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Alpha Legion – Lernaean Terminators

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Cracked on with some more Alpha Legion this time with a squad of Lernaean Terminators. I did a bit of conversion work on these swapping out a couple of the power axes with a Power First and Chain Fist respectively. I also thought it would be a goo…

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 3

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I can’t believe it. I had an idea and it worked!! Here he is all Blu-Tacked together for a quick photoshoot. I’m really happy with how this conversion came out. He reminds me of a Spartan with his spear, cloak and helmet crest especially in the bottom …

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 2

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Work on the big Man continues. I forgot to mention in the last post that I also did some alterations to his base. I added some additional details from my bitzbox to help slightly alter his pose and add a bit more height. Anyway, on with the important p…

Hail Hydra! – Assembling Alpharius – Part 1

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Time to dive back in after some hobby-burnout. Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months, lots of things kept getting in the way of my hobby time and the longer this went on the harder I found it to get back into the swing of things. Well…

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Adeptus Custodes vs. Alpha Legion

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  Jared brings his Custodes to face my Alpha Legion in this 2k Matched Play game! Advertisements

Golovin III: Darkest before Dawn. Part 1 – The City Sleeps

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Golovin III – Darkest before DawnEron lay perfectly still, his camo cloak draped around him and covered in the dust of this world to better disguise his presence, its’ cameleoline fibres picking up the subtle shade variations and mimicking them to furt…

2017 a hobby review.

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Wow its been a year! And what a year it has been! CSM getting a reboot in the first quarter, and then 8th ed drops for Warhammer 40k!I was just sorting out my photo album, well primarily trying to find photos to keep or delete and I was surprised what …

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Tau vs. Alpha Legion ‘The Scouring’

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  Those scurrilous dogs in the Alpha Legion are after Tau technology for their own dark aims in this Eternal War mission of ‘The Scouring’. Advertisements

Alpha Legion colour test model

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The third of the four Legions I`m building, Alpha Legion always had me attracted even back in the days that I started playing 40k, due to the mystery surrounding them.Being the ultimate deceivers, I have something special in mind for building that forc…

How to Paint Alpha Legion

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Hey all, Gregg here with a guide on how to paint Alpha Legion in the 30k colour scheme! To say I’m a gaming enthusiast would be the understatement of the century… I’ve collected Warhammer 40k all throughout a (misspent?) youth and int…

Mechanicum vs Alpha Legion Battle Report

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This article is a follows up from my Mechanicum vs Iron hands Battle Report against Ian, it’s also worth noting that I cover a game vs the Raven Guard (which i forgot to take pics of) before getting into the Mechanicum vs Alpha Legion game. I&#82…

The Alpha Legiondary Journey Part 1: Evaluating Codex: Space Marines

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Welcome back to the second article and the continuation of “The Alpha Legiondary Journey”. Hopefully you have read and enjoyed Part I where I listed some of the goals and concepts that I’m shooting for with this series and as to why I will not be using…

The Alpha Legiondary Journey Part 1: Goal, Concept and Evaluating Codex: CSM

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Welcome to “The Alpha Legiondary Journey” series, which is going to be my way of communicating, sharing and brainstorming with you – the blogosphere and wargaming community – as I slowly create a 2,000 points Alpha Legion-themed list to be used with th…

I’m back! Read this!

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Blah, blah, blah, you’ve read this here already and you’ve encountered similar posts on other blogs and websites scattered across this neat, little thing we call the Internet, haven’t you? Well, no worries. I’m keeping this short. I’ve been absent…

Alpha Legion and 6th Edition

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Probably just a month before the release of the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines, I’ve decided to sit down, reflect on some of the rumors and jot down a few ideas in order to inspire myself (and perhaps even you!) with the exciting, yet challenging adven…

Breaking the Silence: 6th Edition, Hobby Mojo and.. Alpha Legion?

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Hey there, my fellow bloggers and blog lurkers! Long time no see, I suppose. It has been.. errr.. more than a month since I last posted here. A series of unfortunate events (sucky primer, a third of my paints drying or exploding, etc. etc) managed to t…