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Khorne Daemonkin vs Orks – 40K Battle Report

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Herald and Hounds

I played an 1,850 game with my Khorne Daemonkin against Jeremy’s Orks with Chaos Space Marines allies. I’m still continuing to refine my approach with Khorne Daemonkin and I’m slowly getting there. The list I brought along was this. Disciples of Twilight: Khorne Daemonkin – 1,850 HQ Soulgore: Chaos Lord

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X-Wing Battle Reports

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By now I’d assume most (tabletop) gamers have heard of the X-Wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games. I recently played it with a friend and took a couple of pictures with the intention of doing a BatRep on it. Turns out, this is way harder than w…

Kings of War – Escape to the City Thraz

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So we had a chance to get a final game of Kings of War version 1 in this last weekend.  The scenario had a dwarven king fleeing to the City Thraz.  The scenario went well and the game was good fun, here’s a quick recap of the game.

L’Art de la Guerre – 5 games, and some serious thoughts about the UK Ancients scene

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Back in June I took part in the 2nd L’Art de la Guerre “proper” competition at the BHGS Challenge in Oxford, using a Feudal German army in a Feudal themed period event. I’ve ended up writing in this preamble something of an essay on ADLG and the UK com…

If you want to go to war … bring Knights

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Warhammer 40,000 – Recently I was able to play a 2,000 point game of 40K and was able to field my three Knights as a Baronial Court allied with a Combined Arms detachment of Fire Hawks fro the Imperial Armour Badab War Supplement.
I made a custom…

Round 1 Keystone GT 2015

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Kasual’s 8.1 Daemons vs. Alex S’s 8.1 Warriors, Enjoy!

Vietnam 1967 Battle report

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Mark ran another Vietnam game for the Rejects on Saturday with myself and John as the US Players against Surjit playing the VC. As usual all movement started hidden and plotted on a tactical map. Only when revealed by enemy activity (or when a unit rev…

These Portuguese Freeze When Trying to Seize the….Building (Bugger, my alliteration well ran dry!)

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The Portuguese brigade tasked to take the buildings from the French: A bridge too far?
Last Saturday at the Croydon venue was the first meeting since the wandering gypsies returned from their Waterloo sojourns, so the Napoleonic games were swelled to their normal numbers after a couple of weeks of slim pickings.
I was partnering Darren B. with his 1805 Russians against John R. and Vana with my Peninsular War Anglo-Allied division. We settled on a randomised entry of the board with control of a line of hills and a BUA at my end of the table as the objectives for the game. I came on in the bottom right hand corner of the board, with Vana rolling to come on the board at 90° to me! That was going to be an interesting start to the game… John and Darren rolled more mundane entry points opposite each other on the other side of the board.
After an aggressive start which my cavalry put a stop to, Vana settled for seizing and holding the BUA which formed part of the game’s objective. Apart from a little to-ing and fro-ing along the line, not a lot else happened in the game! (Well, there were a couple of charges I put in, but the less said about that, the better…)
Darren had much better luck on the other side, seizing and holding the line of hills which formed the rest of the objectives, and turning John’s flank.
My division’s starting position. You can just see Vana’s French in the top left corner!

I started with my best infantry, all my artillery and both small light dragoon regiments on the right, ready to repel the French.

Vana started directly in front of the BUA with an echeloned line of infantry facing my direction.

At this stage it was just me and Vana on the board: Darren and John were to come on in the next move.

John looking pensive (or constipated, not quite sure…) 

The 71st, 50th and 92nd get ready to repulse the French tide, with the help of the artillery and cavalry

First turn: My infantry form line behind the artillery and cavalry, with the Portuguese in reserve. the left flank move in columns to a position to threaten the BUA which Vana has occupied. Vana moves his lancers behind the infantry.

My objective for the day; Vana’s French make themselves at home!

Vana makes a gap for his lancers.
My horse battery takes first blood for the day, knocking a figure off the column which just formed in the centre.

Vana’s lancers charge the guns. My light dragoons took the opportunity charge and met them in the middle…

As the lancers were in column and my light dragoons in line, I had the upper hand before the dice roll.
I sent the lancers on their way and careered on into the closed column, which stood their ground and repulsed my cavalry,  neither side taking casualties.

He then sent artillery and another small infantry battalion up to threaten my guns. The 50th wheeled into the flank of the oncoming column and poured in a devastating flank fire, causing 2 casualties and forcing it to break and flee.

My guns took the opportunity fire on the other battalion which tried to advance, knocking another figure off and forcing them to withdraw, as well.

Darren and John enter the board. not only did we experiment with entry points and entry timing, we also rolled for initiative every turn, just to spice things up. It could have caused some headaches if things had worked differently, but things evened out. Still, it caused some anxiety!

One of Darren’s big Russian units with accompanying regimental artillery.

Russian hussars and horse guns.
His figures are Elite Miniatures, preparation for our replaying of Austerlitz in 2017

Guard Cossacks

Darren prepares to seize the high ground, which comprises the main objective for the day. Now, for me to just pry the BUA from Vana’s grasp…

Vana stubbornly advances in the cavalry danger-zone without adopting a defensive formation and gets whacked for his trouble

My cavalry end up poised on the flank of another defenceless infantry column…

…but Vana brings some reinforcements to see off my threat with some flank fire.
Run away! Casualties and failed morale test tend to do that…
Vana deploys cavalry and infantry out to the left of the BUA. The left I’d sent to target the BUA now had to hunker down to meet the threat.

Vana pulls back to consolidate his line to the right of the BUA

Back on the left, I launch a charge with my heavy dragoons at Vana’s infantry across the ploughed field. He had a 40% chance of forming square, which I thought was good odds in my favour. However, the dice gods are fickle and he formed square.

In the ensuing combat my dragoons were forced to retreat, but managed to not lose a figure.

Things began to look a bit dire as his brigade advanced on my two regiments, one of which was in square to counter his cavalry threat.

A rather shaky view of the battlefield viewed from the right flank: I have massed my Portuguese reserve in preparation to seized the BUA closest to camera. Darren has command of the high ground in the centre and far left of the table.

After a pitifully ineffective close range artillery barrage, my charge goes in (only the heads of the columns have been moved into contact)

The ensuing melee ended in a frustrating draw with disorders and losses. Curse you dice gods!

In the top left of the picture, Darren comes off the high ground to threaten Vana’s flank.

Vana moves back, taking the pressure off my left.
The light dragoons get a rush of blood to the head and attack the line. Vana had assumed he was in an anchored line between BUA and column, but he hadn’t made it a closed column, so the line wasn’t cavalry-proof. However, he just fired instead, taking two figures with some inspired shooting and resulting in my cavalry disintegrating and running for the rear, never to be seen again!

My heavy dragoons rejoin the line, but there’s really no opening for me to go on the offensive.

Time to re-organise my Portuguese brigade and add some back-bone; The 92nd Gordon Highlanders join in to add so muscle. Vana had added another battalion to the garrison, so my next charge really had its work cut out.

I pushed to guns up to close range to blast the buildings, but missed again, and then had the embarrassment of losing a gun to long range musketry!

The charges goes in again! (Front figures only until combat resolved)

In another display of pusillanimous dice rolling, my attacking force didn’t even come into melee, bottling it and retreating before contact!

Darren, on the other hand, was well in control of the high ground…
…and was in the process of rolling up John’s right flank. 

As it was July 4, there was a War of 1812 game between Steve and Quinny.

Not going well for Cousin Jonathan , though. Washington’s that-a-way!

The Americans weren’t celebrating that day.

Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands…Again

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I’ve played Carl and his Iron Hands a lot over the past few months and every time it’s interesting. Carl, like myself, always messes around with lists so it’s rarely ever something I’ve faced before, which is great. This report will be brief. I’m lacking the energy for writing up something of my usual length […]

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Battle Report: PanOceania vs Ariadna

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I’ve recently joined an Infinity Escalation League, to get some more playing experience. We decided to do BatReps for our games to show all the group’s players what’s been going on. So here it is – the BatRep for my first game: My PanOceania vs Ariadna…

Age of Sigmar Battle Report

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Kasual’s Deamons vs. Rob’s Skaven in the Age of Sigmar.  

First Game with the New Marine Codex

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Warhammer 40,000 – I was able to get a game in with my Iron Storm list that I posted about before the new book came out. Not much changed with my list points were very close to what they were with the old book and I didn’t have to change much.&nb…

Battle Report: Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Hands

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Deathcry Victory

Last night I faced Carl’s Iron Hands in an 1,850 game. I had a list that I was hoping would help see the Disciples of Twilight get out of their losing slump, having lost the last six games. The big thing I was working on with the list is getting some anti-infantry fire power. Too […]

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…Snatched from the Jaws of Victory!

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verb: flub; 3rd person present: flubs; past tense: flubbed; past participle: flubbed; gerund or present participle: flubbing
  1. 1.
    botch or bungle (something).
    “she glanced at her notes and flubbed her lines”
noun: flub; plural noun: flubs
  1. 1.
    a thing badly or clumsily done; a blunder.
    “the textbooks are littered with flubs”

Like the dog in the picture above, I had the plan (and, boy, was it a good one!) but in the excitement of the moment something turned a sure fire victory into an embarrassing draw. That something was a failure to sequence my attack properly. I had it all worked out, but when it came to my turn I got a rush of blood to the head and failed to carry out the attack in the proper sequence, resulting in the tabletop equivalent of biting air and getting hit in the ear by a tennis ball.

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, Robin and I took on Andrew B. and Garry in an 1815 French vs. Prussian game of 1500 points a side. I faced Garry with 2 infantry divisions of 2 brigades each, and part of a light cavalry division. I don’t play against Prussians very often and have only gradually got to know Andrew’s OB; for instance, I know that the chaps in blue coats with the iron cross flags are easy pickings and that his little cavalry units can be a pain in the ar$e.

Garry faced me with a similar amount of Andrew’s troops and cavalry, though he had a foot battery and a horse battery whereas I had two foot batteries (not that they really did anything for me!).I decided that my main thrust would either come from my centre or right, with my left carrying out a blocking role, while my 4th brigade would be the reserve, ready to exploit any breakthrough. My cavalry were there purely to keep an eye on their Prussian counterparts. The battle was going to be won or lost by the infantry.

My leading units

Closely followed by the rest

Robin’s divisions

The enemy!

My central brigade moves forward, while the right hand brigade peels off to the right

The reserve follows behind

My left hand blocking force moves up in the middle

The cavalry fans out to the right flank (Lots of direct sunlight on that part of the board, sorry)

Robin moves ahead

My line firms up in the centre.

The right flank brigade approaches the broken ground. The light infantry battalion approaches the BUA in preparation to occupy it, while the reserve makes up its mind which direction it will go.

The cavalry fan out, with the hussars sheltering behind the crest of the hill, away from Garry’s guns. The lancers were on the edge of extreme range, anyway, and survived a ranging shot.

En avant, mes enfants!

Aerial view: blocking force on the left, central attacking force has just passed the ploughed field, the BUA is occupied, the broken ground is being traversed on the right, and the reserve is set to follow

Robin gears up for a successful brigade charge on the Prussian-occupied BUA to his front.

An aerial view of Robin’s line to my left, just before his charge.

My blocking brigade doing its work well. As each battalion approached, the Prussian guns fired on them. While it inflicted casualties, the plan was to absorb them but tire out the gunners, so that their fire class dropped. Note the 2 battalions on the right in square and closed column, respectively, due to the pesky little landwehr cavalry unit lurking between  the infantry.

This is where I decided to bring the hammer down. My best units are in the brigade of 4 battalions on the right of the picture. The battalion in closeded column with the red disorder dice behind it was supposed to be the unit which moved ahead prior to the charge in order to block an opportunity charge by the cavalry.

The artillery on their flank was positioned to keep the Prussians in the woods on their toes…

…while the reserves changed direction in order to exploit the upcoming charge.

Meanwhile, the light infantry have exited the BUA and the rest of the brigade has advanced, formed into an anchored line, or l’ordre mixte, to provide firepower while remaining in an anti-cavalry formation.

All set for the big charge next turn!

Robin’s artillery suffer a setback after being attacked from the woods, threatening a split in his line!

In what could have been a game-winning move, Robin’s dragoons launched a charge at the nearest Prussian column. They formed square with practiced ease. The follow-up infantry charge was flubbed with the square surviving and Robin’s infantry being counter-attacked! 

Winding up for the big charge

The charge is declared!
I moved a blocking force into the woods to prevent interference from the Prussian line, but forgot to move the all-important anti-cavalry closed column on the far side!

This is as far as the brigade got before the cavalry declared its counter-charge.

And the cavalry contact the left hand column. It wasn’t much of a combat, seeing as they were only landwehr rated cavalry vs. veteran rated infantry, but it stopped the whole charge in its tracks, forcing the infantry back to its starting point with extra disorders. Note the closed column on the left, standing still with their thumbs up their ar$es!

To make up far their failure, the closed column charges the landwehr column directly in front. The Prussians counter-charge and they meet in the middle.

The French win a Pyrrhic victory, but are now stuck out in no-mans’-land.

On the left, my flank column charge the guns, hoping to force the counter-charge from Garry’s infantry, or spook the gunners into fleeing. Garry did neither, electing to stand and fire with the column adding its own fire to the defense.

The result? Run away!

That was the signal for the Prussians to attack. One column charges down off the hill to force the battalion in square to break. 

Another column charges into the flank of the negligent closed column, causing it to retreat.
The victorious Prussians then go battle-mad, carrying on into the left-most column of the brigade that failed its charge…

…and smash it!
Luckily Garry had a fog-of-war moment, too, and forgot to ask for a divisional morale test, as I now had 30% of one division in bad morale.

The victorious Prussians finish their berserk rush just short of the flank of the next column in line! Things look crook in Tallarook!

Garry follows up his success with another charge by the 2 columns dead ahead. I meet his charge with a volley, which queers his pitch. The resulting melee is a draw with both sides withdrawing with disorders. Probably the best outcome for me!

Next I consolidate the line, bringing the reserves up to take the front line, while the units for the unsuccessful charge withdraw to the ploughed field to regroup.
The focus then shifts to the right flank. 

Garry started slipping his cavalry sideways to my right.

That gives room for me to advance my anchored line. I planned to march up and blast his cavalry if he didn’t move them, but now I have an inviting flank to exploit!

Garry’s cavalry move further around my flank, but I move my cavalry in a dance, matching his moves.

His plan was to send a cavalry column down my flank to roll up my line. If he’d tried, I think my cavalry would have left a strawberry jam squish mark where his column was, as his cavalry were all landwehr rated!

While the cavalry dance around each other, I wheel my line out of formation to fire on the flank of the nearest Prussian line. The Prussians survive the ensuing morale check, so the lines in front declare a firefight, which end inconclusively. My attempt at cracking his flank failed!
That signaled the end of the game, as Robin had had his flank turned by Andrew’s cavalry and one of his divisions were giving way. While I’d rescued my position after my earlier ineptitude, I was in a fairly commanding position on Garry’s flank by the end. However, I should have been exploiting a nice big hole in Garry’s centre by this stage, not faffing around his flank. Thanks to my earlier flub (see above for definition!) the game lasted longer and Garry had an extra life. He certainly punished my mistake good and proper, though could have been in a commanding position if he’d remembered to ask for divisional morale, so I dodged a bullet there.
Another entertaining Saturday afternoon, I think all would agree!

Khorne Daemonkin vs Blood Angels – 40K Battle Report

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Chaos Terminators Charge

Another Wednesday evening and another game in with the Disciples of Twilight, Khorne Daemonkin. As I mentioned the other day, I wanted to try out a list idea. I explained in that article the concept so I’ll just jump to sharing the list again. Disciples of Twilight: Khorne Daemonkin – 1,850 HQ Daemon Prince ? […]

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Mayhem Battle Reports

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Looking for battle reports, after action reports, armies, lists, and other fine examples of Mayhem in fantasy mass battle action? Well, I’m here to help! Below are a few examples [in no particular order] from around the web. Enjoy! The first report can be be viewed in three parts [see the image links below] on the … Continue reading

Guard & Tau VS Blood Angels & Dark Angels – Battle Report 1,500 Pts

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If you ever wondered why someone would take a group of 50 Conscripts, this report will show you…. Warning, this

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Blog Wars 9 – the Dust has settled

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Well, I attended my first tournament on Saturday, BlogWars9 run by Alex over at From the Fang, and a fantastically enjoyable day it was too – thanks to Alex for organising!Now those loyal readers may recall that back in January I made a load of ho…

Iron Fists painting update 1/6/15, plus Necron vs Dark Eldar batrep!

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Hi all,it’s been a quiet painting week for me this week so little progress to report I’m afraid. As a result, I’m going to include a brief(ish) report on my game from Thursday night, where my DE Kabal teamed up with a small force of Coven units to push…

The English Civil War – 3 FoGR Match Reports

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The plain-as-bread Parliamentarian army take on three opponents in a 1-day competition in the heart of the Kings Country – Oxford.See how Renaissance Hannibal and Oliver Cromwell square up in the post-match reviews, and scratch your head as to how many…

Khorne Daemonkin Game & Thoughts

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Kharn Approves

On Wednesday I played an 1,850 game with my Khorne Daemonkin, Disciples of Twilight, against Orks. Instead of doing a full-on report I’ll just cover it briefly to move on to my thoughts, which is the focus for the article. Khorne Daemonkin vs Orks Gabe’s Ork list was very shooty. Between the Kill Bursta tank, […]

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Pathfinder #126 – New Battle Report With A New Style

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So I have a new battle report up. Its from the Custom 40K Mission I wrote – I did not actually play

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Warmachine/Hordes: Batrep Nr.3 – Legion vs. Khador

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New day, new game, new opportunities. After my lucky win in the Claws & Fangs game the day before, we decided to play a bigger game this time. Since I only had the contents of the 2-Player-Box and a Spawning Vessel, we decided to play a ~25 po…

Battle of the Hellespont 321BC using Ancient Battlelines Clash

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This is game 24 in play testing my ancient rules by replaying historical battles.  The latest version of ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’ is on its own blog page. I am play testing the rules by replaying all the Peter Sides scenarios from his Historical Battles books.  ABC is designed to finish in under an hour on a 2’x2′ table.

Battle of Hellespont
Craterus (Antipater’s general) and Eumenes (Governor of Cappadocia and Paphlagonia), acting of behalf of Perdiccas, fight it out in one of the early succession wars after Alexander the Great’s death.

There is not much on the internet on this battle but here are some links:

Wikipedia article
Great Battles of History scenario
A CC:Ancients scenario (opens a PDF)

Scenario changes
Reduced by about a third the troops due to my smaller sized table. I also made Craterus’s Pike regular fortitude and Eumenes’s Pike low fortitude – the scenario has Eumenes with Pk(S) and Craterus with Pk(I), and my (limited) research seems to lead to the reverse.   I roughly halved the spear and pike units as the scenario units are for DBx that assumes in this case that the units will be rear supported, not the case with my rules.

Macedonian (Craterus)

The Macedonians – Craterus on the left of this picture.

3 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
1 Hypaspists, battle infantry, phalanx, some protection, high fortitude, drilled
1 Hoplite, battle infantry, phalanx, some protection
2 Thracians, aux infantry
2 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Companions, aux cavalry, high fortitude, disciplined
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
1 General with Companions

Breakpoint: 8

I have called them “Macedonian” as the troops were mostly Macedonians.

Cappadocia (Eumenes)

Cardians with more screening skirmishers and cavalry.  Eumenes the leftmost cavalry unit in the picture.

4 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx, low fortitude
4 Cappadocians, aux infantry
6 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Guard cavalry, aux cavalry, high fortitude
3 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
1 General with Guards

Breakpoint: 10

I have called this side Cappadocians as Eumenes at this time was the governor of Cappadocia (and Paphlagonia)

Note that I have omitted the light cavalry that Eumemes had.  There was no room.  Eumenes has 4 heavy cavalry and Craterus two; this is more than enough of an advantage for Eumenes.


Macedonians on the left, Cappadocians to the right.  Fairly standard deployment and as per scenario

The Game
Craterus moves first. In the actual battle, Craterus charged with his cavalry and this lost the battle.  To simulate this, I can use my programmable opponent system and force the Macedonian side to use the “envelop flanks” tactic.  This means they have to advance with the cavalry first.  This may seem forced, but Eumenes would just charge with his cavalry (as he has more of them) and hold his infantry back. The end result is the same.

The heavy cavalry on both flanks.
The first turn sees the Macedonians advance

The Macedonians advance.

Eumenes and another heavy cavalry charge at the Macedonian heavy cavalry opposite, the latter is routed (a 6 rolled against them).   Both cavalry units pursue.

Eumenes and Co. engage the enemy cavalry (that subsequently routs)

The Eumenes infantry is not as good as the Macedonians and so they choose not move.

The two heavy cavalry on the Cappadocian left flank charge into Craterus and all three are disordered.

Craterus engages the non-Eumenes flank.  Grey spears are disordered markers.

The Macedonian battle line splits off a Thracian on their left to hold the Cappadocian heavy cavalry while the rest advances.

Hard to notice, but a lone Thracian unit is left behind on the right to protect the battleline from Eumenes.

Eumenes and the heavy cavalry do a complex wheel and charge the Thracian.  Only one heavy cavalry contacts, the Thracian retreats, the heavy cavalry pursues, routs the Thracian,  heavy cavalry continues to pursue.

The Heavy cavalry accompanying Eumenes charges the Thracians (who rout).

The Cappadocian skirmishers want to advance by fail (rolled a 1).  Craterus and the Cappadocian heavy cavalry continue in melee and Craterus routs one of the opposing heavy cavalry.

Craterus (to the rear of the pictures) routs one of the opposition (the other shown here is routed next turn)

The Macedonian battleline advances and sees a few skirmishers rout after missile exchanges.

Skirmish skimming – most the the skirmishers disappear in a flurry of missiles

Eumenes and the heavy cavalry are moving round the back.  Craterus routs the remaining opposing heavy cavalry and charges the Cappadocian light infantry on the edge of the flank; it retreats.

After routing the cavalry, Craterus (at the left) charges some light infantry and forces them to retreat

The Macedonian battleline moves up. Appalling Macedonian dice rolls sees all the Macedonians disordered bar one and no retreats on the other side.  This despite being of higher fortitude giving them a combat bonus.

Ancient battlelines clash.  Despite the disparity in combat values, mostly both sides are disordered.

Eumenes moves but the other Heavy Cavalry fails its order roll.  Two rounds of battleline melee see Cappadocian losses of 3 Light Infantry and 2 phalangite units routed.

The Cappadocian batteline is failing (only a couple of pike units remaining at centre left).  Eumenes can been seen in the distance at the rear of the Macedonian line.

The good news is that Eumenes is poised to charge into the rear of some Macedonian phalangites.  The bad news is that his army has reached its breakpoint and so will flee.  Craterus, unlike history is victorious.

Game end positions – Eumenes and his other Heavy cavalry on the left, The battleline to the right (with only two Cappadocian pike units)

I played this game over several sessions over several months, but enjoyed it nevertheless.  It did not go quite like history.  It was when Craterus was in melee I noticed I had removed from the rules the possibility of generals dying in combat (currently the only way to kill a general is to kill the unit; this is not easy)  It was there but accidently removed in the great version 2.0 rewrite in September 2014.  I have now added it back in.

20mm WW2 skirmish ’44 France with Advancing sections (own rules)

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Last year I played a few games of NUTS! and then I modified it a bit to be NUTS! but using 1d6 (rather than 2d6) and card activation, and adding in light and heavy wounds. I added in the wounding to make it easier for campaigns.  But over the last year I have been thinking of going in a different direction.  I have revised them heavily and while some of the NUTS! reactions will still be recognisable, not much else is.  I was looking around for an alternative activation mechanism – I had already moved from NUTS! to card based last year –  and in my head I thought it would be good to roll per figure/group to activate and have some way to alternate between the sides.  I thought maybe 5+ for regular, 6+ for green, 4+ for veteran sounded about right…and then remembered that I seem to remember FUBAR (that I have but never played) had something like this.  FUBAR is exactly like this! I also used something similar for some battalion level rules I write a few years ago, but went back to card based.  So I am using FUBAR based activation, but not much else from FUBAR.  I also wanted to cut down on modifiers so I have 1-2 for all the rolls/reactions except firing, which has 4.

Anyway, before testing out some other skirmish rules I have, I thought after spending many hours revising and tweaking these rules that I should give them at least one go before moving on to other rules things (the other things being playing with other published skrimish rules and likely combining my own skirmish rules with my battalion level rules to produce a company game that played on a 2’x2′ table at 1:900 game scale with reactions like NUTS!.  for the latter, I am hoping to scale the ranges down and keeps some of reactions to produce a company level very solo friendly game).

I went with some old favourites from the NUTS! game played last year.  We are back in Normandy July 1944 on the way to Maltot with a section from the British 7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment of the 43rd (Wessex) Division.

Corporal Box (leader and veteran, +1 to spot rolls, Sten SMG)
Lance Corporal Airfix (leader, Bren)
Private Jones (first KO = pinned)
Private Killan (+1 to melee, first pinned = shaken)
Private Barret (-1 to shoot)
Private Hart (+1 to shoot)
Private Peel
Private Tennyson (green; can run and shoot)

Assuming another patrol and need to get to the other side.
Rolled up some random terrain,  and them placed 3 PEFs/blinds as per NUTS!

The board.  British patrol enters from the bottom, the three possible enemy forces are the three animals.

The QRS that I used – just need to write the rules around it!


I was going to write this up interspersed with pictures but I have done the previous three skirmish writeups as a comic.  So I decided to go with the comic style again. There may be some shots out of focus.  If I am doing a comic, I tend to take about 3 times as many photos as I would use, and craft a comic from the images.  If doing a report interspersed with pictures, I tend to only take about 25% more pictures and just not use the poor quality ones.  I had to use all but one image to craft the comic, so used a few poor ones that may have not made it.

I have rambled on enough, onto the 5 page comic.  After it is the tidied up notes of what occurred in game terms.

Click on the picture for a larger version – likely easier to read.

A translation of the events in rule terms
The section moves into woods.  The Possible Enemy Forces (PEFs) all roll 6 for activation and move closer to the section.
Box and Airfix also succeed for activation and move into into the middle of the woods with the two other soldiers each has with them (as a group activation)

Next turn, Airfix activates, moves forward, and now at the edge of the wood can spot the Trojan pig PEF.  The Trojan pig has a (lesser) chance to spot so a spot contest opposed roll. Airfix wins.  The Trojan is revealed to be…a pig.

Barret and Jones activate, as does the two PEFs.  Out of the last 11 activation rolls, I have rolled 7 6’s!

Random event rolled – one British soldier has the trots and it pinned.  Oh no, it is Corporal Box!

Lance corporal Airfix moves up to edge of woods and can see the chickien PEF. Another spot opposed roll.  Airfix win, the chicken is an LMG team and Airfix gets the first fire with the Bren.
The two Germans are shaken (-1 to fire until next activation) and retreat to the nearest cover in the shellholes.

Now to resolve Airfix, who can also see the COW. Another spot opposed roll (note the opposed roll occurs as the cow has a chance to see Airfix, and vice versa; need to see who spots first). COW wins and is 3 riflemen. They fire and Tennyson is shaken and retreats into the wood.  Airfix returns fire –  two Germans down and the third retreats back to the wood, shaken.

Jones and Barret activate and move up to the edge of the wood and spots the German that has just retreated into their wood. No spot roll off required – the German is shaken.  Jones and Barret fire for no effect.  The German returns fire for no effect, so now there is a firefight resolved by opposed rolls.  It is a tie (after modifiers) and so both are shaken and both retreat further into their  respective woods.

Box activates and is unpinned.  Killan also advances, beats a spot rolloff versus the German LMG team in the shellhole, fires, misses, LMG return fire misses, firefight sees a tie again (after the opposed roll) and both shaken.  Lot of ties occurring!

For the German activation,  the LMG is still shaken (rolled a 1) but the German in wood advances, spots, fires, misses, and the return fire return fire misses. The ensuing firefight (opposed roll) sees the sees the German down and out.

Next turn the British Bren team fire on German LMG team – 2 hits, two Knocked Out.

No more Germans to activate so will call it a day (it is time for my bed anyway). I could keep playing and moving the British to the other side with the possibility of more Germans appearing as part of random events.  But I don’t.

50 minutes including notes, photos, a short break, looking up a couple of rules and first time playing. I kept forgetting to roll a couple of dice at the same time for hit and damage, which would have speed it up some.  I think this game would be 30 minutes if it was the third time I was playing.  A few tweaks are required to the firefight rules (the opposed roll once the first trading of shots has missed). I need to actually write the rules behind the QRS as even though I mentally knew some of the process behind the table, I was making up some of the detail as I went along.  In short: it was fun, fast, the rules played as expected (a good thing), seems solo friendly and nothing jarring on how it may have occurred in real life (to me, in my limited view of history and soldiery anyway!). Now to scale them up to company level.  I also need to write the rules for section (squad) level as I expect to use them again sometime.