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St Fagans part two

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October has turned into one of my busiest months, normal work, commissions and family life have meant that there is little time for model making or painting. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.I have added some additional images from my…

Ruined Dwarf Pillars for Panzerfauste

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Earlier this week Rob Alderman of Hysterical Games gave me these pre-production resin castings of Dwarven Pillars, ruined Dwarven Pillars for the game Panzerfauste.The original masters were produced by me earlier in the year. I used Plaster of Paris to…

Panzerfauste Unarmoured

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Earlier this week I dropped off some new terrain pieces for Rob Alderman to mould and cast in resin – the plan is that a new Oldehammer Kickstarter will be launched very soon and these new terrain models will be available to buy. I also picked up a cou…

Broken Legions from Osprey Wargames

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I recently treated my self to a copy of Broken Legions written by Mark Latham and published by Osprey Wargames. My particular copy was bought from e-bay, but I am aware that copies can be bought from a wide variety of different sources.

I was intrigued to see if the Fantasy/Roman setting would offer anything new to one of my favourite games Pax Bochemannica or Noman Orcs vs. Halfling Boche.

The 64 page, card bound book follows the same format of many of the Osprey Wargames publications with clear text interspersed with colour images of wargame dioramas and newly commissioned artwork.

I found the rules to be easy to follow (however I will add that at this time I am still to play a game) and the sections laid out in a logical manner. To this end I find this and similar Osprey Wargames publications to be great introductions or as our American friends might say – Primers to a new genre or period.

There was much to commend the book, but there was also one chapter that I found a little light and disappointing – Scenarios. I had hoped that there would be more, and in particular more to use with the Pax Bochemannica background, but I found all five published scenarios to be too simplistic. particularly when this new period/genre offers so much more.  I do accept that this is a personal view and others may be happy with the Scenario and Campaign sections. I am also aware that there is a regular feed of fan-written scenarios and articles published in the wargame press, so just maybe I’ll see something soon. There is after all a wealth of comic book content with the Celtic hero Slaine from 2000 AD to use as inspiration.

Overall a great introduction to a new gaming project and one that I feel was worth every penny. 9 out of 10.

Broken Legions
Fantasy Skirmish Wargmames in the Roman Empire
Written by Mark Latham and published by Osprey Wargames
For more details see this link
ISBN 978 1 4728 1513 2
List price £11.99


St Fagans National History Museum

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I had booked the car into Cheltenham Fiat for the replacement of some front suspension mounts and had arranged to have a loan car for the day. At the very last minute Sue was not able to come and so I decided that I would be selfish and have the day at…

Campaign Desk

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Earlier today when browsing some antique shops in Moreton in the Marsh, I saw this military campaign desk. It was a real beauty, but at over £500.00 a little to rich for my pocket. Never-the-less I thought it was worth sharing.

The desk was dated 1905 and had a scissor action that closed the desk top and brought the legs together into a carrying handle. It included a pocket for a watch, an ink bottle and various small and custom pockets and pouches all crafted in dark burgundy leather. The upper work surface had a marvellous hidden hinge system which allowed the upper desk portion to become an easel, under the easel was space for more pens (about 20) so I think this might have been a cartographers desk. This hidden area was lined with in purple velvet.

I couldn’t help thinking it would make a great travelling painting station!


Scales Comparison

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I recently came across this Scales Comparison published in Military Modelling from December 1996. I thought it was worth posting.Tony

Snapdragon Studio

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For some time I have tried to feature one of my own scratch-built terrain models as the first post of each month (I have enough of them!) For October I thought I would make a change and have featured resin models from the now closed company Snapdragon …

Ogre Bruiser – finished

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As you can see, the Ogre Bruiser is finally finished, gloss varnished, matt varnished and static grass glued to the base. For full details of this conversion and how I painted him – see the earlier posts.I’m pleased with how this conversion turned out,…

What paint brushes do you use?

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I was recently asked “What paint brushes do you use?”Although I have a number of different makes of paint brushes in my tool box, my preferred is the 401 sable/synthetic mix with long handle numbers 2 or 3 from Rosemary & Co full details …

Ogre Bruiser -part six

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Part six and the Ogre Bruiser is nearing completion. I have to admit that I am more pleased with this model/conversion than the Trolka Thug from last month. I just need to varnish him and finish off the base with some static grass and he can go and joi…

Ogre Bruiser – part five

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The painting continues. The trousers have been painted off-white, using Snakebite Leather to add a slight cream base colour before highlighting with Skull White/pure white. The gold areas were built-up over dark brown and highlighted with gold. I have …

Ogre Bruiser – part four

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The uniform was painted in the traditional British Red with green turnbacks and a white sash.I think this second image shows the conversion better.Tony

Abstract Acrylic Paint reduced at Hobbycraft

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Abstract acrylic paint is currently being sold for just £2.00 a pouch at Hobbycraft UK. The quantity of premium quality, high pigment acrylic paint you get for your £2.00 makes it some of the best pound for pound value you can get. I’m not sure this product will remain in Hobbycraft following this promotion so – get it while you can.

My personal experience of this paint is that it is slightly thicker than the paint you get in pots, but can be watered-down and slightly thinner than acrylic paint sold in traditional artists tubes. It has great covering properties and a smooth finish. I have experimented with mixing it with other brands of acrylic paint and have had no problems. Brushes can obviously be cleaned with plain water.


I’m a Winner – update

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I recently posted that I had won a £25.00 voucher from Warlord Games, see this post. After much deliberation and browsing the Warlord web pages, I decided to go with the tried and tested route of modelling paints. In fact the Russian Napoleonic paint set.

The paints arrived last week and I have started using some of them already – once again thank you to Big Lee.