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Smashing an $800 Lego Super Star Destroyer in slo-mo

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The WIRED folks recreated that classic scene from Return of the Jedi in Lego (and a 1000 frames per second camera).

Dark Future coming back….

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Well note quite, it is coming back, but as a video game. Via Games Debate

Tally Ho Rolls Royce Armoured Car

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This model was the first one I bought for Tally Ho! It has been stuck in a box for about twenty years.. The model went together very easily, the parts were a good fit. I glued the armoured car hull to the chassis. The wheels and axels fitted very nicely into the respective holes. I […]

It’s coming…

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Need we say more?

Old West Gunfighters

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More progress on Tucson Bob for the Old West. I also did some work on Tuco. Judge Guthrie Prentice has had some more work on his painting too.       Still some more work to do, and I think looking over these photographs that I might need to use some more lighter tones on […]

Basing Ned Buck

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Having given Ned Buck a wash, I painted the base with Citadel Texture: Armageddon Dust. Then I drybrushed the base with Citadel Ushbati Bone. I will then glue on some Citadel Mordheim Turf. I have accidentally painted his shotgun, with the base colour, so this will need to be rectified, and there are some further […]

Bolt Action Partisans

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Making some more progress with my Bolt Action Partisans, mainly painting the flesh tones. Though my partisan band is suppose to be French, this one still looks a little too Soviet, probably because of the cap. This model though looks like it will be fine for a French setting. This though is my least favourite […]

Doctor Who in Lego

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Well what do we have here, the Doctor in Lego.   Oh and K9 and a TARDIS. Okay so not a proper set (just yet), but for the forthcoming Lego Dimensions console game. The game uses “real” Lego which are then “brought” into the game. There is a real mix of brands, for example the […]

The Reverend John Wesley Carrington

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More painting on the Reverend John Wesley Carrington done. Still some work to do.

One of the Pinkerton Men

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Another one of the Wargames Foundry Old West figures I found. This is one of the Pinkerton Men from the OW9/1 Shootists set. I based the model on a two pence piece. I “flocked” the base with Citadel Sand and then gave the model a white undercoat using a Citadel Skull White spray can. Using […]

Sheriff McQuaige – The Old West

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Sheriff McQuaige is part of the OW11/6 Town Toughs & Staunch Defenders pack. As the Sheriff is wearing a suit, as well as carrying a shotgun, he could be used in Victorian Science Fiction scenarios. He certainly could be walking the streets of London as well as the dusty tracks of the old west. I […]

Ned Buck, nearly finished

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I have nearly finished painting Ned Buck. I gave the model a wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade. The next stage will be some highlighting and getting the base finished.

LEGO Star Wars – Celebrates International Star Wars Day

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May the 4th Be With You” Australia! Melbournians join LEGO Master Builders Chris and Dan Steininger build the world’s largest Millennium Falcon from LEGO bricks!

Cemetery Sam

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Cemetery Sam is part of OW11/7 The Town Vigilance Committee one of the packs of Old West miniatures from Foundry. I based the model on a two pence piece. I do like this model, and I think it could also be used for Victorian Science Fiction scenarios. I used Citadel sand on the base, before […]

Sheriff Milt Mast

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Sheriff Milt Mast is part of the OW9/3 Lawmen pack. The model was based on a two pence piece. I used Citadel sand on the base, before giving the model a white undercoat. His hat was then painted a dark brown. Next stage will be more basecoat.