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Batman: Arkham Assault Teaser

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Now this is what a Batman movie should be like. Are you listening Christopher Nolan?!

Big Damn Painting Competition: Announcement.

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In the last few days we have received a few messages from concerned entrants with regards to the voting on our site. We have been investigating this and can now substantiate that unfortunately there has been an indeterminate amount of manipulation/cheating happening. We at The Shell Case are extremely disappointed and saddened with this realisation. […]

New Wood Elves White Dwarf Leaks

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The internets are aglow with many wonderful pictures of the new Wood Elf releases due out in May. First up we have the teaser video from Games Workshop themselves: And then there are the lovely, lovely White Dwarf leaks from Saturday’s forthcoming issue, enjoy: I don’t think it’s too early to say that Games Workshop […]

Salute in Review: Dreadball Fest!

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Salute, salute, salute salute salute. (sung to the tune of Black Adder) I’m sure no one minded me singing Rob’s Salute theme tune on the way home one little bit. In fact it probably made the trip back from London go even quicker [Especially as it took four hours thanks to Mat's atrocious SatNav - […]

Mordheim: City of the Damned – factions and more details

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Since our last post about the Mordheim: City of the Damned PC game, Rogue Factor have been busy working away on the game, but luckily not so busy that their lead developer couldn’t spend some time to talk to the strategy informer website about the progress they’ve been making. The interview covers a nice amount of […]

Salute in Review: Aftermath

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This was my first time at Salute and I didn’t really know what to expect. Especially as my last experience of an event at London ExCel had been a pretty average Star Trek related event. So when I rolled up and saw the crowds it was kind of amazing. I’m glad to say though that […]

Wild West Exodus – A First Look

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  Howdy Stranger! Eat hot lead! Out of the rising darkness come the heroes and villains that make up the world of Wild West Exodus. Set just after the American Civil War, Wild West Exodus combines the still raw battle scars and rivalries of the Union and  the Confederacy with a looming dark power, embodied by […]

Salute in Review: So long and Thanks for All the Models…

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Salute 2014, you are done! What a day! My head is still spinning slightly to be honest. This year Salute was everything I’d hoped for in some ways and something of a missed opportunity in others. Anyone who knows me in real life is well aware of my propensity for taking on way too much […]

Imperial Knight – A Review

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It’s been a little while since I’ve reviewed anything for the Grim Dark Future of the 41st Millennium so this article is a bit of a treat as I’m taking a look at the awe-inspiring Imperial Knight kit. I’ve always felt very fortunate to do what I do but some days I really have to […]

Wood Elf Art Leaked

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It looks like all the naysayers and teeth gnahsers were dead wrong about the Wood Elves being amalgamated into the High Elves book. Indications the pointy eared tree hugging bastards are slated for a May release. Ian of The Chaps will be delighted.

Salute in Review: What Happened To All The Spending?

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Must…buy…toys…must…buy…toys….  No it’s not Mat, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Instead it was me wandering around aimlessly trying to find shizzle to buy at the end of Salute on Saturday. I went in with a good idea of what I wanted but after picking up my hefty (and heavy) Forge World order, purchases were […]

Dreadball Chromium Chargers – A Review

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When Phil asked me to join The Shell Case team he did so saying that I could look after the Dreadball content seeing as I’m a bit mental for it. Oh how he’ll rue the day… If for no other reason I find myself reviewing the Chromium Charges and I know how much he, and […]

FaQs are dead! Long live the FaQs!

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One of the immediate hot topics of conversation (OK hobby rage) after the launch of the new Games Workshop web site was the notable absence of the FaQs section. Any attempt to access them via saved links was met with a pretty clear message: Well it would appear that all is not lost. People are reporting […]

Mierce Miniatures’ Darklands

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Visiting Salute this year we saw some pretty amazing things. Games that were genuinely original, pretty girls (this is akin to the fabled Rocking Horse shit), Boba Fett and models that defied belief in their quality and detail. One such range came from the Mierce Miniatures stand. The whole team fawned over the plain resin and painted […]

X-Wing Miniatures Game: Battle Report 4

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The asteroids drifted slowly in space. Spinning and twisting in an endless orbit with a planet no longer possessing the gravity well strong enough to keep them in place as its rings. By any measure of interstellar navigation it was a hazard, but every other measurement it was suicide. Which was why smugglers used it to hide […]