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The Cider Press – a Special Anniversary Post

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Dampf’s Modelling Page is seven years old today and to mark the occasion I have uploaded part one of this scratch-built Cider Press. The model was built some time ago and was initially intended as a tutorial in the planned Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No 3 -…

Working with Foam – an inspirational thread

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I recently came across this thread and thought it was well worth re-posting as the techniques used are quite amazing. This is the work of a truly great model diorama master.Image used without permission to illustrate the postSeriously, if you have time…

Build Something 2015 – the painting

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“Finley’s Forge” – I have started painting The Horseshoe Forge but due to the contest rules these images must be restricted to show early work and not completed painting.In these two images you can see how the dark brown undercoat has had a first drybr…

Our first Grandchild

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Susan and I are very please to announce the arrival of our first Grand Child.Finley Adam Harwood was born at 3.15pm yesterday afternoon. I can report that mother and baby are doing well.Congratulations to Gareth and Beckie.Tony(Bampi Tony)

Build Something 2015 – part nineteen

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The Horseshoe Barn is now nearing completion and according to the rules of the Build Something Contest of LAF – I will soon have to stop the daily updates. It is a Build Something contest, not a Paint Something contest.Today’s update shows how I have a…

Build Something 2015 – more detailing

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The Horseshoe Forge is now nearing completion, well the construction anyway. In today’s post you can see how I have added the chimney, filled any gaps and made sure that the groundwork is finished.

During the tiling of the roof, I produced more tiles than I needed, so I have added a stack of new roof tiles to the back of the forge. These have been glued in place with uPVA glue.

The chimney pot is a section of coloured plastic straw, cut to size and superglued in place while the mortaring was done with more DAS modelling clay.

I have used a metal casting of a wagon wheel – cutting off a small portion of the base and then building up the groundwork with more DAS. The wheels were bought from Alternative Armies who offer a Battlefield Wheels Pack for just £5.00. See this link for full details.


Build Something 2015 – part seventeen

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I wanted to add a layer of larger stones to the foundation of The Horseshoe Forge and did this by applying a strip of DAS modelling clay.The DAS is added over a layer of dilute uPVA glue as I find this helps to secure the DAS and avoid shrinkage.As is …

Build Something 2015 – the glowing forge

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With the first bit of paint applied to interior of The Horseshoe Forge, I am getting close to the time when work-in-progress updates will stop. See contest rules at The Lead Adventure Forum – Build Something page here.

Image Two – The tea light flame has been wrapped in masking tape while the forge and hood have been painted with a variety of different acrylic paints.

Image Three – The interior of the forge was painted and drybrushed. In truth, there is very little seen once the forge is in place.

Image Four – In this image I have turned the model up-side-down so that the tea light base and switch can be seen.

Image Five – I picked up these coloured beads for £1.00 at the local RANGE store.

Image Six – And used the black, red and orange beads to build up the glowing coals in the forge. The beads were glued in place with superglue.

Although there is still lots to do, I suspect the daily updates will soon be finishing.


Build Something 2015 – the bellows

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In this daily update, I have given details of the set of bellows I have modelled for The Horseshoe Forge.The main structure was modelled from 5mm thick plastic card (advertising material card) which was cut into 5mm x 5mm lengths and glued together wit…

Build something 2015 – the detail

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Today’s daily update concentrates on one of my favourite parts of terrain building, the detailing or the adding of all those little details that make the model unique. In this post you can see how The Horseshoe Forge has had surface detail added.The wo…

Build Something – part thirteen

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Continuing The Horseshoe Forge build, I have finished off the ridge tiles and filled in the joins at the Hipped end of the roof. I will detail these in the next modelling session.Once again I have tried to show the hills and valleys that are such a pro…

Build Something 2015 – the start of the roofing

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In this post I will show how I build roofs, in particular, how I built the tiled roof for The Horseshoe Forge.Image One – I have already posted details of how I use scrap paper strips to build up the ‘hills and valleys’ of a traditionally built wooden …

Build Something 2015 – the forge

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Today’s daily update features the blacksmiths forge. I have already posted an image of the battery operated tea light on earlier Horseshoe Forge posts, but thought it was worthwhile repeating the image.Image One – The battery operated tea light.Image T…

Build Something 2105 – the doorway

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Finally, The Horseshoe Forge has a horseshoe doorway.I knew that this bit of modelling could make or break the whole build. I had to get this right.I sketched out a horseshoe on some scrap paper and made sure that it was the right size and shape. befor…

Build Something 2015 – part nine

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I’m starting today’s update with another teaser. This is a battery operated Tea Light that I am planning on including in the model of The Horseshoe Forge. Expect more updates once I work put how I am going to use it.I have built the main forge chimney …