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More Orruks

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I finished up a few more Orruks for my Age of Sigmar army.  It is not a lot of models but it was all that I had that were primed.  I will need to get another batch primed up however I have to build them first.  I am going to take a break…

Old world, New world

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One of my first role-play experiences was with GW’s WFRP, so when a friend’s son asked to play his first ever roleplaying session for his birthday it seemed a no-brainer that it should be WFRP. Amusingly, this came just after the announcement that Cubi…

Arkanaut Admiral

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The boss! Great model to paint and wish I had more reasons to pick up another one to convert. Advertisements

Arkanaut Frigate

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First addition to my navy and who doesnt love floating boats?! Plus got to play with magnets 😀 Advertisements

Black Library Open Submission: I am Seraphon

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Last chance for the Black Library Open Submissions! Head over to Warhammer Community now to maybe start your (very niche!) writing career!I’ve posted a Warhammer 40,000 story here before, about a Fallen Dark Angel’s life on a back water planet, and it …

Age of Sigmar Painting Journey

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At the start of 2018 I started playing AoS again and started painting up an Ironjawz army.  My painting journey stated by painting up my Shadespire force along with some Brutes to represent the models when they upgrade.  After those models we…


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First batch of the fly-boys done, I kept the sort of floating island look with these guys as honestly I do not trust myself with those flying stands. Too many bad memories of jetbikes going snap.. Advertisements


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Vaccum cleaner of doom!! Tis a bonkers model but I don’t think you will see an army without one or two. Advertisements

Grundstok Thunderers

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Lets face it these guys are the A-team of the Kharadrons, any gun for any occasion! I do hope they get a little help in the next GHB just so they can also be battleline if nothing else. I love … Continue reading →

Orruk Weirdnob Shaman

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I finished my Orruk Weirdnob Shaman for army.  I went with more red so it will stand out on the table and the smoke was done using oil paints.  I am still learning how to use the oil paints and feel they are just a great took to advance my pa…

Arkanaut Company

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First batch of Kharadrons, and by accident I went for a yellow scheme that matches my Stormcast. I hadnt planned too but the idea of boiler suit dwarves was too strong to turn down 🙂 Advertisements

Ironjawz Brutes

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I recently finished two more Ironjawz Brutes.  This will finish my fist unit for AoS as I continue my painting journey.  A new product that I started using is the Vallejo Metal Color paints.  These are thinned down metallic paints for ai…

Shadespire IronJawz

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I recently finished all my models for my Shadespire IronJawz army.  I am real happy with how they turned out and have plans to continue painting IronJawz for AoS.  I have a collection of models sitting on my painting desk just waiting for me …

Orruks Shadespires and Age of Sigmar

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I finished up three Brutes for my painting journey.  These will be used in my AoS army as the heavy hitters.  I will also use them in Shadespire to represent my Orruks after they inspire during game play.  I still need to finish my Mega …

Shadespire/ Aos Painting Journey

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I recently got involved in playing Shadespire when it was released back in 2017.  It is a fun game that hits some of the things I like about gaming; small model count, deck building and cool gaming accessories.  We have a small group of peopl…

Age of Sigmar / 9th Age – Ogres Army Showcase

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Time to show you huge Ogres army!Hey! Today I would like to share three showcase photos of Ogre Kingdom army. I painted them a few months ago. 55 miniatures of infantry, beasts and heroes on standard level – it was a pure pleasure to bring life to these behemoths. 🙂 Sculpts are interesting and miniatures[…]

Engine Kill

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It’s generally not a good idea to update the blog when tired, yet here I find myself doing exactly that at the end of what’s been a hectic week. Sadly not all hobby unfortunately, work having curtailed half of the week’s activity and …

Age of Sigmar – Ogres Infantry & Heroes

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Solid update for Ogres army. A lot of infantry and heroes! I decided to make “ogr`ish” style post – big and massive 😀 Three units of infantry and three hereos – painted on tabletop level and ready for battle! Soon I will post one more update with full army. I hope you like overall look[…]

Malign Portent

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If you managed to catch Friday’s stream, you’ll have seen me wrapping up painting of the first four Death Guard from the Dark Imperium set. These have been some of the nicest miniatures by Games Workshop I’ve ever assembled and painte…

On the Paint Table – EDEN, AoS, Kraken Games and Warmachine!

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Age of Sigmar – Ogres / Thundertusk Beastriders

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Today I`d like to start new project on blog – Ogres for Age of Sigmar/9th Age. Enjoy! A few months ago I finished painting of small army of Ogre Kingdoms. Now I have a time to share some photos with you 🙂 First unit (monster?) – Thundertusk Beastriders. Ogres are not the newest army from[…]

Kairic Acolyte Sample Model

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I finished the second model in my Tzeentch force today. The Kairic Acolyte!This was another color sample, and test to get familiar with the model.This is how the rest of them will look, as I’m stoked with the results.This is also one of my first succes…

Age of Sigmar – Alarielle the Everqueen

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New Year – new projects and a lot of amazing miniatures. Today I`d like to show you epic Alarielle! Two weeks ago on my blog you saw Archaon. It`s a time to post another HUGE miniature here 🙂 Games Workshop did really good work with this kit – easy for assembling and almost no mould lines.[…]

Tzaangor Sample Color Model

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I’ve finished the first model in what will hopefully be a vast horde of Tzeenchy goodness.This guy was done up as a test model / sample color scheme. It was an attempt to get to know these models a bit, and to see if I could get a successful color pain…

Age of Sigmar – Archaon Everchosen

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It is good to start your day with ALMIGHTY ARCHAON! One of the biggest miniatures from Games Workshop! Massive look, tons of details, huuuge wings – Archaon Everchosen. To be honest – I was really stressed before the painting process. 😉 Miniature (?!) is well casted, almost no mould line but it`s definitely hero not-for-newbies in[…]