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The SAGA of stuck between two crossings and a hard place.

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The battlefield

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28mm Napoleonic Spanish Guerrillas and (another) Mediterranean Cottage

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Keeping in theme with last week’s French Dragoons, here are some of their antagonists – a small group of Spanish Guerrillas, exhorted by their priest and being called-to-arms by their drummer boy. For the most part these figures are from Brigade G…

Age of Sigmar – Slaughterpriest

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This week, I decided that I’d get back on with my Khorne Army for Age of Sigmar. This is a project that will see me through until the end of the year. I have had this Slaughterpriest on my WIP bench for a while, and this week seemed like the perfect time to finish it off.

This model has been a lot of fun to paint. I currently have another model like this which I aim to convert (it will likely be a head swap, and I may take the censer and chain off the left hand) and two of the other Slaughterpriest!

Completed Khornate Slaughterpriest

I have kept the colour palette very limited – Red, Black, Metal and Flesh being the main paint colour on this model. My entire army is painted to the Goretide colour scheme (red armour, brass trim and black cloth.)

I will have more of this army complete over the coming weeks.

Slightly off-topic, but who’s getting the new White Dwarf? I’m going to try and grab several, as theres a Slaughterpriest (this model I believe) on the cover. You’re getting an £18.00 model on the front of a £5.99 publication. Not a bad bargain!

Another close up of the flesh and bone details.

For the painting recipes on this model, you can find my Stage-by-Stage tutorials at the following link:

Why not tell me what you think in the comments section below?

Some Reaper miniatures I have painted

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Hi All,I posted a collection of figures I have painted over on the Facebook Reaper Miniatures group, but somebody posted more of their own figures to my album. So I am reposting them here and may delete the album from Facebook if I can’t get the person…

WFB / 9th Age – Dark Elves – Crossbowmans

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Welcome! Today you may see miniatures for 9th Age / WFB system. Two units of crossbowmans and three Dark Reaper throwers for Dark Elves army. It`s a part of bigger project and soon you can expect a final post with pictures of full army. If you like our works, add Minis For War site to[…]

Konflikt ’47 – An Examination Of New Weapons That K’47 Brings To The Battlefield

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One of the most exciting parts of devouring new game expansions for me has always been diving into new weapon systems or equipment that change the rules of the game. These new items broaden the horizons of possibilities in the game, for better or worse, and always refresh the viability of older units and options as new combinations of gear come into existence.

While Konflikt ’47 is not technically an expansion to Bolt Action perse, it kind of is. Because it is built on the version one rule set of BA and because units of BA immediately slot comfortably into the K’47 game and universe, it is hard not to consider new weaponry within its pages as a expansion on how armies in the game play. Today, I will be looking at the three new tank mounted weapon systems that K’47 introduces to game.

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Learning Curve Chapter 14

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Wow, the 14th instalment of Learning Curve is here already.  It’s been fun so far and I hope you’re following along with my war games education.  I’ve learnt quite a lot this week and had the pleasure of playing a genuinely fun, fast paced sci-fi battle game; Afterlife. Those of you who have been paying attention will … Continue reading Learning Curve Chapter 14

W40K – Imperial Knight

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Hey Wargamers! Warhammer 40K is one of my favourite systems – grim, dark, with massive battles and  mighty war machines. I remember that when I saw Imperial Knightsdesign  for the first time… I wasn`t so happy 🙂 When a big box with sprues appeared in my workshop I decided to “face my enemy” 🙂 Assembling[…]

Bolt Action – Review: Knights of Dice Desert Building

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Hello again team, for this review I am taking a look at an MDF building kit produced by Knights Of Dice as part of their 28mm desert range. The particular one I am looking at today is called Desert Residence 2 from their Tabula Rasa range and is made from 3mm MDF. This is the first kit produced by Knights Of Dice that I have ever built so I thought it was a good chance to do a review for you guys. The Tabula Rasa range is promoted on the website as follows – ‘A range of simple shapes and shells designed for the scratch builders and terrain enthusiast to improve upon, these kits include no instructions so we suggest dry-fitting all the parts before applying glue. Add some bits from your ‘bits box’ and you can transform these buildings into something only limited by your imagination’

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28mm Dismounted Napoleonic French Dragoons and Mediterranean Cottage

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I needed to take a bit of a break from the undisciplined (if entertaining) cacophony of Renaissance fashions to instead work on something a little more staid, a little more ‘uniform’ in order to kick back and unwind. Here are a half-dozen dismounted Na…

W40K – CSM Forgefiend / Maulerfiend I

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Hello Bloggers! We are one step closer to the finish of CSM army project. Today you may see mighty Forgefiend/Maluerfiend machine. Beast made of steel and weapons, possesed by daemons is a deadly danger on battlefield. Miniature is magnetized and painted by one of our painters. I hope you like it! Follow our blog to see the[…]

The Five Hour Painting Challenge – Scibor Dwarf

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This week, may I introduce to you a new monthly feature: The Five Hour Painting Challenge!The idea is to paint one model within a 5 hour time limit. I got the idea shortly after painting the Feral Nexus this past week (which took around 4 hours to comp…

Bolt Action – Victory Road Campaign and AAR

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Here at the Bolt Action Alliance, the troopers are busy with something exciting for new and existing Bolt Action players. We are currently play testing through a new campaign system for Bolt Action. The campaign system is being designed for you to play with a friend or in a large group or club. Players assume the role of a new 2nd Lieutenant. Each player then chooses two infantry squads to form the core of their force. Each nation also gets an additional free unit based on their nationality. Before each game players add two additional units to their force using a random unit generator.

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Building the arena part 2

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I hope the most laborious part of this build is now over. Upper and lower tiers, left and right are finished and I solemnly swear that I will never cut a sheet of foamcore in carefully measured curved rows ever again!I added covered entry points to bot…

Descent – Ettin

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Ettins from Descent 2nd Edition. The sculpt is not great but I somehow like them. Fast project for myself. Can be also use in Song of Blade and Heroes and Dragon Rampant

Ettiny pochodzą z drugiej edycji gry planszowej Descent wydanej przez FFG. Modele malowało się przyjemnie aczkolwiek odlew jest tragiczny a detali praktycznie brak lub są zakryte nadlewkami.

WiP(BA) Go for Broke with the Nisei

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mine laying pioneers

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Konflikt ’47 – Heavy Infantry And What It Brings To The Table

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Over the last couple of weeks I have been able to get in some games of the new Bolt Action rule set, Konflikt ’47. While the game is heavily based on the standard BA rules, it introduces several game-changing innovations like reactions and an improved assault system. I have been pondering the implications of these changes to how the game plays and do they subtly but significantly change how infantry units operate and interact in the game. The game also introduces several new types of units to the tabletop. One of these new unit categories uses these new infantry rules to maximum effect. Today I would like to talk about Heavy Infantry.

All four of the “Big Four” nations represented in the K’47 rulebook have access to heavy infantry, though every nation’s armoured infantry are noticeably different. Each has their own personality, cost and weapon options. Before we get into the differences, we should probably talk about what they have in common. Heavy infantry are assumed to be wearing protective body armour that shields them from most small arms fire. This is represented by the Resilient rule that states that troops with this ability have a damage value of 6+ when being fired upon. This changes in hand-to-hand combat where they use their normal experience level but it should be noted that heavy infantry in all four lists must be bought as veterans. Though there are other heavy infantry flavoured units that have the “tough” rule, I will not be focusing on these units today.

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Showcase – Renaissance Assassin

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 I’m happy to present the final shots of my Renaissance Assassin for the Eadbanger competition. Unfortunately it didn’t place in the Single Miniature Showcase category but the standard was high. If you have any constructive criticism on how I can …

Bolt Action – AAR: Eastern Front tank battle report

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The great Hungarian plain…September 1944 and the Red army steamroller is approaching Budapest. Otherwise known as my mate Ben’s gaming room. We decided to play a 1500pt game using a mix of armoured and infantry platoons. We played the ‘Tank War’ scenario and rolled up 6 objectives, which we took turns placing around the table on what looked like suitably strategic terrain pieces.

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Mission critical (Saga): Unhelpful neighbours

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Unhelpful Neighbours.jpg
The battlefield

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28mm Landsknecht Command

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Just a short post today. This time out we have a Landsknecht command stand to add to my slooowly growing Italian Wars collection.

The mounted Oberste is from Wargames Foundry. He casually drapes an Imperial banner over his shoulder while haranguing one of his doppelsöldners (‘double-pay’ men) traipsing along beside him with an imposing Zweihänder sword. The swordsman is from Warlord, previously Pro Gloria Miniatures.

Banner is from Pete’ Flags. 

This last shot is of the Landsknecht commander following behind some Swiss Reisläufer from Bern with their evidently peckish ‘mascot’. 

Thanks for dropping by folks. Have a great week!

Feral Nexus, by Icarus Miniatures

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This week, instead of churning out even more WIP shots of ongoing projects, I decided to paint a random model I received in my subscription to Model Box. For those of you that don’t know what Model Box is – its a monthly subscription, whereby you recei…

Dinos on the Dance Floor!

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I had a lot of fun with the dino-hunt back in May so I thought I should paint up some more victims for future such games.  I wanted to avoid the usual green lizard patterns so I just went with whatever I fancied. The sharp eyed will spot one …

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Star Hat Miniatures: Heroic Scale Metal Figures Kickstarter

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Well, how could I not feature this KS, given that the tagline for these minis is “Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom!” it’s pretty much right up my alley! Star Hat miniatures are a company I haven’t come across before, but they have my attention now! As you will gather, these are a set […]

Kings of War Historical​.

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Ronnie Renton has posted on the facebook group that he will be releasing a Historical version of Kings of War. The details on this book are still to be released, but the info that has come up so far are, Ronnie has said that it will be Sept time for release on the facebook page. I … Continue reading Kings of War Historical​.