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CQB: Draft Rules for 8th Edition Zone Mortalis

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A recurring theme of this blog, in addition to my fondness for Space Elves in all their various forms, is that I rather like the void war aspects of 40K. […]

Hobby update week 18 – a wanderer returns

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Hi all! Turns out I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth after all (though I do spend most of my days now below sea level).

In truth, I’ve been finding less time for hobby related stuff with my new job, and the blog is the thing that’s taken the hit I’m afraid, so posts will be more sporadic for a while I think.

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My Hopes for the Sisters of Battle

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Variance Hammer was on a temporary holiday while I was in Zambia, but a free morning in the hotel and an announcement I’ve been waiting for for years spurred the desire to […]

The Big FAQ: The Variance Hammer Hot Take

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So it’s out, a mere half-month off schedule: the first of the major FAQs that Games Workshop has promised will be on something of a “tick-tock” cycle. So what’s in […]

Digital Projects & MathHammer 8th Edition Update – 40K Blog

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It’s been some time since my last update to MathHammer. Not since January. Oppps. But I have some updates to list today and I’ll share my vision for MathHammer and my other digital projects. Distinct lack of hobby posts due to moving house …

Golovin III: Darkest before Dawn. Part 1 – The City Sleeps

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Golovin III – Darkest before DawnEron lay perfectly still, his camo cloak draped around him and covered in the dust of this world to better disguise his presence, its’ cameleoline fibres picking up the subtle shade variations and mimicking them to furt…

Hobby update week 12 – Is it purple, or is it blue?

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Greetings all, another big gap since my last post, I think I’m going to have to accept that I won’t be able to post as often as I used to, with a more responsible job and more time commuting to and from work.Still, I’m getting plenty of painting done, …

Power levels vs points – A Burning Eye View

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Greetings all, things are settling down a little bit with the new job now, though I’m still unnervingly short of hobby time in the evenings due to needing to get up early (any chance that those scientists among you could crack on and get that Catalepse…

Hobby update week 10 – Devastation

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Greetings all! Another week goes by and another week without a game (insert sad face here). I did manage to get some decent painting progress done this week though, which was nice!Read more »

Hobby update week 9 – Clad in iron

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Greetings all, welcome to my latest glimpse into my hobby world. This week’s a fairly quiet one I’m afraid, mainly because I don’t want to repeat all the pics from Squaduary that I posted last week.

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Hobby update week 6 – I need to paint something other than purple!

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Greetings all, welcome to week 6’s hobby update for 2018! I’m still all about Squaduary at the moment, and I’m still settling into finding a new routine for posting and painting, so please bear with me for a while as the blog settles down with my new job. Given my ridiculous pledge for Squaduary though I’ve found little time in the evenings to write new posts and get myself prepared for the week ahead so you’ll have to make do with this kind of thing for a bit!
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Is 8th edition the most abstract edition we’ve ever played?

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Greetings all, feels like an age since I’ve written a piece like this for the blog! I was reading a post the other day on the excellent March of the Damned, and in adding a comment to the bottom of the post, I got to thinking about 8th edition and how its rules represent things on the tabletop, and what really struck me was how the rules across the editions change, and how they represent the conceptual parts of the game overall.
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Hobby update week 5. All about Squaduary

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Greetings all, back into the swing of a new week, and it’s Squaduary taking the limelight for the next 4 weeks! Hopefully you’ll have all seen my pledge last week for this event, and are looking forward to lots of painting updates on the Swords of Dawn in the first instance.
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Squaduary 2018 – my pledge!

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Greetings all, welcome to the latest community painting event, (I’m thinking about putting together one of my own for this year, but have yet to decide which month to go for and what to suggest).

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Codex Adeptus Astates: Space Marines. 6 months in.

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Greetings all, welcome again to the hallowed halls of my blog, where today I reflect upon 6 months of the 8th edition space marine codex, my thoughts on how the book stands up after many other faction releases, and plenty of game time!Read more »

Hobby update 2018 Week 4

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Greetings all, welcome to week 4 of the year and my hobby update! It’s been a quieter week this week I’m afraid due to real life – I’ve changed jobs and started at my new place today. What that means is I spent much of the weekend either celebrating with people I’ve know for as many as 15 years, or recovering from those celebrations/preparing for commuting to work for the first time in my life. Still, things progressed and continue to do so!

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First 2k list for the Swords of Dawn Primaris Marines

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Greetings all! Continuing on with my current trend of posting up army lists and theorising on effective combinations. Today we have a look at my Primaris collection and how I’m thinking I’d like to take it forward.

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Codex Eldar review – Dire Avengers

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Greetings all! Time for the third part in my Codex Eldar review, this time we’re going to look at that most dependable of aspects, the children of Asurmen himself, the Dire Avengers.

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Hobby update 2018 Week 3

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Greetings all, it’s that time again where I like to collate all the hobby progress I’ve made from the week before, updating on both painting and gaming progress. This week I also even have some more built stuff to include!

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Craftworld Mael Dannan – evolution of a 2k list.

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Greetings all,
well, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll to name my Craftworld Army, it really was fun to see how the vote swung back and forth, and very pleasing to see so many people taking part.

Now that I have a name for them, I thought I’d take a quick look at how my list has evolved from my last post on the subject (here).

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Codex Eldar review – Storm Guardians

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Greetings all, second review post up for the Eldar, this time I’m having a look at the close combat cousins of the Guardian Defender squad, the Storm Guardians. Don’t be fooled into thinking this unit isn’t worth a second look!
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Hobby update 2018 Week 2

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Greetings all, that time of the week again, when I update you on all the lovely hobby progress going on in the Burning Eye domain! This week is a bumper week in some ways, got lots done (well, that’s how it feels at the moment, I guess we’ll see when it’s all laid out won’t we!

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Dusk Knights vs Orks

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Greetings all, 
I’ve got a brief battle report for you all today, from my league game last night. Our league isn’t prescriptive about game sizes or fixed lists etc, so I agreed to play a 2000pt game against Andy H and his Orks. 

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Preparing yourself for a game of 8th edition 40k.

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Greetings all,

I’ve got quite a few games of 8th edition behind me now (not as many as some, but I play every week) and one thing that has come to light in my mind is that performing well in a game isn’t just a case of bringing a good list and turning up to roll some lucky dice. The depth that GW have managed to impart into 8th edition and therefore the preparation required to give yourself the best chance of winning is also a significant factor. Let’s have a closer look at what I mean shall we?

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Codex Eldar Review – Guardian Defenders

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Greetings all,

with the advent of the Eldar Codex and my decision to commit to an Eldar army (at last), I thought it would be best to also commit to getting my thoughts on the book onto the blog. I may not be the most experienced Eldar player out there, but I’m do have a good grasp on the current version of the game, so I figured I’d look over the book for you all to (hopefully) benefit from my thoughts.

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