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Book review: Doctor Who: Earthworld – Jacqueline Rayner

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The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection.Eleven Classic Adventures.Eleven brilliant writers.  One incredible Doctor.Anji has just had the worst week of her life.  She should be back at her desk, not travelling through time and space in a po…

150.000+ views, thank you all!

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It must have happened somewhere between yesterday afternoon and today while I was over at the school, that my humble internet corner reached the 150.000 marks of being viewed.In this voyage of being around for about 4 years, people have followed me fro…

AoM Tower Phase 3

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“Finally some rest!” the old wizard grumbled.He had retired to a cave only to have villagers climb the cliffs for all their petty issues.  He build a cabin, but to no avail as they came boinking on his door.  Now he hadfinally constructed a m…

10.000 Achievement Points Achieved

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An achievement popped that I didn`t have my eye on… Collector: Thunder King Insignias.Nothing fancy about that one, just your run of the mill archeology 10 pointer… but also one that marked the 10.000th Achievement Point obtained in World of Warcra…

Hyoga EX line Myth Cloth announced

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What a great Easter morning for a Saint Seiya fan like me, as this morning Tamashii Nations has announced their next arrival in the EX line: Hyoga in his `v2` bronze cloth.SourceWith the EX line, the very bad original Myth cloths are being replaced one…

F1 2014 GP China – Review

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The fourth grand prix again of the season, and once more the money is on the Mercedes cars, specifically on Lewis Hamilton, once more on pole.  And now the british driver with the most pole positions ever.  Rosberg is only 4th due t…

Movie Review: Riddick – The Director`s Cut

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I finally started to work through my immense backlog of material I still have to watch (we`re talking 1100+ hours here of movies, series, anime, documentaries… dating back years in some cases) and yesterday it was the turn for Riddick.I`m also going …

The Plan – Week 10

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Well, thanks to a medical culprit called fluid in the knee, I did get some decent game time in yesterday and this morning, so I`ve been working a bit further on my `guild` goals – a guild now down to 87, mostly alts remaining and 2 or 3 active members,…

Living the Hobby Budget: the first evaluation

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So it has been 3 months now since I put myself a on a hobby budget of 125 euros a month, so how have I managed to do in that period?For the original calculations of how I came to that number, stroll back in my hutchieclutchie of posts, but it generally…

Inspirational Lego: Aliens, Babylon 5 and more…

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It has been a while since I penned down one of these overviews from my strollings around the web, and as such I have a lot to show for on what I have been drooling over lately.First, let me start with the headliner of this post, an excellent fortress b…

Saint Seiya cards: an absolute top day

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Today the postman has been my greatest friend, as I received a LOT of Saint Seiya cards from all over the world, adding almost 100 to my tally.The first parcels where from ebay, conatining in one enveloppe from Taiwain two foils of the Amada 2000 serie…

Spring Anime season – my picks

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Well, Saint Seiya Omega has ended, Gundam Build Fighters is over… and so we come into a new season of fresh series as the spring time began about two weeks ago.Now, I personally picked 4 series `to follow` from what has been coming out, and either th…

Unboxing The World of US Manga Corps

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Now that I`ve gotten pulled back into the world of more regular trading cards with the 1000+ cards I still lack from Saint Seiya as well as the upcoming Pacific Rim set, I tend to look around `the Bay` for some cheap booster boxes.   Recently…

The Plan – Week 9

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I have my Cromwell, I`m happy now!  And she is fully tuned, camo painted and labelled with the irish flag (in rememberance of my Flames of War never came to be irish division of the 8th army) and called her `Gnome`.But wait?  Wasn`t this a we…

Anime Review: Gundam Build Fighters

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The latest series that has run in the immensely popular, and long running Gundam franchise, dating back to it`s debut in 1977, Gundam Build Fighters had a hard job layed before it:  could it wipe away the sour taste of the, sorry the word, crap th…