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Ronin Campaign 2 – Capture

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This is the second game in our Ronin mini-campaign. You can read about the first here.The abbot’s body had been crucified and left in a wasteland for the birds to peck at as a warning to the monastery. Naturally the monks wanted to recover the body and…

Equipping the cabin with New Terrain

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Oh its been a hard month of no gaming as we decided to invest in a whole new look for the table at the cabin. Biting the bullet we gathered together all the terrain boards and scenery and stuck the whole lot on Ebay. As regular readers will know I do a…

15mm German Light Mechpanzer Spinne Platoon

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At Reveille, the Bristol show last year I spent a little time looking at the models and talking to the guys at Clockwork Goblin Miniatures about their great 15mm (and 28mm) alternative World War Two infantry, walkers and tanks, called War Without End. In the end I bought a single blister, a 15mm US Kodiak […]

Ronin Campaign 1 – The Skirmish

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We began a Ronin mini-campaign last week. The campaign involves building a buntai (warband) and dividing it into three groups. Each group is assigned to one of three scenarios: skirmish (= encounter), capture and defence. After all three scenarios have…

By Fire and Sword – new players, new game. Ogniem i Mieczem – nowi gracze, nowa gra.

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This game I was planned few weeks ago. I have invited few gamers, however some of them were not able to attend, but this not problem and still will be opportunity to have some game. All right, back to the game. For this one, played last Thursday I have invited Neal and Sandy. Sandy have a large collection of 15mm Osmans, so we decided to use it against my Poles. I was umpired the game, the same as commanded the Polish forces together with Neal, who will be building another Polish forces for this game – good new fo me!
Tą grę zaplanowałem już kilka tygodni temu. Zaprosiłem do niej kilka osób, niestety części z nich nie udało się wziąć w niej udziału, jednak nie jest to problemem, ponieważ na pewno nadarzy się jeszcze wiele okazji by spotkać się przy stole. Powracamy zatem do gry. Do tej rozegranej w ostatni czwartek zaprosiłem Sandiego i Neala. Sandy posiada dużą kolekcję Osmanów w skali 15mm i postanowiliśmy ich użyć przeciwko moim Polakom. Oprócz prowadzenia gry również dowodziłem polskimi oddziałami wspólnie z Nealem, który notabene będzie budował siły Rzeczpospolitej do tej gry – co mnie ogromnie cieszy!


MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI: Sandy Gilespie, Bartek Żynda

1. Forces. Siły.

(Bartek Żynda, Neal)
Polish Skirmish forces (1667-76)

Colonel (4 orders)
Rotamaster (1 order)

Pancerni banner with rohatynas (3 bases)
Cossack style cavalry banner with rohatynas (3 bases)
2 x Cossack style cavalry banner (3 bases)
2 x Pancerni banner (3 bases)
2 x Dragoons banner (2 bases)
(Sandy Gilespie)
European Eyalet Skirmish forces

Sanjakbey (3 orders)
Aga (1 order)

6 x Ala of European Sipahi (3 bases)
Segbani (10 bases)
2 x Jemat beshli (3 bases)
Jemat gönüllü (3 bases)

2. The game. Gra.

Because our forces have similar points in strength and recce, we have played the Patrol Fight scenario. Quickly I realised the mistake in my list. I should not replacing Cossacks style cavalry on Dragoons, as the first one would be much better in this kind of battle, The infantry was useless in this game, as it was in majority the cavalry battle. Very quickly I have realised the true strength of the Osman cavalry and specially the European Sipahi and their long spears!!! Because of them my attack has been stopped and repulsed and then new units charged on me, crushing them very easily. Besides of the spears and armour, Sandy had magnificent dice rolling too. Our game finished after 5 turns with Osman strategic victory. Both gentlemen we are happy from the game and its mechanic, so more games to come in the future!
Ponieważ nasze siły były porównywalne w punktach siły i zwiadu, rozgrywaliśmy Walkę Patroli. Dość szybko zdałem sobie sprawę z mojej błędnej listy. Nie powinienem zamieniać jazdy kozackiej na dragonów, ponieważ ci pierwsi byli by lepsi w tego rodzaju bitwie. Piechota była bezużyteczna w tej grze, ponieważ w większości była to bitwa kawaleryjska. Dość szybko przekonałem się tez o  prawdziwej sile osmańskiej kawalerii, szczególnie europejskich sipahów i ich kopiach!!! Ze względu na nich mój atak został zatrzymany i odparty i nowe oddziały zaszarżowały na mnie, miażdżąc mnie z łatwością. Oprócz kopii i pancerza,Sandy miał tez niesamowite rzuty kośćmi. Nasza gra skończyła się po 5 turach ze strategicznym zwycięstwem Osmanów. Obaj panowie byli zadowoleni z gry i jej mechaniki, więc spodziewajcie się następnych gier.

15mm US Grizzly Medium Walker

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At Reveille, the Bristol show last year I spent a little time looking at the models and talking to the guys at Clockwork Goblin Miniatures about their great 15mm (and 28mm) alternative World War Two infantry, walkers and tanks, called War Without End. In the end I bought a single blister, a 15mm US Kodiak […]

New Rivers

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Several years ago Battlefront released a set of river section with two bridges.  At the time I really wanted these rivers but I figured I have time to pick them up.  That was before I realized that BF terrain sets are all limited editions.&nb…

Double Duty: Making 28mm Work In 15mm, Part 1

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The market for 15mm miniatures and models has exploded in the last few years.  That’s a good thing.But, we as gamers are hard to satisfy, and sometimes we look for alternate sources, alternate uses for things.  We tend to repurpose and approp…

Panther Comparison

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I recently assembled a few Battlefront Panther A models and I thought you might find a little comparison post interesting.  Below are some pictures of the BF Panther compared to the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) Panther.  The PSC model is bui…

Punic Wars Roman

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Two more units of my Punic Wars project…..This is a unit of Triarii, the most senior legionaries in the army.  In this period they were armed with thrusting spear not pilum. The cavalry or Equestrians, a small body of mounted men recruited …

February 17 club night

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We had about 18 players out at the club last night with lots of variety. In addition to two games of Warmachine, Scott put on a game of Bolt action WW2. Scott was on about the “VD launcher” several times–some sort of French daly war melee weapon?…

WIP Wednesday! Going big, and going tiny!

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So, this week’s WIP Wednesday has a little bit of everything- conversion, miniatures, BIG minatures, and miniminiatures.  Come on in at look around!First up, we have Ali’s mound of metal from last week.  She’s made some good progress, splitti…

Bringing and Buying at Cavalier

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I’m on holiday this week and for nine whole days I can relax a little, catch up on some sleep and spend some much needed quality time with my family. We have lots of plans for trips out as usual, culminating for me with a visit to the Cavalier&nbs…

The Sunday News! February 15th

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This weekend Hobby time was a little rough to come by due to weather, but the Undead Menace managed to make it to LXG Headquarters, so this Sunday News was her and the Second Class Elitist.  All the Hobby News that fit to print!Thanks again for wa…

Roman Hastati!

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The first major part of my Punic Wars Roman army has been completed.  I fought through the basing, which is my least favorite part of the hobby!Here are 192 Hastati, divided into 4 Legions each legion has 48 Hastati.  As you can see I have go…

Drop in to ACP’s new Kickstater!

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It’s Kickstarter season again, and the first one out of the pipe is a beauty! ACP Games has really outdone themselves with an amazing kit that anyone in 10mm, 15mm, or even 28mm is going to want to have- the Vanir Dropship.  Load up and let’s go!1…

Protect the King!

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“Oh stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians that we lie here, trusting their words.”

For me these words entered legend in my youth. The 300 Spartans fighting for Freedom against the monstruous Persians. Not a myth in a strict sense, but the deed of these Spartans still echoes, and is often a synonym of bravery, and a will to fight for their own ideas, and Freedom. In a way, it is a good story, and what is a myth: a great story, with a morale (sometimes), and full of great deeds.

I had pledged for the War and Empire kickstarter, and amongst the packs, there was the “Death of Leonidas”. I just couldn’t resist and had to paint the minis. So here they are, Forged in battle 15mm representing the Death of the Spartan king, with LBMS shields this time. The dio will serve as a camp for my Art de la Guerre armies. These minis were a joy to paint. the sculpting is great, Forged in Battle is now one of my favourite brand.

Il s’agit d’une saynète en 15mm représentant la mort de Léonidas aux Thermopyles. Les figurines sont des Forged in Battle, issues de leur kickstarter. elles sont très simples à peindre et sont plutôt bien détaillées. Un régal à peindre, vous en verrez bientôt. 

Cette saynète tient sur un rectangle de 8*4cm, afin d’en faire un bagage pour mes armées ADG.

Draxxon Army: Draxxon Power Armor

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I’ve added another addition to my own draxx army, this time its a repurposed Zoids mini-diorama model done in matching colours to my draxx forces. This model I got for a song off ebay quite a while ago. It’s not one of the expensive model kits, nor the old ones from yesteryear, this one is […]

Punic Wars Roman

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This is what 192 Roman and Allied Hastati look like.  They are all painted and given a good coat of Army Painter Dark Tone, also they are based into their four ‘Legions’ Red and White shields are Roman.  Blue and Yellow are Allied.Next up is …

RON – Nowy zaciąg. P-LC – New units.

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Nowy zaciąg do moich oddziałów do Ogniem i Mieczem. Tym razem to trzy chorągwie jazdy kozackiej (jedna z rohatynami) i dwie podstawki dowódców. Wszystkie figurki pochodzą od Wargamera.
New units for my forces for By Fire and Sword. This time they are three banners of Cossack style cavalry (one with rohatynas) and two command bases. All figures are from Wargamer.
Jazda Kozacka z rohatynami:
Cossack style cavalry with rohatynas:
Jazda Kozacka:
Cossack Style Cavalry:
Wszystkie nowe jednostki:
All new units:
Mój cały podjazd:
My whole skirmish set:

War Printer

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As mentioned in previous posts, I have a RepRap 3d printer that I have been using to print bits for wargaming. It has its own page where I will be putting more in-depth posts on the printing side of it.Check it out:War Printer 

The Sunday News- February 8th

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Back from TempleCon, to bring you all the news from a week in the world of wargaming!I know we had hoped to shoot this at Templecon, but with only being there one day, there simply wasn’t time to get the footage in.  So, back in the room we go. &n…

ADLG in Aniche part IV! Meet the Indians

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As you might have notived, I’m not very active on the blogging front. Well, new job, painting, daughter… Too many reasons for me not to be there. Anyway, tomorrow, I’ll go to Oxford with a few friend from Central London to attend a one-day ADLG event…

HMS Steady

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H.M.S. Steady, possibly the most inappropriately named vessel in the Royal Navy and built under contract by Vanvlak Industries. The Monopaddlewheel is seen patrolling offthe coastof Fernandea with a Sopwith Archaeopteryx drone ready to be launched.&nbs…

15mm Napoleonic French Army- At least the start of one!

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We have a customer who has been collecting 15mm Napoleonics for years (along with ACW and AWI) and we recently started painting up his collection of Napoleonics. There are at least 10,000 figures to do and this batch is the first 450-500 or so. Almost …