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Foul Mouth Freddy and the Wrong ****ing Wagon

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Image ‘borrowed’ from Orcs in the WebbeDay Four of this years Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar and we see that ‘potty-mouthed Orc sergeant’, Freddy get involved with some Wine Barons. The short story and gaming scenario which was written by me, can be…

Book Three – where are we and update.

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Images of the completed Damaged Tower House – one of the models to feature in book threeI have agreed to exhibit at the Alumwell or WMMS on Sunday, March 12th 2017 – see this post. Having made this decision it then followed that I would like to have Da…

Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar 12016

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Image ‘borrowed’ from OITW siteAnd so it begins. Thursday 1st December 2016, day one of the Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar. Craig has chosen a Panzerfauste scenario written by Matthew Hartley called Fear Itself as the first post.For full details see…

IPMS 2016 – Pre-WWII Aircraft

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Not as many as in previous years, but still a wide variety of models.Tony

Some More Timber Framed Buildings

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Sue and I were in Stratford earlier today and on our return home we stopped in Alcester. Our plan was to pop in to one of our favourite restaurants and have a late lunch, but in the end we drove back to Droitwich and had tea at home.Here are some image…

IPMS 2016 – Modern Aircraft

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Part two of my IPMS Scale Model World photo report features modern aircraft from a wide range of different ages, styles and countries. I hope you like them.Tony

Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar – just one week to go…..

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The Orcs in the Webbe 2016 Advent Calendar is now just over a week away, for those who are new to this fantastic Christmas giveaway, full details can be found here.I have at least one short story ear-marked for publication this year and will be re…

IPMS 2016 – Golden Age Jets

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Here is my first report from IPMS 2016 – Scale Model World, Telford and I have chosen jets or aircraft from what I believe to be the golden age – post WWII to the 1970’s. These are aircraft of my youth and in most cases aircraft that I have modelled. I…

A lump of balsawood!

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I was recently given this block of balsawood. It’s a lump measuring 600mm x 140mm x 70mm.I usually buy my balsawood as balsa scrap or odd pieces, so this will be ideal for my purposes.Thank you Alex

Alumwell Wargame Show 2017

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I can confirm that I will be exhibiting at the WMMS – Alumwell Wargames Show on Sunday 12th March 2017. I first exhibited in 2015, see this blog post for further details but took a break this year. I should have new models and am planning tha…

Full gloss shine on plastic models

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I recently encountered a problem in getting a truly high gloss shine on a plastic model. I had used Halfords Plastic Primer then Halfords Gloss Black, then Halfords Gloss Lacquer , but still the finish was not good enough.I tried T Cut, Glass Polish. J…

Three reasons to take up a hobby

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I recently saw an article in one of my Mother-in-Laws magazines and thought it was worth posting here.Three Reasons To Have A Hobby;1 – IT MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPYWhen you are completely absorbed in a hobby you love, you enter a ‘flow state’ where you lose…

Miniature Holder – Latest Update

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Following on from my earlier post here are some images of my Miniature Holder Mk II. I picked up four grey napkins rings from a charity shop in Kidderminster for just 50p. They are made of wood and a sticker on the inside says MADE IN INDIA.I…

Away-Day – Birmingham November 25th 2016

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I have written on previous occasions about how I try to have an Away-Day at Parabellum, Birmingham at least once a year and usually around Christmas – 2016 will be no different.This years Away-Day will be Friday 25th November and like earlier ones. I p…

Wedding Cake Topper

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You may have wondered why updates to the Blog were a little slow last month. One of the reasons was that I was ‘press-ganged’ into producing this Wedding Cake Topper by my daughter Holly, who was bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding.The plan was to build the f…