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By Fire and Sword back to SESWC. Ogniem i Mieczem wraca do SESWC.

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Yesterday I have brought back the By Fire and Sword rules back to our club. Our new club member Petr (he is from Russia) bought on last Claymore the rulebook and two weeks ago he asked me to show him a game. To this game joined Jack with his Cossacks a…

All Quiet on the Martian Front…but not for long!

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I have finished painting all the minis in the AQotMF starter set! Yay! The Tripods came out pretty nice. I just need to hit them with the semi-gloss. As you can see , the Tripods can switch weapons, so I can equip the Black Dust launcher and the Green Gas grenades to flush the pesky […]

Gangsters at the Club

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We had more than a dozen guys out at the club on Tuesday night. There was a game of Bolt Action (no pics!) and a game of DBA going on.I played in Bruce’s gangster’s game with Terry, Steve and Larry. I was the coppers and was pretty careful about my vic…

Dwie chorągwie pancernych. Two Pancerni Banners.

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Dawno na moim blogu nie było niczego związanego z Ogniem i Mieczem. Teraz powinno być trochę o tym więcej, ponieważ postanowiłem rozruszać trochę system w moim klubie. Na początek pomalowałem dwie chorągwie pancernych. Produkt to oczywiści…

Art de la guerre in Montivilliers part 4

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Hello everyone.I’m finally back to blogging after my holidays. Well, I’m back since the 9th of August, but I took some time to read, work and paint a bit. I started a lot of stuff, not really finished anything, you’ll see.Meanwhile, I’ve just finished …

Hot Off The Painting Table

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You guest it more 10mm League of Augsburg and 15mm Ancient Persian!!!First up French cavalry Regiment Prince Camille, I chose these as they are quite colourful with the pink trim, pink musician and red standard bearers! Again 10mm Pendraken figure…


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Ok the latest off the painting table…..First up the newest League of Augsburg regiment, a Dutch cavalry unit called Von Tengnal.  I get my inspiration from two blogs, The League of Augsburg and Don’t Throw 1s, thanks guysNext up are more units t…

New Plans

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Now then,Its been a while since I updated the old blog, so I thought I would update it with what ive been up to recently. Well, first of all, alot of painting. Namely 6mm sci/fi stuff, Space marines and Tau shenanigans mostly. I have a few to finish of…

Gruntz Batrep – Patrol action on Malvee

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Rhys played his first game of Gruntz the other day.  He has been collecting his army slowly over the last couple of months and I’ve been painting them for him.  He gets units or vehicles as rewards for being good at school.  As I’ve mentioned before…

15mm Ancient Persian

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I have an existing project of a Late Achamenid Persian army for FOG A.  Most of it has been done but I still have a plastic tub full of untouched lead… I have sorted out the pile into battle-groups and have begun the reinforcement process.Fi…

Gaming night: FoW and Deadzone

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Other than  priming a platoon of Stug G assault guns, there has been very little in the way of painting activity over the weekend. Making up for it however was a decent sized game of Flames at a friends house which pitched a meaty 2500 points of my Fa…

All Quiet on the Martian Front – U.S. Army

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Once I got going on the U.S. Army units in the AQoMF starter box, I knew they wouldn’t take too long. Minis at this scale (18mm) go much faster than 28s. Also, I had promised myself that when I finished them, I would paint the Martian Tripods. I’ve painted I don’t know how many G.I.s […]

Cigar Box Battle Mats combine to make Massive gaming area

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While looking at the Cigar Box Battle Mat designs, I hope you’ve noticed that the mats combine to make MASSIVE gaming areas. We recently posted on Facebook the image below of our 60″x80″ European Mat combined with a second European Ma…

Feeling Productive

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Somehow, I have three projects going on at the moment – All Quiet on the Martian Front, some 40K and something for Chain of Command. Working on multiple projects at the same time is not too unusual for me, though I had sort of thought when I finished my Daemons I’d throttle back some. Obviously […]

ACW Batrep – The Battle of Old Man’s Cabin

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Some of the Rejects got together for a game last Sunday, Postie put on a 6 man ACW game, one of the 6 was fellow Blogger Loki from Loki’s Great Hall. We’ve been trying to arrange a game for Loki for nearly a year now, but what with my and Fran’s shift …

Infantry, forward!

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Finished my basic infantry for All Quiet on the Martian Front. I like the way these guys came out, and I like that for the most part, they are charging forward (probably to certain death) to fight the Martian invaders! Decent sculpts overall for this scale. The rifles are a bit blocky but at tabletop […]

Some more 15mm Scifi

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Doctor Merkury

I got a few more 15mm pieces painted, along with a Titanium series ISP swamp speeder, thought I would share:The Forces of kind of GoodVersus the Forces of Kind of BadWith some Freelancers mixed in, these from KhurasanMIX IT UP!!More to come,Doc

StuG Batterie for Flames of War

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Here is my StuG Batterie for Flames of War.  I have always loved the StugIIIG and ever since I started FoW I have dreamed of building this army.  But my cheapness kept me from making any real progress.  The first tanks in the collection …

15mm WWII: British Paratroopers and Artillery

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Title says it all really. Just more 15mm British for WWII based up for Flames of War:

On a Pale Horse… 15mm Gamma World

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Doctor Merkury

I got to get through a few more of the Khurasan and Ground Zero Games 15mm miniatures for our local Gamma World games.

Battle of Bayreuth 1809

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A couple of weeks ago I joined some of the Rejects in Posties Shed-o-War for a Napoleonic game. It was good game (even though my side lost badly) and as usual I shot loads of photos. Since then I haven’t had time to sort through the pictures and write …

Captain Raouf Al-Tharki – 47th Infiltration Company

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Captain Raouf Al-Tharki, recently promoted from command of the 47th Infiltration Company’s infantry platoon, now commands the 47th Company, 12th Al-Thani Infiltration Battalion.

Rebel Minis Sahadeen officer.

Born the third son of a merchant’s fami…

Earth Force APCs from Rebel Minis.

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Just finished a couple of APCs from Rebel Minis that are truly loaded for bear with four missiles and a large caliber main gun. What better way to deliver troops safely than to annihilate the opposition?Assembly on these is a breeze, just two trac…

The American Continental force is growing

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I have completed another 4 units for the Continental Army. There are a couple of units that having painted them in 28mm I just had to repeat at 15mm for my own force.So first up is the 15mm version of Sherburne’s Additional Continentals.Then it was the…

NEW ADF Reference Charts

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Hey Gamers!   Now that Historicon is over, we’ve just been given the honor of being the first source for some very good additions to the ADF resource library. We have NEW ADF Reference Charts free for you to download! Thanks to John Hill and…