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Bolt Action – Armies of the Community – Hungarians

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By Anfernee and Bryan

Hi guys! Something a little different for today’s article. Turns out, Anfernee and I are not the only ones who have taken up the challenge to convert and paint up a Royal Hungarian army in 28mm. Here we present a collection of Hungarian armies from across the global Bolt Action community. With no infantry models available, these are all a labour of love, so we thought it would be great to show them off.

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On The Desk – Mean and Green Part 3 – Sword and Helm

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A small update on the Archon this week (and a day late because bank holiday weekend threw me as always!) I decided to continue the bone theme onto the weaponry, first with the dagger at his belt. I also used bone on the main sword and attached the arm …

Shén, part 5

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Another quick pic:

The start of basing for the first element of Shén for my Tsolyánu forces…  It is too hot here at the moment (record-breaking for Seattle) to do much else.


Bolt Action – Community listing with the new Australian Army Supplement

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By Patch

Last week the new Australian Army Supplement (can be found here or in our downloads section) was released by Warlord Games with an extremely positive reception. It was written and designed by Bryan, with my meager assistance, along with some fantastic input from other members of the community and given the official stamp of approval by Alessio himself.

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ECW AAR: Second Battle of Curmudgeon Moor

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Today I had a couple of fellow Aussie bloggers visit Chez Millsy (Paul of The Man Cave and Alan of Dux Homunculorum). Between us we managed to have a cracking time using a fair proportion of my 28mm English Civil War collection to re-fight a battle I played last year – Curmudgeon Moor.

The scenario requires a Parliamentarian force to break through a blocking Royalist force. Paul played the Royalists and Alan took command of the Parliament forces. The sharp eyed amongst you will notice both sides flying Royalist colours… I simply won’t have any rebels living in the house!

We used Clarence Harrison’s (Quindia Studios) wonderful and FREE Victory Without Quarter rules and as they have before they produced a fast paced, entertaining game without sacrificing any period feel.

I won’t go into great detail but I will highlight a few of the main talking points…

The Royalist gallopers made a strong showing in the face of enemy foot before refusing to charge home and eventually fled the field in disarray after some lethal volleys of musket fire. The shame!

The Royalist culverin did sterling work in seeing of a unit of veteran gallopers and then assisting in seeing off a second unit of the same with assistance from a unit of pike and shotte.

The Parliament dragoons made good use of their horses to flank the Royalists before being held up by a stoic defence by a unit of clubmen – the clientèle of Ye Three Leggged Duck Publick House.

Despite Paul fielding a unit of freshly painted Scots commanded shotte he was able to hold up the Parliament right flank and defend the church of Our Lady of Negotiable Virtue before retiring in good order. Who says fresh paint always means a sound thrashing for a unit???

The battle finished a draw as night closed in. Alan’s Parliament forces were slowly getting the upper hand but Paul and the Royalists still held the road and were not in any mood to surrender of break off.

Here’s the rest of the photos I took. I’m sure the Paul and Alan will have some more to share too.

Great company and and a load of colourful lead on the table. What’s not to like?


Paint Table Saturday: ECW Scots Foote

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These last 16 miniatures for my ECW project have been lurking in a cupboard for a good long while now. Without any command figures I just couldn’t see much point in painting them, however I found a reason early this week…Tomorrow Paul (of The Man Cav…

One for All and All for One !

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I have long enjoyed watching films and programs based on the Alexandre Dumas novel of the Three Musketeers. For me the 1973 version with Oliver Reed always stood out and I have watched this version many times over. As well as the second part of the ada…

Review: Frostgrave Cultists, by Northstar Miniatures

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In which the author reviews his newly assembled (but not quite painted) plastic warband from Northstar Miniatures– his first. Continue reading

Last night’s game…

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of our Song of Blades and Heroes campaign was short – brutally short. Basically, our intrepid adventurers got the stuffing knocked out of them. Those that didn’t fall widdled their knickers and ran like scalded dogs. Whole thing took 20 mins or so. So that’s a do-over next week when hopefully the two parties will … Continue reading Last night’s game…

Saga: Crescent and the Cross Milites Christi Warband WIP 2

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Back again with an short updated off my progress with the Milites Christi warband. The Knights are close to finished some minor basing details left.I have realised how hard it is to paint large black cloth area. Especially the horse barding was hard to…

Landsknechts Arquebusiers, Group Two – Work in Progress

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Spring has been a little shy this year, but has finally made its appearance. Hallelujah! So while I’ve been making the best of enjoying the outdoors I have managed to get few more Landsknechts done for my upcoming arquebusier unit.These …

On The Desk – Mean and Green Part 2 – Cloak and Horns

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 This week we’re going to be looking at the cloak. To start with I want to look at an early photo of the miniature so we can see how the zenithal prime gave us quite a nice contrast on the cloak. I decided to use white and black and various shades…

Scratch built 1930s English petrol station & workshop Part III

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Things have progressed nicely over the last week or so and I’ve now just about completed everything I wanted to do. The last few days have seen me both build and paint both the office/shop to go with the matching workshop.I’ve also added a pair of scra…

Frostgrave at Comics and Gaming, Fairfax, 4/23

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My friend Subir has been working hard on setting up a small but somewhat regular group to play miniature games somewhere near the loci of Fairfax City. We decided on Comics and Gaming in Fairfax City. This is a nice … Continue reading

An Irish Reject on tour Part 2: AWI 1756 "Fort Lee" Batrep……

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…….with the Rejects! Whilst over in Kent attending Salute 2016, meeting mates and rekindling my love of easily accessible fast food, Postie put on an evening game for me and some available Rejects (even cooked me dinner before the game).T…

Bolt Action – My LRDG project comes to a conlcusion, well sort of!

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By Patch

Earlier this year I was fortunate to receive some of the new Warlord Games  Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevrolet trucks and one of their Jeeps to review. I found them to be amazing and I was bitten by the LRDG bug. Something about their roguish appearance and mish-mash of vehicles made them truly appear like pirates of the desert and had me hooked. I reviewed those vehicles and provided a painting guide here.

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The Home Guard

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I painted these back in February but it has taken until Saturday to get the basing finished.Two sets of Foundry Home Guard. In hind sight I probably should have bought the guys in the steel helmets rather than two sets of the same. Too late now!Today i…

Unboxing Perry Miniatures Light Cavalry 1450-1500 // Lekka kawaleria od braci Perrych

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If you are my international reader I would like to excuse you as once again I wrote this post only in Polish. It presents well known models manufactured by Perry Miniatures. There are a lot of English reviews of these miniatures in the net although I have not found anything worth to mention in my language.
Minęło sporo czasu od mojego ostatniego wpisu. Musiałem odsapnąć od tworzenia makiety zamku, a poza tym zmieniałem pracę, więc ostatnich kilka tygodni nie pozostawiło mi wiele czasu na hobby.  Kilka razy usiadłem do malowania, zacisnąłem zęby i ukończyłem trzy stare projekty malarskie.  Jak tylko uda mi się pożyczyć dobry aparat, to zacznę wrzucać foty nowych modeli. Ale ja nie o tym dziś chciałem… 

Jak pewnie zauważyliście, śledząc moje wpisy, jestem wielkim fanem późnośredniowiecznych modeli produkowanych przez braci Perrych. Ostatnio udało mi się w okazyjnej cenie zakupić zestaw lekkiej kawalerii, który miał swoją premierę w zeszłym roku.  Po pomalowaniu modele będą nam służyć jako lekkozbrojna jazda z okresu wojny trzynastoletniej z Zakonem lub jako podjazd księcia z Drakeborgu jeżeli bitwa będzie rozgrywana w klimatach fantasy.  
Zanim zacząłem pisać tę krótką recenzję zdążyłem już złożyć trzech jeźdźców i jestem bardzo zadowolony z jakości tych modeli. Foty zdążyliśmy wrzucić w poprzednim poście dotyczącym drugiej rocznicy bloga. Biorąc pod uwagę zawartość, zestaw jest podobny do ciężkozbrojnej jazdy, o której pisałem tutaj. Składa się z ramki z podstawkami, 4 ramek z końmi, 3 ramek z jeźdźcami oraz arkuszu z flagami i krótkim rysem historycznym.  

Ramki z końmi są identyczne jak w zestawie ciężkozbrojnej jazdy. Zwierzęta można skleić w kilku dynamicznych  konfiguracjach, a do wyboru mamy cztery rożne łby. 

Ramki z jeźdźcami są całkowicie inne.  Oprócz odmiennych korpusów oraz nowych wzorów głów mamy do wyboru całą masę lekkiego uzbrojenia: włócznie, miecze, łuki i kusze. W porównaniu do zestawu ciężkozbrojnej jazdy brakuje tu dodatkowych głów dla koni i elementów końskiego pancerza. Jednak posiadając oba te zestawy, mam prawie nieograniczone możliwości konfiguracji modeli.  Zamiast wspomnianych bitsów mamy do wyboru trochę dodatkowych elementów waloryzujących.  Podstawki  są dla mnie nieużyteczne z uwagi na to, że pod jazdę używam standardowo podstawek 25×50 mm. Wciąż nie wymyśliłem co zrobić z ramkami podstawek od braci Perrych, a uzbierało mi się już tego 6 sztuk. Jeżeli ktoś ma jakiś pomysł, to zachęcam do podzielenia się nim w komentarzu pod postem.  :)
Arkusz z flagami jest miłym uzupełnieniem zestawu i z pewnością będzie stanowił dla wielu wartościowy dodatek, aczkolwiek dla mnie nie jest przydatny, ponieważ flagi są za sztywne i nie odwzorowuję zachodnioeuropejskich armii. Swoje banery wykonuję samodzielnie o czym mogliście się dowiedzieć w tym  wpisie

Podsumowując oceniam te modele bardzo wysoko. Stosunek ceny do jakości jest wyśmienity, a możliwości konfiguracji szczególnie w połączeniu z innymi zestawami od Perrych w zasadzie nieograniczone, można poszaleć. Jestem bardzo zadowolony z tego zakupu. 6/6

LPL Entry 7

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Have a thing for making small skirmish sets. (28mm gamer, 4′ x 4 table, small game room…) I enjoy finding miniatures from various manufacturers and meshing them into a cohesive unit with a similar theme and aesthetic. Not that I’m always successful, but I enjoy the process. Here is a small sci fi, near future … Continue reading LPL Entry 7

2nd Anniversary and current projects! // Druga rocznica bloga i kilka WIP’ów

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We did it again! We missed our blog’s Second Aniversary!… But here we go with a short entry. You can see some statistics and new projects below. Let’s celebrate! :)

Kolejny raz przegapiliśmy rocznicę własnego bloga…. Jak to możliwe? Nie wiemy. Chcemy jednak temat nadrobić i z tej okazji ten krótki podsumowujący wpis. :) Dziś będziemy świętować!

Short statistics:
We wrote 72 posts, which have been shown 58 965 times.
We have 123 likes on Facebook –  like us if you haven’t done this so far! :)
You wrote 365 comments.
Step by steps tutorials are the most popular posts.

Poniżej krótkie statystyki.

Napisaliśmy 72 posty, które zostały wyświetlone 58 965 razy. W zeszłym roku nasze 55 postów wyświetliliście 25 000 razy, także mimo, że ilość postów na rok, odrobinę nam spadła, to jednak ilość wyświetleń wzrosła!
Mamy 123 polubienia na FB Od zeszłego roku przybyło nam 32 Fanów.

Zostawiliście nam 345 komentarzy. :) Rok temu było ich 161. :)
Największą popularnością cieszyły się nasze „krok po kroku” (podstawki, malowanie futra i robienie flag).

And know the most interesitng part: some photos of our current procjets. Except KorNat’s castle – he will show you his work in another post. Enjoy!

I teraz najciekawsza część – zdjęcia aktualnych projektów (oprócz zamku, KorNat zrobi o nim oddzielny wpis). :)

Wire Cutter Test Pieces

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With a ruined castle looming on the horizon of our SOBH campaign, I picked up a hot wire cutter off Amazon. I made two very simple  test pieces to get a feel for how it works. It’s a very handy tool with loads of terrain-building potential. Nasty fumes aside, it cuts  1″ and 2″ insulation foam … Continue reading Wire Cutter Test Pieces

Design commission project:Blood Eagle – Skirmish Warfare in the legendary Dark Ages

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I’ve wanted to blog about being commissioned to do the layout and design Blood Eagle for some some time. Leading up to and during the design work obviously I couldn’t say anything and then my new job came along and Real Life took over. Now I’m catching up on my blogging so I can do a little shameless self-promotion… Blood Eagle is my second major commission and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Blood Eagle – Skirmish gaming in the legendary Dark Ages is yet another wonderful offering from the talented lads Craig and Charles from The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare (of both Daishō and In Her Majesty’s Name fame).

Blood Eagle is the second self-published venture by the lads and I was lucky enough to be the chap commissioned to help them bring their material into the real world, thanks largely to Simon Miller whom I worked with on To The Strongest! and who apparently gave me a rather decent reference. Thanks Simon!

I have to say working with Charles and Craig was both a privilege and a pleasure. They are clearly both heavily invested in their games and possess a serious wealth of knowledge on game design. Coupled with a love of the Dark Ages period and particularly the legendary aspect of it and the end product was always going to be something special.

The rules themselves run to 100 full colour pages and there’s loads of glorious eye candy from a number of gamers. One of my pics even found it’s way in there – see if you can work out which one if you pick up a copy.

There’s an extensive table of contents and the rules are heavily cross-referenced throughout as well. Detailed examples of play make learning the game easy to do and the numerous quotes add real flavour and get you in the right mind set.

Finally, there’s a huge section on on warbands which includes both fictional and historical personalities and hanger’s on.
All in all it’s a corker of a publication!

Since the rules have become available I’ve been curious too see what the gaming community in general thought of the design aspect. You want to know all the thought and effort you put in has achieved what you set out to do and made people happy right?

Design is especially important in games because it supports your learning of the rules and then should fade into the background and not detract from enjoyment of the book.

Thankfully from what I’ve seen the reviews are very positive. Here’s just a few quotes I’ve snaffled from about the interwebs…

“Nice production values” More…

“Superb production values as expected” More…

“superb layout and publication” More…

“High class product” More…

“The book is a lovely composition with great examples and pictures to inspire” More…

Phew! Seems I can sleep at night once again…
You can pick up your own copy from North Star Military Figures for a measly GBP14.95.

If you’d like help with your project small or large have a look at what I can offer.


What’s in the Bag? The Salute 2016 Podcast !

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In this latest Podcast episode I’m joined by Ian, Gavin, Jeavon, John and Stan all from Central London Wargames Club in a “straight to live” recording made in the beer garden of the Fox pub at the ExCeL Centre, London.Admittedly this is not the most sa…

April 18 club night

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We had a dozen guys out a the club on Tuesday and four games ran. Chen, Scott and Terry joined me in a Roman Civil War scenario (Thapsus) from CCA. Game 1 saw Team Caesar (in red) ahead for much of the game.Then, suddenly, Team Pompeii crushed some hea…

Salute 2016 Swag

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As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had saved some spending money for salute. Without further delay, here is my swag from the day.
Couple of Osprey books, hopefully going to provide some guidance and inspriation for my current early war focus:

 Bit of a spontaneous purchase, some of the new Late Romans from Gripping Beast. Looks like Late Romans will be my second Hail Ceaser army, not that I have started the first yet:

Halftrack mortar carrier for my Bolt Action Germans. I’ll be honest, I bougth this more for the model than anything else. 

Footsore Miniatures Late Romans. I bought these just to paint as they look like lovely models, but I guess they’ll go with the Gripping Beast stuff:

I’ve been eyeing up Baccus stuff for years and finally took the plunge. 6mm has a special place in my heart, and here we have 288 British Napoleonic Infantry and around 150 WW2 Germans. All very small and hopefully very quick to paint. 

A 20mm trench system from Ironclad Minatures. Another spontaneous purchse, but lovely terrain and all three feet of very detailed trenchline in solid resin for less than £30. Bargain.

 An armoured car for my 20mm Poles from First to Fight:

Another cheap, random purchase, some 15mm goblins. Bought because I though they looked cool and no other reason. 

A purchse from the excellent Empress Miniatures. Some more Taliban and Insurgents for modern gaming. 

Trees! A little purchase from S&A Scenics to jazz up the gaming table. Hopefully the start of some terrain for the table. 

A far haul over all and will keep me busy for a while. My unpainted mini count has taken a massive hammering, with this pushing me up to +588 unpainted mini’s. I best get busy!