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Dusk Knights v Eldar – after action report

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Greetings all,
last night I had my first decent sized game with my Dusk Knights (they’ve only played a 500pt intro before) – and they ended up facing Eldar, nothing like jumping in at the deep end eh?

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Star Wars Armada Video Battle Reports

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Two more video battle reports for your viewing pleasure!

Clayton’s* Victory – The Victory You’re Having When You’re Not Having a Victory

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Tout soldat français porte dans sa giberne le bâton de maréchal de France

Returning to Cold Steel after playing Dark Age skirmish games was like having a full English roast after indulging in one of those meals at the place run by the Scottish clown; It’s nice to have something uncomplicated and disposable once in a while, but my preference is for something a bit more substantial.

Dark Ages skirmish

Cold Steel
I certainly got a substantial meal in my last game at the Croydon  venue!

Quinny has started a campaign for us based in Spain, but in an a-historical world; one based on a world where the War of the Spanish Succession resulted in the Spanish empire being divided between the major powers of France, Austria and Prussia, with Britain in proxy control of Portugal. Fast forward to the Napoleonic Wars and the Iberian Peninsula is even more of a cockpit than it was in “real” history.

I’m playing one of the French armies based in the north in the Basque country. My job was to head west from Bilbao in the direction of Santander, into Prussian controlled territory. My cavalry had been scouting out ahead of the main body so I knew there was a substantial Prussian force ahead of me. I could tell that the enemy’s force was larger than mine (roughly a third larger), but not the composition. Last Saturday our armies collided in a classic meeting engagement around a village. Both armies started with their advance guard on the board and then rolled to see when their respective main bodies and rear guards entered the board.

I was playing Andrew B. with his 1815 Prussians, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I would have had my work cut out for me in any ordinary club meeting anyway, but this battle had consequences, so I didn’t want to go down in a blaze of glory. I was hoping to be able to get my main body on the board early to be able to give his advance guard a bit of a mauling before his weight of numbers could tell. Hopefully, I’d be able to use my better quality troops to punch a hole in his masses and force a way through to Santander. I knew that he’d have more cavalry so I’d have to be careful of my flanks, and use the terrain to my advantage.

First off, I lost the initiative to Andrew who promptly marched straight ahead and occupied the village. I now had to spend time dislodging him before I could make any progress westward. His advance guard consisted of lots of infantry, a landwehr cavalry regiment and a battery of horse guns. Mine was made up of two elite light infantry battalions and ALL my cavalry. I took a risk having 3 under-strength light cavalry units and no horse guns, but I hoped to make up for that with the infantry and foot guns. At this stage, it looked like my advance guard was going to be overwhelmed by his, but luckily I rolled a 6 for my main body to come on in turn 2.

The advance guard…advances.

Andrew gets to the village first.

That’s just his advance guard!

My advance guard takes up a line from woods to hill in front of the village.

Lancers suffer first casualty from accurate artillery fire.
My light infantry and lancers bore the brunt of Andrew’s artillery fire while my infantry and artillery plodded onto the field. Once my main body closed up, the lancers moved forward to threaten Andrew’s infantry. One battalion formed square, while another moved up in closed column. My lancers decided to try the opportunity charge, which was successfully carried out, stopping the infantry but, in turn, leaving them blown and disordered. Andrew used this opportunity to charge my lancers with his landwehr cavalry in his next turn. I’d planted my tiny chasseur unit out on the flank for this purpose and counter-charged with my blown lancers supported by the chasseurs. It was just enough to turn defeat into stalemate!

My main body deploys on the edge of the board…

…and then moves off towards the enemy, covered by the hussars.

“Allez, allez! En avant, mes enfants!”

The corps commander oversees deployment on the hill in support of the light infantry from the advance guard.

Lancers charge the advancing closed column.

The landwehr cavalry charge the blown lancers, but also have the chasseurs to deal with!
I thought now was the time to go on the offensive, as Andrew’s main body had entered the board. The infantry square beside the guns now copped a charge from the two battalions of light infantry. even though one of them was much reduced by artillery fire and copped more casualties from defensive fire, both battalions charged home and forced the square into retreat and ended up in the flank of the battery.

The square is charged. The heads of both columns are moved up while we work out the pre-melee results.

The pre-melee is successful, despite defensive fire from guns and square.
The light infantry occupy the ground in the flank of the artillery battery. There’s still a shed-load of Prussians to deal with, though!

Meanwhile, a regiment on infantry was left idling on the edge of the woods on the left flank, when they should have pushed on through the woods to take the village and its supporting landwehr battalion from that angle. Fog of war meant I neglected to move them and allowed Andrew to get support up in time. D’oh!

All together now! “Why are we waiting? Oh, why, why, why?”
Andrew’s cavalry made their presence felt, first by charging my pitiful 3-figure chasseur unit (a little over a squadron’s worth), sending them packing. The chasseurs attempted to evade their atteckers, but were caught on the hop. His other dragoon regiment then targeted my lancers, inflicting a loss on them and forcing a retreat with casualties. Things were starting to look a bit crook for the French. 

Nut, meet sledgehammer…
The lancers go in again, lucky to survive the combat.
I finally got the immobile regiment through the woods and angled at the village, but by that time his supports were well and truly available. 3 battalions moved out in closed column to act as a block and were charged by Andrew’s (seemingly endless supply of) cavalry, throwing them back into the woods with disorders. The 2 battalions which charged the supporting battalion outside the village failed to carry through their charge and stopped short with disorders. Double D’oh!
You tell’em, Homer!

The disordered and dispirited battalions left high and dry were then charged in turn and sent packing in a broken rabble to the rear. However, the victorious Prussians were in a position ripe for counter-attack, themselves.

“Er… boss, I think I’d rather not charge home; those Prussian bayonets look a bit too pointy”

“What do you think about Prussian bayonets now, vous chiens lâches!”

The victorious Prussians ended deep in the woods without any backup!

After poking their heads out of the woods, the Prussian cavalry sends the rest of the regiment back to safety among the trees.

Back in the center, Andrew had brought up infantry to try to dislodge me from the flank of his artillery battery. His infantry charged my 2 light infantry battalions and we met in an inconclusive combat, an outcome that was to count against him later as his infantry now masked his artillery.

My light infantry continued with their sterling work, fighting greater odds to a standstill!
By now I’d come to the decision that I needed to break off before I was enveloped by his overwhelming numbers. I thought I should quickly go on the offensive to give myself some room to maneuver before disengaging. I was rapidly running out of reserves, while Andrew had plenty of un-engaged units. I still had one veteran regiment and an artillery battery in the rearguard to come, but I knew that Andrew had much more than that in his.

I selected the two battalions which had routed my poorly executed assault on the left as my first target for counter attack. Firstly, I marched one battalion of light infantry into their flank and fired, forcing a morale check on the Prussians. They failed it and retreated. The second light infantry battalion repeated the process, and caused a casualty as well as a failed morale test. Two-for-two so far. Next, I targeted the battalion on the right flank of the village with a 3 battalion charge. As Andrew’s infantry were currently masking his battery, my charging infantry were safe from close range canister. The charge successfully took out the targeted battalion, the artillery battery and the infantry in the nearest BUA (built up area)! When on a good thing, stick to it: I then followed this success with a charge on the infantry to the front of the hill which had so conveniently masked their own battery. The numbers of breaking and retreating units counted as big negatives to the morale of the surviving units, so Andrew was facing a big ask in this combat, so I was surprised he opted for a counter-charge rather than standing and firing. I suppose he was banking on his troops breaking before contact was made, therefore preserving more of their numbers than if they stood to take what was coming to them. Anyway, the result was predictable; all 3 battalions high-tailed it for the rear.

Fire in the flank #1

Fire in the flank #2

Heads of columns moved into contact while we sort out the pre-melee.

Pre-melee was passed, so onto the combat!

Infantry column and artillery battery disposed of.
(Blurry combat action photography)

Prussians breaking with 60% casualties!

My infantry took the breakthrough deep into territory recently vacated by the Prussians.
Prussian officer: “Where’d they go, Fritz?”
Fritz: “Dunno, sir! They woz ‘ere a moment ago!”

When you’re on a roll…
The 4 battalions on the hill charge down to be met by the Prussians…

…who promptly turn and flee!
It was at this stage that I asked for a divisional morale check, seeing as I had caused 8 battalions to advance to the rear. What eventuated was beyond my wildest dreams: his whole division ended up breaking! Never mind that he had two more, one of which was still to enter the fight, plus all his cavalry. Still, I had the breathing space I wanted; I just needed to make the most of it!

Run away!
That’s where I almost made a complete dog’s breakfast of it. Trying to prevent his cavalry from interfering with my withdrawal, I neglected to realise that my hussars were within opportunity charge range of his dragoons. So when I tried moving them, he charged. I tried to evade, but also made a hash of that, narrowly avoiding being caught mid-change of formation. Still, the results were bad enough; the hussars were smashed, routing off the board with 70% casualties! That was the signal for his other dragoon unit to charge my lancers, who then suffered a similar fate. By this stage my rearguard had entered the board and immediately adopted anti-cavalry formations, ready to screen the withdrawal of the rest of the army. Behind Andrew’s cavalry, the (large) Prussian rearguard advanced to plug the gap made by the routing Prussian division. 

Oh, bugger!

Not what I wanted to roll…

Not what I wanted him to roll, either!

On the left flank, the rear-guard battery unlimbered, with infantry square support to the rear. Prussian cavalry was making its threatened flanking move at last. 

The rest of the rear-guard marched to the center in closed column.

The dragoons flee from a pasting…

…only to be caught in the rear to hurry them on their way!

I’d been more successful than I’d dared to hope, but was lucky I didn’t lose more troops to Andrew’s superiority of numbers.
There was also another campaign game fought between Robin’s French army and Vana’s Austrian army in eastern Spain somewhere in the Ebro valley. I think that ended inconclusively with a rainstorm bringing a conclusion to the action, though the French had been doing the bulk of the attacking.
* Clayton’s – “The drink you have when you’re not having a drink” 

Team Yankee : A Bedtime Story

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By Brian Sherry
Ah, the 1980s.  The time of my youth.  Who can forget Red Dawn, Rambo, The Day After, Reagan, Andropov (who?) and Star Wars (both kinds)?  Well, I can’t and having had a father in the National Guard and an unhealthy (and continuing!) obsession with military topics, I was fascinated by the prospect of WWIII and a war with the Soviet Union.
 My father set the tone by telling me in the early 80s that, if they so chose, the Soviets could be in France and on the English channel in 3 days.  He told me his 13F MOS (Forward Observer) had a very short life expectancy if the balloon went up.  I was terrified and fascinated by the Soviet war machine and its weapons like the Hind-D, as well as our own wonder weapons like the AH-64 Apache and the Stinger missile. 
Fast forward approximately 30 years approximately 30 years later and one of my favorite games, Flames of War, has reincarnated into a new version called Team Yankee. 
 Based on the book by Harold Coyle, Team Yankee is a miniatures game of the mid-80s Cold War gone hot.  Seeing the fantastic models and reading the rulebook (filled of course with gorgeous pictures of said models on great gaming tables) I was hooked.  I quickly obtained starter-sized armies for both sides (okay maybe a bit bigger than starter-sized) and got painting in a frenzy. 
Due to family and other demands, I don’t get to game as often as I would like these days.  Luckily I do have a rather agreeable game room and a good supply of 15mm terrain.  I was able to play a small game with a buddy but that was before I had painted anything.  So, in order to get my teeth into the Team Yankee system with all my shiny new toys, I decided to play a decent-sized solo game. 
The scenario I chose was “Dust Up” which consists of a meeting engagement between the two forces, with reserves potentially arriving from Turn 3.  Each side had two objectives in their deployment zones, and the zones were diagonally opposite halves of the board along the long table edge.  The combatants can achieve victory if either side suffers a morale failure, or seizes control of an objective in their opponent’s deployment zone. 
To keep the game reasonably short, as I was playing later in the evening, I made two approximately 75-point forces.  I am still learning the game, so I apologize for any rules errors in advance.
1x M1 Command tank

2x 2 M1 platoon
2x 2 M1 platoon
2x Mech Inf Platoon with M113, 8 teams per platoon with law and dragon
2x VADS M113
2x ITV M113
2x Cobra Helicopter
2x A-10 Warthog flight


1x Command T-72
7x T-72 Company
6x T-72 Company
1x BMP Command w Ak47 team
4x BMP with 4 AK 47 team and 3 RPG-7 team
2x Gopher SA-13
2x Mi-24 Hind Helicopter


Each side had to hold half their units in delayed reserve.  The Soviets deployed their larger T-72 company and the Hinds, along with the force commander tank. 
Across town, the M1s set up behind buildings, and the VADS deploy to cover them from air threats.

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Roll Call 2016 – Taking a Pontic punt at ADLG

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As ADLG makes it’s way onto the big boys table of UK competitions with a 16-player field for 15mm ADLG at Roll Call 2016, discover how Mithradates of Pontus manages to almost (but not quite) control his many and varied disparate troop types in 5 games …

Adepticon Coverage Part 5: Zone Mortalis Tournament (with lists)

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I really need to finish covering Adepticon don’t I? Sorry, life is crazy busy sometimes.Having played Necromunda on Thursday night and waiting for the 40k team tournament on Saturday and Sunday, I had to fill up a Friday. I thought about the 40k friend…

Our Epic Three-Player Age of Sigmar Battle

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As mentioned a few weeks back, I had been preparing for a three-player battle with my good buddies. It turned out to be an absolutely epic day, and a brutal, close-fought, tactical game that came down to almost the final dice roll to decide. In fact, i…

KoW2 Batrep: Abyssal Dwarfs vs. Kingdom of Men

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So finally I manged to get another tabletop game running. This time I had my first game of Kings of War 2Ed. Most of you know, that I am quite the Mantic Games fanboy but never got a game rolling. This changed now. And another premiere: We did this mat…

Re-fighting Jutland

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The following essay was written by Mr. Seth Owen, a good friend and MBS forum member (user Wargamer55). He recently had the opportunity to play in a large wargame played at the Naval War College in Newport, RI that was … Continue reading

Skirmish at Alligator Island

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The latest game at Reject HQ saw us come about as close to ‘fantasy wargaming’ as I have ever seen in the shed-o-war. Two rival Pirate Captains and their crews have learned of the secret hiding place of a hoard somewhere on Alligator Island and both ar…

Necromunda battle report: Orlocks vs Goliaths #02

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Hello again!The previous battle report turned out to be quite a success so here’s another battle of the fresh campaign: Goliaths vs Orlocks.As mentioned before we decided to modify some rules and add some other to make game more enjoyable and spicy. Af…

Frostgraving at Knavecon

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Some of the finest wargamers around I suppose
So with a little delay, here’s how I finally got to play a bit of Frostgrave at Knavecon e few days ago !

I’ve already talked about my warband HERE so I won’t get any further on the subject but since I’ve managed to play 3 games in a row I thought I’d share my impressions even though those impressions were obscured by the fact I maanged to catch flu on this very day…

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Hero Soviet Tankovy Versus US 80th Infantry Division

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By Luke Melia

Andy and I are at it again. This time he wanted to try out his late war Soviets against me.  We did not know what each other was playing and I actually thought he would be bringing Germans to the table.  This was a big surprise for me!  We had decided to play Late War at 1420 points and we set the table to not have a ton of linear obstacles, but we did use a lot of wheat fields.  We rolled for the mission and we played no retreat.  The 80th was the defender.

Andy’s List Fearless Trained
Hero Tankovy from Red Bear
Command T-34/85
3 Platoons of 3x T-34/85s
1 Rota Platoon
3x BA-64 Recon
1 Platoon Heavy Mortars

We have all seen a horde of Soviet tanks staring down at us and for me this scene always fills me with a sense of dread.

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Iron Fists vs The War Convocation – Burning Eye Battle Report 6

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Greetings all, it’s been a while since I’ve done a battle report, partly because some of the games I’ve played in the meantime have been pretty small and I don’t think would have made good reports, others because I simply didn’t take notes.

Last weekend however, a mate of mine came down from the frozen north for St George’s Day and brought his War convocation with him. Time to bring out the Iron Fists I figured, so we set up a game and went toe to toe in the afternoon before getting tarted up for a night out in the evening.

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The Dice Gods Smiled!

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The gods took pity on me, for once.I finally got a game in at the club last weekend and blooded the Neapolitan Chevau-Leger! They were mauled (mainly due to poor tactics) but weren’t chased off the board, so I’ll chalk that up as a win. More on that an…

The Covenanter’s make it to the Kings Capital!

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In three fleetingly (thankfully?) brief battle reports, enlivened by some tremendous 15mm eye candy and the usual videos, the Scots Covenanter’s  appear in FoGR and take on three Royalist armies in a one-day competition with pre-set terrain.See ho…

The Battle of Campanica

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After months of preparation I have finally reached a point where I can play a To the Strongest game at home against the Young Padawan. I worked up two approximately equal forces (with a slight points advantage to the Carthaginians) and some basic terra…

NetEpic Battle Report Guard-v-Space Wolves

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As part of my ongoing effort to use my games table more I finally managed to pin down my friend Rich for a game of NetEpic – it’s only taken about 4 years since our last one.Back in the 90’s, Epic was my favourite game of all the GW systems. At the tim…

Top Secret in Bolt Action

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Had another game, this time as the GM for a pair of friends who’ve never played Bolt Action. They were given briefings in advance, but were unfamiliar with many of the mechanics and probably made a few mistakes they would have otherwise avoided.Here’s …

Adepticon Coverage Part 4: Necromunda by Night Tournament

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Just a quick post continuing my Adepticon CoverageI got to play Necromunda by Night on thursday night and I took my Arbites gang. Every gang was allowed to bring 1200 points and could take 2 Hired Guns. As Arbites I was allowed an extra 200 and they CO…

Necromunda battle report: Orlocks vs Goliaths

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Greetings from the desert!Greetings from toxic wastes, where the only thing more precious than water is full magazine and where all you can find is sorrow, pain and death!That’s right: Necromunda campaign has begun!It’s good to be back – even it that m…

Battle Report: Astra Militarum and Grey Knights vs. Salamanders

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Round three! Yet again I was using my 1000 pts list, and this time I was teamed up with Grey Knights and pitted against Salamanders.
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1,500 point Debrief – Astra Militarum Vs Tau

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Another day and another debrief. But this time with a twist. A 180° twist – for today men of the God Emperor, I bring you a 1,500 point victory! A victory against the Tau, what a rare phrase to utter. Cherish it. Although I think it was a given before the game began. I went into this one wanting to win, I had played my opponent a lot over the last two years, I know his forces and I’d just played three games back-to-back against Salamanders the previous weekend. I was stoked, as the kids say. It may have been slightly unfair as […]

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2,000 point Debrief – Astra Militarum Vs Salamanders and Skitarii

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It’s been over a week now since my two 2,000 point defeats against the Salamanders. Some time to reflect and think about why I lost – oh yes I know why, I was playing against 7 Drop Pods. 7 Drop Pods is a tough fight for any force, I know it could’ve been 10 Drop Pods in a 2,000 point list but 7 is plenty enough. I could imagine this battle giving Eldar and Necrons some tricky situations to deal with. So for the Astra Militarum it really was a tall order. Astra Miliatarum 2,000 point list My list for […]

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Maximum Attrition in Bolt Action!

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I have wandered off in another direction… again. I took some time last weekend to paint the last model I needed to finish my initial goal for my Bolt Action starter German army – a Panther tank! Feeling I finally had enough models to play a game, I s…