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AAR: Iron Maiden Vs Volks-Armee

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As the clock was running out for 2016 I was anxious to get my newest army on the table in force. I think I flooded all of you with how much I liked building my British force for Team-Yankee and I could not wait to get a full 100 point force on the table. In the time since I finished my Chieftain force I also was able to review Volks-Armee and in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, I was able to play my British force against the yet to be released East German’s. Let me get one fact straight before I proceed; I do not have any of the new models for Volks-Armee, so those hoping to see the new models can stop reading now.  What I did do was proxy the NVA force with the Soviets I have in my collection. Well even the term proxy is not quite fitting here since the list I built used the same T-72 and BMP-1 models I have in my collection, in fact the only real models I substituted was using my Soviet infantry for East German Mot-Schutzen.


So with two days left to go in the year, Throck, Ben (from Team Bro-Go) headed up to Glen Burnie Maryland to meet our gaming buddy Kato, who also wanted to get his West German’s on a table before the year ended. We love going to Games and Stuff in Maryland, it’s such a well-stocked store with an excellent staff that I always end up spending a few bucks in.
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The Tanks of Volks-Armee

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The new Volks-Armee book from Battlefront features one of the most iconic tanks of the Cold War era, the T-55. The T-55AM2 featured in VA has been vastly upgraded since the original model rolled off the assembly line in 1958, and features many upgrades that enhanced the protection and fire power of this mass produced tank.  In VA, players are given the option to field a ton of T-55AM2 tanks, which would be fun to play and is historically accurate. The other MBT featured in VA is the T-72M, which was the export only version of the T-72 and did not have all of the same features of the T-72 used by the Soviets during the 1980’s. Used separately or in tandem, these two tanks used in mass can give your opponent more targets than they can handle on a single turn and if played right can lead to certain victory.

The T-55 was born out of the T-54 program and is one of the most mass produced tanks in the post WWII period. Like many Soviet designs, the T-54/55 program did not feature a tank build from the ground up, instead it took many design features of tanks used during WWII. Thought its service life the T-55 featured the D-10T 100 mm rifled gun which when it first came out was a feared weapon, however as other MBTs were produced with better protection (and better guns) the effectiveness of the D-10T fell behind any enemy tank the T-55 would have to face.

While the gun remained the same, the tank received numerous upgrades in other areas. By the mid 1980’s the T-AM version was the standard MBT of most of the Warsaw Pact nations and featured the Volna fire control system, stabilizers, laser range finders, a more powerful engine, and smoke dischargers. Perhaps the biggest upgrades went into protection, with BDD armor applied to the tanks turret, as well as many other features that would protect the tank and its crew. The actual version used in VA is the AM2, which was produced under license in Czechoslovakia and sold all over the world. In fact the T-55 has seen combat in the Middle East and Africa, and even today is used by many nations. The tank was simple to operate and maintain and had a low profile so a nervous crew could hide better if the situation called for it.

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Showcase: British Sherman Platoon (Late War) for Flames of War

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This post is a showcase featuring a Platoon of British Sherman Tanks from the Open Fire (Flames of War 3rd Edition) Starter box. This starter box is packed with value and if it is still available from your FLGS, it is worth the price even if 4th Editio…

Aurelian and 54mm AWI

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I missed the club last week but I did get some gaming in this week. Braving bad roads (mostly in the city!), I drove out to Bruce’s and we played a battle in our Boudicca campaign. Similar to last time: Romans must control two objective markers (sheep)…

Tinkering with ….. Battlefront Iranian Chieftains

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 Yet more Chieftains! Iranian reinforcements!Following up on the ArmiesArmy Chieftains, I now have a load of BF plastic Chieftains and am most impressed, generally…. So, The pros…. plastic format allows loads of conversion poten…

Naval Raid – Sharp Practice AAR

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I’ve finally finished painting the Union Naval Landing Force for Sharp Practice. More on the force composition in another post – this game was supposed to be a playtest of what I’ve come up with until now. There is still some more research and playtesting to be done… The scenario featured Union sailors and marines … Continue reading Naval Raid – Sharp Practice AAR

The Volks-Armee, The Other NVA

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With the upcoming release of Volks-Armee from Battlefront, I thought it would be a good idea to give players a brief history of East German military and the weapons they used. The formation of the National Volks Army (NVA) took a different path than many of the other nations in Eastern Europe who found themselves in the Warsaw Pact. First of all the creation of two separate German nations was not something that was planned prior to end of the war. The plan was to carve Germany up into zones of occupation under the Allies and the Soviet Union after World War Two, with the thought that one day the entire nation would revert to self-rule.

Obviously this never happened because the two sides could not agree on very much and in 1949, the Soviet Union turned over their occupation zone to the German Communist Party and they formed the German Democratic Republic (DDR in German). I think the term “turned over” is applied very liberally here since not only did the Soviet troops stay in the DDR, very little went on in East Germany without the approval of Moscow.

The DDR geographically composed of what was agreed to during the Potsdam conference of 1945, with the eastern most parts of Germany and East Prussia being given to Poland and the remaining territory being east of the Oder–Neisse line to the new Polish border. The German capital of Berlin was also similarly split between the Allies and Soviets in 1945 and in 1949 the City of East Berlin became the capital of the DDR.

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Mk IV Male and Female Tanks of WWI

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In the 6th Analogue Challenge I rather cheekily entered a couple of 6mm Mk IV tanks in the Nautical bonus round. My reasoning was these were ‘landships’ and were therefore a valid entry. This year I decided I would reprise my entry of MkIV’s but this t…

That’s All Volks-Armee

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Out of all the Team Yankee releases, the one that would give us the forces of East Germany was the one I was most curious about. I have some ties to the former DDR, when I was 4 my Grandfather – who lived in West Berlin, and worked in East Germany – took me across Checkpoint Charlie. The East German border guards were very nice to him, not only did they see him every day, but they all knew that their officers school was named after his Aunt. More recently this interest has been piqued by the Hulu series Deutschland ’83, which takes place during the height of the Cold War and it’s a series I recommend to everyone. So after a year since its initial release,Team Yankee has only one “Red” force, which are the Soviets from the first book. When I play the game I like Red vs Blue fights so we needed another force for some variety. I know from reading the posts on many forums that many players were eagerly awaiting this new release.

First of all the cover of Volks-Armee is one of the neatest in the series. It is true porn for those who love the T-55 and the HIND.

Inside the book, which is about 33 pages in length, we are introduced to the DDRs 9th Panzer Division. Like the other books in the series, a back story of that unit is given and their fight when the cold war went hot. I do not know how they plan to release this, since VA is a bit slimmer than other releases and has no scenarios, or at least the version provided for my review.

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Showcase: German 8.8cm FlaK36 Guns for Flames of War

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As stated in my earlier Flames of War Showcase piece, when I got into Flames of War, I wanted to play British but could only find the paints for the German Armies. The end result was that I painted up two full German Armies (Grenadiers and Schwere Panz…

Battle of the Lafayette Road – Battle Report

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Today the Rejects gathered for our first game of the year and farewell to one of our number. John is moving up to the Lake District (lucky begger) so this will be his last game with the group for some time.The SetupUnion forces have set up along the La…

Balloon Rescue – Sharp Practice Scenario

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The holidays offered opportunity to finally get the observation balloon I’ve built a couple of weeks ago on the table! Historically, there never was any real fighting for a balloon during the American Civil War. There were, however, some pretty close calls. Confederates regularly tried to shoot down Union observation balloons and one time, a Rebel … Continue reading Balloon Rescue – Sharp Practice Scenario

15mm Fire and Fury

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Some of the lads got together for a wee bash using our 15mm American Civil War figures. This battle was loosely  based on the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern. The terrain and the objectives were much the same as per the Regimental Fire and Fury scenario …

15mm Painted Modern SUV Pick Up from……

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………Evil Bear Wargames.

Resin body with metal wheels.

Really crisp body, metal wheels could use some work though (nice and round but poorly molded hub caps and detail?) but were 3 for £10.

Have done a size comparison with the Peter Pig one and some 15mm figures as well!

I really do like the double cab and detail……..

Peter Pig in the center………

……and again!

15mm Khurasan and Oddzial Osmy to show some scale……..

2016 in Paint and Games

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Here is a brief resume of 2016:This year managed to paint the following6mm: 76 figures15mm: 76 figures including 4 vehicles20mm: -28mm: 12 figuresRebased – 147 15mm figuresTime and motivation have been issues throughout the year and I have noticed a pr…

Off and running in Painting Challenge VII

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So with about a week of hols under my belt (to say nothing of my own body weight in Christmas munchies) I’ve made a modest start in this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.My first post was something of a pick-n-mix of stuff to round out variou…

Good Riddance 2016; Hello 2017: The Year in Gaming

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Every year I try to write an article that summarizes the passing year and share what I am most excited about for the upcoming one. Let’s be honest here, 2016 was a crazy year! A year ago did anyone think that we would end up with Trump for president? Or have the Cubs win the World Series? Would I after a 16 month hiatus resume paining again? Despite the turbulent year, it was yet another great year for the gaming community and 2017 looks to continue that trend. Over the last few years the gaming industry has a seen a boom as far as leveraging multiple platforms, broadening its appeal by expanding the span of topics in which we could play, and the explosion of card based games; all of these factors really point to the fact that we are in the “golden age of gaming”.

The Industry
In 2016 the value of the video games market alone is $99 Billion dollars worldwide with it expected to grow to about $130 Billion by 2019. This boom can be attributed to the growth of app based games.  Who didn’t almost run someone over while playing Pokémon Go this year? The popularity of board games has also dramatically risen  over the last few years and as more interesting titles hit the shelves this will continue to grow. Card based games such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon are attracting many young players to gaming and we can see the effect when 30-50 tweens jam into our local gaming stores and prevent us from getting a table. Historical based gamers have also seen a boom, this year Bolt Action came out with a second version, Battlefront’s Team-Yankee grew and has attracted many new players to the hobby. Of course the games tied to movies did well, Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars X-Wing had many new releases that were tied to the very popular Force Awakens movie.

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Finishing up Iron Maiden

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Don’t you just love that feeling when you put the last touch of paint on a model and you know your work is done? It is a rare feeling since we always seem to be expanding our collections, however with the lower model count in Team Yankee I was able to finish off my forces from Iron Maiden and I think I will be set for the time being. Maybe it is one of the things I like about TY is that once you finish your core 100 point force, you do not have the need to keep adding models, I think between this and ability that you can take more than one formation adds to the games allure. My last article detailed my building and paining my Chieftains, FV 432s, Rapiers, and of course the infantry. I was left with building the Lynx helicopters and the recce vehicles for my force which were the last to be released.

I wanted to cover the Lynx for the article because I do not think these guys were be making it on many lists I plan to make. I think it’s a neat to have the choppers in the game, however AAA is just so good I do not think these guys will not have a long life span.

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On the Painting Table

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I’ve made good progress with the Union cavalry and have now painted 24 mounted troopers and about 20 dismounted. However, I recently got distracted by something else: I read a fascinating book about small-scale amphibious operations by the Union navy which inspired me to make a Naval Landing Force for Sharp Practice. A Dog Before … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Knights Templar in Basic Impetus 2

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Now then,I dont like to blow my own trumpet too much, im not the greatest of painters by any stretch but its always really nice when someone publishes a picture of your miniatures.So Lorenzo Sartori, author of Impetvs, Baroque and now Basic Impetvs amo…

Aurelian at the club

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Our last night of club play this year saw 10 guys out. There was both Blood Bowl (below) and Dread Ball (no pic), which looked fun.Bruce was keen to bloody his Persians so brought some 15mm Aurelian out. He and I took the Romans against Chen and Dave’s…

15mm Modern Team Yankee BM-21 Grad 122mm Multiple Rocket Launch System…..

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….from Battlefront!The BM-21 is a Soviet truck mounted 122mm multiple rocket launcher, the “Grad” stands for hail! A minimum range of 1.6km and a maximum of up to 40km and is the most widely used multiple rocket launch system in the world!3 resin BM-…

Aurelian campaign continued

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Bruce and I continued our Aureleian campaign this week with the first large battle between the dastardly Romans and the British freedom fighters.Bruce had 10 turns to march across the board and seize two objectives. I managed to drop some nasty terrain…

Iron Maiden: The Unboxing and Playing

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As I was writing all those articles on the “Iron Maiden” release, I also volunteered to do the “unboxing”; not just because I wanted to write more about the subject, but to feed my desire to play with this new and interesting faction for Team Yankee. As some of you know from reading the past articles I penned on the Brits; I have always felt that this new force will change how the game is played. The forces in IM gives the player some really good infantry and a cheap but deadly main battle tank that can hold its own on the game table.

The Chief
I was able to get a hold of this box set that has 5 Chieftain Tanks and 2 Lynx helicopters. The box also comes with the new mini rule book witch is better made than the V3 FoW mini-rulebook, it will not snap its spine when you open it. 

Having made a Chieftain during the roll out event without instructions I found making them with the guide was a snap. Even the baskets on the sides of the turret fit right into a groove and you do not have to worry about misplacing them. One decision you will have to make is to use the regular or Stillbrew turret. While I love using magnets to swap things like this out, this kit does not give you the parts to do that; with only one cannon and one set of baskets available. I decided to use the Stillbrew turret for uniformity and for the fact that it not only looks a bit better, but it is also not that noticeable to the untrained.

Two things that will slow down your speed building of this model; the first is the cupola machine gun, which is just ripe to get ripped off the tank unless you are careful. The other is the side skirts, they seemed to go on at a slight angle and this is something you will have to play with to get it just right. Based on the pictures I checked out on the Chief, the actual side skirts so somewhat taper in the rear. The only real “complaint” I could think of is the commander who sits in the open cupola.  They seem to be at a larger scale and some of the included commanders will only fit in the turret at an angle. They also leave little logical room for the HMG, unless you want your crewman hugging the gun awkwardly.

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Showcase: British C15TA Armoured Truck for Flames of War

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Back when I got into Flames of War, I wanted to paint and play a British Army. Unfortunately, the British colours were not available at me FLGSs, so I bought and painted up a German Army instead. As a result, I have many unpainted Flames of War British…