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Pulp Alley and 54mm Highlanders

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I actually made it out to a club night this past week! Bruce kindly hosted Terry and me in a game of Pulp Alley. A game mechanic are plot points and these figures below were placed about the table to indicate where these were.Players contact a plot poi…

AWI Maurice Chadds ford 11th September 1777

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The roads to Chadds ford

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54mm Hessian Jaegers

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With life starting to return to normal, I found some time to paint this week. The only thing I finished were four Hessian Jaegers to round out the Hessian forces for Tricorne.Despite a lot of work, these guys turned out quite plain! I had to lighten th…

AWI scenario: Maurice meets OHW

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AWI Maurice meets OHW in the escape

Another round of Maurice AWI goodness with Tonio. This time rather than play a historic scenario I diced up a mission from Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargames (OHW) rules.  With thirty scenario’s to pick from and options to randomly generate forces this are great source for games when you are stuck for motivation.  In the end the battle saw an American army (Blue team) trying escape the British army (Red team) after a successful raid into their territory.  

The battlefield:
The battlefield is outlined below. The hills block line of sight but do not disrupt units. While the forest block line of sight and do disrupt units
The Forces:

American army
7 regiments of Infantry
(6 conscripts, 1 trained)
2 batteries of Artillery
2 detachment of skirmishers
(irregular infantry)
1 regiment of Cavalry

British army
6  regiments of Infantry
(4 conscripts, 2 elites)
2 batteries of Artillery
1 detachment of skirmishers
(irregular infantry)
3 regiments of Cavalry
(2 conscripts, 1 elite)

The British army is divided into four groups of three units. Blocking force, left flank, right flank and reserve. The American army deploys as a single group.  Before deployment the British secretly write down which units go into which groups. Then the blocking force is deployed at A. After the blocking is deployed the entire American army is deployed at B . After which both flanking force are revealed and deployed left flank at C and right flank at D. The reserve force starts off table and arrives at any point on the British table edge when a DIY card is revealed.

Special Rules
The British reserve arrives when an DIY card is drawn either by the British or the American plazer. Note if the american player the card he must reveal immediately and can get a replace card

Victory conditions:

The American army has fifteen turns to get five or more units, not including the detachments, off the enemy table edge. Anything else is a British win. Alternative one side can win by breaking the enemy army

The battle for Arlington county (Blucher meets Maurice)

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54mm British and Lego Star Wars

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Life continues to conspire to keep me from the club but I did some painting this week. First up were four 54mm British light infantry to round out the figures I need for Tricorne.I think the original I used as a guide is on the right. More or less clos…

Dismounted 54mm dragoons

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I had a bit of time to do some painting this week and I finished of a bunch of dismounted British dragoons in order to complete the mounted units I’ll need for Tricorne.I had four guys from A Call to Arms. I needed two more so I borrowed two fellows fr…

Digging in with American war of independence buildings

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Work in progress AWI buildings

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The Hessians are coming!

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I’m continuing to paint 54mm troops to fill out the orbat for Richard Borg’s Tricorne game. This week, I took on the Hessians. I decided to go with plastics to save a bit of money.The troops I ended up with come from a children’s playset (actually two …

When Maurice met Blucher; the battle for providence county

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The British dispatched their two strongest brigades (Howe and Charlton) to the north and secured Astoria and Pennington. There they held position expecting an American assault on Pennington.  Clinton and Riedesel’s brigades moved to the south capturing Glenvale and taking up a position to flank any assault on Pennington or capture Maidenhead if the opportunity presented itself.  But the Americans had differing plans Lauzun’s brigade moved north secured Bergen then moved south to rejoin the main army.  The rest of the army moved south securing Gravesend, Flatbush and Maidenhead.   Campaign wise the British held two towns and village while the Americans had one town and three villages so neither side could claim a victory in the campaign step. But interestingly the Americans were able to concentrate four brigades against two British brigades with an assault on the British flank rather than the expected march onto Pennington.
The battlefield from the north west

The battle saw Washington’s brigade deployed on the American’s right at Maidenhead. With William’s brigade deployed in the centre at Flatbush.  The British had Clinton’s brigade in the centre with Riedesel’s brigade facing Maidenhead.  Of the brigades on the battlefield Riedesel started the strongest with Clinton having the weakest.  Washington and William’s brigades were average.

Clinton’s brigade
But reinforcements were on the way. First to arrive would be Morgans brigade from the west down the Flatbush road. Howe would arrive from the east down the Pennington road.  Then Green from the south along the Maidenheads road. With Clinton coming from the north. Followed by Lauzan also from the north. Both sides were only aware of where they could expect reinforcements but not when or where were the enemy reinforcements coming from.

Riedesel’s Hessians
The Americans attacked with Washtinston’s brigade streaming out of Maidenhead to form up in front of the approaching Riedesel’s Hessians. William deployed at Flatbush while the American artillery fired on the Hessians while they vulnerable marching columns.  The British decide the best defense was a good offense with both Clinton and Riedesel moving to engage the advance Americans. In the centre 88th and 89th foot were reinforced with Grenadier regiment Von Rall and they advanced to the tune of the british grenadiers. On the flank the remaining Hessians formed line to receive the advance Americans.

The pressure on the British increased when Morgan’s brigade arrived to reinforce the centre.  The Americans were not having it all their way. In the centre Williams was struggling to deploy. The village and the presence of the 16th Dragoons forced his regiments to go into line in bad positions. And this block the approach from Morgan’s arriving brigade.  Effectively this meant only the 1st providence county militia and the artillery on the Flatbush heights could counter the advancing British.

Washington’s brigade
On the flank Washington advanced with the regulars of the 1st and 2nd Maryland regiments screening the Connecticut militia.  Taking fire from the Hessian the regulars paused and exchanged a volley before the militia passed through their lines to assault the Hessian positions. In their assault Fusilier regiment Von Knyphausen was broken.

The Hessians reacted with a furious counter attack breaking one regiment of militia and forcing the American brigade to retreat. Counter battery fire also cause damage destroying one of the American batteries at Maidenhead. Washington led from the front and that is where he was shot further demoralising the brigade.  The Americans fell back to Maidenhead and once there they started rally.  The Hessians were too exhausted to follow up on their attack.

British advance on the heights
In the centre the 88th broke under fire from Williams brigade, with Williams personally commanding the guns on the heights. The remaining British broke the 1st providence county militia.  William’s brigade was too badly placed to prevent the British loyalists and Hessian grenadiers from storming the heights and taking the guns.  In the struggle the second American brigade commander fell.  

Washington’s brigade assualt on the Hessian
But the British assault had cleared the path for Morgan’s Americans who obliging opted to charge and ejected the British off the heights. In the struggle the 89th regiment broke and with it the British force morale broke and they withdrew from the field to give the Americans a minor victory.

Morgan’s Brigade arrive
The victory was not cheap with the Americans losing two militia regiments, three batteries of artillery and two brigade commanders while the British lost two regiments of militia and one regiment of Hessians.

Iresedesl counter attack does in the Connecticut militia
Overall the Blucher met Maurice experiment worked rather well and while it may not be worth the effort for a pickup game it is worth a try for a monthly or special event game.

Washington’s brigade rally at Maidenhead

Morgan’s brigade regain the heights

Reinforcements on the painting desk

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

When Maurice met Blucher; the battle for providence county prelude

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PiP (AWI): horsing around with some continental dragoons

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Rebel cavalry pouring out of the woods

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54mm British Grenadiers and lights

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No gaming for me this week as club night interfered with my turn to host the local gardening club. But I did get a bunch of painting done. This week I finished off some A Call to Arms plastics.First up were some British grenadiers. Lovely figures–a re…

Aurelian and 54mm AWI

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I missed the club last week but I did get some gaming in this week. Braving bad roads (mostly in the city!), I drove out to Bruce’s and we played a battle in our Boudicca campaign. Similar to last time: Romans must control two objective markers (sheep)…

More Pandemic Legacy and 54mm militia

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I missed the club this week due to illness. But I did get some gaming in at home. We played the February and March turns of Pandemic Legacy (Season 1) and managed two more wins.As the months have worn on, we’ve been introduced to new mechanics (an incu…

Happy New Year!

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Rather than writing a 2016 wrap-up, I thought I’d start out the new year looking forward instead. At home we’re working our way through the opening stages of Pandemic Legacy. While permanently altering a board game (thus making it disposable) rubs me t…

2016 Review

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Since it is December 31st today it’s about time for my Year’s Review. Posts like this are popping up all around the blogosphere and it’s good to see what and how our fellow Bloggers got busy during this year, my review will concern itself mainly to the figures I have managed to paint and provide some numbers on this. While I will not delve into my personal life during 2016 I would like to mention a few things: first off is the birth of our youngest son Hugo which delighted me beyond measure. Being a dad is great and having two brilliant sons is even better (can’t say anything about having daughters but I hear it’s OK too 😛 ). Apart from that it has been a rollercoaster ride this year and I hope 2017 will prove to be better, but I am a bit anxious what with our Cousins in the UK Brexiting and the election of Mr Trump in the States. This blog has never been about politics, but I do think both occurrences will have profound effects on the course of History…

On to the Figure Front! Just like last year I will state some categories of figures I collect and paint and the amount of miniatures of each I actually finished. For this end I use a cahier, obtained at the Musée de l’Armée in Paris featuring Good Old Boney on the cover, in which I keep track. No fancy excel spreadsheets or apps or the like. Now there would be a nice in the market: an app that keeps track of the (un)painted lead pile!

Seven Years War (1:72)
– I managed to paint all about one regiment of 24 figures for this in 2016. A bit meagre but not a biggie, other projects took prime position.

– All of 11 figures were done up for the AWI mainly to fill out a started unit to full strength. I have a few miniatures left which are mostly white metal Highlanders and I am still un-decided as to what regiment I want to depict. They are in trews by the way.

Napoleonic Wars (1:72)
– Precisely 203 figures for this period were provided with some paint this year which explains the lack of progress on the 7YW figures I guess. I am fast approaching the point where I am finishing the armies I want to realise in 1:72 scale plastics.
– The problem is that new sets and ones in white metal as well, keep turning up and setting me back.

Colonial Wars (1:72)
– 0 figures were finished for this project this year… a bit disappointing but to be expected since the project was really kicked into the backburner.

The Great War (1:72)
–  82 WW1 figures were painted, these included such far flung conflicts like the German and British troops in Africa as well as some early Belgian and French troops.
– 3 vehicles were done (two more are currently put together and base-coated but not finished in time for Year’s End).

WW2 (1:72)
– 21 WW2 troops entered my “painted-cabinets” this year, concluding my 1:72 figures list.

Victoriana (28mm)
– I just about managed to paint one piece for this collection which is a Handsome Cab, these figures are now listed as my project for the 8th Painting Challenge. Yeah I am planning well ahead 😉

Scatter Terrain (all scales but mostly 28mm)
– This is a category I have been quite active in this year and have forgotten to list well enough. A rough estimate places the amount of scatter stuff I painted this year at about 25 large pieces (excluding buildings) and about double the amount of small stuff.

28mm Historical or Diverse figures
– 9 figures
– 3 vehicles

Sci-fi and Fantasy (28mm)
– 0 I have had no interest in this subject through the year. I have sold off quite a lot of my GW stuff and will not buy any new anytime soon!

West End games Star Wars figures (25mm)
– the figure counter for these is sticking on a measly 2 figures I will need to rectify that in 2017.
– I did manage to paint up 12 vehicles but these were not all West Wind mini’s

Dark Ages (28mm)
– 48 figures (mostly Norsemen and civilians) made it into the painted cabinets in 2016. As I intend to paint a lot of these during the present Challenge, I am certain 2017 is going to top that number.

80’s Pulp Figures (28mm)
– 42 figures have been painted for this project, another part of the Challenge and it will see a growth for the new year. The unpainted pile for this project is still very large and with figures added from currently available commercial lines and repurposed, it will be an ongoing work of love for some time yet.
– 3 vehicles were done for the above and with a lot of them available as 3d print files more are sure to follow.

Crimean War (15mm)
– finally we come to the end of the list with this little side show of 15mm figures. Last year I managed to finish most of the Russians for this conflict and this year I concluded the remaining 48 of them. The British are up next and will be done up (hopefully) as part of this year’s Challenge. Now on to the Grand total!

If I have counted correctly I have put paint to 461 miniatures over the course of 2016, a venerable amount if ever there was one…

New plans for 2017 are in the making. First and foremost is completing the Challenge and the two projects I have planned for this. Another big target will be to get going on my Salamanca Project. To be honest, I do not wish or dare to state more goals for 2017 since we all know how the “Ooooh-shiny” syndrome works and I am as susceptible to this as the next wargamer.

We’ll see what 2017 brings,  a good Old Year’s Eve to all of you!

Cheers Sander