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Building Wargame Terrain/More Wargame Terrain

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Craig Andrews over on Orcs in the Webbe has recently updated his site with a short excerpt from my first book Building Wargame Terrain. For full details of the article go to this link.During the writing, production and selling of Book One, I …

More Wargame Terrain Book by Tony Harwood

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Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 More Wargame Terrain is now finished. Earlier today my daughter confirmed the initial order after checking through the first ‘hard copy’ proof that arrived on Friday. There were a couple of changes that needed to be made an…

A Raised Grain Store for Pax Bochemannica

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Craig Andrews of Orcs in the Webbe has posted another one of my ‘scratch-built’ models produced for the Fantasy/Romano game S.P.Q.Orc – Pax Bochemannica. For details of the full article/tutorial go to this link.The simple structure took …

An Upturned Boat

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Earlier this month, I ‘blogged’ that it was my intention to post details of some new terrain pieces I had finished during the Football World Cup. My intention was to post one new piece every month on the 1st of each month until I ran out. For full deta…

The Chains of Albion by Edwin Thomas

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Here is a short review of the second book by Edwin Thomas in the three book Martin Jerrold series. The Chains of Albion.Details of book one – The Blighted Cliffs can be found here and here.Book two – The Chains of Albion sees Captain Jer…

My (Re-Vamped) Workstation

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Yesterday I picked up a huge sheet of 6mm thick white plastic card. I usually use this card for making the bases of my terrain or models, but this piece was ideal to re-vamp my existing home-made painting station. The design of which was based on the G…

My Fink Regiment – part three

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My first piece of painting proper is the flesh. I have built-up the flesh areas from Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Skull White, before being washed with some old blue-topped Flesh wash from Citadel.As stated in my earlier post, the uniform colour…

The Caroll Rule or Translateur Universel

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Sue and I found this piece of drawing equipment in a small charity shop in Henley in Arden yesterday afternoon. We had decided that a day out to Nuneaton was in order and on the return, we took a detour through Henley and Stratford on Avon.The Caroll T…

Games Workshop Metal Miniatures For Sale

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I am having a bit of a clear-out of older Games Workshop Miniatures over on e-bay. please check out the auctions here.There are Bloodbowl figures…..Warhammer 40K figures…..And even Warhammer Fantasy…..I have started each of the auctions at 9…

My Finklestein Regiment – part two

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Regular readers and followers will be very familiar with my processes for modelling, basing and undercoating figures. I like to customise my figures, add small details and uniform modifications with Green Stuff before basing them.In this first image, t…

My Finklestein Regiment – part one

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During my last On-Line Build, there were a number of posts over on The Notables yahoo group about different Finklestein (or ‘Fink’) regiments and even a couple of painted examples. I wanted to join in, but as I was partway through The Legion …

Two RICO Model Trees

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Over the last month, while listening to the World Cup on Radio 5 Live in my shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden, I have been working on re-flocking some of my older terrain pieces and finishing off a number of either un-finished or brand new terrain model…

Stratford Armouries – part two

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Part two of my short report on my recent visit to the Stratford Armouries. Most of these images were taken indoors, showing just some of the many, many exhibits. For details of part one go to this previous post.Did I mention that the Armouries has…

Legion Irlandaise – part eight (finished)

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The Legion Irlandaise, all EIGHT miniatures.Half way through the painting I realised that I must have a standard bearer (as featured in the Lawless Cartoon/comic). I have used a Bog Orc from the Alternative Armies Connartists Rangers (54511) and conver…

Legion Irlandaise – part seven

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My Magnificent Seven finished, well not quite (you will have to wait until the next and final post to see why!) The seven converted miniatures have been varnished, Gloss and then Matt before the bases were flocked with static grass.The inspiration came…