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15mm Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th miniature……

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……….from Khurasan Miniatures!A miniature that turned up in an order many moons ago! More of a Michael Myers/Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween fan though…………Building is a 15mm Timecast painted among others by Raymond!Premier League stats……….

Team Yankee: Chieftans

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There’s a slight change of plan this weekend. I was going to write a post about the last of the Bundeswehr units, however having catapulted one of the Fuchs across the workshop into several pieces (just pure clumsiness on my part I hasten to add, not a fit of pique!) …

On the Painting Table

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Painting is going quite smoothly at the moment. The ACW is still my main interest and I’ve decided to do a Grierson’s Raiders force for Sharp Practice. I already got the figures from Peter Pig, but before I actually start with them, I wanted to finish the dismounted version of the Confederate cavalry. Here you … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Back to the Brushes 113

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Some WIP pictures of the basing progress for four stands of plasma cannons for Critical Mass. Figures from Ground Zero Games.Texture added with  B & Q flexible fillerand another one fully texturedBase coat of Citadel Steel Legion Drab addedDry…

Team Yankee: Iron Maiden has arrived

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I have been intressted in Team Yankee for a while and I bought two starter boxes for the Americans. But it never took off at my gaming club.

But now with the Germans and Britts does it seam that it´s getting momentum. I took the bait for the brittish and bought to starter boxes :) The chieftains look to good to skip. It´s something with this tank that attracts me.

I am planning an force of mixed infantry and tanks. But it will probably be mainly inf ans support.
But the starter boxes are an good start to get the tanks and some transport helis. I will start put some paint on the Tanks when I have decided if I should use Stillbrew or not. I might build 7 with out and 3 with to be able to switch around.

I will create an separate painting thread for this project. They will be painted in similar fashion as my previous 6mm project:

Derby 2016 – The Kalmar Union in FoGR Action

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A frantic effort not to retain a trophy that needs engraving comes to a cattle shed near an airport next to a busy motorway near a town with a great ring road!It’s almost as glamorous as Charleroi, but it’s in England and it’s Derby again!The Mighty Ka…


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Earlier this year GZG released a new range of hard suited near future models for 15mm Combat on the Moon called “MoonGrunt”.  Somehow I missed them but now I’m aware of them they have really captured my imagination – they are very cool!
If you ever wanted to do some sort of lunar combat and near future fighting on Mars, these are the business.  The range currently has USMC and PLASC (People’s Liberation Army Space Force) infantry (riflemen, heavy lasers and rocket launchers) 
USMC troops from Ralph’s great Putting the Colour into Space Blog
Ralph’s wonderful PLASC forces from his Putting the Colour into Space blog 
And good news – Buggies and Rovers have now joined the range too!

I’m thinking some Infantry focused low intensity combat with a squad or two per side could be a LOT of fun with minimal investment.  And if you’ve ever read books like Stark’s War which depicts a lunar war (with WW1 trench raid parallels) this is you chance to reenact those fights.
Combat in a different hostile environment might be a lot of fun too – separatist colonists perhaps?
Yes, I think you might see some of these figs in my Painting Challenge efforts this year.
Because I needed another project…

Assault on the Blockhouse

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It’s been a long time since we had our last game. However, I finally felt up to it and we decided to inaugurate the new gaming table with Sharp Practice. I’ve adopted an excellent scenario published in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 85 for the ACW. The idea was that a small Union force was holding out in … Continue reading Assault on the Blockhouse

15mm FOW Team Yankee ZSU 23-4 "Shilka", 1.5 million hits…….

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……….and has anyone seen my blog rolls?

A couple of 15mm ZSU 23-4 from Flames of War new Team Yankee range set around the time of the cold war in the 1980’s, the pieces are resin with metal parts, they’re not too bad apart from some damage to the hull (broken pieces not in blister pack either). Painted up for forces either in the middle east or eastern Europe and still in use to this day!

Trying to use what I can for my modern skirmish gaming and have used some other vehicles from the range including scenery!

Hit 1.5 million hits a while back but wasn’t online at the time and in the last few days have lost both blog rolls ( I know a little careless but they have vanished) and I am currently trying to catch up and remember a lot, if you want to remind me of any just check the current blog roll to the left.

The acronym “ZSU” stands for Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (RussianЗенитная Самоходная Установка), meaning “anti-aircraft self-propelled mount”; the “23” signifies the bore diameter in millimeters; the “4” signifies the number of gun barrels. It is named after the Shilka River in Russia. Afghan soldiers nicknamed it the “sewing machine” due to the sound of firing guns. It is also referred to by its nickname of “Zeus”.

15mm figures from Flytrap and Foundry to show scale.

Team Yankee: Budeswehr

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The observant will no doubt have spotted when I posted my first foray into Battlefront’s Team Yankee there were two army starter forces in the photo; the Soviets and the West Germans. With one hundred points of Soviets now painted and game ready I’ve moved my attention onto NATO. As …

By Fire and Sword: Kingdom of Sweden vs Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ogniem i Mieczem: Królestwo Szwecji przeciw Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów.

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Last Thursday I had another introduction game with By Fire and Sword rules. This time I showed it to both Michaels. One of them (Michael S.) had the opportunity to play that rules before, but mostly because of the game chaos, to many people around the game, he never get the rules correctly. This time the game was smaller, with less troops, everything better to learn the rules. I’m sorry, but this time only few pictures from the game (dome with my tablet), as my camera battery charger get broke and I await for a new one. It should arrive next week, I hope.
W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy kolejną grę wprowadzającą w zasady Ogniem i Mieczem. Tym razem pokazałem ją obu Michaelom. Jeden z nich (Michael S.) miał już okazję wypróbować zasady, jednak ze względu na panujący chaos i zbyt dużą liczbę gapiów, nie miał szans na zapoznanie się z zasadami w sposób zadawalający. Tym razem gra była mniejsza, z mniejsza ilością oddziałów, czyli lepsza okazja do nauczenia się zasad. Tym razem przepraszam Was bardzo, ale tylko kilka zdjęć z gry (wykonanych moim tabletem), ponieważ ładowarka do baterii do mojego aparatu się zepsuła i oczekuję na nową. Mam taką nadzieję, że dotrze do mnie w przyszłym tygodniu.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: From rulebook (No 1), Bartek Żynda



1. Forces. Siły.

To the known from the rulebook way the creating the armies I added my House rule. After every point level, there is a D10 test. On 6-10 the one can go higher on 1-5 cannot. This is how I created our armies (on Polish Lithuanian Skirmish Force (1653-57) example). I started with the Colonel. Upgraded them to 3 orders. Then I use the basic 4 banners with Cossack Style Cavalry (2 of 3 bases and 2 of 2 bases). Then upgraded the 2 bases Cossacks into 3 bases and then convert one banner of Cossack into Dragoons. After that to move of another level I had to made a roll. I rolled 4 so no more upgrades. The same way I created the Swedish army. So the outcome was:
Do znanej z podręcznika metody tworzenia rozpisek, dodałem swoją zasadę. Polega ona na tym, że za przejście do wyższego poziomu punktowego trzeba przejść test (K10). Na 6-10 jest to możliwe, na 1-5 nie. W ten sposób stworzyłem nasze armie (na podstawie Podjazdu Koronnego (1653-57)). Zacząłem od Pułkownika, dałem mu 3 rozkazy zamiast 2. Po tym użyłem podstawowych 4 chorągwi kozackich (2 trzy podstawkowe i 2 dwu). dodałem po podstawce do dwupodstawkowych Kozaków i zamieniłem jedną ich chorągiew na Dragonów. Po tym by przejść na następny poziom musiałem zdać test, wyrzuciłem 4 i na tym skończyłem tworzenie mojej armii. W ten sama sposób stworzyłem rozpiskę dla Szwedów i oto co z tego wyszło:
(Bartek Żynda)
Colonel (3 orders)
3 banners of Cossack style cavalry (3 bases each)
1 banner of Dragoons (3 bases)
(Michael Schneider, Michael Charge)
1 Mercenary Reiter Company (with arquebuses) (2 bases)
1 Mercenary Reiter Company (2 bases)
1 New Type Muskeeter Company (3 bases)
Regimental gun

2. The game. Gra.

We all moved our forces fast forward to take the objectives (we played the first scenario form the book). However Michaels moved only into the central, when I moved to take the central and the left on my side. When they were still busy with moving their forces I use the opportunity to charge with my big Cossack unit (I joined two banners into one big) and charged on the Reiter company. As they had the movement order, cannot react on that charge and soon been forced to flee. During the chase, my Cossacks contacted with Reiters with arquebusiers, who also had movement order. This time it finished only with disorganised Reiters. 
Wszyscy szybko ruszyliśmy by zająć punkty do zbadania (graliśmy pierwszy scenariusz z podręcznika). Jednak Michaele ruszyli tylko w kierunku centralnego, kiedy ja ruszyłem by zająć centralny i ten po mojej lewej. Kiedy byli oni wciaż zajęci przesuwaniem swoich oddziałów zaszarżowałem moimi kozakami na ich kompanię rajtarów. Jako, ze ci mieli wciąż rozkaz ruch, nie mogli temu przeciwdziałać i wkrótce zostali zmuszeni do ucieczki. Podczas pościgu, moi kozacy wpadli na rajtarów z arkebuzami, którzy także mieli rozkaz ruch. tym razem jednak skończyło się jedynie na zdezorganizowanych rajtarach.
Michael S. managed to rally his Reiters and prepared his company against my possible second charge, which occurred, of course. This time it wasn’t so easy for my Cossacks. From Reiters fire in charge, they lost a base, but during the melee my Cossacks once again proved their value. Another Reiter company was forced to flee.
Michaelowi S. udało się zebrać swoich rajtarów i przygotowac ich na możliwą drugą szarżę moich kazaków, która oczywiście następiła. Tym razem nie było jednak tak łatwo dla moich kozaków. Od ognia w szarży stracili podstawkę, jednak w walce wręcz znów udowodnili swoją wartość. Następna kompania rajtarów została zmuszona do ucieczki.
Completely different situation was in the centre. My smaller Cossack Style banner charged on Musketeers. This time my Cossacks has been pushed back and forced to flee by accurate fire of their muskets supported by the gun fire. That moment of glory finished after the second Reiter company was forced to flee. Now the Musketeers were surrounded. They went off the hill (!) and prepared themselves against the Cossack charge. This time the whole Swedish company was destroyed during the fight. That finished the game.
Zupełnie inaczej to wyglądało to w centrum. Moja mniejsza chorągiew kozacka zaszarżowała na muszkieterów. Tym razem to moi kozacy zostali odepchnięci i następnie zmuszeni do ucieczki przez bardzo celny ogień muszkietów, wspartych ogniem działa. Ten moment ich chwały skończył się z chwilą zmuszenia drugiej kompanii rajtarów do ucieczki. Teraz muszkieterzy zostali okrążeni. Zeszli ze wzgórza (!) i przygotowali się do szarży kozaków. Tym razem jednak w walce zniszczona została cała szwecka kompania. To oczywiście zakończyło grę.
Both Michaels were happy with the rules. They got them very quickly. Liked very much its historical background. Now I need to paint even more troops…
Obom michaelom zasady się spodobały. Szybko przyswajali sobie zasady. Szczególnie podobało im się historyczne przygotowanie zasad. Teraz będę musiał pomalować jeszcze więcej oddziałów…

3. Links. Linki.

SESWC: (awaiting)

The beginnings of a shanty town…….

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…… 15mm from Ironclad , Khurasan and Peter Pig!These were completed during the Analogue 2015 shenanigans but didn’t count due to some scenery bias from the judges, anyway the majority of scenery (fences/buildings) is Ironclad(they were having a…

My New Gaming Table

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As you probably know, until now we’ve been gaming on the dining table. This meant that I couldn’t set up and prepare a scenario in advance and things had to be put away immediately after the game was finished. Apart from prolongating our precious gaming time, it also made it impossible to interrupt a game … Continue reading My New Gaming Table

Team Yankee Battle Report: West Germans Vs Soviets: No Retreat

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With Ben Gobel

I didn’t have to wait long after I painted up my West Germans from Leopard to use them on a table. In fact,  I flocked my infantry teams the morning of the game and the paint was still wet and we were ready to play.  Playing with me was Sean “Throckmorton” Sarah and the Brothers Gobel, Ben and Chris.  All of these guys are veteran Flames of War players and have never played Team Yankee before. Throck only played once, which was the demo game at Historicon. Throck and I made our list from two formations – the panzer and aufklarungs battalions. Team BroGo took Soviet tanks. Since my Gepards, and Rolands have not arrived, we did not allow the Soviets to have any Hinds. On the West German side, we used Marders to proxy for my Fuchs, which also have not arrived yet.

We set up the table and made up the German list first because they were lacking a few of the assets mentioned above.  We thought we settled on an 83 point list, and told the BroGos to make a list to that point total.  When Ben asked me how much the HQ tank was I said “5 points” and he assumed that each T-72 was the same cost, so he made a list that we found out afterwards was only 78 points. Hhe could have had one other T-72! It also turned out we added a two tank Leopard 1 platoon and forgot to add the points, so Team Brogo could have had a few other items as well, 11 points is a huge difference in this game.

Below is what our lists looked like.

Soviet Red Banner Tank Division
T-72 Tank Battalion HQ – 1x T-72 (5 pts)
T-72 Tank Company – 5 x T-72 (22 pts)
T-72 Tank Company- 5 x T-72 (22 pts)
T-72 Tank Company- 4 x T-72 (17 pts)
BMP-1 Motor Rifle Company – 4x AK-74 with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-1 (6 pts)
BMP-1 Recon Platoon- 2x BMP-1 (2 pts)
Carnation Platoon, 3 2S1 Carnations (5 Points)
78 Points

West German 1st Panzer Division
Formation1: Panzer Company
HQ-1x Leo2 (11 Points)
Panzer Plt  3 x Leo2 (33 Points)
Panzergrenadiers 3x Marders, 2x Milan, 3 x G3 Teams (7 Points)
Jaguar 1 (3x Jag) 6
Formation 2: Aufklarungs Company
HQ x 1 Leo1 (3 Points)
Luchs Plt 2x Luchs (1 Point)
Luchs Plt 2x Luchs (1 Point)
Panzer Plt 3x Leo1 (9 Points)
Panzer Plt 2x Leo1 (6 Points)
Fuchs Pzgrs 2 x Fuchs w 1 Milan, 3 x G3 teams (4 Points)
Attack Helicopter 2x BoH-105 (8 Points)
89 Points

We rolled up a mission and it came out to be “No Retreat”, which is a bit different that the Flames of War Version of the same name.  First of all, it starts out at night and the defender gets to place 3 minefields on the table prior to start. 

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Iron Maiden: Winners of Wolfie’s Truck

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WWPD and  Battlefront ran a contest where we gave away a unique objective marker for those who send us a picture of their tanks. The response was overwhelming, and we were able to end the contest early. 
I was really impressed with some of the pictures and even more impressed of how many participants we have from around the world.
So here are the winners;
Hugo Carmona, Portugal
Carsten McLean, Canada
Robert Kelly, Canada
Mark Francis, USA
Andre Silva, Portugal
Alex Rainbow, UK
Mattiw Valenti, Italy
Igor Torgeson, USA
Ian Harrington, USA
Dane Tkacs, USA
Kevin Morris, USA
Daniel Lengauer, Germany
Stephen Lee, USA
Sebastien Clement, France
Florian Benzel, Germany
Adam Booker, Australia
Matthew Hartnett, USA
Antti Arajavi, Finland
Chris Potter, UK
Danny Masterovich, USA
… and here are some of the pictures we received:

 From Adam Booker, ‘Panther on Wood”

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Post Industrial Decay & Fruit Based Drinks – plays ADLG at The 2016 Worlds

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“The Worlds” – not the one in Derby, but the global historical multi-ruleset gaming tournament that traces its’ lineage back over a decade and which now was occurring up in its’ most glamorous location ever – Charleroi in Belgium.

This year an intrepid team of Central Londoners made the hazardous journey into post-Brexit Europe by trains, planes and automobiles to take on the world in the biggest and most multi-national competition at this year’s event – L’Art de la Guerre, featuring almost 50 players drawn from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the USA (and us…).

In 6 lavishly (or should that be laddishly?) illustrated match reports you can be astounded by the local architecture, amazed by the quality of painting of the opposition’s troops, puzzled by the near-complete absence of success for the 15mm Condotta army list that did do well in their previous 25mm outing at Devizes, and enlightened by the usual flurry of ADLG hints, rules explanations and insights.

With over 10,000 words, and opponents ranging from as far afield as Han China to as close as a Condotta civil war, these 6 perfectly formed match reports make compelling and convincing reading for anyone considering ADLG, especially those looking for evidence that a game with around 35 DBx bases per side has enough variety in list composition, tactics and general play style to offer repeated playability.

At the end of each report Hannibal is quite rude about my tactics (as usual), a few of the speech bubbles have swearing in them as well (which always goes down well on Frothers), and there is even multimedia accompaniment in the form of a post-event Podcast for you to download and listen to whilst painting your next army!

Read on to see how the Condotta did in teeny tiny 15mm scale playing The Worlds Most Popular Competition-grade Ancients Ruleset – ADLG at The Worlds 2016.

Iron Maiden: My Wish List

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Many of you can accurately say that I beat the Iron Maiden release to death this month! I did feel the need to cap off the month with an article on what my future IM list will look like. I think you may have gathered from my previous articles – and the podcast dedicated to IM – that I really like this book for a lot of reasons.  With IM, Battlefront really changed the scope of the game away from it being an fight based on just tanks, and gave us some really good infantry to disrupt the “meta”. It’s not that the British tanks are bad – in fact they are quite good and appropriately priced – it is just that the strength of this list is the amount of missiles you can throw at your opponent. While tanks do feature on my list, I know going into this that I have to play them differently that I would the Leo’s and T-72s.

So here we go with my 100 point list:

Formation 1: Chieftain Armoured Squadron
HQ: 1 x Chieftains (6 Points)
Platoon 1: 3 x Chieftains (18 Points)
Platoon 2: 3 x Chieftains (18 Points)
Platoon 3: 2 x Swingfire Troop (4 Points)
Formation Total: 46 Points

I know I said my list would be based around the infantry, and here I go spending half of my 100 points on tanks. My defense of that is simple: tanks cost more, and a full up list based on tanks would have a lot more tanks in it.

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15mm Modern Heavy "Juggernaut" Tactical Hardsuits……..

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…….from Evil Bear Wargames.Been off the internet for nearly seven weeks due to maniac tractor driver and his ability to dig through cables and fecking unhelpful internet providers but shit happens, anyway that’s why I haven’t been around any blogs …

Iron Maiden Preview: Armored and Recce Company Detailed

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In the previous article in this series, I spoke about the great British infantry lists contained in Iron Maiden. This article will turn its attention to the other two lists in the book, the Armored and the Medium Recce Companies. For those who have read my other article, you already know that the Mechanized and Airmobile lists are already some of my favorites from IM. The other lists are still pretty good, and I feel they support the mechanized company very well. I will also give some details on the scenarios and paining instructions that are in Iron Maiden, which will wrap up our preview of the formations contained in the book. 

The Chief
The Armoured Company revolves around the Chieftain MBT, which at the time Team Yankee takes place (1985), was being replaced with the Challenger MBT. The Chief represents the British focus on firepower and protection at the expense of speed. In the game, the Chieftain is just a bit slower than the T-72 and has one more point of FA for the non Stillbrew version of its Soviet counterpart. At the cost of 6 points per tank (7 with Stillbrew), the most you can hope to get in a 100 point game is 16, by taking one in the command element, and taking all of the 3 tank troops in the formation list and another 3 tank troop from divisional support. This makes it the closest NATO version of a Soviet tank horde. This is not something I would recommend, since that prevents you from taking anti-air or those great infantry platoons. Maybe at games over a 100 points, where you can mass your tanks and take other platoons in support, this might be an option.

What I do like about the Armoured Company is the price.  You can take the mandatory 7 tanks of this company with Stillbrew armor for 49 points, and then add a mech platoon and some divisional assets to make your 100 point list.  This seems to be pretty powerful.

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Team Yankee: Soviet showcase

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Quantity has a quality

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One of the forces I’ve assiduously avoided for Flames of War is the Russians. It’s not that I don’t like the look of them as a force, I’m just not a big fan of horde lists when it comes to the tabletop. Except for Orks in Epic of course; you …

Team Yankee: Contemplation and Collecting; the Soviets

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Back in December 2015 I covered the Team Yankee demo put on by the guys from Battlefront.  While I liked the game I did state that the period wasn’t my thing and I would pass on fielding an army.  While I read the book Team Yankee and was a fan of the game, I just did not want to collect either army – I never play Americans, and while I have painted a ton of WWII Soviets for friends, I do not have a Soviet army in my collection.  What changed?  Well a few things actually changed my mind which should not surprise anyone.

My first worry stemmed from my work on the Great War line. Ehile I love the period and the game, few folks I know have built a Great War army, and I found it tough, even in the player rich I-95 corridor, to find a lot of folks playing the game. I did worry that Team Yankee would not gain the popularity it deserved. However after a few months, I have seen the popularity of the game grow and a bunch of folks I know play the game.

The Army on parade, oops no Hinds..

The second issue I had was that neither of the two initial armies did much for me.  I cannot explain why this was, but after reviewing Leopard, I got excited about the game and it caused me to look into collecting a Team Yankee army.

The last two issues are the same we call have: time and cost.   I stopped serious painting well over a year ago, the last army I collected was my Napoleonic Brits, which I sent to Ceylon for painting.  When I clean my storage room, and moved my painting area to my part time man cave, I had tons of unpainted men and vehicles.  While I love the Great War stuff, I have a full French and American army in boxes and blisters.  I have 5 each of Plastic Soldier Company and Battlefront Panthers which I won at tournaments still clinging to their sprues.  I just lost the desire to paint.  The other is cost, since starting a new army can cost anywhere from $250-$500.  While I am not cheap, I just wondered if starting a new game after I made a huge investment in Malifaux was worthwhile.  This changed when I realized I had some credit coming from my Great War work with Battlefront, and July being my birthday. I decided to treat myself to a few boxes of Team Yankee.

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Firestorm Bastogne – A WWPD Online Flames of War Campaign

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Starting this month, WWPD will run a “Firestorm Bastogne” Campaign as a global Flames of War campaign. This campaign will run for about six weeks and will give players a chance to fight out the engagements that revolved around the encirclement of Bastogne from 16 to 21 December, 1944. If you are not familiar with Firestorm campaigns, no problem! Basically the campaign map and movement of units on that map will be used to generate battles that players, from around the world, can fight out and report their results from to determine the campaign flow and eventual winning side.

2nd Panzer moves in on CCR/9th Armored Division at Longvilly

A battle at Longvilly plays out on the table top

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Iron Maiden the Last Wave and a Freebie!

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In this article – the last of three that are focused on the new releases coming out for Iron Maiden – we have a bit of surprise for you.  The folks at Battlefront are releasing a new mini version of the Team Yankee rules in the new Charlie’s Chieftain boxset deal.   The mini rules are 90 pages and cover everything except the data on the forces of the game.  I like this move since you will get the info on the forces either from the books or the cards when you buy the models.   I am guessing here, but Battlefront sent me a picture of the sticker that announces that a particular box has the mini rules, so maybe we will see the mini book in other releases and maybe re-releases of the three previous box sets.  I have some snaps of the new mini rules at the end of this article.

I also said in my second article of this series that I will provide you pictures of the sprues for some of the plastic models.  I finally got my hands on the Scorpion/Scimitar and Spartan/Striker. It looks like unless you find a smart way to make it work with magic or magnets, you will not be able to do swap outs between the two different versions for either model.  Maybe the gun on Scorpion/Scimitar can be magnetized, however the Spartan/Striker looks like it will take more creativity since the rear of the model is so different.  I will be doing the unboxing articles in the future and I will see what can be done to give you some flexibility.



On to the new stuff.   This article will detail the resin and metal releases that are coming out with Iron Maiden. Much like the metal and resin of Leopard, we are looking at infantry and support vehicles.

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Battle Report – 65 Point Game of TANKS by Gale Force Nine

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I finally got in a game of TANKS, which I wrote an unboxing article about earlier. I would like to start by thanking Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for providing me with the Terrain and Gaming Space for this article. The Tanks within are …