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Gordon Bennett, it’s El Sid! 5 more ADLG Reports

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ADLG has reinvigorated a whole host of previously little-seen armies and figures, and next up on the rehabilitation trail are some Two Dragons Normans (and dubiously Viking-esque Almughavar morphs) who take part as a Feudal Spanish army in 5 games of 3…

Take that Hill!

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We now feel confident enough with Sharp Practice to try out some additional options. We’ve already had a short game with artillery, which was a bit dull due to the scenario and some really bad dice rolls, so I decided to skip the AAR. Our last game featured cavalry, and this, however, was a blast and … Continue reading Take that Hill!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Miniature Wargaming the Movie

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It seems like an age has passed since I did a Crowdfunding Spotlight here, so I thought I’d draw attention to this very interesting documentary, all about the roots and whole aspect of the miniature wargaming hobby. Containing interviews from industry luminaries, as well as the up and coming too, all in all it sounds […]

A bit of Blücher

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We were having a go at Napoleonics with Jim. 200 points of Spanish vs French in an early Peninsular game. The Spanish hordes managed to hold their lines and beat back the higher quality French. Very nice game, the system is one of our favourites.

15mm Provisional Government Special Forces for Ghost in the Shell

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I got some of my 15s done for Ghost in the Shell games. This batch are Special Forces of the government, troops in flak armor and bioroid support. Also a large military grade drive armor.More to come!

15mm Clone Wars!

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Meanwhile, on the forest moon of Endor, the 501st takes recon duty looking for a reported Separatist strike force led by Count Dooku and Assage Ventress.More to come!

With a Rebel Yell 2

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Here are the first completed stands of the thirty or so infantry stands to have been debased, rebased, washed in Agrax Earth shade and then matt varnished. Twelve are shown below.The figures are thought to be Essex Miniatures and although they look par…

Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

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A bit similar to Chain of Command, the new version of Sharp Practice uses Deployment Points. These are the places from where you can bring your forces on the table, but they also represent the lines of retreat, so it is important not to lose them. While any markers can be used, it is fun to make … Continue reading Deployment Points for Sharp Practice

Flames of War- Game Vault 1500 Mid-War Tournament Recap

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by Eric “Tarzan” Lauterbach

Some days you just get lucky as a tournament organizer – this was one of those days. First we had an even amount of players, then we had equal amounts of Axis and Allied armies with no effort at all. So with those two things happening before we got started it was shaping up to be a easy day for me.

The tournament was a local Virginia, DC, and Maryland player affair at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg.  The store owner had set the theme as open mid-war armies 1500 points. Missions played were one each of the three basic randomly selected by the players at the table. We had Soviets, Brits, US, Germans, and a Hungarian player so the mix of armies was pretty good.

The allies started out strong but the Germans were on the offensive this day!

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Back to the Brushes 109

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Some more work in progress pics of both 6mm Rapier Miniatures Hypaspists and the ongoing rebasing of 15mm Essex ACW Confederates.Shown next to their finished comrades in arms to spur them on to greater things in the future; or something like that.Below…

Grim’s Dark Futures: Blasted Lunar Wasteland Battlemap, now available for download on Wargame Vault!

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Once again I’m back with yet another PDF product in the growing Grinning Skull range, this time with some science fiction themed goodness, may I present to you the: Grim’s Dark futures; Blasted Lunar Wasteland Battlemap. This huge 38 page PDF printable battlemap measures 190cm x 95cm when assembled and is a perfect option for […]

15mm Modern Russian MVD "Vityaz" or Men in Black wearing balaclavas…..

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…..from Armies Armies!Now these are listed as sci-fi on the website but they were the cool looking figures wearing balaclavas and could be loosely based on this unit from the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). A little boring painting in black …

30 Years War, part 2

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Small slivers of progress:

The above pic is a handful of pikemen for my 30 Years War project, Khurasan originals are the three groups from the right, and the two on the left are from Khurasan’s Testudo range.

I am not certain, but these figures m…

A few 15mm monsters

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I’ve spent much of this week building some plastic kits (finally done and primed) so painting was minimal. I did knock off two monsters I found in one of my Battlelore boxes.The guys above is a hill giant that I decided to make an ice giant with some b…

With a Rebel Yell

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The start of another series of entires for the blog picturing the progress of a 15mm Confederate States of America army for both Battle Cry and Fire and Fury.This will included a mixture of second hand figures rebased and washed in Agrax Earth Shade be…

Flames of War – Type 97 Te-Ke Platoon Review

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The Japanese Type 97 Te-Ke tankette was designed as an improvement to the machine-gun armed Type 94 based on the Imperial Japanese Army’s experience in China. While the Type 94 had been useful, especially when deployed en masse against the Chinese, its armor was thin and the vehicle was vulnerable to Chinese anti-tank weapons. While externally the Type 94 and Type 97 tankettes are similar, the Type 97 was truly a completely new vehicle and could be equipped with a 37mm gun or a machine gun as primary armament. In Flames of War, the Type 97 Te-Ke can be fielded as Divisional Support in either a Tank Platoon (three to five vehicles) or a Recon Tankette Platoon (two to three vehicles) in Japanese Lists from Banzai. Battlefront has recently released this tankette as the Type 97 Te-Ke Platoon (JBX05) which contains five vehicles.

The first thing you’ll notice when picking up this particular platoon box is that it is very light compared to other Battlefront offerings in the same-sized box. There is good reason for this.  Opening the box you’ll see that the Te-Ke hull is molded tracks and all as one piece using Battlefront’s new two-part mold process as detailed in their recent factory tour.

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Apocalypse 28mm: Warnings & Notices of the Dead PDF available for download on Wargame Vault!

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Yet again, I’m back with another new PDF, this time with a new addition to the modern horror themed apocalypse range of model detailing; Apocalypse 28mm: Warnings and notices of the dead. This is a collection of modern horror zombie themed signage to add to your models and projects. This PDF can be used with […]

4xD: Paint it grey; The Monotone Monologue

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Now, there must be some of you out there thinking to yourselves that I seem to favour the colour grey quite a bit. Maybe it may be a subliminal reflection upon myself and my psyche, but there is method in my madness. Sure, I have to admit that a great deal of my terrain work […]

Last of the dwarves

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A few days of rainy weather gave me enough time to finish off the last of the Battlelore dwarves that have been patiently waiting on a painting tray for months.These are big dwarves for 15mm figures (probably close to 25mm dwarves). Above we have some …

Factory Building Review

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This is part three in my series of reviews on Battlefront‘s new modern building line for use with Team Yankee.

Battlefield In A Box has been a very good line of accessories for Battlefront’s game systems.  They do not have to be used exclusively for Flames of War or Team Yankee, however, and may be used with any 15mm system.

Today we will be taking a look at the Factory Building, product code BB 192 and retails for $50.00 USD.

The reviews will all be relatively brief since there is no painting or real assembly required. That in itself is my favorite aspect of the Battlefield in a Box series; open the box and you have an automatic piece of terrain without the hassles of gluing things together and painting all for an affordable price.

The model comes in three pieces, all cast resin and fully painted. The model, when assembled, is 3″ tall and 6.5″ long. 

A view from the top of all three parts.

A view of the inside of the roof and a different angle.

Ground level view unassembled.  Please note the detail on the loading doors and the texture of the walls.

Ground level view of the factory from the front facing.

Ground level view of the factory from the rear.

I really like this model.  The color is great and fits the theme perfectly.  It is a bit bigger than the standard house that we have all seen from the Battlefield in a Box line.  It makes for a great terrain on the game table, especially when combined with other pieces of the new modern line. There is a limited amount of shading and highlights. The only detractor may be the price. $50.00 for a building is a lot of money for a single piece of terrain, however the quality is there and it is a lot of resin going into this building.  I plan on purchasing more of these buildings to add to my collection, which is the best recommendation I can give.  If I could change anything, I do wish they would come out with all Battlefront buildings in slightly different colors to give some diversity to the game table. 

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Team Yankee – A10 Warthog Review

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Hey there Team Yankee fans, I recently purchased, put together and painted the A-10 Warthog box set from Battlefront and thought I would share my experience.  Firstly the box set contains two resin A-10’s and comes in at a price tag of USD47.00 which makes it compatible to the price of five plastic M1A1 Abrams.

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The Mississippi Marine Brigade for Sharp Practice

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“SOLDIERING MADE EASY! NO HARD MARCHING! NO CARRYING KNAPSACKS! There will be but very little marching for any of the troops. They will be provided on the Boats with good cooks and bedding.” On December 21, 1862, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton gave the approval to recruit for one of the oddest outfits of the … Continue reading The Mississippi Marine Brigade for Sharp Practice

Flames of War – Japanese Type 88 75mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Review

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The Japanese Type 88 75mm Anti-Aircraft Gun was first accepted into service in 1928, and was designed to combat commonly encountered aircraft of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. By the beginning of the Pacific War, the gun was largely obsolete, but it continued to serve until the end of the war with over 2000 being constructed. Allied intelligence regarding the gun was weak, and it was initially assumed that it was a copy of the German FlaK 36/37 gun, but only the names were arguably similar.

The Type 88 can be fielded in virtually any Japanese list taken from Banzai as a support choice (Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platoon). In addition to serving as a heavy anti-aircraft gun, it provides useful anti-take capability with AT 10 and firepower of 3+. However, the gun is immobile (though it has a turntable) and lacks a gun shield, so it can be vulnerable to ranged attack.

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15mm Modern Iveco LMV 4WD from…..

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……Evil Bear Wargames. It’s listed on the site as a British Army “Panther”.The Russians have them and this is my attempt until someone produces a 15mm Tigr, these are about the best resin models I have ever bought, crisp and great detail (the w…

Team Yankee: Petrol Station Review

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This is part two of my series on Battefront’s new modern building line for play with Team Yankee.Battlefield In A Box has been a very good line of accessories for Battlefront’s game systems.  They do not have to be used exclusively for Flames of W…