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Bolt Action & Battle of Kursk at Adepticon

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I wanted to take a sec to share some recent Bolt Action activities that I’ve been involved in!   Rich at Chicago Terrain Factory and I ran our 2nd year of the Kursk battle at Adepticon. Check out his coverage of the event, it is excellent. We had a blast this year and I think the … Continue reading “Bolt Action & Battle of Kursk at Adepticon”

2017 Hobby Plans – Ben

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With Adepticon done and gone, and a bit of a break taken from hobbying, I’m ready to get rolling again, and the best way to start that is by planning out the year. As we’ve mentioned before, our hobby yearly schedule tends to revolve around Adepticon, with other tournaments (Such as Operation Sting for Bolt […]

ADEPTICON – The Loot Part 3

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I think this is the final “Loot” post from AdeptiCon. It seems I bought quite a bit of stuff (not too much, just more than usual for me).Well, here it is, my lovely, new Tablewar case! After borrowing a friend’s case last year to schlepp stuff to North…