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French Napoleonic Army Update

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Wow!  Six battalions painted and 2 guns for my French Napoleonic army.  I started this project nearly 5 years ago but in the last year I have made lots of progress.  I am working on the commander for this force and then it will be back t…

Bolt Action – AAR: Australian vs. Hungarians, Envelopment

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Recently I had a 1000 point game against a friend of mine named Mikey and his Australians. I was using my Hungarians, although neither of us used the BAA PDFs for these forces (both of our army lists were older ones we had written up on Easy Army before either PDF had been released). We randomly rolled which scenario we would play from the rulebook missions and got Envelopment. I got the choice and decided to be the attacker for a change, leaving Mikey to defend. The table was set, the battle lines drawn and little did we know, but Bolt Action was definitely set to happen in this game.

The first 12″ of either side of the table had very little in the way of hard cover, so my opponent deployed quite far forward, planning on moving up to the hard cover and trying to hold me back, as I tried to run my army of his table edge. I decided to not outflank with anything, as it’s a bit of a lame way to try and win Envelopment, so I bought everything on in the first wave. We rolled for the prep bombardment and I did a smattering of pins and killed a single Commando with the artillery fire.

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28mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers

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Finally. Another Italian Wars unit done – Hooray! I can’t tell you how delighted I am to get these guys off my desk and into the cabinet. The majority of these figures are from the venerable but excellent Wargames Foundy range, with the casualty figure…

MOUT and Mat

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As promised, pictures of the GameMatz mat. Judge for yourself. Also took some pics of my reinforced Near Future MOUT team on the mat to give you some context. The MOUT team was initially composed of excellent Pig Iron NF Infantry with an Old Crow APC, an old Void Viridian sniper for support, an old … Continue reading MOUT and Mat

W40K – Eldar Fire Prism Squadron

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Hey Wargamers! Painting process of Eldar vehicles = soooo much fun. I did not expect that, really 🙂 Today you may see Fire Prism Squadron – three offensive anit-gravs painted by me few weeks ago. Below you may find some pictures and second vesion of vehicles – Night Spinner (weapons on magnets). Enjoy!

Magnetizing Jewelry Trays for transport.

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Hi All,

Well I’m back in the land of Wi-Fi, albeit super slow, so I thought I’d share my experiences with making a new set up for travelling with miniatures.

So I think I talked about this in a previous post after getting back from Oldhammer Weekend USA 2015. Some of the guys had these hard sided jewelry cases and trays, some had plastic containers with sheet metal epoxied in. I decided to marry the two ideas and have sheet metal glued into jewelry trays. Perhaps not original, but an idea none the less.

Kober recommended Nile, and Blue recommended Gems on Display. I went with the latter as it was the same stuff, only sightly cheaper. I had wanted to do a hard sided case, but I also wanted to do carry on and the dimensions on the hard sided cases were about 1″ too large in at least one dimension.

Melania’d from the American Airlines website:

Shouldn’t exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches / 23 x 36 x 56 centimeters (including handles and wheels)
Must fit in the sizer at the airport

So I went with this soft sided case here. Now you’ll notice that it says you can fit 12, 1″ trays in there. I got excited about fitting 12 trays in and stupidly ordered them. Anyone paying attention will immediately realize that a 28mm figure is never going to fit in a 1″ tray and be able to stack stuff on top of it. So much for enthusiasm. Gems on display would have taken them back and given me money back, but the shipping would have been more than they were worth. So I now have 12, 1″ trays. I’ll use them for dice rolling and organizing the paint queue, etc.

What I ended up with for travel was 2, 3″ trays and 3, 2″ trays. They don’t appear to make larger than 2″ in the stackable plastic. A shame, but it worked out ok. I may in the future figure out how to fix something on the bottom of the three inchers to keep them from shifting.

Next I ordered some custom sheet metal plates from Robert over at Shogun Miniatures. We played a minimal amount of email tag and he got the metal out to me quickly, ie well before I was going on my trip to Baltimore.

Let’s see how I put them in the trays, shall we?

Test fit and double check of magnetic properties. (Also a shot of my feet)

Setting up an area outside to epoxy.

I used 120 grit to rough up the sheet metal, I probably should have used a coarser grit but I had 120 handy.

I realized a little late that I didn’t need to put a full stripe of glue across.

I used Gorilla brand two part epoxy. They recommend mixing it in the plastic blister but I just applied it directly and mixed it on the sheet metal itself.

The pictures don’t show it, but I did 3 strips of epoxy on each plate. I was  able to glue 5 plates in with one tube of epoxy, but just barely.

Fortunately I have a bunch of old bricks and pavers lying around my back yard so I used those to hold down the plates while the epoxy cured.

So now I can fit almost my entire O & G army in one plus tray. I had a little difficulty fitting my clothes and Oldhammer t-shirts in the remaining space, but I made it to Baltimore and back with only one figure broken.

The figures did shift a little in transit, tipping the bag over to fit in the overhead compartment, so I may need to figure out some more ways to restrain the figures once inside. The idea is to have them as tightly packed as possible.

I’d also like to welcome two new followers, Warcolours Paints and Idrissa-Flo Woodstone. I don’t know if they have blogs, send me links if you do. I believe I know Idrissa under a slightly different name on facebook. A damn fine painter.

I hope this post is helpful and that I’ll get some more reports written soon. I don’t know why the followers widget is so small right now. I’ll have to check the settings.

Have a good one.

Even MORE 28mm Modern Pulp Minis

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Got done with some more 28mm Pulp miniatures and vehicles.More to come!

Tau Army For Sale

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Here is another army that belonged to my friend.  This time we have a nice sized Tau army.  This army will be a featured item at our local gamer’s garage sale this Saturday.  I am asking $600 obo for this army.  I don’t know much ab…

So I built a Maori war canoe in less than an hour…

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I assemble a laser-cut kit of a giant Maori war canoe I purchased at Historicon. The results are lovely. Continue reading

W40K – CSM – Be`Lakor

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Hello Wargamers! Be`Lakor is one of the greatest daemons  you may see in Chaos armies in 40k universe. It is a cool miniature too 🙂 Today you may see gallery with Be`Lakor painted by one of our painters. I hope you like it 🙂 Follow our FB profile to stay tuned!  

July 19 Club Night

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We had 14 guys out at the club this week, which was pretty good given the lovely summer weather.Dave hosted a game of Blucher with John, Guy, Scott and newcomer Alan playing. Elliott and Kevin faced off over some third edition Warmachine.Bruce brought …

Bolt Action – Review: Rubicon SU-85/122 kit

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I recently got my grubby little mitts on one of the new Rubicon Models SU-85/122 kit and all I can say is, wow! Not enough to go on for making a decision on if you want one of these kits for yourself?

Okay, then I will delve into this gorgeous kit in detail, but be prepared because this is one of the best kits I have seen for World War II yet. Rubicon has been delivering great kits for nearly 2 years now, and in keeping with their previous entries, this kit gives you the option to make two different vehicles, the Soviet SU-85 Tank Destroyer or the Soviet SU-122 Assault Gun.

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Mercenaries – European Infantry 1450-1500 #2 // Piechurzy z Drakenborgu #2

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Perry Miniatures’ Mercenaries – European Infantry 1450-1500. Yet another six miniatures for Drakenborg infantry unit or silesian mercenaries depending on the fantasy/historic setting that is used during the game. First six miniatures were shown in this post.

Kolejnych sześciu piechurów z oddziału śląskich najemników i/lub drakenborskiej piechoty. Do kompanii zabijaków dołączył dowódca i kolejny sztandarowy. Zdjęcia pierwszej szóstki możecie zobaczyć w tym poście.

Cały oddział prezentuje się następująco

On The Desk – Goblin Chieftain Part 3 – Constructing and painting the base

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Continuing with the lancing contest theme I wanted the base to look like a lancing arena, goblin style. I carved up some plasticard and then used rough sandpaper to give it some texture (I want it to look like a rough wooden wall) Grabbing a spare plin…

AoS / 9th Age: Dark Elves – Black Guard

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Hello dear friends! It`s been a while without any post 🙂 So sorry for long break and you have my promise – more updates every week. I have on my HD tons of photos and dozens sets for review – just need to find a few hours for editing and uploading. Today you may see[…]

Bolt Action – Greatcoat German Project

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I have always liked the look of Germans in greatcoats, but there are only a handful of figures on the market. They range in quality from poor to great, come in a limited number of poses, and usually cost more than your average figure. I’ve seen several people mix the plastic Winter Soviets and various plastic German kits from Warlord Games to make their own greatcoat Germans, so I thought I would give it a try.

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The Battle of Aliso – 9CE

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Legate Lucius CaediciusAnother weekend and another battle with Romans, but this time it’s an 28mm Imperial period battle. Set about 9CE (or AD in old money) this battle follows on from the disaster of the Teutoburg Forest where three whole legions were…

Huaxtec, part 9

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A little bit more progress with the Mesoamerican project:

Another 21 Huaxtec warriors awaiting primer, with another 17 awaiting their turn under the knife and file.

One issue that is bothering me at the moment is the final look of the base.  …

More 80’s themed love…

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Hoi,Let’s present the first of the “Enemy” soldiers to you today. Here are my first painted Cobra specialist and troopers: Firefly and some Crimson Guards (i.e. CeeGees). The Firefly figure is an Infinity Ariadne figure btw.Both are not entirely as I w…

Bushido – Japanese Minka

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Bushido like any other tabletop game needs some terrain to vary the gaming area and make your games more interesting. I’ve always been a great fan of making or converting cheap terrain, not only does this save money but it … Continue reading

Black Ops Gangsters

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Bruce was keen to try Osprey’s new Black Ops rules again so I popped out for more gangsters action. We played two scenarios; the assassination scenario and the sabotage scenario and the key mechanic in both of them was the observation (or maybe infiltr…

Bolt Action – AAR: Russian vs Germans

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Bryan recently traveled up to the frozen north to play Bolt Action. One night we got in a great game. We themed the game around the fighting near Kiev in 1941, with tenacious Russian defenders trying to halt Army Group South’s advance.

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Italian Wars, circa 1510. Wojny włoskie, około 1510.

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Last week in our club we had another great Renaissance game prepared by Michael Schneider. This time, I believe that, we have used almost of all our toys, we have for that period. For that game we used Pike & Shotte rules.
W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy kolejną renesansową grę, przygotowaną przez Michaela Schneidera. Tym razem, jak mi się wydaje, użylismy prawie wszystkich figurek z naszych zbiorów, z tego okresu. Dla tej gry użylismy zasad Pike & Shotte.
MODELS/MODELE: Michael Schneider, Donald Adamson, Jack Glanville, Angus Konstam

1. Forces. Siły.

It is hard to tell right now about all OdBs, the game was just to big and was very differ from the initial lists given us by Michael. Anyway there was French army (Donald and myself) supported by Venetians (Angus) and Imperial army (Michael and Campbell) suported by Florence (Jack).
Trudno teraz dokładnie przedstawić wszystkie OdB, gra była po prostu zbyt duża i armie znacznie różniły się od list przekazanych nam przez Michaela. Generalnie była to armia francuska (Donald i ja) wsparta przez siły Wenecji (Angus) przeciw armii imperialnej (Michael i Campbell) wspomaganą przez siły Florencji (Jack).

2. The game. Gra.

I took control over the vanguard of the French forces. It has consisted of the light cavalry supported by light infantry. My cavalry get in action very quickly, but my infantry did not. They blocked the way for the main French forces, so they did not take part in the battle. Going back to my cavalry, they very quickly stand in front of the Imperial infantry and artillery. My cavalrymen managed to survive the initial fire and then charged on infnatry. My horses has been pushed back and then Germans decided to push their cavalry against me. My front units received the charge and met their fate, but gave protection to my other units. So now was my turn to charge on surprised German units. That was it, they hit unprepared Men-At-Arms and destroyed them, the same happend to the German light cavalry. That forced Germans to move back, however I had to, as well, to withdraw my forces, as the German Gandarmes just arrived on the table and slowly started moving towards me. I also, had to rally my units, becouse past fight was quite hard for me. That situations unchanged, remained till the end of the game.
Objąłem dowództwo awangardy sił francuskich, składających się z lekkiej kawalerii i lekkiej piechoty. Moja konnica weszła do akcji bardzo szybko, czego nie moge powiedzieć o mojej piechocie. Zblokowała ona główne siły, które przez to nie wzięły udziału w walce. Wracając do moje kawalerii, to ruszyła ona z impetem i wkrótce znalazła się naprzeciw imperialnej piechoty i artylerii. Moi kawalerzyści wytrzymali pierwszy ogień i wtedy zaszarżowali na nich. Zostali jednak odepchnięci i wtedy Niemcy zdecydowali się uderzyć swoją kawalerią na moją. Moje frontalne oddziały przyjęły szarżę, co skutkował tym, że zostały rozbite, jednak dzięki temu zapewniły ochronę moim pozostałym oddziałom. Teraz przyszła kolej na mnie by zaszarżować zaskoczone oddziały niemieckie. To było to, uderzyli nieprzygotowanych do szarzy niemieckich kopijników i zniszczyli ich, to samo stało się z lekka niemiecka kawalerią. To zmusiło Niemców do cofnięcia się, jednakże ja równiez musiałem się cofnać. Na horyzoncie pojawili sie niemieccy Gandarmes, którzy poczęli się kierować przeciw moim oddziałom. Innym powodem było uporządkowanie moich oddziałów, ponieważ zostały one mocno przetrzebione w poprzedniej walce. Ta sytuacja pozostała niezmieniona, aż do końca gry.

When I was busy the main and rearguard of both forces arrived. As I have mentioned before, my infantry blocked the infantry of the main forces but they gave the free way to our heavy cavalry. First start fighting allied forces of both sides. This time the Florentines were much better, but as usual Jack, was not able to use his advantage, as his order dice were against him. That’s the reason why the Venetians did not be beaten to the end and they managed to withdraw to the initial positions.
Kiedy ja byłem zajęty walką nasze główne siły wraz z arirgardą przybyły na pole bitwy. Jak juz wspomniałem wcześniej moja piechota zablokowała piechotę sił głównych jednak utworzyły wolną drogę dla naszej ciężkiej kawalerii. Wpierw jednak starły się siły sił sprzymierzonych obu stron. Tym razem Florencja okazała się lepsza, jednak jak to się zwykle zdarza Jack’owi, jego wyniki na kościach rozkazu, były przeciw niemu. To był powód, dlaczego Wenecjanom udało się przetrwać bitwę i wycofać się na pozycje wyjściowe.
And finally the heavy cavaleries of both sides clashed together. We were expecting some decisive result, but not this time. It finished with a draw, as the whole game. Anyway it was very good game, which forced me to start to gather materials for that period and soon I will start a new army!
I w końcu starły się ciężkie kawalerie obu stron. Oczekiwaliśmy jakiegoś decydującego rezultatu, jednak nie tym razem. Skończyło się remisem, jak i cała gra. Pomimo tego, była to bardzo ciekawa rozgrywka, która spowodowała, że zacząłem zbierać matriały do tego okresu i juz wkrótce zacznę nową armię!

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Learning Curve IX Infinity

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Welcome back to my weekly(almost) run down of what I’ve learnt about playing games!  This week I’m talking Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli.  Any of you who’re following along with Sunday Colour will realise that I detest playing with unfinished figures so I made a special effort to ensure that my starter set was … Continue reading Learning Curve IX Infinity

More 28mm Pulp 80s

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I had a chance to get some more painting done on my 1980s Counter Terrorist forces: