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Seven Spears at Operation Market Larden #6

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Last Saturday saw the sixth annual gathering of gamers in Evesham for the event known as ‘Operation Market Larden’. This is a day of gaming focusing on playing various games using the rules from Too Fat Lardies, organised with great efficie…

The Painting Tally: May 2018

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May has been a much better month for painting, with a number of miniatures painted, as well as some scenery (mainly trees) Painted: 40 Painted 19 Ashigaru and 21 Samurai for the Seven Spears game I am running at Operation Market Larden #6 in a couple o…

Plastic bonsai trees

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I’ve been creating a lot of scenery for Sengoku period Japan recently, and I was looking for different ideas for trees, other than using plastic bamboo to make bamboo clumps (they look effective, but are a bit of a pain to construct) or using che…

Review: AW Miniatures 28mm Samurai

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Rating: I have recently been putting together a couple of forces for Seven Swords (The Samurai version of Dux Britanniarum from Too Fat Lardies). To this end I have been using lots of models from my collection (rather than simply buying new models). I …

Children of the Fields launches on Kickstarter

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Children of the Fields – the latest programme guide for 7TV from Crooked Dice games – has launched on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is to help fund the production of a new range of miniatures, based on the Folk Horror genre of TV progammes a…

Review: Sarissa Precision 28mm Japan MDF terrain

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Rating: Sarissa Precision Ltd are a company that produce high quality MDF terrain in various scales at a mid-range price. This review is looking at their Japan range of buildings, which are useful for playing games in the Sengoku period – especia…

Warring States II: Test of Honour Campaign Day

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A dull, wet Saturday in March saw a number of would-be-Shoguns arrive at Warlord Games in Nottingham. Warring States II was organised by the fine chaps of Infamous Wargaming, and provided a full day of gaming, using the Test of Honour Samurai Skirmish …

Star Wars: Legion – First impressions

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I had the chance over the past few days to play a couple of games of the long-anticipated new miniature wargame from Fantasy Flight Games – Star Wars: Legion. This is the fourth miniatures wargame that FFG have produced, following on from X-Wing …

The Painting Tally: February 2018

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It’s been a very meagre month for miniature painting… Painted: 2 I only managed to finish two figures this month – a couple of Japanese Monks from Perry Miniatures. I have several more ‘in progress’, but these don’t …

Burrows & Badgers: Rogues & Vagabonds on Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched a kickstarter to fund the latest additions to the Burrows & Badgers range of miniatures – Burrows & Badgers: Rogues & Vagabonds. Burrows & Badgers is a set of warband skirmish rules set in a…

Town Planning

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There is one thing that as miniature wargamers we cannot get away from – we all need terrain over which to fight. Luckily, we seem to be in a golden age for terrain. Gone are the days when we were forced to scratch build our battlefields from old…

Review: Test of Honour Ronin

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Rating:  The Ronin box set for Test of Honour was one of the wave one expansions for the game. The box set allows players to field a force comprising fully of masterless Samurai, led by a special character – Tadashi ‘The Dishonoured’….

Review: Bad Squiddo Games Onna-bugeisha

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Rating: Bad Squiddo Games have released the first three packs of what promises to be an expanding range of Onna-bugeisha miniatures for Feudal Japan. The first pack contains three miniatures wielding katanas and is priced at £10 at time of writing. The…

Bringing Rome to life

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It is perfectly possible to play our wargames on a table populated with roads, buildings and vegetation. However, it looks so much better if the terrain has a ‘lived in’ look – which is why scatter terrain pieces are so important. It&…

The Painting Tally: January 2018

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Last weekend I finished painting my first figures of the new year. After tweeting a picture, one of my followers, @NeilHughes71, came back to me with the following question: Now, to explain, Neil has been keeping a log of what he has painted vs what he…

Review: Test of Honour Ninjas of Iga Warband

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Rating: Ninjas of Iga is the latest box set of miniatures to be released by Warlord Games for their Test of Honour Samurai skirmish game – it is the second box set they have released which includes all new metal miniatures. The box set includes 7…

Freya’s Wrath from Bad Squiddo Games launches on Kickstarter

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If you listened to Episode 238 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you will have heard Annie Norman from Bad Squiddo Games previewing her next Kickstarter Project – Freya’s Wrath – which is a new range providing a complete Shieldmaiden Army. The K…

Gangs of Rome on YouTube

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Gangs of Rome has now been released, and as part of that, Footsore Miniatures have published a complete series of Overview videos on YouTube, explaining the various aspects of the game, and culminating with a complete battle report. I managed to grab a…

Miniature painting in 2017

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It’s fair to say that my painting output in 2017 has been somewhat sporadic. It started off well enough – I received a number of units for my Planetfall Terran Army for my birthday early in the year, so started off painting those. A Ground …

‘Rebel’ warband for Test of Honour

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You may remember that back in September I painted a warband for the Test of Honour Warring States day with an Star Wars Imperial theme. Well, thanks to #hobbystreak I have finally managed to get my backside into gear and paint an opposing force for them. Keeping with the Star Wars theme, which was inspired by Tiny Hordes warbands for Ronin, it was time to paint the Rebel forces. As you might expect, the Rebel forces have the potential to be more character-heavy than the Imperial equivalent, and I wanted to give myself a few different build options when putting together a 24-point force. First off we have the rank-and-file Ashigaru. Spearmen are the foundation of most ToH forces, and I added Archers to provide some missile troops, but using older technology than the Imperials as befitting a Rebel force. The Sergeant is a good synergy with the Archer group, and the odd single Spearman simply gives you 1 point to play with when building your warband. I wanted to try something a little different (plus I wanted to slot in uniform paint for a Rebel pilot) so added a mounted archer to the warband – it’s quite expensive at 3 points, […]

Core Space – new sc-fi skirmish game launches on Kickstarter

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Core Space is the new sci-fi skirmish game from Battle Systems, which is currently funding on Kickstarter. Battle Systems have previously run four very successful kickstarter campaigns to produced ranges of their excellent card scenery sets for sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic settings. This time around they are once again offering a set of sci-fi scenery, but this time it’s one of the key components in a skirmish game. Given that terrain is a major part of many miniatures games, this seemed the natural next step for Battle Systems, and whilst offering terrain as part of a sci-fi skirmish game is nothing new, since this terrain is card rather than plastic, MDF or resin, you tend to get more for your money. Whilst card terrain is most definitely at the budget end of the market, the Battle Systems product is actually very good – and thus makes putting together large corridor systems (much loved by sci-fi gamers and fantasy dungeon crawlers alike) very affordable. The Core Space kickstarter campaign was launched with a set of beta-rules already available for download – the theme of the game appears to be freelance freighter crews attempting missions in order to try and make a living […]

Oathsworn Miniatures launch third Heroines in Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

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Oathsworn Miniatures have just launched their next kickstarter project – the third in their series on ‘Heroines in Sensible Shoes’. This time around, they have decided to concentrate on the non-human female characters. The first five have been sculpted, and they are looking to add a total of a dozen miniatures to the range.   The project has a funding goal of £1800, which it has already surpassed, and is running until the 12th November. You can find more information on the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Fantasy Gaming

White Dragon Miniatures set to release 28mm Modern British Infantry

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I managed to grab a quick chat with Alan Crooks from White Dragon Miniatures whilst I was at the Derby Worlds show, and he showed me his new range of modern British Infantry that he is due to launch towards the end of this year. The range is called ‘Courage in Contact’, and is the start of a larger range that will include insurgents and other UN forces as the range expands. The British Infantry will have 44 packs, which will include Infantry in several different helment variants, plus poses for skirmishing and patrolling, and other variants with Bergens, berets etc – so this is likely to be a large range. Since Alan is an ex-soldier himself, he wanted to ensure that as well as kit accuracy, the poses of the figures are as realistic as possible. The samples he had on display at Derby looked really good indeed, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of these models.  Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Modern Ground War

28mm Chechen Wars Miniatures on Kickstarter

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Tiny Terrain Models have just launched a kickstarter project to fund a new range of 28mm miniatures – Chechen Wars. The miniatures have been sculpted by Igor Karpov and include Chechen Fighters and Russian VDV Recon Troops. The project has already reached its £1500 funding goal in the first day. The project is running until 22nd October, with delivery due for January 2018. You can find out more about this project on the Kickstarter page If you want to know more about Tiny Terrain Models, we interviewed Craig on the podcast back in March. You can find the show here…Filed under: Crowdfunding Tagged: 28mm Gaming, Modern Ground War

Review: Test of Honour Samurai Warband

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Rating: The Samuari Warband box set from Warlord Games is one of several expansions for Test of Honour. The box contains the following: 1 plastic sprue of Samurai (5 models) 2 plastic sprues of Ashigaru (10 models) 1 plastic sprue of Ashigaru Missile troops (5 models) 20 small bases 5 group bases 1 set of ‘Clan’ cards in an alternative colour to the main box (brown) I think it’s fair to say that the issues with this box set are many-fold, starting with the instructions: The assembly instruction leaflets (which are copies of those included in the main game) seem to have been put together by someone who has seen the model sprues, but doesn’t seem to have much idea about how the different parts were originally intended to be used with the models. As a result there are a number of issues with how models are constructed, including the now-infamous ‘heavy sword’ pose (Samurai incorrectly shown wielding a sword with a round bulb part way down the scabbard)  Ashigaru being shown wearing two swords etc. Whoever produced these seemed more intent on showing how each modelling option and accessory could be used on the miniatures, rather than taking notice […]