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Polish Panzers – Pancerni

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Pancerni Green BannerAs part of the Eastern Expansion initiated by Toggy I received a large box containing 47 painted Polish cavalry from the brush of talented Rob Goodyer.Pancerni Red BannerPerry Brothers’ sculpting has come a long way form the 1990s …

Orctonnian Orc of the Realm Musician

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As a part of finishing up a bunch of half finished projects, I finished this bugger yesterday. I forgot how fun they were to work on!I’ve been trying to figure out what to use them as in-game, and am still not sold. That may put a halt on this project …

Learning Curve: Blood Bowl Dark Elves, Clear Bases and Magnets

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G’day!  Welcome back to see the finish of the Dark Elf project started a few weeks back.  If you need a recap then head over here […]

2017 Flockathon Part II

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The first batch of minis are flocked and just need some more tufts, weed, flowers and a little dry brushing. I’m really chuffed with all the new Eastern light cavalry- I can start thinking about Magnesia and Carrhae, now, and one day perhaps even Guaga…

2017 Flockathon part I

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With less than three weeks to go to my big Wargames Holiday Centre gig, I find myself with 700-odd minis to flock- the above are around one third of the total. I’m saving the joy of the Numidians for next week. The above include Parthians, Persian…

Toggy’s Cossacks – a splash of colour

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Nothing quite like polish on the Polish! – Toggy’s winter work.A splash of colour in a dull world, no. I am not talking about Toggy Bob I am talking about his lovely unit of Cossacks!.. although, Toggy has his moments!In an effort to persuade him to sp…

Technique: Legion basing

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Along with the colour palette bases are one of the things that helps tie all of the units in an army together cohesively. For most of my 28mm gaming in the past I’ve generally followed the tried and tested approach of adding a texture, painting it a base colour then …

Things to do with carts.. creativity with mundane items

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Cart convoy – moving the army the hard wayI like all that nonsense you can create for the table which is not about men with weapons killing each other. I have made it a bit of an LoA trademark  over the years with battery positions, wagons, civili…

Winged Hussars – a joy to behold

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Ooh – look at that! Lovely work by Rob GA little more detail about the fine unit of Winged Hussars commissioned for our 2017 show season.The models are from Warlord. Nice sculpts with my only criticism being the fragility of the horses ankles which wil…

William of Orange – Warfare Miniatures by Mark Allen

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Mark Allen was one of the main influences on my obsession with the period which has given its name to this Blog. I drooled over Mark’s inspirational figures and games photographed so carefully by Duncan Macfarlane as far back as 1991 when they were a s…

Unboxing the Volks Armee

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Part of bringing you the Preview of a new book is writing about the toys that come with it. For the Volks-Armee book, Battlefront is releasing 6 new boxes and one blister of NVA goodies that I was fortunate to get my hands on. I also was able to get a copy of the new book and I picked up some of those very cool NVA tokens and decals as well. In my last article I detailed a fight between my Iron Maiden army and a T-72M list from VA. As I look to playing in my first real Team-Yankee tournament in February, I think the NVA will be the guys I pick to battle with.

The Book
I hate to start off with an excuse, however when we preview a book it is always a PDF draft and may differ from what comes out in the final version. This was true in VA where the final draft of the book does not have the Basic Stabilizer on the T-55AM2, so no +2 when you move and shoot, it’s just a +1 for being Slow Firing. I first saw the book at a tournament in December, and even now I am so impressed with the front cover and I think it may be the new wallpaper for my laptop. So you will just have to excuse me for giving you a false alarm about the T-55AM2.

The book comes with all of the “conversion cards” for previously released models that are used in VA. So you get cards for a T-72M force, and unit stat cards for the T-72M, BMP-1, BMP-1 Scout and OP, Shilka, Gopher, Carnation, Hind, Raktenwerer, and Hind. Let me tell you how much I like this and I think it opens up a lot of flexibility for Battlefront. Once the product lines are put in place for commonly used equipment, it makes adding other nations that much easier since they can come out with the book and the cards. So we may see Poles, Romanians, and Hungary one day in TY. Same can be done for a lot of the smaller NATO nations as well taking into account the lines put out for TY, Vietnam, and Fate of a Nation. I think this strategy grows the game’s appeal and of course will sell more models with those of us with OCD.
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Orctonnian Lord on Boar Conversion

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Here’s the Orctonnian Lord, finally converted up.It’s nice to have time to get back to some fun sculpting projects! With my renewed interest in AoS, hopefully I can make some progress on this force for a change!I didn’t make any major changes to the bo…

GNW Swedish units.. the long road since 1996

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Foundry+ conversions + Dixons and Redoubt components – The Dal 1996.. sadly goneI have a nice archive of my GNW efforts form the time when there was pretty much nothing available, through various iterations to now when I am pretty much writing my …

Infinity Aleph Force Complete (And Display Board Completion)

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I’m all done with this Infinity effort. I checked my timeline, and I finished the first model for this crew on January 16, 2016. That’s a solid year of effort. The only things I worked on that weren’t related to Infinity this year was a bit of sculptin…

Infinity Army Display Board – Part One of Two

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This is part one of what will be a two part post. This post covers construction, and priming. Getting the display board ready for paint. The second post will cover painting.When I began, my goal was to have a smashed up city scene display board. I want…

Basing, not that good though.

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In real life, as i saw dueing all the hiking, the wild roads are pretty flat, even for areas that no one treaded bigger rocks are not that frequent. So the problem here with this base is it still doesn’t look natural enough.  The worst part is the…

I am back!

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Hey everyone, I am back, and this time around I can not only paint but I can also blog! Not exactly the best of times at work there, but it’s always good to have some down time at work.Anyway, this time it is about make the base for a dragon and its ri…