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Hot Knives Through Warm Butter

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Для Бога и Царя!
I’m in danger of falling behind with my battle reports again! What with La Petite Rosbif #1 preparing for VCE (year 12) exams and having to attend graduation ceremonies etc. on top of the usual pressures of the rat-race, things are all at sixes and sevens here at Le Château de Rosbif! 

Darren organised an 1805 practice match at the last Saturday club meeting. I borrowed some of Tim’s Russian troops to familiarise myself with them. I want to be able to come to grips with their strengths and weaknesses (mainly weaknesses, it seems!) before the big game in January.
The Russian force consisted mainly of Bagration’s command at Austerlitz (plus a little bit more to accommodate all players). The French were from Lannes’ command IIRC, which makes sense as the two forces faced off against each other on the real battlefield.
Darren, Jim and myself (assisted by Geoff who took command of the Russian light cavalry division) faced Andrew B. and Garry. The plan was to hold the high ground and allow the French to attack. Hopefully the fact that the French were numerically inferior would allow the Russians to absorb the attack and eventually launch a counter-attack. Darren took overall command and issued the defensive order to all the Russian commanders. Darren on the left, and Geoff and me in the centre were to hold the line and launch limited counter-attacks where the opportunity presented. The job of launching the major counter-attack rested with Jim on the right flank in the most open ground, that is if he could weather the French assault.
With our left flank more or less secure with some impassable terrain, from which Darren could launch local counter-attacks, the line was anchored in the centre with a built-up-area (BUA) which I had responsibility for holding. To the right of the BUA Geoff lurked with his light cavalry, ready to pounce on any French mistakes. 
All good then;
Infantry? Check!
Artillery? Check!
Cavalry? Check!
Plan? Check!
What could go wrong?
Well, how about having some of the best troops Napoleon commanded facing you, commanded by a couple of the wiliest players in the club?
Things started out well with my battalion (pop-)guns engaging Andrew’s horse gun battery after it had unlimbered and fired on my troops. His guns missed while mine knocked one of his guns out of action! Score!
Things went downhill from there, though. In a classic combined arms attack, Andrew got Darren and I to form square with his threatening carabiniers. Once safely en-squared, Andrew followed up with his infantry smashing both of our squares. Luckily, mine only suffered a retreat, not a break, but Darren’s didn’t fare so well.
However, Andrew hadn’t been able to punch through and follow up with reserves. For a while he was stuck in a dangerous position with Darren threatening his flank, but unable to push on through. His troops were of a quality that meant we couldn’t take him head on, but Darren was able to put his cossacks and grenadiers in a threatening position on Andrew’s flank.
Meanwhile Garry was positioning himself to launch an attack on Jim’s forces. They had a cavalry stoush which ended in the French favour, chasing Jim’s dragoons off the table. Geoff got himself in a position to really cramp Garry’s style and launched what could have been a devastating charge at Garry’s dragoons who had no line of sight and would have been caught unawares. Note the word “could” in that last sentence; after all that careful planning, Geoff rolled the worst he could have and ended up by not charging home. The Russian hussars halted at 2″ with disorders! Stuck out in no-man’s land ripe for the counter-attack, they were ignominiously bundled back behind the Russian lines by the dragoons they’d almost eaten for breakfast. Andrew’s carabiniers joined in the fun, too, putting more Russian cavalry to flight. 
Andrew found he was in too deep to be able to support his successes, so recalled his infantry. He left a carabinier unit out in front to cover this retreat. Geoff had the perfect line to extract a little payback with one of his remaining hussar units. Its line of approach allowed it to come inside Andrew’s charge arc, meaning the carabiniers would have no option but to receive the charge without being able to respond! Huzzah!
Well, ordinarily it would have been ‘Goodnight Irene’ for any cavalry caught out like that, but being carabiniers, they just rode the bump as if they’d been kicked in the ankle by a pygmy!
Garry then attacked Jim’s position in a series of well calculated and supported actions which cut through our main counter-attacking force, snuffing our any chance of holding our position, let alone counter-attacking. The writing was well and truly on the wall when Andrew evicted me from the BUA in the centre, which I’d managed to hold for the rest of the game.
The lessons I took away from that game is that Russian infantry are best in defence (preferably behind fortifications) and in depth. Russian cavalry are good, but against superior enemies (and unlucky dice!) need to be handled carefully.
Thanks to Darren for organising the game and providing many of the troops, and thanks to Tim for trusting me with his troops (I didn’t lose too many; they only retreated, rather than routed, after all!).
The Russian defensive line on the heights

The French advance on the flat.

Part of Geoff’s light cavalry reserve in the centre.

Darren fans his troops out into line.

His cossacks lurk in the woods…

..led by an impressive looking Hetman!

Garry’s dragoons

Andrew’s carabiniers.

Darren’s Pavlovsk Grenadiers

Massed in reserve

Here comes Andrew’s all-arms attack; cavalry, artillery and infantry. The Russian unit in foreground has already squared up.

Andrew’s horse guns unlimber and fire, missing everything.

The battalion guns return fire, knocking out one French gun!

Carabiniers charge Darren’s infantry, who manage to scramble into square in time…

…only to be attacked by infantry columns!
Fortunately, Darren’s shooting was accurate and Andrew’s pre-melee was rotten, causing the French attack to fail. This time.

Darren’s secure flank.
The promontory is impassable, but allows him to give flank fire on any French advance
My anchored line is peppered by French artillery, the square suffering special attention.

Geoff’s light cavalry lurking for any opportunity.

But Andrew’s carabiniers have other ideas!

Darren’s grenadier battalion stoically stands in square…

…while the Pavlovsky Grenadiers enter the fray. 

Andrew piles on the pressure…

…but Darren outflanks his advances from the impassable promontory and pours in a flank fire on the nearest French column.

Andrew launches an attack on my anchored line, first taking care of the square…

..then following up with a charge on the attached line.

With a pre-melee roll like that, what do you think happened next?

That’s right; run away and disorder all the rear supports while you’re at it!

Andrew and Darren come to grips again.

Geoff’s brilliantly planned hussar charge goes in with such disappointing results!

In a real fog-of-war moment, I moved a jaeger battalion into Andrew’s flank, but forgot the essential part of the maneuver:firing! D’oh! 

Never mind; Darren was more on the ball!
Fires into his flank and causing casualties, but still he stands!
Darren’s cossacks mill about, threatening but not confident to launch a charge.

One of Geoff’s hussar units angles its face to threaten the flank of Andrew’s infantry from behind the BUA.

Darren’s grenadiers rally, escorted by the general.

Andrew issues the recall order as I reorder my troops.

Beep! Beep! Beep!
The sound of the French juggernaut reversing.

Some Russian hussars racing to the rear…

…after having a good seeing-to by the carabiniers, who carry on into the reserve!

Russian horse gun batteries scatter!

Out comes Gary’s dragoons… contribute to the mayhem!

Geoff’s other brilliant charge goes inside the carabiniers’ charge arc, to underwhelming result!

Darren follows up with a shot into the carabiniers’ flank to which they respond with a Gallic shrug.

Garry’s unstoppable charge slices through Jim’s infantry. The beginning of the end!
The Russian view of the same charge.
The charge continues as Garry goes BATTLEMAD!
When you’re on a good thing, stick to it! Another 2 column charge kicks the rotten door in and the whole rotten edifice caves in!

Andrew begins his advance in support of Garry’s assault on the Russian right, soon to assault the BUA

From the opposite end of the table, Jim’s view of Garry’s disemboweling move.

30K: Iteration two

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Continuing with my (re)discovery of the Horus Heresy I spent the weekend adding a bit more flesh to the bones of my 30K collection plans. A few legions have now started to bubble to the top as I’ve been considering and discarding those that don’t appeal to me as much from either …

Showcase: British 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun for Bolt Action

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Today’s showcase is of a freshly painted British Six Pounder Anti-Tank Gun for Bolt Action by Warlord Games. In my humble opinion, any British player should take this gun with them instead of the PIAT. I often play with PIATs, but I have yet to kill a …

Garden of Morr as the Old Graveyard // Cementarzysko

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Using the first weekend that I have spend home since immemorial time I was able to finish the graveyard project ahead of schedule. It were the most productive several days of hobby that I remember and I don’t think that this will repeat in the near future.  I encourage you to leave a comment during your visit here at my blog. I would gladly read what do you think about my work.
Here you can find previous posts in the Garden of Morr  series: unboxingWIP 50%, how to make candles. 

Korzystając z pierwszego od niepamiętnych czasów wolnego weekendu spędzonego w domu udało mi się zakończyć projekt cmentarzyska przed planowanym terminem.  Trochę swojej inwencji, trochę konwersji, głównie malowanie. W sumie to już piąty post w tym tygodniu i nie sądzę żeby szybko powtórzył się tak produktywny hobbystyczny okres więc zapraszam do dokładnego oglądania i komentowania. 

W tych postach znajdziecie poprzednie wpisy z serii: rzut okiem na zawartość pudełkaWIP 50%, poradnik modelarski.

C’thu as far as the eye can see

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Tor Gaming are joing the ranks of C’Thu loving companies with there new starter and charactor soon to be released, you can order them from The Outpost, I have been reliably informed that they should be in stock soon (with in days soon) Its origins seeped in betrayal of the most heinous kind.  Lord C’thu commands … Continue reading C’thu as far as the eye can see

Imagination infantry regiments completed

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This morning I finished painting two new 24 man regiments for Evan’s imaginations army from the fictitious country of Velikye Byelgorodniya.The first of these is the Kholodniyy Borscht infantry regiment in their glorious beetroot red jackets. Their reg…

How to make candles – step by step // Świece – krok po kroku

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In today’s post I present a short step by step  tutorial that explains how I made candles for my cemetery terrain. The process is very simple and essentially costs nothing. The only necessary materials are redundant cable and PVA glue.
W dzisiejszym wpisie krótki poradnik krok po kroku w którym opiszę jak wykonałem świece do makiety cmentarza. Sposób jest bardzo prosty i w zasadzie nic nie kosztuje. Jedynymi potrzebnymi materiałami są zbędny kabel i klej do drewna.  
The first step was to remove an insulation of the cable. I used the RTV cable and thanks to that I was able to obtain insulations of two different diameters. Material was sliced ​​into short tubes to create candles’ body. Then using a wood glue and toothpicks I modeled each of the candles as you can see in the attached picture below.


Pierwszym etapem było zdjęcie izolacji z kabla, z której  wykonałem korpus świec. Ja użyłem kabla RTV z którego udało mi się uzyska izolacje o dwóch różnych średnicach. Materiał pokroiłem w niewysokie walce i przytwierdziłem do tymczasowego podłoża. Następnie używając kleju do drewna i wykałaczki wymodelowałem każdą ze świec tak jak na załączonym obrazku poniżej. Świece można oczywiście od razu przytwierdzić w docelowym miejscu.

When the glue was dried I moved the candles on a model.

Po wyschnięciu kleju przeniosłem świece na makietę.

As the glue lost his volume I had to repeat the process of adding more of it to the candles. I did it twice and after achiving the desired effect I started the painting.

Klej do drewna stracił swoją objętość więc jeszcze dwukrotnie  nanosiłem go na świece aż do uzyskania zadowalającego mnie efektu.

First color was ‘old bone’ from GW.

 Po wyschnieciu kleju pomalowałem wszystko kolorem Ushabti Bone z palety GW.

The higlights were done with lighter bone color from Vallejo pallet.


Następna warstwa farby to jaśniejszy ‘kościany’ z palety Vallejo i w zasadzie malowanie juz zakończone.

Wicks were done using a copper inner conductor, which remained after removing the insulation from the cable.


Knoty wykonałem za pomocą miedzianego  przewodu wewnętrznego, który pozostał po zdjęciu izolacji.

A bit of black paint and it was done. I hope you like the final effect. It is easy and simple addtion to the bases yet in my opinion still effective.


Trochę czarnej farby i gotowe. Mam nadzieję, że podoba wam się efekt końcowy.

Dark Age Clash.

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Last Thursday I invited Michael to the Dark Age game with Hail Caesar rules. The idea behind that game, was to use all figures from our entire collections. My Norman are much more numerous than Michael’s, so he received support of my Vikings. That way all our figures were on the table.
W ostatni czwartek zaprosiłem Michaela do gry z wczesnego okresu średniowiecza przy użyciu zasad Hail Caesar. Główna ideą tej gry, było użycie naszych cąłych kolekcji z tego okresu. Moi Normanowie są dużo liczniejsi od Michaelowych, więc uzyskał on wsparcie moich Wikingów. W ten sposób wszystkie nasze figurki znalazły się na stole.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Bartek Żynda, Michael Schneider
UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: some help from Bill Gilchrist
MODELS/MODELE: Bartek Żynda, Michael Schneider

1. Forces. Siły.

(Michael Schneider)
Norman CinC (9)
Viking CinC (8)

1 unit of heavy Norman cavalry

3 units of heavy Norman infantry
1 unit of heavy Viking infantry
1 unit of heavy Viking infantry with bows
1 unit of medium Viking infanatry
1 unit of Berserkers

1 unit of Archers
1 unit of crosbows
(Bartek Żynda)
1st CinC (9)
2nd CinC (8)

2 units of heavy cavalry
1 unit of medium cavalry

1 unit of heavy infantry
1 unit of medium infantry
2 units of light infantry

2 units of Archers
1 unit of Crossbows

2. The game. Gra.

We started game on both sides of a small river. This time my order dice was against me and soon some of my units crossed the river and some not. That put one of my units of Archers as an easy prey for the Norman cavalry. They charged on them, but my Archers survived and managed to withdraw on my bank of the river.
Zaczęliśmy grę po przeciwnych stronach małej rzeczki. Tym razem moje rzuty na rozkazy nie były zbyt dobre i raczej przeciw mnie w wyniku czego części moich oddziałów udało się przekroczyć rzeczkę, a części nie. To wystawiło moich łuczników, jako łatwy łup dla normańskich kawalerzystów. Zaszarżowali na nich, jednak moim łucznikom udało sie przeżyć i w konsekwencji wycofać na drugi brzeg rzeczki.
Now the past hunters become the prey for my cavalry. Outnumbered Normans get slaughtered by my knights. Then my cavalry charged on Vikings. Again the infantry survived the charge, but then came Bill and explained us, that some things we did very wrong. So far I played that rules few times before but I never read them, for Michael it was first time and he did not read them too. After some Bill’s advices the game changed dramatically for me…
Teraz niedoszli myśliwi, sami stali się łupem mojej kawalerii. Normanowie zostali zmasakrowani, przez moich liczniejszych rycerzy. Potem moja konnica zaszarżowała na pozycje Wikingów. Znów piechocie udało się przeżyć szarżę, i wtedy do naszego stołu przyszedł Bill i wytłumaczył nam, że pewne rzeczy robimy źle. Do tej pory udało mi się rozegrać kilka gier z tymi zasadami, jednak nigdy ich nie przeczytałem, dla Michaela była to z nimi pierwsza gra i też ich nie przeczytał. Po wskazówkach Bill sytuacja mojej armii znieniła sie bardzo dramatycznie…
The main thing in hand to hand clashes is the number of support, which give you bigger number of attack dice. This time my cavalry was outnumbered by the Vikings and soon all my horses were destroyed. The game turn into huge disaster for my army.
Główną rzeczą w walce wręcz jest liczba jednostek wspierających, co przenosi się na liczbę kości ataku. Tym razem moja kawaleria była mniej liczniejsza od Wikingów i wkrótce przestała istnieć. Gra zamieniała się w klęskę mojej armii.
Michael encouraged by the Vikings success push his infantry against my infantry and soon he was victorious here too. I only managed to destroy his crossbowmen, but at this stage my army no longer existed as a whole. The battle was over and my army withdraw with a shame.
Michael zachęcony sukcesem Wikingów pchnął swoją piechotę przeciw mojej i wkrótce również i tu odniósł zwycięstwo. Mi udało się jedynie zniszczyć jego kuszników, ale na tym etapie moja armia przestała już istniec jako całość. Musiała, okryta wstydem, wycofać się z pola walki.

3. Summary. Podsumowanie.

It was great game with the Hail Caesar rules. We will continue to enlarge your armies and soon we will come back to the rules again. However before next game, we will have to read  the rules. From the other point of view I was able to use all my Dark Age figures, which I am happy with.  So my golden rule in wargaming is achieved. That rule is to use all my figures and models in game at least once. So I did it!
To była świetna gra z zasadami Hail Caesar. Będziemy kontynuowali rozbudowę naszych armii, jednak przed następnym razem postaramy się przeczytać zasady. Z innej strony udało mi się użyć wszystkich figurek z mojej kolekcji wczesnego średniowiecza, z czego jestem bardzo zadowolony. Moja złota zasada wargamingu została osiągnięta. Jest nią to by przynajmniej raz użyć każdej figurki i modelu w grze. Tym razem mi się to udało!

4. Links. Linki.

SESWC: (awaiting)

On the Painting Table

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Painting is going quite smoothly at the moment. The ACW is still my main interest and I’ve decided to do a Grierson’s Raiders force for Sharp Practice. I already got the figures from Peter Pig, but before I actually start with them, I wanted to finish the dismounted version of the Confederate cavalry. Here you … Continue reading On the Painting Table

30K: Iteration one

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I’m making progress with the whole 30K thing. Firstly I have learned that ‘most’ of the armour marks were available during the Horus Heresy era with the notable exception of the Mark VIII “Errant” (That’s the ugly one with the high gorget) and the classic Aquila design being in limited …

Bolt Action – Anf’s Japanese go to MOAB

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MOAB. What a weekend. I recently attended my 4th MOAB in Sydney the other week for my final Bolt Action V1 event. I marked my 21st Bolt Action event since I started 4 years ago and in keeping with previous events, it was a lot of fun. I got a game in against the amazing Uber Gruber, aka. David Hunter of the Down Order podcast and got to run a new army that I’d only tested out once in the Japanese. My army for the 1250 point, 5 game event, was quite unique and very different to the norm that I’ve seen in my time playing Bolt Action, but this is how I enjoy playing wargames. I love to find something different and then go crazy with it. So I am about to dive into my list, how it performed and how I go about making my lists in Bolt Action.

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Oldhammer Weekend USA 2016 – Sheep of Camembert

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Hi All,My fourth and final game of the weekend. I had to get to the airport around the time Huzzah opened so I was unable to join everyone for the last days games. Brian had finished his Bretonnian army for the event but then, as usual, GM’d a good por…

Photos of the Cementry – 50% done // Zdjęcia z budowy i malowanie cmenatrzyska

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After two long evenings I have completed circa 50% of the scenery. I had a few extra bits so I decided to create several additions to the original GW design.  Right now I have to finish the painting and add some details to the bases. I am aiming to finish all the pieces next week. Have a look at my progress so far.

Dwa wieczory i cmentarzysko jest skończone już w 50 procentach. Miałem trochę dodatkowych bitsów więc postanowiłem dodać trochę elementów w podobnym klimacie do tych wyprodukowanych przez GW. Pozostało tylko malowanie i wykończenie podstawek. Na poniższych zdjęciach możecie spojrzeć na postęp moich prac nad tą wyjątkowo udaną scenerią od naszego ulubionego dostawcy zabawek. Całą zabawę mam nadzieję ukończyć w przyszłym tygodniu.

Some extra candles will be placed on the graves.
Jako jeden z detali przewidziałem świeczki wykonane z izolacji i wikolu.

The Walking Dead Play Through

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So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If … Continue reading The Walking Dead Play Through

The Germans are coming!

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With the new Armies of Germany book Second Edition about to arrive in gaming shops and battlefields across the world, it’s a good time to look at an accompanying Bolt Action Theatre Book – Ostfront, allowing the many budding German commanders out there access to a whole heap of excellent options… One of the iconic vehicles of the Eastern Front – … Continue reading The Germans are coming!

Ronnie has Escaped!

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Most of already know that Mantic is on the Kickstarter run again, you should do as we featured an exclusive here not to long ago. What you don’t know is I fear for Ronnie’s safety as he is always quite for the first few weeks leading me to believe that the rest of his staff/management … Continue reading Ronnie has Escaped!

Showcase – Sinzirith from Raging Heroes

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Here are some nice finished shots of Sinzirith, see the other post if you want to read my rambles about the project!

On The Desk – Sinzirith from Raging Heroes

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Another quick paintjob from me, this one was done painting with a friend for maybe 4 hours a day over 4/5 days or so. The miniature is Sinzirith by Raging Heroes, it’s one of the freebies from their second kickstarter for Toughest Girls in the Galaxy. …

Bolt Action – Michigan GT Bolt Action Wrap-up

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By Michael Ovsenik

A few weekends back, on October 1-2, gamers got together at the Michigan GT in Lansing, MI to play a ton of Bolt Action. We held two events – the Bolt Action Back to the Front! singles tournament and the Bolt Action Best Job I Ever Had! Tank War tournament.

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Oldhammer Weekend USA 2016 – Escape from Nu Ork

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Hi All,Here we have Dustin’s RT scenario for 200 point warbands. I tried to incorporate Abdul Goldberg, but how I had him stated out he was almost 200 points by himself. I used the Chukk and a loaner figure from Dustin.Be prepared to have your socks kn…

Deadzone V2 review

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I played the original Deadzone and quite liked it so was very reluctant to move forwards with V2.   HUMANS AND ALIENS COLLIDE ON WORLDS ERASED FROM EXISTENCE ENTER THE DEADZONE! In the future, unthinkably powerful mega-corporations own and govern entire planets outright, protecting their interests with vast, private armies. Now, an even greater danger … Continue reading Deadzone V2 review

Showcase: British MMG Team for Bolt Action

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This post is a showcase of my painted British MMG Team by Warlord Miniatures for Bolt Action, which I bought through J&M Miniatures a while back. I hope that my readers enjoy these images.The view from the front.Side view.Rear view.Angled view.I fi…

Blog Interlude – Some products you may be interested in.

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Hi All,As I work on various household projects and get the next battle report ready, I thought I’d share with you some projects that have caught my fancy. I am not able, at this point in time, to support all of them monetarily so I hope to live vicario…

New flags // Nowe proporce w skali 28 mm

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Today I share with you another set of flags ready to be printed for 28mm scale miniatures. Simply download the file from this location and print it on a standard sheet of A4 paper. 
Among them you can find two teutonic banners, two polish coat of arms (Eagle –  City of Peremyshl coat of arms, Lion – Lviv coat of arms) and one flag from Witcher universe. All of them will be used in my current projects. 

You can find more flags in this post:

And here you can find out how to use them on your miniatures:


Kolejny raz w ramach udostępniania swoich materiałów wrzucam flagi, które przygotowała dla mnie moja siostra. Wystarczy je pobrać z tego miejsca oraz wydrukować w formacie A4, żeby cieszyć się flagami o wysokości 30 mm idalnie pasującymi do modeli w naszej ulubionej skali 28mm.  Kilku swoich amatorów na pewno znajdą. Pierwsza flaga bazuje na grafice, którą wygrzebałem z odmętów internetu i będzie chorągwią mojego skończonego oddziału kuszników. Dwa błękitne proporce to historyczne flagi ziemi przemyskiej oraz lwowskiej dla mojej lekkiej kawalerii. Krzyżackich symboli nie trzeba przedstawiać natomiast niebiesko-czarny proporzec pochodzi z uniwersum wiedźmina – flaga Cintry pod nilfgardzką okupacją. Ten proporzec również wkrótce wykorzystam.

Poprzednie flagi udostępniłem w tym wpisie:
Natomiast w tym miejscu znajdziecie kilka innych chorągwi oraz informacje jak je zamontować:

Back to the farm!

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Hoi There,As an encore to the Dark Age buildings from some posts ago here are some villagers to go along with those. I am not to sure what make they are. I know I have bought quite some Gripping Beast miniatures and some other brands as well but am not…