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Deathwing Army For Sale

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I have come to the realization that I do not need to keep 5 armies for a game I am not playing and have not played in a couple of years (and have no immediate plans to play again).  With that in mind I have decided to sell my Dark Angels army star…

Weekly round up 27/07/2014 – Thanks to Blogger there be Pirates on the Horizon!

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It has been a busy week in the Great Hall it started very well with Monday and Tuesday spent at Kevin’s sorting both his man cave and our gaming room out and making some big improvements and changes in the layout of both. I am sure he will blog our eff…

Home Guard Radio – Episode 4 Who’s that girl?

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Home Guard Radio Episode 4 – Who’s that girl? Show Notes:   Please excuse the sound blip 14 minutes in   Intellegince Crop:   Craig – Update on the Beards and Buckshot brigade and his games played Steven – … Continue reading

Incursio Barbarica: Lanciarii at full strength

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The Lanciarii Gallicani Honoriani received four new companions, plus a battle-hardened centurio with a passion for shiny armour! As hinted in my last post I want to start a “Dux Germania Prima” campaign using the Too Fat Lardies “Dux Britanniarum” … Continue reading

Paymaster – the gametest. Paymaster – gra testowa.

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Last Thursday Michael Schneider invited me to test his new idea for Renaissance games. He called it Paymaster. It gives to the game element of mercenary. More about this you can read on Michaels blog. You can find the link on the end of this relation. …

My donation to the club’s autumn auction

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To defray the Edmonton Wargames Group’s operating costs this coming year, we’re hosting a club auction. In short, folks donate stuff, Dave posts it on ebay and the proceeds pay the rent (supplemented by our modest dues).My contribution to the auction i…

New Laser Cut Project – Sci-Fi Corridors

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I was asked by Durham Wargames Club (well over a year ago) if I could produce a set of Sci-Fi corridors. I spent a good while mulling over plans, and earlier this year I actually started work on the design. I have been very busy with other projects, so…

Siberia 1919 (pt 2). Syberia 1919 (cz 2.)

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Today continuation of the previous game. The relation from the first game you can read here:Dzisiaj kontynuacja poprzedniej gry. Relacje z poprzedniej możecie przeczytać tutaj:…

From Sharpsburg to Antietam.

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Last weekend a number of gamers from around New Zealand gathered in Christchurch to refight the battle of Sharpsburg or Antietam.Below is a taste of what the game looked like.For many more photos and a very short report follow the links,John’s photos a…

28mm Spanish Civil War Republican Anti-Tank Gun and A New Book: ‘The Shattered Peloton: The Devastating Impact of World War I on the Tour de France’

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I thought I’d bash out a few more Spanish Civil War figures in preparation for an upcoming game I have scheduled in a few days with the fine lads from the Fawcett Ave Conscripts. Here is a 37mm Bofors anti-tank gun with a Republican crew. Eve…

Thee Most Bloody Battle of Curmudgeon Moor

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Upon this day, 27th day of March in the year of Our Lorde God 1642, thee forces of Parliament did most bloodily defeate thee forces of Kynge Charles I ‘pon the field of Curmudgeon Moor. For all thee most valiant forces of the Kynge did defye thine enem…

Normanowie – pospolite ruszenie. Normans – Levies.

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Te figurki zalegały w mojej szufladzie już zbyt długo. To pospolite ruszenie Normanów od Conquest Games. Część z nich już Wam pokazywałem, natomiast ich druga czekała na dokończenie malunku. Chodziło tu głównie o wzory na tarcze. Nie mia

"The Battle of Fort Louis", July 20th 1758, 28mm FIW Skirmish Game.

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7 Rejects gathered for a French Indian War skirmish game a few weeks ago, myself, Lee and John randomly picked the British through scrunched up pieces of paper, myself and John were horrified that we had drawn Lee”Offends Dice Gods” Hadley but what can…

Trying a new Warmaster scenario

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Recently, I got together with a friend of  mine and pulled out Warmaster (those of you not familiar with that rules system… It is a Games Workshop Specialist Games publication that was written by Rick Priestly and released in the 1990′s). …

Finished figures, Pine Bark, Magnets, and a new lens.

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Hi All,I’ve been rushing to get these figures finished and realized a few omissions late in the game. I won’t dwell on the half empty aspect.I give you the Blood Moon Boyz:At first I wanted to paint them for Orctober 2013. This then got pushed back to …

July 15 club night

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We had an astounding 15 gamers out at he club last night, despite the heat. Dave and Scott had a Byzantines versus Normans smack down using Saga.There were four Warmachine players.And Terry hosted everyone else in two games of Zombicide.Our next club n…

Sci Fi terrain on the Cheap!

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Doctor Merkury

I’ve been working on some Sci Fantasy rules, Fantastic Narrative Science Fiction, and needed some terrain.  Inspired by the old SW game Bounty Hunter with Jango Fett, I decided to make some modular terrain that I could get different configurations…

Help me find a Necromunda Delaque Leader please

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OK, I give up! For months I’ve been trying to get the one miniature I need to complete my collection of first edition Necromunda Delaque gangers.I’ve watched a few sell on eBay for frankly stupid sums and I’m neither inclined nor sufficiently wealthy t…

Savage Orc Army Update

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I’ve been putting off basing work for some time now. I find it really tedious and will do most anything to avoid it. The inevitable consequence is that when I DO get round to it I have a pile to do and that was the case with the Savage Orcs.So anyway, …

AT-RTs for Star Wars gaming

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Doctor Merkury

Okay so these Titanium Series AT-RTs are not quite 28mm in scale to match up with the Star Wars CMGs, but they are close enough for me and much cheaper! Loved using these in the video game Star Wars Battlefront and wanted a few for on the table. Take a…

Beastmen Comparison: Fenris – Games Workshop – Harlequin

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Hello all,Just back from Vienna and almost heading out to the airport again to catch a plane to the states, so only a brief post today – a comparison between the various beastmen I’ve painted the last months. Someone might find this useful.from left to…

Chain of Command Contest!

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Lardie Rich has been cranking out lists like crazy and still people are asking for more.   So I figured some of those people should pick up the slack and let Rich get on with other things like In the Buff.It’s simple really make a list and post it…

Disposable Heroes Winter War game! December 7th 1939

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Doctor Merkury

I had a chance to dig out my Winter War Russians to pit them against my friend Keith Stine of Iron Ivan Games’s Finnish forces. We used Iron Ivan Games’s WW2 ruleset, Disposable Heroes Coffin for Seven Brothers.  We gamed at the awesome Army Group…

28mm French Napoleonic Figure Comparison

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I have been assembling my new Napoleonic additions and though there might be some interest in a figure comparison.Figures with paint are Victrix.  Unpaited figures are, from left to right, Old Glory, Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures.

Marauder Ripper Suit

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As you can probably tell from the last few posts, Mantic’s Deadzone is getting lots of time on my workbench currently and the Marauder Faction in particular is in the firing line. I finished the three standard Commandos and ‘Pyro’ l…