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Clans of Caledonia Preview

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Clans of CaledoniaNote: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. These days a universally accepted truth is that dwarves are Scottish. And, as memory serves, they’ve only been featured prominently in one hardcore Eurogame. This preview explores one game that couldn’t afford the dwarf license* (*not […]

Why Games Work: Belfort

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BelfortSome games are deceptive. The box will lie to your face. Belfort is one of those games, but, oh, how I love the lies! Don’t be fooled by the excellent, comic art on the cover here, there’s a good amount of meat inside. But what makes Belfort stand out from many other games in a […]

Lotus Review

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LotusInteresting uses of area control pop up when you least expect them. Sometimes, games need no reason to justify their gameplay as long as they’re interesting. Both of these statements explain the existence of a new game designed by Jordan and Mandy Goddard from Renegade Game Studios. Debuting at Gen Con 2016, Lotus sold out […]

Morocco Review

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MoroccoIn strategy board games, we often see mechanics get used and re-used without a lot of differentiation. Games tend to separate themselves by their theme or artwork. However, the best games find a way to take an existing mechanic and spin it in an interesting and new direction. Morocco is as pure of an area […]

Incorporated Review

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IncorporatedWe’re in the era of massive, global corporations that control several aspects of how we live our lives and what our culture means. Just as it is exciting and fun to play a game of RISK imagining we’re commanding massive armies traipsing across the globe, it can be equally satisfying to manage an intercontinental corporation […]

Conquest of Speros Review

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Conquest of SperoesIn the last few years, “filler games” have become a buzzword within the board gaming hobby. Depending on your point of view, filler games can provide a nice break between larger games, or be used to introduce new gamers to the hobby. Or you may see them as short, pointless, boring affairs with few, if […]