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15mm Modern Heavy "Juggernaut" Tactical Hardsuits……..

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…….from Evil Bear Wargames.Been off the internet for nearly seven weeks due to maniac tractor driver and his ability to dig through cables and fecking unhelpful internet providers but shit happens, anyway that’s why I haven’t been around any blogs …

Iron Maiden Preview: Armored and Recce Company Detailed

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In the previous article in this series, I spoke about the great British infantry lists contained in Iron Maiden. This article will turn its attention to the other two lists in the book, the Armored and the Medium Recce Companies. For those who have read my other article, you already know that the Mechanized and Airmobile lists are already some of my favorites from IM. The other lists are still pretty good, and I feel they support the mechanized company very well. I will also give some details on the scenarios and paining instructions that are in Iron Maiden, which will wrap up our preview of the formations contained in the book. 

The Chief
The Armoured Company revolves around the Chieftain MBT, which at the time Team Yankee takes place (1985), was being replaced with the Challenger MBT. The Chief represents the British focus on firepower and protection at the expense of speed. In the game, the Chieftain is just a bit slower than the T-72 and has one more point of FA for the non Stillbrew version of its Soviet counterpart. At the cost of 6 points per tank (7 with Stillbrew), the most you can hope to get in a 100 point game is 16, by taking one in the command element, and taking all of the 3 tank troops in the formation list and another 3 tank troop from divisional support. This makes it the closest NATO version of a Soviet tank horde. This is not something I would recommend, since that prevents you from taking anti-air or those great infantry platoons. Maybe at games over a 100 points, where you can mass your tanks and take other platoons in support, this might be an option.

What I do like about the Armoured Company is the price.  You can take the mandatory 7 tanks of this company with Stillbrew armor for 49 points, and then add a mech platoon and some divisional assets to make your 100 point list.  This seems to be pretty powerful.

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Team Yankee: Soviet showcase

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Quantity has a quality

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One of the forces I’ve assiduously avoided for Flames of War is the Russians. It’s not that I don’t like the look of them as a force, I’m just not a big fan of horde lists when it comes to the tabletop. Except for Orks in Epic of course; you …

Team Yankee: Contemplation and Collecting; the Soviets

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Back in December 2015 I covered the Team Yankee demo put on by the guys from Battlefront.  While I liked the game I did state that the period wasn’t my thing and I would pass on fielding an army.  While I read the book Team Yankee and was a fan of the game, I just did not want to collect either army – I never play Americans, and while I have painted a ton of WWII Soviets for friends, I do not have a Soviet army in my collection.  What changed?  Well a few things actually changed my mind which should not surprise anyone.

My first worry stemmed from my work on the Great War line. Ehile I love the period and the game, few folks I know have built a Great War army, and I found it tough, even in the player rich I-95 corridor, to find a lot of folks playing the game. I did worry that Team Yankee would not gain the popularity it deserved. However after a few months, I have seen the popularity of the game grow and a bunch of folks I know play the game.

The Army on parade, oops no Hinds..

The second issue I had was that neither of the two initial armies did much for me.  I cannot explain why this was, but after reviewing Leopard, I got excited about the game and it caused me to look into collecting a Team Yankee army.

The last two issues are the same we call have: time and cost.   I stopped serious painting well over a year ago, the last army I collected was my Napoleonic Brits, which I sent to Ceylon for painting.  When I clean my storage room, and moved my painting area to my part time man cave, I had tons of unpainted men and vehicles.  While I love the Great War stuff, I have a full French and American army in boxes and blisters.  I have 5 each of Plastic Soldier Company and Battlefront Panthers which I won at tournaments still clinging to their sprues.  I just lost the desire to paint.  The other is cost, since starting a new army can cost anywhere from $250-$500.  While I am not cheap, I just wondered if starting a new game after I made a huge investment in Malifaux was worthwhile.  This changed when I realized I had some credit coming from my Great War work with Battlefront, and July being my birthday. I decided to treat myself to a few boxes of Team Yankee.

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Firestorm Bastogne – A WWPD Online Flames of War Campaign

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Starting this month, WWPD will run a “Firestorm Bastogne” Campaign as a global Flames of War campaign. This campaign will run for about six weeks and will give players a chance to fight out the engagements that revolved around the encirclement of Bastogne from 16 to 21 December, 1944. If you are not familiar with Firestorm campaigns, no problem! Basically the campaign map and movement of units on that map will be used to generate battles that players, from around the world, can fight out and report their results from to determine the campaign flow and eventual winning side.

2nd Panzer moves in on CCR/9th Armored Division at Longvilly

A battle at Longvilly plays out on the table top

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Iron Maiden the Last Wave and a Freebie!

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In this article – the last of three that are focused on the new releases coming out for Iron Maiden – we have a bit of surprise for you.  The folks at Battlefront are releasing a new mini version of the Team Yankee rules in the new Charlie’s Chieftain boxset deal.   The mini rules are 90 pages and cover everything except the data on the forces of the game.  I like this move since you will get the info on the forces either from the books or the cards when you buy the models.   I am guessing here, but Battlefront sent me a picture of the sticker that announces that a particular box has the mini rules, so maybe we will see the mini book in other releases and maybe re-releases of the three previous box sets.  I have some snaps of the new mini rules at the end of this article.

I also said in my second article of this series that I will provide you pictures of the sprues for some of the plastic models.  I finally got my hands on the Scorpion/Scimitar and Spartan/Striker. It looks like unless you find a smart way to make it work with magic or magnets, you will not be able to do swap outs between the two different versions for either model.  Maybe the gun on Scorpion/Scimitar can be magnetized, however the Spartan/Striker looks like it will take more creativity since the rear of the model is so different.  I will be doing the unboxing articles in the future and I will see what can be done to give you some flexibility.



On to the new stuff.   This article will detail the resin and metal releases that are coming out with Iron Maiden. Much like the metal and resin of Leopard, we are looking at infantry and support vehicles.

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Battle Report – 65 Point Game of TANKS by Gale Force Nine

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I finally got in a game of TANKS, which I wrote an unboxing article about earlier. I would like to start by thanking Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for providing me with the Terrain and Gaming Space for this article. The Tanks within are …

The Sassanids are Coming!

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For what might well be the first time in almost a decade I’ve just ordered myself a whole “new” 15mm Ancients army – Sassanid Persian – for ADLG.To be honest I thought for a short while about just getting some Levy Spearmen, as I have plenty of “Arab” …

Iron Maiden, Release Preview Two

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Last week we gave you a look at the Chieftain, Lynx and the Charlie’s Chieftain army deal, This week, we will look at the plastic models that will come out in the second batch of releases. We have some vehicles that you will just love and use quite a bit since they will carry around your infantry, shoot missiles at planes and tanks, or scout. So far, I have been very impressed with the quality of the plastic models for Team Yankee, especially the Leopard IIs and the Marders from the Leopard release. I have a feeling I will have a stack of these boxes on my painting table since each box set can be built into two different types of types. We are lucky that the British used some of the same chassis and hulls on different vehicles or we would be looking at a ton of different box sets coming out. Since I have yet to see the sprues for these models, I do not know if you can do some magnet magic and swap out the tops of the vehicles as you can do with the BMP box set. Once I get those pictures, I promise to tell you if that is possible. No matter what, the models look great and they look relatively easy to paint which is nice.

The first box set is the Spartan or Striker troop.  The Spartan makes an appearance in the Mechanized Company armed with the Milan missile, or they can bought from Divisional support where they cover your forces as mobile Blowpipe teams.  The Spartan is in your Recce Company, you have a slick version which acts as your command vehicle or can carry around some infantry.
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Peiper Down: The New SS lists in the Ardennes Offensive

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By Mitch Reed

One of the first articles I wrote for this blog was a piece in my “Lists We Play” series where I talked about some of my favorite Waffen-SS lists.  One of the lists I did mention in that piece was KG Peiper from Battlefront’s Devil’s Charge book, which at the time was relatively new.  The new Ardennes Offensive (AO) book augments the Waffen-SS force that took part in the offensive by adding two new lists which I will detail in this article.

Much like my last article on the Waffen-SS I want to reiterate my distaste of the actual SS, however their inclusion in the game does cause us to remember their history and helps us ensure that we never see another organization like that again.

KG Hansen
In my overview article on AO, the I said that KG Hansen is like KG Peiper without the tanks – however there may be more to this list than what I assumed at first glance.  The biggest reason why players would shy away from a list like this is because it is rated a Fearless/Trained instead of Fearless/Veteran like most other Waffen-SS units.  However, being that these guys are trained means that you are paying less for then as you would vets and in a true Bulge themed tournament, where they use the snow and fog rules these guys may not get shot up so much. 

One thing I didn’t like about this list was the lack of types of tanks you can pick, however I forgot how great the Panzer IV/70 (V) is.  They have a front armor of 9, and a gun which has an AT of 14, which at 390 points for a platoon of three is not too bad. They do have some downsides: they move slow, have glass sides (side armor 3) and are overloaded.  However placing these in ambush would be deadly to any American tank the Battle of the Bulge book.
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On the Painting Table

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My gaming activities are stalling at the moment due to unforseen real life mishaps. Painting has also been halted, but I’m pretty confident I’ll wield a brush again soon. At the moment, there is quite an eclectic mix of stuff on the painting table: On the first rack, the two figures on the rightmost side … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Team Yankee: Comparing the Main Battle Tanks

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So who is number one?  A question that should be familiar to us here in the United States with college football season about to kick off. The answer to that question usually is “Depends on who you ask”.  However the question we are asking is not about football, but out of the 4 main battle tanks (MBTs) in Team Yankee which one is the best? Oddly the answer to this question is also “depends on who you ask” and since we do not have a playoff system like college football (which is flawed) I will try to tackle that question here. I wanted to find out a few things about the game, first of all is it well balanced and does it hold up to history.  I also want to see if some of the thoughts I had about the different forces in the game were true. I also looked at the match ups based on Red vs. Blue fights in order to look at the historical accuracy of the game.

With the upcoming release of Iron Maiden, we now have 4 MBTs that form the core units of the 4 nations represented in the game.  Each MBT has different abilities and attributes, however how do these effect gameplay?  I plan to analyze and compare these MBTs and try to see if we can determine which one is the best.  I will limit the discussion to only gameplay and not how these tanks performed in the real world.

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Preview: Iron Maiden, Charlie’s Chieftains Army Deal

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We all love new toys to play with, and with the upcoming release of Iron Maiden the folks from Battlefront have some great stuff heading out way.  In the first of three preview articles, I am going to talk about the Iron Maiden army deal called “Charlie’s Chieftains”, the British paint set, and the Lynx.  I am excited to share this stuff with you because it seems much like the previous releases for Team Yankee, the British models look excellent.

The Chief
The centerpiece of Iron Maiden is the Chieftain tank which bring me back a bit.  When I was younger, a company called Corgi came out with a series of excellent die-cast metal tanks that could shoot little red projectiles from its main gun.  One of the tanks in the collection I really loved was the Chieftain, and in fact it is the only one of the collection I still do not own.  Despite is plan color, I just had to love the look of this tank.

Well now with the release of Iron Maiden, I can re-live those days with a plastic version, that also has an AT rating of 22. Looking at the single Chieftain sprue, you can see that two turret tops are included – one for the normal version of the tank and another for its “Stillbrew” armor.

The British used this modification to increase the protection of the tank over the years to meet with the latest threats it would face on the battlefield.  In the game, for 1 point each you can upgrade your 17 FA Chieftain with Stillbrew armor and increase your FA rating to 18.  This does come with a down side because the “Cross” rating goes from 2+ to 3+ because the tank is so much heavier.
What I wish I would have seen on the sprue is an extra turret bottom so we can swap out between regular and Stillbrew versions.  I will have to wait for the unboxing to see if something can be done with magnets to remedy this.

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Team Yankee – Iron Maiden Unit Cards Reveiwed

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Iron Maiden, due to be released in October, brings to life the British forces in World War III for Team Yankee.  Who else better to review and spoil the new British forces other than we Colonials over here at WWPD?  This article will focus on the units available and will show you all of the new force structures and units available to the British.  The excitement around this release is well justified.

The British feature air mobile options along with the Chieftain Main Battle Tank, which I might add are only six points each. They may lack the ROF 2 of the West Germans and Americans, but can quickly make this up in numbers coupled with great support options and more Milan missile teams than you can shake a stick at.

Mitch has already given us a quick preview, so now we will give you all the new units you can expect in Iron Maiden.

The basic British force structure.  There is a plethora of Recce options to choose from here and you can accommodate quite a large force of lighter troops to compliment the Chieftains.  As with Leopard, we see a tremendous amount of support units to accompany your force.

 You get the option of having either 2 (for 5 points) or 4 (for 10 points) Harriers.  Cluster bombs for the win.  This will definitely make me want to purchase this air option.
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Team Yankee – How I painted my Leopard 2s

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Well team we have all had time to digest the great new range of West German kit coming out from Battlefront Miniatures and I have been seeing some amazing painting efforts in the community. I finished painting up my Leopard 2’s recently and thought tha…

Rescuing the King of Piedmont.

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Our last Friday night game was set during the Italian wars of Independence. The King of Piedmont had been wounded in an earlier battle and was resting up in a small town when the Austrian army came calling.Fortunately for the King, the French Imperial …

Team Yankee Contest: Eat at Wolfgang’s Truck

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You have to love the ability to get an instant collector’s item for free and that is what WWPD and Battlefront plan to do over the next few weeks.  To go along with their release of Iron Maiden, the folks at Battlefront are making a limited edition of the Wolfgang and his Bratty Wagon objective, which they are not planning on selling to the public.  Here at WWPD, we have 20 of these one of a kind models and plan to give them out to our readers.

Who was Wolfgang?  He seems to have been a legend to the BAOR (British Army of the Rhine) troops when they were in the field.  During an exercise, no matter where a unit was, or how well hidden, Wolfgang would find them in his wagon, providing Bratwurst to the troops who had to otherwise eat field rations. I did some research on this guy and many wondered if he really worked for the Warsaw Pact’s 3rd Shock Army since he knew exactly where each unit was at any given time. The troops felt he was the best recce unit in the BAOR since he also knew the location of a units OPFOR during a field exercise. Sadly Wolfgang passed away sometime in 2015, however he lives on in resin and can be available to make an appearance on your gaming table.

Where is that bloody truck!  I’ am hungry!

Each week WWPD will host the “Show Us Your Tanks” contest in which we pick 4 lucky winners who post pictures of their Team Yankee or Flames of War tanks.  Winners will be selected based on appearance, cool tips and tricks, and setting a (tank selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower is something I would pick as a winner).

One of the few known Pictures of Wolfgang and his Bratty Truck
To enter, upload a picture to the Why We Fight Facebook page here
Or post it on Twitter using the hashtag #WinWolfiesTruck (don’t forget to message me @MitchWWPD)

The most “likes” or “retweets” would put you ahead of the pack!

You can always back up your post by submitting a link to it here [email protected]
Starting on 9 September, we will look over all the submissions  and select 4 winners.  You only have to enter once since we will look at all entries, however you can always add new pics at any time. We will post the winners on the “Why We Fight” Facebook page and I will send out a Tweet as well. Selections will be made on 9, 16, 23, 30 September and 7 October.

The models will be shipped to you once they are made and we would love to see how you painted them and made them look great.

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @MitchWWPD

Union Songs of the Civil War

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Music played an important role during the American Civil War. On the battlefield, musical signals controlled the movements and actions of large groups of men. Sometimes, marching bands played during battle to enhance morale. On the march, men sung to keep there spirits high. Songs could also serve as means of communication and propaganda. Probably … Continue reading Union Songs of the Civil War

ADLG Army Lists from The Worlds 2016

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After The Worlds this weekend, a number of the players have been kindly sending me their army lists for inclusion on the ADLG Wiki. Some who are even kinder have registered and added their list to the wiki themselves (!!) but even so, I now have a number of lists from the event available to see.

The lists I have so far are on the relevant wiki pages and are linked from these final standings for the ADLG event – hopefully its right, as I’ve had to guess some of the names from email addresses.

I’ll update this post if / when I get more.

1 Tortosa Rafa Spain 503
2 Duthil Philippe France 456
3 Tahon Patrick France 442
4 Lopez Julian Spain 424
5 Crotteau Marc USA 419
6 Diaz Javier Spain 401
7 Teulié Brice France 401
8 Tate Hugo Belgium 393
9 Lefevre Eudes France 391
10 Roudil Cédric France 379
11 Gilles Jean-François France 366
12 Bricault Mickael France 364
13 Sciangula Christophe France 362
14 Martellacci Massimiliano Italy 349
15 Maistriaux Thomas Belgium 348
16 Hazelwood Dan USA 348
17 Lefebvre Patrick France 344
18 Matagne Jean Belgium 344
19 Maistriaux Jean-Louis Belgium 342
20 Docremont Philippe France 341
21 Salvaderi Stefano Italy 337
22 Piegle Olivier France 337
23 Martinez Lionel France 337
24 Berucci Francesco Italy 329
25 Plouchart Stéphane France 328
26 Allen David Uk 327
27 Abric Matthieu France 327
28 Webb Peter UK 301
29 Villaescusa Frédéric France 290
30 Gouret Corentin France 278
31 Lo Moro Carmelo Andrea Italy 278
32 Misson Etienne Belgium 275
33 Van Lersberghe RenaudBelgium 272
34 Sanders Dave UK 268
35 Porter Tim UK 267
36 Jamieson Gordon UK 263
37 Dejoux Bruno France 262
38 Marlia Guglielmo Italy 260
39 Zito Claudio Italy 250
40 D’addino Stefano Italy 240
41 Gomez Mattia Italy 238
42 Defour Florent France 232
43 Suárez Pablo Italy 205
44 Impair Joueur Terre 188
45 Morvan Lionel France 173
46 Germain Yvan France 108

The registration code for the Wiki is “Alexander” if you want to add comments, or add an army list yourself. 
Here also are some pictures of the armies in action… 

The British are Coming (For Team Yankee): Iron Maiden, a Quick Spoiler

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Holy Smoke, we got to preview the upcoming expansion for Team Yankee that features the British contingent that were a part of the NATO forces in West Germany.  In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the new book and in the next few weeks it will be my Burning Ambition to give you a detailed look at the lists and weapons in Iron Maiden.  When I first looked over the book, I got the same kind of excitement that I had when I first saw Leopard.  I think many folks will really like this book because it is a bit different than the other three nationalities in the game. If you like a very diverse force and good infantry, this book may see your Wildest Dreams come true.

The book is based around the British 3rd Armoured Division – also known as the “Iron Division” – who were also featured in Flames of War when they were an Infantry Division who hit the beaches of Normandy.  The Troopers in this unit have a long history. Iron Maiden features 4 different formations from the 3rd, an Armoured Squadron, Mechanized Company, an Airmobile Company, and a Recce Company with fast moving vehicles who can Run to the Hills on your opponent’s side of the table. I really love the fact that the guys from Battlefront are putting out more diverse formations with each new release. 

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Going Deep; Building a Commonwealth Lists from the Bulge

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By Mitch Reed

With the addition of the Commonwealth in Battlefront’s upcoming Battle of the Bulge  I wanted to take a deeper look at the lists provided in the book and select two that I may play in a Bulge themed tournament.  My first army in Flames of War was the Canadians, I even painted them with the “greener” battledress and when I expanded my collection to play other commonwealth lists I made the choice to but new figures and paint their battledress brown, so I guess you can say I am dedicated.  This expanded even further when I collected an entire airborne army, and even more when built and painted an entire force just for the Mediterranean in Mid-War.  I must have about 15 Churchill tanks, and even more Cromwell’s and I always look for great lists in which to get these forces on the table.
For this article I plan to use a 1500 point total, and only select forces in which I have models.  I will try to pick a list that is both fun to play and somewhat competitive.  I know a lot of folks feel there is a “science” into picking a list, perhaps there is, however I am going to pick something I would bring to the table, not necessarily for a tournament.

7th Armoured Division: The Desert Rats

I have played the Desert Rats in the past; I liked the Reluctant/Veteran list from the Overlord book.  In this list you can put a ton of Cromwell’s on the table and with the “Cautions not Stupid” rule I was able to overcome the low motivation rating at certain times.
This is a pricey list, especially with what I plan to take.
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FOW: After Open Fire – Part 1

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If you’ve recently purchased an Open Fire starter box for Flames of War (FOW), and are trying to figure out your next steps, you might be a bit overwhelmed by now. What to purchase next? Which army should I collect first? How do I paint all of this?
Don’t panic!
Just like the cover of the infamous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, these words are there to comfort you. If you’re reading this article, you’ve taken a good first step in your quest to become a table-top general to rival Rommel, Patton, or Monty. You’ve found Best yet, no towel required for this game (unless you’re hanging out with a guy named Zaphod Beeblebrox). 
First, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. There are two basic types of Open Fire purchasers: The Newbie to Wargaming, and the experienced wargame player.  This piece will be geared toward the new wargamer, although some of the links I provide here may be new to even experienced players who haven’t yet learned to play FOW. But, where to start?
Where to begin? If you’ve played a demo event, like this one – where Able Kompanie members (in khaki shirts) “Bofors” Dave Cuthbert (left) and “FlammPanzer” Ron Hanson (center) help players learn the basic rules in their club’s Stalingrad introductory game at GenCon – this article can give some guidance on your next steps to get into the Flames of War hobby.

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Late War German Grenadiers FOW

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Now then,I thought Id post an update on the FOW madness that seems to have gripped me. I have sorted out the start of a Late war Grenadier list, there is obviously some way to go with this little project and it will no doubt be delayed because of the S…

Another Diversion: DBA

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I’ve been patiently churning out ACW figures for some time now and while I will continue with them, I feel like painting something different for a change. I do own more than blue and grey paints, you know! I’ve been pondering an ancients project for a long time. The Punic Wars have caught my fascination … Continue reading Another Diversion: DBA