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Joining the Rampage

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We are in the process of preparing a major house move, so don’t expect many battle reports in the next weeks. There may be one exception, however. After reading lots of great reviews, I finally caved in and ordered a copy of Lion Rampant from Annie at Bad Squiddo Games. I’ve read it and it … Continue reading Joining the Rampage

Rapid Fire Soviet Rifle Regiment

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Now then,Since ive moved back to the UK ive been fortunate enough to meet up a few times with a group of gamers in the area, and although ive previously banged on about firstly bolt action then Battlegroup Kursk, the lads are really into Rapid fire. So…

The Reason Why…

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Hoi,This post is all about putting ghosts to rest. There are quite a lot of historic periods in which I have an avid interest but do not represent in miniature. The best examples are Ancients, WW2, Medieval Times and modern times. A “smaller” period of…

Building a Murray Semaphore

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The British expedition sailing to St Domingue in 1795 brought not only more than 18.000 men, but also twenty-four modular two storey timber block houses as well as the latest invention in communication technology: a semaphore. This was almost certainly a Murray semaphore. Its inventor, Lord George Murray, had been inspired by news of the … Continue reading Building a Murray Semaphore

Grinning Skull Miniatures new releases: Chukk warriors!

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Heres today’s other release from Grinning Skull Miniatures over at Alternative Armies, the Chukk, mutant chicken (and Dodo of course) warriors of the League of Anthracks! Ever wished you could field an entire army of chicken men muties? Well, now you can, with this new release! Astound your opponents, crush your enemies and leave them […]

Grinning skull Miniatures new Release: Baahl Auxillary troopers

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Time for another of this months miniature releases from the Grinning Skull Miniatures range at Alternative Armies. The Baahl Auxillary troopers, available in singles or at a 10% discount if you buy a squad of 10 (Normally £10, now £9!) These little goatkin warriors are great for use in 15, 20, and 28mm, or whatever […]

Grinning Skull Miniatures release: The Oggborg

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Another week, another Grinning Skull release over at Alternative Armies! This time we’ve got the oggborg and oggbot, enhanced cybered up oggum war vets.  Oggborgs (also known as Cybogs) are battle worn veterans of serious conflict. When an Oggum trooper survives greivous injury, they are sometimes fixed and augmented with crude cybernetic technology of Oggum […]

Furniture in 15mm

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To enliven my gaming table a bit I thought about adding some miniature furniture. Nothing fancy, a couple of tables and chairs in order to make nice objectives for skirmish games. However, it proved quite difficult to find manufacturers which produce that kind of stuff. While there is lots of furniture for 28mm out there, … Continue reading Furniture in 15mm

Grinning Skull Miniatures new releases!! The Kize!

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It’s May, and time from the first of the latest releases from Grinning Skull Miniatures, The Kize Delta squad. This set further expands on the Kize race from the previous GS range, the Kize Soldier GRN02 As I mentioned, the Kize are just the first of this monhs new grinning Skull releases, watch out for […]

Viking Warrior Women

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“There were once women in Denmark who dressed themselves to look like men and spent almost every minute cultivating soldier’s skills; they did not want the sinews of their valour to lose tautness and be infected by self-indulgence.” – Saxo Grammaticus, History of the Danes, around 1200 Old Norse sagas and chronicles are full of … Continue reading Viking Warrior Women

The Order of St John

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Now then,I have actually done some painting, for the first time in months!I have painted up an additional unit of Hospitaller Knights for my Crusades Impetus army, and while I was at it I re-did the flag on the original one to match,  the old one …

German Objective Markers for Flames of War

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Just a quick update.  For a while I have been working on late war German projects for flames of war and I decided I needed to get some objective markers done to these armies.  These two are the Barkmann mechanic marker and the Michael Wittman…

From Tet to Tobruk

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It was a short working week last week with the Bank Holiday, which meant a little more hobby time than I’d normally be able to cram in. As a result something of an eclectic mix traded places on the painting station as I worked through some of the loot from Salute 2015 and cracked on with […]

Beach Assault – Another Sharp Practice AAR

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After finishing the beach mat, I couldn’t wait to break it in. Last weekend the time had finally come: We decided to play an amphibious assault scenario with Sharp Practice set during the Haitian Revolution. To make things more interesting, we decided to use our ‘secret objective’ mechanics. We have used this extensively for games … Continue reading Beach Assault – Another Sharp Practice AAR

15mm Clone Wars

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Got a few more of my 15mm Clone Wars stuff painted: Jedi master and his alien compatriot have a mechanic look at their downed landspeeder.Clone Troopers deploy after having searched a Jawa Sandcrawler and run into Bossk making his rounds.More to C…

Blitz’s Battlegroup

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Here is my completed Blitz’s Battlegroup box.  This has been a fun project but this marks the end, at least for now, of my WWI Germans.  I do have lots more to paint for the collection but with 2150 points now done I have no immediate need fo…

A7V Mephisto

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This is the second of the A7V tanks from the Blitz’s Battlegroup box.  I painted this as probably the most famous A7V of all time – Mephisto.  This tank was captured by the Australians and is in a museum in Australia.  It is the only ori…

Bunny’s Wargame Rantings 2015-04-26 08:00:00

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Here is a selection of the Battlefront FOW US Infantry that I painted for one of the guys at PAW.  I used the same painting method as the Russians, coloured primer, this time Army Painter Army Green, then paint the details.  Once dry I s…

A7V Gretchen

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The Great War Germans for Flames of War are nearing completion.  This is the first of the two tanks from the Blitz’s Battlegroup box.  The German A7V may be one of the ugliest tanks ever made.  It just seems so useless and in reality it …

Great War Germans for Flames of War, Part 5

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Another day, another WWI update.  Today we have the German Infantry Gun Platoon.  The platoon consists of one or two guns that deploy and act independently.  This seems like a useful unit but for guards these are really expensive.This wa…

RP No 170 NYW French Generals

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Well the Analogue Painting Challenge is over for another year. These 6 Nine Years War French Generals were entered as my last entry earning me a mere 24 points. Pushing me up to my best position in the Challenge so far this year No 36. But in the final…

Gaming: DBA 3.0

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We had a pretty good turn out on Tuesday at the club with four games going. First up were the seemingly head corpses of Wiley and Neal duking it our with CCA.Scott and Terry ran several guys through their MayDay Martian game.The highlight of the evenin…

Great War Germans for Flames of War, Part 4

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After a short delay I am back to working on my Flames of War WWI Germans.  This project is moving rapidly towards completion.  This installment is the Infantry Machine-gun Platoon.  Probably the most iconic unit of the war.

15mm Flames of War Blitzkrieg French and German Vehicles

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Yet more 15mm vehicles for Flames of War for a customer. We’ve been adding to his collection of early war stuff and this latest batch adds French trucks and armored cars, and German halftracks and tanks.Everything was painted according to the customer’…

Murek. Wall.

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Dzisiaj kolejny skończony element: murek od Tereny do Gier. Przeleżał on w szufladzie dość długi czas – był on jedną z nagród w konkursie modelarskim forum, gdzie moja HMS Britannia, zajęła 2 miejsce. Ostatnio postanowiłem jednak trochę “posprzątać w szufladach i oto efekt,:
Today another finished element: wall from Tereny do Gier. It spend a long period of time in my drawer – it was a one of the prizes in painting competition of forum, where my HMS Britannia took 2nd place. Recently I have decided to “clean” my drawers, and this is an effect: