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The Horde is Complete

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I’ve the first twenty Chainrasps done. As I’ve said before: painting twenty in one go is pretty soul destroying. I do have another twenty to do for my eventual list but for now I can bask in the glory of having finished these and quickly move on to the…

First Ironjawz almost done

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So my first unit of Brutes are almost done. I just need to do some highlights and then the bases. I added another layer of rust on the armour and weapons. I used the Secret Weapon Miniatures Orange Rust paint. Happily I noticed that it was a paint and not a wash before I started […]

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Shattered Dominion Objectives

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Usually Christmas or the turn of the year is the time for terrain with Games Workshop. But with the new Age of Sigmar edition just released there is a new set of objective markers available, the Shattered Dominion Objectives. Of the new terrain sets, m…

A whole lot of reading

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So I managed to pick up a copy of the new Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt Battletomes yesterday. As I was browsing through them I realised that I now have an immense amount of reading to do. There is the background and fluff in the core rulebook, Malign Sorcery book and now the two new Battletomes. […]

Black Knights #2

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Another 3 knights from the Skeleton Horde box. In fact, only two of them are the original miniatures from that set. I managed to get an extra knight with the horse by converting an old model from mid-90s that I had in my collection. Now I own 6 knights…

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 11- 8th Edition 40k Anniversary Retrospect

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This Episode the Allies of Inconvenience Crew discusses 8th Edition 40k a year on, what we like and lament about it, as well as where we desire to go from here (and the usual side tracks along the way). We also dive into our personal hobby progress, an…

Aethervoid Pendulum

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I’ve been making progress on my Nighthaunts, I swear! However I’ve also been making progress with my endless spells. I’m not sure why I decided to paint the Aethervoid Pendulum, we’d been talking about it during last weeks game and maybe that spurred m…

Assembly Line Painting: Always be Painting

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I have been busy painting and getting models finished.  I recently finished 3 more Ardboys and have more in the process of getting finished.  This post will focus on the concept of “always be painting”.  My time to paint is limited due t…

WIP: Stormcast Eternals Liberators #2

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Quick post today to show I’m still working on these Liberators. I think the hardest part of these is done now. The yellow is time consuming but totally worth it. I’m hoping an hour or so a night for the next week will see these finished. How often and …

Three Warlords: the first game part 1

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So all of the glueing and building is done and it is time to sit down and have our first battle. We have slightly more miniatures available than those that ship in the Soul Wars box. I picked up each of the ‘East To Build’ boxes that were available with the initial release and I […]

Chainrasp Horde

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Disappointingly it seems I will have a lot more chainrasps to do in the near future. Now that the book has been released I’ve seen the battalions and the most interesting ones are comprised mainly of chainrasps. I knew I’d have to paint more but as the…

Mixed Bag 12: Revisiting the Death Guard

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I knocked off a few projects this week and started a big one as well. A lot of my painting was focused on revisiting my Death Guard army for 40K. I had purchased a second unit of Tox Troopers from Anvil Industries to use as cultists as while back and i…

Age of Sigmar: Chainrasp Horde

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Finished off these boys this evening:I used these last night, and when supported by the Guardian of Souls and Spirit Torment they become amazing… already a solid unit on its own haha!

Purple Sun of Xereus

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I picked up the Malign Sorceries expansion when it came out last weekend. The spells look amazing and its nice to have them represented on the battlefield again, just like in the good old days of fourth and fifth edition. They were removed I think, as …

More work on the Chainrasps

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Progress continues apace with my Chainrasps. I definitely think that batch painting 22 models wasn’t the best decision but at least I still feel like I am making some progress. I’ve done the basic washes on them all now and tonight I’ll be hitting them…

Tutorial: How to Paint Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Liberator

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Need some help with your Soul Wars box? I thought I’d put the White Dwarf free Stormcast Eternal model to good use and create a tutorial. So if you want more than just there paint recipes in White Dwarf and want high quality photos with explanations, then you’re at the right place. Check out the detailed, quality photo tutorial after the jump.
More after the jump

Age of Sigmar: The Nighthaunt are back!

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Yes GW! Proper blown it out the park with all the new Nighthaunt models hehe! I’ve made good headway into my half of Soul Wars but im waiting for the Battletome before ordering anymore of the new shiny for a change… i have plenty already to get me pl…

Chainrasps and a few others

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Work has started on my Nighthaunts. I picked up everything last week and then promptly got distracted by a Purple Sun. Somehow I had the idea that it would be quick to paint. It wasn’t but its nearly done now, more to follow on that during the week. As…

Age of Sigmar Soul Wars

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Well I am in with both feet.  I hope it works out this time.  My luck with Warhammer fantasy games has not been good.

A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 2

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So the assembly continues. We didn’t get a lot of time to work today but Miss C. managed to finish her unit of Reapers and Miss N. finished the last two of the ‘ Easy To Build’ Sequitors. The ‘Easy To Build’ figures are turning out to be a little more difficult for a first […]

Soul Wars comments

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The Age of Sigmar Soul Wars starter has been released today and as part of our Tale of Three Warlords project I picked up all of the new releases. We got the Soul Wars starter, Malign Sorcery box and the four ‘Easy To Build’ releases. I have the General’s Handbook coming but as the Warlord […]

A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 1

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About a month ago I was looking over the new Age of Sigmar Soul Wars boxed set and the twins checked out the figures and expressed an interest in perhaps painting them and learning to play. While I was slightly interested in the figures myself, the Nighthaunts look great, I wasn’t planning on picking up […]

High Elf Army

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This week sees me putting the final nail in the 1000 points of my High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. I plan on expanding the army, but I’ll probably try to get a few games in and squeeze in some other projects before expanding it.T…

Battle Report and GMG Reviews – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – NEW Nighthaunts vs. NEW Stormcast Eternals!

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It’s that time again (Honestly, what was the last time it wasn’t that time? This has been a busy summer!… and it’s only JUNE!)… A NEW BATTLETOME DOUBLE-HEADER! Battletome: Nighthaunt take on Battletome: Stormcast Eternals in this Battlehost level game from GHB2018! Check out the Nighthaunts Battletome review HERE:   Check out the Stormcast Eternals […]

Gallery: Age of Sigmar ~ Ironjawz Warchanter ~ Painted By Chris

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Miniature: Ironjawz WarchanterRange: Warhammer: Age of SigmarManufacturer: Games WorkshopPainter: Chris Gomez