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Poor Duncan

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Pretty sure two years ago this would have never happened. Still loving the new GW. Oh and Beast of Nurgle #allegedly

No stream this week

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Just a super quick note to say there won’t be any stream this week as I’ve a number of other commitment clashes. I will be back next week however with my regular schedule and talking about all of the good things below… Until then, have a great week.


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Decanting my Games Workshop paints into dropper bottles makes me happy. #NextlevelNerd

Shadespire – Garrek’s Reavers complete

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Painting Garrek’s Reavers, the muscle-bound berserkers of Khorne turned out to be a lot more fun to paint than I was expecting. From the start I set myself two goals: Keep it simple, tabletop standard. Details like eyes, blending or multiple layers were avoided and I stuck to the basics …

Shadespire – Steelheart complete

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After two streams and a little background painting Severin Steelheart’s warband for Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire is complete and ready for the arena. To summarise where I deviated from the recommended Games Workshop scheme, I began by applying the gold basecoat, first highlight and initial shade with the airbrush first (see …

Twitch Affiliate and Me

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Now that I’m back to my regular schedule (yay!) I’ve had a chance to do some thinking and a bit of research on the Twitch Affiliate programme and what it means to me. Short answer: absolutely nothing right now as I won’t be accepting their invite. Slightly longer answer as …

Prologue: Steelheart’s Champions

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Wednesday’s stream will be the first in a series for the newly launched Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire arena miniatures game. I figured after my recent bout of Nurgle-loves-you-itis I’d take a bit of a break from the grimdark (*psst!* Not really a break; I just built a Plagueburst Crawler but that …

All is dust

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I had such plans and a really great intro for October, really I did. It went something along the lines of “The XIV Legion ~ fourteen years in the making”. Not making it up either; I first started my Death Guard back in 2003 for the 40K GT Finals and …

XIII Legion – Search and destroy

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My final Ultramarines Tarssis list post, for now. The Killbots. These were the unit I left until the very end to do as they were for me the bit that would I hoped tie the list together visually, providing a spot of complementary colour and breaking up the sea of …

XIII Legion – Contemptor Talon

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In my Ultramarines collection, these guys hold the joint spot for my favourite miniatures thus far. I loved painting these so much. Great shapes, textures, loads of dynamism about them. Not ‘too many’ sub-assemblies. Not like the Redemptor had, gods that was painful even though I was pleased with the …

XIII Legion – Rhino party

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I like Rhino transports, especially Deimos pattern. I like them a lot, they are part of the Imperium’s DNA all the way back to good old Rogue Trader days. The M113 of the grimdark universe and just as adaptable. Sure they are laughably small for ten super-humans plus crew but …

XIII Legion – In the pipe

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After rolling out the armour the other day, it’s the turn of the transports. I may as well start with the big guy; the Caestus Assault Ram. This was a beast of a kit, not particularly difficult to assemble but boy it’s a heavy chunk of reason. Just like the …

XIII Legion – Armoured assault

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With the infantry out of the way in my previous post (Boots on the Ground), I moved on to the fun stuff, for me at least which has always been the vehicles. Aside from the transports which I’ll cover in a separate post, the two main tanks I took in …

XIII Legion – Boots on the ground

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As promised I’ll be walking through my Horus Heresy Ultramarines I took to the Tarssis campaign last weekend. The heart of any force starts with the commander and the infantry, these were the first models I painted, my thinking being get the mountain of infantry out of the way first …

Tarssis IV – Introduction

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Although plan for wednesday’s stream is a continuation of the Blood Angels Ancient for 40K I started last week (if there’s no schedule snafu), the general chat will probably be all about Tarssis and the Horus Heresy ‘all-weekend’ narrative blowout laid on by Tom and Stu of the Geno Five …