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Just 5 signed – More Wargame Terrain books left

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Following the most recent order (one book to Sweden), there are now just 4 signed and numbered Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 – More Wargame Terrain books left. Should you be interested in buying a copy please go to this link.

Remember, the books are reduced to just £16.00 for the whole month of January. They will revert back to their normal price in just 5 days time.

It has surprised me that Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 More Wargame Terrain has sold less copies that Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 Building Wargame Terrain, when I believe that the content and tutorials in book two are so much more detailed, more in-depth! Never-the-less I am very glad that I had the reprint of Building Wargame Terrain.

Once again thank you to all that have supported this pet project.


Terrain Books are awarded The Battlegames Award for Excellence

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In the latest issue of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames, Building Wargames Terrain and More Wargames Terrain were reviewed and awarded The Battlegames Award for Excellence. For full details see this link or pages 56 and 57 of issue 382 of …

The January Sale Continues

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The January Sale Continues. You have less than one week to purchase either or both Wargame Terrain books for the reduced price of £16.00 each. At the end of the month they will revert back to their normal price of £18.00 (plus Postage and Packing). For full details of how to order please see this link.

I cannot allow today’s landmark to go unmentioned. Earlier today Dampf’s Modelling Page had it’s 500,000 page view – that’s half a million page views!

Thank you.


Miniature Wargames with Battlegames 382 – A very special review

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Earlier today I picked up the latest edition of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames – issue 382 (February 2015). On page 56 and 57 Henry has reviewed both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain books.

It is rare for me to be so embarrassed, but the review actually made me blush – Thank you for the very kind words and the awarding of The Battlegames Award for Excellence.

For full details of how you can order a copy or copies, please go to this link where you will find that both books are available for the discounted price of just £16.00 (plus P&P) each. This special offer will run until the end of the month, when both books will revert back to their normal list price.

Should you wish to read other reviews please go to this link or this link. Be aware that signed and numbered copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No 2 – More Wargame Terrain are selling out fast.

Once again thank you to Henry for the review.


Painting Stonework – a simple tutorial

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How I paint stonework.In this Blog and in my modelling books (see links to top right of this page), I regularly comment on the importance of painting natural looking stonework. I am currently working on a project that should be featured in print someti…

The Sale Continues

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For the whole Month of January both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain books have been reduced to just £16.00 each. Postage and packaging remains unchanged.

For full details go to this link.


T- Force by Sean Longden

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This is what I’m reading at the moment; T – Force The forgotten Heroes of 1945 by Sean Longden. I am about 1/3rd through, just after the British reach the Baltic coast and days before the Germans surrender.

I first saw the book for sale in a book store in Solihull and after browsing the cover, thought that it sounded like a good read. However I didn’t buy it and continued window shopping. When Sue said that she needed to pop into the post office, I returned to the shop and had another look at both the cover and notes. But still I didn’t buy it!

Back home I couldn’t get the book out of my mind and after a quick internet search, I ordered a copy from E-bay. The book arrived a couple of days later and within minutes, I had started reading it and was fully engrossed in the story.

The book follows the formation of a special force of strategic looters, who during the closing days of WW2 search out strategic targets in France, Germany and the Baltic’s to secure intelligence and new technology. I have found the various adventures quite enthralling and with just one criticism have enjoyed the book immensely. My criticism is the style of writing which tends to follow a tedious format of “we moved, we captured, this is what someone said and then we moved we captured and this is what we found etc etc”. I’m not sure that there is a better way of writing the history of this particular chapter of WW2, but just 1/3rd through and the repetition is grating. I will add that not so grating that I haven’t been able to put the book down!

Maybe I should have waited until I had finished the book before writing this review. It would have made more sense. But for what it is worth, this is a great book, that details the unenviable achievements of a group of thoroughly dedicated soldiers who risked everything to secure both the Nazi secrets and a future for Post-War Germany.

A fuller review can be found here.

T – Force (The Forgotten Heroes of 1945) by Sean longden
Published by Constable in 2010
ISBN; 978 1 84901 297 3
List price £8.99


The French Aeronef La Fee Verte

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The Aeronef La Fee Verte. A scratch built 1/300th scale model of the Aeronef Balaclava, which was later re-named Le Fee Verte (The Green Fairy).This model featured in issue 04 of The Ancible magazine, which can still be purchased as a PDF from War…


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Why? Yes Why? Why do I call myself a Wargamer?In the past year, actually 18 months I have not taken part in a wargame. I have played many games, board games, card games even a couple of computer games, so why do I call myself a Wargamer?I have bought f…

Miniature Wargames 381

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Sue bought this magazine for me while we were out shopping yesterday as my 40mm Flash Gordon display was mentioned in an article about Blast-Tastic written by Ashley Pollard. For full details of the event and display see this link.Thank you Ashley…

The January Sale Continues

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For the whole month of January, both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain are available for the reduced price of £16.00 instead of the normal price of £18.00. Postage & Packaging remain the same.

For full details go to this link.

or this link.

Thank you.


More Dwarves – The Von Rotte Command Set has arrived!

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Image taken from the Alternative Armies BlogAs if I haven’t got enough Flintloque Dwarves already – those sneaky blighter’s at Alternative Armies have once again tempted me to part with my hard-earned money and fork-out for these little beauties. The V…

Scale Modelling F-4 Phantom

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I spotted this magazine/guide in W H Smiths, Cheltenham earlier today and thought it was worth sharing. I didn’t pick it up, but now that I am home I wish I had.A brief ‘flick-through’ proving what a good publication it is. The F-4 Phantom possibly one…

USS Tigerfish (SSN-509) from Ice Station Zebra

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Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 76 features this scratch built model of USS Tigerfish (SSN-509) from the film Ice Station Zebra which was built by me to illustrate a planned game.

The magazine was released on 1st January and is another themed issue – the theme being Steampunk.

The two page article describes how I built this iconic piece of cinemascope from plastic card wrapped balsawood. And just to prove the point I have included this single work-in-progress shot.

The project was an unusual model for me, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed building – 2015 starts with yet another terrain building post! I hope that you can get hold of a copy of the magazine and read how I built it.

In addition to this model; pages 26 – 28 have an article called The Road to Ucles by Guy Bowers which features a range of mud-brick built Adobe houses that were built by me and available from Grand Manner – see this link.

Finally, the January Sale continues – with both Wargame Terrain Books available at the reduced price of just £16.00 each (P&P remains the same). For details of how to order see this post. There are now only 10 signed and numbered copies of More Wargame Terrain left.


Wargame Terrain Books reduced in January sale

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For the whole month of January – both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain books with be reduced.

You can now buy either book for £16.00 instead of the list price of £18.00. Post and packaging remains the same see this this link

and this link for full details of how to order.

Get them while you can, the numbered and signed More Wargame Terrain book is selling out fast.

Happy New Year.