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Building Dol Guldur

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My parents are both retired, and like retired persons tend to do, they are doing a lot of small citytrips and the likes.  And so it was that earlier this week, they went to the Rhine area in Germany to do some christmas shopping and wine tasting.B…

The Plan episode 44

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This week it`s going to be a quickie in achievement grinding.Tossed between the holiday season, trying my hand at some poker, and the fact that I`ll be doing my half yearly clean up of the man-cave, I don`t have that much time at all to actually be pla…

Seasonal Greetings

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From all the team over here at the Society (aka, me) and family!

Work-In-Progress: Lake-Town part 3

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Another small step has been taken in the building of the diplay moc for the Lake-Town sets, and slowly but steadily the first of these projects for the future is going along.The necessary blue plates arrived thanks to BL, and now the base plate has bee…

Work-in-Progress: The Mitgardian Army part 2

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During the past weeks, I managed to continue BrickLinking and combining parts to add some more troops to the budding Army of Merak, commanded by my SigFig Hagen.Two regiments and two small units now stand ready to defend the North against all commers…..

The Year 2014 part 2: Geeking on a Budget

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A quarterly report this year on this blog was “Can I satisfy my geeky needs on a restricted budget?”, and now, we are looking back on this as the year closes, if I managed it, and what the future plan is.Well, the answer is both yes and no.YES: because…

MELO Round 1: Into the West

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And here we go, my very first steps into the Middle Earth Lego Olympics .  Thanks to the organisers for tossing me an invitation, and off we go to hopefully make it through the qualifier round.For the first round, the theme was `Music of Middle …

Mockingjay Part 1 – First Impressions

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Also known as the The Twitter Games or something alike… So they`ve cut the final movie in 2 and release it a year apart?  Great marketing plan, and so I went with Nemesis today to watch it.And boy, does that movie suck…Of course, you`re watchi…

Lego Marvel 2015 sets

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And they have shown up for the first time, the Marvel Age of Ultron sets Lego will be releasing in 2015. New minifigures, new ideas ;-)Found in a german retail catalogue, I think personally they look a bit of a mixed cookie.  The Scarlet Witc…

Building the Big Bad Wolf

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The latest of the series of Chima Legend Beasts I`ll be taking you along in the building process, is for the moment also the final one, as I don`t have the Eagle or the Gorilla.Another one I took benefit of the Kruidvat promotion a while ago, I obtaine…

The year 2014 part 1: From Wargaming to Lego to Army Building

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As the year draws to an end, it is that time of the year blogs start to wrap up their projects of the year, look back to how it has all been and evolved and start thinking forward to the next year of manic hobbying and blogging about it, and I am no di…

Building Razcal`s Glider

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One of the smaller and older Chima sets, 70000, is Razcal`s Glider, a black raven like airplane, piloted by one of the `evil` factions raven characters.I picked it up for a few euros at Kruidvat, and mostly for the minifig and the pieces, so here we go…

The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies review

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Okay, SPOILERS.  Sort off.  We ARE talking a 75 year old book here, so the story should be known to most, as a lot of schools even have The Hobbit on their recommended reading list.  So whatever might be spoiled, is purely cinematographi…

The Plan episode 43

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Well, a day earlier then usual this week, I`ll be sharing my adventures in Minifigures Online.  The reason for this is two-fold.  On the one hand, I finished one of the set goals yesterday afternoon and on the other hand, I`ll be off to watch…

The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug extended edition

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What better way to prepare for The Five Armies tomorrow with the GF then to rewatch last year`s instalment this afternoon, the Desolation of Smaug.And what better way then to do this with the 30+ minutes longer Extended Edition?Like with the original t…