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Infinity Yu Jing: Zhanshi

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I made a promise to myself on the way back home that I’d capitalise on the motivation from the boot camp to immediately crack on and get the starter set painted and game ready. This is the first stage of keeping that promise and is all about laying down the …

Paint strip, part 1

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Getting my Reptus force into a decent paint job, as mentioned in my previous post, requires me to start over with a new coat of primer (black this time).  So, another round of paint stripping.  Previously, I have used Dettol as a paint stripper.  It…

A little Empire building…

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I’ve kind of lost my project mojo of late. I’m still fiddling about with the tail end of several large projects but there’s not much real drive to be had. I often get this way when things are nearing the end and the answer is usually to start something…

Dismounted Knights

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Made up and painted these Perry’s Dismounted Knights over the past couple of weeks.Keeping things simple, 6 have red clothing and 6 have blue, making two units for lion Rampant.The red knightsThe blue knights.Training for their big day on the battlefie…

Painting Table Update

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Hi All,Hope you’re having a great Independence Day or weekend if you don’t celebrate that. We’ve been enjoying the holiday weekend with a lot of movies and I’m grilling a few Ribeye’s while I type this.We saw Terminator Genysis last night and I enjoyed…

Chain of Command German Infantry vs US Infantry

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 By Eric Lauterbach

Bob Rossi and I found time recently to get in game of Chain of Command with Bob’s new American army.

The forces were a standard US Infantry force vs a German Infantry force since Bob and I were rather new to the game, so we did not add a lot of extras.

The table was set and away we went, thanks to the fabulous buildings Joe Moore left at Bob’s house we had some good buildings to fight over.

The Germans moved out first on the patrol phase coming from the board edge.  I wanted to get to the middle wood but Bob beat me to it. I had a good jump off points on both flanks.  Bob had jump off points in the courtyard of one house, in the large field. and one in the alleyway.  With that set we moved out….

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Agincourt with Lion Rampant

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Before we moved, Lead Adventure Forum pal Mick_in_Switzerland invited me over for a farewell game. As he is working on an Agincourt project in 28mm, we decided to have a go at this battle. Both of us having just bought Lion Rampant, we wanted to see how the rules would work with a set-piece battle. Mick prepared … Continue reading Agincourt with Lion Rampant

Shrap’s Jump into the 6MMRPC — Forlorn Hope from the New Gent in the Trench

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I’m the new gent on the block, planted smack in the middle of Central California. Holding a passion for miniatures for a few too many decades, the personal backlog of unpainted beasts and vehicles I own threaten to cause an expensive landslide under my game table.

Meeting Second Class Elitist has been a pleasure, so I’m excited to dive into all LXG has to offer. Friendly intros aside, let’s talk about my attempt to chip into menacing pile of plastic during this 6MMRPC.

I’m deep into All Quiet on the Martian Front, a relatively recent offering by Ernie Baker and the team at Alien Dungeon. This creative company hooked me immediately with the infusion of massive Tripods in the era of the Great War.

More inclined toward the human forces for now, my goal is to complete nine U.S. steam tanks, including a unit of MK III armor..

To begin introduce a pic of the hardcover rule book, packaging for Bedouin Cavalry and a crisp tank sprue.

I appreciate the precise cast and clear arrangement of the kit. While many of the metal models are a bit challenging to assemble, the plastics seem a pleasure for this game. Accelerator kept the production fast-paced but excess glue quickly blemished the thinner pieces on an MK II, so be cautious if you join me in the fun on the front.

I managed to complete the six lighter armor elements today, and one MK III element for comparison. Along with forthcoming infantry, these three units should prove a significant foundation for a demo force.

It seems the often tedious “real-world” beckons. Thanks for reading, and escape the deadly sweep of the Heat Rays until next time.


The Zombie of the Month- June 2015- USX Modern Day Heroes: Zombie Horde by RAFM Miniatures

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Apparently, even Lovecraft fanatics need some zombies every once in a while…

   What’s so great about these Zombies? I’ll be honest, I mainly picked them up because they were on decent clearance at FRP. However, once I opened the box I was delighted to discover that there were some characters in there that you are not likely to run into anywhere else. You’ve got a skateboarder, a kid with a Mohawk and boombox, a crossing guard, and what looks to be the butler with a cleaver. If you don’t like your zombies holding things, you might not like how often that happens in this box, but if you don’t mind that, it gives you some interesting figures. Oh, and, by the way, the crossing guard is holding something… he’s holding his other arm which is still holding the stop sign. Pretty cool.
   There are a couple of weird things about this box, but they are probably not deal breakers for most people. First, there are some duplicates. No, I mean some. Not all. In the box of 12 I got 2 skateboarders, 2 “preppy” kids, and 7 other uniques. Okay, no big deal.
   Also, they don’t look like they were all sculpted by the same person, which doesn’t really matter when you’re building a horde, but I figured I’d mention it. I read somewhere that they were sculpted by James Van Schaik, but I’m not sure they ALL were. It looks like this was actually several different groups of zombies originally sold separately, then put together into a bigger box. For the record, according to my research, I think the Von Schaik set is the kid with a backpack, the dead hooker (yay, more dead hookers!), the crossing guard, and the guy I painted like a disco dancer. While they may look like they may be earlier pieces in terms of the sculpts themselves, they certainly show Mr. Von Schaik’s ability to present interesting personalities. They also are the most obviously undead, each having some pretty grievous injuries. Some of the other sculpts you might want to paint in a really undead flesh tone and add some blood dripping from their mouths, because they could get mistaken for lethargic living folk. Or, you could just take a couple of them and paint them as living civilians, if you’re into that sort of thing.


The Basics: 

Scale- I’ve seen them listed as both 28mm and 32mm. The reason is again that it’s a composite of different models.  Some are as small as 26mm to the eye, some are as big as 31mm to the eye (28mm to 33mm overall height).

Genre- Modern, unless they had school crossing guards and skateboards in the middle ages.

Material- White Metal

Parts ‘N’ Bits- None… well, none that aren’t part of the miniatures. I mean, there are definitely
some extra body parts on the models, ’cause, zombies.

Assembly- These are all one-piece minis, which is only a shame because there are duplicates in
the box, and them being one piece leaves you no easy way to make them different.

Bases- Yeah, about that… they come on, uh, assorted bases? Some are square slotted, some
round. Some have those small, sculpted, integrated bases. Just more evidence that they were not
originally intended to be released together in one box set.


Sculpt- 3 brains out of 5- I couldn’t find an official release date on the big box or any of the smaller
boxes that these figures must have originally come in, but I get the feeling that these figures are a few years old. They are certainly decent sculpts and fun to work with, but nothing mind-blowing (aside from the crossing guard holding his own arm holding the stop sign- can you tell I love that?)

Affordability- 3 brains out of 5- If you’re lucky, this might come in at a 4. I have seen this box sell for anything from $12.99 – $35, for 12 figures. So, at 1 to 3 dollars plus shipping, they are never a bad price, and sometimes a really good one.

Value- 3 brains out of 5- Decent sculpts plus decent price equals decent value, plain and simple.

Availability- 3 brains out of 5- These guys aren’t rampantly oozing out of the internet, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. You also might find smaller boxes of some of the figures in the set, if you look around.

Pros: Some nice unique characters at a decent price

Cons: Disjointed sculpts and bases, not all of the figures are classic, unarmed, decaying zombies

Learning Infinity – Part Two

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Part two and the final post summing up the Beasts of War Infinity Boot Camp. Friday and Saturday were all about the set up, hobby and learning how Infinity works. It was also a fair bit of eating, drinking and generally kicking back with a bunch of sound fellas who are …

Goblin Wizard and Fanatic done, Gobbos started

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So finished these two today.I thought about doing some flame detail around the wizards hood, but decided it would be too busy. His jacket is actually purple but looks almost black in this shot. I tried something different with his face pustules and hit…

Learning Infinity – Part One

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As you’ll have seen from my previous post I’ve been putting together a Yu Jing starter force for Infinity in an effort to finally get some traction learning the game. Normally the way these things work is I get a bunch of miniatures, quite often through whatever starter box the company …

Waterloo 200th Anniversary (3)

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Following on from our previous Wellington & Auckland refight posts, on Saturday 21 June a third Waterloo Re-fight happened in New Zealand – at the Christchurch Wargaming Club, in 28mm using General de Brigade rules rather than Blackpowder that had been used in

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End of June Table

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Finally cleared up the hobby table a bit, and immediately put more stuff on it!  As the pic shows:

Old and new projects there, with the Huaxtecs dominating, and those archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory, resplendent in blue, are o…

28mm Desert Trenches

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Early next year my local game group is hosing a large Bolt Action event.  This is a themed event based on the North Africa campaign of late 1942 to mid 1943.  I have committed to doing one table of terrain for the event this is the first part…

Carolingian vs. Viking Rematch No.2

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Thursday night Roundie and I had our third Dux Bellorum encounter with Carolingians vs. Vikings – and like last week it turned into another tense struggle that almost went to the wire! Those scurious Vikings once again invaded the Frankish Empire

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Lundy Island. Wyspa Lundy.

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Last Wednesday we met at Hugh for the second game from scenario prepared by Tim Watson and involved the gun smugglers from USA to lost in Very British Civil War (Not any more) United Kingdom. As you remember the guns were safely put into the submarine and moved to Britain. Smugglers decided to transport them to Lundy Island at the Bristol Channel. Here they were going to sell to those who will pay for it the biggest amount of money, however some sides of the war decided to take control over the weapons by themselves in different, more military way…
W ostatnią środę ponownie spotkaliśmy się u Hugha na drugą grę ze scenariusza przygotowanego przez Tima Watsona o przemycie broni z USA do pogrążonej w Bardzo Brytyjskiej Wojnie Domowej (Już nie) Zjednoczonym Królestwie. Jak pamiętacie broń została bezpiecznie załadowana na okręt podwodny i dostarczona do Brytanii. Przemytnicy zdecydowali się dostarczyć broń na wyspę Lundy znajdującą się na Kanale Bristolskim. Tutaj miały być sprzedane stronie, która zaoferuje największą ilość gotówki, jednakże niektóre ze stron postanowiły przejąć broń w inny, bardziej militarny sposób…



MODELS/MODELE: Colin Jack, Hugh Wilson,  Tim Watson

1. Lundy Island. Wyspa Lundy.

Before I will go into the relation, have a look of the Lundy Island recreated by Hugh. It is nice piece of scenery he made.
Zanim przejdę do relacji, przyjrzyjcie się wyspie Lundy odtworzonej przez Hugha. Stworzył on naprawdę znakomity stół do gry.

2. Forces. Siły.

Nelson Colmon Harris forces (dictator of the Lundy Island)/Siły Nelsona Colmona Harrisa (dyktatora Wyspy Lundy).
(Hugh Wilson)
Infantry Platoon supported by MMG and Medium Mortar.
(Colin Jack, Dave O’Brian)
2 Infantry Plattons supported by MMG
Beaverette Armoured Car
(Ray Neal, Bartek Żynda)
2 Infantry Plattons supported by MMG
(Donald Adamson)
Infatry Paltoon
Submarine (Medium Gun, AA gun)

3. The game. Gra.

The Navy landed on the north end of the island, the BUF forces invaded the south end and the Anglican forces landed on the east of the island. Very quickly they met the defending fire from the Lundy forces. However the dictator spread his forces very much and they were very quickly eliminated by BUF and Anglikan forces.
Marynarka wojenna wylądowała na północnym końcu wyspy, siły BUF wylądowały na południowym końcu a siły Anglikanów na wschodzie wyspy. Bardzo szybko napotkały one ogień obrońców z sił Wyspy Lundy. Dyktator jednak zbyt mocno rozdzielił swoje siły i zostały one szybko pokonane przez siły BUF i Anglikanów.
On the North, Navy established the strong point in northern lighthouse. They had excellent observation point for their submarine gun. It stopped the Anglican from making the successful attack on them. The Anglican situation was very dramatic over there, so they decided to call for their plane. As it always happen in our games, Ray rolled 1 for incoming plane and Donald was able to find different target. His choice was for BUF forces attacked on the south. We explain this on that way, that the order for the pilot was to attack the lighthouse, but he did not understand which one and attacked the south… After this Navy had no problem and eliminated the Anglican forces, who attacked them.
Na północy, marynarka ustanowiła punkt oporu w północnej latarni morskiej. Mieli tam wspaniały punkt obserwacyjny dla swojego działa z łodzi podwodnej. To zatrzymało Anglikanów przed dokonaniem udanego ataku na nich. Sytuacja Anglikanów stała się na tyle dramatyczna, że porzeba była wezwać samolot. Jak to zazwyczaj bywa w naszych grach, Ray wyrzucił 1 i Donald mógł wybrać inny cel. Jego wyborem były siły BUF na południu. Wyjaśniliśmy to w ten sposób, ze pilot dostał rozkaz ataku na latarnię morską, jednak nie zrozumiał którą i zaatakował południową… Po tym Marynarka nie miała już problemu z wyeliminowaniem sił Anglikańskich nacierających na nich.
In the meantime the BUF forces were finishing eliminate Lundy forces and started attacking my units. It forced myself to move all my units more north. However Navy decided that after the destroying Lundy forces there is nothing to do over here for them and decided to come back on their submarine and find different better place for them. They managed to load all weapons back on boat, but then the Fascist plane came. It managed to sink the submarine, so this finished the game with no winner.
W międzyczasie siły BUF kończyły wykańczanie sił Wyspy Lundy i rozpoczęły atakować moje oddziały. To zmusiło mnie by przesunąć moje oddziały bardziej na północ. Jednakże w tym momencie Marynarka stwierdziła, że po wyeliminowaniu sił dyktatora, nie ma tu nic do roboty i rozpoczęły ewakuacje swoich oddziałów z wyspy by znaleźć lepsze miejsce dla siebie. Udało im się załadować całą broń z powrotem na okręt, jednak wtedy nadleciał faszystowski samolot, któremu udało się zatopić okręt podwodny. To zakończyło grę bez zwycięscy.
That was another great game with very good ending. For the game we used the Bolt Action rules with some amendments created by Tim.
To była kolejna dobra gra z bardzo dobrym zakończeniem. Do gry użyliśmy zasad Bolt Action z kilkoma zmianami dokonanymi prze Tima.

4. Links. Linki.

Relation from the first game:
Relacja z pierwszej gry:
Tim’s relation on his blog:
Relacja Tima na jego blogu:
Dave O’Brian’s gallery on Facebook:
Galeria Dave O’Briana na Facebooku:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Infinity Boot Camp

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Yu-Jing Starter built and a surprise TAG thrown in courtesy of Corvus Belli and Beasts of War.    

One More for the Cabinet! Atomic Punks by Bombshell Miniatures

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   Bombshell Miniatures, as its name suggests, has tons of awesome female miniatures. They have, in fact, an entire page on their webshop just called “Babes.” But if you think there’s just a bunch of scantily clad, character-less bimbos in th…

4th Bloggiversary for Sean’s Wargames Corner

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Just thought I’d take time to note that I started this blog four years ago today, and what a ride it’s been.I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my ramblings and help a grouchy old hobbyist feel like he has mates all ove…

Something new for the weekend

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The first section of the Epic Swordwind Guardian Warhost I showed on the workbench yesterday for should get completed tonight which I’ll cover in full next week. It won’t be the last unit for my mini Epic revival don’t worry, but I do want to give a bit of a heads up on …

Caen 1944 (#2)

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Last Thursday we finally managed to play the last game of round 2 of our campaign game Caen 1944. Last time Ian and I only draw with German forces near the Bretteville. This time we were going to play German counterattack.
W ostatni czwartek udało się nam w końcu rozegrać ostatnią grę drugiej rundy naszej kampanii Caen 1944. W ostatniej grze Ian i ja zaledwie żeśmy zremisowali z siłami niemieckimi w okolicach Bretteville. Tym razem mieliśmy rozegrać niemiecki kontratak.

SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: No. 3 from the main book./Trzeci scenariusz z głównego podręcznika.

SCENERY/SCENERIA: John Glass, Campbell Hardie, SESWC

MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI:  Ian Carter, John Glass, Campbell Hardie, Bartek Żynda.

1. Forces. Siły.

Again I am going to made the update to this post with the army lists used for this game. Both Allied players used 1500 pts Tank Wars Armoured Platoons and German players used: John 1200 pts and Campbell 950 pts platoons.
Znowu później mam zamiar dodać uzupełnienie tego posta z listami armii użytymi w tej grze. Obaj gracze alianccy użyli Zmechanizowanych Plutonów na 1500 pkt z dodatku Tank Wars, natomiast niemieccy gracze użyli: John sił na 1200 pkt i Campbell na 950pkt.

2. The game. Gra.

This time the German players were attacking and we managed to not commit their mistake and all objectives were protected. Different to them we only put a half of our troops during the deployment turn, so we safe more troops during the Preparation Bombardment phase. This time we agreed together with Ian a defending plan, so our actions were more or less coordinated.
Tym razem to niemieccy gracze musieli atakować a nam udało się nie popełnić ich błędów z poprzedniej gry i wszystkie cele gry zostały obsadzone. W odróżnieniu od nich na początku gry wystawiliśmy tylko połowę naszych sił, dzięki czemu podczas Przygotowania Artyleryjskigo nasze straty nie były duże. Tym razem również wspólnie z Ianem ustaliliśmy wspólny plan działania i nasze akcje mniej więcej były skoordynowane.

In our game Ian had a harder task, as he had to face John’s forces. Just at the beginning of the game Ian lost one of his Cromwells but very soon he destroy the Pz IV. John pushing his forces forward, but Ian managed to defend his positions and even push the German backward. Ian continued this but this time all German AT weapons and specially Panzerfausts were very effective. and finally John had nothing against Ian’s tanks.
W naszej grze Ian miał cięższe zadanie, ponieważ musiał stawić czoło siłom Johna. Już na początku gry Ian stracił jednego ze swoich Cromwelli, jednak bardzo odpłacił się zniszczeniem Pz IV. John nacierał do przodu, jednak Ianowi udało się obronić swoje pozycje a nawet przejść do kontrataku i odepchnąć Niemców do tyłu. Ian kontynuował natarcie lecz tym razem zawiodły wszystkie niemieckie bronie ppanc a w szczególności Panzerfausty, które okazały się mało efektywne i w końcu John nie miał nic przeciwko Ianowym czołgom.

On my flank I managed to create the defending line, supported by all my tanks. However I had the problem with German sniper, who eliminated all my spotters. I tried to shot him down, but I failed. Finally my tanks pinned him down and he was no more the problem for me. Campbell decided finally to assault my positions, but most of my troops had ambush order dice, so any possible action in the line of sigh of my troops always finished with German annihilation.
Na mojej flance udało mi się stworzyć linie obrony wspartą moimi czołgami. Jednakże miałem problem z niemieckim snajperem, który wyeliminował wszystkich moich obserwatorów. Próbowałem go usunąć, ale to mi się nie udało. W końcu przy pomocy moich czołgów spinowałem go i przestał być już dla mnie problemem. W końcu Campbell zdecydował się natrzeć na moje pozycje, jednak większość z moich oddziałów miała przydzielone rozkazy “ambush”, w związku z czym jakiekolwiek akcja w linii mojego widzenia zawsze kończyła się niemiecką zagładą.

We managed to play only 5 turns, but Germans were far away from the objectives, so we decided that the game finished with Allied victory!
Udało się nam rozegrac jedynie 5 tur, jednak Niemcy znajdowali się dość daleko od celów ataku, więc zdecydowaliśmy, że gra zakończyła się alianckim zwycięstwem.

3. Links. Linki.

My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

My first game of the campaign:
Moja pierwsza gra kampanii:

28mm WWI British from Brigade Games

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As promised here are the WWI British we did for Brigade Games of their African/Palestine WWI line. This batch included some Australians and African Colonial troops. First up the Australians:Here’s some British cavalry:The King’s African Rifles:

28mm WWI Germans from Brigade Games

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Sorry its been quiet lately. We were on vacation, then had to try and catch up on things once we got home. Then we had to get the business back up and chugging along. That’s the downfall of being self-employed with no employees: nothing gets done when …

Deep Fried Lard – Musselburgh 2015 – Afternoon games. Gry popołudniowe.

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Today the second relation from this year Deep Fried Lard – our Scottish meeting with TooFatLardies games. For the second game I have selected the General Napoleon meets Chain of Command. Sounds it very interesting and it is. However the game is still in very advancing tests and is not finished yet, but we had the opportunity to play it. The game was so popular, that is has morning and afternoon games. I was happily put on the second one.

Dzisiaj druga relacja z tegorocznego Deep Fried Lard – naszego szkockiego spotkania z grami od TooFatLardies. Jako drugą grę wybrałem General Bonaparte meets Chain Of Command. Brzmi nieźle? I tak jest. Jednakże gra jest ciągle w fazie bardzo zaawansowanych testów i nie jest jeszcze ukończona, jednak mieliśmy już teraz możliwość by zagrać w nią. Gra była tak popularna, że miała swoje dwie odsłony, jedną rano i drugą popołudniową. Mnie udało się zagrać w drugą z nich.

1. General Bonaparte Meets Chain of Command – the game and my opinion/gra i moja opinia.

Recently we received a few new variations of the Chain of Command. Few of them you have already have seen on this blog such us the Spanish Civil War or I World War supplements, now we had the opportunity to check something totally different. To put the Chain of Command mechanic into the Napoleonic period, some things had to be changed.  First is the reconnaissance phase. This time we moving our tokens 18 inches instead of 12 and after locking them all we are creating the deployment zone. That’s not the only one difference, the game moved a level up, it means that right now we are moving our battalions, brigades and divisions. It works the same way at in basic rules, so we using our 1,2,3 and 4s to activate our officers on the appropriate level. Rest of the rules are pretty much the same like the old one.
Ostatnio otrzymaliśmy kilka nowych wariacji zasad Chain of Command. Kilka z nich mieliście już okazje zobaczyć na tym blogu, takie jak Wojna Domowa w Hiszpanii czy też Pierwsza Wojna Światowa, teraz mieliśmy okazję wypróbować coś totalnie innego. By wcisnąć mechanikę Chain of Command w czasy napoleońskie, kilka rzeczy musiało być zmienionych. Pierwszą jest faza zwiadu. Tym razem poruszamy nasze znaczniki 18 cali zamiast 12 i w ten sposób tworzymy naszą strefę rozstawienia. To nie jedyna zmiana, gra została o poziom w górę i teraz dowodzimy naszymi batalionami, brygadami i dywizjami. Dzieje się to w podobny sposób, jak w starych zasadach i naszymi 1, 2, 3 i 4 aktywujemy oficerów na odpowiednim poziomie. Reszta zasad jest w zasadzie podobna do starych zasad.

For our game we had the battle between Austrian and French. Austrian forces were commanded by Richard and Alan as the French were lead by Jack Glanville and myself. Every army was consist of two infantry brigades (4 battalion each), cavalry brigade (3 squadrons) and artillery. We put our in one big battery when Austrian put the guns between their brigades. Austrian were defending the crossroad and the French had to take it. The game was umpired by John Edwing.
W naszej grze mieliśmy starcie pomiędzy Austriakami i Francuzami. Austriackimi siłami dowodzili Richard i Alan, z kolei francuskimi Jack Glanville i ja. Każda armia składała się z dwóch brygad piechoty (4 bataliony każda), brygady kawalerii (3 szwadrony) oraz artylerii. Nasze działa ustawiliśmy razem jako dużą baterię, Austriacy rozmieścili swoje armaty pomiędzy brygady. Austriacy mieli za zadanie obrony skrzyżowania, natomiast Francuzi mieli je zdobyć. Całość gry była prowadzona przez Johna Edwinga.

Together with Jack we had a cunning plan. My forces were to take the most of Austrian attention so Jack would be able to attack the Austrian forces, beat them and take the crossroad. During the reconainse phase we did not played it well and we had very small area to deploy our troops, so our cavalry was blocked at the beginning of our game by my infantry. Austrian did it in much better way and they had much more space for their troops. From the beginning our plan worked well and my troops engage the most Austrian forces and Jack was able to attack the crossroad. However his first attack failed and he was pushed back, however the second attempt success and finally took the objective. We could claim the victory during the game, but it was small but. My infantry bravely fought against the Austrian soldiers and even I had tried the cavalry charge, wich has been repulsed. Then Allan, who commanded the Austrian cavalry started his charge. He got very high result on move dice and hit my infantry from the flank. You can imagine what happend. Three of my battalions broke! We stopped the game at this point and agreed that the game finished with a draw.
Razem z Jack’iem mieliśmy chytry plan. Moje siły miały wziąć większość uwagi Austriaków, by Jak mógł zaatakować siły austriackie, rozbić je i zająć skrzyżowanie. Nie rozegraliśmy fazy rekonesansu zbyt dobrze i nasze siły miały bardzo ograniczoną strefę rozstawienia, tak na przykład nasza kawaleria była na początku gry blokowana przez moją piechotę. Austriacy zagrali to znacznie lepiej i mieli dla swoich oddziałów znacznie większą przestrzeń. Od początku wszystko przebiegało według naszego planu. Moje oddziały wiązały walką większość sił austriackich i Jack mógł natrzeć na skrzyżowanie. Jego pierwszy atak został odparty, jednak drugi się powiódł i w tym momencie moglibyśmy ogłosić zwycięstwo, gdyby nie jedno małe ale. Moja piechota dzielnie walczyła przeciwko Austriakom a nawet mojej kawalerii udało się przeprowadzić szarżę, odpartą niestety, kiedy Alan, dowódca austriackiej kawalerii, uzyskał bardzo wysoki wynik na kościach ruchu i z flanki uderzył na moją piechotę. Możecie sobie wyobrazić co się wtedy stało. Trzy moje bataliony zostały rozbite! W tym momencie zatrzymaliśmy grę i wspólnie ogłosiliśmy remis.

The rules worked very well and if you are familiar with Chain of Command you can pick up those rules very quickly. The differences are not very big. The rules are still testing so they are not ready for publishing yet, however the game seems to be nearly finished and if you ever will have a chance to try them, do it, they are really cool!
Zasady sprawiły się całkiem dobrze i jeśli ktoś jest zaznajomiony z zasadami Chain of Command, nie powinien mieć z nimi żadnych problemów. Różnice nie są zbyt duże. Przepisy są ciągle w fazie testów i nie są jeszcze gotowe do publikacji, jednakże wyglądają na prawie skończone i jeśli będziecie mieli możliwość kiedykolwiek ich wypróbowania, zróbcie to, są naprawdę super!

2. Other Afternoon games. Inne gry popołudniowe.

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At the end of this relation I would like to thank all of those who decided to put the games during the meeting, all players and especially to Derek Hodge, who organised it again. See you on next Deep Fried Lard 2016!
Na zakończenie chciałbym podziękować wszystkim wystawiającym gry, grającym i w szczególności Derekowi Hodge za zorganizowanie całego spotkania. Do zobaczenia na Deep Fried Lard 2016!

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