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The Marauder – finished

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The Marauder miniature for the Flintloque Yahoo Group painting contest is finished. I have varnished the figure and decorated the base with static grass tufts added over superglue.I am well aware that the Galleria Matt Varnish has ‘fogged’ a little, bu…

The Marauder – part six

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The Flintloque themed Marauder figure is nearly finished. In this post, I will show how the final bits of detail painting are done and then how the base was painted.In these images, I have varnished the figure and as you can see the Galleria Matt Varni…

Miniature Wargames 392

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My latest published article is Making Hay – a tutorial about how to build these miniature haystacks. The full article can be found in Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 392 – December 2015.The three page modelling tutorial covers inspiration, mo…

The Jet Age Museum, Gloucestershire

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Yesterday, Sue and I visited the Jet Age Museum, Meteor Business Park, Gloucestershire and I was pleased as punch to be able to sit in the cockpit of an Avro Vulcan! The Avro Vulcan B2 XM569.Here you see the pilots view.and the main control consul.The …

The Marauder – part five

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The latest update shows that I have been busy painting the smaller details on this competition or contest miniature.Obviously there is more to do, but so far I am pleased with the (slow) progress.For details of the earlier posts please see these posts;…

Books I have received as gifts this week.

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This week Sue and I have had visitors and as they know how I love new books this is exactly what I have received as gifts.

The first from Dave and Fee – The Inside Story of Gerry Anderson is a selection of cross section artworks by Graham Bleathman including Fireball XL5, Stringray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. Wow – this book is full of illustrations bringing back some long forgotten memories from when I was a kid. It is surprising how well these different show have held up.

128 pages and 75 cutaways all fully illustrated and in colour.

The second is from June and Adul, How the French Won Waterloo (or think they did) by Stephen Clarke. Another book I was not aware of, but browsing the chapters and content I can see much to interest me.

287 pages – a paperback book.

Thanks to all.

Inside the World of Gerry Anderson
by Graham Bleathman
Published by Classic Comics – Egmont
ISBN; 978-1-4052-7265-0
List price £17.99

How the French Won Waterloo (or think they did)
by Stephen Clarke
Published by Penguin – Random House
ISBN 978-1-78-089376-1
List price £12.99


Scale Model World 2015 – part two

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In this the second update, I have concentrated on armoured fighting vehicles. I hope you enjoy the images.Tony

The Marauder – part four

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The painting of the contest miniature continues to have work done on it. In these two images, you can see how I build-up the layers/colour on my Flintloque figures, working from flesh through under garments and then up to final detailing.The Marauder t…

Scale Model World 2015 – part one

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One week on from my day out at Scale Model World 2015, I have posted this collection of images. I have chosen for this first post; World War Two Aircraft. I hope you like the selection.To see larger images, just ‘click’ on the images.Tony

The Marauder – part three

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The converted Flintloque miniature has been undercoated black – actually a black and dark brown mix. The image doesn’t show that much, but at least there is a record of the step-by-step building and painting.Image Two – Shows the flesh areas painted. I…

The Marauder – part two

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My entry for the Notables Yahoo Group Contest has been converted with the use of various bits and pieces plus a fair bit of Green Stuff.The competition is for a single figure converted and painted along the theme The Marauder. for details of part one s…

Scale Model World 2015 – an introduction

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Sue and I spent the whole day on Sunday 8th of November at Scale Model World, Telford. For anyone not familiar with the show, this is The International Plastic Modellers Society (UK) or IPMS Show; where IMPS Chapters from all over the world meet up in …

Panzerfauste Kickstarter is fully funded

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Yesterday evening I was ‘glued’ to the computer monitor watching the minutes tick down and the Panzerfauste Kickstarter achieve £31,173 of an initial goal of £5,000. Well gone to Rob and Steve.

My part in this awesome campaign has been the building of the Panzerfauste themed terrain, and I am pleased to say that ALL of the Gnome buildings and terrain pieces have achieved their stretch goals and will be produced as Add Ons.

The four resin buildings and a pack of Gnome themed walls will be included in this pack.

Here are some more images, but for full details please go to the Kickstarter page here.

I am now looking forward to seeing the resin figures and rules produced, although my dilemma is that I really should have up-ed my pledge to include more that just TWO factions, as at this stage, I am still not sure which two I will choose!

Once again – a big thank you and congratulations to all who took part and pledged.


The Notables Contest – The Marauder

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For the month of November, The Notables (the Flintloque Yahoo Group) are running a single figure painting contest based on the theme The Marauder. For full details you can pop by the Notables Yahoo Group here.I have chosen for my conversion a sing…

Panzerfauste kickstarter – an update

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The Panzerfauste Kickstarter continues to out-perform the original or initial goal of £5000. With the current total well over £25,000!

The remainder of my ‘scratch-built’ buildings are now looking at being achieved. First up – The Snail House, possibly one of the most iconic images in the Panzerfauste folder. Expect this one to be sold out very quickly.

The next is another snail inspired building – this time a Snail Breeding Barn! Yes, I know you have to be aware of the Panzerfauste back ground to understand this one…..

Thirdly and at £28,500 we have custom built wall sections – notice the reoccurring theme – More Snails!

Then at £29,000 is the Mushroom House, which has already appeared on a number of sites and blog posts.

With just three days to go – I wonder how many of these Panzerfauste inspired terrain pieces will make it on to the final Kickstarter deal?