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Todoroni On-Line Build for September – part four

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The painting of this small group of Todoroni is now finished. My next post will show them varnished and flocked.Most of the work was detail painting, the Flintloques and general touching up. As stated in earlier updates, these Toads are great fun to pa…

The XIV Legion invade Droitwich Spa, Worcester

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This weekend Sue and I visited the Droitwich Spa Saltfest, a living history and salt heritage display that is held every year in the town centre and Vines Park. The highlight for me was the Roman Military Research Society and their display of warmachin…

Todoroni On-Line Build for September – part three

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The painting is moving along apace. I have finished most of the uniform, detailed the shakos and even painted the bases. I choose a Red/White feather for the plume as this works well with the Green cockade – giving the Red-White-Green of the modern Ita…

Todoroni On-Line Build for September – part two

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Progress has moved on quite quickly with this group of Toads. I choose to paint the miniatures in a dark Bottle Green tunic with Orange/Red epalletes and uniform turnbacks similar to the 3o Bella Manicotti featured on Rob Alderman’s You Tube feature, s…

BLAST – TASTIC less than a month to go

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Less that a month to go before the first ever Blast – Tastic show in Bristol. Full details can be found here.Blast – TasticFilton Community CentreElm ParkFiltonBristolBS34 7PSSaturday 4th October 201410.00 – 4.00Admission £2.00See you there….

Napoleon – The Campaign of Russia

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Yesterday – the Freeview TV station is showing a two part documentary called Napoleon – The Campaign of Russia on Thursday 11th September at 10.00pm. For details go to this link and here.Tony

On-Line Build for September – Todoroni from Alternative Armies

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My On-Line Build for September is this group of eight Todaroni from the 3o Bella Manicotti Limited Edition box set from Alternative Armies. I have supplemented the miniatures I have with an officer Toad from the 56505 Todoroni Militia set.The…

Warhammer Online – the collector’s edition

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Sue saw this boxed set at a local charity shop and bought it for me as an  anniversary present. I had not been aware of this until I saw the box and was very surprised at the quality of the presentation.The hard card box contains the video game (u…

LOTR Statue

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Another new month and another new terrain model, this time a Lord of the Rings statue that was picked up at a bring-and-buy. I think it is part of a pair.The model was slightly modified, adding a cocktail stick hammer handle and re-mounting the hammer …

More Wargame Terrain book one month on

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Sales of book two are proceeding well with 57 books being sold of the limited edition, signed and numbered 100 books. I have also been pleasantly surprised at the number of orders I have received for the re-print of book one.Thank you to everyone who h…

Away-Day Parabellum, Birmingham

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Image taken from the WebI am now back home after a great day out at Parabellum, Birmingham where over some tea and cakes I met up with Mark, Craig and John to talk about wargaming, model making and the new book.I also came away with some Flintloque Toa…

Pin-Head Ogres

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These are a couple of Pin-Head Ogres from the Monster in my Pocket miniature sets. I picked these up from one of the Pound Shops last year and they have been kept in my to-do box ever since. The figures are hard plastic figures that come with their own…

The Commandery, Worcester

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Sue and I have lived in Worcestershire for over thirty years and this week was my first visit to The Commandery Museum Sidbury, Worcester. Over the years I have visited the museum shop and even peaked over the fences, but this was my first ever visit t…

Gloucester Docks – part two

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Even more images of the Alice through the looking glass film set – Gloucester Docks.This fire-less locomotive would make a fantastic engine on a model narrow-gauge industrial layout.Lots of modelling inspiration.Tony

Gloucester Docks

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Earlier today, Sue and I visited the Gloucester Quays shopping complex. Before having lunch in one of the dockside restaurants we took a walk over one of the swing bridges and there under Llanthony Docks we saw these images.This is the set dressing for…