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On the painting table

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So now that the Orc fleet is finished I have added some new models to the painting table. I have two new Orc vessels to paint, an Uncharted Seas giant, an Iron Dwarf Bellows airship as well as two units of Skorne infantry (Cetrati and Praetorian Swordsmen) that I am working on assembling. To that […]

Three fleets done

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So the Orc vessels are done and I thought it would be fun to take out all of the ships and get some pictures of them all together. Sadly I can’t fit them all into one shot with my phone so I ended up taking shots of each individual fleet. Oddly enough will I have […]

Picking a Warmachine or Hordes faction

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So there is a new version of Warmachine/Hordes coming out and it has intrigued me enough to consider playing again. There are some interesting rule changes being made and it seems as if some work has been done to streamline the game. I won’t say ‘simplify’ as I don’t think that is the intent but […]

More fantasy naval painting

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The Orc fleet is taking form as I am in the final stage of finishing the painting. I need to finish the sails and then seal them. The sails are probably going to take some work as I need to shade them and then paint a pattern into the sails. I want something bold and […]

IHMN multiplayer scenario

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Last Sunday the Skirmish Club at The Sentry Box ran a multiplayer scenario for In Her Majesty’s Name. The game was originally meant to be a 2v2 game with a group of Japanese soldiers and samurai attempting to defend a temple from being defiled by Western treasure hunters and their Mongol mercenary guards. Sadly both […]

More fantasy naval vessels painted

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I had some time to paint today so I was able to finish off a few more Uncharted Seas miniatures. I did some quick repainting on the Bone Griffons Flagship as well as the three Cruisers. They were painted when I picked them up in a trade but they didn’t match the way I painted […]

Galley & Galleons: Dwarves v. Elves

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Dan came over today and we got in another test game of the fantasy expansion for the Galleys & Galleons rules. Due to a rather nasty hardware failure Dan wasn’t able to put together a new list so he used an older list for his Elven ships. I used the list I posted previously and […]

Dwarven fleet stats

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So here is what I am thinking of using for our new Galleys & Galleons fantasy game. Almost all of the ships use Heavy Bow Chaser guns since the vessels are modelled with them. Dwarven Rocket Destroyer Points 64 Quality 3+ Combat 3 Special Rules Heavy Bow Chaser Guns, Ironclad, Steam Engine Assault Cruiser Points […]

New Dwarven vessels

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I finished some new Dwarven fantasy vessels from the Uncharted Seas range. I will be using them for the Fantasy variant of Galleys & Galleons. These have been painted to match the style of my earlier Dwarven fleet. The current G&G rules don’t have rules for significant guns from the bow or stern so we […]

In Her Majesty’s Name Week 3

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Due to illness and work conflicts we didn’t get in any games last week but this week Joe, Keith and myself were joined by new player Greg for a few games. I had a ruined village table set up and we used it, with modifications, for several scenarios. Joe had his Japanese Marine force but […]

A new Galley & Galleons fantasy battle

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Dan came over today and we had another game of the beta version of the fantasy expansion for Galleys & Galleons. I was using a slightly modified version of my earlier fleet and also brought along a Necromancer in his own galley. I had some free time this week so I was able to get […]

In Her Majesty’s Name Week 1

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Today was the first game day for The Sentry Box Skirmish Club’s six-week run of In Her Majesty’s Name. The crowd was a bit smaller today due to it being Easter Sunday and so there was only myself, Keith, Joe and Tom. Despite having two painted Companies I decided to use my IHMN Cephalyx. Keith […]

Cephalyx for In Her Majesty’s Name

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I have a quirky fondness for Privateer Press’ Cephalyx miniatures. They are entirely creepy but also have a wonderful background to them. I really don’t have any interest in playing Warmachine any more but with the Skirmish Club starting to play In Her Majesty’s Name I thought it might be fun to build a company […]

Monopoly is a bastard

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The twins have taken a fondness to Monopoly and I am not sure why. We just finished a game of it, to completion, and it is a brutal game. There is no consolation prize in Monopoly. You either win or someone guts you like a carp and scoops out your organs. One of the twins […]

Bone Griffons painted

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I finished the rest of my Uncharted Seas Bone Griffon vessels today. I have three Destroyers, three trebuchet Cruisers, two “Necromancer” galleys and a Flagship. I am quite happy with the results but sadly they look nothing like the four other Bone Griffons I have. They were painted by a friend and are much lighter […]