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Back to the Brushes 164

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June has been a slow month for hobby time here with little progress happening on several on going projects.The command and casualty stands for Confederates in the ACW move on steadily.Even slower is the progress being made on the Arthurian warband and …

US Marines for Bolt Action

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My first army specifically built for Bolt Action is done (well, not really done but playable).  This is about 1200 points of US Marines.  All the models are from Warlord Games US Marines line and are pretty nice models.  The core of the …

Kublacon 2018 – Necromunda: Bright Light, Hive City

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Hi All,In this game we got to use the other half of our gang. All of the short range, non leader types. It ended up being a 4 player game. Tim, Ryder, Trevor and Aidan battled it out on the streets of the upper hive while I randomly moved civilians and…

Micro Art Studios Brick Walls

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Micro Art Studio has widened their range of mostly bases and licensed Infinity terrain to more “franchises” and settings. Some of them belong to Wolsung or grim dark sci-fi settings, others are for historical games. I did show you some items from the g…

[EN/PL] Three Musketeers / Les Trois Mousquetaires / Trzej Muszkieterowie (Anno Domini 1666. Athos)

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Hello everyone!Today, through the painted Athos model, I return to the of Three Musketeers theme.It has just ended (great success!) the collection of games and additions for the Anno Domini 1666 project (which I described IN THIS PLACE) on Wspieram.To …

Lions Rampant and some cultists

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Bruce was back in town so I swung by Tuesday night for a quick game. Bruce hauled out some 15mm Lions Rampant and ran a scenario I hadn’t played. The Sheriff of Nottingham had lured Robin Hood into a trap. Robin set up on the far side of the table…

Catawba, 1781

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Yesterday’s game was Black Powder, AWI game.Do wczorajszej gry użyliśmy zasad Black Powder. Była to gra z okresu wojny o niepodległość Stanów Zjednoczonych.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Michael SchneiderUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Michael SchneiderSCENE…

Animal House

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Well, well, well – it seems that animal ardor, creature craze, fauna frenzy or even zoological zeal are rampant, at least among my mates, as Sigur and Virago have both bought the new Osprey rules-set Burrows & Badgers. How could…

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Hello Ladies! Modern Female Operators

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In the interest of equal opportunity, here are five female operators working towards gender-balancing my ACWII collection.Similar to the Russians from my previous post, all of these figures are from Spectre Miniatures. I quite like the mix of both…

Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar

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The modular dungeon of Sagra-Bayar, that is.   Completed the latest round of glass work this weekend and allowed the hobby to take over one of my shop tables for a couple days. Now this idea had been bouncing around my head for a while: 3D dungeon tiles using faux-stone vinyl tiles. Seemed like a … Continue reading “Start: the dungeon of Sagra-Bayar”

Beyond the Black River!

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In which the author recounts an adventure with the Picts beyond a black river, from Robert E. Howard’s excellent story “Beyond the Black River” Continue reading

Mirkwood Rangers #1

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Mirkwood Rangers – GamesworkshopMirkwood Rangers od Games Workshop. Jak wiele moich figurek także te zostały pomalowane kilka lat temu, ale jakoś nigdy nie było do tej pory okazji wrzucić ich na bloga. Modeli używam w kompanii Ravenwood, którą jako jed…

Meadow’s Pine 1863, the TSA American Civil War megagame 2018

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The next megagame that was held at TSA, this weekend the North and the South clashed in the fictional battle of Meadow’s Pine. Organised by Glenn and making use of Rudi’s homemade fastplay rules “Brand op de Mason-Dixon Linie” (freely downloadable, in …

Back to the Brushes 163

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Hoping this works out ok as pictures taken, edited and uploaded from phone instead of the now defunct desktop computer.A variety of stands for ACW Confederates including command, artillery, infantry and cavalry casualities. A mixture of Blue Moon from …

Battle of Point 213

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Long time followers of this blog are likely aware that I have had a dream, for many years. to play the Point 213 battle from the Flames of War Normandy Battles supplement.  But like many of these dreams it had to be more than just a game of Flames…

[EN/PL] Landsknechts IV: Recruitment / Rekrutacja (Warlord Games)

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Hello everyone!Today I invite you to the next part of the entry dedicated to the history of Landsknechts, mercenary soldiers of the infantry formation from the late fifteenth and sixteenth century, modeled on the units of the mercenary Swiss armed with…

Modern Russian Urban Assault Team

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I needed some Russians for my ACWII storyline and found that this great range from Spectre Miniatures fit the bill nicely.These are Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) in urban assault gear, ready to holiday in the Crimea, Syria or any other vulnerable l…

7TV – Doctor Who and the Mist from Mars

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Preparing for NJ-Con. We noticed that players can’t always spot the game in a large hall, so Megz whipped up a sign placard from elements I grabbed from the web, including art by Andrew Lambert (the three astronauts), an image of Jon Pertwee, and the 7…

Pikeman’s lament in Saskatoon

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Work took me to Saskatchewan last week and offered me a chance to drop in and see my friend Tim Brown. Tim agreed to put on a game and pushed through illness to finish painting up the troops!Scenario was attacker catches the defender sleeping in pre-da…

The great blog update. Wielki update bloga.

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Last few weeks were quite a nightmare for me and I did not have enough time for blogging or painting. However I managed to find some time for gaming. Now, when the situation was brought under control, I can finally write something. To avoid many posts …

88th New York

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The fifth and final regiment for my Fredericksburg OrBat Irish Brigade, and ready right on time for the Big Battle we are running this weekend at TSA.I will be commanding my 5 regiments as such along the 85+ on the table…The regiment is made up for n…

Fantasy Hero 14

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Due to technical issues with a dying hard drive no work in progress pictures just now. Reinstalling from back ups however this is happening too often just now so time to consider replacing the thing. Bugger!These figures were painted in the mid ninetie…

[EN/PL] Landsknechts III: Regiment (Warlord Games)

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Hello everyone!As I promise, today I return to the historical theme and the multicolored Landsknechts, who sowed terror on the battlefields of the Renaissance. To today’s entry, I used first two plastic models from Warlord Games from the Landsknechts P…

Rubicon Models British CMP 15cwt Truck

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In addition to the Northern Africa campaign week in November, I want to cover the British CMP 15cwt Truck by Rubicon Models in a review today. The CMP stands for canadian military pattern. This truck was build in Canada and used by armies of the Britis…

Hardwired: a free cyberpunk game

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  Anyone remember the PC game Syndicate? The little trench coat and mirror shade corporate cyborgs running around causing mayhem? Well, I played far too much of it back in the day. Wanting to offer more fast-play options at our weekly game sessions, I wrote up a set of rules in hommage; a cyberpunk skirmish … Continue reading “Hardwired: a free cyberpunk game”