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Flip Through Bestiary 6 for Pathfinder from Paizo

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In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Bestiary 6 for Pathfinder. He chats about the Archdevils, Kaiju, new player races, Planar dragons, the Four Horsemen, and a few more along the way.   Music and Sound by Syrinscape.   Next week I should have the written review done, and we’ll take a […]

Box Breaking 208: Agamemnon from Osprey Games

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I picked up at and played at Alliance Open House. Agamemnon is a tile placement territory control game that is fast to learn and full of thinking (abstarct strategy). Agmemnon is one of those games that is different every time you play it.

Flip Through Curse of the Crimson Throne for Pathfinder

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Matt doesn’t spoil this look at the revised edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne.  He discusses some of the changes or additions that were added to the story. Next Week I will take a look at at Bestiary 6!  And then some Rifts the following week.

Figure Forge 88: Iguana for Heavy Gear

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Matt assembles the bear bones of the Iguana for Heavy Gear,  This is the new plastic. So, who is going to Origins and do you want to play Heavy Gear Blitz.

Box Breaking 207: Myth Blackwall Warrens

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Watch as Matt sift throw the goodies in Myth’s Blackwall Warrens box set from Megacon Games.  If you are familiar with Myth then you already know these models are awesome! I use these models for everything from Myth to to RPG’s.  The boards too! When I play Myth I reminisce about Dirk the Daring.  How […]

Ninja Division brings us My Little Pony

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My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria is a storytelling pen and paper game for 2 to 6 players. Players create and role-play as pony heroes who explore and seek adventure in the various lands of Equestria. Guided by a Game Master (GM), players adventure together and use the magic of friendship […]


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CUBICLE 7 PARTNERS WITH MAKE BELIEVE GAMES ON CTHULHU MYTHOS RPG COMPANY TO PUBLISH NEW TAKE ON HORROR GAMING UK games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment has forged a partnership agreement with Make Believe Games, the company of legendary Vampire: The Masquerade creator Mark Rein-Hagen. They have announced their intention to release a tabletop roleplaying game […]

President’s 2005 Tax Returns

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    Cheapass Games Releases President’s 2005 Tax Returns   Seattle, WA—April 1, 2017. Cheapass Games have come into possession of shocking and revelatory documents concerning their own president’s financial dealings as well as possible ties to domestic powers. These documents are coming to light during what can only be described as a tumultuous and […]


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PATHFINDER RPG: BOOK OF THE DAMNED EXPLORES THE WORKINGS OF THE POWERFUL FORCES OF EVIL Now Available for Pre-Order, Book of the Damned Takes Players from the Darkest Depths of the Demon-Haunted Abyss, to the Apocalyptic Realm of Abaddon and the Infernal Layers of Hell Itself REDMOND, WA (March 23, 2017): Paizo Inc., publisher of […]

Mini’s for Fragged Empire

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WOW! Minis for Wade Dyer’s awesome Fragged Empire RPG. Modelled in resin these 28mm, Heroic Scale Miniatures are the perfect accompaniment to Fragged Empire’s far future indie RPG, which chronicles the fates of four non-human races as they seek to build a new society and begin life again amongst the stars, after barely surviving a […]

Ninja Division brings us Starfinder minis

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Paizo Inc. and Ninja Division Publishing announces pre-painted miniatures for Starfinder RPG Boise, ID (March 10, 2017) – Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Paizo Inc. are proud to announce the Starfinder Miniatures collection – the first officially licensed miniatures for the epic campaigns and adventures that players, worldwide, will start experiencing with the launch of […]

News from Privateer Press

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Build a Solid Foundation With These 50-Point Army Boxes! March is in full swing, and along with lions, lambs, and Ides, this month also sees our 2017 Army Boxes marching on with the release of new Army Boxes for both Cygnar and Retribution of Scyrah. Each of these Army Boxes contains a ready-to-play 50-point army, […]

News from Modiphius

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Today we’ve got two very special releases for Symbaroum fans, the Symbaroum Advanced Player’s Guide and Adventure Pack 2, a double helping of excellence for lovers of the acclaimed dark fantasy RPG. Symbaroum Advanced Player’s Guide is available exclusively in print and Adventure Pack 2 is available in both print and PDF on The […]


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HILARITY ENSUES WITH CRAZY GNOMES AND A VERY ANGRY CHIMERA IN NEW GNOMELAND SECURITY SOUNDSET FROM SYRINSCAPE SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (March 30, 2017) – More than three years in the making, Syrinscape, creator of the award-winning apps that bring tabletop games to life with movie-like sound, announces today the release of the Gnomeland Security SoundSet. Gnomeland […]

Figure Forge 79: Ferret for Heavy Gear

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Watch mat assemble the basic Ferret for Heavy Gear. The new plastics are easy to clean and go together in a flash. I have a lot more Heavy Gear coming in the near future.