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Color continuity

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So, if you’ve been following me the past year or so, I have been steadily building up my Chaos Daemon 40K army. I’m doing a mono-Khorne army and so red is the dominant color (obviously). Maintaining color continuity across an army is important if you want a unified look. For my daemons, I am accomplishing […]

Getting used to the new airbrush

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So, I’ve recently gotten started with my new airbrush. Got myself a Badger SOTAR 20/20 for Christmas, then I bought a compressor and some other stuff. I’ve set it up (my wife says the compressor looks like two little pigs, one on top of the other) and practiced with it a bit and I can […]

DZC Army – Aurum 111th Drop Regiment “Black Scorpions”

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I have finally got my Dropzone Commander army past the starter set stage and at a reasonable level and variety for some more involved games. Not knowing how to build a DZC army, I took the default option of acquiring the “Clash” army models shown in the rulebook on page 87, with an eye toward […]

DZC Lessons Learned

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Had another great game of Dropzone Commander with Stephen Bajza last night. As I get more games under my belt, I’m feeling more confident with the rules and understanding the tactics and flow of the game. It really is a good game that sets up a lot of tense situations. Steve called it ‘structured chaos’ […]

Vinland Saga – An inspiration to paint

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I’m setting up the next installment of the SAGA campaign at the store (kicking off on Feb.9) and looking at my Jomsvikings that are in need of priming and painting. But, I was given an inspirational kick in the pants by a co-worker who left a couple comp copies of the superlative viking manga, Vinland […]

How to lose at Dropzone Commander!

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Had my first game of 2014 the other day. I played Dropzone Commander with Chris R. It was a real cock-up of a game for me, as far as playing goes. I dunno where my head was at (up my backside apparently) but while I very effectively showed Chris how to play the game, he […]

Heralding a New Year!

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One of the last miniatures I completed in 2013 was this Herald of Khorne. While I like the model, it’s Finecast and was a bit of a pain to prep – soooo many bits to trim and flash to remove. Also, the smaller pointy bits, like the claws are super fragile and a couple of […]

Fight hard, die well

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I seem to have a lot of glamor shots of my Space Marines but not many in-game pics. So, to remedy that, here are a few from a game I played earlier in the week against Stephen Bazja’s Voidwalker CSM. It was one of the better games I have had in a long time. Real […]

Space Marine Bike Captain (Scibor)

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While waiting for some Daemon models I ordered to arrive, I painted up a Scibor SciFi Motorcycle as a ride for my Chapter Master/Captain. It’s much larger than a regular Space Marine bike – the base itself is about 4″ long. The rider is basicallywearing Terminator armor! I used a Terminator left arm instead of […]

Dropzone Commander – UCM

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I just finished the UCM minis in the DZC starter set. With only a very simple paint scheme, just army green, the key was detailing. I did line highlighting and then picked out landing lights, did some heat staining on the exhaust nozzles, and added some numbers and decals. The really small numbers on the […]

Angry red daemons

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So I played my second game with my mono-Khorne Daemon army last Monday night against Stephen’s Chaos Space Marines. It was also the second game in our mini-campaign, with a story made up on the fly as we played. His Chaos Lord, the Tzeentch Sorcerer, The Nameless One, wants to seize the Grimoire of True […]

Wreck Restoration

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I was watching this video on YouTube about these guys who restored a totally destroyed Sherman tank. I was inspired. On a few occasions, I’ve had the chance to restore some jacked up models to fully painted glory. My Space Marine Drop Pods were the first – I have three of them and all were […]

On the Painting Table (Busy!)

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I seem to have a lot of stuff to work on at the moment. Dropzone Commander has hit the LZ on my painting desk and gone right to the top of the queue. I’ve got the Condor dropships done and I’m moving on to the vehicles and infantry. I don’t expect them to take very […]

Dropzone Commander = Win!

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Dropzone Commander is, in a word, fun! The Dropzone was commanded! (Scroll down for pics) I got my first game in last night with Ian Chadwick. We used the models in the starter set – I played UCM and Ian took the Scourge. DZC was exactly what I was hoping for in a sci-fi minis […]

Dropzone Commander first impression

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Just got my hands on a copy of the Dropzone Commander Starter Set. I was interested in this game before but now I’m super hot to play it. The production values are off the chart, the minis are top notch and the game looks like a blast to play. Finding a real high-tech themed, hard-SF […]