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Wiki Flurry!

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With temperatures rising across the country, here’s a perfect excuse to stay inside – a load of army lists added to the ADLG Wiki.As well as all of my opponents from The Worlds recently, the wiki now also features the lists of the players filling the u…

Bolt Action – Polish Airborne

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Many of you will have seen the slow progress I have been making on my 1250 point German Afrika Korp force. I have been building […]

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Good News Everyone – Las Vegas Open 2018 Studio Preview

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Hi everyone! Craig here and I bring you news from the Las Vegas Open that’s currently taking place and the Games Workshop team have given […]

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Bolt Action: Afrika Korp Project Part 2

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Part 1 Part 2: Supply Drop So where is this “Afrika Korp army then lad?” this was the first thing that the lovely Paul Walker […]

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Dark Angels land in Armageddon

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On a whim I decided that I would join Kenny in the Shadow Wars of Armageddon. Now naturally being a Dark Angels player this gave […]

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Army lists from my 6 opponents at The Worlds now published on the Wiki

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The armies fielded by my opponents in the recent “The Worlds” L’Art de la Guerre event in Salamanca are now on the ADLG Wiki:They were, in order of playClassical IndianGraeco IndianFrench OrdonnanceDelhi SultanateChristian NubianSassanid Persian M…

Two Armies, Two Podcasts…

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With two L’Art de la Guerre podcasts now firmly under my belt it feels like an opportune moment to release them fully into the interweb by actually telling people that they exist.Ideal to listen to whilst painting your own figures, in these two Podcast…

Army List: Astra Militarum 2000 pts Trial Lists

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Here are a couple of 2000 pts Astra lists based on my first impressions of playing 8th Ed.Read more »

Army List: Astra Militarum 1500 pts 8th Ed

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Before diving into any detailed analyses of the new Faction rules, let’s start simple with a translation of my 1500 pts 7th Ed army list into the new 8th Ed rules.
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Army List: No-Wraithknight Eldar 1850 pts

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How do you counter the counter-Eldar metagame? Leave the Wraithknights at home! No, this is not a joke…Read more »

Army List: Imperial Knights 1500 pts

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As the end of the year approaches, I have received an invitation to the annual championship tournament in my area. It is a 1500 pts event with minimal list restrictions (just no Unbound) but using a custom set of not particularly well-designed missions…

Throne of Skulls: Orc List for Rotwater Blight

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I am attending the Age of Sigmar Event: Rotwater Blight tomorrow (at time of posting) so I though that I would share with you all the army that I will be taking. As the conditions for any Games workshop event is everything must be painted and based, I …

Reinventing the (doom) wheel

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Hello everyone! I have been extremely busy lately with work but I have also been able to check Age of sigmar with a couple of games and I must say that I totally love it. I know, I might sound heretical but the mere fact that it made me dig up my Skave…

Mike Newman Speaks…

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Chaos DwarfsPart 2 – First Army List and Infernal GuardAfternoon guys,So I thought for the next part of the Chaos Dwarf series we’d have a look at the first army list I wrote. (you can catch part 1 here –…