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Orctober Fest – The Flintloque Orcs – part four

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Once again the painting has progressed quickly, I find that by challenging myself to paint a small group of figures each month (The Pledge) that the build or builds move along apace.As you can see I have painted all of the detailing and it is only a ma…

Wargames Illustrated – issue 324

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I received a WH Smiths gift voucher for my birthday – a present from my Mother earlier this year. The voucher allows me to purchase magazines and/or books whenever I see a product that I would like to buy and as such gives me an excuse to regularly bro…

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy – issue 74

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I recently picked up this magazine and thought some quick comments were in order.  The magazine Wargames Soldiers & Strategy is not a regular purchase of mine, mainly because of it’s themes issues. However this months diorama cover and the art…

Orctober Fest – The Flintloque Orcs – part three

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The painting continued with picking out details of the uniform decorations and colours. I am not too happy with the Blue and Yellow on these miniatures, believing the blue to be too dark and the yellow not intense enough. This is a regular issue with m…

Roger Willcox

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It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Uncle Rogipoos one of the most prolific contributors to The Notables Flintloque Yahoo Site. linkYou will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.Huzzah!Tony

Kronan Stone Man for Flash Gordon

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Here is the latest addition to my 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures collection – a Kronan Stone Man from the Marvel Plastic Collection. The model stands a whopping 60mm tall and dwarves my 40mm Graven Images Flash Gordon/Cliffhanger figures.Photo Three – Sh…

Orctober Fest – The Flintloque Orcs – part two

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This image shows the first real colours added to this group of 5 Flintloque miniatures. I wanted a miss-match of uniform colours to show just how run-down this particular batch of Albion Orc Artillery are and have used different Blues for the main batc…

Orctober Fest – The Flintloque Orcs

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Happy Orctober. I have already had one post celebrating this great idea – see the previous post for details of my Olde Skool Orc Army, but this is my actual entry for Orctober Fest, a group of five Flintloque Orcs. Three from 54022 1st Artillery Crew a…

Orctober Fest 2014

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To celebrate Orctober 2014, I present my Orc Army.The miniatures were collected and painted while I lived and worked in Swansea – that’s over twenty-eight years ago. Boy does that make me feel old! The majority are pre-slotta base Games Workshop and fe…

Blast-Tastic – Sci-Fi Wargame Show

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Will I be the first with a show report?Earlier today Sue and I visited the very first Blast-Tastic, a Sci-Fi Wargame show organised by Angel Barracks and held at the Filton Community Centre, Bristol. We arrived just after 9.15am after a horrendous jour…

Orctober Fest

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Image ‘borrowed’ from Erny’s PlaceWhile browsing the Internet, I came across a post detailing this great idea; Orctober Fest. For full details see this link.I am planning on two groups of posts for Orctober, The first will be in keeping with the m…

Terrain pieces for October

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Another terrain post for another new month.I’ll start with this small treasure chest that was bought in a charity shop in Ledbury, Worcestershire. It is a white resin casting.I cut away the large resin base and re-mounted it on to an oval of 3mm thick …

40mm American War of Independence

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While browsing the Internet, I came across this post of a 40mm AWI game set in the Fall (Autumn). The table has a number of beautifully painted 40mm resin buildings that were originally sculpted by me and available from Grand Manner. For full deta…

Making Model Trucks by Gerald Scarborough

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I picked up this book for £1.00 at a local car boot sale on Sunday. The book includes the usual – what tools to use but concentrates on building 1/72 or 1/76th scale models in plastic and white metal. Written by Gerald Scarborough the style is similar…

Blast-Tastic just one week to go

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Just one week to go to the inaugural Blast-Tastic wargame show, Bristol. see you there next Saturday. for full details go to this link.It is my intention to have some spare copies of both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain for sale,…