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My Last Sunrise – New 28m Gothic Horror miniature range from Bad Squiddo Games

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When we spoke with Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games back on Episode 197 of the podcast, she talked about a range of horror miniatures that she was hoping to bring to market. My Last Sunrise has just launched on Kickstarter – it’s a range of Vampire Hunters, plus a Vampire and his brides and thralls.   If you pledge for the full range of 13 miniatures, it will cost you £40 plus postage. The Kickstarter is looking for a modest funding target of £500, and is also due to complete and fulfil in a very short timescale – we are looking at a few weeks here until delivery. The project is only running for 4 days, so get it quick!Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Horror

Antenocitis Workshop launch new 15mm/28mm sci-fi vehicle range on Kickstarter

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I have always felt that there has been something of a hole in the 28mm sci-fi vehicles market since Old Crow Models essentially ceased trading. In recent years, there have been a few companies who have started to produce more vehicles in this scale, one of these is Antenocitis Workshop, who have a very nice range 28mm vehicles and terrain, including their Governance of Technology range, which is available both in 28mm and 15mm This week Antenocitis Workshop have launched a Kickstarter project to produce a new range of vehicles in both 28mm and 15mm to add to their existing Governance of Technology range – the United States Independent Military Force, or US-IMF. This range includes wheeled and tracked vehicles, walkers and a couple of superb flyers: The kickstarter project is running until the 16th August, and has already rwahced over 200% of its £6,000 funding goal. Delivery is due in July 2018.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 15mm Gaming, 28mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

Carnevale launches on Kickstarter

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You may remember on the first day of the UK Games Expo (Podcast Episode 212) we spoke to Troll Trader about several subjects, one of which was the impending relaunch of the Carnevale miniatures game. Well, a kickstarter project to produce a new rulebook, plus a 2-player starter set, has been launched. The project has a funding goal of £30,000 and is running until August 4th, and at time of writing has reached over 50% funding in less than 24 hours. Carnevale is a tactical narrative miniatures game set in 1790’s Venice. Safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night. One thing that makes Carnevale stand out is the excellent range of resin miniatures that exist for the game – these really are beautiful: Add to that a full range of MDF scenery to recreate the backstreets and canals of Venice, and you have a […]

Oathsworn Miniatures launch new Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have today launched their latest Kickstarter project, aimed to produce the next 13 miniatures for their Burrows & Badgers range of anthropomorphic animals – think Redwall or the Wind in the Willows. Burrows & Badgers is a fantasy skirmish game which pits warbands of creatures against each other in the realm of Northymbra – a realm populated by Foxes and Badgers, Toads & Rats, Mice, Weasels and all sorts of creatures. Oathsworn already have a number of miniatures for this game (which is due to get a new edition rulebook published by Osprey in 2018) and are looking to expand the range with new figures and scenery. Some of my favourites from this new project include:   As well as being able to pledge for the new miniatures, you can also include any miniatures from the existing range: The project has already raised well over double it’s target – however, you will have to be quick to back it as it’s only running until 20:00 BST on the 16th July. Delivery is due by December 2017. Burrows & Badgers is a beautiful range of miniatures – you won’t want to miss this.Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

Galloping Major – New French Indian War Kickstarter

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Galloping Major Wargames, who produce an excellent range of 28mm miniatures for the French Indian War and beyond, have just launched their second Kickstarter project to add Compagnies Franches de la Marine to their range. They are looking to produce seven new packs: FIW FCF1 Compagnies Franches de la Marine in Canadian/outpost clothes and Bonnet FIW FCF2 Compagnies Franches de la Marine in Canadian/outpost clothes and Tuque FIW FCF3 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Command in Canadian/outpost clothes FIW FCF4 Compagnies Franches de la Marine in Veste and Bonnet FIW FCF5 Compagnies Franches de la Marine in Veste and Chapeau (tricorn) FIW FCF6 Compagnies Franches de la Marine Command in Veste FIW FCF7 Compagnies Franches de la Marine in Veste and Mitasses (Indian leggings) The Kickstarter Project is already funded, and is running until the 2nd August, with delivery due in January 2018  Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, French Indian War

Saga Iron Man tournament at Battlefield Hobbies

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    After I first heard about the format of the Saga Iron Man tournament, I was determined to enter the next one that was relatively local to me – so I was very happy when Battlefield Hobbies (almost my FLGS) announced a tournament. If you are not aware, a Saga Iron Man tournament is slightly different to the usual UK Saga tournaments. Rather than turning up with your ready prepared army, you actually turn up with very little. Instead, you play a number of games with armies that are given to you. It’s very much a case of learning how your warband works ‘on the fly’. The even I attended ended up being slightly reduced in size due to a couple of last minute drop-outs, which left 6 of us to battle it out to see who was the ‘Saga Iron Man’. The format is as follows: Each Warband is made up of 1 Warlord, 2 Hearthguard Units, 3 Warrior Units and 1 Levy Unit. Games last for 6 turns. The idea of the game is to kill as many of your opponents warband as you can – the game does not finish if you kill your opponent’s Warlord. […]

What is the best scale to wargame?

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You’ve all seen them – the posts from those who are new to wargaming that ask the apparently simple question: “What scale should I game in?” This is usually the cue for any number of gamers claiming that 54mm/40mm/28mm/20mm/15mm/10mm/6mm/2mm (delete as appropriate) is “God’s own scale” for wargaming and that the poser of the question would be stupid for choosing anything else. The discussion usually goes downhill from there… However, it’s a perfectly valid question – so what are the criteria that you should consider when choosing what scale to game in? Here are my thoughts on what you should consider when choosing either a new period, or even getting into gaming for the first time: What has everyone else got? One of the first considerations when choosing your scale of miniatures for a new period is to actually ask who your opponent will be, and what armies do they own? If you are in a situation where you will be playing other people, then it would seem sensible to ensure that you choose the same scale figures, so that you have ‘instant’ opponents to do battle against. If no-one else has an army for that period, then you may want to […]