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Analysis: Astra Militarum in 8th Ed, HQ Units

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Let’s analyse the HQ options available to Astra Militarum. Like all my reviews, this will be from a competitive play perspective, at around 2000 pts scale, so keep that in mind as we dive in!
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Battle Report – Warhammer 40k 8th Edition – Space Wolves vs. Astra Militarum

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100 Power Level Astra Militarum Force Vs Dark Angels – 40K Blog

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Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutesI have my very first 100 Power Level Astra Militarum list for you today to read, review and comment on. Its about 1,900 points under the 8th edition points system. Hats off to BattleScribe because moving to 8th edition has been easy! 8th edition on BattleScribe is really good so far, it works and you can easily see the power level of a list alongside the points of a list. I am unsure if others will do this and my group is still getting the grasp of 8th edition. But we decided on 100 power level, then discussed the points that […]

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Let’s Play! – Warhammer 40,000 – 8th Edition – The Ongoing History of the 41st Millennium

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First 8th Edition Games – A Little Dabble – Warhammer 40K Blog

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Approximate Reading Time: 7 minutesWell its nearly here! And I have managed to play my first 8th Edition Games. Three small (ish) games using the leaked rules and all the bits and pieces that Games Workshop has been feeding us over the last few months. So far I am impressed, but with some slight concerns. This article is about my experiences and what I took from these games – rather than a breakdown of how the new Guard works. There is a 99% chance I’ll say something here that is wrong. If I do, please let me know in the comments! Speed The speed […]

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Analysis: Exploiting 8th Ed, 31" Infantry Charge

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GW did a pretty good job at constraining combo potential in the 8th Ed ruleset, based on the Faction keyword system; however, where that system is relaxed, exploit opportunities present themselves. This time we’ll look at how to make a 31″+ with some Imperium Infantry.
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Analysis: Astra Militarum in 8th Ed, Heavy Weapons

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Up next on the review agenda are the heavy weapons available to the Astra Militarum.
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10 of the Biggest Winners of 8th Edition

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Yesterday Discordian and I covered some of the units that find themselves somewhat diminished at the start of 8th edition. Today though we improve our attitude and cover the stuff on the up and up. These all aren’t necessarily AMAZING, but they are thi…

Analysis: Astra Militarum in 8th Ed, Special Weapons

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The eternal trinity of Plasma, Melta and Flamer remains sacred to the Astra Militarum Faction in 8th Ed, even more so than faith in the Emperor or fear of Commissars! But which weapon is optimal?

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Analysis: Astra Militarum in 8th Ed, Leman Russ Weapons

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The good old Leman Russ is as tough as an old boot in 8th Ed, but can it dish out what it can take? And with seven different flavours to choose from, which is the optimal heavy tank for the Astra Militarum?

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Analysis: Astra Militarum in 8th Ed, Orders

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Orders remain a signature feature of the Astra Militarum Faction in 8th Ed, allowing their combat-weak characters to add significant utility to other units. Let’s take a look at the new Orders and consider how they will influence list building and tactics.
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Analysis: Exploiting 8th Ed, Tactical Reserves and Null Deployment

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The new 40k 8th Ed ruleset looks great: streamlined, balanced, faster, it’s everything we’ve asked for. But is it perfectly watertight and un-exploitable? Of course not! Let’s start by exploiting Tactical Reserves, or ‘How to Deep Strike Everything in 8th Ed’.

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Army List: Astra Militarum 1500 pts 8th Ed

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Before diving into any detailed analyses of the new Faction rules, let’s start simple with a translation of my 1500 pts 7th Ed army list into the new 8th Ed rules.
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Showcase: Astra Militarum Hydra

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Hey all, today for a change I thought I’d show something that my wife painted. A Astra Militarum Hydra.

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Showcase: Astra Militarum Guardsman (Custom Regiment)

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Hey guys, I’ve just finished painting an Imperial Guardsman of my own custom regiment. I wanted a more gothic look than stock Cadians, so I went for custom bits: Medieval Helmets and Short Coat Legs from Anvil Industry’s Trench Fighter ranger that…

Thunderer Siege Tanks

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As I work on my all Death Rider army, I took a small break and made their armoured support: a pair of Thunderer Siege Tanks! First rule of Forgeworld- Why buy one when you can get two for twice the price!These are fun little tanks. These turretless LR …

Battle Report – Shadow War: Armageddon Ep 02

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40K: Valhallan Governor/VIP

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I had a request from my buddy Joe over at my gaming club PAGE, asking to borrow a model to represent a VIP objective like a Political Officer, Planetary Governor or some such, for the upcoming Sword Sworn 40K narrative event on May 13th. This is from t…

40K: Valhallan Governor/VIP

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I had a request from my buddy Joe over at my gaming club PAGE, asking to borrow a model to represent a VIP objective like a Political Officer, Planetary Governor or some such, for the upcoming Sword Sworn 40K narrative event on May 13th. This is from t…

Battle Report – Shadow War Armageddon – Ep 01

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-STEP BY STEP- Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.2

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In the previous post (Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.1) i’ve shown how i converted the tank…

Now i  want to show you a brief step-by-step on how i’ve painted it 😁

Obviously, i primed with Citadel Chaos Black.
I prefer priming my nimiatures with black primer because it helps with shadows…

Then i’ve painted base colors, with a oblique camo pattern, and i’ve painted all details using masking tape where needed…

At this point is very important to protect the whole model with transparent glossy because it helps with decals and weathering (as described in this post)

After deployed all decals, the chimera is ready for weathering…
PS: Remember to seal the whole model again before weathering! 😉

Now we’re ready to whash the model with oil paints…
I prefer oil paints over standard washes because you have more “control” and they fill the recesses much better and because they dry very slowly, you can add or remove color easily…

 (I’ll explain how to use oil paints on future post 😉)

Now the step i love…. WEATHERING!!!!

In the GRIM DARK FUTURE of 40K there are destroyed cities, radiations, acid rains etc etc… so i love to represent the erosion of those environments over the vehicles…

Before start with weatering i searched for images of radiations erosion…

So i took from the drawer my “magic rust kit” 😂…

…and i started with heavy rust and with sponge weathering tecnique…

After the weathering process was finished, i sealed the whole model with Vallejo Matt Varnish, i’ve painted the tank commander and that’s the final result! 😁

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial and don’t hesitate to ask me info on “how to do”

See you soon!!!!!! 😉

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Dark Millennium Ep 29

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-STEP BY STEP- Astra Militarum Command Chimera Pt.1

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Hi all!!!

Today i want to show you how i’ve built and painted my Astra Militarum (… ehm… IMPERIAL GUARD 😒 ) command chimera

While i was searching for some ideas, i’ve noticed that someone has built his chimera with the turret on the back……..

When i saw those pictures, the “miniature conversion engine” has started to work 😀


I first sawn the top hull in two parts in order to move back the hole of the turret then i glued some sprue pieces to reinforce the structure and i’ve glued the two parts together, adding some plasticard to close the holes…

…then i made two holes to magnetize the turret and i added the engine grid using a personal computer dust filter…

PS: I used the Panzer Turret from KROMLECH

I added an autocannon and some others details and i drilled the hatch to make room for tank commander…

Then i’ve built the rest of the model like a normal chimera and when the main hull was completed i added track guards from Forgeworld…

I added some rivets (made with plasticard and a leather piercer) and some bags and accessories from Tamiya U.S. MILITARY EQUIPMENT SET

And that’s the final result…. 😀

At last i’ve decided to remove the Dozer blade… ehehe

I hope you enjoyed and that will serve for some ideas 😁

See you soon for Pt.2 PAINTING !!!

Missing! 5 Characters that need to return to the game

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I’ve played through a few editions. My Grey Knights have had 3 whole shake ups at this point.

Through those editions I’ve seen quite few things disappear. And nothing gets more annoying than when characters get removed. Especially when several editions ago, army wide special rules were tied to special character rules and whole lists became unusable overnight because people up and left for places unknown.

These are a few of the ones I noticed that I really think should come back.

1. Mordrak

I want you to meet my Mordrak.

Cool guy, right? He’s got a cool hammer and he’s in a badass Space-Knight get up. The reason he has a shield is because when I made and painted this model, a Grandmaster could take one.

Unfortunately for him he didn’t have an official GW model, because the only thing left of him rules wise is a single Warlord trait.

Just to twist the knife deeper GW went and made a new Grey Knight character model, WITH a hammer, just not Mordrak.

Don’t get me wrong, Voldus seems like a cool dude. His fluff boils down to him being an executive assistant that ended up getting promoted to be CEO because his boss was vaporized trying to go Emperor Palpatine on someone.



But he’s not, “My imaginary friends can beat up your imaginary friends, because my imaginary friends are a unit of terminators” Mordrak,  esquire the 3rd,  cool.

2. Vect, Duke, Baron, Mayls, and/or Kheradruakh

So, Dark Eldar players thought it was bad when they lost Kruellagh the Vile. Read that slowly in french and drop the “e.”

The latest Codex update straight up Game of Thrones’d their characters. Five characters overnight disappeared, with absolutely no replacement. They also were all unique characters that all did something unique for Dark Eldar armies. Vect being removed was equivalent to someone saying “Hey we don’t need this Calgar Guy around anymore”.

What’s really funny is that Y’Raine is pretty much what Malys should have looked like. When I heard that model wasn’t going to be her I assumed Y’Raine had shanked Mayls in the night, and stole all her stuff.

At least Kheradruakh has been making head way in the fluff. For those who don’t know he made a appearance in Gathering Storm One. He finally managed to finish his special room during the onset of the Commorragh Daemonic Incursion, and flipped a face down that unleashed the Shadow realm killing all the Daemons.

3. Sly Marbo

Personally, fuck this guy and I hate him. But I must admit he is one sly sneaky cool bastard Guard should have back.

He was an auto-take scourge back in 5th, jumping out of nowhere and throwing a demolition charge. And on more than one occasion I saw him kill himself. 

And he was totally not Sylvester Stallone or Rambo. 

My friend had made a custom model throwing a Greater Barking Toad. For reasons why, you can find out Here.
But summarized, the Greater and Lesser Catachan Barking Toads spontaneously combust when startled, typically killing everything within a one kilometer radius, including the toad itself.

Thou Shall Know Some Fear
4. Valeria

Helynna Valeria was weird one. She is an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor that was bundled into the 5th edition Grey Knights codex. She too didn’t have a model, so she got axed when Inquisition was broken out.

She was kind of like Batman in having a bunch of weird wargear, including a Pokeball that Trayzn the Infinite gave her after she accidentally wandered onto one of his planets and then managed to escape with heavy casualties. It was a gift accompanying this letter.

“Dear Lady, let me express my fulsome appreciation for your most generous gift. It is so very rare to discover another of my own kind that appreciates my work, therefore to find understanding amongst a member of another race is nothing short of a revelation. I realise that you briefly trod my galleries, but the fact that you spotted in so short a time that my Acabrius War collection was lacking three regiments of Catachan warriors reveals that you truly have a collector’s eye for detail. And to send five regiments! Such generosity will allow me to weed out and replace a few of the more substandard pieces in my collection. If I might level a minor criticism, the instructions issued to your gift were manifestly not as clear as you thought, as most of them had to be forcibly restrained — sadly it seems that the lower orders will always behave like an army of invasion, whether that be their purpose or not. However, this is a minor complaint and seems almost churlish under the circumstances, so please allow me to repay your gift with one of my own. Accompanying this message is the Hyperstone Maze, one of a series of Tesseract Labyrinths constructed at the height of the Charnovokh Dynasty. It is a trinket really, only of interest to scholars such as you and I, but I trust you will find it amusing — assuming you have the wit to escape its clutches, of course.”

— Hyperscroll message from Trazyn the Infinite, addressed to Inquisitor Valeria, c. 805.M41

The reason she should come back is that currently Inquisition has a at least one for the other two Inq factions. With out someone like her, Xenos is literally just represented by a grenade caddy, That jackass that stole all my GK Techmarines grenades right off his belt.
(Ed- They also killed her off…. so yeah…)
(Author- They Maybe killed her off…………)

5. Nightbringer/Deceiver

Shards don’t count. I want the real things back. GIANT SUN EATING MONSTERS SMOOSHED INTO ROBO TUXEDOS.

These would be a great FW lord of war candidates for Necrons. Mostly just the older models, just much bigger. Maybe while they’re at it a Giant Robot Dragon and Something in a big hamster ball, for the Void Dragon and Outsider.

(EDITOR- Gothmog- BONUS!!!)

6. Moriar the Chosen

To prove this is still a blog with its roots firmly in Blood Angels, I can’t let this list slip by without mentioning Moriar the Chosed- THE Death Company Dreadnought!

Sure we have Cassor these days, and that guy is a BEAST, but why did they have to make him? Heck, they could have left everything the same and named him Moriar instead. Would that have been hard? It is like the Voldus/Mordrak thing above. GW took away something cool, and then to rub salt in the wound, when they finally made another DC dreadnought character, they made it someone else? Why?

Now I could go on and and on with more characters (Veteran Sergeant Cluetin, Ibram Guant, Col. Schaeffer, Mogul Kamir, DOOMRIDER… maybe a list by me for another day)

Review: Anvil Industry Trench Fighters Regiments Infantry

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Today we have a look at the brand new Trench Fighter range from Anvil Industry, multi-part resin human infantry models that work very well on their own, or as conversion bits for popular grimdark 28mm tabletop games. We’ll check out some of the possible combinations, and how well they mix with Games Workshop’s Cadian Astra Militarum range.
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