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Halo Ground Combat

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I went all the way to Salute but didn’t say anything about Spartan Games next entry into the HALO universe? To be fair I just ran out of time on the last post, so here’s the images from my wander past in all their glory. Unfortunately it was right at …

Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

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After our first test game of Sharp Practice, we wanted to do a proper scenario, so I chose Scenario Six: Rescue Mission from the rulebook. The backstory went like this: A Confederate spy, Annabelle, was apprehended in a farmhouse by a small force of Union soldiers. The Confederates have mounted a rescue mission while the … Continue reading Rescuing Annabelle – Sharp Practice AAR

15mm USA Walkers – Clockwork Goblin

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   Two USA Walker Mech’s! finally finished…..   I’m still on a 15mm “What-if” roll, this time with some modified Clockworkgoblin US Mech “Walkers” These are lovely two piece casts, and so open to modifying. Ive only…

Battlelore standards

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Jess and I spared over a game of Epic Battlelore last night as I finally finished up most of the major.Jessica handily beat me (I could not roll worth a damn) but it was nice to play and see my boys out on the table. I think I used the first Epic scena…

Team Yankee : A Bedtime Story

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By Brian Sherry
Ah, the 1980s.  The time of my youth.  Who can forget Red Dawn, Rambo, The Day After, Reagan, Andropov (who?) and Star Wars (both kinds)?  Well, I can’t and having had a father in the National Guard and an unhealthy (and continuing!) obsession with military topics, I was fascinated by the prospect of WWIII and a war with the Soviet Union.
 My father set the tone by telling me in the early 80s that, if they so chose, the Soviets could be in France and on the English channel in 3 days.  He told me his 13F MOS (Forward Observer) had a very short life expectancy if the balloon went up.  I was terrified and fascinated by the Soviet war machine and its weapons like the Hind-D, as well as our own wonder weapons like the AH-64 Apache and the Stinger missile. 
Fast forward approximately 30 years approximately 30 years later and one of my favorite games, Flames of War, has reincarnated into a new version called Team Yankee. 
 Based on the book by Harold Coyle, Team Yankee is a miniatures game of the mid-80s Cold War gone hot.  Seeing the fantastic models and reading the rulebook (filled of course with gorgeous pictures of said models on great gaming tables) I was hooked.  I quickly obtained starter-sized armies for both sides (okay maybe a bit bigger than starter-sized) and got painting in a frenzy. 
Due to family and other demands, I don’t get to game as often as I would like these days.  Luckily I do have a rather agreeable game room and a good supply of 15mm terrain.  I was able to play a small game with a buddy but that was before I had painted anything.  So, in order to get my teeth into the Team Yankee system with all my shiny new toys, I decided to play a decent-sized solo game. 
The scenario I chose was “Dust Up” which consists of a meeting engagement between the two forces, with reserves potentially arriving from Turn 3.  Each side had two objectives in their deployment zones, and the zones were diagonally opposite halves of the board along the long table edge.  The combatants can achieve victory if either side suffers a morale failure, or seizes control of an objective in their opponent’s deployment zone. 
To keep the game reasonably short, as I was playing later in the evening, I made two approximately 75-point forces.  I am still learning the game, so I apologize for any rules errors in advance.
1x M1 Command tank

2x 2 M1 platoon
2x 2 M1 platoon
2x Mech Inf Platoon with M113, 8 teams per platoon with law and dragon
2x VADS M113
2x ITV M113
2x Cobra Helicopter
2x A-10 Warthog flight


1x Command T-72
7x T-72 Company
6x T-72 Company
1x BMP Command w Ak47 team
4x BMP with 4 AK 47 team and 3 RPG-7 team
2x Gopher SA-13
2x Mi-24 Hind Helicopter


Each side had to hold half their units in delayed reserve.  The Soviets deployed their larger T-72 company and the Hinds, along with the force commander tank. 
Across town, the M1s set up behind buildings, and the VADS deploy to cover them from air threats.

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2 games in 2 Days!

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Now then,I have been lucky enough to have 2 games this weekend!Firstly on Saturday James popped down for a game of Battlegroup Kursk. It was only a small game, based mostly on the introductory scenario in the Kursk book. It went really well and I like …

On the Painting Table

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I’ve recently realised that it’s almost a year since I started painting 15mm ACW figures – and I’m still going! If anything, playing Sharp Practice 2 has motivated me even more to add to my forces. Fortunately, there’s enough in the lead pile to keep me occupied for a while. On the painting table (or better, … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Team Yankee – My first adventure into 15mm gaming

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By Patch 

Hey there Team Yankee fans, I guess this is somewhat of an introduction for myself as one of the new writers for Team Yankee here at WWPD. I have been writing for a few years over on the 28mm Bolt Action side of WWPD, so if any of you have ventured there you may recognise the name or at least have read some of my articles (hopefully!). I am a father of three under four years, Australian and live in Canberra. 

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15mm Modern African Militia "The Northside Boyos"……..

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…from Peter Pig and Old Glory.The pictures were taken for the AHPC 2015 for the numbers rather than the detail and then boxed up in storage until a man cave can be sorted!This is a real rag tag force but quite heavily armed for anything other than a …

Gruntz AAR – The Battle for Discoville

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I actually managed to play a game last night! Yes, it’s true!! And I’m writing about it now!!! I’ve not had much time for gaming since I moved to Ireland to take up a new job (check out the project I am working on at It’s awes…

Israeli Ch’ir Anti-Tank Platoon

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My final installment, for now anyway, of my 1967 Israeli army is the Ch’ir Anti-Tank Platoon.  This platoon consists of two Jeeps with 106mm recoilless rifles mounted on the back.  I was super excited about getting these on the table.  T…

Hill Making Tutorial

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By Luke Melia

War gaming hills.  They are an integral part of the terrain features on all of our tables no matter what system we play.  Hills also provide depth to tables, block line of site and provide cover from enemy fire.  When people have asked me over the years what types of terrain they should make first for their tables, I always say “hills” without question.  There are a lot of different techniques for making hills and there is, by no means, a right or a wrong way of making them.  Terrain is a very personal thing for me.  Ultimately you have to be happy with the way any piece of terrain looks on your table.  To that end, I would remind everyone that this is the way I like to build hills an it works well for me.   If you have some alternate methods please feel free to share on our forum. 

I am going to show you a couple of different types of hills and rocky outcroppings that I have been working on.

You start with pin (or blue) insulating foam. You as several choices in the thickness of the board.  This will determine how tall your hills will be.  I chose two inch thick so I would get more height, specifically for the rocky outcroppings.  I use a jig saw to cut out the rough shape of the hill then use a Styrofoam cutter that you can purchase from any hobby or craft store to shape the hill into the shape I like.

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Israeli Sayur Platoon

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This is my Sayur platoon for my 1967 Israeli army.  These are some really great little models and as they are Jeeps they are near and dear to me.  These are Combat Patrols and I am not sure if they follow the standard recce rules, but after m…

Israeli M3 TCM-20 Anti-Aircraft Platoon

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Time for more Israeli models.  Next we have the anti-aircraft platoon equipped with M3 TCM-20.  Not too much to say about these.  I am not sure how much AA work they will get to do but they should be hell on infantry and light vehicles.

Israeli Sho’t Platoon

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Continuing on with my Israeli Tank Company, we have the Sho’t platoon.  I was really excited to add these tanks to the army as they are by far the best tanks of the 6 Day War.  Their AT18 can and will kill any tank in the game.  The armo…

15mm pikes

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As the Testudo 30YW pikemen did not come with pikes, I had to find a supply of weapons for the figures.  So, I turned to an old method of mine, by using plastic rod for the pikes.

Way back on this post on my blog, one can see how I used the same tech…

Last of the goblins

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I finished off the goblins from the various Battlelore expansions I have. These included a bunch of hyena-riders (I think–or maybe dogs?).There were six models which makes them about the perfect size for a mounted unit in Dragon Rampant.There were als…

Israeli M50 ‘French’ Sherman Platoon

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This installment of my Israeli P’Lugah Tan’kim for Fate of a Nation is the M50 ‘French’ Sherman platoon.  These are called French Shermans due to the use of the French 75mm gun from the AMX tank.  This gun is based on the German Panther gun f…

Israeli M51 Tan’kim Platoon

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Next up for the Israeli 6 Day War project is the first Tan’kim platoon.  This platoon consists of two M51 Isherman tanks. Pretty much everything I said in the HQ post is true here as they are the same tanks.  I love these models and I am sure…

Israeli P’lugah Tan’kim HQ

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After a very long production drought I am finally back to painting.  My current project is my long neglected Israeli P’lugah Tan’kim army.  For this army I am doing mostly Sherman variants to represent a tank brigade on the West Bank.  F…

Colonel John Innes’s Regiment of Dragoons.

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Now then,Here is the final regiment done for my ECW project. Again, information is scarce so I have made the colours up, Colonel Innes’s Dragoons are green coated, with a generic green flag. it works for me, as most of my troops are either red or blue …

Sir Thomas Astons Dragoons

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Now then,Heres the latest unit, a regiment of dragoons. I have had real difficulty trying to tie down a particular unit, and coat colours etc, so I gave up and just gave this unit yellow coats.The flag is a generic one I found on the net, resized and p…

15mm Modern PMC’s "Black Forest" Security…….

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……and M1151’s from Khurasan Miniatures.10 boys from the Black Forest Security Company and infamous for trying to take out the A-Team and loosely based on the famous Blackwater PMC!Nice figures, the only criticism is the small heads, maybe the beetl…

Prince Ruperts Regiment of Horse

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Now then,Here is my latest Unit for my Civil War project, Prince Ruperts Regiment of Horse. Probably the most well known Royalist Cavalry Regiment of the ECW.Heres a pic of all the Horse Regiments together, led on by Prince Rupert!ECW PAGE – LINKC…

Flames of War – German Mortar Platoon

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Hello! Today something different than 40k. German Mortar Platoon in 15 mm scale from Battlefront Miniatures. Flames of War isnt my favourite game, but they have definitely great miniatures. 15 mm is a perfect balance between scale of battle (10mm) and regular, 28 mm wargaming. I`d like to see 40k in 15 mm <laugh> 🙂[…]