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As part of my desire to be as a self-sufficient as possible in terms of my online endeavours, this blog is moving to a new home.
You can now get all of the latest posts at
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pNemo list

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Thursday is coming soon so I need a new pNemo list to try out. This is largely similar to the one I used last week with some minor substitutions. Commander Adept Nemo Lancer (6pts) Avenger (9pts) Squire (2pts) Long Gunner Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) Storm Tower (2pts) Stormblade Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) […]

Monsterpocalypse gaming

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Paul and I met today at Myth Games to have a few games of Monsterpocalypse. This is the first time since the game came out initially that I have played it so I was a bit rusty. Making matters worse, Paul is a huge fan of the game and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the […]

War Room

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I have been spending a bit of time using the War Room application. It is Privateer Press’ tablet and mobile application for building armies, reading cards and also for tracking damage in games. It actually works rather well but there are a few issues with the application Con The app is written using the cross-platform […]


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So it has been some time since an update so I am going to crunch a month’s worth of info into a single post. What it lacks in depth I hope it makes up for in… well something. Warmachine The game that I am playing most is still Warmachine. I have to qualify that somewhat […]

A shocking and horrible occurrence

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I took my nascent Cygnar force to Sentry Box today to play Warmachine with some of the gamers from the local COGs Warmachine club. I took a variant of my Caine list from the other night except that I swapped out the Sword Knights for some Storm Blades and the Centurion for a Charger. I […]

List for tonight’s game

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Rob and I will be heading out to Myth tonight for a 35pt game of Warmachine. I have no idea what he is bringing and my list is limited to what I have on hand. I’ve never really played Caine before so I will give him a try. I’m also bringing out Sword Knights as, […]

Miniature gaming

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As many of you might be aware, I made a decision some time ago to forego miniature gaming due to the onset of my arthritis. I clean out almost every single miniature in the house as well as my paints, terrain and hobby supplies. After that I focused on getting involved in board games, wargames […]

Combat Commander victory

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Today was the monthly Strategy Wargaming meet-up at Sentry Box. I managed to be able to arrange a game of Combat Commander with Kevin. He graciously brought along his collection and we determined that we would play the St. Martin de Fontenay, Normandy scenario (#116) that, I believe, came in C31 issue #26. The scenario […]

Rivet Wars Blight fighter

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The CMoN forums have a picture of a WIP version of Blight fighter for the Rivet Wars board game.

I really can’t wait for this to show up and I honestly don’t even care if the game is any good. I may even try to paint one or two of these a…

Dreadball first turn disaster

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Took a few moments last night to set up my Dreadball board and start a solo game with the Veer-myn and Corporation team. I have my Forge Fathers and Orcs assembled but they are going off to be painted. One the first rush I move a Corporation Jack next to a Veer-myn striker and then […]

Redoing the Warlord

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I played a few games of Mage Wars last Wednesday with Rob. I tested the new Forcemaster and Warlord from the recent Mage Wars expansion using the default spell books suggested. The Forcemaster had a few tweaks in the form of a set of Thorn Walls which I used to push Rob’s Warlock through. I […]

ASL goodies

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There has been quite a lot of “new” ASL products coming into the house lately. One of the local ASL gamers was clearing out their duplicate ASL modules so I was able to grab Hollow Legions, Croix de Guerre and Yanks for an attractive price. Certainly far less than I would have been able to […]

Industry contacts and relationships

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Sometimes you find yourself doing odd things and today I spent some time cleaning up my email Contacts. Its something I would recommend that everyone do from time to time because email clients and OSes have a tendency to add all sorts of odd contacts to your address book that you might not expect them […]

Star Wars LCG event

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A few of us got together today for a warm-up event in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars LCG Regional event held next month. There were four of us playing. Due to some scheduling issues there weren’t more but at least we had an even number. All of the players were using cards from the […]