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Kenneth’s Heroes – building the board, Part I

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Dave Luff and I are putting on a game for Operation Market Larden 5, a wargaming event being held in Evesham in a few weeks time. We are once again running a Big Chain of Command game in 15mm. The scenario is an adaption of a scene from one of Dave’s favourite war films, which meant that we needed a small town with high walls – something which we didn’t have. Rather than buy buildings and walls, we decided to scratch-build the vast majority of what we needed for the game. Work has been delayed on the project due to my fractured wrist, so we only really started the building work last week. I had, however, managed to  gather together a reasonable supply of the usual material that is required for a job like this: 3mm & 5mm foamboard A4 MDF sheets matchsticks several hundred coffee stirrers As it turned out, we also needed several sheets of embossed plastic, which I obtained from Antics Online. One of the first jobs was to build a large number of high walls (10′ high in 15mm scale) – I’ve built 18′ in total, which will (hopefully) be enough. The walls are built from 3mm […]

Empires at War – 15mm range

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We have spoken a couple of times on the podcast recently about Empires At War – a company that sells ready painted MDF scenery, and I have lamented the fact that they only produced their buildings in 28mm. Well, that has now changed. They have now released their first ranges of 15mm buildings. The largest one on offer is their Normandy range – this currently has 11 buildings in it, including a rather nice church. If you wanted ready-painted MDF scenery, with a colour scheme a bit different to 4Ground, then these just might be the thing you are looking for. They also have a small range of 3 Timber Framed buildings. Hopefully their other ranges will not be far behind in being converted.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 15mm Gaming, Terrain

Review: Bushi No Yume

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Rating: Bushi No Yume (BNY) is a set of skirmish rules for fighting in ancient Japan, using either a historical of fantasy setting. They were written in 2010 by our friend Rich Jones. BNY uses the same basic rules engine as the ‘Song of Blades and Heroes’ rulesets from Ganesha Games, so if you are a fan of any of those rules you will find much that is familiar. To play Bushi No Yume, you will need several six-sided dice, a set of measuring sticks (size dependent upon miniature scale) 5-10 miniatures and area of play around 3′ x 3′ with some suitable scenery. You will also optionally need a set of Karma Cards. These cards can be found in the back of the rules – they will need to be removed, cut and placed in card prtocestors. The three measuring sticks are of the following sizes For 15-20mm Short – 2″ Medium – 3″ Long – 4″ F0r 25-40mm Short – 3″ Medium – 5″ Long – 7″ Models in the game have the following characteristics: Kyu Grade – Overall indicator of physical abilities – the lower the better Bujutsu – fighting ability Buki – weapon Noroku – abilities Players each set up a […]

Najelwitz Modellbau – new 15mm resin desert buildings

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It’s typical isn’t? You visit a website looking for one thing and something new pops up… Najelwitz Modellbau – one of my favourite producers of resin scenery – have just released a new set of 15mm desert terrain, which might possibly tie in with another 15mm World War II box set that has been released, who can say? The set contains seven buildings, a few walls with gates and a well – just what you need to build a village in the desert. This set is available unpainted for 38 EUR. Alternatively, you can order a set fully assembled and painted for 76 EUR. I seem to remember suggesting to Mr Luff that we should do Desert War next for Chain of Command… Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 15mm Gaming, Terrain

Samurai – what scale of warfare?

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When it comes to gaming in the period of the Samurai, one thing is certain – we have a wide range of miniatures to choose from, whether it be large battles or small skirmishes.  I’ve tried to gather together a selection of ranges in a number of scales, so no matter what your preferred level of gaming, you should find a range of models to your liking (or perhaps, suddenly realise that this is a period you might want to game in multiple scales!) I’ve aimed this primarily at the Sengoku period, though some earlier periods are referenced. 6mm Baccus 6mm – Baccus have a relatively small but comprehensive range of Samurai miniatures. 8 packs in total, but they cover all the main troops you will need. Their ‘Medieval Samurai’ range also include miniatures suitable for Ronin and Warrior Monks, plus a pack of Pavises. Irregular Miniatures – Irregular also cover the main Samurai troop types (7 packs), although their range does include a light cannon for very late period battles 10mm Irregular Miniatures – Irregular have a small range of 10mm Samurai in addition to their 6mm range, though the poses and armaments are limited. Magister Militum – Another small […]

15mm World War II British vehicles from Gaming Models

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Last week I received a parcel, very kindly sent to me by podcast listener Jon Yuengling. He’d heard Dave Luff and I chatting about this year’s project for Operation Market Larden (Dave is putting together a 1944 British force) and he sent us some samples of 15mm vehicles from the range of Gaming Models. The set contained (from left to right) a Universal Carrier, Bren Carrier, Bedford Truck, 6 pdr A/T Gun, Opel Blitz Truck, Archer and Daimler Dingo. These look like nice models (though the pale resin does not show off their detail well in these pictures – sorry, they aren’t the best). Dave is particularly impressed with the Archer, as it’s one of his favourite vehicles. Mr Luff is hoping to get these painted up in short order, and then we can show them off in their full, painted glory. In the mean time, Gaming Models is well worth checking out, as they have a huge selection of World War II vehicles and accessories available.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 15mm Gaming, World War II

White Dragon Miniatures – 15mm Sci-Fi & Shattered Void

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I wanted to give a shout out to White Dragon Miniatures. I first saw this company at Salute last year, when they were promoting the launch of their Kickstarter for starship combat game Shattered Void. It wasn’t until I saw that project that I became aware of the range of 15mm Sci-Fi figures that they also produce, which I have fallen in love with. I had a chance to take some photos whilst at the recent ROBIN show. To complement that range of miniatures, they are just releasing a range of 15mm scenery – again, these are really impressive. They also have a squad of the MTU miniatures in 28mm – though they are not on their webstore yet. These are a must buy. And of course, there are the ships from the Shattered Void range. All in all this is a fantastic range of miniatures – not bad for someone who runs his business from out of his bedroom! I’m pleased to say that we will be chatting to White Dragon on a future episode of Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 15mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming, Terrain

New 15mm models coming from Plastic Soldier Company

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The Plastic Soldier Company have just announced two new releases for their 15mm range of vehicles: The first is the German SDkfz 231 8-rad Armoured Car, which is one of my favourite German vehicles of the war. The kit gives build options for the 231, 232,  233 and 263 variants. Unfortunately, these have come a year too late for my own collection, although I’ve mainly got the later 234 variants, so if I look at putting together a force for the Western Desert these will definitely be on the shopping list. The SDkfz box set will be released on the 17th February, and is currently available to pre-order from the Plastic Soldier Company website. Looking a bit further ahead to March, and PSC are finally releasing the 15mm version of their British Universal Carrier. It looks like PSC have really gone to town on this box set, with no less than eight different variants available to be built. I hope is that this kit will be easier to build than its 20mm predecessor, which I found to be an absolute pain in the arse to assemble. Part of the problem is that the vehicle is pretty small in 15mm, and yet it still comes […]