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X-Wing Miniatures Game: Battle Report 4

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The asteroids drifted slowly in space. Spinning and twisting in an endless orbit with a planet no longer possessing the gravity well strong enough to keep them in place as its rings. By any measure of interstellar navigation it was a hazard, but every other measurement it was suicide. Which was why smugglers used it to hide […]

Episode 4, Chapter 2 LOST IN ANARTICA!

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Having escaped the Bavarian Test Flight Facility with 2 squads of guards breathing down their necks, Franz, Jorge and Doctor Eric boarded the Test Vehicle 1 and activated it.  Upon learning that the good doctor could not in fact “pilot” the vehicl…

My Hovercraft is Full of Eels – Part 2

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In the second week running I maanged to make it to the club. Huzzah!As it was the club sales night, I suggested a scenario with a reduced points list for everyone so that we could get a game in after perusing the wares on offer. I picked up a Roman sty…

Sorscha vs. Karver a Battle Report with the kids

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Today, I offered the kids a chance to play with some minis. They were all excited. By the time I had some terrain ready, 17 point forces together and gone over the rules (about 20mins total), a friend came to the door and one was gone. Leaving Kitty, A…

Gruntz AAR – Resource Raid

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Last week we got in another game of Gruntz.  This was a 1v1 game between the Traveller and I.  Yet again, we really enjoyed the rules, although we are still making some mods.  We both agree that smoke is a must; something I haven’t been able to find…

Chapter 2, Episode 3, The Bavarian Option

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[[[[[[    The first part of the mission objectives are: Locate the undercover Scientist "Eric", uncover any blueprints, objects of interest and the Flight Activator, get the Scientist (major plot point) and the items out of the building&...

Blood Angels Vs Black Templars – Battle report.

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Hello there Reader.   I went home to spend the weekend a couple of weeks ago and invited a few friends over to share a few beers and roll some dice. I still haven’t gotten around to understanding how the new Eldar Codex works (and to be honest I…

BFG – battle report

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In a distant system in the eastern spiral arm the Craftworld Sri´lan Kha is floating through the silence of space. Far, distant suns are glowing a million klicks away, covering the arcs and towers of the Craftworld in a slightly … Weiterlesen &#…

Anglo-Brunswick vs. Franco-Polish = My Hovercraft is Full of Eels

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Przywołać na armat!Somehow this game didn’t end up like the Monty Python Hungarian Phrasebook sketch with all those different nationalities represented on the tablePete E. and I played John R. and Paul last Saturday. I had a British force and Pete a …

Into the Unknown: The Space Hulk

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This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Disciples of TwilightAt my LGS we started doing a Warhammer 40K campaign that’s an escalation style with each week having slightly larger games and your primary HQ and primary troop choice getting stat boos…

Programmed opponent with Ancient Battlelines Clash, test 1

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IntroductionI have lots of things in the pipeline…so I decide to do something else!  I  have been mulling over  creating a programmable opponent for my Ancient Battlelines Clash rules to help with replaying historical scenarios.&nbs…

Episode 2, Chapter 1 The case of the German Moles

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Two Commission Agents are dispatched to infiltrate an Auxiliary Headquarters of the GEE to secure documents and flight model and bring them back to the Commissions base in France. This is a cooperative mission. Research leads the Commission to believe …

Epic : Armageddon – battle report

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After three days(!) of uploading the video of my last Epic battle is finally online. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Tagged: Battle report, Death Korps of Krieg, Epic: Armageddon, Steel Legion

Romanes eunt domus!

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On Saturday I had yet more proof that Postie – AKA Postidius Tacitus – is something of a megalomaniac in the wargaming world. I’ve been part of the Rejects for several years now and during that time I have had the pleasure to play a huge variety of per…

Episode 1, Chapter 2, Brazillian Skullduggery

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Team MIS was MIA so Team MS moved up and caught a air transport to Amapa, where a launch was chartered and they made their way up the Amazon River for days. Nearing the site, they marched overland for a day where they approached the final objective.The…

Gruntz AAR

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Last Sunday we played a big game of Gruntz, two players to a side, 500 points each.  Nick, of Little Nicky’s Gameroom was on one side with a new player, Kurt.  I was partnered up with the Traveller for his second game.  I brought an extra army in th…

Fallout TTG: First Test Game

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Hey Folks,Being the crazy cats we are we have decided to craft our own rules system for our Fallout games…Basicly it’s s Frankenstein creation that utilises elements of what we like from other systems, but converted to fit fallout and a Opposed D10 d…

Chef de Bataillon game

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We had a blast from the past in our latest game night. […]

Slaughter somewhere in Vietnam

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This weekend the Rejects got together in the Shed-o-War to fight a rather bloody skirmish in the forests and clearings of Vietnam. This game was put on by Mark who has been collecting and painting his 15mm Vietnam figures for a while now. This game was…

X-Wing Miniatures Game: Battle Report 3

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For the third battle report for the X-Wing Miniatures Game I decided I’d, well, go a bit mental. Having discovered a Crawl Creator app, I’ve made a short prologue crawl. There’s no sound, unfortunately. Mainly because I refuse to pay Apple £22 a year to use music I’ve already paid for. There’s also a bit […]

1088 and all that

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 So after much work and waiting and work and waiting I finally got to deploy my Vikings and boy was it fun!   Peter had set up a simple scenario of the basis of the rebellion in 1088 and a battle actually happening with some Anglo-saxons rising up an…

It’s War – Phase 3 (the final)

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Hi all, so today I've got a battle report for you, the final games of the It's War campaign I've been running at our club with the assistance of Frank over at 'The Eternal Wargamer'.The final matches are two doubles games using 1500…

FFotW – The Battle of Finuval Plain

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Battle of Finuval Plain from HoodlingToday again something more hoby related. Perhaps some of you remember the last massive battlereport from Hoodling (The Battle of Hel Fenn) I posted a while ago. And he and his mad crew did it again: An unbelievable …

Monday update

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Hi all,I know it’s been a while since my last post, I had a week away from things last week, though it has meant I’ve made a lot more progress on models than previously. So in today’s bumper edition, I’ve got painting and modelling updates, a b…

Battle of Bald Wood

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After the Rejects returned from Cavalier in Tonbridge on Sunday we went back to Posties for a quick afternoon skirmish game. Initially it was just going to be two of us but last minute recruits brought our numbers up to four. Hats off to Postie who cop…