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Dark Imperium – Praise Father Nurgle

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The new Warhammer 40,000 Set Dark Imperium was released recently and I split the box with a few people, keeping two Death Guard Plague Marines, the twenty Pox Walkers and a handful of Primaris Marines for myself. For this article, I want to keep the focus on the followers of the great father Nurgle. The […]

Cantabrum Indoctum Iuga Ferre Nostra

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“Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra – Cantabria, that won’t bear our  yoke”, Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Continuing the ancient SAGA projects, more cavalry arrived for the Iberians. I had a bit of trouble continuing this part of the SAGA warbands, as Victrix is a bit of a problem to get your hands on. Some sets, like […]

Bolt Action Campaign Battle of the Bulge

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The first campaign supplement in the new edition is Battle of the Bulge, the battles in the last winter of world war two. Along with Duel in the Sun this is the thickest campaign supplement for Bolt Action at 124 pages. It covers a specific campaign instead of an area, therefore the scenarios etc. are […]

Rubicon Models Allied Stowage Set 1

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As a counterpart to the German Stowage Set, Rubicon Models released the Allied Stowage Set 1 in late summer 2016. So now you’ll be able to add luggage and equipment to your allied vehicles in 28mm. The set covers two identical hard plastic sprues, containing a sum of 94 parts. On the back of the […]

AK Interactive Agitator Balls / Stainless Steel Shakers

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As I am currently working on a few historical projects, and therefore using paints from brands like Vallejo and other companies that use drop bottles instead of pots, I ran out of agitator balls. What are agitator balls? They are small metal balls that are put inside the drop bottles and help stir the paint. […]

Osprey Games / Northstar Plastic Dwarves

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A bit out of nowhere and unexpected, Osprey Games and Northstar Military Figures announced a new range of fantasy plastic miniatures, beginning with a set of dwarven infantry. This range will be released later this year, but as a special for Salute 2017, there would be a pre-release of single sprues. The sprues were sold […]

Bolt Action Armies of Germany (2nd Edition)

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The first “Armies of” to get an update is the oldest one, Armies of Germany. Since October 2016 the book is available in english and once again written by Warwick Kinrade, who already wrote the first one. The book has slightly grown from former 96 pages to now 108 pages and of course, comes with […]

Bolt Action Second Edition Rules

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Roughly 4 years after the first edition, Warlord Games treats the Bolt Action community with an updated, second edition of the rules in late 2016. Along with the already available english version of the Bolt Action rules, now in early 2017 translated copies in german, french, spanish and italian are ready to be shipped. The […]

Salute 2017 haul

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On April 22nd, was the Salute 2017 held by the South London Warlords. Salute is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK and likely in Europe. I visited the show last year in 2016, had a great time, as you can see here in the Parts I – IV of my […]

Ad Arma Con 2017

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Yesterday on May 6th was the 2017 Ad Arma Con in Speyer. This was the second time for the new event under the new name, and the fourth time in total. So after 400 km I’m back home and want to share my impression. Speyer is in the south of Rhineland Palatina, in the region […]

Para Bellum – Reinforcement for the Romans

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While currently preparing a load of reviews, painting terrain and base colours, I got a small reinforcement for the SAGA Romans. Warlord Games added some characters to the caesarian romans, among them the generic officers and two blisters with named characters. As I already set up Titus Pullo & Lucius Vorenus as my Warlord, I […]

Keeping busy in Spring

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There were only a few updates since mid of march, but I’ve been busy in the meantime and I want to give you a look into what I was tinkering on. I’m currently preparing a bit Bolt Action themed content, some of the new plastic kits, along with the 2nd Edition rule set and starter […]

Blood Bowl humans revisited

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After the 2016/17 relaunch of Blood Bowl, I took the time to take a look at the current status of some of my teams and get a feeling what to do next. As I already have quite a lot of teams and miniatures for the game around, there was no need for the whole new […]

Technical Updates

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Beside the usual updates in WordPress and the used plug-ins on this blog, I moved the blog to a server with current PHP and MySQL versions. I want to thank my host All-Inkl for the superb service for nearly 10 years now. Fast responses, very supportive and fair prices. What could I want more? Everything […]