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Kyreanne Greek Commission

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Well I have completed the ancient Kyreane Greek commission for one of the guys at the club.  I really enjoyed painting these Xyston figures.  I do love Xyston, they are fantastic sculpts and take the pigment very nicely……I don’t even mind…

4xD: But hey Mr Grim, I wanna’ game my dungeon in 15mm….

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So, outside of the Grim’s Dungeons of Doom tutorials, I think I needed to have yet another sub-set of brain fart articles to cover other aspects from time to time, so here is 4xD (which stands for Dungeon developments, discourse and dialogue) in which i’ll be babbling on about my gameworld Plexus (which I wouldn’t […]

No Man’s Land – A Great War Battle Report

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Tom and I got together yesterday for our second Flames of War Great War battle.  The scenario we played was No Man’s Land.  Tom had picked his own set of trenches so this was a good excuse to get them on the table.  The forces were the s…

Germanic Warrior Women

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For the Romans, ethnographic observations were often a by-product of campaigning. All the more is it noteworthy that Roman historians repeatedly delve into descriptions of the warlike nature of Germanic women. The most common involvement of women in combat seems to have been in the defence of the wagon fort. Germanic tribes used laagers to protect … Continue reading Germanic Warrior Women

Ivans have Landed!

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This week I received a delightful package in the mail, courtesy of Steve from the Sound Officer’s Call blog (here).  Inside was a wonderfully painted Soviet Command base for my Battlegroup Kursk Soviet force.  I’m really delighted to get su…

Apocolypse 15mm: Newspaper & Magazine Debris PDFs collection now available Free from Wargame Vault!

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Hello there everyone, just a quick post (or shameless plug!) to tell you that the 15mm Newspapers and Magazines PDFs previously available from the download section here, have now been cleaned up and spliced together and are available for download directly from Wargames Vault. Now entitled Apocolypse 15mm: Newspapers & Magazine Debris, it contains all […]

Late War German Grenadier Company for Flames of War

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My late war German grenadier company is finished.  This marks the second complete Flames of War army I have painted in the last 30 days.  I have bee collecting figures for this army for almost a year, maybe a little longer.  A standard g…

15mm Painted Flytrap Factory Riot Police from their Lawfighter Range…..

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…..or the “Thin Blue Line”, perfect for riots, shenanigans or wargames involving members of “Posties Rejects”!These are from Flytrap Factory but no listing on their site, these were got from those “great communicators” over at Zombiesmith. Easy enoug…

Coming soon from Armies Army

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Keith from Armies Army has leaked a couple of teaser pictures for his forthcoming releases.Hoping to be released in time for the Blast-tactic show in Bristol, UK on October 3rd are the SKOV tank riders and the Russian Federation forces in exo-suits.Fea…

White Dragon Miniatures kickstarter update: Fiddler and Talos.

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Soon, very soon!’Allo, ‘allo chaps!We can finally show off the 3D Prints for the Talos and the Fiddler. The pictures speak for themselves so we’ll say no more! Now only the alternative weapons for the Fiddler remain to be printed.The Fiddler MechTalos …

FoW: Late War Italy 26th Panzer vs 3rd Infantry Division

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By Eric Lauterbach

When Sean said “hey lets get together and play an Italy battle”, I thought “great I all ready have a list!”

I happily dusted off my mid-war Panzer-Grenadier army. The problem was, when Sean said Italy he meant Late War Italy… Doh!!

So, I took my mid-war list and made it a late war.  The only real changes were the Nebs got heavier and PzIIIs became PzIVs.

My list was two Panzer-Grenadier platoons in trucks and a Aufklarungs platoon in halftracks, 4 PzIVs, a Pak 40 platoon, HMGs, Nebs 21cm, and a Tiger. Sean had a assault platoon, infantry platoon, 6 Hellcats, 6 Sherman 105s, two 57mm platoons, and recon.

We randomly rolled the mission Hasty Attack. We rolled again and Sean was the defender. With seven platoons Sean put one infantry on, the Sherman 105s and the assault platoon in immediate ambush.

One objective was in the town which could be problem so I decided to go for the one behind the hill

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Weapons Delivery – Sharp Practice AAR

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It seems that I’m on a journey through history with TooFatLardies: After visiting the Dark Ages with Dux Britanniarum, Sigur Skwarl, Virago and me headed to the 1790s for a game of Sharp Practice. We used my Haitian Revolution figures and rules amendments, so this was a slightly modified version of the rules. As Sigur and … Continue reading Weapons Delivery – Sharp Practice AAR

Bio-Dome Gruntz After Action Report

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Have a look at this excellent blog after action report for the “Yellow Rose of Messier”.  Details on the Crapid fire web site. I really like the creative use of biodomes that are both cool looking and also part of the scenario. Excellent stuff and…

15mm Painted Khurasan Angry Dead or Angry Protesters…..

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…………or rioters, zombies or demonstrators for modern gaming.Good figures, I was going to use them as zombies and cover them in gore but decided on using them for both zombies and rioters and no gore.

Cool Pants Armored Rifles vs. Tarzan Mixed Tankovey

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 By Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia

In anticipation of Guns of August, our favorite little convention in Williamsburg, VA (ed: it’s over now, and it was great!) much Flames of War list machinations for the 1650 mid-war tournament were discussed on the podcast.

This immediately lead to the “this list is better than that one” talk that gamers always do. So, instead of letting the speculation lie Luke and I decided to get in some practice and test some theories out. The game saw his US Armored Rifles vs. my Soviet Tankovy duking it out in a good old fashioned Free for All.

Luke’s list was made up of 5 Lees, 4 M10s, 2 Armored Rifle platoons, Recon, Mortars, and the special American higher command team General Harmon just for good measure.

My Soviet list looked like 10 T26s, 4 KVs with Tankos (tank riders for those of you not familiar with the nomenclature), 5 T26s, 5 BA10s, Rota in M3s, Air with rockets and 10 BA 10s to six platoons.  Luke had the first turn. We both had no illusions as to how this was going to go down — a  bloody 4-3 to one way or the other was inveitable so we were all in turn one.

Soviet Recon move with 15 BA10s moving out.

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The Big Push – A Great War Battle Report

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Last weekend Tom and I decided to try out Flame of War Great War.  (I already outlined the army painting drama in a previous post.)  I have been dying to try this for more than a year and was really excited to finally get it on the table.&nbs…

New Project: Combahee River Raid

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When I first read about Harriet Tubman and her involvement in the Combahee River Raid, I immediately knew that I wanted to do a project around this. The Haitian Revolution project is reasonably wrapped up, so I allowed myself to contemplate something new. The American Civil War was already in my mind because there is … Continue reading New Project: Combahee River Raid

15mm Modern Protesters and Demonstrators from Flytrap Factory……….

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………..or future Rioters, Looters and Incarcerated?Had a lot of time on my hands recently so a lot of things got painted that were in the lead pile, things got repaired( most of it anyway) that were fecked in transport from England, so the 15mm mod…

Mitchell’s Marauders Complete

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A week ago yesterday my friend Tom and I decided to try out Flames of War Great War.  I had all the stuff for the game but my British Mitchell’s Marauders army was not yet painted.  It was assembled and on bases but no paint.  I told Tom…

On the workbench….

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Every now and then I remember that this website is basically a blog (and there is in fact a Blogger version of it was well), so this statement is true in a very literal sense as well), and so perhaps sometimes I should just make some entirely self-indu…

Blücher and Bailen

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Petri, Chris and Aksu had a game of Blücher with 15 mm […]

ACW: Battle of Gitmasskicked

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I dropped in on Bruce Tuesday to continue our ACW Longstreet campaign. I was the attacker (crap…) and had to seize the two hills the union had occupied.I should have lined everything up on the right and used my guns to refuse the left to create a fiv…

4Ground Rural Farm House

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This is the last part of the farm complex and it really is the center piece of the set.  This is Rural Farm House kit number 15S-EAW-115.  I am not sure what else to say so I will let the pictures do the talking.

Dust up Ridge! Panzer Grenadiers Vs US Armored Rifles

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 By Eric Lauterbach

Bob Everson and I decided to brush up on our Mid-war Flames of War in preparation for the Guns of August Tournament we would be running. The points would 1650 and the table would be a Italy or Sicily style. Bob loves the US Armored Rifles they have everything and it is a go to army for him.

His list was Shermans, M10s, Armored Rifle platoons, Priests and some Recon. I on the other hand had some brand new Panzer IIIs that had never been used so I made a list to fit them in Panzer Grenadiers from Eastfront, 2 PzGren platoons in trucks, Two gun Pak 50, Tiger, Panzer IIIs with two “J” and two “G”, Nebs, and Aufklarungs in tracks. The mission would be dust up. I tried something different with the terrain mixing my desert stuff with green to make a dry Mediterranean look.

The Ridge.

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4Ground Stone Pig Stye & Chicken Coop

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What we have here is the most epic stone pig stye/chicken coop building of all time.  This is kit 15S-EAW-116.  This thing is only big enough for a single small stand but has nearly as many parts and steps as the much larger kits.  Certa…