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Commision Work, FOW Soviet

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The next lot out of the commissions box, a battery of Soviet 75mm Anti Tank Guns.  These models come with ‘scenic’ bases which are nice and a pain at the same time.

15mm Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Raiders and Targets of Opportunity

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Here is a LRDG raiding patrol along with some Stukas, supply dumps and fuel depots to serve as appropriate targets.

When I first saw these 15mm models released from Battlefront a few years ago I knew I wanted some to do up some sort of airfield raid scenario. 
I don’t know about you but as soon as I look at a Chevy 30 cwt, festooned with all its gear, automatic weapons pointing everywhere, and packed with bearded maniacs it just screams for sh*t to blow up. 
‘Yoo Halloo! Lock and load the Twin-Ks lads, we’re going to partaaay!’
So, with that in mind I’ve been picking up assorted ammo dumps fuel depots, etc from Battlefront and Baueda for the raiders to mess with.  (Thanks to Nick for the tips on crate/drum colours.) I hope to make up around a dozen of these as targets as targets for the LRDG raiders.
The fabulous desert mat is from Alf over at Barrage Miniatures. It’s roughly 8×5 feet and will serve admirably for our future North Africa raiding game (and I imagine for any post apoc games). 
Alf’s (from Barrage Miniatures) desert mat
…sorry for the glare on this image…
The Stukas are 1:100 scale diecast models I picked up cheap-as-couscous on eBay. I’ve dorked around a bit to dirty them up with some sand erosion and exhaust staining but otherwise they are pretty much stock. Again, they exist purely to sit on the airfield and get blown to smithereens. (I’m on the search for a 1:100 scale Ju-52 to serve as another juicy target…)
I’m thinking of either modifying ‘Formula De’ or ‘Chain of Command’ for the core rules (who knows, maybe I’ll mash them together). It will be a quasi-cooperative game where each player will command a single vehicle along with 2-3 LRDG raiders – the ‘winner’ being the team who amasses the most damage points, while still managing to stay alive and escape.
I need to find some sort of tents or Quonset huts for the aircrews and airfield staff. If anyone has ideas I’m all ears. I’m also working on some Afrika Korps personnel and assorted vehicles and equipment but that will be covered in a later submission.
Next up will probably be some more Russian Civil War stuff.

The Danes at Warfare 2014 – top table action!

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The last event of 2014, and the Early Danes get yet another outing at FoGR down by the banks of the Thames in sunny (cold and dark) Reading.In four thrilling match reports they take on everyone in the world, from the Indians to the English, all whilst …

New ACPGames Drop Ship

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I received a fantastic package from ACPGames this last week. They have an interesting new Dropship for 15mm which has very nice styling and a large cargo / troop / vehicle hold underneath.The ship is going to be part of a Kickstarter they are launching…

Commissin Work, FOW Soviets

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I have added some more to Al’s vast WW2 Soviet horde, he is an avid gamer and treasurer of my local club PAW.He has given me another box of the Reds to do for him.First up KatushasI couldn’t resist painting the central wheel nuts of the front wheels re…

Punic Wars, the Roman Republic Army Velites

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So the painting has begun and I start with the Roman light foot, Velites.My Roman forces will consist of 4 legions, 2 Roman and 2 allied.  Each legion will consist of 2 small units of Triarii (FOG 2 bases each), 3 units of Hastati (FOG 4 bases eac…

Sword and Spear Debute (Yes I do game, sometimes!)

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My club, Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) have started playing the ancient rules, Sword and Spear and I must say I bough and read these and really like the look and concept of the game. My first outing was just before Christmas and I used my Ale…

A Few Acres of Snow

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I dropped by Bruce’s place last night for some gaming. He was still sorting the solo mechanics of Fire on the Lake so set out A Few Acres of Snow. We played three times, with the British winning each time. I really like the game (deck building plus map…

7 Weeks war in 15mm

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Last weeks game with the lads was taken from the “7 Weeks war” or the “Austro-Prussian war of 1866″.This battle was between Bavaria (allied with Austria and numerous other German states) and Prussia. The Prussian army was on the march. For the Bav…

RP No 163 NYW French La Marche Infantry regt

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My last unit painted in 2014 and my 1st entry into this years Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. In fact its the first unit I’ve painted for myself in a couple of months!! These fine looking fellows are the regt La Marche and they earned me 42 points…

Painting Challenge Update

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I must apologise as I’ve been a little remiss with my postings of late. I’m spending a fair chunk of time with a brush in my had for the Challenge but then not bothering to post any of my work here after it appears on the Challenge blog. All that aside…

January 6 EWG Club Night

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We had 14 guys and six games running last night at the club, which was an awesome turn out given the cold and it being the first week back after the holidays. There were three games of Warmachine underway, which was nice to see. Scott and I manage…

The 2nd Battle of Leignitz – A SYW bat rep

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Back in December you may remember we put on a game for Fran, his final game before the git moves back to Ireland. Fran had the choice of game and chose a Seven Years War game using Age of Reason rules. You can see the batrep here.Well, it seems we were…

Battle of Leignitz Re-fight

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On Saturday the Rejects gathered in Posties Shed-o-War to replay the Battle of Leignitz game we fought before Christmas. The first game saw us using the Age of Reason rules, which we pretty much universally decided we didn’t like. The game was hard wor…

Imperial Assault Group – Laserburn / Imperial Commander

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Back in the mists of time somewhere around the mid-eighties I bought the figures for an Imperial Assault Group as outlined in the Laserburn supplement Forces of the Imperium. I also bought an Imperial Black Guard platoon. The Black Guard got painted, n…

15mm Sci/Fi drop ship

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One of my Christmas presents was a dropship for use with 15mm.  This is more of a terrain piece than it is a playing piece.

The drop ship with the fuel/water/liquid storage tanks visible.

This model is supposed to ferry Mecha into orbit to fight …

2015 First dice rolling of the year!

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I had a fun game this Saturday with Jonathan Rogers and Simon Moules.  Had to get the gas heater on in the garage because of the cold but we managed to stay warm enough to roll dice and push models around. The Pizza break also helped with the cold…

2014 – My Wargaming Year

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Every year I (like so many other wargaming Bloggers) write a review of my year and make a load of unlikely predictions for the coming twelve months. Some of my resolutions are either deliberately easy or at the very least hard to define so that by the …

Entry 8 – Vth Analogue Painting Challenge – 1 15mm Sci/Fi Vehicle

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This next entry is for my son Rhys.  He’s been getting 15mm Sci/Fi models as rewards for doing well at school.  He and I play Gruntz together.  Part of the deal is that I’ll paint them for him, though he likes painting his models as well.

Light t…

Meeples and Miniatures Gruntz Podcast.

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You can listen to me waffle on about Gruntz with Mike and Neil on the Meeples and Miniatures Podcast.  Click the link to subscribe or download the episode where I talk about the rules and answer questions.…

Last of the 15mm WW2

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As 2014 draws to a close, so too does a large 15mm WW2 commission! It has been an interesting bit of painting but I also look forward to some more time to paint my own pile of lead down some.The last of the commission includes a Flames of War hero (Cre…

15mm Half-track riders

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Today I finished off a bunch of 15mm riders for the half-tracks I painted before Xmas. These are Scotia miniatures riding in Plastic Soldier half-tracks.There were a nice pix of poses (strips of 2, 3, 4 and 5 guys) including several guys wearing toques…

Painting Challenge Update

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Hi All,My latest entries have been up on the Challenge blog for a while now so I can post them here.I won’t go into great detail on either, rather I’ll direct you to the relevant blog entries.First up is a pile of 15mm sci-fi from a variety of man…

WW2 US Engineering Company

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Over the holiday, I finished off a company of engineers that were a part of this commission i’m working on. These are 15mm Battlefront models.In addition to 11 bases of infantry (in a variety of uniforms), some armed with engineering equipment, there w…

15mm HMG platoon

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Despite skiing and other holiday-related pursuits (napping, drinking coffee, reading a book), I pushed out a platoon of 15mm Battlefront machine guns. These are US troops that are part of this large commission I’ve been whittling down.There are four ba…