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Battle Report – Anima Tactics – #TBT – Empire vs. Light

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  I liked your hustle Kronen. That’s why it’s so hard to cut you. The Empire must escort a dangerous Wanderer out of their lands as a rag-tag group of the agents of the Light attempt to stop them in this 300 Level Gamma game of Anima: Tactics! Advertisements

Battle Report – Anima Tactics – Throwback Thursdays Ep 110

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  I’ve painted up a new Anima Tactics army that’s been sitting in a box almost 10 years! The Empire takes on the forces of Darkness in this Gamma Level (300levels) game! Advertisements

Anima Tactics Arrival

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I said in my last blog post that I had ordered a few things for Anima Tactics, and yesterday everything finally appeared by UPS fairly early on in the day, which is rather shocking in and of itself. The box that MiniatureMarket shipped in was about the…

Move still on going

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And this is my painting load…You may notice something about me while reading through my blogs. I have a horrible case of Gamer’s ADD when it comes to staying with a game for any length of time, usually I find myself trying, or returning to, a new gam…

Customization – How Much is Too Much?

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One of the things that irk me while gaming, and has turned me off of various games is the amount of character customization available to me during the creation of the army. I am not saying I expect every miniature to have it’s own rules for creation, a…

News from the desk.

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Here’s some work in progress from the desk. Assembled the MOW Drakhun models and put my Black Sun starter set from Anima Tactics on spiffy Wyrd bases. That was a pain. This was taken yesterday morning, by now I have rocked the green stuff making the bases look cleaner without holes and such and filling […]