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Dreadnought Duo and Reports

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Ugh, report season. I have about 50 of them to complete by tomorrow morning, so no blog post. Here’s a picture of two dreadnoughts to tide you over.Thanks for reading.If you liked what you saw, and you want to help out, please leave a comment. Sha…

8th edition 40k rumours – a burning eye view.

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Greetings all! See this thing I’m jumping on? that’s a bandwagon right there! So here we go, we’ve seen some confirmations from GW this past day about what they’re looking at for 8th edition, and we know it’s going to be within the next year. Here are my thoughts on what’s been said, and what I’d like to see happen!

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Are Jetbikes better than Guardians?

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It’s been a good long time since I’ve done any Mathhammer, and I’ve got a stylistic decision to make for my aeldari.I recently bought Gangs of Commoragh, and after completely failing to get a regular game going, I’m thinking of converting the Reav…

Spotlight on blogging part 10 – Code 40k

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Greetings all, time to shine a light on another little corner of the internet today – and this time my light falls on the Code 40k blog.

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Tactical Insight – Play the mission

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Greetings all, it’s been a little while since I last did a tactical insight article, and in replying to a comment elsewhere I was inspired to write a post about playing the mission and sticking to your objectives rather than getting distracted.

I should say at this point that this whole article illustrates one of my favourite things about blogging – a simple comment made in relation to one of my posts has inspired an entire new one – so thank you Mr Williams!

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Hobby update 20-3-17 – In 40k – everyone can hear you scream!

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Greetings all!
Welcome to this week’s glimpse into my studio!

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Chaos Cultists of Dan-A-Thos

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This week sees me finishing up another small 40K skirmish force. This time its the nomadic Dan-A-Thos cult who wander the ash wastes in search of victims. They are reinforced by the presence of one of Lorgar’s faithful, a traitor marine of the Word Bea…

WIP: World Eaters Spartan Assault Tank and Rhinos

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Hey all and hope your having a fun hobby filled Saturday. Today I’m showing the beginning of a World Eater army that I am painting with a Spartan Assault Tank and two Rhinos.
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‘nids part 209 – Genestealer cult – Hybrid METAL!

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With Warplock Bronze on the brush I started the METAL! on my Hybrids. Their weapons are going to be distressed gun metal but I start with bronze just to get a dirty base.You should be able to pick out some Gun Metal debris too. I want a variety to the …

Armies on Parade

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It’s been another grueling day at work, and I’ve only just finished (it being 11pm now). This week refuses to let up, but on the upside, I got to meet John Tickle today!As I finally give in to my wife’s demands for me to go to bed, you guys get some pi…

Ultramarine Army for Sale £500

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After the success of my last sales, I have around 4500pts of Ultramarines left to sell (all pictured above) and I want to sell 1500pts blocks for £500 each. After the jump find out how you can own a piece of White Dwarf history.

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40k Road to Competence – games 6 and 7

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Greetings all – welcome to the next installment of my Road to Competence series, where I look back and critically assess my games with the intention of becoming a better player. I’m getting my teeth into a decent number of games in this series now, and I think I’m starting to see the benefits!

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Dark Angels – Ravenwing and Assault Squad METAL!

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I was reminded a few times at the Birthday Bash I did not have enough Ravenwing – well I was running all I had painted but these are WiP. They’re on my To Do List and all of them have had Balthasar Gold and Runelord Brass highlights. The paintwork is s…

Spotlight on blogging part 9 – Cascadian Grimdark

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Greetings all – so after a week off the spotlight returns!

We have a blog that I discovered a while ago this week, and one where the hook that caused me to follow it was actually a sad story!

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Showcase: Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators

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A year ago, I painted these Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators. For some reason or another, I didn’t completely finish them back then, as I never got around to add their insignia. With the Wraithknight now finally completed, it made perfect sense to slip in a quick and easy project and get them done.
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Hobby update 13/3/17 – Fateweaver!

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Morning all, another week passes and more new projects get started on my desk – I really need to try finishing something sometime, haha!

welcome again to my workstation where I let you in on all the little projects I have going on. This week is more detail on my commission work, including a finished Librarian, and work beginning of Fateweaver – the most significant model of my commission service so far.

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Tourney Prep – 1000 Point 2v2

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So after preparing my army for the 2v2, I arranged for a game with Marshall, Lum and Melvin to give my army a good spin. I have never used the Skyhammer before and this would be my maiden game. Lum however is an experienced Skyhammer player and I learn…

One Hard Hitting Formation

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So I’ve heard that this formation hits hard. Trying out something interesting for an upcoming tourney, I put together a list and then the starter models.Started out with Eviscerators glued on the Marines before Marshall shared how shitty they areSo I p…

Tabletop Engineer: Skitarii Kit Bash

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Whilst the dust settles on an impressively busy week, I’m dipping back into to Tabletop Engineer files to post for tonight. This Week in Warhammer up tomorrow, along with a double-barreled paid post. As a reminder, these kit bash guides are a litt…

Showcase: Eldar Skathach Wraithknight of Iybraesil

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Two months in the making, today I proudly present the tallest model I ever worked on: the Skathach Wraithknight from Forge World, painted in the colours of Craftworld Iybraesil. More angles, an alternate arm, plus a group shot of my whole collection of…


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Spent some time building the new Tyrannoctye kit. Man this kit is one very troublesome kit with many repetitive elements.I decided to magnetize all the weapon symbiotes and some of the tentacles for easy transportation.All the same weapons. You will ne…

Beginner’s Guide To Free Hand Writing

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Judge Dreadnought here to educate you.

It should be a Tabletop Engineer post today, explaining how he made his AdMech Techguard. However, I’m stealing back my blog for the day to do a how to guide on Free Hand Writing.

I saw this picture on the Twitters made by the amazingly helpful Cadian Shock:

He was practicing free hand painting on the underside of one of his tanks. So, in an effort to get noticed by a more long term and bigger blogger (a shameless act of self-promotion), I thought I’d bump this guide up earlier in the schedule.

You might remember the above Judge Dreadnought from previous posts. It has the motto of my home made chapter on it, the nameless and numberless Space Marine Field Police (SMFP)! “Nos es Legis” (“We are the law” in low Gothic) is their first motto, but I may change it out for a more manly sounding “Nos es Lex”.

Pigeon Latin for Imperial fluff is a topic in itself, but as I was making the writing I took a step by step picture, which will do double duty as a project log and how-to guide.

Step 1: Research

What does Imperial Script look like anyway? I dove into some old pictures and settled on mimicking the Dark Angel banner font. “Ex tenebrae lux (From darkness, light)” has been one of my favourite chapter mottos, and I’ll be stealing it for my SMFP later on. “Ex tenebrae lex (From darkness, law)” in case you were wondering.

Step 2: Design

Epic advice on passing high school Physics re-purposed for toy soldiers.
Idle doodling on an old worksheet for how the writing should look. I copied the writing as best I could, but I’m not an artist. As long as the vague shape is similar, the model won’t look out of place along side anything with a proper transfer.

Step 3: Practice

I have some ceramic tiles we use for lab work, which I also use as a palette. The paint sits really well on it, and tends to flow smoothly around it. It makes for a good practice surface, which gives us the following result.

Smooth white tile begs to be marked!

Just as a quick aside, this is the consistency of the paint I use for lettering.

Painty puddles

You can see it’s quite watery, and that’s to ensure ease of writing. People tend to write at a faster speed than they paint, and when you write slower than your natural speed you actually lose a little control. Very fluid paint ensures that you can at least get close to your natural writing speed.

Step 4: Dark colour
It’s obvious from the above photo that we’ve started with a dark greys, rather than jumping straight into white letters. There are two reasons for this. Going through various greys to a final white is just how you put white paint onto a black undercoat.
The second reason is for the very likely event we screw up the lettering on the first pass. Recovering a dark grey takes less paint than a brighter white, which means less detail is lost on the model. For broad flat areas, like those we tend to put lettering on, this ensures we don’t get odd bumps of thick paint appearing on the flat surfaces.
In the below photo you can see the first layer of Eshin Grey done, and a further layer of Dawnstone on top.
Judge Dreadnought judges the painter whilst he works

Having that bit of fuzzy grey around the writing can be cleaned up if you like, but I like the glowing effect it produces.

Step 5: Layering and Highlight
This is a stylistic choice for me. I treat free hand writing as I would any object on the model, and so give it a layer and a highlight. This helps the writing to stand out a bit, rather than leaving it flat looking.
Pick your style though, as we’re going for contrast. As the black panel here is quite flat, a highlighted 3-D looking letter sticks out from the rest of the model. If you had a textured surface, I’d imagine flat letters would stick out more. 
For this part I’ve layered in Ulthuan Grey, and then highlighted with White Scar. You can see the White Scar only goes into the top corners of the letters, creating a nice textured effect.
“We are the law!” – Judge Dreadnought in response to xenos claims of innocence
If all this looks like a lot of effort, it’s not really. The whole process is relatively fast, as the paint dries so quickly. This whole thing took me 15 minutes, and I was taking pictures all the way through.
That said, there’s probably a faster, or more efficient way of doing this. If you have any, let me know in the comments below, or send me some feedback over Twiter or Facebook.
Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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If you have anything you want me to look at, let me know in the comments below. I’ll probably be able to write an article about that topic within a day!

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Golovin 3 – Heartstrike

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Chaplain Ezequiel watched as Sergeant Reyes secured himself into the drop pod, the datascreen next to him flaring into cold green life as the pod’s systems detected the presence of the squad leader. “Remember Sergeant” he said, his voice a deep, earthy…

List building – Dusk Knights again!

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So we’re back to this again – another look at the Dusk Knights space marines and my efforts at creating a ‘standard’ list for use in my games.Given how I’m also trying to go back to ‘basics’ with the marines and how I use them, I also decided to go bac…

1500pts battle report – Dark Angels v Necrons – game 3

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Who do I get drawn against for game 3? Only Ben and his implacable Necrons! It’s over a week since Birthday Bash, I’m still playing catch-up so as usual my recollection of the game will be very sketchy.

The low down:

  • One of the Maelstrom missions – 3 cards per turn
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • Warlord Trait – 3 enemy Units take pinning tests
  • I set up second and failed to seize the initiative
  • No night fighting. 

Ben puts his Necron defence wall across the road, presumably to stop foreign invaders!

The Ravenwing hold my near flank, Tactical Squad the far flank.

Scouts secure the ruins

Stalker, Scarabs and Spyder advance up the table. Don’t know what Bend did shooting wise but he came away with 2 VPs for Ascendancy and Supremacy.

Dreadnought drop pod arrives behind the defence wall, the Dread taking a shot at the Quad Gun to help keep the Dark Talons safe [eventually]. I swing the Land Speeder Typhoons round the Bastion to get a lock on the Triarch, they blast away.

And it is no more! First Blood.

This might be the reason why! [that’s 1/1296 BTW, I should have put a £1 on it]

My bikes get into combat with the Tomb Blades, or what remains of them thanks to my shooting.

He couldn’t survive those odds but the bikes don’t consolidate far and the enraged Spyder close by seeks revenge. First Blood, Objective 3 and Behind Enemy Lines get scored this turn.

The Scarabs manage to reach the Bastion and disassemble it with consummate ease before my Techmarine can even affect any repairs. This nets Ben a VP for Demolitions and leaves me just 3 surviving Devastators.

2nd Pod arrives, and I think the Dreadnought targets the Quad Gun again.

Just two bikes remain from the unit thanks to the predations of the Canoptek Spyders! I score no VPs

Flayed Ones that had infiltrated at the back of my DZ finally catch up with the Tactical Squad, killing them and leaving that flank with just a few Marines left from another combat squad. Ben captures Objective 6 for a VP.

The Land Speeders manage to insta-kill a few Scarabs but move out of range to leave the Techmarine to hold them in combat.

The Ravenwing must have been killed but their last known location is a beacon to the Dark Angel’s finest who appear in a flash of light.

Tactical Squad and Dreadnought assault the Necron Warriors, two survive, I still can’t score a VP.

Flayed Ones join up with the Scarabs against the Techmarine who his systematically smashing the Scarabs to pieces.

But he can’t hold back their numbers and succumbs giving Ben Assassinate [and Slay the Warlord].

The Scarabs catch up with the Speeders and I’m lucky to come away with only 1 Hull Point of damage.

My Drop Pod gets destroyed,

 and the Spyders take on the finest of the First!

Two fall… er I mean not fall, we don’t mention the Fallen, they die, that’s it, dead, no more. But the remaining unfallen take out a Spyder and the last is wounded. Ben scores another VP for Obj 4.

Finally the Dark Talon arrives, screaming up Main Street.

He blasts away with all his weapons.

Killing one measly Eternal! Grr!. The Deathwing kill the last Scarab getting me Big Game Hunter and I also get Blood and Guts for 2 VPs

That’s it, game over and it’s 10:8 [Ben scoring 8 plus Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker, while I scored 6 plus First Blood and Line Breaker].

Necrons triumphant yet again but no bother, we had a great day and a good laugh. We were both exhausted at the end, made me realise I do not look forward to another weekend tournament if I feel like this after one day! Three great game with three great people.

I have some pics of the best army nominees to share and wrap up next…