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Frostgrave Nickstarter – An Inside Scoop!!!!

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This morning, I opened up my email to some really exciting news. Before North Star Military Figures releases its information to the public, I got an inside scoop on what will come in each level of their Nickstarter. For those that don’t know …

28mm Greek Galleys? Deal me in!

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I’ve always been partial to galley warfare games, but usually at a drastically different (smaller) scale than what I usually play in.  What has come down to us about the naval warfare of the Ancient World is at best somewhat … Continue reading

Star Saga Update

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In case you missed the anouncement over the weekend! Currently Funding: $200,000 – Enforcer ES435 – Codename ‘Monarch’ Featuring strong story-telling elements and immersive game scenarios, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract will see players guide a team of mercenaries on a mission to retrieve stolen technology from a highly guarded research facility deep beneath the … Continue reading Star Saga Update

Forgotten Pacts "NickStarter" Starts Monday!!!

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One product that I have been excited about for a while is the addition of Barbarian Clans to Frostgrave. North Star Military Figures has been promoting this lately on their Facebook page and I have been getting really excited about what is up and comin…

Showcase: CSD Mk1 Drone by RAFM Miniatures

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In today’s post, we look at the CSD Mk1 Drone by RAFM Miniatures. These Drones are available either individually or in an Infantry Drone Boxed from RAFM’s USX: Modern Day Heroes Line. I purchased mine in individual blisters a number of years ago. Unlik…

Showcase: Cyber-Reavers by Reaper Miniatures

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Today, I would like to show my group of Cyber-Reavers by Reaper Miniatures. These “Terminator like” Robots come in a four pack and belong to the Chronoscope line. I believe that I bought mine through RAFM Miniatures at a convention a number of years ag…

Perry Miniatures Foot Knights 1450-1500 as Knights of Drakenborg #8

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Miniatures from Perry Miniatures Foot Knights 1450-1500  box. I use them as heavy warriors in Song of Blade and Heroes or heavy infantry in Lion/Dragon Rampant games. The coat of arms on the banner belongs to Peter Dunin one of the polish leaders during Thirteen Years’ War. Herehere and here you can see my previous miniatures from this box.
Kolejni Rycerze z Drakenborgu pochodzący zestawu Perry Miniatures Foot Knights 1450-1500 składającego się na 36 spieszonych ciężkozbrojnych piechurów.  Baner jest luźną reprezentacją herbu Łabędź, który nosił Piotr Dunin, naczelny dowódca wojsk polskich z czasów Wojny Trzynastoletniej z Zakonem. Figurki wykorzystuje zarówno w settingach fantasy jak i podczas rozgrywek bazujących na historycznych starciach.

Poprzednich rycerzy z tego pudła możecie zobaczyć w tych miejscach:
Rycerze 1
Rycerze 2

Rycerze 3

Konflikt ’47 – British Lists

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Since Osprey Games sent me my copy of Konflikt ’47, I have been having a blast reading the book and planning how I am going to get in on the game. Today’s Post is about the British army in Konflikt ’47. Earlier, I discussed how players could get into K…

Building the arena part 3

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Well, I must apologise for rushing ahead and not reporting.You see, I was so excited to have finished my arena that I completely forgot to log what I was doing.Last time, I only had the outer wall to add.I had some thin cork sheets that were once IKEA …

On The Desk – Launcelot Part 3 – Gun and Woodwork

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Straight back into it with Part 3 of Launcelot from Twisted. More work on the metallics, some gold shirt buttons ups the bling factor and Speed Metal from S75 was used to add the highlights on the coat trim, arm and shoes. Next up I started working o…

SLA Industries: The Scavs are coming!

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A wise man once said, nothing great ever goes away forever… and that is especially true for SLA Industries – the cutting edge Roleplaying games from the early 90’s, which carved out a niche as one of Britains most compelling and atmospheric homegrown RPGs. This past year has seen the original writing team from ‘back … Continue reading SLA Industries: The Scavs are coming!

Ascloha revisited…

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Hoi,Well Hugo is settling in fine and since he’s rather quick falling asleep in the evening I get a little downtime then. So here’s the promised post about the MDF buildings I am currently working on. I basically have two projects: one is a Dark Age pr…

Renaissance Swiss Commander from the Canton of Lucerne and DIY Cypress Trees

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Last week I promised an Italian Wars command stand and so with shortened breath I’m delighted to report that I’ve managed to deliver. In fact I even had time to gild my post with some do-it-yourself cypress trees, but more on those in a bit.Readers wit…

Pulp 80s artillery

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I sent some pieces off to be 3D printed and here is the result:

Short Wars:

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Short wars is a skirmish level game, played with small warbands of diminutive races – Goblins, Halflings, Dwarfs and Dark Dwarfs – as they build upon their fortunes and reputations by exploring and raiding neighboring territories, amassing gold and defeating rival warbands, with figures in the range sculpted by such prominent industry names as Kevin … Continue reading Short Wars:

Goblins – More Of Them

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I finished these (well give or take) last month. I started the project over a year ago and have worked on them intermittently. After doing a few test figures I had a plan albiet a fairly long term one. Enough with the chat, here are the pics.These were…

A Song of Frost and Gravy, Part the Fifth – Warband in Progress!

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Well, who’d have thought it? I’ve actually managed a semblance of momentum on the Frostgrave project!Here is the warband so far; our two Enchanters, an Infantryman and a Ranger.”Enchanters Assemble!!!’ “Shut up, Ilmar.”And here are the new recruit…

Coming soon to a Konflikt near you!

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Available to as of yesterday are the first preview blister packs for the Soviets and British in Konflikt ’47. Box sets for both these awesome troop types will come later in December but we know you guys couldn’t wait!NB Final design of infantry for the box sets may change from the designs in these preview blister … Continue reading Coming soon to a Konflikt near you!

Fallschirmjager Reinforcements for Bolt Action

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Last weekend Tim and I decided to play one last game of Bolt Action first edition.  The 2nd edition books were just hitting the stores and everyone was excited for the new rules but it didn’t seem right to not have one last go at a game we have en…

Crossing the Danube, 1809. Przeprawa przez Dunaj, 1809.

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Last Thursday we had another Napoleonic game. This time I was invited to the new set of rules, recently used in our club. From some time Angus is trying to force us to change the system for that period from Black Powder into the Over the Hills. I was busy with other games and have not got time for testing that rules, yet. This time I was offered the game and I decided to give it a chance.
W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy kolejną grę z okresu napoleońskiego. tym razem zostałem zaproszony do gry z nowym systemem, który od jakiegoś czasu jest rozgrywany w naszym klubie. Od jakiegoś już czasu Angus, stara się nas przekonać na przesiadkę z Black Powder na Over the Hills. Do tej pory byłem zajęty innymi grami i nie miałem na nowy system czasu. Tym razem jednak postanowiłem skorzystać z zaproszenia i dać szansę nowym zasadom.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Charles S. Grant, Angus Konstam
MODELS/MODELE: Campbell Hardie, Angus Konstam, Bill Gilchrist

1. Forces. Siły. 

(Campbell Hardie, Bartek Żynda)
12 infantry battalions
2 cavalry regiments
2 gun batteries
(Angus Konstam, Bill Gilchrist)
10 infantry battalions
2 cavalry regiments
2 gun batteries

2. The game. Gra.

Campbell gave me command of the bridgehead forces (third of our forces started the game already deployed on the other bank of the river, when the rest still need to cross that river). In front of me was a little village full of Austrian soldiers (Bill), half of them in lines and half of them in attack columns. I decided that the attack is the best tactic and charged with my cavalry on Bill’s forces. Soon the first Austrian battalion get broken and the second nearly broken. Unfortunately I had to withdraw my cavalry to rally them and push my infantry forward. For the long time we tried to break each other with our rifles, but it was not worked well. Finally I pushed the next charge with my infantry and cavalry again. This time another 2 Austrian battalions get broken. When I finally nearly opened the way to the upper land (our objective), the game was finished.
Campbell przekazał mi dowodzenie nad grupą na przyczółku (trzecia część naszych sił zaczęła grę juz po drugiej stronie rzeki, reszta musiała jeszcze tą przeszkodę przekroczyć). Na przeciw mnie znajdowała się wioska pełna austriackich żołnierzy (Bill), połowa z nich ustawiona w linie i połowa w kolumny. Zdecydowałem się, że najlepszą taktyką będzie tu atak i zaszarżowałem moja kawalerią na siły Bila. Wkrótce pierwszy z austriackich batalionów został zniszczony a następny był blisko złamania. Niestety musiałem wycofać kawalerię by ja uporządkować i puściłem piechotę do przodu. Przez długi czas próbowaliśmy wzajemnie złamac się ogniem naszych karabinów, jednak to się nie sprawdzało. W końcu zdecydowałem się na następny atak całą moja piechota i kawalerią. Tym razem zniosłem następne dwa austrackie bataliony. W końcu droga do wzgórz była juz prawie otwarta (nasz cel gry), jednak gra została zakończona.
The much harder had Campbell, who started the game on the other bank of the river. He could push only one unit over one bridge, during our movement phase. That gave Angus some time for a  better deployment of his forces. Finally most of the Campbell’s forces crossed the river. After this he joined the fight. However his troops had the best Austrian units to deal with. That not worked well for him, however he managed to destroy one austrian battalion, but for the price of two battalions. Then started other problems. One of Campbell’s battalion get caught by Austrian cavalry in march column. They did not managed to form a square and get annihilated. The best Campbell’s unit, the cavalry, managed to push the second Austrian cavalry back. Finally neither Austrian nor Wuttenbergians were able to get their objectives and the time for game was over. Whole game finished with a draw, however we managed to inflict more damage to the enemy (3 battalions against 4).
Dużo cięższe zadanie miał przed sobą Campbell, który zaczął grę znajdując sę po przeciwnej stronie rzeki. Podczas jednej fazy ruchu mogł przeprawić przez most tylko jeden oddział. To dało czas Angusowi, by lepiej rozstawić swoje jednostki. W końcu Campbellowi udało się przeprawić większość jego oddziałów i dołączył tym do walki. Niestety, naprzeciw niego znajdowały się najlepsze austriackie oddziały, z którymi musiał się zmierzyć. Niezbyt dobrze tu wypadł, chociaż udało mu się zniszczyć jeden batalion, jednak za to zapłacił uttratą dwóch naszych batalionów. Wtedy zaczęły się inne problemy. Jeden z oddziałów Campbella został złapany przez kawalerię, sam będąc jeszcze w kolumnie marszowej. Nie udało mu się sformować czworoboku i został unicestwiony. Najlepszy oddział Campbella. kawaleria, zdołała odeprzeć drugi oddział austriackiej kawalerii. Ostatecznie ani Austriacy, ani Witenbergowie ne byli w stanie opanować swoich celów i gra zakończyła się remisem. Jednak to nam udało się zadać większe straty przeciwnikowi (3 bataliony stracone przez nas przeciw 4 przez przeciwnika).

3. Over the Hills.

After first game with the rules it is hard to tell are they better than Black Powder or not. I did not found that “better napoleonic flavour”, which Angus said that that rules have. Anyway to defend him, the game was quite chaotic some time, that because no one did know the rules very well. I borrowed the book from Campbell and I will read it. After that, I will write you something more about it.
Po pierwszej grze z tymi zasadami, cięzko mi jest powiedzieć, czy są lepsze od Black Powder, czy też nie. Nie znalazłem w nich tego “specjalnego napoleońskiego smaczku: zachwalanego przez Angusa. Jednak by stanąć w jego obronie, gra była nazbyt chaotyczna, a to dlatego, że nikt nie znał zasad bardzo dobrze. Porzyczyłem podręcznik od Campbella i go przeczytam. Po tym napiszę Wam o nim coś więcej.

4. Links. Linki.

Campbell: (awaiting)
Bill: (awaiting)


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Bethnal Green’s own HATE wargames club (HATE of course standing for the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) in alliance with Mantic games will be hosting their very own HATECONZOM on the 5th of November – Dreadball and Kings of War tournaments, Dungeon …

Prisoner Escort

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We still haven’t had an opportunity for a game, but at least I’m back to painting. However, I did find a report of a game of Flashing Steel we played a couple of months ago which I haven’t published yet, so here is the exciting story of the Prisoner Escort! The game started with the British, played by … Continue reading Prisoner Escort

The saga of the unhelpful neighbours (sit rep saga)

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Norse Gaels and Irish clash over land rights

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Progress on Space Chickens

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Just trying to keep my Mojo up and you all abreast of the situation. (Ha, ha, abreast).This is where I left off last night. I’ve gotten a little more done on them today, but I have to run so I’ll do more later.I feel like the Clukkatrix is done. Just n…

Viking raid.

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Last Fridays game with the lads was a Dark Age raid on a neighbouring village. This was a practice game for the Southern Strategists game that is on tonight. We are using Lion Rampant rules with some miner changes.A bunch of Vikings having raided a nea…