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Hobby Activity? ‘sabot Time!

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Well, thanks to the many and varied demands of modern life, things have been a bit quiet on the hobby front here in Chez Ev.Having crafted a scenic unit base for those SAGA hired swords the Sons of Death some months back, I thought I should gird my loi…

Ducks from Anne and more Lion Rampant

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When I made the castle for our Lion Rampant games back at the start of the year I wanted to have some ducks swimming along in the moat. I didn’t get around to doing that. However, then I won another blog giveaway, this time from Anne at O’Leary Miniatu…

Keiretsu Special Action Operatives

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Whilst pre-ordering two Osprey rule sets the other day, I picked up Fistful of Kung Fu. I’ve only managed a read-through so far, but it seems like a fun little game fully capable of handling cinematic cyberpunk, Splinter Cell type games. Thus inspired, I dug through the misc fig box, did a little brushwork, and … Continue reading

Paint Table Saturday

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Hi All,While I’m not really an official member of this Paint Table Saturday thing, I like the idea. I may start doing it more just to keep posting regularly and keep you up with what’s going on.You may have noticed, I’m sort of a stream of consciousnes…

"With Fury Unabated…"

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It’s been some while between posts – unfortunately, there hasn’t been much opportunity for VSF gaming this year.So it was fortuitous to be invited to a playetst of Bob Giglio’s next Colonial Epic – the Invasion of Alexandria – or as he entitled it “Wit…

Polska 1920 (#1). Poland 1920 (#1)

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Dzisiaj kolejna porcja  nowych figurek, lecz tym razem są one w skali 28mm. Już jakiś czas temu chodziłem z zamiarem rozpoczęcia nowego projektu, który  nazwałem Polska 1920. Dwa lata temu kupiłem już nawet pierwsze figurki, jednak inne projekty przykuły moją uwagę i przeleżały sobie na półce ten okres. Teraz gdy szykuję się do naszej dużej październikowej gry, z grupą AB1 , w końcu mam okazję się za nich zabrać. Do tego czasu muszę przygotować siły składające się z 10 elementów. I oto pierwsze z nich. Pokazywane przeze mnie figurki pochodzą od Scheltrum Miniatures i może historycznie nie są one najlepsze, jednak dla moich potrzeb są one wystarczające.
Today another part of my newly painted figures, this time it is 28mm. Some time ago I was going to start new project, which I called Poland 1920. Two years ago I bought first figures, but then other projects took my attention and those figures spend the time on my shelf, waiting for better times.Now when I preparing myself for our big AB1 game in October, finally have the opportunity to move forward with this project. Till this time I have to prepare the forces consist of 10 elements. Those are the first. All figures showed by myself today are Scheltrum Miniatures. They are not 100% historical correct, however they good enough for me.
Amunicyjni do lkmów/LMG’s loaders:
Wszyscy razem/All together:

2001 Tournament Eldar

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First of the old “Dropship” Warhammer 40,000 articles for the archive is all the way from 2001 and describes the Eldar units I converted and painted for the 2000 UK Grand Tournament. It also taught me a valuable lesson to make my conversions a little more ‘obvious’ for the judges …

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Starting at the bottom, Dungeon Floors.

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PART 3: The Base Board. As promised, here’s the next part of the dungeon build. This time we are going to be talking about making dungeon floors, more specifically a flagstone floor base board like the one in my own modular dungeon system. First off your going to need a large board as the base […]

Vikings! 28mm Viking Band

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A Viking warband made up of Wargames Foundry figures. Allison did the Valkyries and I did the rest:Still some of my favorite figures. Foundry clean up easily and they have a lot of character.

Assembling and painting a Dynosaur…

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Assembling and primering a Dynosaur…And Happy Wargaming to All!

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Kicking it old skool, Fighting Fantasy…

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Before I get into the tutorial mode for the basic dungeon construction, I want to go into a bit about what system I’ll be using to run the games with (which will factor greatly on how the build goes and which monsters to use etc) Since I intend to run most of the games with […]

Grim’s Dungeons of Doom: Errata??!!

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Just checking the last post, only to find the post lost back on the 20th of the month!! (For what reason, I really don’t know, since I wrote this today!) So if you’d like to read the first and latest installment of Dungeons of Doom, click the link and take a look! Grim’s Dungeons of […]

Grinning Skull Miniatures, Set 2 avilable from Alternative Armies!

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Just a quick post (or shameless plug if you prefer!) to also tell you that the latest releases are also available as a set, currently at £31.05 (usual price £34.50) so if you’d like to take advantage of this great offer from Alternative Armies and grab yourself the latest collection, get over to their website […]

Grinning Skull Miniatures release: The Zarglian Invaders!

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Ok, so I’m a little late on the mark, since these were released last week, just been busy! Let me introduce you to the Zarglian invaders, the carnage continuum’s very own alien genocidal race, out to spread terror and domination throughout the outer fringes… These figures are cast in fine quality resin and would make […]

Grinning Skull Miniatures: Behold the mighty Clukkatrix!

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A belated Grinning Skull Miniatures release from Alternative Armies, I present to you the clukkatrix. A huge mutant chukk to intimidate your enemies! Imagine these bloodthirsty muties ravaging the field of war, or even in a dungeon crawl as a monster to test your adventurers? These beasts are what nightmares are made, huge mutated chukk […]

Infinity: Keisotsu Butai

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In my last Infinity post I talked about incorporating the Japanese Sectorial Starter set into my vanilla Yu Jing. Just to give me a variety in the miniatures and load outs available and thus a little flexibility in the force list. Nothing drastic, purely to see how a few minor …

The raid on Inchcolm island. Najazd na Wyspę Inchcolm.

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Last Wednesday we had a lovely game at Hugh. The game was set in the 10th century and was based on a raid on Inchcolm island. There is a medieval monastery on the island , but this game goes back to the days of Culdees (Celtic priests) and the imagined fate of the shin-bone of St Andrew – a fabled (at least around these parts) relic. We have used the Hail Cesar rules for the game.
W ostatnią środę spotkaliśmy się na grę u Hugh’a. Gra była umieszczona w X wieku i bazowała na rajdzie na wyspę Inchcolm. Znajduje się tam średniowieczny klasztor, ale nasza gra sięgała znacznie wcześniej do czasów Culdees (celtyckich księży) i wymyślonego losu kości piszczelowej Św. Andrzeja, legendarnej (przynajmniej w tych stronach) relikwii. Dla naszej gry użyliśmy zasad Hail Cesar.



FIGURES/FIGURKI: Hugh Wilson, Donald Adamson

1. Inchcolm Island. Wyspa Inchcolm.

This is how the island looks present days:
Oto jak wyspa wygląda obecnie:

Here how it looked thousand years ago (recreated by Hugh):
Tak wyglądała tysiąc lat wstecz (odtworzona przez Hugh’a):

2. Forces. Siły.

Three Viking warlords (Angus Konstam/Tim Watson, Martin Gibson, Dave M), each in a longship, wanted the treasure of Inchcolm, and three Mormaers (Earls)(Bill Gilchrist, Colin Jack/Ray Neal, Bartek Żynda) wanted to save the abbey (although they intended to transfer the shin-bone to a church in their earldoms). Two of these came from the newly formed Scotland (The Mormaers of Fif and Fothrif), whilst one came from the southern shore of the Forth (The Mormaer of Lothian) – still Northumbrian at the time.
Trzej wikińscy dowódcy (angus Konstam/Tim Watson, Martin Gibson i Dave M.), każdy na swojej łodzi pożądają skarbu z Inchcolm, oraz trzej Mormaerzy (Earlowie) (Bill Gilchrist, Colin Jack/Ray Neal, Bartek Żynda) chcą uchronić opactwo (chociaż bardziej by woleli przenieść kość piszczelową do kościoła w ich dobrach). Dwóch z nich pochodzi z nowo utworzonej Szkocji: Mormaerzy Fif i Fothrif, oraz jednego z południowego wybrzeża zatoki Forth, Mormaera z Lothian, w tym czasie wciąż we władaniu Northumbrii.

Every force consist of one harthguard unit and four warrior units.
Każda strona dysponowała jednym oddziałem hearthguard i czterema oddziałami wojowników.

3. The game. Gra.

In the first turn two Viking warbands (Dave and Angus) and one Scottish (Collin/Ray) landed on the island. From the beginning game divided into two separate games. One about the survival and the second about the bone. Everything because of Martin, who successfully blocked two Scottish and one Viking forces on the eastern part of island. There first Colin/Ray fought against Dave and when Vikings finally pushed back Scots, they were attacked by incoming new Scottish unit under Bill (landed in third turn). After the fierce battle Dave finally lost, however soon after new unit of Vikings arrived (again under Dave) and smashed Bill’s forces. In the meantime Colin/Ray tried broke Martin’s blockade, but unsuccessfully and finally all of them get isolated from the main objective of the game, the shine-bone of St. Andrew.
W pierwszej turze na wyspie wylądowały dwa warbandy wikińskie (Dave i Angus) oraz jeden szkocki (Colin/Ray). Od początku gra podzieliła się na dwie oddzielne gry. Jedna na przeżycie, druga o kość. Wszystko to stało się za sprawą Martina, który udanie zablokował dwa szkockie oddziały i jeden wikiński na wschodniej części wyspy. Tam jako pierwsi walczyli Colin/Ray przeciwko Dave’wi i kiedy Wikingowie odrzucili Szkotów, zostali ponownie zaatakowani przez nowy oddział Szkotów, pod dowództwem Billa (wylądował w trzeciej turze). Po zaciętej walce Dave w końcu został pobity, jednak wkrótce przybyła nowa zgraja Wikingów (znów pod wodzą Dave’a) i rozgromiła siły Billa. W międzyczasie Colin/Ray próbowali przełamać blokadę Martina, jednak bezskutecznie i w ostateczności wszyscy oni zostali wyeliminowani z walki o główne trofeum, kość piszczelową Św. Andrzeja.
On the other island end Angus very quickly moved to the Abbey and took the bone. However to get the bone wasn’t that easy as to take it back to the ship. The main problem was my and Martin’s forces. Angus chose the quickest way to his ship, but I managed to encircle his main forces and destroy them. Then Angus escaped under the protection of Martin’s Vikings, but strangely, Martin did not use the opportunity to take the bone off the Angus and even supported him in fight against me. But it wasn’t enough and finally I took the bone off the Angus hands. After that I was finally attacked by Martin and for the moment I lost the bone to him, but I managed to retake it and push back Martin forces back on the beach. Finally new Viking arrived on the island (Angus had to go home, and Tim took his place). Tim attacked my forces and I managed to defend myself and the bone. At this moment we stopped the game with me as a winner!
Na drugim końcu wyspy, Angus bardzo szybko dostał się do opactwa i zabrał kość. Jednakże zdobyć kość było łatwą sprawą, dużo trudniejszą było dostarczyć ją na okręt. Głównym problemem były tutaj oddziały moje i Martina. Angus wybrał najkrórtszą drogę na swój okręt, jednak udało mi się okrążyć jego główne siły i je wybić. Wtedy Angus schował się za oddziałami Martina, który o dziwo nie wykorzystał tej sytuacji i zabrał Angusowi kości a nawet wsparł go w walce przeciwko mnie. Jednak to nie wystarczyło i już wkrótce kość była moja. Po tym w końcu zaatakował mnie Martin i przez moment straciłem na jego rzecz kość, jednak szybko ją odzyskałem i odepchnąłem siły Martina z powrotem na plażę. W końcu przybył nowy oddział Wikingów (Angus musiał się zbierać do domu i dowodzenie przejął Tim). tim zaatakował moje oddziały, jednak udało mi się obronić siebie i kość. W tym momencie zakończyliśmy grę, ze mną jako zwycięzcą!

4. Links. Linki.

Angus relation from the game in his jurnal:
Relacja angusa z gry na jego stronie:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galria na Flickr:

Silo57 Crew

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Another crew for our Post-Apoc campaign. Here is Matt’s Scientific Enclave SILO 57 A small band of scientists, security and support staff survived the apocalypse in an underground bunker complex that was part of America’s intercontinental missile defense system. The Silo57 team is dedicated to restoring some shred of civilization to the world. Heavy reliance … Continue reading

Martian 28mm from Ironclad Miniatures

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In this post, we’ll have a look at some of Ironclad Miniature’s 28mm Martian troops. Ironclad usually make some very nice VSF vehicles, so this expansion into infantry should be interesting. John L. at Ironclad had these to me in excellent time (just o…

Infinity Yu Jing: Guijia TAG

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My Yu Jing force is getting a boost in size (literally) with the addition of a TAG. This is the final miniature in the starter force I came away from Ireland with and I purposefully left it until last to keep me motivated to finish the rest of the group …

Figure Score and Fire News

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Hi All,No painting today, I visited with my brother who lives in the town where we went to college. I did manage to find this stuff at Bizarro World.The magazine was $6, the boxed Knights $12 and the single figures in blister $5 each. The magazine is f…

Yu Jing Starter: Completed

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July 21 club night

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We had 11 guys out at the club last night including newcomer Ian. Dave brought out his recently competed 10mm ACW troops and hosted Phil and Guy in a game, the name of which I can’t recall.It certainly looked pretty. Scott and Jonathan played a game of…

The on the road painting continues

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Hi All,Not much painting done but it’s more than not painting at all while on the road.The checks on the right hand figures are free hand with the brush. I forgot my artists pen. Sorry for the washed out cell phone picture. I didn’t feel like digging o…

Game on

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The Yu Jing did me proud in their first ‘painted’ outing with a couple of clean sweeps of the city against Kev’s Ariadna. Only training scenarios, but it’s an encouraging start. I have no doubt the Ariadnan’s will fight back once the Veteran Kazak and Chasseur get deployed. Back to …