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Ludwig Von Barkhoven – part two

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I decided that Ludwig would be a hound dog and painted him with a Brown and White sectioned face. The Brown was basecoated Charred Brown from Vallejo and highlighted up to 100% Snakebite Leather.The White started as Stonewall Grey and was highlighted u…

An Away-Day in Evesham, Worcestershire

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Sue and I visited Evesham and I took this miss-mash of images. My main reason for taking them, was to record different timber-framed buildings, but as you can see the ‘brief’ got a little bit blurred.Image One is of the beautiful Bell Tower that overlo…

The Great 1980′s Dungeons & Dragons Panic

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I recently came across this news report from the BBC and thought it was well worth passing on. For details see this link.Thirty years on, I have nothing but fond memories of playing D&D and now wonder what all the negative fuss was about.Tony

Ludwig Von Barkhoven – for Flintloque

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The latest Limited Edition miniature from Alternative Armies is this metal dog, Ludwig Von Barkhoven (code 56131). For details see this link The miniature is being given away free with all orders for Salute 2014. I received mine when I ordere…

Salute 2014

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Just one week to go to the premier UK Wargame Show at ExCel, London. I did not visit Salute last year, and once again I’ll be staying away. I know it’s a great show and there is loads to see (and buy) but the day is far too long for a ‘Grey Beard’ like…

Timber Framed Buildings in Solihull

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Just back from a day trip to Solihull. These images were shot while walking along the high street. The Manor House 1495 has some fantastic detail.While this store EAST has some great looking features. The plaque on the wall states three dates 1571, 184…

Blast-tastic an update

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There has been a recent update featuring on The Miniatures Page (TMP), see this link for more details.I’ll be there, in fact I’ve been planning it for some time, see this earlier post for info. of my plans to have an exhibition of m…

Military Modelling – the latest Collectors’ Edition

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The first post of April 2014 is just a ‘quicky’ to highlight the latest Collectors’ Edition from Military Modelling, this time a Military Vehicle Special.I have most of the Collectors’ Editions and find them both good value and great reads. This one is…

Of Gods and Mortals from Osprey

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I have recently bought Of Gods and Mortals- Mythological Wargame Rules from Osprey, written by Andrea Sfilgoi.My first impressions are that it is a very well put together package, with high production values and great illustrations, the rules seem simp…

Paypal have gone all BIG BROTHER on me

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I have been told that my paypal account has been frozen until I produce photo ID, my drivers licence, my national ID card or my passport!I do not have a photo drivers licence, or National ID card. I do have a passport (which I am loathed to photocopy a…

Birthday Presents – part three

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Another birthday present. This time the Silver Anniversary Edition of Flash Gordon, the Queen soundtrack Flash Gordon directed by Mike Hodges. I can’t wait to watch it with the Brian Blessed audio commentary!(Because – let’s be honest, can you think of…

Birthday Presents – part two

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My Birthday Cake – the-shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden.Thank you Jen. I’ll enjoy devouring it.Tony

Birthday Presents!

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Sue bought me this hard-back book by Bill Horan and Phill Kessling as a surprise birthday present.I’ve had a great day with lots of special presents, but this is the book I’ll curl up with this evening.Thank you SueBattle HonoursBill Horan & Phill …

Dungeons & Dragons

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I have recently purchased via e-bay a second-hand edition of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons red box started set. The box arrived earlier this week and I have had great fun in re-acquainting myself with this olde favourite. Now if only I could set up…

Munchkin Deluxe

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This weekend I played my first game of Munchkin – a game by Steve Jackson Games. The zany and off-the-wall humour appealed to me and I have no hesitation in recommending it.Gary and Beckie brought the board game with them when they visited and we sat d…