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15mm HMG platoon

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Despite skiing and other holiday-related pursuits (napping, drinking coffee, reading a book), I pushed out a platoon of 15mm Battlefront machine guns. These are US troops that are part of this large commission I’ve been whittling down.There are four ba…

15mm WW2 US Company

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I’m slowly making some progress on this large 15mm WW2 US commission that I took on. Today I finished a company of infantry plus support elements.The instructions I had were to give them the camo uniform that some of the 2nd and 30th infantry divisions…

Richard the Lionheart, revisited..

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Now then,I have spent the last few days re-doing King Richards standard. It looked passable before, but you know when you look at something and it bugs you?Heres what it looked like before…. 3 demented monkeys……Anyway, I have re-done it, and im m…

Painting Challenge V Week One

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Well, my first week chained to the challenge painting table is behind me and I’m pleased to report very solid progress indeed. In fact, I’m currently sitting top-o-the-heap with 430 points to my name and well on my way to reaching my 2,000 point target…

15mm WW2 Artillery

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I finished up 10 guns and 63 crew this weekend. All models are 15mm Battlefront US troops.The first batch were four 105mm howitzers. I was asked to mix and match the uniforms some to include some older M1941 jackets, some OD green, herringbone twill fa…

15mm US Kodiak Assault Walker

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At Reveille, the recent Bristol show I spent a little time looking at the models and talking to the guys at Clockwork Goblin Miniatures about their great 15mm (and 28mm) alternative World War Two figures, walkers and tanks, War Without End. In the end …

Some 15mm WW2 tanks

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Over the weekend, I made some progress on a large 15mm US armoured commission I took on. The tanks came assembled and mostly base coated so I decided to finish those first.I ran into a recurring issue with minis that arrive with paint on them: matching…

The Battle of Liegnitz or Fran’s Last Game. A SYW batrep

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The Rejects got together last weekend for a quickly organized game for Fran, He eejit is moving back to Ireland in the New Year, so our games with him will be few and far between.As it was his last game with us Postie suggested that Fran pick the game….

Splintered Light Miniatures Sale

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Hi All,Even with the best intentions i seem to have trouble posting as frequently as I would like.I wanted to draw your attention to a sale going on over at Splintered Light Minatures. In addition to some sale items on the front page you can also enter…

Battle of Leignitz – SYW Batrep

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This Batrep is long overdue, the game having taken place last weekend. My new job is sapping all my energy and by the time I get home at night I’m so tired all I can do is veg in front of the TV and fall asleep! I haven’t picked up a brush in four week…

StuH42 G

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Now then,I have decided to paint up my last Stug as an assault gun to support the Infantry, and help dig the soviets out of their foxholes and bunkers.The StuH 42(From Wikipedia)In 1942, a variant of the StuG III Ausf. F was designed with a 105 mm…

24th Uhlans baptise of fire. Chrzest bojowy 24. Pułku Ułanów.

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Last Thursday we met in our club for Chain of Command game. We had 4 players game plus Derek Hodge umpiring. That was the first opportunity to finally use my collection of 15 mm tanks from 24th Uhlans Regiment.W ostatni czwartek spotkaliśmy się w nas…

Another record-breaking club night

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Despite terrible, terrible traffic woes across the city, we had another record-breaking night with (at one point) 25 guys out to game. Terry hosted Dead of Winter (zombies + traitor = fun) and did a good job of refereeing while learning the game. …

15mm Aliens and Predator

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Something a little different here with 15mm Predator and Aliens. Not the best sculpts but passable.

Pz IVH Platoon, Forged in Battle

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Now then,This week I have finished off the other 3 Panzer IVH for my battlegroup Kursk German forces. I now have a platoon of 3 and 1 extra tank to support them.Panzers advance across Russian farmlandCommand tank.Panzer III’s and IV’sAlso because I lik…

Few items for sale

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I have few items for sale. These include painted 15mm French and Prussian armies for the FPW.I also have a painted 28mm Arthurian warband (plus dragon!) for sale.Up next: I had to ship off some 15mm WW2 without taking photos this week. I’m present…

15mm WWII: Various stuff

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Here’s a variety of smaller bits we’ve done in 15mm WWII:SU-152’s from Quality CastingsPlastic Soldier Company StuGsBattlefront’s 88’s

Pz IVH test paint scheme Forged in Battle

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Now then,I have 4 Pz IVH’s from forged in battle sat on my painting desk. I have done a test paint scheme on 1 of them before i plunge in feet first and do the other 3. As your probably aware the German army had loads of different camouflage schemes th…


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I’ve put up a few pics from the Traveller rpg scenario that master traveller Mark, of the blog daddyslittlemen, ran for a bunch of us at the Army Group York hq.The scenario was the third adventure in the Project Steel scenario book. Had a lot of fun r…

Forged in Battle Pz III’s

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Now then,A quick update…..I spent this afternoon painting up my panzer III’s from forged in battle. Nice models! Although they wont stand up to the T34’s except at close range!So I now have a platoons worth for the battlegroup rules and the Pz IIIN (…

Macdeonians Continue…..

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Some more units for the growing Macedonian army and also some additions that can be used to expand from the Persian Wars to the Successor period. First unit are the Hypaspists, these are based as Medium Foot Offensive Spear, for FOG they are the e…

Horde of hanomags

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A snowy Saturday let me finish up eleven 15mm hanomags. These are a mix of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier kits.Overall, there isn’t much to choose between these kits. The Battlefront kits are slightly more expensive but come with decals, troops and a …

Battlegroup Kursk, support troops

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Now then,A while back I got a load of stuff from Skytrex, support stuff for the German forces on the Eastern front. As I had a week off, I have got round to painting it all now.First up I have painted up the Opel Blitz Radio truck. This took me ages to…

The Empire strikes back? Carthage against Assyrian Empire

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Right.Be prepared for an epic batrep! full of lasers! Phasers! Torpedoes! And… Yes Jean-Luc?I’m taking command of your cavalry. Maybe this time you will be able to achieve something!Ermm Ok. Now, let’s see where our board has decided to send us?…

Some 15mm Arty and ATGs

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I’m keen to move this last commission through the painting process and clear the decks for some holiday painting of my own!Today I finished off three 105mm German guns plus some sort of ATG (Pak 40, I think, although the carriage looks kind of weird). …