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Project 1701 c01 & d01; Traveller Tomorrow’s War

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Every time I write 1701 I have a little chuckle, and now 1701c is just too auspicious… at least it …

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The Portal’s World at War Tournament – December 10th 2016

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So I begin by apologizing to Chris Kadish and My friend Karl, as well as the folks over at CT Valley Gamers for not getting this typed up sooner.  My laptop died a horrible death right after this tournament and then I waited for its replacement to arrive well into the new year.  After that, I had to chaperone 20 kids into NYC for a 4 day field trip….bottom line, this AAR dropped down on my list of priorities.  Moving forward however, I expect I will be a lot faster with these reports.  Since my new computer doesn’t randomly shut down and erase all I was working on.

Without Further ado….
The Portal in Manchester CT, has played host to a few FOW tournaments over the course of the past year.  and I’ve been lucky enough to attend two of them.  Chris Kadish, TO organizer and man about town, helped put this one together.  A doubles tournament with 2000 pts per team, and some restrictions on combinations. (no fortified companies for example) drew in quite a few teams.  Due to some friction over criteria for lists, a few teams from up North had to drop (when their ride decided against going.)  But we still wound up with 6 teams, and 12 players, which was more than enough to have fun moving our toys around the table.
Below, Chris, wondering why I am taking this picture.

Below: Some photos of the tournament area and some of the folks setting up.

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Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s King Tiger (Konigstiger)

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The response to Brenden’s Flames of War Minis has been very positive. As such, Must Contain Minis wanted to continue showcasing his work. In this post, Brenden’s German Konigstiger (King Tiger) is showcased.The above image is that of a German King Tige…

Flames of War, V4 Rules, Reviewed and Spoiled

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This is the third and final preview for Battlefront’s Version 4 Mid-War book releases. In the Why We Fight Podcast, we devoted 3 long episodes on the changes found in the Early and Late war rules for V4. After reading through the advanced copy of the MW rules, they are somewhat different than what we have previously covered for the EW/LW rules. The core mechanics seem to be the same as the EW/LW versions, however I noticed a few things that are not in the MW rules. Warriors seem to have been taken out of the game, the card system plays a bigger role than I expected in MW, and the new rules seem to have simplified the game in a way it didn’t in EW and LW. What we have here is a set of rules that really only address the forces from Desert Rats and Afrika Korps and is not a rule book that covers the other forces that are planned to come out later for Mid-War; such as the US, Soviets, Italians, and East Front Germans. So before you flip out, let me detail what this book has and some of the differences I found with the EW/LW draft we reviewed. I will also high light what is now missing from the game.

You can look at the tables of contents for both books, but that really does not get to the differences in the two sets of rules.
You will notice that Aircraft has its own section the EW/LW, while in MW the rules for airplanes is woven into the rules which is something many players will like. Special units like Snipers, Flame teams/tanks, Pioneers/Engineers and Armored Trains (did they have any in MW?) are not in the core rules. I started to wonder if these rules only pertained to the first two books, Afrika Korps and Desert Rats since the book only has the national special rules for those nations. However I do not think this is case. Maybe the special units will appear in the upcoming books when they add new forces, we will have to wait and see.

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15mm Sarissa Precision Chateau

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This is a laser cut MDF (and card) model of a Chateau from Sarissa Precision. It is unpainted model and comes as a flat pack of MDF and card. The chateau has steps back and front. They comprise the steps and go together quite easily. I like the railings which work well and don’t look … Continue reading “15mm Sarissa Precision Chateau”

Desert Rats for V4 Previewed and Spoliled

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The British 7th Armored Division, known as the Desert Rats must be a favorite of someone at Battlefront because these guys pop up in so many books. And now, the first Mid-War Version 4 Allied army book follows this trend. It really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, like the Monty Beret, few things make us think of the war in western desert more than the Desert Rats. So, in the aptly named book of the same name, players are given the opportunity to build a formation that features the tanks used by the 7th during the war in the North African desert.

What is in store for us in Desert Rats? Players have the option of fielding 4 formations in this book; a heavy tank formation featuring the Grant tank, two cruiser tank units that feature either the Honey or Crusader tank, and of course an infantry formation that represents the 7th AD’s motor rifle brigade. The formations available in DR represent a huge reduction from the variety of units that were previously available in the V2/3 North Africa books. However, this book only covers the 7AD and perhaps follow on books will cover the other units involved the desert war. One omission that I noticed is that the Sherman tank is missing from the lists – a fact  some “rat lovers” may gripe at. Rumor has it that Battlefront is going to include them in a later release. So until then your fights vs. the Afrika Korps will have to be without the iconic M4.

OK, let’s take a look at the formations.

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Franco-Prussian War Batrep – The Battle of Les Collines qui Bouge, August 1870

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Reject Richard umpired a 15mm Franco-Prussian game last weekend. Its the first Franco-Prussian game I’ve played for years, in pre-blog days they were a staple game in the shed, but they’ve been sitting on the backburner for years, so it was great to get them out again.
That’s not to say that they’re not gamed with, Richard plays regular games with his nipper James, who came along to the game and actually challenged myself and Ian!!!
I heard many a tale of woe from Richard over the past few years of how James is a
 Generalissimo dice god, so we accepted the Challenge with trepidation!!!

Now Richard is a clever ol’ chap and designed a pre-game deployment system, that was
for want of  better words “Bloody Good!”
Above is the table as we first saw it, placing a commander (representing brigade of troops) in any area of our side of the table, Ian and myself were the Prussians, while Lil Generalissimo James was the French.
Each side must place their commands, including any blinds.  Each side must then choose ten cards which are then shuffles and dealt to produce a hand of three.  From this the players can move, remove, add terrain, delay troops and advance.  This continues until the last card is added to the defending player’s hand.  This all represents initial manoeuvring and deployment to “kind of” simulate something more campaign-like.
The players then have a quiz to determine who controls the weather the night before.  Wet means that the Prussian artillery is disadvantaged for the first four turns – soft ground equals unreliable percussion fuses.

And here’s the table after the Pregame deployment.
Note the hill in the centre of the French lines has gone and been replaced by walling (not too sure what’s worse?) And a town has moved from the centre French side to our deployment zone. The other main change was a bigger wood on the French centre right.
Generalissimo James’ plan was easy…..defend!
We decided to attack both flanks and try and pin the centre, forcing James to reinforce the flanks
then maybe attack the centre.
The troops
Prussian Army
1 cavalry division consisting of 1 cuirassier, 1 uhlan and 1 dragoon
4 brigades of 4 units and one artillery piece each
1 reserve brigade consisting of 4 Bavarian units and an artillery battery
1 corps artillery reserve of 2 4pdr batteries
400 infantry figures
French Army
1 cavalry division consisting of 2 cuirassier and 1 hussar
3 brigades of 4 units and one artillery piece each (1 had a mitrailleuse)
1 reserve brigade consisting of 4 guard units and a 12 pounder battery (never arrived)
192 infantry figures

The French right.

The French centre and left

Prussian Cavalry on our extreme left flank.

Its a long way around that flank?

We pushed forward in the first move and were hit by small arms fire immediately.
The French had hidden troops in all the villages, James’ dice rolling was ridiculous!!
My Leib Guard unit was down a 1/4 already and they hadn’t even seen the French yet!

The same happend to Ian on the left, although not so damning, French sniper fire from
 the farmhouse stopped him in his tracks. Also the French started to bring their Cavalry forward?

Ian redeployed his line to counter the Farmhouse and the Cavalry.

I moved around the wood, it would have been more direct to go through but a lot slower.

Generalissimo James photobombing!

Prussian Dragoons, lead from the front.

Followed by the heavier Lancers and Cuirassiers.

James bought his Cavalry forward again.

While I moved up to take the farmhouse and unsettle the French right flank.

Ian moved up his second line, his front line fired at the horse and…….

some died, and some ran away!

All’s looking good for the Prussians…….but I’ve still got to attack Zouves, in a wood 
behind a wall…..Hmm?

I was stuck in the centre, my artillery couldn’t hit a barn door, while James’ could!
So I had to just sit and wait and take it.

Ian pushed forward, following the French Horse.

Ah! Re-inforcements!
The Bavarians!

James moved troops onto the back hill to defend against my Cavalry, which weakend his lines.

So I pushed forward in the centre.

And on the left flank. I decided to aim my attack at the unit at the edge of the wood,
Hence the two coloumns.

Ian pushed forward again, while James formed a defensive line with his Mitrailleuse
in the centre.

Ian’s artillery pounded James’ lines

I pushed forward in the centre, taking heavy casualties.

James regained control of his last Cavalry unit and charged Ian’s infantry.
It was close, but the Prussians won the fight and sent the French fleeing back.

Getting closer!!


My Dragoons were blown away by musket fire, so to were
half of my Cuirassier unit!

One Prussian line unit fails its morale and flees back.

Going for the artistic shot here, shame about the plastic box!

Combined artillery……poor French!

Got him!
James’ Zouves flee, leaving a large gap in the French lines.

Getting messy down the right flank.

James had to move another unit from the centre to his right.

To try and counter me on the flank.

Some disastrous morale throws from Ian.
Thins out his lines….here we go again!!

The Cavalry were doing their job. Both units charged…

Only the Lancers made it in..

I also just managed to charge the French line at the wall, although I hit the flank,
I had no bonus’s as we were in the woods.

James’ lines stared to thin out.

So did both our centres
We both must be close to leaving the field soon….surly?

Ian pushed forward, pushing back 1 French line unit.

I went into skirmish line, a much safer formation!?!

I lost both melees, my dice let me down again, while James’ didn’t
Jammy little Generlissimo!!

A very weak looking centre for both sides.

Our artillery started to tell in the end.

At the end of the turn, the French had just reached their casualty marker so after a very brave fight retreated from the field with honour! 
That made two very relived Prussians, we would never live it down, getting our butt kicked by
a 9 year old. Poor Richard has this problem daily!
Hopefully Generalissimo James carries on wargaming and one day will
become a full blown Reject!
Losses by end of game
French 53 infantry figures, all three cavalry regiments
Prussians 87 infantry figures, half of all cavalry figures
Recalculated points score was Prussian 10 French 8

Westward Ho! A Sherman Firely

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Another bonus round in which I take liberties with the theme! I’ve wanted to paint this Sherman Firefly for some time and I had already decided to call it Westward Ho! when the theme list was published. A perfect if cheeky submission.The town of Westwa…

Back to the Brushes 125

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Been a bit under the weather the last few weeks, well we all have really which has meant nothing serious getting done on the hobby front during this time.So here are the pictures taken before the onset of the family lurgyA new edition, the Hellcat from…

Finished the 4Ground 15mm Corner Bakery

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Finally finished one of my Christmas presents (from some time ago) was the 4Ground 15mm Shop 4: Corner Bakery. I already have a couple of the 4Ground 15mm buildings, a pair of semi-detached houses and one of the hotels. The Corner Bakery is a great piece of terrain to enhance your battle board. It comes pre-painted … Continue reading “Finished the 4Ground 15mm Corner Bakery”

Afrika Korps for V4 Previewed and Spoiled

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Welcome to V4! With the first two mid-war books now upon us (or nearly so) it’s time for some good ole’ spoilers and thoughts from your WWPD team.

First up, we’re taking a look at Afrika Corps, the German V4 book covering the fight in North Africa.

This book, and it’s counter part Desert Rats, are supposed to show us how the implementation for V4 will work. Unlike Early and Late-War Battlefront is waving a magic version wand and changing everything all at once.

The books also give us great insight into what future books built entirely for V4 may look like. We already know that US and Italian forces are coming by the early summer with the Eastern front due to arrive before the fall. We also heard rumors that the Pacific and the Far East will be added in late 2017 or early next year.

Let me make one thing clear, I am not writing this article on the core V4 rules, which I really like, but on the one of the two books that are supposed to replace the old North Africa book. Afrika Korps covers the German forces from the 1942-1943 campaign against the British 8th Army. When I first glanced at Afrika Korps I was struck by how light it was on lists, and those lists were even lighter as far as options.

To get some perspective, let’s look at the Africa Company infantry list from the older V3 North Africa book; it has a lot of neat options at the company level:

Drilling down to the platoon level, once again you have so many options, which fits in with the Kampfgruppe style organization this unit found itself having to cobble together during the Western Desert campaign.

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Review: The Misty Moorlands TerraTile Set by RAINN Studios

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A while ago, RAINN Studios sent me their entire collection of TerraTiles to review. Some of my readers will recognize the products because Must Contain Minis has already written a quick initial thoughts article about the product line and a product by a…

15mm Caravan,possible Meth Lab or just a home with outdoor plumbing…….

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……..from Gamecraft Miniatures!A nice piece of resin scenery plus a plastic outhouse with a SUV for quick getaways? A couple of 15mm miniatures to show a little scale, used to see a lot of these in crime shows based in the deep south of the USA or t…

Watch on the Rhine – Blackmoon Games, Lebanon, NH 1700LW

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Hosted by Joey Laderoute and Jeff Mayo and taking place in Lebanon NH at  Black Moon Games, this would wind up being one of my last V3 tournaments before V4 comes out in March.

I brought up some of my terrain (I can proudly say I have two tables worth.) that’s not Eric “Tarzan”  Lauterbach levels of terrain…but everyone needs to start somewhere.  Some shots of the setup before things get going.

This 1700 pt tournament was so well attended we wound up with an impressive wait list.  20 players from all over attended.  I decided to come up the night before, and stay in a hotel, then left from the store and headed back down to my Home in Danbury that night.  The whole thing was well run, the store was a fun place and the owner was a very generous and friendly guy.  If there are people looking for some gaming space and product, I highly recommend it.

Some shots of the store…

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My Impressions of Version 4: An Editorial

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Let me start off with a few disclaimers; if you have not listened to Episodes 10, 11 & 12 of the Why We Fight Podcast you may be confused by some of the things I plan to bring up in this article. Even a cursory listen will help you, or if you read any of the detailed breakdown of the WWF in places like the WWPD forums you will have a better understanding of some of the changes and my impressions of Version 4 of Flames of War. Now a second disclaimer, this article offers my opinion which is based on my reading of the rules and play testing them over the last few months. This opinion is not influenced by any relationship we here at WWPD have with Battlefront. In the past I feel I have called out things I do not agree with enough to call myself impartial. The final disclaimer is that my opinion is based on the draft we received from Battlefront which converts the Early and Late War into Version 4. Things often change from the draft to the final version and often we are not privy to this. I can point out to the issue I had with the T-55AM2 stats in Volks-Armee just last month.

I was not very vocal about the fact that I felt that Flames of War was getting stale.  I was not as active in the tournament scene in 2015-2016 as I was in years past and did not look to play the game outside of tournaments.  It’s not that the game was bad, it was that very little was changing.  A lot of this is self-induced, I played the game a lot when I first got into it, and collected army after army in all three of the time periods the game covers.  So call it burnout or staleness I just wasn’t getting the same enjoyment as before.  I was not alone, I have noticed a shift in the FoW “old guard’ in my area, even this web page, once totally devoted to FoW now covers all aspects of the gaming community.

When Team Yankee was announced I was not 100% thrilled, which I was vocal about.  Having seen so many modern miniature war games fail to capture a large ground swell I doubted that this new game would be anything special.  I also used some confirmation bias to protect myself when I made claims that modern war should be fought in 6mm and that the 15mm scale was unrealistic.  Then I played it and realized how it just worked at 15mm, and the rules were tight.  So I was not a fan until I tried it, and once I did I became hooked.

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Somewhere in the Crimea.

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Our recent Friday night game was based during the Crimean War.The Russian army advances on two strongholds, one held by a small army from Sardinia and the other by the Turks.The Sardinian held hill top.The Turkish held redoubt.The Russians have to atta…

Project 1701

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When I got back into miniatures after a long break of working and making a family, I started with 15mm. …

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Battle for the Pig Sty – Sharp Practice AAR

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Last weekend we had another game of Sharp Practice with the Naval Landing Party. I’ve put a pdf of the Force List we used in the Resources folder – feel free to try it out, I’d appreciate any feedback! To spice things up, we also used a mechanics for secret objectives. We’ve used this system before for … Continue reading Battle for the Pig Sty – Sharp Practice AAR

15mm Modern Peter Pig IDF Israeli M113 Zelda……

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………includes bodging!Zelda – Upgraded M113 with Toga armor suite – perforated steel plates mounted on an external frame around the front and sides of the vehicle.The Peter Pig version comes like this………I wanted to add a few sandbags lik…

Flames of War Showcase: Brenden’s Brandenburgers

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A while ago, I introduced my readers to Brenden’s painting skills through a Showcase of British C15TA Armoured Trucks. Those trucks were done up as transports for a German Brandenburger Platoon that he wanted to use for a tournament. His Brandenburgers…

US Vehicles for TANKS

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Last year I finally obtained a copy of the GF9 TANKS game.  My friend Mike demoed the game for me months earlier but the game was basically unavailable for many months after.  I have been gradually adding models to the three tanks that come i…

Win the battle, lose the Punic Wars

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Bruce and I continued our Punic Wars campaign this week. First up was a battle before the gates of Rome. The Carthaginians must put a stand on top of the sheep marker within 10 turns in order to win.The scenario required the Roman baggage train to be f…

On the Painting Table

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Not only am I a lazy painter, I’m also conservative and don’t normally change a technique if it works. Nonetheless, I have recently become a bit dissatisfied with my very limited set of skills. Basically, what I do is apply two layers of basecoat, paint the details, apply a wash, varnish. That’s it. This works … Continue reading On the Painting Table

IMP42 Commander Gongji of the Xin Hegemony free for all February 2017

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Hello Ionfans! Before we begin the shortest month of the year I want to relate some news from our much bigger sister Alternative Armies. There is a new Alternative Armies Facebook group for tabletop gamers who among other things play Patrol Angis or j…

Tighten Down Those Turrets!

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By Tom Burgess

Nobody likes loose turrets!

I’ve recently embarked on a new project, a very large Soviet Tank Battalion for Team Yankee.  Fortunately for me, most of the over 50 vehicles I will be building are available from Battlefront Miniatures in plastic. Though I’m happy to work with plastics, my new T-72s and BMPs have a little problem that I have not had with other Battlefront Plastic Miniatures so far. That problem is loose turrets.

Unfortunately, the T-72 and BMP plastic boxed box sets do not come with magnets. They have the spaces  where you can insert magnets if you want to add them, but they only come with plastic “pegs” that you can glue in their place to attach the turret to the hull. This has not been a problem with previous plastic Battlefront tank models I have built. Normally the peg fits into the hull snugly and will hold the turret in place with enough friction while still allowing the turret to rotate when pushed.

My new plastic BMP and T-72s however have very lose turrets.  This is big problem with the T-72 whose’  very long barrel has enough weight to swing the turret on its own with normal game handling. We can’t have that!
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