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Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide – A Review

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Continuing on from looking at the second edition rules, it seemed only right to take a look at one of the Fleet Guides released by Spartan in answer to the recurring grumble that there were no defined army lists or background. Never let it be said that Spartan don’t listen. Whilst not the cheapest of […]

Fancy Some Open Combat?

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Originally posted on Mechanical Hamster:
As some of you will be aware, I’ve been pootling about doing a bit of games design work in my free time, mostly for the fun of it because who doesn’t like inventing games, right? None of those projects are quite ready for the light of day, either commercially or…

Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla – A Review

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Part 2 of my Firestorm Armada second edition review is finally here. Apologies for yet another long delay. There’s a lot going on in my world at the moment and it’s pulling me away from the site far more than I’d like. But anyway… Storm Zone: Battle for Valhalla is the starter set released by […]

Thon Available to Buy

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You may remember a long while back The Shell Case looking at a truly gorgeous looking game called Thon. It briefly appeared on kickstarter but was cancelled due to some important changes in the game that meant it wouldn’t be ready for market. I must admit that I forgot all about this very special looking game so […]

Firestorm Armada 2nd Edition – A Review

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First an apology for being so quiet for so long. I was on holiday for a week which should have warranted an explosion of writing on my part. But there was no wifi. Heck there was very little phone signal. And chasing a toddler around acres of woodland, it turns out, was rather knackering so even […]

10 Years of Dawn of War

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I was surprised to learn today that it’s been 10 years since the release of the original Dawn of War game. This auspicious occasion couldn’t be marked without a few words about a game that I not only invested hours of my life in but helped redefine the RTS genre. When I first heard about […]

Grey Knights Codex – A Review

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  One in a million. That’s how many recruits survive Grey Knight boot camp.  And if you consider that those recruits are the top percentage of those already chosen from their home worlds as being the top specimens on their respective planets, the numbers start to get a little crazy. The entire population of Earth […]

Ork Stormboyz – A Review

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It’s no secret that I’ve riding the green tide. It’s equally common knowledge that I’ve managed to cobble together 1,000 points already. None of it’s painted yet but that’s fine as the deal between myself, Mat & Lee is that we can’t progress past 1,000 points until it’s all painted. There’s an advantage to that […]

A Ghostly Apparition

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  Guess who’s started a new army for 40k? It’s not my fault.  Honestly, blame Mat and Phil, they’re the ones who got me feeling all jealous and left out and stuff.  Once Phil followed Mat down the Xenos path it was only a matter of time before I caved and followed suit, which I […]

Ork Bommer – A Review

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The Codex was largely responsible for me finally starting an Ork army but as I’ve always said time and again, you have to love the models you’re collecting or the project will simply never get finished. This is true or all armies in every game ever written. And it was true all those years ago […]

WAAC Hits the Presses

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Wargamers All Against Cancer hit the Sheffield Live website today interviewing our very own Dave Wilkinson – aka @Docbungle. Aside from wargamers actually getting some good PR for a change (despite the journalist getting the name of the event consistently wrong) it’s so good to see everyone involved getting some well deserved recognition for their […]

Mark of War Live on Kickstarter

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You may have noticed the other a day a little post go up on this site by a chap going by the moniker of Gav Thorpe, talking about a project he’s involved with called Mark of War. Well it’s live on Kickstarter and in need of your support. For the uninitiated it’s – in a nutshell […]

Ork Trukk Boyz – A Review

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I’ve been immersed in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe for a long time. First Space Crusade, then Epic, then Warhammer 40,000 itself. And although I’ve always been a staunch and loyal defender of the Imperium my eye has always wandered towards the Orks, the way teenager’s strays towards the part of the news stand that has all the […]

Mark of War – Creating a Fantasy World

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Hopefully, if you’ve been following me on any form of social media you will have noticed that I’ve been blathering about a new project called Mark of War. At the basic level, it’s a tabletop miniatures game that you play on your PC or Mac or (if the funding goes well) your iThingy. Look at […]

Deep Cut Studios Epic Play Space Mat – A Review

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You may remember back in June I reviewed a 3×3 space mat from Deep Cut Studio and I really rather liked it. Being someone who appreciates beautiful things – and with a massive X-Wing fleet – I got back in touch with Deep Cut to see if I could look at their 6×4 foot mats […]