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W40K – Thousand Sons / Rubric Marines

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Hey! Another post with Thousand Sons army. Today I would like to show you core units – Rubric Marines. Enjoy!  They are main unit of TS army. Mindless armours fueled by Warp and hate of their masters. Minis are really nice – solid, massive and not so far from Primaris Marines size. I am disappointed[…]

Sunday Workbench

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I’ve been pretty quiet of late, struck down by a near-terminal case of man-flu, combined with rebuilding my PC and lots of actual real life work. Occasionally though I’ve managed to find time to twirl the brushes, plugging away at a bunch of post-…

Paint Table Saturday 233 – Bretonnians in the home stretch

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Hi All,Well, today was supposed to be the day I finished these.But I encountered a slight problem.Three out of the four knights did not fit their horse, I should have dry fit them before painting.After some expletives and a little bending by hand, I de…

Payback on the Farm! A Dux Battle Report

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Last campaign month, Richard invaded my lands in an effort to burn down my watchtower, as could be read HERE.While he was unsuccesfull and suffered heavy losses that battle, this month it was time for me to return the favour and I set out to raid one o…

Balvin – Dwarven Mage // Krasnoludzki Mag Bitewny

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Fast painted and slightly converted Reaper’s dwarven mage for Song of Blades and Heroes / Dragon RampantDelikatnie skonwertowany i szybko pomalowany krasnoludzki mag od firmy Reaper Miniatures. Model wykonany z białego bardzo giętkiego plastiku. Ciężko…

Terrain Tuesday 5 – Coaching Inn, again

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Hi All,Not super productive lately, but I have done a little more work on the inn and stables. Mostly in the evenings while we watch tv.So I finished the roof and added leading to the windows of the inn. Yo can see I added a chimney too, I just need to…

Tarssis 4 – The Betrayal at Modgud Prime

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The tickets for the next Tarssis 4 Horus Heresy narrative event hosted by Geno Five Two have gone up and at time of writing 30 mins later there is one solitary space left. After missing the doubles event in February I was super keen to get back on the …

Bolt Action Normandy Battle Photo Dump

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Just a quick photo dump from a fun game of Bolt Action I played over the weekend.

King Albert I of Belgium, the "warrior king"

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When Leopold the second died, the Belgian throne passed on to his nephew, Albert I.While the previous monarch became infamous for his role in the Congo aquirement, this king would become famous for completely different reasons.When the First World War …

Gettysburg Battle Day

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Some time ago, I proposed a Gettysburg Battle Day to the local wargaming community. Inspired by the yearly Battle Day of the Society of Ancients, the idea was to present different games, all of which dealt in one way or…

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Paint Table Saturday 232 – Very little progress

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Hi All,This week seemed to be filled with everything but hobby time. My son ran an amazing 3000m this morning and may have qualified for the National meet later this Summer. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.I mostly painted the horse flesh and underneath th…

[ENG/PL] Burke and Hare. Guests you do not want to meet in a dark alley / Burke i Hare. Goście, których nie chcielibyście spotkać w ciemnej uliczce (WestWind Production)

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Hello everyone!Friday 13th is a beautiful date to return to the topic of two serial killers from the nineteenth century Edinburgh.The duo deserve a light facelift, better pictures and rewritten text. Models come from the  Empire of the dead g…

Da Bosswagon!

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I have had an unbuilt Ork Battlewagon in my model stash for several years.  The plan was to get an Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue and really deck it out.  The problem was this project was never a priority so I never ordered the upgrade.  …

28mm WWII Winter Germans

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A commission we did of some winter Germans. Figures were mostly Heer46 with some Warlord guns and crew. There are more Warlord figures for this order but they will be in the next batch.

The River. Rzeka.

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Last Thursday we should have some Napoleonic game, however because of some health issues of the main participant we had to arrange something different instead. I asked Angus for another Pikeman’s Lament game with his Pirate collection. This time we pla…

They are a-gaggin’ and a-drippin’….the Welsh get lush for some 25mm ADLG action

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Almost 2 years after the majority of the figures were bought in a bring and buy, finally a full fat 25mm mostly Old Glory Dark Ages army from the Celtic fringes of Britain makes its way onto the table in the guise of the Welsh.Inspired by tales of derr…

28mm AWI Commission

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A nice little 28mm AWI commission we did for a customer. Figures were Eureka and Perry Miniatures. The customer wanted these to look more ragged, so he used the Eureka Ragged Continentals and I painted them up a bit more dingy and worn.The customer pro…

W40k / Thousand Sons – Scarab Occult Terminators

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Hello! Another part of Thousand Sons army on my blog. Three units of elite Scarab  Occult Terminators. Enjoy! Termies are big, really! Thousand Sons are one of the newest releases for Chaos (ok, Death Guard) and in compare to the old, generic Terminators they are massive. Inside the box we have some weapon/visual options and[…]

Dark Age Cavalry

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Received friday night, finished tuesday morning…Yeah, I wanted them ready as soon as possible hehehe.Now this is due in part that originally I would be using them on the battlefield the coming friday, but as my opponent is going to Salute (as is the …

King Leopold II, that one by the Perry’s

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The second Crisis entry model we did, waaaaaaay back in 2006, was one of two (the first year Ambiorix wasn`t either) miniatures not sculpted by Paul Hicks for us.No, he was sculpted by none other then the Perry’s, you now, those (in)famous twins ;-)Leo…

Back to the Brushes 157

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First real painting session since the end of the Challenge saw some time spent on a few varied pieces, some un-started some partially painted, some just needing a new base.During the Challenge a solitary elf was painted, based and finished. The fact is…


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Other Pat is currently running a one-of DnD dungeon crawl for our weekly game night, so the next couple weeks won’t feature many table top photo ops. In the meantime, I managed to get some color on the first of the ZONA ALFA demo figs. A Military crew with a Guide, a Medic, and a … Continue reading “ZONA ALFA Crew”

SPQR (5)

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My Republican Roman legion is still under construction, but slowly I am moving to an end. It’s only some Velites left to paint, but I will do it after my return from my first holidays of this year. Painting so many Romans forced me to finally visit for…

[ENG/PL] Wild West Stories: Jean Baptiste, the Gravedigger / Historie Dzikiego Zachodu: Grabarz Jean Baptiste (Artizan Designs)

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Hello everyone!Today, I invite you to the first entry on DwarfCrypt about climates of the Wild West. From time to time, let me introduce the well-known to you, famous gunslingers, infamous bank robberies, or look at stories with an element of thri…

Black Knights #1

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First group of Games Workshop’s Black Knights used in Dragon Rampant and Song of Blade and Heroes.