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15mm WW2 French Infantry

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This afternoon I finished 110 15mm WW2 French infantry. This represents the bulk of a commission I took on–there are just a few pieces left to base.I’m pretty happy with the CnC base. As I mentioned in a previous post, late-war French kit looks like a…

15mm WWII Tank Battle: Hunting T-34s

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Sylvain here, reporting from my basement. I hosted a game set on the Eastern Front and the players were provided with the following intelligence:German Objective: May 1942. The rasputitsa is almost over. In one month, the Heer will launch Fall Blau. Hi…

15mm MT55 Bridgelayer

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Been busy this afternoon with a bit of a side project! I’m currently building up forces for the Yom Kippur war and needed a few MT55 for the Valley of Tears scenario.. Anyway not being one available in 15mm I had a chat with Shaun at S&S models to …

15mm late WW2 French Artillery

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I’m diligently plugging away at a painting commission that news to on the table at the beginning of November. These are some late WW2 French in 15mm for Flames of War.Today I finished the artillery. A few spotters and command figures are with the infan…

More Persian Cavalry

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Persian CavalryPersian Light HorseThese are the last two complete mounted untis of my Persian army.  There are only a couple of stands to do and this project will be finished.I have already started to add more figures to their opponents the Greeks…

Persian Cavalry

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Persian Guard LancersOk I am back at work and the painting train has started again…..Here are the final few unit of my Persian army, only some odds and sods and command to go…

SELWG 2014 – Photos

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On Sunday I joined four other members of Posties Rejects for the SELWG show at Crystal Palace. This is probably my favourite show of the year and has a special place in my heart because it was at SELWG in 2010 that I met up with Ray, Fran and Postie fo…

Friday Night Fighting

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Met up with a couple of the lads for a wee WW2 bash.Early war Germans attacking the French.The rules were slightly modified Rapid Fire.German aircraft surveying the advancing French.The French quickly advanced to take up positions in the towns with the…

15mm late war French armour

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A commission came in on Thursday–three WW2 armies in 15mm. I started on the late-war French at the owner’s request. There is a mix of tanks and infantry and guns. Since the tanks arrived built–I painted them immediately.There were three Shermans with…

Odd Little Things

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I used to go to a lot of wargame shows. These days, not so much. Most of the time you see just exactly what you would expect. Every now and again you see something that makes you think you’ve picked the wrong scale. Well maybe for a minute. Angel Barra…

The New Activation Cards

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Here I am introducing how the new activation cards for Gruntz work. They are available on the Wargames Vault as a print on demand product. They print and ship the cards once ordered. They are in the mini-board game format which makes them handy for the…

Avatar Dropship

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A quick video overview of a Deep Space Shuttlecraft from Fantastic Plastic (from the Avatar Movie).  Details on the youtube video.  It is 1/300 scale (Epic / Battletech), however I think it would work fine for 15mm as a drop ship because it i…

Zuzzy Layout

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Harold from Clear Horizon has painted up a Zuzzy mat for Gruntz and I think it looks excellent. Very handy to be able to deploy a quick layout and drop on terrain with a good looking base mat. A quick photo of the layout here showing some drop on …

Bob’s Iguana Bits

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I was looking up stuff to do for Fallout. Images of the web are a great source of ideas. In the original Fallout game there was a stall called Bob’s Iguana Bits, the brain child of Iguana Bob Frazer. Bob was actually selling chunks of human, not exactl…

It’s Been a while !!!

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Well I do hope you are all well and ready for a proper post from me after the last few weeks of nothingness.I am recovering but not as fast as I hoped but I have been tinkering in the background working on several projects. Today I have completed worki…

Actually Done Some Painting…

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…but not quite what I was expecting to paint. Although I now have a workbench to paint on, I am still scratching around for things that I can do. My eyesight is not brilliant so I depend on a magnifying lamp. I can find the lamp but I can’t find the …

Fast Tankovy finished for Flames of War

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With my last edition of 8 KhT-130 is my fast Tankovy battalion finally finished from Rising sun. I have painted 38 tanks and 6 trucked gun teams and one air plane over a period of 7 months. I am very pleased with the result the force is coherent and ta…

Legio Crusius (Warmongers)

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Now then,I have been busy painting up Muslim Cavalry for my Ayyubid army to take on the crusaders, but needed a break so painted up a warhound Titan, to support my epic scale marines.The colour scheme chosen is that of the Legio Crusius, or more common…

Digital Rule Project: Limeys and Slimeys EPUB

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Limeys and Slimeys is a rule set for miniature warfare set in the Age of Sail (Napoleonic/Revolutionary War) period. I don’t think anyone who has played a game of Limeys and Slimeys will complain about horrifically complex the rules are– … Continue reading

Gruntz Batrep – Rear guard action

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This report is from a game Nick and I played a week ago.  Both of us were a little rusty, but the rules came back pretty quickly.

The Lt didn’t like how this briefing was going.  By the look on his face, neither did Capt Al Tharki.  Things had been…

15mm Mars Rebellion Update

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Alright, it’s been about six months since I posted anything 15mm related so let’s check in with the my Mars Rebellion setting to see what’s going on.

I’m having a bit of a revival thanks to two things. First is the excellent new NSL power armour troopers from GZG. While I like the design NAC power armour that came out last year, they are a bit too slim for my taste and when I saw the new

German Comms teams

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Now then,Last week while waiting for my order from Legio Heroica (Crusades stuff) to turn up, I thought id paint up some of the Command decision 15mm stuff I bought a few weeks ago.Comms relay team -1The commander looks like hes giving a nazi salute……

"Super" Pershing & Painters Block!

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No mojo for painting this weekend, which is very frustrating as I have several commissions just shy of going out.In an effort to be productive I decided to up detail some Battlefront Pershings. There are three to a boxed set so I decided to updetail tw…

More 15mm Clone Wars

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Doctor Merkury

Just a couple more pictures of some of my 15mm Clone Wars stuff.More to come,Doc

Are we having fun yet?

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For the past few weeks, Monday night has been Deadzone night as Kev and I have been getting to grips with Mantic’s game and it’s various strike missions. This week however we tried something new; Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing and instantly…