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WIP: Shadespire Stormcast Eternals

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Hey everyone, this is a request for help. Progress on my three Stormcast models from Shadespire have come to an abrupt halt. I’m posting this in the attempt to kickstart this project again. So, to help me, post your best motivational techniques or advi…

Shadespire/ Aos Painting Journey

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I recently got involved in playing Shadespire when it was released back in 2017.  It is a fun game that hits some of the things I like about gaming; small model count, deck building and cool gaming accessories.  We have a small group of peopl…

Painting the Knight of Shrouds

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This week I picked up the Knight of Shrouds, and painted him in record time… Read more »

Another Conscript Arrives

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Hi everyone , I’m Connor (instagram: @mysterion_painting) and I’m another new member for this cool blogging group .A little about me: I’ve love warhammer (all of its lines) since I was a mere youngling, I originally got into the hobby via the cool…

Herzberg Irregulars Progress Report #1

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Well these last 2 weeks have flown by! I have managed to get a fair chunk of my Herzberg Irregulars assembled and based. I’m so glad I pulled the trigger on the DragonForge Bases, these compliment the models perfectly. The next 2 weeks will be spe…

OS Miniatures Alpine Gnomes

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So this is it, my full Kickstarter of OS (Old School) Miniatures has been painted for use in the AHPC.While the figures are full of character, they do have some unfortunate hick-ups as well in my opinion.But they are so full of character, and look so c…

Showcase: Nighthaunts Spirit Hosts by FruitBear

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Hello everyone, it’s been an age since I’ve posted here. I hope everyone has had a good start to the year as we move forward into 2018. With that I’m also starting a new Nighthaunt army for the new Malign Portent campaign as well as a doubles tournament coming up at my local Games Workshop store. The first unit I’d like to share are these three spirit hosts.
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Kurnoth Hunter Conversions Painted – Squadary Vow #2 Complete

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Kurnoth Hunter ConversionsYep my Kurnoth Hunter converions are complete too!””I’ve not felt this feeling in centuries. Not quite the taste of fear but bordering close to it and heavy paranoia of the world setting a blade against my throat. I’m upo…

Age of Sigmar: Knight of Shrouds

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More Nighthaunt! The Knight of Shrouds is a great new addition to my Nighthaunt army:The first Nighthaunt hero with a command ability (And a good one at that!) means hes going straight into my lists hehe.Legions of Nagash is also out now and ive had a …

Renegades Progress Report #1

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Renegades January Progress (16th to 31st Jan)Just a quick update as I forgot to mention it in a previous post. Above is the progress I have made in the first 2 weeks of my New Year hobby plan. As mentioned before, the first 2 weeks of a month are for w…

Age of Sigmar / 9th Age – Ogres Army Showcase

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Time to show you huge Ogres army!Hey! Today I would like to share three showcase photos of Ogre Kingdom army. I painted them a few months ago. 55 miniatures of infantry, beasts and heroes on standard level – it was a pure pleasure to bring life to these behemoths. 🙂 Sculpts are interesting and miniatures[…]

Gearing up for the Legions of Nagash

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The new Legions of Nagash battletome hits the stores this weekend. I’ve got mine pre-ordered, and I’ve been working on a few odds and ends to get my army ready for the new rules. I’ve been following the previews and leaks, so I have a pretty good ide…

Spite Revenant Conversions Painted ~ Squadary vow #1 complete

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‘Darkness blacker than night obscures their forms. They are mere shadows that creep round the edge of your sanity. Whispers plague your waking hours, and your own screams wake you from your nightmares. The very trees seem to grow black and whisper of y…

Herzberg Irregulars and Painting Comp

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As mentioned previously I have decided to split my hobby months into half AOS and the other 40k. Since we are in the first part of the month work has finally begun on the Herzberg Irregulars. So far I have managed to assemble a 10-man Ironsides un…

Showcase: Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterpriest

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Hi all! Today I would like to share this Slaughterpriest I finished recently. After a long time I had another go at painting some NMM (non-metallic metal). One more picture from the backside after the jump…More after the jump

Black Library – Newsletter

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A new Age of Sigmar novel courtesy of Josh Reynolds and the Black Library…———————View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsThe Prisoner of the Black SunJosh ReynoldsExplore the Realm of Death with the Hallowed Knights a…

Engine Kill

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It’s generally not a good idea to update the blog when tired, yet here I find myself doing exactly that at the end of what’s been a hectic week. Sadly not all hobby unfortunately, work having curtailed half of the week’s activity and …

Squadary 2018 – My Pledge

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Rory over at Stepping Between Games is running his yearly community challenge to build and paint a squad in the month of February. Keep up to date with all the progress over on his blog, or search for the #Squadary tag on twitter. Hopefully you shall s…

Arkhan the Black

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Hello The first model presented this year is Arkhan the Black from Gamesworkshop’s Skeleton Horde set. I do not particularly like this sculpture and its theme but so far, I have not had the opportunity to face such a large model and this fact encourage…

Skaven ogre rat Show case.

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Come and have a look and see how things turned out.Hope you all like it there are a few things I would do different if I was to do it again, but keeping with my plan I am not able to buy another one.

Showcase: Stormcast Eternals "Silverlions"

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Hi all! Quick post of some more Stormcast Eternals for my “Silverlions” Stormhost. Once again I used a Space Wolves head, which I think fits very well for these models. In addition, I gave the two Liberators spears from the Vanguard Palladors.&nbs…

Protectors of the Pretzel

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After painting up the Alpine Gnomes crossbows and mage earlier in this challenge, I managed to complete my full Kickstarter bundle, adding to the ranks.Now, the models aren`t perfect, like the elongated arm here and there to accomodate their weapon…

Review & Unboxing: Stormcast Eternals Gryph-Hounds

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The beginning of the year is always hard for me when it comes to having enough time for the hobby, but I’m really trying to paint at least a little everyday, so I will soon post something better on the blog. Today I made a review and unboxing of reall…

AOS Khorne Force

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This small Chaos force from Age of Sigmar was painted to level 3 quality. They were painted to follow the studio colours closely as there will be more miniatures to come for this small force which will need to tie into the colour scheme. They were finally based on a […]

Games Workshop – Warhammer Community Round-up

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A Warhammer Community round-up courtesy of Games Workshop…———————-View in web browser  Your Warhammer Community News RoundupA Dark New Tale Get to grips with the Malign Portents with another free story to read, diving int…