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W40k – Necron / Orikan the Diviner & Illuminor Szeras

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Time to visit 40K universum and mighty Necron heroes!I would like to show you first two miniatures from new, small Necron project (soon you can expect more posts!). Orikan who predicts the future and movements of the enemy. Szeras – scientist, archeologist and mystery seeker. Unfortunately – finecast (I am so happy that GW decided[…]

5th New York Volunteer Infantry

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Yet another unit for my American Civil War collection is ready for battle.  This time we have some Perry Miniatures plastic Zuoave figures.  These are painted up as the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry regiment.  This is probably the most…

Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch 5

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First entry for this year’s painting challenge saw a return to 2015’s challenge and retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel’s heyday – personal opinion there.Opted for a limited pallette with both of these guys to let the figures to do of the work.For sculpt…

[ENG/PL] About a woman who didn’t bend to the Vikings / O kobiecie, co wikingom się nie kłaniała (Wargamer’s Hot & Dangerous: Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden)

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“… this hard-hitting woman found more pleasure in the lone ruling of the kingdom than by sharing a fortune with her husband.”Hello everyone, very warmly!Today’s entry will be devoted to one of the most interesting figures of female warriors, with the…

Lions and Dragons Rampant at the cub

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We had seven guys out at the club this week. Bruce brought out a game of Lions Rampant in 15mm. The French had to light some buildings on fire to drive out the dastardly English. Bruce and I drew French while Scott and Taylor play the English.The Frenc…

Dungeon of Doom – Warhammer Quest

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Appropriate for my current fantasy mood, Virago invited Sigur, Daniel and me over to play a game of Warhammer Quest, the GW classic from 1995. Daniel took an elf wizard, Virago an elf ranger, Sigur a Bavarian Barbarian and I…

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Defending the Watchtower, a Dux Britanniarum campaign game

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In the second part of my three battles for survival in this month, I faced Richard who raided my lands.Out to set fire to my Watchtower, I had to play the one thing I love to do… defending behind my pallisades.My army was still recovering from it’s l…

Age of Sigmar – Mournfang Cavalry II

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Another unit of cavalry! Today I`d like to show you second unit of Mournfang Cavalry. Tabletop standard level of painting with a little extra freehand on banner. Ogres are perfect army for conversions – a lot of bits, “junky” armory, big miniatures. I hope in the future I`ll have a chance to make something unique.[…]

Making Progress Again

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This feels like a day I have made some progress, not just miniature painting but in the real world as well. A few little bits and pieces of conversation has made the day better.With today’s painting I am almost at the stage where I can start doing the …

SPQR (2) and others. SPQR (2) i inne.

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Another figures painted. This time I have tried the new company for me. It is Aventine Miniatures and I their Command figures for my new Republican Roman Army. Here are the generals (and yes, you are right, they all comes from “Life of Brian”):Kolejne …

From London to Shangai

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Well, a bit of a mixed lot for this weeks entry, as I did some work on a project I had put aside for this challenge… as well as one that probably will be in boxes stored until challenge 9 should I manage to seduce me a spot then.So let’s travel th…

Ridden Hard And Put Away Wet

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28mm miniature painting is still a priority but maybe a little less so at the moment. My current exercise regime has seen me walk about six miles in the rain today. The phrase ridden hard and put away wet is not all that far from the truth. Still the e…

Reluctant Allies

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More Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes gaming this week, with Matt, Derek, John, and Pat each fielding a Hero and Sidekick as they search for the Treasure of Sagra-Bayar. Each player has their own reasons for finding the treasure, but their goals align  – at least for the moment – and they must work … Continue reading “Reluctant Allies”

Chaos Cultists Looking Less Chaotic

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Still on the subject of Games Workshop Chaos Cultists, they are a little closer to completion today and there are a few more in the way. A sense of of an overall colour scheme is starting to come together and, although there is still work to do, they a…

Back to the Brushes 151

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Some work in progress pictures that are ongoing at present.Two different sets of Skeletons from Alternative Armies. Both are currently on 40mm bases however this may change as they may be based for Basic Impetus Fantasticus or maybe just saboted for th…

Age of Sigmar – Mournfang Cavalry I

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Massive cavalry for Ogres army! We have the middle of January 2018 and only two posts on my blog – WRONG! I`ll try to prepare more galleries soon so stay tuned ;P Today I`d like to show you Mournfang Cavalry unit. Ogors on their mounts are always vanguard of assault. I am not sure how[…]

Fantasy Necromancer Miniatures Are Fun

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Fantasy miniatures are still my thing this week and this Necromancer, I call him Vetis Bane, is a pivotal character in the legends that hold my dark age fantasy world together. I have talked about the miniatures and the ideas behind in a few places on …

Battle of the Two Cabins

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Last weekend the rejects had a French Indian Wars skirmish game in the shed-o-war. Unfortunately some players had to drop out due to illness so in the end it was just myself, Mark and my daughter Emily. She has played several games at Reject HQ but thi…

Paint Table Saturday 219 – Chevaliers D’HHonneur metal blocked

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Hi All,Got a little bit of painting done today. I finished prepping the Knights of the Realm and primed some retainers.I rigged up some new holders using bottle caps, bamboo skewers, blue tack and hot glue.Retainers, a couple of wizards and that Reaper…

[ENG/PL] Burn the Witch! (MoRdheim: Witch Hunter #2) / Spalić wiedźmę! (MoRdheim: Łowca Czarownic #2)

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Hello everyone!Today I invite you to meet another witch hunter whom I had the opportunity to paint. I must admit that the model waited on its turn for well over half a year.During this time he waited calmly watching the next entries on historical topic…

Securing the Road – ACW BatRep

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Yesterday evening at TSA I joined in for the first time in the homemade rules by Rudi, to fast play the American Civil War.Now, with this being my favorite historical period, I was totally pumped up and in character for this of course ;-)The rules are …

On the Painting Table

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Recently, I’ve been painting a couple of 28mm figures for our RPG group and to my surprise, I enjoyed it a lot. So I decided to continue. An additional motivation was my discovery of a new game by Andrea Sfiligoi: Sellswords…

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Bolt Action Churchill AVRE

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Another lingering project is complete and off the paint table!  This is a 1/56th scale Churchill AVRE tank for Bolt Action.  This is the plastic Warlord kit.  This model belongs to my friend Tom and I built and painted it in trade for an…

Back to the Brushes 150

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A few work in progress pictures for the Challenge so farThe Eternal Guard from Alternative Armies move on unholy step closer to completion.The orc is a straggler from before the challenge that will be finished soonTwo retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel&…

New Terrain and ZP pictures

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Coming off the holiday break, last night’s game session was more shooting the breeze than miniature foes. Everyone was more intent on hanging out and chatting than getting serious about a game. That said we did a quick brawl that let me put two new terrain pieces on the table: a ruined apartment building and … Continue reading “New Terrain and ZP pictures”