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Cavalier Wargames Show 2017

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Phew, we’ve made it through a long desolate empty winter to the first wargames show of the year, and for Posties Rejects that means Cavalier at Tonbridge in Kent. This is a relatively modest sized event but we never fail to enjoy the selection of Trade…

The Local Defence Volunteers.

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With a couple of Dad’s Army type games coming up I have finally finished off the Warlord Games Dad’s Army figures. The figures of them in uniform were finished mid way through last year.Anyway, here they are in their civilian clothes along with their L…

Some more 80’s Pulp!

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Hoi,Today another AHPC 80’s pulp post went online. Look for it over here:LINK  It features one of my favourite vehicles: the Firebat. This particular model was done in resin by a 3D printer and it is totally awesome!Some of you will be waiting for…

.Bolt Action – Cancon 2017 Photo Dump

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Not too long ago, we had a Bolt Action packed weekend at Cancon, Australia’s biggest wargaming convention.  There was a Friday K47 event and then the main BA event over Saturday and Sunday with 56 players, the latest event in Australia to date. Headed by master TO, Peter West, who was backed up by deputy TO, Patch of the BAA, everyone managed to enjoy an amazing event that ran like clockwork. 

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Fart the Jester

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This was painted purely as a light hearted distraction from my other projects and as such its no more than a bit of whimsy. This particular model was a freebie handed out by Wargames Foundry at a show I attended a couple of years ago. I didn’t pay it m…

Frostgrave Barbarians

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The latest supplement for Frostgrave was once again financed by Nickstarter, Northstar’s own crowdfunding solution, and brought along with the “Forgotten Pacts” expansion a brand new box of plastic miniatures. This set of multi-part barbarians will be covered in this review. Inside the kit, that is offered at a price of 20 GBP, you’ll find […]

Bolt Action – My British Expeditionary Force, A Run Through the Ranks

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Howdy folks, I have been gathering and painting my British Expeditionary Force for Bolt Action for some time now, and it is finally in a game ready position to write about. I will cover off on why I chose to play a BEF force, what units I intend to take to the table and where I sourced the miniatures from.

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A Not So Busy Day

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I never had high hopes for today. I was always going to have a lot on during the day and Monday evening is my gaming night. I have been after some wire drums and was struggling to find something that was the right size and fairly inexpensive. In the en…

Back to the Brushes 125

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Been a bit under the weather the last few weeks, well we all have really which has meant nothing serious getting done on the hobby front during this time.So here are the pictures taken before the onset of the family lurgyA new edition, the Hellcat from…

Review: The Misty Moorlands TerraTile Set by RAINN Studios

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A while ago, RAINN Studios sent me their entire collection of TerraTiles to review. Some of my readers will recognize the products because Must Contain Minis has already written a quick initial thoughts article about the product line and a product by a…

Another Busy Day

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Although I feel that I haven’t had that much time today, it seems that I have done a fair amount of work. Having had a terrible nights sleep it was really late when I got up. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a dizzy spell and almost fell ou…

Some more Painting Challenge goodness as well as some voting!

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Hoi,Life has been throwing spanners in the works all round last week with the passing of my wife’s Grandmother at it’s all time low, sometimes it really tries to get you down and you have to do everything possible to climb up again. Me? I get cracking …

Life Mocks Me

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Having had such a great day yesterday has meant that there had to be some payback. The low point being treading in a dog t%*d that fell off the dog as it walked in. Although I did get a shed load of stuff done this morning, my output has dwindled a lot…

XIII Legion – Week two

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Back when I played 40K Breachers didn’t really exit, but back during the Great Crusade and into the Horus Heresy they were most definitely a ‘thing’. I couldn’t really do a force from the thirteenth legion without including a unit of Breachers, for one they fit the Ultramarine aesthetic really well. …

Warbases, Garden set 1

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With plans to run a couple of Dad’s Army games soon we decided that there was a need for more bits and bobs around the buildings. With that in mind Geoff bought the two garden sets made by Warbases. As this was my game, I felt that I should help out a …

Early Post

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After not feeling too well, I started having a go at stuff on the workbench again. I am still really just messing around. I did some more pallets out of matches and coffee stirrers. I now have a good pile of the things which supply my immediate needs. …

Agnadello 1509.

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Last Thursday we all returned to Italian Wars. This time Michael proposed to refight the battle of Agnadello. To give some chances to the Venetian forces, Michael a little modified the army lists. For the game we used the Pike & Shotte rules.
W ostatni czwartek wszyscy powróciliśmy do wojen włoskich. Tym razem Michael zaproponował odtworzenie bitwy pod Agnadello. Aby dać jakieś szanse Wenecjanom, Michael troszkę zmodyfikował listy armii. Do gry użyliśmy zasad Pike & Shotte.
MODELS/MODELE: Michael Schneider, Donald Adamson, Jack Glanville, Angus Konstam

1. Forces. Siły.

For the Venetians fought Angus, Jack, Campbell and Mike and for the French: Donald, Michael and myself. This time I would like you to look at the link below, to see how Michael usually prepare all paperwork for the game. Is it not amazing?
Dla Wenecji walczyli Angus, Jack, Campbell oraz Mike a dla Francji: Donald, Michael i ja. Tym razem chciałbym abyście zajrzeli poniżej i zobaczyli w jaki sposób Michael przygotowuje całą papierkową robotę, potrzebną do gry. Czyż nie jest to wspaniałe?
Michael’s lists (click here)
(Campbell and Mike):

2. The game. Gra.

This time I will started from the middle of the table and Michael’s Pike block. He moved forward and more or less in the middle of the table he managed to create a massive hedgehog with his pikes and arquebusiers, supported by 2 light guns. Against him Angus and Jack used all their artillery and Stradioti, but that wasn’t enough to broke them. We calculated that to have a chance to destroy that monster, Venetians had to hit it 8 times in one turn and the Michael’s hedgehog, can not save any of that hits. Then maybe, but that was impossible to achieve as they were able to hit it only 5 times at once. So the centre of the table was relatively save. However that tactic gave us something, it separate the Venetian forces on two…
Tym razem zacznę od środka stołu, i formacji pikinierskiej Michaela. Ruszył on swoimi oddziałami i mniej więcej w środku pola udało mu się stworzyć ze swoich pikinierów i arkebuzerów dużego jeża, wspomaganego dwoma działami. Przeciw nim Angus i Jack rzucili całą swoją artylerię i Stradioti, ale to nie było wystarczająca ilość by ich złamać. Obliczyliśmy, że aby doprowadzić do takiego scenariusza, Wenecjanie musieli by trafić naszego jeża 8 razy w ciągu jednej tury przy założeniu, że nie zasejwujemy ani jednej z nich. Wtedy było to być może możliwe, ale mało prawdopodobne, ponieważ mogli oni zadać jedynie 5 trafień.  Centrum pozostało więc relatywnie bezpieczne, jednak dało nam to coś bardzo potrzebnego, podzieliło armię wenecką na dwie części…
On my side I had the magnificent French cavalry. Against them Angus’s cavalry and pikes. We both slowly moved our troops towards each other, however I still awaited for the perfect moment to strike. I get great support from Michael’s guns and arquebusiers, who twice disorganized Angus’s pikes. However for the first time I failed my command rolls but for the second all my horses moved against Venetians. My horses crashed Venetian infantry and with some problems, their horses too. Finally I had to regroup them and start to rally, but then there was no Venetians on my side of the table. All were dead, so I was preparing my troops to support Donald on his side of the table…
Po mojej stronie stołu do mojej dyspozycji została oddana wspaniała kawaleria francuska. Przeciw nim była angusowa kawaleria i pikinierzy. Obaj powoli zbliżaliśmy się do siebie, jednak ja wciąż czekałem na odpowiedni moment by uderzyć. Ze strony Michaela dział i arkebuzów otrzymałem wspaniałe wsparcie i aż dwa razy udało im się zdezorganizować Angusowych pikinierów. Niestety za pierwszym razem nie zdałem testu, by ruszyć moją kawalerię, jednak już za drugim razem moja kawaleria uderzyła w Wenecjan. Moja konnica rozjechała wenecką piechotę i z pewnymi problemami także ich kawalerię. Ostatecznie musiałem przegrupować swoich kopijników i rozpocząć przywracanie im zdolności bojowej, ale wtedy po mojej stronie nie było już żywych Wenecjan. Przygotowywałem moje oddziały do wsparcia sił Donalda…
On Donald’s side of the table, everything started similar to my part. First strike the French cavalry, against whom fight Italian horses with the disaster for the Italians. Finally Campbell and Mike moved forward their infantry, but then they had to fight against Swiss pikes. Again it was not enough. Finally to the fight joined Jack’s cavalry, but again without any success. Only what they get was to force Donald’s troops to move a step back, but then my horses were ready to support him. At this moment we had to finish our game with a historical result. French did lost any of their units and Venetians lost 8 of them, mainly the cavalry.
Po stronie Donalda, wszystko zaczęło się podobnie jak po mojej stronie. Pierwsze starły się francuska i włoska kawaleria, z katastrofalnym rezultatem dla tych drugich. W końcu Campbell i Mike ruszyli do przodu swoja piechotę, jednak ta musiała zmierzyć się ze Szwajcarami. I znowu było to niewystarczające. W końcu do walki dołączył Jack ze swoją kawalerią, ale znów bez żadnych sukcesów. Jedyne co udało się im uzyskać to zmuszenie Donalda, by lekko cofnął swoje oddziały, jednak wtedy moje oddziały były już gotowe by go wesprzeć. W tym momencie zakończyliśmy naszą grę uzyskując historyczny rezultat. Francuzi nie stracili ani jednego oddziału, natomiast Wenecjanie utracili ich 8, głównie kawalerii.

3. Links. Linki.

Campbell (SESWC):


With Added Stream Of Unconsciousness + Some Terrain

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I was feeling great. Less dizzy and running around getting things done despite a bit of a wobble earlier. For the first time in a while I am more or less being left around. Everyone is out or in their rooms. Time to get something done. In pretty short …

Fast Cars

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I have spent what little time I have had today cleaning the plastic police cars I got the other day. I now have a few more packs of them (five instead of one). There are two different cars, a four door pickup and a two door pickup. The plan is still to turn a few of them into wrecks and maybe modify a couple. Wrecks are always useful and the X-Com game and any prospect of a post-apocalypse game would find them useful.

I can see me putting a back in one of the sporty cars and a pickup truck and replacing the non-existent window. I am thinking about putting a box cab on the back of one of the pickups. When they are painted, I can put a bit of variety in the beds of the trucks. I have some spray paint but the plan is to get some more. Do a bit of highlighting on the seating and pick out some details, like lights an licence plates on the car bodies.

I have fancied doing a car wars type game for a very long time. The thought occurs that I can put some magnets in them for attaching weapons to the vehicles in the future. This might be a bit over the top but it would future proof them.  This might be a bit further down the line.

I have also managed to get hold of some more of the trucks. The ones with the skip is probably going to lose the skips. The vehicle cost £1 and I can’t find a 28mm skip for sale for less than £3. I will keep one as a skip transport, without the skip. I can see a stretched body with a flatbed or a container. The last one will end up as a wreck.

Still it’s half term next week. Hopefully this means that I will have a bit more time on my hands and I will be a little less shagged out so I might get a bit more done. I might have to work harder at getting them cleaned up as the glue is pretty robust.

The blog is doing okay. I have a managed a daily post for almost two months. The blog seems to be booming. Although there is a chunk of stuff I don’t understand like random referring sites and a lot of Russian hits, traffic does seem to be up.

Bolt Action Battle Report – 1000 points – British vs Germans

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Recently I got another game of Bolt Action in at one of my favourite Friendly Local Gaming Stores. This place is always happening and check out the table that we were able to set up using Terrain owned by the Store, my buddy Dave and Must Contain Minis…

Austerlitz 2017 Part 2 – or, The Revenge of Dr. Love!

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Austerlitz battlefield viewed north from Sokolnitz in the foregroundFollowing on from the previous Austerlitz post, poor old Philip’s 3rd Column were in all sorts of bother, my 2nd Column was getting ideas above its station, Advance Guard and 1st Colum…

Have you ever heard of XOLK?

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Have you ever heard of XOLK? Before Saturday, I had not. I came across this company’s products while “Window Shopping” at one of my Friendly Local Gaming Stores (J&J Cards in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). There I saw a shelf of MDF Terrain by a compa…

On The Desk – Twenty Year Project Part 3

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More slow but steady progress this week on Asurmen. Last week we started repainting the cloak, I finished that up with some contrast work and a simple trim added. I’m eager to improve my freehands but the models I’m painting at the moment don’t seem to…

Small Wars: Vikings and Frostgrave

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Since I’ve been somewhat hampered in my hobby pursuits by having my house almost destroyed, all my study packed up and the walls demolished, I haven’t had ready access to things that I traditionally spend the Winter on, like painting … Continue reading

More On Scatter Terrain

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Not much time again today. It was 6pm before I even thought about getting started. I took my mum out for a bit. She was really happy to be getting out of the house. I forgot how tired I am after the bug the other week and game back home and slept on th…