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Wildcatters Review

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The term “wildcatter” refers to individuals who would drill wells on land that wasn’t currently known to have oil, hoping to strike it rich. These wildcat wells were not an insignificant part of the explosion of the oil industry, but were largely acqui…

Battle for Rokugan Review

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Game reviewers are tasked with capturing the complete view of a game, especially with regards to the enjoyment and engagement it delivers. If a game isn’t interesting, or it has some fatal flaw, readers need to know about it. Beyond that, cultural inse…

SpyNet Review

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SpynetIf there’s one designer whose name is legend amongst card gamers, it’s Richard Garfield. The designer of Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner has a distinguished repertoire, but he still has the occasional misstep. Whenever he delivers a new game, especially a card game, it’s a tense moment to digest it and decide if it’s […]

The Expanse Review

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The ExpanseIn 2011, two novelists under the pseudonym James S.A. Corey published Leviathan Wakes, the first in the Expanse novels, a science fiction saga taking place in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, with Earth and Mars as the superpowers, and the disenfranchised and exploited Belt poised for a rise to rebellion. The […]