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Orkmacht Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Ork Kommandos.

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Some metal ork boys from Games Workshop………Nothing too major other than Vallejo German grey and a few balkenkreuz to show their affiliation to the Fascist gods!A Tiger should be next!

Sudan – gotowy!. Sudan – done!

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Moje oddziały na naszą dużą grę Pierwszej Wojny w Sudanie skończone. Oto ostatnie elementy (wszystkie figurki pochodzą od Perry Miniatures):My units for our big 1st Sudan War are finally finished. That are my last elements (all figures are Perry…

Square bashing

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I fled my wife’s book club and visited Bruce for some Square Bashing. This was a late WW1 Canadian attack against a German position. My plan was to try and move up the centre and right of the board to grab the three objectives (poker chips) while feint…

The Zombie of the Month- October 2014- Bilge Rats by Warploque Miniatures

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  Well, it’s Halloween time, so you know I had to pick something a little special for a zombie this month. Now, me, when it comes to my monsters, I like the classics: werewolves, vampires, mummies, etc., and when it’s Halloween, I feel the sam…

The Derelict Is Looking Worse

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Well the derelict is moving on, slowly. Time has been a bit short, but I have had some time today to sit in front of the work bench. I am kind of kicking myself at the moment as I have started a project that I know that I can’t finish right now. The ou…

Another full club night

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We had another full house at the club last night, with 20 guys out. There were three games of Warmachine, some CCN and some Tide of Iron.It has been awhile since we’ve run short of games!Bruce hosted some AK-47 in darkest Africa. Terry and Justin had p…

Anglo-Zulu Command stands

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I have just finished some command stands for my Anglo-Zulu War armies.  Figures are a mix of Redoubt and Black Tree Designs.  All the other models I have painted and based for this project have been mounted on individual bases that slot into sabot bases. I decided to permanently fix these chaps to their respective […]

Perry 8th Army Squad 2

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Second squad for my 8th Army project is done.  One more to go.

Normański hrabia . Norman Count.

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W niektórych systemach potrzebne są specjalne figurki dowódców. To jest mój normański hrabia wraz ze swoim sztandarowym i heroldem. Będzie dowodził oddziałami piechoty. Figurki to Conquest Games.In some systems one needs some special leaders f…

ZOMTOBER2014 Week Three Submission!

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It’s time for a week three submission for Zomtober, and since Ali has been busy making more zombies, I needed a little support. Something old, something new, two survivors to try to balance the scales a bit.I have a soft spot for old metals.  I th…

Sudan – nowe oddziały brytyjskie. Sudan – new British units.

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Pierwsza Wojna w Sudanie będzie teraz dość popularnym tematem na moim blogu, a to wszystko związane z nadchodzącą wielką dwudniową bitwą na początku listopada. Moim zamiarem jest zbudowanie solidnej brygady do gry, czyli trzech batalionów li…

Battle at the Wadi. Bitwa przy Wadi.

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Our big 1st Sudan War game is very close, so we have decided to check how the Black Powder rules will be working for that period. We played game with two players and umpire. Our figures came from various collections, and some of my figures used in the …

Perry 8th Army Squad 1

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Making a little more progress on this project.  First squad done only two more to go.

‘Fhtagn!!’ ‘Why, bless you…’ 28mm Innsmouth Deep One Hybrids

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Since it’s Halloween this month I decided to read ‘The Book of Cthulhu’, which is an anthology of short stories based on HP Lovecraft’s horror mythos. I’ve been so entertained with it that I decided to get these Deep One hybrids done-up for future Pulp…


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I have had a bit more time today but I have been dependant on glue drying so I haven’t donr that much. The objective for the day was to get the block work of the roof done. I haven’t got as much done as I would like. That said it is starting to take sh…

The Derelict

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I haven’t had too much time to myself today but I have spent what I had wisely. One of the things I have managed to get hold of was coffee stirrers. Thank you Cafe Nero. So I have put them to use and put in some floorboard and window frames. Amongst th…

A New Post Apocalypse

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I have had an idea in my head for a while. I watched a film about seven years ago called Origins: Spirits of the Past. I don’t mind a bit of anime as long as there are not too many tentacles. I saw it on a monitor in a Virgin Superstore which should da…

Counterblast Unboxed! The Neiran

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Continuing our Unboxed set of articles, today we take a look at the Neiran Starter Box, now available from Bombshell Miniatures. Welcome to the second leg of our Galactic Sojourn, where we’ll be looking at the Neiran faction boxed set, available n…

Normanowie. Normans.

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Skończyłem dzisiaj następna partię figurek dla moich Normanów. Tym razem są to wojownicy i łucznicy. Wszystkie figurki to Conquest Games, transfery na tarczach pochodza od Gripping Beast.I have finished today next part of the figures for my Norm…

Dipping my brush back in the paint pot.

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I finally managed to get some painting done. Painfully slow but finished two units for my Anglo-Zulu Wars project. FIrst off, a company of British Infantry. These are Black Tree that I got a few months back as part of a large order during one of their sales. I have to say that the service […]

Dux Britanniarum – my first game. Dux Britanniarum – moja pierwsza gra.

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Dux Britanniarum is quite popular in my club, however I have never play it. The opportunity of checking the rules came yesterday, when I joined to the game played by more newbies like myself (Campbell and Matt) plus veterans: Paul and Derek. With four …

ZOMTOBER week two submission

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I think you’re going to like this. I really hope you do…For our week two submission for Zombtober, I did a little something different.  Oh, don’t worry, there’s a model involved, and it’s from the wickedly incredible Arcworld line… but I …

Record attendance!

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We had 21 (and at on point 22) guys out at the club last night, shattering the old attendance record of 18. It was quite show.There were a number of board games, including Twilight Struggle and C&C Napoleonics. Dave ran something with Swords and Sp…

Infinity N 2.5

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Still waiting for Operation Icestorm to arrive. However, that hasn’t stopped us playing the game. We also know 3rd Edition / N3 of the rules are out for preorder soon so there doesn’t seem to be much point in using the 2nd edition to learn the game. Af…

Actually Done Some Painting…

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…but not quite what I was expecting to paint. Although I now have a workbench to paint on, I am still scratching around for things that I can do. My eyesight is not brilliant so I depend on a magnifying lamp. I can find the lamp but I can’t find the …