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The Lady and the Tiger Review

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“The question of her decision is one not to be lightly considered, and it is not for me to presume to set myself up as the one person able to answer it. And so I leave it with all of you: Which came out of the opened door,–the lady, or the tiger?…

Onitama Review

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Masters of the Schools of Martial Arts travel to Onitama with their most promising disciples to prove their superiority in battle. Will you win via the aggressive Way of Stone, or the zen Way of the Stream? Elegant and simple to learn, Onitama is a qui…

Konja Review

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One of my surprise hits of 2014 was the dice rolling game Ancient Terrible Things. You can check out the full review for my thoughts on the game, but I cheekily dubbed it as “What Yahtzee would be if Yahtzee were fun”. Game designer Simon McGregor has …

Atari’s Centipede Review

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If you read my Pew-Pew-review, you know I grew up in the eighties and spent a good deal of time in the warm glow of the video game arcade. Back in the day, I was drawn to Centipede because it used what was known as the trackball instead of the classic …

Circle the Wagons Review

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Size matters not as a wizened puppet character once said. This reviewer is a firm believer in the concept that a small game can be a great game. When a publisher sets out to craft a small game, it’s usually with the intention of maximizing portability …

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Review

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Legend of the 5 RingsLegend of the Five Rings and its world of Rokugan are one of the most beloved fictional setting in gaming. With eight great Clans and several minor houses clamoring for position to become the Emperor, the mythology is full of military stratagems and posturing, political intrigue, and danger around every turn. It found success as […]

Fog of Love Review

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Fog of LoveUsually the first few paragraphs of a game review offer a smattering of small talk to introduce a game. It’s just enough to frame the context of the review and then tie the end conclusion back to the introduction. However, this review is going to get very heavy, very quickly. If gamers are not familiar […]

Schotten Totten Review

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Schotten TottenThe title for Schotten Totten has a bit of a story to it. The word Schotten means “Scots” or Scottish people in German. Totten apparently comes from another phrase in German using the word Hottentotten, a derogatory term for a certain tribe in Africa. It basically means that the customs of these people, misunderstood by […]