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Leopard Panzertruppen: Bella Fleck and the Flecktarn

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When the Panzertruppen supplement came out for West Germany, I quickly downloaded a copy, it seemed like a great list to get my Leopard 1s on the table and the infantry mounted in M-113 APCs have 3 Milan teams per platoon vice the 2 of the infantry in Marders. So I wanted to get another blister of infantry for my German force.  I have some Command Decision M-113s and picked up 4 more from the Vietnam period during Battlefront’s Halloween sale.

With the Panzertruppen supplement you can not only field a Leo1 and M-113 company, you can also get a Fuchs formation to boot. The lists here are a must for anyone who wants to field a ton on Leopard 1 tanks. Since I have 9 of them I can field the HQ, 2 full platoons of 3 Leos each and maybe a platoon of 2 then and then grab an M-113 troop for about 35 points.

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Siege of Savannah.

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Our last Friday night game was a 15mm AWI game based on the siege of Savannah. The French were in the centre and on the right flank.  The French launch their attacks at the British held town while a ship starts blasting away in support. …

PBI WW2 game.

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Now then,I have just met up with mate Al, who kindly put on a game of Poor Bloody Infantry in his cool gaming shed. I have never played PBI before, so wasnt sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised.The game plays really smoothly,(although we mis…

Encounter at Gap’s Crossing – Sharp Practice AAR

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Last weekend, Sigur came over for a game of Sharp Practice. It was his first game, so we played the Encounter scenario, which I hadn’t played for a while. We rolled dice for sides and Sigur got the Union, which had five groups of regulars, one of skirmishers and one of Cavalry. My Confederates had … Continue reading Encounter at Gap’s Crossing – Sharp Practice AAR

15mm Israeli and US M109 Self Propelled Howitzers from…..

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……Battlefronts Team Yankee!Painted a while ago and to be honest they are more scenery than anything as they have a real life conventional range of 18km but I like them, not the right version as well but they’ll do me.Added some 15mm extras fro…

Building the British Airborne – Part 1

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Chapter 1 – July 2016

“I’m awfully sorry, but I’m afraid we will need to occupy your house” – Col John Frost – A Bridge too Far

“This is….Everything, 2 .30 cal machine guns, 11 Hawkins Mines, 17 grenades, two bazookas but we only got 8 rounds left, and assorted small arms.  We had a 60mm mortar, but an arty round took it out.  Might as well be spit wads if we run into some tanks.” – Saving Private Ryan

I’ve always been fascinated by the British Airborne’s campaign during Operation Market Garden.  The ambition of it, the audacity, the courageousness it took to hang on that long.  All the books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched, have made it a life’s goal to visit the sites in Holland and see it some day.  And I know it is a relatively competitive force in Flames of War. So I went about collecting it all. But I didn’t want to start assembling it or painting it before I was ready to do it justice.

So to paraphrase the quote above….here is everything….

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C Beams Glitter in the Dark 3

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A set of objective markers from Critical Mass Games for use in the same.The crew are standard heavy weapons from Ground Zero Games posing as technical staff. A better use of spare figures than the lead pile.Some more finished figures to follow along wi…

Napoleonic batrep – The Battle of Pampilhosa – Portugal 1810

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On what may well be our last game of the year (boo….hisss!) some of Posties Rejects met in at Reject HQ to play our first game in quite a while, (its all my fault? Don’t ask?) Postie got the rarely seen British Napoleonic’s out for a little bash in the Peninsular. This was a fictional battle set just after the Battle of Bussaco, in 1810 a French loss.
After their famous victory Wellington decided to retreat back to the Torres Vedras Lines, and in a change to history Junot has followed them and managed to hook around the allied forces and get behind them resulting in a harried defence with the troops at hand both British and Portuguese. Maj-Gen Cole the Allied commander aware of the French force chose the best defensible terrain, he can find and waits for the French.
You can see Lee’s report of the game, here!
Order of Battle
French c/o General Junot (Lee)
  1st Division – c/o Clausel
     1st Brigade – Monard
        4/19th, 4/25th, 4/28th, 4/34th + Medium Gun Battery
     2nd Brigade – Tavein
        4/15th Legare, 4/46th, 4/75th + Light Gun Battery
     3rd Brigade – Godart
        22nd Line (4)
  2nd Division – c/o Solgnae (Ray)
      1st Brigade – Gratien
         15th (3) & 86th (3) + Medium Gun Battery
      2nd Brigade Tomieres
         65th (4), Irlandais Rgt (1), Regt de Prusse (1)
   Cavalry Division c/o Seinte-Croix
      1st Brigade
         1st Dragoons, 2nd Dragoons
      2nd Brigade
         4th Dragoons, 9th Dragoons
      3rd Bridage
         14th Dragoons, 26th Dragoons + Horse Artillery Battery
      4th (Reserve) Brigade – Ornans
         15th Dragoons, 25th Dragoons

British – c/o Maj-Gen Cole (Ian)
    4th Division – Maj-Gen Cole
       1st Brigade – Campbell
          2/7th, 1/11th, 2/53rd, 5/69th (1 Company) + 1 Medium Gun Battery
       2nd Brigade – Kemmis 
          2/27th, 1/40th, 1/97th, 5/60th (1 Comp)
       3rd Brigade – Collin (Portuguese)
          11th (2), 23rd (2) + Light Gun Battery
    5th Division – Gen Leith (John)
       1st Brigade – Barnes
          3/1st, 1/9th, 2/38th + Light Gun Battery
       2nd Brigade – Spry (Portuguese)
          3rd (2), 15th (2), Tomar Militia
       3rd Brigade – Eben (Portuguese)
          8th (2), Loyal Lusitanian Legion (3)
    Cavalry Division (Surj)
       1st Brigade – De Grey
          3rd Dragoon Guards, 4th Dragoons
       2nd Brigade – Slade
          1st Dragoons, 14th Light Dragoons
       3rd Brigade – Anson
          16th Light Dragoons, 1st Hussars KGL + Horse Artillery Battery

The French plan was simple, attack the Allied right flank in force and hold the centre and hopefully hold our left where both sides had most of their Horse.
Our left of the battlefield
It was pretty open?

The Allied centre was very strong. 3 units of British line and an artillery piece.
Trouble was there was lots of rough ground at the bottom of the hill, which would disordered any
formed unit that passed through it. So it would kinda funnel our attack, which obviously
wouldn’t be good??
On our left were 4 regt of Dragoons and a Horse artillery.

Warning Dodgy photo alert!!
This is 1 of many blurry pics taken that day??
I moved, unlimbered an fired my Horse Artillery….
1 x D6 needing a 6
Bang a 6! I scored a hit with the first shot of the game, knocking a figure from Ian’s artillery who were about to fire on my Dragoons, it fell back disordered!
Here come the boys!!
Blurry pic 2
T’was the first outing for the regt  Irlandais and regt de Prusse
Surj was being very cagey with his Cavalry. He did have Hussars and some Light Dragoons.
And didn’t want to tackle our Dragoons, which I can understand, but after all its all on the dice??

In the foreground is Ian’s poor artillery piece that’ll be heading back soon, in the morale phase.
He also started to come off the hill with some of the Brits.
We had some off board Dragoons, we could choose where they entered but not when.
Lee threw a 5, which meant they came on at the end of our first turn, which worked great for us.
And Not for the Allies!!
A broad pic of the mid left of the field.
Surj moved slowly forward with his Horse, while I jockeyed into position, I wasn’t going forward….they could come to me.
Centre right, my troops on the left are just trying to stop the Brits from moving
to their left and help out the Portuguese on the other hill.
John very wisely moved the Lusitania Legion, down into the fields to harray Lee’s
advancing columns.
Just to the right of the pic above, our plan was to attack the Portuguese flank on
the hill, Lee’s troops on the road were our main battering ram, although we had to battle through
the Lusitania Legion and their attached artillery.
Dead in the centre…
It does look a great defensive doesn’t it?
Helicopter view
Blurry pic 3
The Brits in the centre, start to move left to squeeze in another line unit,
They also start to move the Portuguese reserve troops off the hill in the top left of the pic.
So I moved forward with some troops and also went into line with others, to hopefully stop them moving more troops over.
Very Blurry pic 5
Lee charged the Lusitanian skirmishers that were in the field, they very wisely retreated.
While he moved the rest of his columns up into charge range.
And charge is what he did, apart from the column next to the field??
Last turn the Tit moved it right up to the edge of the hedge (ala Fran stylie)
Which meant any move forward would mean he’d be disordered.
1 column charged….the 1st & 2nd Batt 3rd Portuguese Line both fled!
Lee positioned  his 2 columns to hit the Tomar Militia and the 1st 15th on the flank.
We pushed our 2 Dragoon units up the centre of the field.
All looks good…
And good it was…..for us anyway.
Lee charged across his lines, all John had to do was throw 4 or below on a D6
he then threw 5,6,5,6,5,6.
Which meant one by one the entire Portuguese Division retired of the hill disorganized!!
Surj worked it out to be a 3 million/1 chance!
So this is how it ended that turn?
There’s one Portuguese unit left on the hill, but even that one is disorganized.
And we have a lone column following up on its initial charge on the far hill.

A view from the Portuguese lines..
In utter disarray the Allies threw in the towel, much to Surj’s disgust!
A baptism of fire for the Tomar Militia’s first ever outing.
They only threw one dice the whole game, that resulted in them fleeing!
Our plan worked to the T, there were no hiccups and we only had a few minor changes along the way, which makes a change!! I was surprised that Surj didn’t attack with his Horse, I know we had the Heavier Horse, but he could very well have swung the battle back in their hands. If it was me I’d have attacked, he must have known we weren’t going to attack on on left, it just didn’t make any sense?? But then again, we are playing with little lead figures aren’t we?????

The Battle of Pampilhosa – Portugal 1810

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On Sunday some of Posties Rejects gathered in the shed-o-war to play a neat little Napoleonic, Peninsular War game. This was a fictional battle set with historical forces pitting French forces against a mixed force of British and Portuguese in a strong…

Aurelian and Druid

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I didn’t get to the club this week but I did get a few gams in. Jess and I have been continuing to play through Red November, trying to get a win against the mechanics. Sheesh.Last week, Bruce hosted a game of Aurelian (Rome v Hairys). The scenario was…

More 15mm Hazmat Troopers for Zombie or even Modern Gaming…….

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….and I see some of you are on Been a while but motivation is lacking a bit………I’ve had these for a while but you can’t beat an old classic from Khurasan, these are more a military unit rather than the previous private c…

End of Year Sale at Ravenstar Studios

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Its that time of the year, Our END OF THE YEAR SALE… and this will be the biggest ever.Starting November 15th until the 20th, for 5 days you will get 40% off all purchases.Starting November 21st until the 25th , you will get 35% off and then fromNove…

Team Yankee: Chieftain painting guide 2 (final steps)

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Final result of the Chieftain Mk5with BOAR camouflage.

Here is the continue the painting of the Chieftain Mk5 painting guide for my coming BOAR force.
For previus steps see this bloog post: Team yankee chieftain painting guide 1

Step 9: Hand painting step, I used following colours for the painting:
Tracks –  Vallejo 70.836 London Grey
Rubber pads and road Wheels – Vallejo 70.980 Black green
Gun and vision slots – Vallejo 70.995 German grey
Heat cover on gun –  Vallejo 70.988 Khaki

This is all hand painting done, not very time consuming.

Step 10: I paint gloss varnish Before applying decals I also use Vallejo decal fixer after positioned the decals. Wait over night so the decals attach properly.

Step 11: Satin varnish with Air brush on complete tanks.

Step 12: Wash step, I use oil wash sins it´s cheap and effective. I use oil Paints from Winston newton. I make an mix with 30% Burnt Siena and 70% Payns grey and dilute it heavily with god quality thinner. Then do I cover the complete tank with the wash.
Wait for 15-20min
Then can I take an brush with some thinner and Clean the areas where the wash is to heavy or where I don´t want the wash.

Step 13: Mig Dark Mud wash on the tracks and other areas subjected to mud.

Step 14: Pigment, I make an mix of following Vallejo pigments:

  • 25% Burnt Umber
  • 25% Nature Siena
  • 50% Light Siena
I thin the mixture with thinner to an milky contens. I apply the mixture in the tracks and road wheels and bazooka covers. I let it dry for several hours. Then i brush of the excess pigments to create the amount of dirt I want.
Step 15: Final mat varnish coating with Vallejo 62.062 Matt Polyurethane varnish. The best matt varnish on the market according to me.
And here is the final resut:

Building an ACW Observation Balloon

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Some time ago, I read a very enjoyable book by Charles Evans, War of the Aeronauts. It deals with ballooning during the American Civil War, especially with Thaddeus S. C. Lowe’s Union Balloon Corps. It’s an interesting story which again shows that, if the Civil War was the last napoleonic war with regards to the … Continue reading Building an ACW Observation Balloon

Rebel Minis Animech Kickstarter Launches, Funds In Four Hours

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Hello, folks.  JBR here with a special self-serving announcement on behalf of Rebel Minis.Rebel Mike and I have been working to bring our 15mm Animal Mechs to Kickstarter. Sunday the 6th was launch day.The project funded in four hours, and br…

Team Yankee: Cheiftain painting guide 1 (air brush step)

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As I mentioned in previous post will i document my painting steps for the Chieftain tanks for Team Yankee. The models are assembled with plastic glue and look rely good. I paint the turret, body and the tracks seperat it´s easier to get coverage in all locations and ad the masking for the camouflage.

I use an Iwata Pro+ for the air brush painting and it works well for me. As with all airbrushes it´s important to clean and keep them in good condition. I usually clean my 3-4 time a year with ultrasonic cleaner + pro paint cleaning fluid. This helps to remove paint in areas that are not possible to reach with brush or cotton tip. 
I also use steel balls in my paints to get them mixed well in the bottle. It makes the paints survive for longer periods and will work better in the air brush.
Here is my painting steps.
Step 1: Priming I use Vallejo primer 73.612 straight from the bottle
Step 2: Dark base coat to get shadows. MIG 931. Important to cover all underside areas where you would get shadows.

Step 3:  Base coat. MIG 932. Even coverage on all parts. 
Step 4: High light 1. MIG 933. First high light. This is the time when you need to decide of how your high light should work. There are to options. Either normal zenitial lighting including panelling or colour modulation. I prefer colour modulation because the models get´s an more depth and especially when I paint 15mm models. But it also takes mode time sins you have to mask and paint each panel separate.  So this is the first result of the modulation cover 50-70% of the base coat.
Step 5: High light 2. MIG 934. Second high light same method as Setp 4 but only 20-30%
Step 6: Masking. I use normal blue tack to mask this hard edge camouflage.  It´s time consuming but gives an good result and sharp edge towards the base coat.
Step 7: Camouflage base. Valejo 72.751. Base coating of camouflage important to keep the airbrush 90deg towards the surface.

Step8: Camouflage high light. 50/50 mix of Valejo 72.751 and 72.749 and added some acrylic air brush thinner. Same panelling method but for the high light cover gradual to 50% of base coat.

This is the air brush steps. I like the result. The contrast between camo and base coat if nice but and will look good on the table.Next is to paint tracka and and add decals. More about that in next blogg post.

Defence in Depth – Sharp Practice AAR

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A long time ago, we played this scenario with the old version of Sharp Practice and our Wars of the Roses adaptations. This time, we followed the guidelines for scenario three – ‘Defence in Depth’ – from the new Sharp Practice rulebook. The Union, commanded by me, was to be the attacker, while K. took the … Continue reading Defence in Depth – Sharp Practice AAR

November 1 Club Night

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We had 12 guys out at the club last night. Bruce hosted Chen and I in a game of Aurelian. I played the Romans. I fiddled around a lot with the bases and neglected to recognize the importance of the hill on my left…Bruce put his barbarian heavies in t…

C Beams Glitter in the Dark 2

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Plasma cannons for ARC forces in Critical Mass – figures from Ground Zero Games.These where undercoated for last year’s Analogue Painting Challenge and have only recently been completed.Most likely, this year’s challenge will see more 15mm Sci Fi figur…

Flames of War – Painting Japanese Army Infantry for the Pacific Theater

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The Japanese used a variety of uniforms during World War II which varied in function and coloration (sometimes quite dramatically). In Rising Sun, Battlefront provided a painting guide for Japanese infantry and gunners based on the uniforms fielded in 1939. Unfortunately with the release of Banzai, the painting guide has not been updated to reflect the uniform colors common in the Pacific War. Of course, the figures themselves are the same as the ones released in support of Rising Sun, so there will be some variations between the miniatures and some of the fine details of the actual later war uniforms. However, updating the color palette will give your force a more Pacific War feel to it.

The Uniform

Any time I try to color-match paints to photographs or historical artifacts, I create a color swatch over the primer color I’m using for that batch of miniatures to ensure I match them as closely as possible. Below is the swatch I’m using for my Pacific Japanese – please bear in mind that for all images in this blog entry, the colors will vary somewhat from a true visual color because of the limitations of the scanning process.

At this point I’m still using all Vallejo colors as I have a large library of paints, and see no need to move over to the new Battlefront colors at this time. Battlefront recommended Khaki Grey (880) for Japanese Uniforms when Rising Sun was released. They now recommend the equivalent Comrade Khaki followed by Zhukov Shade with a highlight of Military Khaki. To my eye, these colors are too brown for the Pacific Theater. Japanese Pacific Uniforms tended to be greener than those paints would indicate.
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With a Rebel Yell 8

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A loose couple of figures have been rebased here for use with artillery in whichever ACW game being played.Cheers for now

An update!

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Now then,Its been a while since i updated my blog, however I have been very busy painting and gaming!So whats new?WW2I have finished off my first 1000 points for my late war German list for Flames of War.Here is a few pics of what ive been doing. …

On the Road: Iron Maiden Roll-Out Tournament

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With pictures from Kato Lee

After all the hype over Iron Maiden, I was looking forward to the release of the models and new book that will certainly be a hit for all of us who love Team-Yankee. The folks from Battlefront always like to make a big splash when it comes to a release, and the one on 8 October lived up to the excitement I had for the weeks prior. Battlefront used a series of world wide tournaments to introduce the public to the new line, and I was lucky to have an event near me, at my not so local gaming store Games and Stuff in Glenn Burnie Maryland.

Besides the release I had other reasons to be excited, as Battlefront was holding an 80-point TY tournament with the winner getting an 80 point British army and this event was going to be the test bed for our first “On the Road” podcast that Sean Sarah and I will be putting together for the WWPD community. So Sean and I headed up to Games and Stuff with Ben Gobel and Scott MacLemore in tow, both competing with loaner armies we were able to scrap together for them. Ben used my Soviet army, since I wanted to play with my West German force.  Scott and Sean followed suit and both also fielded 80-point German lists. The 3 West German forces we traveled with with were all based on having 5 Leopard-2 tanks and 4 Gepards.  I had Marders, Luchs, and Jaguars backing up this force while Sean had Leopard-1s from the new Panzertruppen list while Scott used a combo of Jaguar, Luchs and attack helicopters supporting his MBTs. Ben took and interesting force of 2 T-72 platoons of 4 and 5 tanks each, a medium sized BMP company, Shilkas, Carnations, and of-course Hinds to make up his force. Perhaps the best units he picked were the two scout platoons which cause me so much grief.

Around 14 players showed up for the tournament and it was a good mix of all three of the nations represented in the game so far. The event run by Battlefront’s John-Paul Brisigotti and Brian Sayman started off with a “build a Chieftain” contest. The goal was to build a Chieftain from a sprue and the winner was to get an Iron Maiden book.  What made it difficult was the fact that we had no instructions, so I felt I had an edge from doing so many articles on the Chieftain last month.  I finished my tank in less than 5 minutes and was bested by Sean who was accidentally declared the winner on a tank that did not have any machine guns. I plan to give Throck a hard time about this as much as I can.

Right after this, the first games began and because of the large turn out, Scott and I had to play on a table set up with terrain from another game. It was cool to play on a real city table.

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United Arab republic company (PiP)

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Short UAR company

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15mm Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th miniature……

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……….from Khurasan Miniatures!A miniature that turned up in an order many moons ago! More of a Michael Myers/Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween fan though…………Building is a 15mm Timecast painted among others by Raymond!Premier League stats……….