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On the Painting Table

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Work has been quite busy lately, so there is not much on the painting table at the moment. What you can see here is a group of eight guys for my Mississippi Marine Brigade project. The figures are Minifigs Mexican-American War, but they will do for my purposes. Also, I managed to finish a couple … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Team Yankee: SU-25 FrogFoot Tips and Tricks #5

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Howdy Hi!  Next up in the tips and tricks is the SU-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company (TSBX09) for Battlefront’s Team Yankee version of Flames of War.

Bottomline up front…this will come as a shock to some who think me a “BF Fan Boy,” but this boxed set was a little disappointing.

You get a solid resin body and white plastic-styrene nose piece and armaments.  The resin seems a little rough around the edges and requires cleaning at the all the edges. The white plastic was stunningly disappointing. I have built 6 of these by now and all are the same.

The nose cone detail seems all miscast and doesn’t fit well.
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Team Yankee – Easy Guide to painting Soviet Armour

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I have been asked by a few people how I painted my Soviet armour, so hopefully this guide will help you out. It is an easy technique and will get you an effective tabletop quality force in a very short time. The technique is nothing new but it may help out those that are not aware and just starting out in the magical world of painting.

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15mm Riot Police Wagons from GZG…….

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……….or maintaining the peace and showing the blue!I always remember when I worked as a security supervisor in a couple of Dublin hospitals (interesting times) back in the day I always remember saying to the guys in our navy blue uniforms that pat…

ECW Game!

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Now then,Another good game of Impetus Baroque with the lads over in Redmire today. No battle report but heres a few pics.Royalists struggle to keep order crossing the river.Parliamentarians move forward, covered by a cannon.Johns Scottish contingent. S…

So I built a Maori war canoe in less than an hour…

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I assemble a laser-cut kit of a giant Maori war canoe I purchased at Historicon. The results are lovely. Continue reading

The Weight of Plastics; Adding Heft to Plastic Models.

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My first experience with plastics in my Flames of War hobby was a few years ago when I cracked open a copy of the Open Fire! starter box. The Shermans left me disappointed which prompted me to straw away from plastics…that was until I recently bought Grimball’s Beasts. WOW! Battlefront has really stepped up their game. Every piece was easy to assemble and to be quite frank I really enjoyed it.

That being said there was still ONE issue. The weight. The minis just felt fragile and cheap. I love the “heft” that some minis have. This may be personal preference but can be a very effective defense against those stray dice that come rolling across the gaming table.

Today I am going to show you how I weigh down my plastic tanks. Along with a comparison of weights between different Sherman models.

To start off I have an M4A1 I acquired way back when V1 was alive and well.

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With a Rebel Yell 5

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Another batch of 15mm ACW Confederate Infantry have been rebased, washed with Agrax Earth stain and matt varnished.There are five regular stands here and one command with a slightly over trimmed flag. Not paying attention to the outer trim lines leads …

Next Major Project Push… Flames of War DAK Panzergrenadiers

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Having successfully pushed a couple of major projects through to completion recently I’ve moved onto the next one that has been sitting idle for goodness knows how long – Desert Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers (Tunisia) for Flames of War.I need to finish…

Able Kompanie’s Crossing the Rhine Tournament Report

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Able Kompanie held a LW 1625pt. “Crossing the Rhine” Tournament at Sinclair Games in Carmel, Indiana on Saturday June 25, 2016.  Generally we like to run themed Tournaments and felt that limiting the event to Market Garden, Bridge by Bridge, Nachtjager and Bridge at Remagen might bring out some interesting lists we had not seen in a tournament setting.  We ended up with 6 Allied and 6 Axis Players.  No one brought a list from Nachtjager but we did have a good variety of lists from the other books.  The Germans tended to favor lists from Bridge by Bridge while the Americans chose Remagen and the British chose Market Garden.  Sinclair Games has two different gaming areas in addition to a well stocked store so our tables were split between the two spaces.  Several players brought terrain to augment the store’s stock.

 The Upstairs Room
The Back Room

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Flames of War – Analysis of Unit Rarity in Flames of War

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During the course of World War II, both the technology of warfare and how war was conducted changed greatly. The importance of combined arms – infantry, armor, artillery, and airpower – quickly became obvious to all major powers as the German Blitzkrieg rapidly subjugated much of Europe and spread into North Africa. Rapid technological advances in tanks, aircraft, guns and rockets quickly rendered what had once been cutting edge designs obsolete – necessitating ever more capable weapons.

This technology race, combined with often desperate conditions at the front, resulted in a number of unusual or rare weapons being fielded. In some cases these weapons were expedient conversions of existing vehicles to fill a specific battlefield role. In other cases, prototype or limited production vehicles were committed to the front. Various gaming systems deal with the more unusual weapon systems in different ways, but this article will be primarily focused on how these units are fielded in Flames of War.

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Forget "Patriot", forget "Iron Dome", I give you "Iron Willy"……

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……..Franonia’s new controversial air defence system!To keep the skies safe over Franonia we have accepted this generous gift from another nation of the latest in air defence/eradication……..15mm all metal from GZG, little feckers to put together…

Character bases for Dragon Rampant

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I picked up a few character figures to round out my Dragon Rampant armies with some magic users, clerics and heroes. (Apologies if the formatting is a bit off–Blogger is giving me difficulties).These are Splintered Light minis and are lovely poses. Th…

Oggam Hut Paperkit & Oggam book re-released on Wargame Vault

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To cut down on the storage space here (so I can have more space for uploading pics) I’ve decided to re-release both the Book of the Oggam and The Oggam hut over on Wargame Vault. Not only will this help keep space down, but allow me to track the downloads better and have them all […]

28mm Vintage Movie Posters accessory paper modelling kit now available from Wargame Vault

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Still on the movie theme, we move onto the first of this months Grinning Skull Design Studios PDF releases from us on Wargames Vault: 28mm Vintage Movie Posters PDF. It contains loads of 28mm scaled old genre movie posters to print out and apply to your models, scenics and dioramas. It’s perfect for modern, horror […]

Dragon Rampant at the club

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We had a dozen guys out at the club last night. I put on a game of Dragon Rampant. My magic users were not yet finished so this was a straight up fight with a monster thrown in.Above, the beefy soldiers of King Ralph march to recover the Bitumen Cross …

With A Rebel Yell 4

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Back to the American Civil War and the rebasing and finishing of  15mm figures from this period. This time there are the artillery pieces, five in all, which will be enough for Battle Cry if tokens are used to depict losses whilst under fire. Sorr…

15mm US M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank…….

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……..from Khurasan Miniatures. The M1A2 System Enhancement Package (SEP) is a successor to the M1A2. It is also an upgrade package for the older Abrams tanks. It has improved armor protection, improved system components, improved computer …

The Attack of the Austrians.

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Set during the SYW with the Prussians defending a vital crossroads and a town.The Austrians lunched an attack straight at the Prussians but also a flanking attack on the Prussian left.The Prussians had set up some defensive works in front of the Austri…

Gordon Bennett, it’s El Sid! 5 more ADLG Reports

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ADLG has reinvigorated a whole host of previously little-seen armies and figures, and next up on the rehabilitation trail are some Two Dragons Normans (and dubiously Viking-esque Almughavar morphs) who take part as a Feudal Spanish army in 5 games of 3…

Take that Hill!

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We now feel confident enough with Sharp Practice to try out some additional options. We’ve already had a short game with artillery, which was a bit dull due to the scenario and some really bad dice rolls, so I decided to skip the AAR. Our last game featured cavalry, and this, however, was a blast and … Continue reading Take that Hill!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Miniature Wargaming the Movie

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It seems like an age has passed since I did a Crowdfunding Spotlight here, so I thought I’d draw attention to this very interesting documentary, all about the roots and whole aspect of the miniature wargaming hobby. Containing interviews from industry luminaries, as well as the up and coming too, all in all it sounds […]

With a Rebel Yell 3

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Again, rebased and refinished figures this time from the English Civil War to be used as a camp in Baroque. 15mm figures believed to be from Freikorps.In time there will be another camp for this period from the same batch of figures.Cheers for now.

A bit of Blücher

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We were having a go at Napoleonics with Jim. 200 points of Spanish vs French in an early Peninsular game. The Spanish hordes managed to hold their lines and beat back the higher quality French. Very nice game, the system is one of our favourites.

15mm Provisional Government Special Forces for Ghost in the Shell

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I got some of my 15s done for Ghost in the Shell games. This batch are Special Forces of the government, troops in flak armor and bioroid support. Also a large military grade drive armor.More to come!