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Looking for Daleks

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So the BBC have released a new trailer for Doctor Who and there are a couple of shots of Daleks within it. Now if you look carefully, not only can you see the Special Weapon Dalek, but there are also early era Daleks like those encountered by the first Doctor. The Special Weapon Dalek was […]

Dad’s Army hits the big screen

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So the first trailer for the reboot of Dad’s Army is out. It hits the big screens in 2016. It has Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring, Michael Gambon as Prviate Godfrey, Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson, Tom Courtenay as Lance-Corporal Jack Jones, Bill Paterson as Private Fraser and Daniel Mays as Private Joe Walker. And […]

Ork Gunwagon

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I’ve always liked the Ork Gunwagon, which was one of the first Forge World models that was released and was one of the first that I purchased. After a while Forge World started releasing them with bigger more powerful weapons. This is a Forge World Gunwagon with Big Shoota Another Forge World Ork Gunwagon, this […]

Still some more work…

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Looking at a more recent photograph of Ned Buck I realise that I still have some more work to do on the model after giving him a shading wash, and painting his base. I painted the base with Citadel Texture: Armageddon Dust. Then I drybrushed the base with Citadel Ushbati Bone. Unfortunately I maanged to […]


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New trailer for the new James Bond film, spectre.

Behind the scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

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Watch the behind the scenes reel for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens that was shown during San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Doctor Who: Born to save the universe

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New Doctor Who trailer and series 9 starts September 19th 2015. Well there’s a lot in that trailer, not sure if I understand it all, but I did recognise the Daleks, Missy and a Zygon. Looking good.

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who

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At the San Diego Comic-Con Lego released a new video of how Doctor Who (in Lego) will play out in their new Lego Dimensions video game. It looks like from the video that you will be able to play all thirteen doctors in the game. In addition there are D…

Forge World Open Day

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At the weekend it was the Forge World Open Day and as expected there were lots of nice new models on show. Alas I didn’t go, but there were lots of pictures floating about on the interwebs. So what did I miss?

Steampunk 3D Moving Robot looking very much like an Ork Gargant

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This 3D printed model to me looks very much like an Ork Gargant. Actually the inspiration for the model was a steampunk inspired Great War which never happened. via The Verge

Smashing an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer in slo-mo

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The WIRED folks recreated that classic scene from Return of the Jedi in Lego (and a 1000 frames per second camera).

Dark Future coming back….

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Well note quite, it is coming back, but as a video game. Via Games Debate

Tally Ho Rolls Royce Armoured Car

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This model was the first one I bought for Tally Ho! It has been stuck in a box for about twenty years.. The model went together very easily, the parts were a good fit. I glued the armoured car hull to the chassis. The wheels and axels fitted very nicely into the respective holes. I […]

It’s coming…

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Need we say more?

Old West Gunfighters

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More progress on Tucson Bob for the Old West. I also did some work on Tuco. Judge Guthrie Prentice has had some more work on his painting too.       Still some more work to do, and I think looking over these photographs that I might need to use some more lighter tones on […]