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Four elephants and another Seleucid phalanx of 32 pikemen.That brings the elephant herd up to 13, so only 21 to go!  The pike phalanx makes 6 out of 9.I have all the bare lead I need to finish the project except 18 elephants, mainly Seleucid.The p…

More 15mm WW2 for sale

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Alright, some more 15mm WW2 are on the block this week. Pick-up in Edmonton or shipping at cost.First up is a set of three Battlefront M-5 Stuarts. These are late-war tanks, suitable for the western front. The tanks are decaled and a touch muddy. One h…

Gettysburg Battle Day

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Some time ago, I proposed a Gettysburg Battle Day to the local wargaming community. Inspired by the yearly Battle Day of the Society of Ancients, the idea was to present different games, all of which dealt in one way or…

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I was over at Bruce’s place on Tuesday for another go at FUBAR. Bruce had reduced the ranges a bit and we wanted to see how that played versus last week’s game at the club.This was also my first look at Bruce’s new gaming table. This is one sweet table…

Raphia-Ptolomy Commanders and Seleucid Hetairoi Cavalry

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Still on the Raphia theme but the end is in sight, although still aways off! Ptolemaic Commanders.  These being even more non uniform do take a little longer but I need leaders to urge my troops into combat. Seleucid Hetairoi cavalry.For thes…

More 15mm WW2 for sale

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Continuing with last week’s post, I have completed rehabbing some more of the 15mm WW2 German vehicles I picked up in trade.First up this week are three Battlefront metal-and-resin Jadgpanthers. The camo has been handprinted and the tanks are numbered …

Ambush! – A Sharp Practice AAR

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In the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated (#365), there is a rules- and period-agnostic ambush scenario by Mike Bradford. It sounded fun and like it would work well with Sharp Practice, so K. and I set up a quick game.…

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FUBAR at the club

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We had six guys out at the club on Tuesday. Terry and Dan played a game of Shadows of Brimstone (no pictures turned out, alas). Bruce hosted Richard, Chen and myself in a game of FUBAR 2.The good guys (left) enter and must capture the white farmhouse o…

Fantasy Hero 12

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The last of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII entries below including some Alternative Armies Ghouls and Dixon Miniatures Ninja. Achieving a good tone on the tone black is to say the least a sod and often ends up requiring knocking back…

New Project: 15mm Dacians for DBA 3.0

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Okay, let’s put the obvious one on the table first: I always liked the `engine` behind DBA.The fact you play with 12 elements each, and a game lasts about half an hour to 45 minutes, make this the ideal small scale game for “in between”.In the past I h…

HOTT 15mm Dark Dwarf Cultists

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Some models I bought back in 2012 or 2013 at Salute for the HOTT game system, I already did some in the painting challenge a few weeks ago.Now, I finally gotten round to completing the regiment of 3 elements.  While HOTT, which we had planned…

15mm WW2 Germans for sale

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I don’t really do commission work any more, but every once and awhile I run across a deal that is too good to pass up. Last week, I bought a job lot of 15mm WW2 Germans. Some were well painted, others were only base coated or had some chipping. I have …

Ambush at The Coille – A Roman v Ancient British batrep

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The Rejects got together for a Rome v British bash last month. Myself and Surj picked out the Romans, who were in march column looking for a good site to make camp. Unbeknownst to us and our rather usesless scouts, a massive bringing together of Britis…

Back to the Brushes 156

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So the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has finished for another year and 76 hobbyists have put down their brushes for a while. Below are the finished figures and models for this years challenge totalling 306 points just 6 points more than the …

Battle of the Coille

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The Roman Column is trudging towards the position of its evening camp, unaware that it is walking into a British trap. Over the weekend Postie put on an excellent 15mm game using his own ancients rule set “Let the Gods Decide”. Five members of the Reje…

A Weekend of Gaming

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I’m very happy that I had several great opportunities for gaming during the last days. The opening was two games of Zombicide I had with an old friend from Germany, who stayed for a couple of days at our place.…

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Painting Challenge 8 – Body of Work

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The 8th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has now come to an end and 76 painters have put down their brushes and no doubt taken a deep sigh of satisfaction and relief. This was my fourth time taking part and this time around I set myself an ambitious…

15mm light riders

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This week was a touch busy so only a few mounted figures. There are from a Battle of Westerros expansion.They’ll serve as light riders for a 15mm Dragon Rampant army.U next: Maybe some zombie survivors?

Looking Forward!

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While everyone else is busy dropping points bombs on poor Curt I decided to go out quietly with a fun little vignette. So here is “Looking Forward” to the next Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. For me the end of the Challenge is the culmination of m…

Fantasy Hero 11

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Yet more 15 mm Undead as recently submitted to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The figures are from Alternative Armies except the stand of 6 wraiths from Essex Miniatures.Cheers for now

Few more Battle of Westerros figures

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I finished off another 24 of these 15mm figures that I picked up on Boxing Day. These are from a Battle of Westerros expansion.Nothing fancy about these guys–basic medieval swordsmen sans shields.These fellows are a bit more Keep on the Borderlands, w…

Module Suitability Review: Korean Sourcebook

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Taken from DriveThru RPGHey all, been a long time since we did one of these, eh?Well, this has been long threatened for Twilight: 2000, long demanded, cajoled, and pleaded for, and now, it’s finally here. A canon sourcebook for the Land of the Midnight…

Fantasy Hero 10

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The forces of Undead continue to grow with the following additions. These will see use for Basic Impetus Fantasticus and HOTTThe Grand Wizard – Major Hero standThe Champion – Minor Hero StandThe Knight Captain – Major Hero standThe backbone of the army…

Book Review: Setting the Scene – Winter Wargaming, A Guide for Creating A Winter Layout for the Games Table.

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Taken from the Wargames and Terrain WebpageSetting the Scene – Winter Wargaming, A Guide for Creating a Winter Layout for the Games Table.Author: Pat SmithPublisher: Self-Published, 2018Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″Cover: Soft CoverPages: 103pp  Setting t…

More News Coming About!

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A New Game Store in Chantilly, VA!Well, it seems the crew that gave us Covert Intervention Games has done it again! They’ve opened a game store. And yes, Virginia, color me excited. Chantilly isn’t TOO far from me, right down 66, and I am excited to kn…