good, much to my relief. It had its issues and bug bears of course. The main one being that […]

Infinity: Operation Icestorm – A Review

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If I had to give an excuse, if ever one were needed, as to why I hadn’t looked at one of the major game systems until now I would have to say…because I just didn’t care. Now before I get flamed back to the Stone Age bear with me and hear me out: Infinity is […]

Batman : Miniatures Game – A Review

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This review has been a long time in the making. Years really. Let me explain why: I’ve always liked Batman. As a child I liked the Adam West TV series. But that’s the thing: I liked it. I didn’t love it. It was too woolly and everything felt like they didn’t really understand where they were going […]

Ruination Battle Cards – A Review

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Now I think it’s fairly common knowledge that I’m not a massive fan of collectible card games. There’s 3 reasons for this: The absence of dice The absence of models The utterly twattish way I’ve seen some people build their decks. However, whilst at the Bournemouth comic expo I spotted a familiar face. It belonged […]

Star Wars Armada Giveaway Winner

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As some of you may have seen earlier I closed the giveaway far earlier than planned. Someone shared it on a money saving forum and it all went a bit mad. I received more than 600 entries, 200 of which came through in a truly alarming flurry around 4:30 today. To clarify, I have nothing […]

Star Wars Armada – Giveaway

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It’s been way too long since I did one of these but thanks to those lovely people at Firestorm Games I’m giving away a copy of Star Wars Armada starter box to one lucky person. All you need to do is tell me what 3 word line from Return of the Jedi that made Admiral […]

Codex Craftworlds – A Review

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Another year another Eldar Codex. At least it seems that way. Eldar have been a headache for the design team ever since the first Codex that came out for second edition 40k. They’re a fascinating army in terms of background, army composition and game play. Not even the Tau can match the Eldar for how well […]

Battle fleet Gothic Armada Trailer

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Whilst I’d still prefer Battlefleet Gothic to be a current, supported game on the tabletop, I’m genuinely looking forward to the video game port. it looks fantastic and the developers seem to understand what made Gothic so special in the first place.  

Reflections on an Old World

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A week or so ago I reviewed the all new, all shiny, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I reflected on the idea that this game wasn’t Warhammer Fantasy Battles ninth Edition but the first edition of an entirely new game. It’s fair comment as whilst the models haven’t changed just about everything else has from the […]

Star Wars Armada – A Review

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Now I seem to remember saying some time ago, around about the time I had a game of X-Wing involving a full squadron of fighters, that X-Wing – as much as I love it – doesn’t have the slick rules or the flexibility for really big games. A dozen fighters a side took ages and […]

Codex Adeptus Astartes – A Review

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I must admit, when I saw a new Codex Space Marines had been released I had to check the date of my last review to make sure I wasn’t going mad. The previous edition was just 2 years old. Now I’ve never been one to stand in the way of progress (stop laughing) but that does […]

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – A Review

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I leave the hobby alone for five minutes! A lot has changed during my hiatus. There’s bat shit crazy amounts of new stuff for X-Wing. There’s whole new armies for 40k and yet more re-released rulebooks. Spartan Games has landed a Halo fleet game (soooo getting that!) and it seems the entire Warhammer World has been destroyed. […]

Batman vs Superman Comi-Con Trailer

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I’ve been quietly optimistic about this movie. Man of Steel, whilst getting lukewarm reviews, was actually a pretty good Superman movie. It received a lot of negative feedback for the level of carnage wrought on Metropolis but I thought it was pretty representative of what would happen should two super humans decide to knock seven […]

Halo 5: Guardians Campaign Footage

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I know I’ve been quiet again lately which wasn’t the plan but it was unavoidable but for far less dramatic reasons than the last time. That’s not to say I have much to talk about. So instead I’m just going to share the Halo 5: Guardians campaign footage that’s found its way on to YouTube. […]