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By Fire and Sword: Kingdom of Sweden vs Cossacks. Ogniem i Mieczem: Królestwo Szwecji przeciw Kozacy.

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Last Thursday in our club we had a By Fire and Sword game. It was opportunity to finally try my Swedes in full of their strength. As not all in the club have the copy of Deluge, we decided to use the army list from the main book. So Jack placed a 19 FPS Cossacks against my 11FPS Swedes.
W ostatni czwartek w naszym klubie mieliśmy grę z zasadami Ogniem i Mieczem. Była to okazja by w końcu sprawdzić moich Szwedów i w ich pełnej sile. Jako, że nie wszyscy w naszym klubie posiadają kopię Potopu, zdecydowaliśmy się użyć list armii z głównego podręcznika. Na przeciw siebie stanęły siły kozackie na 19 pkt. przeciwko Szwedom na 11 pkt.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: The Patrol scenario from main book.
MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI:  Jack Glanville, Bartek Żynda
Jack and Ian Carter played Cossacks and me and Petr played Swedes. Unfortunately during the game we lost a lot of time for looking for the rules, as we did not played them for the long period of time. This slowed the game dramatically and when we finally had some action we had to finish the game. Game finished with tactical Cossack victory, but this Thursday my Swedes will take revenge!
Jack i Ian Carter grali Kozakami, natomiast ja i Petr graliśmy Szwedami. Niestety podczas gry straciliśmy dość dużo czasu na szukanie odpowiednich zasad, jako że nie graliśmy ich od dawna już. To bardzo spowolniło grę i gdy w końcu zaczęło się coś dziać, skończył się czas na grę. Gra zakończyła się taktycznym zwycięstwem Kozaków, jednak w ten czwartek moi Szwedzi spróbują wziąć odwet!
Gallery from the game on my Flickr:
Galeria z gry na moim Flickr:

The Messenger – Lion Rampant AAR

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Don’t kill the messenger, that’s what I kept saying. Would K. listen? No. But let’s start at the beginning. Last weekend we finally inaugurated the old table in the new flat and had a game of Lion Rampant. After having a go at the scenario ‘The Messenger’ with Mick, I decided to introduce it to … Continue reading The Messenger – Lion Rampant AAR

July 21 club night

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We had 11 guys out at the club last night including newcomer Ian. Dave brought out his recently competed 10mm ACW troops and hosted Phil and Guy in a game, the name of which I can’t recall.It certainly looked pretty. Scott and Jonathan played a game of…

North West European Farm Complex Unboxing

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Today I took delivery of my next 4Ground project.  I have only built on 4Ground kit to date but I was very impressed with it and knew I would be adding more to the collection.  This time I went with one of the bigger multi-building kits – 15m…

Visiting a Vauban Fortress

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We’ve been living near some of the most spectacular Vauban fortresses for years and never managed to make the trip. However, the fascinating series of articles on Gravelines by Henry Hyde in Miniature Wargames finally inspired me to rent a car. K. was willing to come along, so shortly before we moved house, we headed for Neuf-Brisach, which … Continue reading Visiting a Vauban Fortress

Vietnam 1967 Battle report

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Mark ran another Vietnam game for the Rejects on Saturday with myself and John as the US Players against Surjit playing the VC. As usual all movement started hidden and plotted on a tactical map. Only when revealed by enemy activity (or when a unit rev…

15mm Star Wars AT-DP

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I got another piece put together for my 15mm Star Wars forces, this time an AT-DP used in the Rebels tv series:Pictured with are Rebel Mini Titan Marines painted up as Clone Troopers.The AT-DP is a vehicle that saw use between the 2 trilogies:http://st…

Arab Israeli – Yom Kippur – developments

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Been quiet for a while, trying to balance a new job, real life and  commissions, I’m not on top of things but it’s getting better.This is just a post to show some random developments, firstly an Urdan Coupola for my M48’s. These will be off to S&a…

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself…more!

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Bought myself more treats with my Birthday money, taking advantage of some 4th of July sales (though I’m still waiting for some Bren Gun carriers and PSC Pz IIIs). The North Africa project is really starting to take shape now!

RP No 171 Napoleonic Prussian – 1st East Prussian 2nd Battalion Line

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Good God, I hear you cry. A newly painted unit on Ray’s blog?? 
Whatever next?
Do you remember that little thing called a paint brush, well I’ve not used any of mine since April? Until this week that is! It’s not that I couldn’t be bothered or lost my mojo, I just couldn’t find a spare
minute to get the brush out!!! And to make matters worse, the figures are not even for me, they’re for His Nibs next door, Postie!

Its back to Napoleonic’s for this unit, who are the 1st East Prussian line, 2nd Battalion

Revolutionary Wars:
During the French Revolutionary Wars of the 1790’s the 1st East Prussian Infantry regiment was yet to be formed. The regiment that would become the 1st East Prussian infantry was the No.2 line infantry regiment ‘Ruechel’ under the command of Oberst Ernst von Rüchel. During the 1790’s the regiment was part of the Prussian forces used to combat France. The No.2 fought well in the brief Prussian effort, but after the battle of Valmy they were sent back to Prussia as Prussia tried to conserve it’s resources and soldiers.

Invasion of 1806:
In 1806, Prussia entered into the War of the Fourth Coalition in fear of France from their defeat of Austria. At the start of the Invasion the No.2 was attached to L’Estocq’s Corps with 4 other infantry regiments. L’Estocq and his chief of staff, Gerhard von Scharnhorst, commanded some 15,000 troops based at Thorn in December 1806 and at Freystadt in January 1807. Harassed by Marshal Ney, L’Estocq marched his troops from February 2 – February 8 through snowy and forested East Prussia; it has been described as “a model of the way in which a flank march in the face of a near and powerful adversary should be conducted”.

The Russian troops of Bennigsen were hard-pressed by Marshal Davout in the Battle of Eylau (February 7-February 8, 1807). Leading the last operational unit in the Prussian army, L’Estocq was only able to bring eight battalions, twenty-eight squadrons, and two horse artillery batteries (estimated at 7,000-9,000 men) to the battle; the rest of his soldiers were defending against Ney.Upon the small Prussian contingent’s arrival at Preußisch Eylau, Bennigsen wanted it split up to reinforce his weakened Russian troops. Scharnhorst, however, advised L’Estocq to strike with his cavalry around the Russian lines at Davout’s exhausted troops; the sudden attack threw the French into disarray. Following the battle, L’Estocq’s corps retreated to Preußisch Friedland to maintain coalition communications with Russia.

1806/1807 Reforms:
Following the defeat in 1806 Prussia was forced to reorganize and downsize it’s army. Six of the remaining infantry regiments were chosen to be reformed, and were each given a light infantry battalion, to complete them. The No.2 with it’s new 3rd battalion became the 1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment.The new army was organized into six peace-time brigades, and the 1st East Prussian were put into the East Prussian Brigade.

Russia 1812/1813
When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 there were 14,000 Prussian infantry attached to the auxiliary corps of the Grand Army. the six regiments were assembled from assorted battalions of multiple Prussian army regiments. The No.1 infantry regiment of the Prussian forces in Russia was mad up of the 2nd battalion/1st East Prussian Regiment, the 1st Battalion/2nd East Prussian Regiment, and the Fusilier battalion of the 1st East Prussian regiment. Unlike most of Napoleon’s army the Prussian forces returned home mostly unharmed, saved by the Convention of Tauroggen.

War Of Liberation:

In 1813 the war of the 6th coalition started, and Prussia mobilized it’s army for war. During the first battle of the campaign the 1st East Prussian Regiment had just returned 
from combat in Russia, and had two of it’s battalions (2nd battalion and fusilier battalion) in the “1st 
Combined Infantry Regiment”. At Lützen they were on the left flank under Generalmajor von Hünerbein, but were driven back like the rest of the army.

After Lützen the 1st East Prussian battalions were put back together and put in Generallieutenant von Yorc’s Korps, in Oberst von Zielinsky’s 1st Infantry brigade. The regiment was in the center of the Prussian line, and took heavy casualties first from the artillery barrage of the Grand Battery, and
then the successive French assault. The regiment was in the thick of the fighting for the entire day, but was beaten back to the village of Bautzen. The 1st East Prussian regiment was then present at the battle of Leipzig.

Battle of Leipzig:

At Leipzig, the 1st East Prussian Regiment was attached to the I. corp under Generallieutenant von Yorck, in the 2nd Infantry brigade (under Generalmajor Prinz CarlvonMecklenburg-Strelitz). At the time of Leipzig, the regiment had 1,840 men in total, or about 600 men per regiment. During the battle, the regiment was positioned on the allied right flank, and was ordered forward on the first day of fighting, to take the city of Möckern. The village was heavily fortified, and had a manor, palace, walled gardens, and low walls. Each position was turned into a fortress with the walls being loopholed for covered fire by the French. The ground to the west of the position was too wooded and swampy for emplacement of artillery. A dike ran east along the river Elster being 4 meters high. The bloody street fighting took a heavy toll on both sides, and the battle hung in the balance until Prussian cavalry charged and secured the field. Overall, both sides suffered around 9,000 casualties. For the next three days of the battle the regiment stayed on the right flank, and pushed to try to encircle Napoleon’s forces, and even helped secure the village of Leipzig itself.


After the battle of Leipzig, the regiment continued on the allied advance through France, fighting in the battles Brienne,The six day campaign, Craonne, Reims, and Paris. The unit was then sent back to Prussia. For reasons unknown, the regiment was not part of the army involved with the 100 days campaign, and so it’s service to the kingdom of Prussia ended at the battle and occupation of Paris in 1814.

P’Lugah Tan’kim Progress

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My Israeli army for Flames of War is slowly taking shape.  I have assembled the first 8 tanks, 4 M50 and 4 M51, shermans.  I have several Jeeps to assemble next and I am still awaiting my Sho’t from Battlefront.  I really like the M51 Is…

July 7 club night

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We had about a dozen guys out at the club this week. Larry ran a game of Samurai battles which looked fun.Taylor hosted a 15mm WW2 game (maybe Crossfire?). The extreme lighting posed some photgraphic challenges!Bruce hosted game of the new Osprey saili…

15mm Alien Legion Part 2

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I got a few more 15mm Alien Legion minis done.  Figures are from Khurasan.  This gives me a total of about 4 fire teams now. Nomad so Far!More to come,Doc

Longstreet lessons: Cavalry charges don’t work so well…

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Bruce and I played the fourth game of our nine-game Longstreet campaign this week, with the south being the attacker. We rolled the same scenario (attacker sneaks up on the defender thus the firing lines are blocked by standing crops. We’ve decided not…

Crusades update

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Now then,I got these two bases done a little while ago for my Crusades army for Impetus. I have rebased the 2 command stands that I made up for Hail Caesar as ive decided that Impetus is the game that ill be playing.Here is King Richard, based as Crusa…

Rebel Minis release the Widowmaker

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Rebel Minis, a company that I talk about quite a bit, has a new release this week that looks perfect for 15mm mechs.  The Earth Force Widowmaker.  These are being released as 28mm battle suits, but look to be well sized as light/medium mechs for 15mm…

Even more Longstreet!

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Bruce and I continued our Longstreet campaign on Monday night. This was a meeting engagement and we each had objectives to protect. The picture below is pretty much the start lines. I hoped to draw Bruce’s cavalry onto my guns (on the right) but then g…

More Longstreet

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Bruce and I played a second game of Longstreet last week. The south was again defending and forced to set up inside the white zone to protect an objective marker. My plan was to rush my cavalry forward on the right and set up in the trees while infantr…

On the Workbench – Week 25

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Another eclectic, but productive mix over the weekend with miniatures from Battlefront, 4Ground, Fantasy Flight and even some very old 1st edition Epic from Games Workshop. I don’t often get a chance to put in a serious hobby-session over the course of a weekend, but as it was the ’24 Heures du …

Mitchell’s Marauders Assembled

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I finally completed the assembly of my Mitchell’s Marauders set from Battlefront.  This phase of the project took a little longer than expected for a couple of reasons.  One is the fact that the British 18lb guns in this set a are very delica…

Huey “Hog”

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As I alluded to in an earlier post, I’ve recently dipped a toe into the whole Vietnam Conflict for Flames of War, or “Call of Duty” as they refer to the book. For the US side of the conflict I decided to base my forces on the Air Cavalry list …

Gaming: Longstreet

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Back from Ottawa to find Bruce has rebased his 5mm ACW armies for Longstreet, Sam Mustafa’s new rules. Simple rules (or so I thought). Bruce did most of the pre-game and the basics of the campaign are you follow a brigade through 9 battles.I was the de…

Rapid Fire Soviets vs SS first game

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Now then,Myself and Stuart had our first test game of Rapid Fire last week, it pitted 2 soviet rifle Battalions supported by a few anti tank guns with 4 T34/75’s in reserve against an Armoured SS Pz Grenadier Battalion, supported by an assault gun comp…

First Game of Lion Rampant

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Most of the wargaming stuff is already packed up in boxed for the big house move, but last weekend we nevertheless managed to have a first game of Lion Rampant. K. took El Cid and his retinue while I played the Almoravids. I put together two retinues based on what looked plausible to me and without … Continue reading First Game of Lion Rampant

Joining the Rampage

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We are in the process of preparing a major house move, so don’t expect many battle reports in the next weeks. There may be one exception, however. After reading lots of great reviews, I finally caved in and ordered a copy of Lion Rampant from Annie at Bad Squiddo Games. I’ve read it and it … Continue reading Joining the Rampage