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Preview: Commonwealth forces in the Battle of the Bulge Book

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By Mitch Reed

History is usually biased by the nationality of the writer, which is why many Americans do not realize that the British participated in the Battle of the Bulge. After the Allies recovered from the shock of the attack, General Eisenhower gave Field Marshall Montgomery temporary command of all forces north of the German thrust.   To be fair Monty did not do a bad job and held the Germans on his end of the salient.  Problems did arise after the battle where Monty, true to form, took credit for winning the battle.  These claims did not endear the Field Marshall with his American boss and made their relationship deteriorate further.

The developers of Battlefront did their research when creating the new Battle of the Bulge book and much to my pleasure included the forces under Monty that took part in the battle.  I have been playing with Commonwealth lists since I first started playing this game and I am always looking for new lists in which I can use my huge collection of Cromwell tanks in.

The Lucky 7th
I was not disappointed in what the Battle of the Bulge (BoB) had in store for me; the Desert Rats yet again make an appearance in the game.  The last time we saw these guys was in the Overlord book and they were Reluctant/Veteran; however a few months later in the war BoB lets us play them as Confident Veterans.  I like the fact that you can have two Cromwell’s and two Firefly’s in a platoon for 435 points.  You can even upgrade the Firefly’s to Challengers for 20 points each.  Yes it’s pricey, but at 475 points you have a very strong platoon.  Personally I would go for the 3 Cromwell with one Challenger option at 425 points.  It takes some getting used to playing with fast tanks, however a lists that can field a lot Crowell’s is always fun. This list also lets you field Commandos which are sometimes a great option to have.  Other than the commando platoon the list is the standard British lists we have seen before.
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Peleliu "Bloody Nose Ridge" USMC vs Japanese scenario game.

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Historicon 2016 has come and gone, but here are few pics of the scenario game I ran for WWPD and Battlefront. This game was a Peleliu September 1944 battle for the Umurbrogol Mt. or, as the Marines of the 1st Division called it, “Bloody Nose Ridge”.

The game had a Marine Battalion reducing a Japanese bunker and cave complex while also defending against Japanese counter attacks attempting to break the Marine line and reestablish contact with the Japanese fortified position. It came down to the last turn and was a entertaining all the way around.

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Building an ACW Blockhouse

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The current issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine contains a very nice scenario for Sharp Practice featuring a fort, so naturally, I wanted to build one. For the ACW, a fortified blockhouse seemed to be the most appropriate version. During the American Civil War, blockhouses were widely used to secure lines of communication, such as … Continue reading Building an ACW Blockhouse

Waffen SS Eastern front 1943 (A return to Flames of War)

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Now then,Last year I got hold of the new (not new anymore…im behind the times it seems) Flames of war V3 rules. I started reading them yesterday.Much seems to be the same, although it would seem that bits and pieces have been clarified and streamline…

Crusades in 15mm for Hail Caesar.

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Hi all,Now that my WOTR in 6mm project has come to a natural pause (a project is never finished!) Im thinking about what im going to do next.Im considering expanding my 15mm Crusades project. the army I have is all based up and organised for Impetus, h…

Flames of War Panzers to the Meuse from The Ardennes Offensive

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I mentioned how much I liked the Panzers to the Meuse (PTM) lists in my overview of the Ardennes Offensive (AO) previously and I wanted to go over why these lists are so much fun and competitive.  These lists were first released as a PDF, and then again as part of the Devil’s Charge Digital Exclusive and now they find themselves in AO, and I hope that other German players will see how great these lists are.

Much like everything else in the German inventory you are paying premium prices for quality equipment. You will never have a huge force on the table with any PTM list, however you will have an aggressive force that is a blast to play.
The basic lists contained in all the PTM releases are a Panzer Company, a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Company, a Gepanzerte Aufklarungs Company, and a Panzergrenadier Company.  However each of these lists can be fielded for the 1nd, 9th, 116th, or Panzer Lehr Divisions that each have their own distinct flavor.  So PTM is really a collection of 16 very unique lists and the options each contain are vastly different.
Another key element of the PTM lists are how some of them are “Always Attacks” and some units get the “Spearhead” special rule.

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Flames of War – Vehicles of the 761st Tank Battalion

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With the new Bulge compilations on the horizon, one of the new lists being added to the Allied compilation are light and medium tank companies from the 761st Tank Battalion – the first African-American armored unit to see combat in the U.S. Army. The unit has a very fascinating history fighting essentially their own version of a “two-front war” against prejudice and bigotry at home and against the Germans in Europe. I won’t go through the unit’s full history here, but there are several good books covering the unit including Joe Wilson’s The 761st Black Panther Tank Battalion in World War II and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s (yes THAT Kareem) Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes.

Organized as a independent battalion with four combat companies and an HQ, the unit used a variety of medium and light tanks, though the exact mix was different than seen in some of the standard armored divisions. Companies A, B, and C were medium tank companies and used a variety of Sherman tanks. Company D was a light tank company equipped with Stuart tanks until the end of the war.

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The Battle of Vyazma 1812 – A Napoleonic batrep

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This weekend Postie put on a mega Napoleonic game for the Rejects and a new Honoury Reject!!The game day has been set for a few months after I was contacted by our mystery guest, saying he’s on holiday in the UK, any chance of a game?How could we say n…

Tinkering with.. Berlin Camo Chieftain

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The progress so far…. Just finished the basic masking and airbrushing stage, these need to dry and be sealed before the detailing and weathering.Here are two Armies Army Chieftains with pre shade prior to base coat, these are the Iranian ones so a sl…

Flames of War DAK Project finished!

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Phew! This one has really taken some time to get over the line, a solid three weeks of effort in fact. When I think about it I’ve basically painted the entire infantry and support formations for a solid 2000 point Tunisian army so maybe not so bad afte…

With a Rebel Yell 7

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Here are the rebased CSA Cavalry for use with Battle Cry or Fire and Fury. The figures are thought to be mostly Essex but now way of knowing for sure.Not an expert on the ACW however think that there are some of Essex’s First Virginian cavalry in the p…

Latest PDF releases from Grinning Skull Studios!!

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Just a quick post to let you know about the latest releases from Grinning Skull studios over on Wargame Vault. in a departure from the usual fantasy fare, I thought it was time to add to our back catalogue of publications with some real world historical stuff. It’s been over 100 years since the Great […]

Tinkering with…15mm BTR-D SPAAG Armies Army (Kickstarter)

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Sometimes I buy on aesthetic impulse, these BTR-D SPAAGs from Armies Army were just that! The ubiquitous ZU-23-2 has some many options, so I ordered a few. First up are two BTR-Ds with the 23mm mounted, one centrally, one at the rear. I added some…

Tinkering with….15mm Chieftains – Armies Army (Kickstarter)

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If you’re of a certain age, and growing up in the UK then there’s really only one iconic tank for us… that’s the Chieftain. A package arrived this week with some lovely goodies from Keith Armstrong’s Armies Army Kickstarter. I ordered a number o…

15mm US Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle……..

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…..from Khurasan Miniatures.The M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) is an armoured personnel carrier and part of the Stryker family of vehicles (derived from the Canadian LAV III/Swiss MOWAG Piranha IIIH …

Gaming Camp Day 4: BDB and the Great Gnomish Civil War!!

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So THURSDAY was an entire day full of Big Dang Boat goodness.  We knew going into it that BDB wasn’t exactly going to play lightning fast, but the game is so silly and rife for story telling the kids got … Continue reading

Terrain for Tournaments

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A few years ago, I played in a tournament where the table was a tan bed sheet with some pillows underneath it to simulate large, gently sloping sand dunes. Not only was it difficult to decide what units were out of line-of-sight, but almost impossible to determine which ones were concealed by being hull down.  Players spent much of the game, bent over like two angry Quasimodos arguing about which units were visible and which had “sanctuary”. To make matters worse, the heavier Battlefront metal and resin models actually sank down into the terrain, allowing their hull-down position to follow them around the board, while lighter plastic models sat fully exposed. (Brand loyalty does have its rewards.) As the futility of playing on this table continued, we started debating if the heavier models needed a bog check to move, as they were constantly moving out of deep holes.  After a few hours of players’ complaints, the table was removed from play.

I spend far too much time carefully painting and basing my figs so they will look nice (hence the huge painting queue), so I want to have a table that looks as good as the armies that fight over it. This means making the terrain looking both good and realistic is important to me. Unfortunately, natural terrain does not always fall into the game categories defined in Flames of War, so it becomes necessary to diverge from realism when it begins to interfere with playability.

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With a Rebel Yell 6

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Another batch of rebased Essex Confederates which now completes the infantry.The more perceptive reader will notice that this is the same command stand as used in a previous post, they are the one element that this force lacks in any number. Never mind…

Team Yankee Historicon Mega Battle

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Historicon 2016 saw it’s first and largest 15mm  Team Yankee game.  Brian Sherry and I hosted the game in a very loose Cold War gone hot scenario with a little over 360 points per side. The Soviets have rushed across the border and as their advance elements are trying to secure key objects, the American command has ordered a rag tag force to hold up the enemy until reinforcements arrive.  We originally planned for eight total players, three force commanders and an overall commander on each side who controlled air assets and a small tank reserve.

We planned the game for balance based on where units would start on the table along with timing of reserves to ensure no one side would get overwhelmed.  We figured the game would take about two and a half hours with eight players.  We were pleasantly surprised and a bit overwhelmed when eighteen folks showed up to play.  Undaunted we welcomed everyone to play and although our initial plans of deployment and reserves went out the proverbial window in order to allow everyone to command units, we were resolved to meet the three goals we had for the game.
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Aurelian and Dragon Rampant

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Vacationing has pre-occupied me these past few weeks but I have managed to squeeze in a couple of games. Bruce introduced me to Aurelian this past week. This is a card driven game where the armies are also cards (although you could miniaturize it).My i…

Heer 1946

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One of the games at the wargames show at Bovington that I did a good look at was this 15mm 1946 game complete with a range of alternate German and Allied tanks that were designed, but either were too late for action, or never got further than the drawing board. I have to admit I […]

Wondering about Jaguars…

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In one of  my previous articles on Team Yankee I did say: I think it would be nice to have seen the Kanonenjagdpanzer, but you can’t have everything. What I hadn’t realised when writing the article that as part of the German releases, Battlefront have released the Jaguar Jagdpanzer Zug. The Jaguar 1 and Jaguar 2 […]

On the Painting Table

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Work has been quite busy lately, so there is not much on the painting table at the moment. What you can see here is a group of eight guys for my Mississippi Marine Brigade project. The figures are Minifigs Mexican-American War, but they will do for my purposes. Also, I managed to finish a couple … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Team Yankee: SU-25 FrogFoot Tips and Tricks #5

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Howdy Hi!  Next up in the tips and tricks is the SU-25 Frogfoot Aviation Company (TSBX09) for Battlefront’s Team Yankee version of Flames of War.

Bottomline up front…this will come as a shock to some who think me a “BF Fan Boy,” but this boxed set was a little disappointing.

You get a solid resin body and white plastic-styrene nose piece and armaments.  The resin seems a little rough around the edges and requires cleaning at the all the edges. The white plastic was stunningly disappointing. I have built 6 of these by now and all are the same.

The nose cone detail seems all miscast and doesn’t fit well.
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Team Yankee – Easy Guide to painting Soviet Armour

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I have been asked by a few people how I painted my Soviet armour, so hopefully this guide will help you out. It is an easy technique and will get you an effective tabletop quality force in a very short time. The technique is nothing new but it may help out those that are not aware and just starting out in the magical world of painting.

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