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I missed this when it first came to the fore. Wholock: in which Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor appeared to meet in a video seamlessly cut together from the shows. This is how some of the VFX were done.

New Forge World Terrain Gun Emplacement

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Also shown off at the Horus Heresy event were some new Forge World Terrain Tiles. This is a Gun Emplacement complete with weapon, ready to be attacked by Orks or Nids. As you can see this has a big turret and a big gun, almost naval in appearance. Via …

Space Marine Sokar Pattern Stormbird

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The Stormbird Gunship is an armoured versatile craft that combines the role of dropship, armoured transport and strike craft. This is from an old White Dwarf and shows how Games Workshop back then thought the Stormbird looked like. Back in 2011 I posted one gamer’s interpretation of that pencil drawing of a Stormbird. This was […]

Mechanicum Ordinatus

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It has been an Epic scale model for decades now, but at the recent Horus Heresy event in Nottingham, Forge World announced that they would be releasing a 40K scale version. It looks like a huge model, not that has stopped Forge World in the past from m…

Space Marine Xiphon Pattern Interceptor

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Though it reminds me of many of the Imperial Navy aircraft, I actually think this is a good thing, as a result this Space Marine aircraft looks much better than many of the Space Marine flying craft we have seen before. I did think when I first saw the photograph that it was an Imperial […]

Forge World Legion Vindicator Laser Destroyer Array

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This is a Vindicator variant from Forge World, shown at the Horus Heresy show today. Via Twitter

Forge World Solar Auxillia

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Some really nice looking photographs of new models from Forge World coming out of the Horus Heresey event this weekend. This is artillery piece for the Solar Auxillia. Via Twitter

Space Marine Vindicator

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The Vindicator is a Rhino-based siege tank that boasts the most devastating weapon in the Space Marines’ armoury – the demolisher cannon. The demolisher cannon is the weapon of choice amongst the Imperium’s armies when faced with dug-in enemy infantry in a dense environment such as a cityfight or siege. The terrific blast unleashed by […]

LEGO Jurassic World Game Teaser Trailer

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LEGO have released a teaser trailer for their forthcoming Jurassic World Game. Typical Lego humour.

Capitain Craupaud – Darkest Africa

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I have been sculpting the bases and painting some more Foundry miniatures from their Darkest Africa range that I am going to use with my Tally Ho! rules as well as Old West games. Standing somewhat aloof, Capitain Craupaud holds his pistol ready for an…

Imperial Navy Arvus Lighter – Warhammer 40K

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I’ve always quite liked the Forge World Imperial Navy Arvus Lighter for Warhammer 40K. The Arvus is a small cargo shuttle commonly used to transfer supplies and small personnel units ship-to-ship or from fleet positions to planetary installations. While unarmed, the Arvus is capable of standing in as an assault boat, able to transport small […]

Bolt Action on the Kindle

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I did not know this. The Bolt Action rules are available for the Kindle as an eBook and in some cases are significantly cheaper than the printed versions. Though I prefer real paper books when playing games (and for filling the bookshelf) I can certainly see the potential usefulness of having rules and source books […]

The Comet is on its way…

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Battlefront have shown a preview of the new plastic Comet boxed set. One of my most popular blog posts is from 2011 when I discussed the then forthcoming Battle of Bulge supplement. I made the request I would like to see two tanks in particular, the M24 Chaffee and the British Comet. These tanks are […]

Bitter Creek Todd – Legends of the Old West

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Done some more work on Bitter Creek Todd, one of my Old West Gunfighters. Here is the rear view. I need to finish the basecoats and then he will receive a wash to add shadow.

Gaming Revolution

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No not a revolution in gaming, this is a blog post about the television series called Revolution. Revolution is a series in which all the power stops working, an event which became known as the Blackout. The basic premise behind the series is that there is no electricity, there are no combustion engines, however steam […]