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Unexpected Reinforcements

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In late October of 2016, a package arrived on my doorstep. It was a cookie tin, the classical war gamer storage container of choice. In that cookie tin was “some colonials you might be able to use with your VSF” an unexpected and very generous gift fro…

2017 6×6 Challenge – My List, First 2017 Post, and a house keeping note.

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So 2016 has finally gone, while it had some very good parts, like our trip to Malta, it had it seems more than its share of pretty crappy parts as well; walking out of Rogue One only to find out that Carrie Fisher’s passing had been made public while w…

6×6 challenge for 2017

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IntroductionKaptain Kobold of The Stronghold Rebuilt has suggested a 6×6 challenge based on the boardgamegeek 10×10 challenge.  Play 6 tabletop games 6 times in 2017 and post the game reports (the level of detail up to you).  More details are…