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Ionian War

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Another Basic Impetus ancients campaign. Once again organised and GM’ed by Jim, and once more played over a grid map, but covering a larger and more politically complex area than Egypt.This time the fighting is set near the Ionian coast of Anatoli…

The clock is ticking: painting an army for Saturday

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You’ve read correctly. I need to paint an army for a tournament this coming week-end. Fortunately for me, I already had bits and bobs to soften the pain. For this tournament, I need 200 points of  ******* ( shhh, some might read this blog), and I …

Gamma World 4th Edition AAR, Trouble In the Big E!

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Doctor Merkury

Had Captain ROshon and  Kinzo Slice over for a run through the 4th ed Gamma World for a pre Easter  RPG night!Kinzo became the Cryokinetic sentient Plant and ROshon became an Android Regenerate to form the mighty Gamma Terra team.The adventur…

Entry #3 to the 8th Lead Painters’ League: 15mm Late War German Panzergrenadiers & StuG

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Here is my third entry to this year’s Lead Painters’ League, a section of late war Panzergrenadiers, all festooned in winter camo, StG 44s and riding a hastily whitewashed StuG III.For some reason I’ve always been impressed when seeing photos of infant…

Paint Table Saturday

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Now that planning has started for our big Napoleonic bash in June I’ve decided I need to get my finger out and paint some of the entire division of Saxons I’ve had stashed away. The first unit took 4 hours so it looks good for getting all 144 of the bu…

Change of painting schedule

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So when I started on my 28mm painting extravaganza I started out painting a Soviet force based on the army choices made by some local players. Since then I have played almost exclusively against American forces and so my painting efforts were not leading to getting painted miniatures on the table. So now that I […]

More sanding and basing

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I finished up resanding the bases of some of the 15mm US Airborne that I rebased the other day. I also sanded quite a few of the 15mm Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company German troops. So this morning it was back at basing and I added another platoon of German riflemen and some more support […]

2300: Trouble On Beowulf

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Three posts in one day. I must be doing something wrong. Last night was Mark’s 2300 at the club and an enjoyable bash it was.One of the things I like about hard science fiction is that the planets, even the habitable ones, are pretty unpleasant places …

My not-gone-to-Salute paint table Saturday

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Hi everyone. If you don’t know today’s is one of the most important for us gamers, where do you live? Indeed, many wargamers have gone to the Excel center in East London,to attend to Salute 2014. Lucky you. I won’t go this year, partly because I’d like…

RP No 158 FrenchNYW Chevauleger regt Noailles

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It may well be all over but I’ve not had the time to post my last entry into Curts Challenge,not including the bonus rounds of course!! For my 11th entry I’ve gone back to my 15mm Nine Years War French. The regt is another Chevauleger (Horse) regt. Noa…

15mm Cossack Rabble by Wargamer

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Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around … Continue reading

Later Achaemenid Persian Army Done!

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Now then,4 years in the making (among other things), the Persian army for Impetus is finally complete. The army comes in at 500 points so is big enough for a few options when playing the normal 300 or 400 point games.First of all I have the last units …

Nile Campaign pt3

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The campaign concludes with another Round of map moves and one  final battle.The Blemmy spend a D6 of their victory points, costing five in total, to invite their cousins over to form another army. The new force, afte…

2300: A New Character

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Last night was character generation. I will be playing Senior Scout Andy Smith. It took all evening for the ref to work this through with four players. I think that is more down to the players than the referee. The game will be done in 15mm. Well the w…

Persian Colonist Cavalry

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Now then,These 12 cavalrymen have been sat on my painting desk along with a load of Persian archers for about a year! Well I finally painted them. That pretty much completes the Persian army for Impetus. The archers are painted and im just getting them…

QR Miniatures Pancerni

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Just realised that I’d not posted any pictures of the Pancerni after putting up some carbine-armed horse from QR of Poland.Well, here they are (click on any photo for a larger version)I added the rather oversized lance myself – I think the figures actu…

15mm Modern British Army BsV10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle or Viking for short…….

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………from Old Glory!Received nearly all these vehicles for free from my Secret Santa last year, it took a while to build up the courage to make them (even after contacting Old Glory for a picture), not the best of sculpts and the picture didn’t rea…

Soviet tank painting guide.

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Hello allI got question how I painted my BT-7 and SU-12 vehicles for my Flames of war EW fast tankovy in my previous post (link). I tough it could be good to make a guide how I painted them when I add my next element for the tankovy.I am pleased with t…

More Tiger I for Flames of War

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 A couple of years ago I acquired three late Tiger Ie tanks for a sweet price.  I painted them up and added them to the collection but I really had no idea what to do with them.  To make matters worse I was not playing any late war armie…

15mm Wehrmacht basing

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I’ve been thinking about how to base 15mm figures for Battlegroup. I have some 15mm US Airborne based using Flames of War bases and they look good but they are not really well suited for Battlegroup unless you want to have dice tracking wounds. This isn’t onerous but I was hoping to find a better […]

The Battle of Ronshin 1884 – A Sudan batrep by Postie

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Posties at it again, he doesn’t want a blog himself, “Computers give me a headache” he moans. So another guest post it is then!The Battle of Ronshin 15th March 1884 using  UP EM Rules by me Postie!Yes its me, Postie, doing another guest post on Ra…


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I thought I’d post another picture of Ian’s 15mm cataphracts, that were on the edge of the shot yesterday. The central unit are Essex; nice minis! I have recently recived some lovely “cats” from Keith at Aventine, alas I just don’t have time to pa…

[Longstreet] ACW- US regulars

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What you have here are 31 US regulars in 15mm from Old Glory. Obviously, the references are from the Iron brigade for a simple reason: Sykes was commanding the regulars at Bull Run, and afterwards, when he took command of the soon-to-be Ir…

Basic Impetus Spartan vs Athenian

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BASIC IMPETUS!Now then,After yesterdays game playing bolt action, the lad and myself are up for another game, this time rewinding history a few thousand years to ancient Greece.Now I haven’t had a game of BI for about a year so I have had to re-read th…

Thin red line

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Mate Ian came around at the weekend, and helped me shoot some photos that will later be used to illustrate the rules that I’m currently developing.  The above shows his Successors attacking a Roman Consular army; cataphracts charge on the right!&n…