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Orctonnian Orc of the Realm Musician

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As a part of finishing up a bunch of half finished projects, I finished this bugger yesterday. I forgot how fun they were to work on!I’ve been trying to figure out what to use them as in-game, and am still not sold. That may put a halt on this project …

The Long Plot of the Duardin Reveal Part 2

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So let’s jump into matching up rumour engine pictures with reveals, and see where this whole story begins. First the obvious one:This was revealed to be a part of a larger piece of work showing a greater demon in mid-sky battle with a Kharadron air-shi…

BREAKING: The Long Plot of the Duardin Reveal Part 1

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*Glee!*So the new Duardin have dropped, and damnned if they refused to hit the ground! The traditionally under-mountain Dwarfs in their halls of stone have turned into metal clad sky-pirates, riding sky boats, and even having jump troops!This is the fi…

This Week in Warhammer 11/3/2017

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Since Rise of the Primarch dropped, the Games Workshop marketing team has decided to take a wise breath before dropping any more bombs on the Warhammer World. It’s been a very busy month for them, with new Stormcasts and what effectively amounts to thr…

Warlord in Progress: Nearly Done!

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So close to finishing this guy… have to admit I haven’t bee as enthusiastic about painting the actual Lord as I have ben for the Dracoth.This may be a sign that I need to collect Seraphon…Also, apologies for the late upload. A bit of a kerfuffle in…

Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

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Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today? I decided to show you one[…]