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Bolt Action Batrep: Maximum Attrition

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 It’s been a while since I’ve played Bolt Action. A few people I know have armies, however out of them only Nathan M is still dead keen on the game. Well except maybe Chris who joined me in investing in the Baker Company kick-starter (we have the …

Deadzone Rebels and more

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If you follow my Twitter feed, it will come as no surprise that the Rebel faction for Deadzone has finally found its way onto my workbench this week. With both the Plague and Enforcer Factions completed, or at least as completed as can be until the har…

Space Marine Terminators

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These have been a long time coming. I assembled them last year (or was that the year before?) and since then they’ve been sitting in a box, patiently biding their time. After Russ wiped the floor with me using his birthday Orks a couple of weeks back i…

Warbases Wednesday #26 – Needle in a haystack

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Last week I eluded to some works in progress that have been in the wings of my workbench, amoung the many projects I have to complete for Martin and Diane.This week I can reveal the full range of master models that I shall be taking with me to Partizan…

IHMN: La Société du Docteur Marot

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Herein, I present La Société du Docteur Marot, a Parisian company for In Her Majesty’s Name.  Headed by Dr. Marot, a mesmerist, assisted by the insane dwarf Pierre Trilloubette and One-eyed Jacque the Sailor, the company pursues Marot’s nefariou…

Spanish Civil War: Condor Legion Panzer I, Luftwaffe Aircrew & Pirates(!)

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A couple new(ish) additions to the Spanish Civil War collection.First is a Panzer I from the Condor Legion. You know, those guys that were not really German, not really fighting for Franco and not really in Spain – yeah, those guys. This one’s a little…

Sharpe’s Standoff

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It’s nearing dawn in a Spanish village, and the French commander is interrogating a young lady, believed to be a spy for the nearby British. Little are they both aware of a daring rescue attempt being orchestrated outside by a certain Captain Sharpe.Fr…

The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa, part 2

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El Grego

It is still a little warm in my hobby corner, but that did not stop me from doing a little something:

The first set of Lady Mríssa’s legion has been cleaned up and ready for primer.  This is the command element, led by Lady Mríssa herself (in t…

Basing Saga Arabs for Cross & Crescent

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I’ve posted a video showing how I used wood stain and builders sand to create a pretty decent looking basing system for my Saga figures – its online now and can be seen on Youtube or also on the blogger part of my site.The video also has some photos of…

28mm More Late War Germans

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Title says it. A mix of Artizan and Crusader figures.

Napoleonic French Line Horse Artillery

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Been working on these guys on and off for the past month or so.Figures and guns are from Front Rank.   It’s not that obvious in the photos but I have painted the sabretaches differently for each gun crew.One gun crew is for the 3rd Regiment a…

Weekly Round up 24/08/2014 – More Nautical High Jinx

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It may be obvious to many that I am currently experiencing a little nautical bloom so to speak. The Great hall has this week seen a big boost in the amount of preparation and work on my new rules, with another round of play testing this week with all t…

Infinity N3

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This fellow is a robot with a machine-gun. He is one of hundreds of models from the Infinity Skirmish game, by Corvus Belli. I never realised how much I needed murderous sci-fi Robots until I started looking at their range in depth. Consider ‘him’ (it)…

The First VCs of The Great War: Lieutenant Maurice Dease and Private Frank Godley, 23rd August 1914

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One hundred years ago today, on August 23rd 1914, the 4th battalion, Royal Fusiliers were ordered to defend the Nimy bridges, which were only a few kilometers from the main British force at Mons.By 10:00 that morning the British positions around the br…

Another interesting Kickstarter: Menhir Games [Interview] // Entrevista a un KS interesantísimo: Menhir Games.

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[First in Spanish, scroll down and the interview is in English] but a little words, this is a KS from here, Argentina. The guy had been doing this miniatures the last year, he took courses of 3D modelling and now he has this project, please read the in…

Dwarves and other short updates

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The last couple of weeks has been a bit of a frenzy of hobby comings and goings as I wind down various projects and fire new ones up at the same time. Starting with what’s been happening on the painting front, I’ve been reviewing my Lord of…

Gangsters at the Club

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We had more than a dozen guys out at the club on Tuesday night. There was a game of Bolt Action (no pics!) and a game of DBA going on.I played in Bruce’s gangster’s game with Terry, Steve and Larry. I was the coppers and was pretty careful about my vic…

Gatling Gun. Kartaczownica Gatlinga.

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Something new for my British for our big November game, a Gatling Gun from Perry’s:Coś nowego dla moich Brytyjczyków do naszej dużej listopadowej gry, kartaczownica Gatlinga od Perrych:

Siberia 1919 – Update. Syberia 1919 – Uzupełnienie.

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Small update to the past game relations, the forces lists with their orders.Małe uzupełnienie do poprzednich relacji, listy armii z ich rozkazami.Japanese – Ko Lin +1(1st and 2nd game Colin Jack, 3rd Bill Gilchrist)Briefing – You want to expand into …

28mm ‘Raketrucksacktruppen’ Squad for Pulp Adventures

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So, my thinking is that if paratroopers are cool, and rocket packs are cool, then a whole squad of badass German fallshirmjaegers with jet packs strapped on must be the absolute tits. I call them ‘Raketrucksacktruppen’. (With deepest apologies to …

The Battle of Loki’s Revenge – A FIW batrep

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After the debarcle at The Battle of Old Man’s Cabin,  Postie very quickly organized a second game. A French Indian War Skirmish. As you may have read in the last post Loki was down for a visit at Reject HQ and we thought we’d give him a chance to …

Renegade English Civil War

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These troops were painted about 10 years ago for a demo game at Conquest. Since then they have only fought in a few battles.This week the Southern Strategists are having an ECW game using the Pike & Shotte rules.Digging down into the very depths of…

Impetvs: Swords and Sandals (and Cataphracts and Lanciarii)

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I (finally, sorry Andy!) made my way out to Andy’s base in the hinterlands of Christchurch. He supplied two Impetvs armies and a very cool desert table. I also got to see his expanded gaming shed. He could probably run his own club out there, with all …

Paint Table Saturday

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Reinforcements for my divergent Space Marines chapter are taking shape. I’ve got a Predator Annihilator, second Razorback and two five-man Terminator squads on the go. All this should nicely top up my ability to handle more armoured forces and put me o…


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Once per month, we have in our club to play a Sunday  big game. This time we decided to give a go the Piquet rules. It was my first time with this set and it is not bad, however there are some buts. The title of the post I have took from Michael’s…