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Normańscy rycerze. Norman knights.

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Dzisiaj moje nowe, skończone figurki. Tym razem to normańscy rycerze. Produkt Conquest Games. To powoli kończy moją armię Normanów, chociaż wciąż zostało mi jeszcze do pomalowania 6 pieszych figurek. Na dzień dzisiejszy mogę spokojnie wystawić silną armię do Sagi na 6 pkt lub do Lion Rampant na 40 pkt. W ten czwartek cały mój zastęp przejdzie testy z Sagą przeciwko Wikingom Paula. Raport z gry już wkrótce.
Today my newly finished figures. This time there are the Norman knights. They are Conquest Games. That slowly finishing my Norman army, although I still have 6 more foot soldiers to paint. Right now I can easily place the 6 pts Saga warband or 40 pts Lion Rampant army. This Thursday my warband will have their first game against Paul’s Vikings. The relation from that game soon on my blog.

Somewhere in France 1918. Gdzieś we Francji w 1918.

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Finally my blog is up to date. At least with all game reports, still some new paintings awaiting a post. Today the game we had last week in our club. The collection of late WW1 figures increased and this time we were able to play with six players. Once again we have used the Chain of Command rules with the Great War Supplement.
W końcu mój blog jest na bieżąco, jeśli chodzi o raporty z gier. Wciąż moje nowe malunki oczekuja na posta. Dzisiaj gra, którą mieliśmy tydzień temu w naszym klubie. Kolekcja figurek z późnej I WŚ rozrosła się do tego stopnia, że byliśmy w stanie rozegrać grę z sześcioma graczami. Znów użyliśmy zasad Chain of Command z suplementem do Wielkiej Wojny.
MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI: Jack Glanville, Michael Schneider, Campbell Hardie, Donald Adamson

1. Forces. Siły.

(Campbell Hardie, Matt [the Greek], Bartek Żynda)
1 French Platoon 
1 Senegalese Platoon
1 British Platoon

1 Howitzer
1 Mortar
(Jack Glanville, Michael Schneider, One more person but I don’t remember his name)
1 Stoßtruppen Platoon [ELITE]
2 Regular Infantry Platoons

2. The Game. Gra.

From the beginning of the game we made one serious mistake. We have underestimate German elite troops and we have concentrated on German regular infantry. That was serious mistake. As the game stayed much more the trench warfare look like (but without the trenches), that the Michael’s Stoßtruppen bring the Germans victory. My units were much to weak and without any serious support was unable to stop them. Finally they got me in hand to hand battle and literally they slaughter my troops. Very quickly my morale was down to 0 and the game was over. It was very quick game with a good lesson for the future games.
Już na samym początku gry popełniliśmy poważny błąd. Nie doceniliśmy niemieckich jednostek elitarnych i zbyt mocno skoncentrowaliśmy się na zwykłej piechocie niemieckiej. To był poważny błąd. Jako że gra bardzo szybko przybrała formę walki pozycyjnej (jednak bez okopów), to właśnie Stoßtruppen Michaela przynieśli Niemcom zwycięstwo. Moje oddziały bez poważnego wsparcia, były zbyt słabe by ich zatrzymać. W końcu zmusili mnie do walki wręcz i dosłownie wyrżnęli moje oddziały. Bardzo szybko moje morale spadło do 0 i było po grze. To była była bardzo szybka gra z lekcją na przyszłe spotkania.

3. Links. Linki.

My gallery on flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Reinforced Pan O crew

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Force Multipliers for my Pan Oceania skirmish set: a Cutter TAG and a Nemesis Light Strike vehicle.
Not that I play Infinity, mind you. I just thought they all belonged together.

Now I need to create a suitable OpFor and put them though their paces…

Entry #6 to the Lead Painters’ League: ‘Reds 1918′

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My interest in the Russian Civil War began this past winter as a ‘little side project’ but, as these things often go, has slowly grown out of all proportion with various armoured cars, herds of cossacks and even an armoured train (!) all…

Back to Glorantha

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Back to where, exactly…?Well, around 30-odd years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I began GMing a role-playing game called RuneQuest, a skills-based fantasy system, without levels or classes. I enjoyed the mechanics of the game, especially the …

Eddie and Wallis

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One more post for today – a photo of the completed Partizan Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson figures I mentioned yesterday. Lovely characterful minis with lots of detail. I’ve based them up as if they are at some sort of garden party, walking outside wit…

Better photos of the Chester BUF

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As promised here are some better photos of the Chester BUF which I posted a few days ago….HQ including Political OfficerA SectionB SectionHMG and “Post Rider”Char B1s “Valkyrie”Transport SectionAs it stands the full force looks like this:Command1 x U…

A bit of old school D&D paint work…

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We’ve been indulging in a bit of old school D&D retro gaming of late, both Red Box Basic and just now 1st Ed AD&D (Temple of Elemental Evil – WOOT!).For most of us it’s a trip down memory lane and it has been sufficiently long that we don’t rem…

Sci Fi Interior Boards

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A while back I wanted interior terrain for quick and dirty guncrawls. Five years teaching TTGs as part of an After School Enrichment Program and running a Game Room impressed me with the need for durability, simplicity and playability. Thus these Interior Boards were fabricated out of insulation foam and MDF, with minimum fiddly, breakable … Continue reading

England 1377. Anglia 1377.

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Updating the blog is not goes as I have planned, but finally I found some time to report another game. This was played week ago at Hugh. Dave O’Brian prepared the very interesting scenario from not well known chapter of Hundred Year War. In that game all had the chance to play both sides. More details you can find on the attached file below.
Uzupełnianie bloga nie idzie tak jak to sobie zaplanowałem, jednak znalazłem trochę czasu, by opisać kolejną grę. Ta odbyła się tydzień temu u Hugha. Dave O’Brian przygotował bardzo interesujący scenariusz, z niezbyt znanego rozdziału Wojny Stuletniej. W tej grze każdy z graczy miał szansę zagrać po obu stronach. Więcej szczegółów znajdziecie w załączonym do raportu pliku (opis jest tylko w języku angielskim).



1. Forces and orders. Siły i rozkazy.

To check all details check attached pdf file:
By zapoznać się ze szczegółami, otwórzcie załączony plik pdf (tylko w języku angielskim):

2. Initial setup. Rozstawienie początkowe.

Everybody started in the chosen villages, with Tim Watson had 2 units, Hugh Wilson, Bill Gilchrist and myself   with 3 units each and Donald Adamson and Ray Neal had 4 units each. Details of starting points showing the map:
Wszyscy zaczęli z wybranych przez siebie wiosek, Tim Watson miał 2 jednostki, Hugh Wilson, Bill Gilchrist i ja mieliśmy po 3, Donald Adamson i Ray Neal mieli ich po 4. Szczegóły rozstawienia przedstawia załączona mapka:

3. The game. Gra.

The English troops appear on the table very quickly and we all started the race to our ships. Most of the players choose the way straight to the ships, however Donald decided that the number of loot wasn’t enough for him and decided to attack the abbey. He was expecting that English hiden there a lot of treasures. He found a strong unit of English, which he defeated after fierce battle, but in abbey he found only fighting monks, who attacked them now supported by the other English unit who attacked Donald’s forces from behind. Donald was unable to win and all his units were destroyed.
Angielskie oddziały pojawiły się na stole bardzo szybko i wszyscy rozpoczęliśmy wyścig do naszych okrętów. Większość graczy wybrała drogę prosto na statki, jednakże Donald stwierdził, że posiadana ilość łupów go nie satysfakcjonuje i wyruszył w kierunku opactwa. Spodziewał się, że Anglicy ukryli tam pokaźną ilość skarbów. Napotkał tam silny oddział angielski, który udało mu się pokonać po zaciętej walce, jednak jedyne co znalazł w opactwie to wojowniczych mnichów, którzy zaatakowali go wsparci innymi oddziałami angielskimi, które zaatakowały Donalda od tyłu. W tej sytuacji nie mógł już wygrać i wszystkie jego oddziały zostały rozbite.
Rest of the players was concerned on their way to the beach. However with incoming English units it become harder and harder. First Tim’s units have been destroyed and then Hugh and Bill had to fight with another units, however both managed to destroy the attackers. Finally Hugh outmaneuver English players and as the first reach the ships. Then he decided to secure his win and attacked my units, which were just behind his. I managed to destroy traitors, but in the meantime English troops closed the way to the beach and all French units have been captured in the trap. The game winner was definitely Hugh, who as the French secured his loot, and then as the English managed to stop rest of the French to move to the ships.
Reszta graczy skoncentrowała się na dotarciu do plaży, jednakże wraz z przybywającymi jednostkami angielskimi stawało się to coraz trudniejsze. Jako pierwsze zostały zniszczone oddziały Tima a po nich zaatakowane zostały oddziały Hugha i Billa, jednak im udało się zniszczyć atakujących. W końcu Hughowi udało się wymanewrować graczy angielskich i jako pierwszy dotarł do statków. Wtedy aby zabezpieczyć swoją wygraną, zaatakował znienacka moje oddziały, znajdujące się tuz za nim. Udało mi się rozbić zdrajców, jednak w tym czasie Anglikom udało się zablokować drogę na plażę i reszta oddziałów francuskich znalazła się w pułapce. Zwycięzcą gry okazał się Hugh, który jako gracz francuski zabezpieczył swój łup i jako gracz angielski zamknął drogę innym graczom francuskim do statków.
4. Links. Linki.
Dave O’Brian’s gallery on Facebook:
Galeria Dave O’Briana na Facebooku:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Paint Table Saturday

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Hello All!Time for another instalment of Paint Table Saturday. I’m well and truly back in the painting groove at the moment, working on both my own material and the beginnings of a large 40K Space Marine commission for a mate.First up is a batch of tac…

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

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   If you watch our Sunday News regularly, you know that a little while ago we had this ginormous pile of Reaper Bones on the table when our Kickstarter pledges came in. (And, if you don’t, you should. Seriously- I’m told those videos are highly amusing). Now, you know I couldn’t sift through all of those minis without kidnapping some of them to turn them into a Zombie of the Month article!

The Zombie of the Month- May 2015- Bones Zombies! By Reaper Miniatures

   What’s so great about these Zombies? Well, first of all, the Bones material is a great thing to use for a horde. It is extremely lightweight, inexpensive, and doesn’t break. I mean, it doesn’t. You can cut it, but you can’t shatter it or crush it. And you might be able to scrape some paint off in your attempt to break it, but mostly, you could have an entire horde out of Bones material and fairly well toss it around with impunity while doing little damage. Which is just great for moving large numbers of minis around- you don’t have to be as careful, and you can transport large numbers around without needing a weightlifting belt. That being said, Reaper is including zombies in their Bones Kickstarters sporadically, so there’s not a horde’s worth available in any particular genre yet. I don’t even know if there’s a horde’s worth of any genre in their product line to start with, but there are a lot of Reaper zombies available in several genres, so maybe someday we’ll get there! One can only hope!
   Other than that, I just think we have some interesting characters here. Unfortunately, I do not know all of their names. I tried to look them up, but the item numbers on the Bones add-on list do not match the item numbers on Reaper’s website, and even with their totally awesome Figure Finder, it can be hard to look for a specific miniature. I’m pretty sure the Western ones are named Stone and the Undead Outlaw. Let’s face it, zombie plus western is just yes. The big guy is from the Lords of Darkness set, and is obviously meant to be some sort of ogre or troll, depending on what renderings you go by for those creatures. And the other guy I believe to be some sort of ghoul. Okay, technically, a “ghoul” is not a “zombie”, but let’s be fair- every time you see a zombie movie where it’s really just a plague turning people into blood-crazed maniacs, those are ghouls. And yet we still call it a zombie movie. Just because the poor soul got stuck on the wrong side of the living-dead line when it started trying to eat human flesh doesn’t mean I’m going to discriminate and not put him on my shelf. If he’s basically brainless and trying to eat me, he fits.

The Basics:

            Scale- Like many of Reaper’s models, these guys are a slightly tall 28mm scale- not really “heroic”- they don’t look really big- but taller than some other 28mm models, with a human height of 32mm. The zombie orc is obviously taller, coming in at about 43mm tall.

            Genre- The ghoul and the big guy are very medieval fantasy (hence the fetching underbite on the big guy), and the two Western-looking dudes are, well, Western (which, in case you never realized it, is also the Victorian era, just on this side of the pond).

Material- Bones material, which is a kind of PVC. Whacky stuff- you can twist it all over the place and it just goes back to the way it was. The only downside to that is, if it came to you bent or otherwise out of shape, it is not as easy to correct as metal. It is very difficult to destroy, though, save with a sharp object. You can cut through it like butter, which makes it fairly easy to do conversions with. The debate is still up on how good the details get with it, and it’s hard to tell off of anything Reaper has released so far, because they are only reproducing older models art this time, most of which didn’t have very sharp details to begin with.

Parts ‘N’ Bits- That…doesn’t really happen with Bones. You get the model, and that’s it. Almost without exception. But hey, they’re cheap, so shut up.

Assembly- All of these guys come as one piece. That is not a universal among the Bones releases thus far, but it is very common. Again, probably part of their being older sculpts. It was a simpler time.

Bases- As is common among the Bones figures, they come integrated with small, irregularly shaped thematic basing. It’s not too hard to get them onto game bases, though, either on their integrated bases or cutting them off.


Sculpt- 4 brains out of 5- Considering ALL of Reaper’s Bones minis are sculpts that are at least a couple years old, these are pretty good. There are a fair number of details, and everything seems to look exactly like what the sculptor meant it to look like. They may not                                                               have quite the dynamic depth of details that we                                                           see in minis nowadays, but you can’t really say                                                           there’s anything wrong with them, either.
Affordability- 4 brains out of 5- Bones is dirt cheap. The only reason this isn’t a 5 is that Reaper has not yet seen fit to create cheap bulk packs of zombies, so you are still buying them at individual model prices of around two dollars per mini. If you are buying them post-                                                               kickstarter, that is  ;)

Value- 4 brains out of 5- And again, mainly because all of the Bones zombies Reaper has are very period specific and older sculpts, so they may clash with your horde and are not likely to be show-stoppers.

Availability- 1 brains out of 5- These were from the Bones II kickstarter, and have not yet been released to market, so you won’t find any right now unless someone sells off extras from their Kickstarter pledge on Ebay. However, I expect that to change soon, and once they are released to market, they should be incredibly easy to find- heck, even your local gaming store might have a display of them (mine does).

Pros: Inherently inexpensive even at retail price; nice sculpts

Cons: Pretty genre specific, not available in a large selection of sculpts in any one genre


Grinning Skull Miniatures new releases: Chukk warriors!

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Heres today’s other release from Grinning Skull Miniatures over at Alternative Armies, the Chukk, mutant chicken (and Dodo of course) warriors of the League of Anthracks! Ever wished you could field an entire army of chicken men muties? Well, now you can, with this new release! Astound your opponents, crush your enemies and leave them […]

Grinning skull Miniatures new Release: Baahl Auxillary troopers

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Time for another of this months miniature releases from the Grinning Skull Miniatures range at Alternative Armies. The Baahl Auxillary troopers, available in singles or at a 10% discount if you buy a squad of 10 (Normally £10, now £9!) These little goatkin warriors are great for use in 15, 20, and 28mm, or whatever […]

The Red Raven Inn // Karczma pod Czerwonym Krukiem

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In this “episode” of our blog we are presenting: The Red Raven Inn. The building was painted almost 2 years ago but we did not have the opportunity to show that model before. It was our first terrain project and it has inspired us to make our own constructions. 

Take a look at our other buildings: Stone house, Blacksmith House and water well .

W dzisiejszym “odcinku”: Karczma pod Czerwonym Krukiem. Co prawda została pomalowana prawie 2 lata temu, ale jakoś tak wyszło, że do tej pory jej nie zaprezentowaliśmy. :) Był to nasz pierwszy wspólny projekt, od którego zaczęło się malowanie i tworzenie własnych makiet.
Jak widać nasz kamienny dom, kuźnia i studnia są utrzymane w tym samym klimacie co i Karczma.

Z dynią:)

GN 19 May: Slaughter in the Dark

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Game Night Report. A Recovery Team was tasked with escorting a Technician through an underground research facility to its Command Center. All he had to do there was hack the main console and copy some critical files onto his deck. Easy in, easy out. The facility’s power was out, so dim Emergency Lighting limited LOS … Continue reading

Grinning Skull Miniatures release: The Oggborg

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Another week, another Grinning Skull release over at Alternative Armies! This time we’ve got the oggborg and oggbot, enhanced cybered up oggum war vets.  Oggborgs (also known as Cybogs) are battle worn veterans of serious conflict. When an Oggum trooper survives greivous injury, they are sometimes fixed and augmented with crude cybernetic technology of Oggum […]

The Chester Flying Column, British Union of Fascists 1938

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Hello All,I’ve been rather quiet of late but I’ve not been resting on my laurels. Firstly, I don’t have any laurels. More importantly, I’ve not been resting anyway.What I have been doing is beavering away at my BUF project for our VBCW campaign. I fini…

Warhammer 40K Eldar: Old Style Harlequins

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Here’s a collection of GW’s old style Harlequins Allison recently did for a customer. I’ve always had a fondness for these models and I think she did a fantastic job of capturing that old school feel.The Avatar was missing his topknot when he came in, …

Bolt Action: Winter 1944

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For something different: Bolt Action WW2. Nathan is off down to Southcon so wanted to try out his tournament list. There has been a whole new Eastern Front book since last I played, but I do not have it. My lot are still my Assault Engineers out of the…

Poland 1914. Polska 1914.

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All things sorted, so finally I have some time to update the blog. Today game played at the beginning of the month in our club. In our next AB1 group game in October, we will be using the “The Setting the East Ablaze!” and for this set Angus Konstam prepared the game with his collection of Early Eastern WW1 figures. He made some changes to the game mechanic, which speed up the game. More details you will be able to find on his page (the link is below this relation).
Wszystko co było do załatwienia, zostało załatwione, więc w końcu mam czas by uzupełnić bloga. Dzisiaj gra rozegrana na początku tego miesiąca w naszym klubie. Następna gra grupy AB1 w październiku będzie rozgrywana przy pomocy zasad “The Setting the East Ablaze!” i do tych reguł Angus Konstam przygotował grę, używając swojej kolekcji figurek z wczesnego okresu 1WŚ z frontu wschodniego. W kilku miejscach zmienił on mechanikę gry, która spowodowała przyspieszenie gry. Więcej szczegółów można znaleźć na jego stronie (link znajduje się na końcu tej relacji).

1. Forces. Siły.

(Angus Konstam, Bartek Żynda)
2 x Bat HQ
8 x Infantry Companies (10 figures each)
2 x Cavalry (10 figures each)
2 x MMG
2 x Field guns

All units were C2/M3
(Bill Gilchrist, Campbell Hardie)
2 x Bat HQ
8 x Infantry Companies (10 figures each)
2 x Cavalry (10 figures each)
2 x MMG
2 x Field guns
1 x Tachanka MG

All units were C3/M3

2. The game. Gra.

In our game both sides were moving to take the whole village as soon as possible. Unfortunately both sides took half of the village each, so only that part would be able to claim the victory, who will attack their opponent and will take whole village.
W naszej grze obie strony ruszyły do wsi, by zając ją jak najszybciej. Niestety obie strony zajęły po połowie wsi i tylko ta będzie mogła ogłosić zwycięstwo, która zaatakuje swojego przeciwnika i w ten sposób zajmie całą wieś.
Germans push all their troops into the village, whilst Russians decided to attack from the flanks. The flanking attack wasn’t very good idea, as the Russian troops get under German artillery fire. This cost them a lost a lot of infantry. 
Niemcy rzucili całą piechotę na wieś, natomiast Rosjanie zdecydowali się na atak z flanek. Oskrzydlający atak nie był jednak najlepszym rozwiązaniem, ponieważ oddziały rosyjskie znalazły się pod ogniem niemieckiej artylerii. To kosztowało utratę dużej ilości piechoty.
In that moment Russian players decided to bring their cavalry. The huge mass of the Cossacks appear on my flank. My uhlans bravely moved to charge, but have been stopped by Russian machine guns. Lucky for me the Russian cavalry did not attacked my units, which at this moment were secured in the village.
W tym właśnie momencie rosyjscy gracze zdecydowali się przywołać swoją kawalerię. Olbrzymia masa Kozaków pojawiła się na mojej flance. Moi ułani dzielnie ruszyli przeciw niej, jednak zostali zatrzymani ogniem karabinów maszynowych. Na szczęście dla mnie rosyjska kawaleria nie zaatakowała moich oddziałów, które w tym momencie znajdowały się zabezpieczone we wiosce.
At this moment we had stalemate situation. Both sides kept half of the village. Finally my units again took an initiative and attacked Russians. Unfortunately for me the attack has been repulsed, however Russian forces were much too weak for counterattack, so they did not. They had not enough time to bring more troops to the village and we finished the game with a draw.
W tym momencie mieliśmy patową sytuację. Obie strony utrzymywały po połowie wsi. W końcu moje oddziały znów wzięły inicjatywę w swoje ręce i zaatakowały pozycje rosyjskie. Niestety atak został odparty, jednakże Rosjanie nie mieli wystarczających sił by kontratakować. Zabrakło im czasu by sprowadzić więcej oddziałów i grę zakończyliśmy remisem.

3. Summary. Podsumowanie.

The game with Angus’s ideas worked very well but I am still not convinced to this rules, as few of them really annoys me, however it doesn’t stop me to play this set. I will have another read of them and maybe I would find some solutions to all my problems with them. For our AB1 game I am preparing 1918/20 Polish troops, which will be perfect for this set.
Gra z dodatkami Angusa działała bardzo dobrze, ale cały czas nie za bardzo jestem przekonany do tych zasad. Kilka zasad bardzo mnie denerwują, jednak nie na tyle by nie korzystać z nich. Poczytam je jeszcze kilka razy i być może znajdę jakieś rozwiązania moich problemów. Na nasza grę AB1 buduję oddziały polskie z okresu 1918/20, które doskonale nadadzą się do tych zasad.

4. Links. Linki.

Angus’s relation on his website:
Relacja Angusa na jego stronie:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Entry #5 to the 9th Lead Painters’ League – ‘Attack of the Clockwork Monkeys’

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For something a little off the beaten path I decided to do up this whacky group of clockwork monkeys for my 5th entry to the Lead Painters’ League.These 28mm figures are from Westfalia Miniatures’ new steampunk range. I found the castings to be excelle…

Grinning Skull Miniatures release: Oggum Oggra

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Just a post to tell you we have another Alternative Armies release this week, the mighty Oggum Oggra GRN34 (otherwise known as a Pig Ogre). Ideal if you want some porky goodness to your miniature collection, or add to your Grinning Skull collection. These supersized oggum add some leverage to Og forces of all types, and […]

Conflicting Agendas

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From last night’s game. Three small crews, Military, Mercenary and Bandit, all vied to control the Chechevko base in the north-west sector of the Zone. Tasked with critical data recovery, each crew was distinguished by specific gear and abilities. And competing agendas. Red Stones represented Mission Objectives while Green stones local Threats that were triggered … Continue reading

The Battle of Pattala – A Macadonian Massacre

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Its been a while since my last game with Posties Rejects but now that I’ve had it I almost wish I’d stayed at home! I can’t remember the last time I was on the receiving end of such a thrashing. I blame the rules of course, it couldn’t possibly have an…