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Landing Gear

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I have started work on the landing gear for the transport ship, I have a pile of bits and I am seeing what takes shape. It needs to be quite strong, not to support the weight, but so bits will not drop off after the first game. I also want to make it removable so … Continue reading Landing Gear

Sci-Fi Transporter Ship

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A long time ago is a town far far away (Margate I think), I was driving along minding my own business and saw some Star Wars models in the front window of what was basically a junk shop. I stopped and bought them for a few quid each thinking about conversion possibilities. So, twenty plus … Continue reading Sci-Fi Transporter Ship

Spider-Man Homecoming

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Seems to be quite a few movies out at the moment that I want to see on the big screen. After Wonder Woman a couple of weeks ago, Spider-Man Homecoming was next on the agenda. A very young Tom Holland is now the third actor to play webhead since 2002 and the modern Marvel cinematic … Continue reading Spider-Man Homecoming

Shadow of Gork

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This monstrous Gargant was built by Ceri Spratt and posted on Fakebook, inspiring stuff!
It is worth a look at the other images as there is loads of brilliant Orky detail all over the place.

Dwarf Chariot

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My Tir-na-bor Dwarf army now has some mobile artillery!

I was not that keen on the red colour scheme, but the ink wash has darkened it down quite a bit.

The next one will be mostly bronze and gun metal.

Whats On The Table?

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Recently the weather has been to nice to paint models and the nine to five job has been rather hectic. Consequently, not much has been worked on. On one of the very nice hot days, I did sit in the garden with my Dystopian Legions Ke-Ho resin tank and clean up the mold lines. I … Continue reading Whats On The Table?

The Mad Professor

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I am not planning to have many living models in the Steam Wars Mechanica army, just a few unscruplous types who ultimately control the automotans for their own nefarious objectives. One of the models I really like was a professor type model from the Dystopian Legons range along with his Igor style man-servant carrying a … Continue reading The Mad Professor

Cheeky Maid

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Well what can I say? It is July and the warm weather is getting to me… Although with all the buildings and massive ships I am am making, someone will have to keep them nice and clean. I am tempted to turn her into a really powerful magic user.

AP Cannon Bots

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One has to like multi use models. These Aberrant Games robots can be used in Rogue Stars and double up for Medium AP armed bots in my Mechanica force for Steam Wars. These have been modified a bit by removing one forearm and mounting the heavy weapon at the elbow. These were provided courtesy of … Continue reading AP Cannon Bots

Rossi Wins In Assen

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In another day of brilliant racing in all three classes, Valentino Rossi wins his tenth race in Assen, 115th overall. The MotoGP Championship is now getting very tight with the top four riders separated by 11 points. Sachsenring next week, can’t wait!

Sniper Bot

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This old Games Workshop model is going to be used as a Sniper Bot for my Mechanica force. By adding a Spotter Drone, it will make a sniper team for use in Steam Wars.

The Iron Man

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Being a Marvel fan, I thought I would borrow The Winter Child model from Dust range and paint him up in Iron Man colours for my Mechanica force. I removed the star from his chest and some other unnecessary Soviet iconography. He also has several choices of base, two flying bases and a nearly finished … Continue reading The Iron Man

Steam Wars Game

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We had a game with what should be the final final version of the Steam Wars rules. It has only taken eighteen months to get to this stage, which is not bad for a part time project I guess. I got to use my new TT Combat crane and a new warehouse in a factory … Continue reading Steam Wars Game

Repair Drones

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I picked up these Crooked Dice drones at Salute a few months ago, which should be good as Repair Drones.

Literally painted silver with grey claws and a red dot, then inked.

Rackham Giant

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I have had this Rackham Giant for quite a few years, languishing in the Loft Full Of Lead in nothing more than undercoat. My Dragon Rampant Dwarf army needed something a bit less stout and a giant fits that role rather well. Plenty of brass used again along with Iron Grey for the helmet, gauntlets … Continue reading Rackham Giant