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Skirmish at Siniyat: What a Tanker in the Desert

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Earlier today I was finally able to run a Game of What a Tanker! for the Rejects in Posties Shed-o-War. I’ve been buying and painting early Desert war tanks since April and I now had enough to begin a campaign style series of games using these rules. E…

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Day 9 of the #30days30miniatures challenge and another stand of 6mm Greek light cavalry have been finished.Also finished the second cavalry casualty marker for Confederates in ACW.More to follow shortly along with some final based pictures of recently …

Rearguard Action – a Sharp Practice AAR

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After doing other stuff, I started to crave for a game of Sharp Practice – it seems I can’t go to long without wanting to play what is still my favorite game. Fortunately, Sigur was willing to take command of the Confederates…

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Italian M11/39 Medium Tanks

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I seem to have been painting Italian Tanks in reverse order (mainly due to delayed orders) so today its the turn of the earliest of my vehicles so far, the M11/39 Medium Tank. These particular models are from Old Glory and are cast in white metal. The …

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Update on the #30days30miniatures challenge.Day 4 Completed another stand of 6mm Greek light cavalry.Day 5The first of two casualty markers for the 15mm Confederate cavalry.Day 6Returned to a larger scale for day 6 and completed the first of three…

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Second session for #30days30miniatures painting challenge and another couple of figures moved on to the shelf to wait on basing.The last of the peltasts for the first stand completed below.An out of ammo marker for ACW gaming with the figure coming fro…

Lion Rampant: Find the lost noble

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Bruce hosted another game of Lion Rampant. The scenario saw the troops in the foreground searching the terrain features for a lost noble (die roll for success with escalating chances). Once found, the noble had to be spirited off of the board. The othe…

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So near yet so far.This stand of peltasts stalled the other afternoon due to a rare occurrence – it was too hot to paint comfortably. Yes, it’s hard to believe but it would seem that there is a summer in Scotland after all.Not to be put off by some sun…

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Once again a stalled project restarts, this time to begin rebasing from 80mm fronts to 40mm fronts. The reasoning behind this is fewer and fewer people in the local area are playing Impetus or Basic Impetus. On the upside more people are playing A…

15mm Persian Cavalry

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Here’s some 15mm Persian cavalry we did for a customer’s Persian army. Figures were from Essex.Skythian CavalryLeaders

Strange Aeons, Look Sarge, No Charts, and The Great War

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It was a busy night at the club with three games running. Dan hosted Terry and Chen in a play through of Strange Aeons 2nd Edition. I have no idea what happened in that game, other than the scenarios went quickly.Scott hosted Craig and me in a game of …

Italian L6/40 Light Tanks

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I have been working on some more tanks for What a Tanker, this time some tiny Italian Fiat-Ansaldo L6 light tanks. These tiny 2 man tanks were originally built as an export product but were adopted by the Italian army and saw service in North Africa, t…

Punic Wars-New Project

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Not being one to sit idle at work I found a bag of Veteran Libyan Spearmen so I thought I would paint them.Here are 48 Verteran Libyans, they are Corvus Belli miniatures, as is most of of my Carthaginian army.These are the first of the veterans.  …

Raphia-All Painted (nearly)

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Here are the photos of the last figures I have and have to paint.  The Raphia project, well all the metal I have for it, is complete.  I still have a pile of elephants to buy but for now I can move on to the next project.So finally…Ptolemy …

With a Rebel Yell 10

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Casualty markers for the CSA including artillery and infantry stand; the cavalry will follow shortly.All of the figures above are from Friekorps Miniatures including the infantry stands shown below.Next are three more command stands for the Confederate…

Book Reviews: Painting Wargaming Figures and The Wargaming Compendium

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Hi all, Not much on the modelling and painting front. RL has been busy and I have been doing a lot more writing of late, not to mention, the motivation to pick up the brush hasn’t bit me like is usually does this time every year. I am sure it’s a …

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June has been a slow month for hobby time here with little progress happening on several on going projects.The command and casualty stands for Confederates in the ACW move on steadily.Even slower is the progress being made on the Arthurian warband and …

Lions Rampant and some cultists

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Bruce was back in town so I swung by Tuesday night for a quick game. Bruce hauled out some 15mm Lions Rampant and ran a scenario I hadn’t played. The Sheriff of Nottingham had lured Robin Hood into a trap. Robin set up on the far side of the table…

Raphia, So Close!

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Well these are the last of the line troops….two large pike phalanxes, Ptolemy guards pike and Seleucid Thorakites.These are the Ptolemy elite pikes, the Basilikon.  They form, normal size pike units and not large phalanxes but there are three of…

By Fire and Sword: Stop the Swede! Ogniem i Mieczem: Zatrzymać Szweda!

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Last Thursday I invited my fellow wargamers to By Fire and Sword game. I decided to play a divisional game with a mixture rules from the main book and the Deluge supplement. W ostatni czwartek zaprosiłem moich wargamerów do gry z zasadami Ogniem i…

15mm Team Yankee British Army

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Here’s the pics to a recently completed Team Yankee British Army. This large force represents the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). With 98 vehicles, 89 infantry, and about 30 vehicle crewmen it took a considerable amount of time.The SPG kits and the H…

More tanks for Tanks

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I have been playing the odd game of Tanks, from GF9, from time to time with one of my coworkers. Its a fun game with not a heck of a lot depth and its a great excuse to paint some 15mm WWII tanks and build some terrain. The game is clearly inspired by X-Wing and its […]

The Myceneans are done..

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Only 6 months after buying them in the Museum Miniatures January sale (for only around £50) a full L’Art de la Guerre army of Myceneans (including units I will probably never use) is now finished and on the tabletop already!There are plenty of pictures…

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Hoping this works out ok as pictures taken, edited and uploaded from phone instead of the now defunct desktop computer.A variety of stands for ACW Confederates including command, artillery, infantry and cavalry casualities. A mixture of Blue Moon from …

Raphia Light and Medium Troops

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Light and medium foot troops made up a good deal of the armies who fought the battle and they came from a diverse list of peoples.Persian Bow, these acted as skirmishers for their respective armies.Thracian Javelinmen, a fierce tribal people who were s…