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#warmonger of the year 2014

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Apologies for putting this up later than planned. Things in my world aren’t settled yet. Improving but not there yet. And beyond these very rare updates I’m still not sure when, if ever, this site will be back up to speed. However, regardless of how daft things get with me I still get to do […]

Low Ammo

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It’s with a great deal of sadness that I must announce that The Shell Case will be going on indefinite hiatus. The site has been plagued by misfortune since May with the long-term plans for the site falling through, the team of contributors I’d worked hard to build gradually dropping out and disbanding and the […]

Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

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Warning: May cause sticky pants.

This game looks epic. I mean really epic. And the combat seems to have been refined to the point of perfection. I cannot wait for this game. Or for someone to give me an XBox One to play it on. Hint hint.

Ork Gorkanaut – A Review

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This review is later than planned because my daughter selfishly got sick and meant all my evenings were spent caring for her instead of building the Gorkanaut. I’ve still not finished it but I’m far enough along that I can confidently review it. It’s awesome. Review over. As if! My opinions can never be confined to […]

Mordheim The Video Game Teaser Trailer

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So this looks awesome.

Fast Movers in 40k

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Last Thursday I got a game of 40k in using my new Ork army. As it was their second outing I thought I’d mix it up a bit and give the Dakkajet a try because, well it’s freaking cool. For reasons passing my understanding, I told Lee I’d be taking a flyer which prompted him […]

Leaked Age of Ultron Footage

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It didn’t take long but a teaser has been leaked on to the interwebs from the up coming Avengers: Age of Ultron that sets things up for Civil War.

Now to build a time machine so I don’t have the agonising wait!

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

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So another Warhammer 40,000 game is in production. This time it’s 40k Chess. To be honest I have no feelings one way or the other on how good or not it will be. Or even how advisable it is to make a 40k version of the original strategy game when Games Workshop spend a lot […]

Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer

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I love the Halo games. Even Halo 2 which was pretty weak compared to its siblings. Even the huge graphics boost the second game got over its older brother couldn’t hide the fact that the game felt rushed and the story a little confused. I’ve played it through many times since it’s release in 2004 […]

Avengers Age of Ultron Extended Trailer

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I cannot wait for this film.

More Tyranid Images

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It wouldn’t be a Tyranid release without a deluge of mental looking new kits and it looks this one is no exception…

Tyranids Sighted

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Okay, it’s not much but this gribbly sod makes it pretty clear that the Tyranids are about to have another reboot. Most Tyranid players will be delighted after the last two codices were pretty sucky. Let’s hope this edition bucks the trend. Having had a couple of Tyranid armies over the years I, for one, […]

Halo: Nightfall Trailer

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The goodies are coming thick and fast today. Below is the first proper Halo: Nightfall trailer ahead of the shows launch in November. Halo: Nightfall focuses on Jameson Locke, a playable character in Halo 5. In Nightfall, he’s part of a squad investigating a biological weapon that only affects humans. It’s being produced by Ridley […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer

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Oh it’s on…

And it’s out in time for my birthday. And what a happy birthday it will be.

Kurak Alliance Fleet Guide – A Review

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Continuing on from looking at the second edition rules, it seemed only right to take a look at one of the Fleet Guides released by Spartan in answer to the recurring grumble that there were no defined army lists or background. Never let it be said that Spartan don’t listen. Whilst not the cheapest of […]