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Assembly Line Painting: Always be Painting

Posted on July 11th, 2018 under , , , . Posted by

I have been busy painting and getting models finished.  I recently finished 3 more Ardboys and have more in the process of getting finished.  This post will focus on the concept of “always be painting”.  My time to paint is limited due t…

Assembly Line Painting: Priming

Posted on June 25th, 2018 under , . Posted by

Now that the models are built it is time to get them primed and ready for paint.  Over the years there has been a lot of advancements with primer.  We now have colored primers that can make it easier to get your base coat apply.  I picke…

Assembly Line Painting (ALP)

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With the completion of a recent commission project I had to improve on my Assembly Line Painting (ALP) skill.  I have done ALP in the past however I never really gave it much thought, I just did it.  I would put some paint on one model and ju…