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Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 205 – The EPIC Show

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Download Episode 205 Welcome to Episode 205 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   Mike Hobbs takes the reins of the podcast to present a show about one of his all-time favourite games – Space Marine/Epic from Games Workshop. We are joined by guests Peter Ramos, Teras Cassidy and Ken Whitehurst, not only to look back at all aspects of the game from Adeptus Titanicus through to Epic: Armageddon, but also to discuss what the gaming community can accomplish when their favourite game stops being supported by its publisher. We hope you enjoy the show. Show links NetEpic Net Epic Armageddon Tactical Command Vanguard Miniatures Onslaught Miniatures Polyversal  Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: 6mm Gaming, Sci-Fi Gaming

Baccus 6mm release ‘Ruse de Guerre’ rules

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Baccus 6mm have released a new set of rules in the Polemos range: Ruse de Guerre – War in the Americas, written by Glenn Pearce. These rules cover three different wars: The French-Indian War, The American War of Independence and the War of 1812. The full news announcement can be found here. This also includes details of several brand new army packs for the rules. The rules are £15.00 for the softback edition, or are available digitally. You can purchase a digital edition from Wargames Vault for around £8.00.Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: 6mm Gaming, American War of Independence, French Indian War, Historical Gaming, War of 1812

Samurai – what scale of warfare?

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When it comes to gaming in the period of the Samurai, one thing is certain – we have a wide range of miniatures to choose from, whether it be large battles or small skirmishes.  I’ve tried to gather together a selection of ranges in a number of scales, so no matter what your preferred level of gaming, you should find a range of models to your liking (or perhaps, suddenly realise that this is a period you might want to game in multiple scales!) I’ve aimed this primarily at the Sengoku period, though some earlier periods are referenced. 6mm Baccus 6mm – Baccus have a relatively small but comprehensive range of Samurai miniatures. 8 packs in total, but they cover all the main troops you will need. Their ‘Medieval Samurai’ range also include miniatures suitable for Ronin and Warrior Monks, plus a pack of Pavises. Irregular Miniatures – Irregular also cover the main Samurai troop types (7 packs), although their range does include a light cannon for very late period battles 10mm Irregular Miniatures – Irregular have a small range of 10mm Samurai in addition to their 6mm range, though the poses and armaments are limited. Magister Militum – Another small […]

Ruse de Guerre – new rules coming from Baccus

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Earlier this week, Baccus announced the forthcoming release of their latest set of rules in the Polemos series – Ruse de Guerre, written by Glenn Pearce. This set of rules complements Baccus’ recent releases of several new infantry packs for their French Indian War range – and indeed, new army packs for the FIW will be added to the existing range of Seven Years War figures. However, Ruse de Guerre doesn’t just cover the French Indian War, but also the American War of Independence and the War of 1812. The conflicts of these three wars had a distinctly different character to the European wars of the period, and it is this that the author has attempted to capture. Baccus have released a sample of the rules, which include some notes on troop basing, ranged combat, and an example scenario, as well as the designers notes for the rules. Dave Luff and I have been looking at the French Indian War as the setting of our Sharp practice campaign, and Per Broden has already created a 6mm version of the game for the Joy of Six 2017 (Which I will be umpiring). These mass battle rules may well encourage us to potentially […]

Meeples & Miniatures @ Joy of Six 2017

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Sunday 16th July 2017 will see the next Joy of Six show at Sheffield Hallam University. More details can also be found on the Joy of Six Facebook Group. Following our successful partnership running 6mm games of Saga last year, podcast listener and all round 6mm gamer extraordinaire –  Per Broden – has again invited us to help run a demo game. Per will be busy running a game of Lesnaya 1708, so he’s asked me to run a game of Sharp Practice using his excellent French Indian War collection. My task is to provide the scenario – so time to put my thinking cap on and come up with a good game to play! More details can be found on Per’s website.Filed under: Shows / Conventions / Events / Stores Tagged: 6mm Gaming, French Indian War, Sharp Practice 2