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Artillery Series Complete! And Other Guest Posts

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Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to Cadian Sergeant Steel for this Artillery Series of articles. It’s hard working putting together a blog article that covers rules – let alone four! Never miss an article? Subscribe! Artill…

How to Counter Astra Militarum Artillery

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From this day forward, today shall be known as Pure Heresy Day. I’m so sorry dear Emperor. A question arose from the Astra Militarum Artillery series of articles. How to Counter Astra Militarum Artillery? And today we visit that question to answe…

Deathstrike Tactics

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In this Tactica article, I’ll be covering one of the coolest and most visually intimidating artillery units in the Guard, the Deathstrike. Rarely seen, this unit comes in to annihilate the foes of the Emperor when everything but an Exterminatus i…

Manticore Tactics – Warhammer 40K Blog

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Today we welcome back Cadian Sergeant Steel for another guest post. Over to him… In this Tactica article, I’ll be covering one of the best pieces of Astra Militarum Artillery. This is not an exaggeration. If all other Guard artillery is the…

Astra Militarum Artillery – Earthshaker Cannons

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I have a guest post today from Cadian Sergeant Steel on Instagram! Firstly big thank to him for doing this, it’s not easy or quick to write an article like this. It is also nerve wracking – putting yourself out there like this. I’ll h…

Portuguese Artillery and Spanish Command

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“Pronto!… Fogo!”I am terrible at resisting the “ooh, shiny!” impulse, especially when it’s for a unique set in my chosen scale and can add to my already existing collection. With that declaration made, let me introduce you to my new Portuguese artill…

ORBAT – Soviet Divisional Units, Part 2 MRD Artillery Regiment

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This post looks at Artillery support within the Division and specifically at the composition of the Divisional Artillery Regiment, how the capability changed over the period and how it might be represented within games and scenarios. The organic compon…

Modelling – Converting Hobby Den’s BTR 60PB to a BTR 60PU

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As part of creating artillery and air defence units for the breakthrough project I kicked off a year or so ago I discovered a need for some armoured command vehicles.  The thought was to use specific communications vehicles rather than the k …

Wargames Unit – Soviet Late 80’s 2S1 Battalion

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Artillery units are a critical component of any Soviet force and whilst less flexible in terms of coordination of fire and OPs than their western counter parts this was less of a problem than might be imagined as it was nearly always available in overw…

TTP – The Soviet Advanced Guard and March Security

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The Soviet Army had well developed doctrine around march security and transition to battle formations from the line of march, this was critical to acheiving success in the encounter battles they postulated would be the most common form of engagement an…

Artilleriemuseum ‘T Harde

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Not all military museums have moved to Soesterberg: on the artillery range at ‘t Harde, there are at least three musea. We visited the Royal Dutch Artillery museum, a classical museum with lots of stuff and accompaning text boards, beautifully laid out…

Review – Book, Soviet/Russian Armour and Artillery Design practice, 1945 to present

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This is frankly an outstanding reference work if you are interested in post war soviet military vehicles and artillery systems, sadly this is reflected in its price and availability.  Written by two of the worlds leading experts and drawing on a w…

Review Book – Red God of War, Soviet Artillery and Rocket Forces

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Red God of War is not surprisingly a book that focuses on the history and development of the Russian/Soviet Artillery Arm. It was written in 1985 by  Chris Bellamy a Royal Artillery officer, it draws extensively on Russian language sources and is …

ORBAT- Soviet Late 80’s Breakthrough Capability Part 3, Non Divisional Artillery Assets

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This could be a bit of a long post as it looks at both evolving capability and concentration of Artillery fire power in respect of artillery support to the Breakthrough Attack. The Soviet Army over the 1970s and 80’s significantly increased the amount …

boom chaka lakka

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I was going to do this months ago for an artillery themed contest, but never got to it.Now seemed like a good time to get around to it, since I need something to work on while the snail putty dries. The next themed empire contest focuses on doing red u…

Reviresco 2.95 Inch Mountain Gun and Crew – Painted

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These were finished about a week ago – it took me some time to settle down and post piccies.Reviresco minis seem to paint up remarkably well for figures that are two decades old or more. These are painted in duty smocks and tropical kit.  I must n…

The Emperor’s cherished daughters

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I’ve just completed my first unit of Napoleonic artillery; a pair of 12 pounders of La Garde.I felt that the Perry crew of 4 was somewhat meagre, so added a couple of Foundry gunners and a couple of Perry/Victrix plastic hybrid figures, for variety. &n…

Gunners II WIP

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Another shot of my first Napoleonic artillery unit; made good progress yesterday, and I now just have the metallics and basing left to do.


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I mentioned I was going to squeeze in a little Napoleonic work; well here are the first fruits; two Perry 12 pounders for the artillery of La Garde. They are very nice models.  When I base them, I shall muddy them up.  I’ve started on the cre…

German Artillery Crew and Zvezda Infantry Guns

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I finished my first three Plastic Soldier Company German anti-tank gun crewmen. Here they are manning the Pak38 kit that they came with…PSC Pak38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun with CrewPSC Anti-Tank Gun CrewPSC Anti-Tank Gun CrewBelow are some Zvezda 75mm Inf…

German Pak 38 50mm Anti-Tank Guns

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When I first heard that Plastic Soldier Company would be producing some 20mm(1/72 scale) German Anti-Tank Guns I was very excited.  After all, their Soviet AT Guns were great little kits.  This brand new kit(I couldn’t even wait for it to hit…

Union Artillery

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Artillery is a relatively small but critical part of the America Civil War battlefield.  They provided the only means of attacking units at ranges beyond a couple of hundred yards and at close ranges they could be used to mow down troops en masse.  Battles would sometimes hinge on the placement of a few pieces […]