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Battle Report – Necromunda – Escher vs. Goliath

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  Skullshank is out and the Champions decide it’s time to show their worth by attacking the Rawkette’s Power Junction in a game of Sabotage! Mike brings both his newly pa Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Wanderers vs. Sylvaneth

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Andy returns this time with his Wanderers to face the wrathful Stormcast and their Sylvaneth Allies in another Open War game! Advertisements

Battle Report – Gaslands – Team Rutherford vs. Team Slime!

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  Jay returns with Team Slime to face Team Rutherford in a Death Race! Advertisements

Machinas – post apocalyptic car dueiing – two solo games report

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IntroductionMy first two games with the Two Hour Wargames Machinas – car racing in a post-apocalyptic world. Summary: Loads of fun but was looking fora shorter game.BackgroundThe 2017 6×6 challenge wass nearing an end and I was looking for a simple rul…

Battle Report – Dark Age – Ep 35 – St Joan vs. Toxic Cult

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  Father Curwen and the Toxic Cult take on St Joan and her forces in this 750pt MTI 2017 game of ‘Border Conflict’! Advertisements

2000pts battle report – Tyranids v Tyranids

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It’s been quite a while since I played Otty, but I figured it would do us both good to pit our nids against each other to help us get up to speed for GT3. More for him as he has limited 8th edition experience but with us both running gribblies there wa…

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Chaos Daemons vs. Blood Ravens

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  Owen has grown his Chaos Daemons force with the new kits! The Blood Ravens attempt to take them down in this game of Supply Drop from Chapter Approved 2017! Advertisements

First Gaslands Game

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Last night was my first attempt at Gaslands, yet another Osprey rulebook in their ever expanding range. The initial impression is good, once you get over the number of counters and dice required to record a vehicles Gear, Damage and Hazard status, it plays quite quickly. The start is pretty chaotic with all the vehicles … Continue reading First Gaslands Game

Let’s Play! – The Walking Dead – All out War by Mantic Games

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  The Walking Dead are upon us! Today Jay and I check out Mantic Games miniature skirmish based on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic The Walking Dead (not to be confused with the show!). We break open the core game and run through the basic mission at 100pts, with myself taking command of Rick and Caurrlllll […]

Battle Report – Company of Iron – Khador vs Mercenaries ‘Run the Jewels’!

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  mm ==qr Time to Run the Jewels! Evan is back with his Khador to face my Mercenaries in this 20pt game of Privateer Press’ Company of Iron! Check out the rules Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – USARF vs. Steel Phalanx

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  The USARF takes on the Hector and the Steel Phalanx in this Mid-Tier game of Firefight from ITS Season 9! Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer Skirmish – Throwback Thursdays EP 126

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The 6th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle game jam-packed with a ton of additional peripherals and game play add-ons that are somewhat forgotten to the sands of time. Today Chris and I take a look at one of the greatest alternate play-styles for one of the greatest editions of Warhammer ever made; 6th Edition. Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Daemons of Khorne vs. Stormcast

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  Andy brings his Daemons of Chaos to face my Stormcast Eternals using the Open War card system from the 2017 General’s Handbook! Advertisements

Bolt Action Battle Report: Hold Until Relieved (1000 Point British vs Germans)

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In this Bolt Action Battle Report, we played a 1000 point “Hold Until Relieved” battle between the British and Germans. In
The post Bolt Action Battle Report: Hold Until Relieved (1000 Point British vs Germans) appeared first on Must Contai…

Battle Report – Gaslands – Arena of Death!

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  Jay brings Team Slime to face Team Idris in the Arena of Death! Advertisements

Black Powder ACW Point-match Game

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Yesterday Tim and I tried out a game of Black Powder using the points from the Glory Hallelujah! supplement.  We tried this with 700 points.  This gave us forces of about three brigades with a total bout about 11 regiments and two guns. …

20mm WW2 1944 West Front skirmish – near Cahagnes

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IntroductionI have played a little of WW2 low level skirmish in the past.  As part of the 2017 6×6 challenge I  played four of my new-ish company level rules (based on rolling a number of d6 and counting successes rather than rolling 1d6…

GMG Review and Battle Report – Malign Portents – Maggotkin vs. Stormcast

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  The Malign Portents have begun. Next week Games Workshop releases its next Worldwide Campaign book moving forward the timeline of the Mortal Realms and giving you the ability to play games in the realm of Shyish and add Harbingers and Malign Portents to your Narrative, Skirmish, Open or Matched Play games! Thanks to Games […]

Battle Report – ARISTEIA! – Draft Night II

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  Owen and I play the second in our ‘draft’ series for ARISTEIA as the Aristos are formed in to random teams each game! Advertisements

Godedingdangdag 2018 – The Romans Return!

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It’s time yet again for Kenneth Williams to don his toga and avoid being stabbed in the back as he takes command of a Patrician Roman army against enemies from all edges of the Roman empire – Franks, Palmyrans, Spaniards and the eastern extremities of …

Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – Lizardmen vs. Dwarfs

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  Josh brings his Lizardmen to the underworld of Mordheim to battle the Founding Forge Fathers beneath the city streets! Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Orks vs. Blood Ravens

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  Matthew’s freshly painted Orks have launched an invasion and the Blood Ravens race to stop them in this 2k matched play game from Chapter Approved 2017! Advertisements

Battle Report – Scrappers – EP 01 – Palladium Athena vs. Freelancers

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  After a crushing defeat by the synth forces of Athena, the Ace Freelie Recovery Agency has heard tell of a rich find of tech in a former urban center. It’s time to run the jewels as Ace leads his crew against the cybernetic monsters in a mad dash for loot. Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Path to Glory Ep 06

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  As the Spirit of Durthu and Redgar’s warbands both reach heights of Glory that will see them echo through the ages they race to a dramatic showdown. One warband will stand and the other will fall! Advertisements

Battle of Khambula – 29th March 1879

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Last weekend I had my second game of the year over at Reject HQ, Posties Shed-O-War, and the result was very close and very enjoyable. Stuart decided to recreate a historical battle from the Anglo Zulu War and chose one that would bring out a significa…