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Kickstarters of the Week: 6/26

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Kickstarters of the WeekWell this is a first for our Kickstarters of the Week section. We have six campaigns for your browsing pleasure this week, and purely by coincidence, 5 of the 6 campaigns are from the UK. I was surprised to see so many campaigns using GBP for their pledge levels, but I guess this is just […]

Top 10 Games for Traveling

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Top 10 Games for TravelingBoard games can take on many different forms. The most intricate have huge sprawling boards and massive amounts of components. There has also been a bit of a microgame movement in recent years; games with just a handful of cards that can be played anywhere. Below are my Top Ten Games That Travel Well – […]

Lorenzo il Magnifico Review

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Lorenzo il MagnificoThe Italian Renaissance in the 15th century was a time of revival and renewal in terms of trade, art, culture, and expansions of power. This was partially achieved through a recovery of Greek classics found in the middle east, and the expansion of trade routes therein. This accelerated meeting of different minds helped create a […]

Origins 2017 Recap

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Origins RecapLast week I attended my third straight Origins Game Fair in Columbus. This year was my first year attending without kids. Although I missed getting to share the convention with them, I was able to get quite a bit more gaming in. It was a wonderful time and I met and played games with friends […]

Exit: The Game Review

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EXIT: The GameNote: This is a spoiler free review of EXIT: The Game. Escape Rooms are an incredibly fast growing trend. About 5 years ago, I had never heard of one. Now, there are half a dozen within my immediate area alone. If you haven’t tried one before, it involves you and a group of friends being […]

Salem Review

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SalemOver 300 years ago, in the small village of Salem, Massachusetts, 20 people were executed for the crime of witchcraft. Having visited Salem recently, this reviewer can attest to the town’s capitalization on the history. On more than one street visitors will find references to witch history, magic souvenirs, and other Wiccan or occult merchandise. […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 6/19

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Kickstarters of the WeekJune rolls on and I hope you all have recovered from last week’s Origin Game Fair (for those of you lucky enough to go). Now that the busyness of the convention week has settled down, our man on the scene Andrew is busily working on his convention recap article. Stay tuned for that in the […]

Potion Explosion iOS Review

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Potion Explosion iOSThese are strange times to be alive for sure. This review covers a digital game conversion of a tabletop game that borrows its core mechanism from other digital match-3 puzzle games. Asmodee Digital hopes gamers who aren’t confused will love the new iOS app for Potion Explosion. Game Overview: Bumbling students of potions class mixing […]

Zombie Tower 3D Review

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Zombie Tower 3DThere are many who think the zombie theme has over saturated the gaming world. Honestly, its frequency doesn’t bother me mainly because, to me, a game’s theme is secondary to the actual enjoyment of the game itself. Sure, a theme can catch your attention, but if the gameplay falls flat, no theme will help make […]

Gnomi Review

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GnomiA Renaissance era scholar named Paracelsus first introduced the concept of gnomes. He described them as earth elementals standing about a foot tall, and able to move through solid earth at will. For the gnome lover in the family, there’s a new game from Poppy Jasper Games called Gnomi. Gnomi is a hand management card […]

Dragon Tower Review

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Dragon TowerA prince (or knight) recusing a princess from a dragon is about as classic as a fairy tale gets. Yet as ubiquitous as these stories are, there really aren’t too many board games on this topic. Well the King (Queen?) of family games, HABA Games, has sought to remedy that with their newest family game Dragon […]

Bio-Logic Preview

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Bio-LogicNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. Anyone who has studied biology, anatomy, and/or medicine can tell you that biological systems are a perfect subject matter for good board games. They are complex systems at work, upkeep that needs to happen, and combat […]

Kickstarters of the Week: 6/12

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Kickstarters of the WeekThis week is the annual Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio and, to me, also marks the official start of the summer convention season. Before we know it, Gen Con will be here, and with it, buckets of game releases. But we aren’t there yet. We’ll be sending our reviewer Andrew to cover the convention […]

Race for the Galaxy iOS Review

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Race for the Galaxy iOSRace for the Galaxy is in no way a new game. Yet that hasn’t done much to diminish its popularity. This card game debuted back in 2007, and a decade later, it’s finally making its way to our tablets. I actually owned a copy of Race for the Galaxy many years ago, but it eventually […]

Parental Guidance: Pocket Madness, Quadropolis, Rocky Road à la Mode Review

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Parental Guidance: Pocket Madness - Rocky Road - QuadropolisLike most gamers out there, I play mostly with my family and friends. While the majority of my gaming occurs with my regular gaming group, I definitely enjoy introducing new games to my family. Visits to my parent’s house are always more entertaining when we can sit down and chat while playing a new board game. I’m […]