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I won Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau!

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Hi All,Not much to report. I did win the 1988 Rogue Trader adventurer figure I bid on.As far as the picture goes he doesn’t look like he’s in too bad a shape. I’ll strip him and paint him up to be Qui-gon Hercule Marple. We’ll then try to design a scen…

ECW artillery and crews

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This is another entry for the Analogue Painting Challenge. This is two ECW cannons and thirteen crew. Some of these are crew for a mortar, but I haven’t gotten that painted yet.

All three crews.

These are 28mm models from Warlord Games. They also …

Bolt Action: One game ‘Tournament’

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Last time there was a Christchurch Bolt Action event, it was at the overpriced / Sales “discount” Event at Conquest. It didn’t make numbers. Most of the Bolt Action players seem to play at the Woolston club. It got offered again at Warclouds, the Wools…

The Cavalry Maiden

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In 1806, 23-years old Nadezhda Durova ran away from home and joined the cavalry in order to escape the “sphere prescribed by nature and custom to the female sex”. Durova was the daughter of a Russian hussar officer and was brought up among soldiers. She was a very able rider and had her own horse, … Continue reading The Cavalry Maiden

SoBH Terrain and Baddies

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So the reason posts have been so sparse lately is I plan on entering this year’s Last Painter Standing contest over at the Lead Adventure Forum. Trick is, none of the figs can have been shown on the internet prior to entering, and my latest brushwork has mostly been focused on entries.  I don’t harbor … Continue reading SoBH Terrain and Baddies

Bolt Action – Indiana Jones Objective marker set

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By Bryan

Normally you create objective markers for your army…but in this case, I had an idea for a set of objective markers I wanted to do so badly that I made an army to go with them! A couple of weeks ago I took you through my initial 1000pts of Afrika Korp, now I will show you the Indiana Jones themed objective markers for the army, and how you can go about doing this yourself.

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The Defence of Cuidad Espanola. Obrona Cuidad Espanola.

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Last Thursday Bill invited us for his Black Powder game. It was the Defence of Cuidad Espanola from the Albion Triumphant supplement. That scenario is part of the campaign played by Bill and Campbell, however the second one cannot made that evening so I took his place.
W ostatni czwartek Bill zaprosił nas do jego gry z użyciem zasad Black Powder. Był to scenariusz Obrona Cuidad Espanola z dodatku Albion Triumphant. Ten scenariusz jeszt częścią kampanii rozgrywanej przez Billa i Campbella, a że ten drugi nie mógł w tamten wieczór być w klubie, ja zająłem jego miejsce.

SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Defence of Cuidad Espanola from the Albion Triumphant supplement



1. Forces. Siły

All OdB can be found on Bill’s blog:
Cały OdB możecie zobaczyć na blogu Billa:

2. The game. Gra. 

That scenario is very hard to win for the attackers. French (Michael Schneider) and Poles (myself) lost few turns to cross the river. The special rule for crossing the river during this game is extreme hard. Despite the given order, it could be done only on 6 on D6. However finally we managed to do it. As the French has been stopped by British (Peter and Angus Konstam) troops just on the other river shore, Poles managed to moved further. They attacked Portuguese (Angus Konstam) positions and with some difficulties managed to destroy two of their battalions, but then they had been charged by British cavalry and had to withdraw. The game was still not resolved, so I decided to push my forces to the final and decisive assault. My units attacked the defenders, they survived the first turn, but failed the second and all our forces had to withdraw. This time the French and Polish troops lost the battle.

Ten scenariusz jest bardzo trudny do wygrania dla atakujących. Francuzi (Michael Schneider) i Polacy (ja) stracili kilka tur na przekroczenie rzeki. Zasada specjalna do forsowania rzeki podczas tej gry jest bardzo trudna do wykonania. Oprócz rozkazu trzeba jeszcze uzyskać 6 na K6. Jednak w końcu udało nam się tego dokonać. Jednak Francuzi zostali zatrzymani przez Brytyjczyków (Peter i Angus Konstam) na drugim brzegu rzeki, jednak Polakom udało się ruszyć dalej. Zaatakowali Portugalczyków (Angus Konstam) i z pewnymi problemami udało im sie zniszczyć dwa ich bataliony, ale wtedy zostali zaatakowani przez brytyjską konnicę i musieli się wycofać. Jako że, gra nie była jeszcze do końca rozstrzygnięta, zdecydowałem się przypuścić ostateczny atak na miasto. Moje oddziały zaatakowały obrońców, przetrwały pierwszą turę, jednak przy drugiej zostali pokonani i musieli się wycofać. Tym razem siły Francuskie i Polskie przegrały bitwę.

3. Links. Linki.

Angus’s relation:
Relacja Angusa:

My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

The most prolific defensive terrain in history?

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As part of the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, one of the challenges was to paint your interpretation of defensive terrain……. ………………so I came up with these out of the unpainted resin box!Nothing to see here……Just the p…

Entry #11 to the AHPC – Two Mercenary Forces Spanning 500 Years, 1503 / 2003

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Ever since the beginning of America’s involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, I’ve had a deep fascination regarding the debate surrounding Private Military Contractors (PMCs). I’ve read several books and journa…

Bolt Action – Free gaming resources

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Want some challenging new missions for your games? Interested in knowing more about some of the more obscure armies of the Second World War era? Looking for some extensively play-tested ‘house rules’ to create a more balanced game of Bolt Action? Then come and check out all the free resources from the Bolt Action Alliance!

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A little gaming – Lion Rampant

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Nick, of Little Nicky’s Gameroom, came over on Saturday and we played a couple of games. He wanted to try out Lion Rampant, and we followed that up with a Star Wars Armada game.

The lines close.

Since this was a learning game I created two almost …

Infinity Space Station Hangar Walls

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I’ve posted a test print of some printed space station walls previously but after finding a nice batch of Sintra (1/8th foamed PVC plastic board) in the offcuts bin at my useful local plastic supplier I decided to start that project with some larger, more space-consuming pieces and started building a set of six big … Continue reading Infinity Space Station Hangar Walls

Entry #10 to the AHPC – French Fort from ‘The De Lattre Line’, 1951

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French blockhouse along ‘The De Lattre Line’This past week I returned to a project which I started a few years ago: The war in French Indochina, 1945-54. After the defeat of the Japanese in WWII, Indochina reverted back to French colonial control. N…

Painting Challenge Bonus Round – Dark Age Fort!

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This week saw me submit my third bonus round entry into Curt’s wonderful Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The theme for this round was Defensive Terrain so I took the opportunity to scratch-build a “small” Norman motte and bailey fort for use in da…

Bolt Action – Cancon 2016 Photo Dump

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A week ago, a few of us here attended the Bolt Action tournament at Cancon in Canberra, Australia.  The 42-player event consisted of 5 games per person, over 2 days. It was TO’d by the Ghost Army Podcast’s Patchimus and friend of the cast and TO-extraordinaire, Peter West. It was supported by a host of great sponsors, Warlord Games, War & Peace Games, Hall of Heroes, Laser Touch, Battlefield Accessories, Wartime Miniatures, Campaign Books and Dice of War.

It was an amazing weekend and the biggest Bolt Action tournament to date in Australia. A special mention to Benjamin who walked away as the grand winner at the head of his plucky Bulgarians who managed to just eek out the victory against the Belgians of Bryan M in second place. Who would have foreseen the rise of the minor powers?

Enjoy these photos from the event and keep an ear out on the Bolt Action podcasts for a further rundown of this great event, and if you haven’t attended a tournament yet, I highly recommend you take the plunge and join us at these great functions!

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Huaxtecs, part 6

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(Potentially NSFW!)   

It has been a busy time here, but slow progress has been made.  Here are the first two Huaxtec, complete except for basing:

I am glad to see that the ink used for the tattoos did not run during the varnish stage!

Bolt Action – Creative Composition for Miniatures

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By John Brader
The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, if that’s true, then a well composed miniature can convey a whole story. Composition, or the way the elements of a piece relate to one-another, can often take a mediocre painted miniature and make it grand or ruin the effect of a stellar painting project. The techniques demonstrated here are subtle but intended to give you ideas about how to use “story” and composition to take your figures to the next level.  

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Twelve ECW cavalry

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This entry is twelve 28mm ECW Cavarly from Warlord Games (despite the misleading title to draw you in).

Twelve horse.

These are a plastic set from Warlord. I am a fan of their ECW line. The faces have a lot of character. The plastics are very nice…

Finished Ogres and Rat from last Saturday

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Hi All,They are up on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VI here. As usual I am posting all the same pictures here on the blog.In the main I like how these came out. I used the Reaper Golden skin tone set, but only the shade and mid colors, follow…

Practising Sharpe Practice – Indian Mutiny. Version 2.3.

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Last Thursday we met at a very big game (which was played by 5 gamers together with 2 umpires). The idea was to show us the new version of Sharpe Practice, or where the rules are now. After trying the published set week before I had finally made my opinion about it.
W ostatni czwartek spotkaliśmy przy bardzo dużej grze (w której wzięło udział 5 graczy wraz z dwoma prowadzącymi). Chodziło w głównej mierze, by pokazać nam nową wersję Sharpe Practice, lub bardziej na jakim poziomie zasady znajduja się obecnie. Po spróbowaniu opublikowanych zasad tydzień wcześniej w końcu mam jakąś o nich opinię.

UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Jack Glanville, Derek Hodge

FIGURES/FIGURKI: Angus Konstam, Chris Henry
In our game the rebelled Indian forces (Campbell Hardie and myself) defended city against British forces (Angus Konstam, Ken Pearce, Chris Henry). Pregame preparations of the battlefield and the forces, the gaming cards etc. took a lot of time and our umpires forgot to set a tasks for the sides, however I am not going to blame them for this as the game was really big and it could be missed. Any way later during the game boys fixed this problem and figured the idea of saving the British observer from the town together with map with marked the positions of whole rebelled forces. During the game they save the observer, however without the map.
W naszej grze zbuntowane indyjskie siły (Campbell Hardie i ja) bronilismy miasta przeciw siłom brytyjskim (Angus Konstam, Ken Pearce, Chris Henry). Przygotowania do gry, takie jak: pole bitw siły i karty do gry zajęły dość dużo czasu i naszym prowadzącym umknęło ustalenie celów gry dla stron. Nie winiłbym ich jednak za to, ze względu na fakt że gra była naprawdę bardzo duża. Zresztą w trakcie gry panowie rozwiązali ten problem i wymyślili brytyjskiego obserwatora, posiadającego mapę z zaznaczonymi pozycjami rebelinatów, którego należało uwolnić z miasta. W czasie gry obserwatora udało się uratować, jednak bez mapy.
What happened during the game? British forces moved close to the town, took defending positions on the outskirts of the town and there waited for the Indian forces. Meanwhile Indians moved to the borders of the town and prepared for the assault. Unfortunately for them they met heavy fire of regular British forces and had to withdraw (at least some of them). That allowed some British forces to enter the town, where they get under the fire from the Indians and this forced to withdraw from the town. That pretty much finished the game with the draw, as the British did not decided to enter the town and Indians were not able to move out of the town to destroy the invaders.
Co zdarzyło się podczas gry? Brytyjskie oddziały zbliżyły się do miasta, zajęły obronne pozycje na jego krańcach, gdzie oczekiwały na siły indyjskie. W międzyczasie oddziały indyjskie ruszyły do granic miasta i przygotowały się do uderzenia. Niestety dla nich, spotkały sie tu z silnym ogniem regularnych oddziałów brytyjskich i musiały się wycofać (przyzęść z nich). To pozwoliło części oddziałom brytyjskim wejść do miasta, jednak tu znaleźli się pod ostrzałem odziałów indyjskich i to zmusiło ich do wycofania się.  To w głównej mierze zakończyło grę remisem, ponieważ Brytyjczycy nie zdecydowali się wejść do miasta a siły indyjskie nie mogły wyjść z miasta by zniszczyć najeźdźców.
Now is the time to compare both sets of rules. First of all I am not big enthusiast of the card driven games, especially when during the game every unit or officer have their own card when they can be activated. Specially I don’t like when together with it comes “the end of turn”, “tea time” or whatever we called this cards. This usually lead to situation when the unit stuck on the battlefield in unnatural way. Here the system trying to solve the problem by special cards, which can be used any time during the game for any of the units (not officers, which excluded bigger formations created during the game). Despite of that, during the game we had, in my opinion very strange situation, which not supposed to happend. My mob in the open get under the heavy fire from the British forces. Becouse of that fire I lost the officer who commanded that mob. According the rules it cannot react different than on card, but in my opinion it should in that moment withdraw to the closest cover (if it hasn’t been activated during that turn yet), but they did not. However from other reports and my experience I know that kind of situation happend in similar systems. From other things changed from the oryginal version, the ranges for whole weapons are the same, however the hit modificators are different for thedifferent kind of weapons. That is actually very good solution, as it simplify the game, however that not met the understanding from some part of the gamers. Rest of the rules remain untached or the differences are not very big.
Teraz czas na porównanie obu zasad. Po pierwsze nie jestem zbyt wielkim entuzjastom gier, gdzie jednostki, bądź oficerów uaktywnia się tylko na ich własne kar. Specjalnie gdy razemartami dochodzą karty typu “koniec tury”, “tea time” lub jakkolwiek inaczej byśmy je nazwali. To oczywiście prowadzi do sytuacji gdzie niektóre oddziały moga utknąć na polu bitwy w nienaturalny sposób. Tutaj system próbuje sobie poradzić poprzez specjalne karty, które można użyć do aktywacji pojedynczych oddziałów (jednak nie oficerów, co wyklucza aktywację większych formacji stworzonych w trakcie gry). Pomimo jednak tego, w trakcie gry mieliśmy dziwną sytuację, która moim zdaniem nie powinna się zdarzyć. Mój tłum dostał sie pod ciężki ogień reguralnej piechoty brytyjskiej, w winiku którego zginął oficer dowodzący tym tłumem. Zgodnie z zasadami straciłem kontolę nad tym tłumem, ponieważ mógł on byc aktywowany jedynie na kartę, lecz w mojej opinii w takiej sytuacji powinien on bez względu na kartę wycofać się za najbliższą osłonę (jeśli oczywiście w tej turze nie był on jeszcze aktywowany).  Jednakże z własnego doświadczenia, jak i opisów gier innych graczy, wiem, ze taka sytuacja jest dość powszechna w podobnych systemach. Z innych zmian warto wspomnieć ujednolicenie zasięgów dla wszystkich broni, jednakże modyfikatory do trafienia wciąż sa różne. Według mnie to jest akurat dobre rozwiązanie, które znacznie upraszcza grę, jednak cześci graczy się ona nie spodobała. Reszta zasad pozostaje niezmienna lub została zmieniona w sposób nieznaczny.
Summarize, the system will be good if only the way the units are activated will be changed. I would suggest something like the Chain of Command way. If the card system must remain and I think it will, I suggest change the ending turn procedures. For example, all units who suffered casualties need to take morale test or something like this and if failed need to withdraw or etc. I know that guys from Too Fat Lardies will figure it something out, as they always do. 
Podsumowując, system będzie naprawdę dobry, jeśli zmieni się sposób aktywacji. Ja sugerowałbym pójście w kierunku czegoś na kształt Chain of Command. Jeśli jednak system karciany musi pozostać, a wydaje się że musi, to sugerowałbym zmianę procedur końca tury. Na przykład zmuszenie wszystkich jednostek, które poniosły jakieś straty do czegoś w rodzaju testu morale i jeśli by go nie zdały wtedy do wycofania się lub do czegoś w tym rodzaju. Wiem, że tam w Too Fat Lardies jakoś ten problem rozwiążą.
Some links:
Kilka linków:
Some pictures from the game on our club’s facebook page (by Campbell):
Kilka zdjęć na profilu facebookowym naszego klubu (napisane przez Campbella):
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Target Reached – What’s On The Workbench

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Sadly for last year on the blog, my current blogging target is to put up as many posts in January as I did in the whole of last year. Target achieved. So I am a bit happier. Hurrah. I have managed to put up some new stuff I have been working on and dig…

Small Steps – Or Practical Procrastination and Prevarication – Games Workshop Night Goblins And Frostgrave

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I have found a little more time to myself today to do some paint. The dog got walked and everything else that needed fettling got fettled. Not enough to get a meaty amount of work done but enough to do a fair bit of prep.I got the Night Goblins base co…

Bolt Action: To do list

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This arrived in the post for me today. A seriously large 1/56 scale resin Soviet SPG. I foresee a lot of filing in my future to get it to the stage I can prime it. Then it has to be painted. I’m on a tight timeline. This beast is intended for Warclouds…

Meet the Stormbringers Tribe- a TNT faction

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Chief Thunderbringer   Chief Thunderbringer did not set out to create a tribe. She doesn’t need minions. Hell, she doesn’t even need backup. But her strength of conviction in favor of a simpler time, her courage, and her intense natural chari…

Bolt Action – Old Man Morin’s Commonwealth Indian Army Showcase

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By: Old Man Morin
It is Australia Day week Down Under and that, for countless war-gamers, means one thing. The pilgrimage to Canberra and Cancon! While just about everyone else in the Bolt Action Alliance crew is off playing for fun and glory in this years, 42 player event, I am holding down the fort back in Melbourne town. As this was the army that won last year’s event, I thought it would be appropriate to pull it out for a few army showcase pictures.  
The infantry in the army was painted by The LRDG’s own phenomenally talented Warlord Tobu many moons ago. The models themselves are a combination of the Artisan Designs Indian range and Warlord Games miniatures (using their optional Sikh heads sprue). The Ghurka Squad is from the Assault Group’s Britain in the East Range.  Though my infantry come from a fairly diverse range of companies, the models really come together as one coherent force once painted and based.  I painted the vehicle and artillery models for this army and as the pictures appear I will mention which model ranges they were pillaged from to find the right match for this project. 

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