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Sherman’s M4A3 from Lancer Miniatures

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Just listed the first of my 10mm Sherman’s M4A3 variants, the bodies are resin and one piece turret and gun in metal for obvious strength, more to come, but concentrating on US to begin with, more figures also being created.Sherman M4A3Sherman M4A3 Ear…

First Batch of Sculpts For The Indian Mutiny from Pendraken Miniatures

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This first batch arrived at Pendraken HQ last week and covers all of the mutineer types, including foot, cavalry, command and personalities!  The British sculpts are being done at the moment and should arrive Jan/Feb next year, along with the arti…

326 Acres at New Market Heights, North Anna, and Second Manassas

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326 Acres at New Market Heights, North Anna, and Second Manassas

I am writing to you about an incredible opportunity to save 326 acres of hallowed ground in the Civil War’s most fought-over state, Virginia.

As of this writing, you and I have saved more than 24,000 acres of battlefield land in the Old Dominion. But when you think of just how much happened in Virginia the first major land battle of the war, the site of Robert E. Lee’s surrender, and more than 120 battles and skirmishes in between it’s easy to understand why we have done so much work there.

We are currently working to preserve land at three battlefields: Second Manassas, North Anna, and New Market Heights. At Second Manassas, we are adding 167 acres to the more than 200 acres we have already preserved there and preventing the construction of McMansions on a key piece of hallowed ground.

Farther south, we have the opportunity to save 126 acres at North Anna, including the site of the historic Fox House. This was a key battle during General Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland Campaign of 1864, and this piece of ground Robert E. Lee reportedly stopped for a glass of buttermilk before the battle began is considered the lynchpin of the Confederate line.

Last but by no means least we have the chance to save 33 acres of core battlefield at New Market Heights. Standing here on September 29, 1864, you would have seen United States Colored Troops 14 of whom received the Medal of Honor charging against Confederate earthworks in a successful assault.

All told, these 326 acres are valued at more than $5.6 million. But, thanks to an incredible $33.42-to-these $1 match, you and I can save these tangible pieces of American history for $167,900. Help us preserve these key chapters of the American story by saving the ground that saw so much valor and sacrifice during our nation’s defining conflict.

Save Three Virginia Battlefields.

The Civil War Trust

First look at the Aztec Sculpts from Pendraken Miniatures

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Phil’s been quietly working away on this project for some time now, adding a sculpt here and there as he’s been working on other things for us.  But the good news is that they’re all done now and we’ve got them here at Pendraken HQ!  One pers…

TerraForms Terrain, News

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Yeah I’ve really been slacking on updates. I’m terrible at this whole communication thing.Okay, so some info that got put out to the backers on Kickstarter that can be relayed here:Long story short, lots of issues that had kept me from things. Family h…

3 Years of Campaign 1776

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This month marks the third anniversary of Campaign 1776, our national initiative to protect, interpret, and promote the battlefields associated with the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Since its debut, you have been a key part of many remarkable preservation achievements. Thanks to you, we have saved 650 acres of land rooted in these early American wars that would have remained unprotected and could easily have been lost forever.

The numbers below help tell a piece of the story of what we’ve accomplished together in these past three years. I feel an immense sense of pride in these shared milestones, and I hope you feel the same.

I am both honored and humbled by your support to save the hallowed ground where America was founded. Thank you for ensuring that battlefield land is protected for future generations to recognize the compelling story that it has to tell. I look forward to what we will accomplish together in the future.

Campaign 1776
The Civil War Trust

On Target Markers by Lancer Miniatures

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We are now stocking the on Target Marker range, have not listed them all yet, but will get it done over next couple of days.Model: ONT9 Barrage Markers x3Model: ONT8 Building Damage on fire markers x2Model: ONT6 Tank wreck No 3 x2Model: ONT5 Tank wreck…

Paint Off 2017! Held on Pendraken Miniatures Forums

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Forum member mad lemmey has kindly offered to run a ‘Paint Off’ competition this year as we weren’t able to run the annual contest back in February.  You can make your entries throughout November and at the end of the month the winners will be cho…

Christmas Order Deadlines! from Pendraken Miniatures

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For those who’ve spent the past few months trying to avoid it (including us!), Christmas is only 6 weeks away now so it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to have under that tree on Christmas morning.  Of course there’s nothing better …

So Far From God Miniatures from Good Ground LLC

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The first of the “So Far From God” miniatures line will be off to the casting company this coming week. They are Yanquis marching with command in M1839 Forage Caps. These will also serve well in your 1861-62 Confederate Militia units.So Far From God Mi…

Honor Our Veterans

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Honor Our Veterans

On November 19, 1863, speaking at the dedication ceremony in Gettysburg for the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, President Abraham Lincoln remarked that “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” In truth no one has ever forgotten, nor will anyone ever forget, what Lincoln said that day. But Lincoln was right in predicting that Americans would remember with profound gratitude those who offer, and all too often give, the last full measure of devotion so that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Such gratitude is owed in equal measure to all those veterans who came before and all those who have come since. These men and women who sacrifice so much represent the best of America.

At the Civil War Trust, we understand and take seriously the responsibility to honor our veterans not just on Veterans’ Day, but every day. In protecting and forever preserving the land hallowed by the sacrifices of veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, we honor the sacrifices that America’s citizen soldiers have made and continue to make.

Through initiatives such as our partnership with the Marine Corps University Foundation   to organize staff rides, we ensure that active-duty military personnel, the veterans of tomorrow, are able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered by historic battlefields. Through the groundbreaking work of our History and Education Department we make certain that the heroism of yesterday’s veterans is never forgotten.

A year-and-a-half after delivering his address at Gettysburg, Lincoln stood beneath the East Portico of the US Capitol and charged the American people to “care for him who shall have borne the battle.” The last veterans of the Civil War passed on decades ago, but the task of caring for their memory and honoring their sacrifices is one the Civil War Trust will never abandon.

Citizen Soldiers: In4

Staff Rides: In4

Veterans of the Civil War: In4

The Civil War Trust

Spitfyre: Gnome Pigeon de Guerre funded!

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Well that’s the Gnome Pigeon de Guerre caught and one will be sent to all Ace pledgers for free!

Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!

Next up something special, the big cousin of the KampfKondor 111 bomber, the KampfKondor 52 with its impressive 15cm wingspan, used by the Dwarves in all theatres of the Great Dwarven War to transport Fallschirmjäger troops into battle, most famously against the Gnome fortress at Edam Emmental…

The giant KampfKondor 52

The model will come complete with a section of Fallschirmjäger mounted on its back ready to deploy into battle against the Kaiser’s enemies, providing you successfully escort it through the enemy’s fighter defences!

All Ace pledgers will receive one massive KampfKondor 52 for free if we reach £10,000 in pledges. The rules will also be extended to include the huge beast and how to land it amongst the enemy!

Hysterical Games

Blitzkrieg Commander News from Pendraken Miniatures

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Just to update everyone, I travelled over to Burnley on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday with Forum member sultanbev, who writes the MicroMark army lists. With the help of his extensive library, we worked through all of the lists and tidied up any que…

Spitfyre: Orc Defier Wyvern Funded

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Well that was an exciting day! You funded the first Spitfyre supplement Bats over Tôrg Baraz, the KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters  and P11 War-Bat fighters that come with it and also the Defier Wyvern fighter with its unique rear facing weaponry – and one Defier will now be included for FREE in all ACE pledges!

Orc Defier fighter - now funded!

So what next, well it’s back to the Gnomes Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire and their frontline, but rather slow and obsolete, Pigeon de Guerre bomber, whose brave crew flew missions in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns as well as in defence of their homeland.

Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber

If we can reach £8,000 in pledges we will include one Pigeon de Guerre bomber for FREE in each ACE pledge. Sacre bleu!

Hysterical Games

Armored Fist Scenario – Hannut and Gembloux 1940

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Hannut and Gembloux: the Battle of the Belgian Plain, 12-15 May 1940

Two scenarios recreating the battles between the 3rd and 4th Panzer Divisions and the French Division Légère Mécaniques and the 1re Divison Marocaine. Hannut, the largest tank battlethe world had ever seen, and Gembloux, where the French stood their ground against everything the Germans could throw at them – until the deadly gap opening up to the South, in the Ardennes, forced them to withdraw.

These scenarios contain:

Historical information on units and deployment suitable for use with any micro-armor system.
Unit statistics and scenario rules for Armored Fist

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