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Chain of Command

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Played my first game of Chain of Command today. Finally got to use those G.I.s I painted a few months ago. Bit of a learning curve but a fun and interesting game. My Yanks vs. Chris’ Krauts. The pre-game positioning and movement to contact is very unique and cool. I like the way this game […]

Steam Tanks Roll Out

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More progress on the All Quiet on the Martian Front starter set. Got all the tanks done. I need three more MkII’s to make a company. Also finished my test stand of infantry. Now to get those done and then paint the Tripods!

1st Tank Off the Production Line!

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Finished the first of my All Quiet on the Martian Front MkII steam tanks. A pretty simple color scheme – Vallejo Russian Green for the hull and Hull Red for the tracks. You can see what they look like ‘clean’ if you look at the models in the back there. The rest was achieved with […]

Finished my Daemon army

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This Soul Grinder was the last model I needed to do for me to consider my Daemons “done” for the time being. Moving on to new projects!

Stencil and airbrush

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I’m working on my All Quiet on the Martian Front minis now. For the tanks I wanted to use playing card suits to denote the company number. I looked around and there are plenty of makers of 15mm decals, mostly for WW2 French armor. But, they all cost a few bucks plus shipping and blah […]

When Mars attacks!

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Lately, I have become enamored of this game, All Quiet on the Martian Front. I’ve actually gone quite mad for the minis, although I haven’t played the game yet. I do have the hardcover rulebook and it really does look fun. It’s designed by Rick Priestly and Allessio Cavatore, contracted to Alien Dungeon, so it […]

Painting a UCM Raven

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I put together this quick tutorial on how to paint a UCM Raven (the ‘B’ model in this case). Up close, the camera reveals many imperfections (in HD no less). But at arm’s length, these 10mm scale models look pretty good. I find the trick with models this size is to make their outlines visible, […]

Busy busy! 40K & Dropzone Commander

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I haven’t posted for a while but I have been busy! I have finished a number of projects, including that Forge World Fire Raptor, an Inquisition warband and I finished restoring that old junky Land Raider. I have also painted a great deal of Dropzone Commander minis! I will let the pics speak for themselves. […]

Color continuity

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So, if you’ve been following me the past year or so, I have been steadily building up my Chaos Daemon 40K army. I’m doing a mono-Khorne army and so red is the dominant color (obviously). Maintaining color continuity across an army is important if you want a unified look. For my daemons, I am accomplishing […]

Getting used to the new airbrush

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So, I’ve recently gotten started with my new airbrush. Got myself a Badger SOTAR 20/20 for Christmas, then I bought a compressor and some other stuff. I’ve set it up (my wife says the compressor looks like two little pigs, one on top of the other) and practiced with it a bit and I can […]

DZC Army – Aurum 111th Drop Regiment “Black Scorpions”

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I have finally got my Dropzone Commander army past the starter set stage and at a reasonable level and variety for some more involved games. Not knowing how to build a DZC army, I took the default option of acquiring the “Clash” army models shown in the rulebook on page 87, with an eye toward […]

DZC Lessons Learned

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Had another great game of Dropzone Commander with Stephen Bajza last night. As I get more games under my belt, I’m feeling more confident with the rules and understanding the tactics and flow of the game. It really is a good game that sets up a lot of tense situations. Steve called it ‘structured chaos’ […]

Vinland Saga – An inspiration to paint

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I’m setting up the next installment of the SAGA campaign at the store (kicking off on Feb.9) and looking at my Jomsvikings that are in need of priming and painting. But, I was given an inspirational kick in the pants by a co-worker who left a couple comp copies of the superlative viking manga, Vinland […]

How to lose at Dropzone Commander!

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Had my first game of 2014 the other day. I played Dropzone Commander with Chris R. It was a real cock-up of a game for me, as far as playing goes. I dunno where my head was at (up my backside apparently) but while I very effectively showed Chris how to play the game, he […]

Heralding a New Year!

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One of the last miniatures I completed in 2013 was this Herald of Khorne. While I like the model, it’s Finecast and was a bit of a pain to prep – soooo many bits to trim and flash to remove. Also, the smaller pointy bits, like the claws are super fragile and a couple of […]