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Fall-In: The Confession

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Its been a few weeks so I can finally try and face up to my lack of restraint at Fall-In.
Plus SWMBO has gone out for a few hours so the coast is clear to take some pics…

“Mistakes were made”

To move through the stages of grief, I could offer rat…

Susan Travers of the French Foreign Legion

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Susan Travers was born into a wealthy English family and spent most of her youth in southern France. After she finished school, she led the life of a socialite, travelling around the world as a semi-professional tennis player. When World War 2 broke out, she wanted to contribute to the war effort. Being able to … Continue reading Susan Travers of the French Foreign Legion

The Battle of Valderas 1808

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Few games can be quite so enjoyable and disappointing at the same time as the one the Rejects had over the weekend. Five of us gathered in Posties Shed of War to play out a clash between the French and Spanish armies. Surjit and Richard took command of…

15mm Khurasan Miniatures The Hunger Games teenagers……possibly……not…..

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……..and no I haven’t seen the movies.Just some more civilians but these are armed teenagers and add a little variety to groups especially zombie survivors.Pictures are not the best but hopefully you get the idea, 15mm from Khurasan and because thei…

The Battle of Valderas 1808 – A Napoleonic batrep

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The Rejects got together for a Napoleonic game today.Surj & Richard were the FrenchIan, Lee and myself played the SpanishTo put it bluntly…..the Spanish were crap!!!Postie set the troops our, Ian our Commander took the centre, giving me the right…

15mm Ancients – ADLG resurrects the painting urge..

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Having become increasingly enamoured of ADLG, I finally got around to buying and painting up some proper Carthaginian cavalry and elephants recently, have fudged both types with dubious Greek proxies and morphs for pretty much the best part of, erm, mu…

Flank Attack

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To try out the scenarios in One Hour Wargames, we decided to set up a game of Sharp Practice. Scenario #6, Flank Attack I, sounded interesting, so K. took the French ambushers and I took the British, which deployed in column along the road. For the first two turns, I added a ‘French Initiative’ card … Continue reading Flank Attack

Tankfest at the Hobby Shop

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The Big Cats wait for prey…

We are off to enjoy Fall-In today!  While we are gone I’ll levee you with these pics of the recent celebration of Tanktober (well it could have been incidental, but professionals don’t believe in coincidences now d…

Arab Israeli – Egyptian ISU 152

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More plastic from BF, suitably up detailed. Plastic set of five ISU 152’s ( I have plans for the other two!) converted into Egyptian modified 152’s plus the command version. I filled the hulls with polyfilla to add some weight, small touch, but th…

BTR 3000 – Khurasan

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Another lovely vehicle from Jon at Khurasan, post modern BTR 3000. This one has two MRLS/ Rocket options. Cast is resin and 1/100, painted in soviet camo As always pictures online; o…

First Game of Chain of Command

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Time travel Lardy style continues: I’ve read a number of articles on Chain of Command and always wanted to try it out, so last week, chums Sigur Skwarl and Virago invited me over to have a game. Virago had a nice desert table prepared and lent me his Germans to play against Sigur’s 8th Army, while … Continue reading First Game of Chain of Command

Small Wars: Leonardo and his tiny tanks

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The arrival of a 15mm scale Leonardo tank AND a figure of Leonardo Da Vinci himself causes great rejoicing. Continue reading

The Enemy of my Enemy Star Wars in 15mm using Age of Saints

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Rob Kenobi and I had a go at a game of Age of Saints set in the Star Wars universe.After Order 66 the Jedi are scattered as Annakin, now Vader sets out hunting them down.  The trail leads to Geonosis where the Bounty Hunter Bossk has secured a Jed…

New Chuhuac Tank in November 2015

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Hey all,Here is a sneak peak at an upcoming release. Due out in November, the Chuhuac will get some heavy firepower – RAP27 Vasseth Strike Tank.The model will be sold for 6.00 GBP and will come with all the weapon options shown, allowing you to make an…

15mm Khurasan HMMWV M1165 Enhanced General Purpose Vehicle……..

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……now that is a fecking mouthful or new transport for my private security contractors from Thoinwater.Basically part of the HMMWV (Humvee) family (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle).Resin and metal models from Khurasan miniatures, nice scu…

Wellesley at Assaye 1803

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Friday night was a bit of a refight of the Battle of Assaye.15mm figures using the Volley and Bayonet rules. Wellesley’s army has crossed the river Kaitna on the right and can now be seen forming up in the distance. Indians await the advance …

ACW Terrain I – Fences

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There are certain terrain features that immediately conjure up a period. For the American Civil War, these are the fences. Snake rail fences as well as post and rail fences were an integral part of the North American landscape. Naturally, I was determined to get some for my ACW project. Even with my small table, … Continue reading ACW Terrain I – Fences

October 6 Club Night

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We had 18 guys out at the club on Tuesday night, which was pretty impressive. Craig ran a multi-player game of Songs of Blades and Heroes.Bruce hosted six of us in a game of Maurice. The evil red coats slowly marched across the table towards the noble …

Ground Zero Games preview…

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Ground Zero Games recently released, among other things, some excellent resculpted Kra’Vak miniatures, revealing facial features that weren’t previously obvious:The next release for this range perhaps indicates that they’re a little shy. Featuring…

Kyreanne Greek Commission

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Well I have completed the ancient Kyreane Greek commission for one of the guys at the club.  I really enjoyed painting these Xyston figures.  I do love Xyston, they are fantastic sculpts and take the pigment very nicely……I don’t even mind…

4xD: But hey Mr Grim, I wanna’ game my dungeon in 15mm….

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So, outside of the Grim’s Dungeons of Doom tutorials, I think I needed to have yet another sub-set of brain fart articles to cover other aspects from time to time, so here is 4xD (which stands for Dungeon developments, discourse and dialogue) in which i’ll be babbling on about my gameworld Plexus (which I wouldn’t […]

No Man’s Land – A Great War Battle Report

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Tom and I got together yesterday for our second Flames of War Great War battle.  The scenario we played was No Man’s Land.  Tom had picked his own set of trenches so this was a good excuse to get them on the table.  The forces were the s…

Germanic Warrior Women

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For the Romans, ethnographic observations were often a by-product of campaigning. All the more is it noteworthy that Roman historians repeatedly delve into descriptions of the warlike nature of Germanic women. The most common involvement of women in combat seems to have been in the defence of the wagon fort. Germanic tribes used laagers to protect … Continue reading Germanic Warrior Women

Ivans have Landed!

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This week I received a delightful package in the mail, courtesy of Steve from the Sound Officer’s Call blog (here).  Inside was a wonderfully painted Soviet Command base for my Battlegroup Kursk Soviet force.  I’m really delighted to get su…

Apocolypse 15mm: Newspaper & Magazine Debris PDFs collection now available Free from Wargame Vault!

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Hello there everyone, just a quick post (or shameless plug!) to tell you that the 15mm Newspapers and Magazines PDFs previously available from the download section here, have now been cleaned up and spliced together and are available for download directly from Wargames Vault. Now entitled Apocolypse 15mm: Newspapers & Magazine Debris, it contains all […]