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BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part eleven

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In this daily update, I have added five gun ports to each side of the main hull. I was planning four a side, but thought that five fitted better. There are also some deck details which like the gun ports were modelled with various thicknesses of card.I…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part ten

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Now that the hull has been modelled it is now time to start adding the detail and in particular the Aeronef themed detailing. My plan is to add a fore and aft gun on a round base and four gun opening to each side of the hull. Remember this is supposed …

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part nine

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I decided to remove the modern plastic vents or gills from the hull sides and replace them with sculpted or modelled plastic card gills. The vents were removed by placing a scalpel blade between the vents and the hull and twisting the blade – this did …

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part eight

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At long last – the main mast has been fitted. I tapered a cocktail stick by sanding it with a sanding stick and glued it into a 1mm hole into the fore-deck.The model is 154mm long, 50mm wide (across the head), 25mm wide (across the hull) and 75mm tall …

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part seven

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The latest update shows the card keel that was added to the model. The keel was built from three separate pieces of 1mm thick card – it was easier to cut the profile in three parts rather than try to cut it out in one.The main piece runs from the bow, …

Military Modelcraft International – January 2006

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Regular readers and followers will already know that I enjoy reading various model making magazines; be they model air-plane, model boats, military or railway subjects. I can rarely abstain from picking up magazines with interesting articles or those found for bargain prices in charity shops.
I bought four second-hand issues of Military Modelcraft from e-bay and took them with me when Sue and I visited a Spa Hotel yesterday. The issue from January 2006 had, what is in my opinion one of the very best step-by-step construction and painting articles I had read for some time. So good, in fact that I re-read it just to make sure I was not over-stating it.
BT – 7 Light Tank Under New Management by Simon Barrett 
The four page article was a mix of background information, detailed step-by-step construction notes and interesting painting techniques which were inter-spaced with new to me hints and tips. In summary, just what I like when reading model making articles…..
I would be interested to know if any one else has had a similar experience.
The four magazines were bought for £3.00 with the knowledge that some pages had been removed, even so I consider them to be a bargain. I have decided to remove this particular article and keep it in a separate folder to use as inspiration when I write articles for magazines.

I will be looking out for other articles written by Simon Barrett.


BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part six

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The latest update; and at long last the Hammerhead Shark head has been modelled.I have used some scrap Green Foam to model the simple aerofoil section and then, when I was happy with the shape I cut it in half and glued one half to each side of the hul…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part five

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The deck and hull sides continue to get attention. The forward section now has a gun redoubt that will house a cannon on a swivel base. This was built from a section of Biro barrel. Once again the other parts were card glued in place with superglue and…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark – part four

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The upper hull sides have been modelled from card. I find that card bends and conforms to the curved hull sides better than plastic card. I used superglue to glue these parts into place and then filled any gaps with a filler/uPVA glue mix. Once the fil…

BS2017 – Hammerhead Shark -part three

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I have spent most of the evening tidying up the basic hull shape, adding card profiles and filling gaps. At this stage I am still playing around with the design, adding bits here and sanding bits there. I think it is getting close to the stage where I …

Kickstarter – Oldhammer Stone Bridge

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This is an image of the very first resin cast of a Stone Bridge that will be part of a planned Kickstarter campaign due later this year. The Kickstarter will feature over a dozen themed models sculpted by me, cast by Hysterical Games and available from…

Build Something 2017 – Hammerhead Shark part two

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At long last, construction started…..The hull is being constructed out of Pink Foam, as you can see in the images above I have used five different pieces to construct the hull. The individual parts were cut from foam with a jigsaw, glued together wit…

Commando Comic No. 4843 – Peterloo!

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My latest Comando Comic is Peterloo! another of the Napoleonic themed issues to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Waterloo. Regular readers and followers will know that I have quite a collection of similar issues, for details see this earlier …

Build Something 2017 – my Hammerhead Shark Aeronef

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It may have escaped your attention but The Lead Adventure Forum is running another Build Something Contest. The theme is FLIGHT. I have decided to enter and my chosen project is this 1/300th scale Hammerhead Shark Aeronef based on these designs taken f…

Cold War Frontier – Banbury Museum Cold War Exhibition

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Sue and I visited the Cold War Frontier exhibition at Banbury Museum earlier today. I was first made aware of this unique exhibit back in early 2016, and promised myself that I would get to see it. Yesterday while trawling the Internet I saw that the t…