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Triumph game – Athenian Vs Achaemenid Persians

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Andy and I have played four games of Triumph! so far (only two of these made it to a blog post).  This is game five and Andy is using his Athenians rather than the Parthians he used for the other four.  Once again neither of us read the rules prior to playing.  We did not look up the rulebook very much – going with what we thought was correct base don what we remembered form reading them 4 months ago, and some of the rule lookups we did with our games last month.

Basing and board size
Andy created a board the right side – 64cm x 96cm.  And all his Athenians were based correctly for Triumph!  Mine are DBx based and so a few of them I used two bases one behind the other to represent a deep single unit.


Athenians: 1xElite Foot (General), 9xHeavy Foot, 1xLight Foot, 2xSkirmishers, 2xRabble, 1xJavelin Cavalry
Note that hoplites are classed as Heavy Foot and not Spears, and not quite as good as Spears.  But you can have more of them as they are 3 points, not 4 as for Spears!   

The well painted Athenians hoplites.

Persians: 3xJavelin Cavalry (one with General), 4xArchers, 2xPavisiers, 2xHeavy Foot, 1xBow Levy, 1xHorse Bow

The mostly average painted Persians.

Both sides have similar Invasion and Maneuver ratings (used to determine terrain choices and attacker/defender) and the Persians became the attacker.  Athenians were the defender and so used Arable that has a compulsory village.  Having no village we put down a log house.  No special rules for villages – they are classed as difficult terrain that blocks LOS.

Neither of us wanted much terrain but I rolled the maximum (6 pieces).  All our current terrain is double sided rough or hills so that is what was placed with the village. The village (difficult) and the rough (also classed as difficult) that was deployed at the edges of the centre zone really constricted the useable space.

Deployment showing terrain placement


I took a few minutes on my setup (I had to deploy all my units after the Athenians had deployed only there battleline of a row of heavy foot).  I did consider putting the cavalry on the left flank and race around the rough going.  However they are my best troops against the hoplites (heavy foot) – it would be +3 Vs +3 and my worst result (being doubled) is an evade, while for the hoplites/heavy foot it is destroyed.  So I put the cavalry in the centre. I then looked up an archers and bow levy are not effected by difficult (something I did not know when placing terrain), So I put them on the edge of the battleline to move into the difficult terrain.  Pavisiers (Sparabara) are not great against heavy foot, and so put them to the edge as well.
The Athenian non-battleline units saw the Rabble and cavalry unit on their right flank to protect it against my lone horse bow and anything coming through the difficult terrain in that side, the light foot and skirmishers on their left flank to enter the difficult terrain and protect that flank.

Pictures are almost all from my side as I was sitting down with the back of the chair against the wall – too hard to keep getting up.  Some of the pictures are a little blurry as I was more invested in playing the game than ensuring the shot was perfect!

I rolled low PIPS for the first three turns while Andy rolled high.  The first few turns, at least for Andy, was positioning.  I think all I did was move my battleline and left flank bow levy up.  Bow levy are OK in difficult.

After the first turn.  

I rolled low again and so, wanting to see how it all worked, pushed my three cavalry up against the hoplites.  One hoplite down down.

Moving up the Persian cavalry to attack the hoplites…

…one down (on the left).  Lots to go.

A reserve hoplite on the Athenian right flank moves up to shore up the end of the battleline that is missing due to the just destroyed hoplite. It engages the cavalry and it too was destroyed.

My bow levy was destroyed in the first go of combat (against Light foot).  My plan of them defending that flank for awhile has gone awry.  Lucky I have some archers in reserve.

Persian Bow Levy destroyed centre.  Another hoplite destroyed at the rear (in front of the cavalry).  I did not notice the skirmishers that turned in the rough to be on the flank of the Persian line..

I did not notice the skirmisher turn to face the javelin cavalry and on the next turn the general was flanked and destroyed.   I think that is possibly two, or maybe three times, out of the last five that I have lost my general early on! Losing a general means everything costs an extra command point.

Persian general has gone. note that the Persian cavalry on the left will shortly get attacked from three sides and last for 4-5 rounds of combat.  

Meanwhile, on the Athenian left flank, Andy raced his Athenian javelin cavalry (his only cavalry!) to contact my horse bow (+2 Vs +3).  The Athenian cavalry bounced and there was another go at combat just before the game ended but they faced off for almost the entire time.

Persian horse bows face the Athenian cavalry.  this shot could have been taken just about anytime during the game as this is all they did besides about two goes at combat!
Another javelin cavalry was surrounded on three sides but lasted 5-6 turns due to excellent rolling by me.  In fact, I tended to roll good for combat and poor for command points, while Andy did the opposite.

I kept pushing forwards with my archers into the rough on the Persian left and managed to account for the light foot (from Andy’s perspective, the light foot let him down – they are supposed to be great for defending difficult terrain).

Persian archers advance on the left through the rough and destroy a skirmisher.

The Persian archers continue their good luck in the rough and take out a skirmisher.

On the Persian right flank the archers *finally* made it into the village and shot up the rabble. One Rabble was subsequently destroyed by shooting.  Meanwhile, the Athenian battleline is all set and advances into the Persian line.  It is all happening now!

On the left, a Athenian skirmisher is destroyed; in the centre the Athenians attack; on the right a rabble is shot at and destroyed.

With the Athenian skirmisher gone on the Athenian right flank, it is looking a bit open Vs two Persian archers so the Athenian’s turn one of their hoplites to defend that flank.  In the centre, the Sparabara (Pavisiers) are destroyed (not unexpected – they are hopeless Vs heavy foot).  The Rabble engage with the archers in the village.

Sparabara destroyed in the centre.

Both armies are now near their breaking point – any one unit lost by either side will win the game for the other.  It is my turn – I shoot at the other rabble and it is destroyed.  Persian win (just).

Rabble destroyed at the right and the Athenians reach their breakpoint 


Another great game and a nail biter.  Very close and it could have gone either way.  The gamble of putting the Persian cavalry in the battleline paid off but was very risky and not sure I would do it again so rashly.  We both agreed  a) we need to play some more games b) we both like the rules, in preference to DBA (due to the additional troop types and the rules seem to flow better)  and  c) we should really reads the rules prior to the next game.

Battle Report – Warhammer Historical: Legends of the Old West – Throwback Thursdays Ep

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Beyond the Gates of Antares – An Unexpected Encounter

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For my next Beyond the Gates of Antares game, I went to 500 points a size, the minimum supported by the army lists and tried some more varied units. I didn’t fancy playing the most straightforward, “kill everything” scenarios, so I tried scenario 3, “A…

Watch on the Rhine – Blackmoon Games, Lebanon, NH 1700LW

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Hosted by Joey Laderoute and Jeff Mayo and taking place in Lebanon NH at  Black Moon Games, this would wind up being one of my last V3 tournaments before V4 comes out in March.

I brought up some of my terrain (I can proudly say I have two tables worth.) that’s not Eric “Tarzan”  Lauterbach levels of terrain…but everyone needs to start somewhere.  Some shots of the setup before things get going.

This 1700 pt tournament was so well attended we wound up with an impressive wait list.  20 players from all over attended.  I decided to come up the night before, and stay in a hotel, then left from the store and headed back down to my Home in Danbury that night.  The whole thing was well run, the store was a fun place and the owner was a very generous and friendly guy.  If there are people looking for some gaming space and product, I highly recommend it.

Some shots of the store…

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Battle Report – Infinity – RECON Ep 05

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RECON 2.0! About eight months after I put these skirmish rules online I’ve received a ton of feedback and stories about people playing it all over! It’s been translated into multiple languages and has been played all over the world. Taking a lot of feedback I’ve put some changes into the new edition of RECON! […]

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Bolt Action Battle Report – 1000 points – British vs Germans

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Recently I got another game of Bolt Action in at one of my favourite Friendly Local Gaming Stores. This place is always happening and check out the table that we were able to set up using Terrain owned by the Store, my buddy Dave and Must Contain Minis…

Austerlitz 2017 Part 2 – or, The Revenge of Dr. Love!

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Austerlitz battlefield viewed north from Sokolnitz in the foregroundFollowing on from the previous Austerlitz post, poor old Philip’s 3rd Column were in all sorts of bother, my 2nd Column was getting ideas above its station, Advance Guard and 1st Colum…

Let’s Play! – GORECHOSEN

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Kampania Zverograd, Pierwsza krew….

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Excuse me Dear English speaking followers for posting this article only in Polish. But don’t worry, it’s about Dust 😉 . Bitwa o Aleję Asfaltową Przygotowania 1 Mieszany Batalion Grenadierów AXIS, w ramach prowadzonej kampanii w Zverograd, otrzymał rozkaz zdobycia Alei Asfaltowej w centrum miasta. Celem było otwarcie drogi w kierunku Stadionu Żukowa.  Batalion w […]

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Two games of Triumph! ancient rules

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IntroductionAndy and I have played two games of Triumph! late last year (his Parthians Vs my Selucids).   These two games were definitely learning games as we were coming to grips with the rules. We organised for some more games in mid-Januar…

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Return to Golovin – Recon Strike

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Greetings all,
well here it is – the first in a series of narrative games between myself and my good friend Ryan.

The aim: create a string of narrative game reports, where missions and their outcomes lead naturally onto new games, side missions and outcomes. These are to be written up in a narrative style as well, from both points of view, rather than simply reporting on what happened and what the score was as the game progressed.

As a side focus, Ryan and I have agreed to only use fully painted models for this series of reports, and we’ll be including photos to really get down amongst the action and represent the game as it happened. Consequently you’ll see fairly small forces taking part in the early stages of the campaign, and then as we increase the availability of units by getting them painted up you’ll see the games expand. Hopefully we’ll then manage to get a nice big apocalyptic conflict to end the series (though I have no idea yet when that end will be).

Hopefully things in the games will remain narrative focused, and whilst we’ll obviously both be trying to win, I’m hoping to see some nice cinematic moments in there too.

Game 1 – Recon Strike

I went with a fairly balanced force for the first mission, which we played to 1000pts. I had been hoping to find a recon mission somewhere, but in the end we decided to plump for the spoils of war maelstrom mission from the main rulebook to represent each force trying to gain intelligence on the other. The objectives would basically be narrative points to allow me to evolve the storyline. Ryan basically took what he had that was painted, though we both ended up finishing models the night before the game even so!

Dusk Knights

Epistolary Valerio Force Sword and melta bombs
Squad Segundo Flamer, imperial space marine, drop pod
Squad Tercero Combi melta, melta, drop pod
Moloch the Annihilator Stormhawk Interceptor, las talon, typhoon launcher
Hurricane Squadron 3 land speeders, assault cannons and heavy bolters
Ancient Sosimo Contemptor dreadnought, kheres assault cannon
Specialist Vasco Thunderfire Cannon

Alpha Legion

Alpharius Terminator armour, chainfist, mindveil
First Squad 10 marines, 2 plasma guns, rhino
Second Squad 10 marines, 2 plasma guns, rhino
The Honoured Few 4 terminators, power fists and combi meltas
Brethren of Hades 5 Havocs with 4 autocannons
The punished 2 Spawn

The strategium of the Saint’s Retribution was a hive of activity. Sensorium crew were feverishly operating their instruments, utilising every piece of equipment, scrutinising every potential return to find the enemy. Servitors passed messages from the operators to the officer cadre clustered round the tactical plot in the centre of the room, the holographic projector showing a three dimensional image of the world below, slowly turning on the spot as the augers added tactical data to the projection.

The thunderhawk Olav’s vengeance would be docking soon, and Chapter Master Regulo would require progress reports, updates on where the enemy forces had come from, and how their sensors had not detected them sooner.

Sergeant Gonzalo had been left in nominal command of the Dusk Knight’s battle barge as the highest ranking Astartes on the ship, though the mundane operation of the vessel was under the control of Shipmaster Skeen.

Gonzalo was a quiet, determined sort with an instinctive understanding of the tactical nuances of battle. Unusually for the Dusk Knights, this even extended to ship combat, and Captain Alvaro had no hesitation in recommending him to take command of the vessel in his absence alongside the Chapter Master. Immediately upon the identification of enemy units down on the surface, Gonzalo had launched the Olav’s vengeance to provide air support to the ground forces and effect retrieval if necessary. He was not about to become the officer who had been in charge when their Chapter Master was left unsupported under enemy fire.

Even so, it had been a close run thing, the thunderhawk had not arrived on station until the skirmish had concluded, the Chaos forces disappearing into thin air as quickly as they had appeared.

‘Sir’ called out one of the sensorium operators. ‘I have something, it’s indistinct, and scanners are having a hard time discerning what it actually is, but there’s a faint warp trace, almost as if something opened a portal into the immaterium down there.’

Gonzalo turned, and spoke to his second, Tono.

‘Assemble a recon team, our squad and squad Tercero, assault teams only, no heavy weapons. Have them meet us in the drop bay. Load Hurricane Squadron into a thunderhawk and prep Daemon Squadron for close air support.’

His comm bead buzzed as he issued his orders

‘Gonzalo, report, this is Chapter Master Regulo, we are back on board.’

‘Sir,’ replied Gonzalo ‘Sensoria have detected a warp anomaly on the planet surface, weak, but it might explain how the enemy were able to arrive undetected on the surface. I’m assembling a recon team now to investigate.’

‘Confirmed, good work Gonzalo.’ said the chapter master, and then after a pause to consider Gonzalo’s words, he added ‘Epistolary Valerio will lead the strike, you will be joined by Specialist Vasco for heavy fire support and Ancient Sosimo as well, he is eager to see this world cleansed.’

‘Acknowledged, Chapter Master.’ It was unusual for a recon team to include such heavy elements as Vasco’s thunderfire cannon and the venerable contemptor chassis of Ancient Sosimo, but Gonzalo concluded that the Chapter Master suspected further duplicity from the Alpha Legion – their modus operandi was always to conceal their true objective within schemes.

Sergeant Gonzalo unclipped his war helm from his belt and placed it onto his head, the auto-seals clicking as the suit established the hermetic seal, cutting him off from the environment outside. With a thought, he energised the power fist he wore over his left gauntlet, the power field crackling as he flexed his fingers.

‘Shipmaster, you have the room.’ He said as he stalked through the door heading for the drop bay. By the time he reached it, Chapter Master Regulo would have resumed control of the bridge, and would command the operation from there, feeding all the tactical data from the sensoria down to Epistolary Valerio who would run the ground operations.

– – – – –

Alpharius watched from the shadows of the ruined building. The foolish striplings of the Imperium had taken his bait without a second thought and he watched as the advance elements of their force prowled forward into the ruined city sector where he had concealed the warp device. Soon it would be time to strike, to throw off the shackles of shadow that had kept his legionaries concealed within the shattered buildings, and to strike once more at the ancient enemy.

His task here on Golovin was simple, draw in the warriors of the Imperium and bleed them. Greater plans were afoot, but they required a sacrifice, and the greatest power was gained from those who walked willingly into such things, regardless of whether they actually realised they were a sacrifice or not.

His vox link crackled, his warriors breaking radio silence for the first time since they had broken off the combat at station 19. Confident his subordinates would not risk his wrath unless it was absolutely necessary, he enabled the system with a thought, allowing his suit to receive the transmission.

“Incoming objects sir, two tracking from low orbit and a third trying to stay hidden in the broken returns from the outer city. Looks to me like drop pods and close air support.”

“Acknowledged.” Alpharius replied, before opening the link to the troopers in concealed positions around the warp beacon. “All legionnaires, engage targets, we have incoming hostiles, I want them broken. Dead if necessary, incapacitated is preferable.”

As he broke off, the first of the drop pods crashed to the ground, a small squad of dark blue armoured marines disembarking from it and moving into cover. As the stealth field of his force flickered out of existence, allowing them to move and engage, a squadron of landspeeders off to his right opened fire, the withering hail of fire peppering the hull of first squad’s Rhino, smoke beginning to pour from its engine compartment as his legionaries exited the vehicle.

The Alpha Legion were nothing if not combat hardened however, they had been fighting the long war since before this chapter of marines even existed, and they were not to be cowed by a damaged transport. Taking cover amongst the wreckage, the squad opened fire in return, blazing plasma blasts from its special weapons and hard rounds from the bolters showering the advancing speeders, sending two to the ground in heaps of dented armour and broken gravitic repellers. Further off to his right he saw more plasma flashes, as second squad engaged the mobile artillery piece the astartes had brought with them. The cannon fell silent.

“Come brothers,” he said to his guardian squad of terminator brethren “let us join this fight before it is over” and so saying, he engaged the circuits of the ancient mind veil wired into his suit, their forms shimmering as they crossed the field to the nearby squad of marines.

– – – – –

“Emperor’s teeth!” cried Alarico, as he watched tactical display on his helmet update, the icons of Techmarine Vasco and two of the speeders from hurricane squadron flashing amber. As a squad sergeant he had access to the tactical net, updates provided by each marine’s armour systems on the health of their occupants in battlefield situations, and the Dusk Knights recon force had just lost a significant part of its firepower almost before they knew they had engaged the enemy.

From the corner of his eye, he caught the glint of giant flashing armour, its pearlescent coating one second blue, the next green and all shades in between. Where had they come from? Terminators of the Alpha Legion, the massive armour plates were hardly easy to conceal and yet these figures had appeared as if from nowhere!

They had no time, the giants were right on them, and even as he watched they struck, sending brothers Flavio and Odalis crashing to the ground over ten metres away. Alarico raged, and made to strike with his own combat blade, more in defiance than expectation, but before he could strike he felt a massive impact in his side, his armour splitting under the power of the blow. Ribs had cracked under the pressure, even his genehanced physiology and advanced armour systems unable to completely absorb the impact. He stumbled, and as he did so his head exploded with light, his vision fading as his sus-an membrane engaged to place him into a healing coma. No matter that he had been in the middle of the fight of his life – that life would be over without the restorative trance.

– – – – –

Alpharius grimaced, as he sawed the chainfist through the main systems of the drop pod, causing it to sputter and die, the chattering storm bolter mounted in its roof falling silent. He turned and saw the enemy falling back from his brothers, three of their number already down, and the remaining two making best use of their greater mobility to retreat from his bodyguard.

As they did so, one of the marines cracked off a shot with extraordinary skill, the round entering through the tiniest of gaps between the armour plates, detonating in a welter of blood and practically severing the leg of one of his squad. The giant figure crashed to the ground, out of the fight for now, though the wound was not fatal for an enhanced warrior such as the astartes.

As he scanned the battlefield for sign of his next target, there was an earsplitting shriek of turbine engines. Fat bolts of ruby red laser fire streaked from the sky, accompanied by the whoosh of rockets and the chatter-whine of rotary cannons. In a pulsing fireball, second squad’s Rhino exploded, shattered armour plates spattering everyone in the vicinity, and the aircraft flashed past, gone in the blink of an eye, but arcing round for another pass.

Engaging the mind veil once more, Alpharius advanced on the immovable form of the Contemptor dreadnought, ordering his squad to fire on the amalgam of machine and man as he did so. The underslung melta weapons attached to their bolters spoke, superheated blasts of air striking the dreadnought like a hammer. Armoured plates glowed then ran, the fingers of its powered fist becoming soft like clay as it swung at them, robbing the blows of their power. In return, Alpharius rammed his chainfist into the waist joint of the machine, shredding cabling and actuators, the wound an imitation of the one wrought on his bodyguard moments before. From behind him, autocannon fire chattered out into the brightening sky, as his havocs duelled with the Stormhawk Interceptor, but neither could find a definitive end to the conflict and the jets flared once more as the aircraft again banked around to come for another pass.

At that moment, the second pod crashed down into the ruins of the city near second squad. The delay  from the first pod landing had been no more than two minutes, but such a delay had given his force the time to run riot through the attacking forces, which were unable to coordinate their strikes as a result. The perfect Alpha Legion strategy, attacking in such a manner as to prevent the opponent from retaliating in any meaningful way.

From the pod emerged the obvious leader of the enemy force, a librarian, his armour shedding waves of heat as flames licked from his fingertips. Fire from the emperor’s warriors engulfed second squad, the psychic flames joined by conventional promethium projectors and a strange, green flash from some arcane weapon he had never seen before. Whatever the green flashes hit, was destroyed utterly, 3 of his legionaries vapourising to almost nothing, their armour turning to ash in the wind.

“Alpha legion, we are done here – fall back to point delta for extraction, first squad, ensure those marines do not follow us!”

With that, he engaged the mind weil once more, he and his terminator squad leaving the battlefield, the ruined remains of the astartes strike force still mostly alive, but suffering. Their wounds would not be just physical, he considered, but psychological. They had come here confident of finding the enemy base, or at least traces of it, and they had been ambushed again, defeated with almost no effort and losses. The survivors would take the knowledge of this defeat back to their starship, and the dusk knights would become enraged by it. He had no doubt they would not feel trepidation about returning to the fight – ‘loyalist’ space marines feared nothing of the sort, even when a tactical retreat would be the more prudent solution. No, it wasn’t fear he sought, it was the clouding of judgement, so that they would become so infused with the desire to crush the Alpha Legion forces that they would become careless!

– – – – –

Regulo looked through the armourglass window of the apothecarion at the recumbent form of Epistolary Valerio and the other injured the recon force had suffered at the hands of the Alpha Legion.

“I am sorry, brother.” he whispered. “But I had to know, and the intelligence brought back by Specialist Vasco will be invaluable to us in prosecuting this enemy further.”

It had been a high price to pay, certainly. Valerio would not fight again for weeks, and Sergeant Alarico had also suffered serious injury, whilst hurricane squadron and Ancient Sosimo were already undergoing significant repairs in the armorium decks of the Saint’s Retribution.

He had what he had intended however, the recon strike force had never been meant to strike a blow against the Alpha Legion directly, but dispatching a lesser force would have given them away. Specialist Vasco had never been meant to act as artillery support for a recon mission, such a weapon was not suited to the nature of the mission, and it had been a boon that the enemy had targeted the cannon early. The brother had been able to disappear under the cover of the bright plasma flares crashing into his cover, shedding his servo harness and engaging his own stealth field as he did so.

He had returned to the battle barge bearing precious gifts indeed, having infiltrated the corrupted machine spirit of the rhino armoured personnel carrier that hurricane squadron had disabled, he had been able to track the progress of the machine, its emissions allowing the sensors on the Saint’s Retribution to follow the path of the vehicle back to its origin point on the planet, deep in the heart of the city.

They had it now, the actual location of the Alpha Legion base, and he would not be merciful in his vengeance, he would strike back at these traitors and make them pay for Valerio’s pain with their blood.
– – – – –

Ryan: What a game, the alpha legion managed to complete their goal of infiltrating Nick’s house and replacing his dice with dice that can only roll ones and twos.

I decided to start everything on the board for this game, knowing at small points games like this I would need all my models in play either being bullet magnets, grabbing objectives or killing the unclean filth of the Emperor. With Nick’s force coming on piece meal it gave me board control and weight of fire, so the victory was down to poor reserve rolls and by no skill of mine :) (well, maybe a little skill – Nick).

My mvp’s would be the basic chaos marine squads they really carried their weight in this game. A special mention must go out to my terminators for actually killing stuff and not failing their first few saves. Being an extremely expensive unit in the chaos codex, they can be really hit and miss. Only Nick’s force did the missing in this game however. Until next time. Hydra dominatus.

– – – – –

Nick: What a game indeed. Ryan is probably the best player I come up against with any regularity and it shows in the way he plays and thinks – I figured having air superiority would be a good thing in a small game like this and that my flyer would be able to rule the skies. Due to me not having finished pod 3 however I could only guarantee one of my tactical squads in the first turn, and with the objective cards I drew, it seemed to make sense to sacrifice the smaller squad to claim the objective in the centre of the table that was within reach of the terminators – if I hadn’t done that then Ryan would have been stealing my objectives on his turn 1.

As it happened, my warlord then managed to fail both his reserve rolls, not arriving until turn 4 and with 377pts off the table in a 1000pt game, that was a massive issue for me. As Ryan said, my dice then continued to betray me with my contemptor failing to cause a wound in combat with the terminators after being prevented from moving off the objective he was deployed on because I kept drawing it to claim. Inevitably he didn’t survive the return attacks after taking a couple of melta shots before they charged. I fully anticipated my libby arriving would at least swing things a little my way, but after having his flame breath power denied, he failed to manifest force in the following turn, then missed with all three of his AP3 attacks in a challenge against the power fist wielding Alpha Legion sergeant – even a single wound would have killed him and gained me at least one more victory point!

I really don’t want to whinge about my dice though – Ryan played the perfect game and I made mistakes. Hurricane squadron made mincemeat out of one of the Rhinos in the centre of the table forcing the squad to disembark, but by then I had already fired my thunderfire elsewhere, and the tightly bunched up unit would have been a perfect target! I also foolishly deployed the thunderfire in such a position that the techmarine wasn’t in cover, so as to allow him to hold a nearby objective if necessary. That of course meant the two plasma guns in the other chaos marine squad had an ideal target on turn 1 and they made the most of it – all four shots hitting and wounding.

To be honest, I’d struggle to name a unit that qualifies for an mvp, I was beaten that resoundingly. However, one moment does stand out – when brother Apolinar, having recovered after falling back the previous turn (I love ATSKNF) rallied to put a bolt shell straight through the armour of the advancing terminators. Leon next to him was so shocked that his melta shot missed entirely.

– – – – –

Most of all however, I really enjoyed writing this report up in the narrative style – knowing that it was going to lead into more games I had to take the ‘killed’ element of the actual tabletop game a bit more creatively, finding some way of justifying how these same guys will come back in future games. I then also had to bend the story to fit the outcome, and this aspect of the narrative is already exciting me for game 2 – I may be writing the story but I genuinely don’t know where it will head, as I have to come up with the arc once I know what happens! I’ve set things up nicely for an aggressive Dusk Knight strike in game 2 (and I certainly have more variety in units available to me over Ryan’s more limited collection), but will the Alpha Legion be one step ahead again? And what intelligence did they get from the battle? Ryan stole three of my objective cards throughout the game, so who knows what little nuggets will turn up in the future…
Till next time,

The Coming of Ambronnax – Frostgrave: Forgotten Pacts Battle Report

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The Nameless Necromancer and his boy apprentice take on Georg-Oskar and his warband once again. This time there is a race for treasure at the base of an alter where the Major Demon Ambronnax will appear at the end of the second turn.This Mini was paint…

Battle Report – Frostgrave – Forgotten Pacts 1C

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Operation Jupiter 15 – Attack on Louvigny

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This is game 15 in replaying the scenarios from the Briton Publishers Operation Jupiter skirmish scenario book (Lulu PDF link).   I played this one on a 4’x4′ table using 20mm. The background on why I am playing these is at the start of the first game post.

Normally I play these solo but for this game I played with the 12 year old son of a friend.  I had played a few WW2 20mm games with him before over a period of several months (this is the 3rd of those games).  He has been asking to play again for the last year or so but only realised late 2016 that it had actually been two years since we last played!  Badgering for two years, not one :-(  The stars aligned and he came over during the Christmas break and we got three games in (game 13, 14 and 15 in the Operation Jupiter book).  We have a few people staying with us at the moment so there was no room to get out the half a table tennis table I normally use so I used the dining table that gave a 4’x4′ area.

Rules used
Games 13-15 are using a revised company level rules, still at 1:3 for infantry and 1:1 for everything else.  The revision is I have done away with roll to hill, roll to kill and gone with rolling 1-3 dice with a die roll of 4-5 is one “success” and a 6 is two “successes”.  The number of successes determine the result.  I have not written these up well enough to post them but they exceeded my expectations and they worked really well.  Reasons on why I switched  away to this mechanism is at this rambling blog post.

The British need to advance across the river though the Germans to meet up with the Canadians. The British need to exit 51% of their forces off the east edge.


Note that although I am playing with 1:3 ratio and the scenario is at 1:1, I fielded the same number of figures and vehicles as the scenario e.g. the 10 person rifle squad became a 10 figure platoon.
British (L—)

1 Company HQ
    6 figures
2 Platoons
    1 platoon HQ (1 figure)
    1 2″ mortar
    3 Sections (3 figures each)
5 Universal Carriers

Germans (me)
1 Kompanie HQ
    4 figures
1 Zug
    1 Zug HQ (1 figure)
    3 Gruppe (3 figures each)
1 MG42 team
3 Fire missions of 80mm mortar

Germans are all regular

The river may or may not have a ford – the picture in the book had a track leading to the river.  I put a ford in just in case it was supposed to be there.  to cross the ford is one turn i.e. stop when enter the ford, stay on the ford for one turn, then next turn may move off.  Very vulnerable, but then crossing the bridge would be too!

The Germans deploy the HQ to the right of the bridge be able to call down artillery, and slow down the advance.  One German Gruppe on the British side of the ford to also slow down any advance there.  The rest of the German forces are deployed in the town.

Deployment, Germans to the bottom.

All infantry are not dug in and so can be spotted with LOS.  In woods/orchards spotting distance is 8″.

Note that I use card driven activation.
Out of the three games played against the 12 year old, this one was the most tense.  And it has the most pictures too.

The British move on their Company HQ in carriers.  The German Kompanie HQ successfully call in the mortars and pin the leading carrier.

Kompanie HQ (bottom right) successfully call the off-board mortars on the lead carrier.

The other British carriers move towards the ford.  The 2nd Gruppe defending the ford fires at the advancing British and kills one passenger and pins the section.

Action shot of disembarking the infantry from the carrier near the ford (at bottom right)

One of the carrier unloads it passengers and that section charges the 2nd Gruppe section at river. In the ensuing melee they lose one figure each and the two Germans survivors are forced to retreat across the bridge and are suppressed.

German 2nd Gruppe retreats across the bridge. The green “bush” near one of the figures is a suppression marker for the Gruppe. 

The 2nd British platoon, without any transports, enters on a wide front from the British table edge.

At the top, you can see elements of the 2nd British Platoon entering.

The lead carrier in front of the bridge (with ½ the Company HQ) moves to bridge, unloads and the section fires on the suppressed German Gruppe and kills a figure.

1/2 the British CO HQ advance over the bridge and kill another German figure on the other side.

One of the British sections, with the 2″ mortar is advancing to the German Kompanie HQ.  The Kompanie HQ fires on the advancing infantry but only managing to pin them (-1 dice when shooting).

German Kompanie HQ fails to inflict much damage to the advancing British infantry.

The German off board 81mm mortars fire for the last time at the 2nd platoon that entered on the edge of the board and manage to kill one figure.

The British company commander, with the rest of the HQ section (was in front of the bridge) moves to their right and to the ford. The Gruppe in Building 1 (the closest to the ford – white with a brown roof)  fires at the British Company HQ while crossing the ford and manages to suppress them.

British Company HQ crossing the ford but are suppressed (the green bush is the suppressed marker)

The German occupied building to the right of the bridge fires at the British section on the top of the bridge and kills 2 figures! The one German at end of bridge failed to rally and so is still suppressed; at least the section advancing over the bridge has been stopped for now..

German Gruppe in building fires on the Brits on the bridge.

Due to a good run of cards, the British get a turn of moving up, consolidating and unsuppressing some of their units. A 2nd British section from the rear moves up and fires on the Kompanie HQ and KOs one.  Near the end of the turn the Germans get a few cards the Bridge right side Building Gruppe fires again on the lone British figure on the bridge and he is knocked out.  Another Gruppe also fires at the British Company HQ crossing the ford and KOs one figure there as well (too busy for any pics of these actions).  The lone German at the end of the Bridge moves into the building nearest the ford

Five British figures on ford charge the nearest house.  Wow – the five British rolled 6 hits and four (the three original Gruppe and the extra figure from the bridge) defending Germans rolled zero.  Excellent dice rolls for the British!  The most you can KO in one round of melee is three, so that many Germans are gone and the remaining one retreats to the red roofed building and is suppressed.  The British are slowly losing a figure here, a figure there.  It is starting to become a bit tense on both each card draw and each combat.

The British charge from the ford into the nearest house.

The German occupied building – opposite the newly taken building – fires but cause no damage.  The MG slightly further down the road fires and suppresses the Brits in the building.

The British in the building attempt to rally – one section is OK but the other section (of one figure) have had enough and rout.  Not good – another figure gone that was a easy candidate to get off the table.

The three figures in the British Company HQ charges the red roof building down the road from the newly occupied white building.  This was the building the German retreated into just recently. The Company HQ wins and loses a figure (the winner of a melee always loses a figure, unless they are only a single figure) and the German is KO’d.

Victorious Company HQ after charging the red roofed building.

A golden opportunity for the Germans – four Germans charge across the road into the building with the Company HQ of two figures. Great odds!  Not great enough.  It is a tie (that is rules in favour of the the defenders) so each lose one figure and the Germans retreat suppressed.  At least the Germans managed to get rid of another figure – the British are getting closer and closer to having only half their troops left and they need to exist over half.

Top  shot on the attack on the red roofed building.

While this has been going on, the British forces on other side of the river have been grouping near ford for a big push.  They cross the ford fine while the above combats were going on.  The are no Germans to oppose them :-(  The Brits (i.e L— the 12 year old) has done quite well to neutralise the buildings that can attack the ford and now if moving his entire force across it.  But he needs to get nearly all of them off the table.

Just about all the British on the far side of the river are grouping.

The British move two figures from the buildings off the board while the units move off the ford and towards the edge. Two down, 13 to go to win.

British just before they move enough forces off the table for a win.

The British manage to get 15 figures off the table in total for a win! They needed to get 15 for the win (started with 28 figures and need to get more than half -14 – off the table). There is only one British figure left on the table at game end – the suppressed Company Major.  It was a very close thing!

Game end – some Germans in the building on the right, and one Company Major in the red roofed building (although he cannot be seen in this picture – unless you look very carefully and can see his head among the trees to the left of the building).

It was a very intense game!  Although the report does not really do it justice, by about halfway through every card draw was tense – who was going to get to do something?  And the British were gradually being whittled down figure by figure and it was really a close run thing, considering if 2 more British figures had been KO’s, the British could not win.   The scenario likely does not call for the ford and it would be a lot more difficult for the British to win if there was only the bridge as the crossing point.  A great game to end the three games we played over the course of the day.

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Big thank to Carlos at CB for sending along the new Dire Foes set for us to check out!

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Dragon Rampant Battle Report #1 / Raport Bitewny #1

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This entry was written by my colleague, who wanted to share  his positive experiences he had with the Dragon Rampant rules published by Osprey Publishing. He declared that he is eager to publish something here regularly so I welcome him aboard piantwar  blog. Unfortunately, due to the amount of literary text and the lack of time the post has been written only in Polish.     
– KorNat

Post ten został napisany przez mojego kolegę, który chciał się w ten sposób podzielić z wami swoimi pozytywnymi wrażeniami z pierwszego starcia, które rozegraliśmy w zeszłym roku korzystając z zasad z podręcznika Dragon Rampant wydanego przez Osprey Publishing. Zadeklarował się, że będzie tutaj regularnie coś publikował, toteż niniejszym witam go na pokładzie bloga piantwar

– KorNat

<Tutaj sugerowany podkład muzyczny>
– Daleko jeszcze Panie?
– Zamknij się, niedługo dotrzemy na miejsce!!!
Zbrojna grupa szybko zbliżała sie do karczmy. Wszystko szło zgodnie z planem. Kolejna karawana Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej została złupiona. “Idioci” – pomyślał Wężywąs  – ile razy jeszcze dadzą sie tak ograbić. Nawet nie stawiali oporu. W sumie nie dziwne…  Kilkudziesięciu chłopa i ciężkie bojowe konie na paru pokurczy – hmmm też bym się nie stawiał.

Wężywąs myślami był już w karczmie ‘Czerwony Kruk’ – wprawdzie Książę Willem rozkazał powrót na zamek bez zwłoki ale nie miało to dla niego obecnie żadnego znaczenia. “Wypiję piwo i pochwalę się dziewkom wspaniałą walką jaką stoczyliśmy z krasnoludami”  – wieczór zapowiadał się wspaniale. Chłopakom też się przyda trochę rozrywki. Szczególnie grupie szczeniaków. Ledwo urosły im wąsy a już zaciągnęli się po łatwy pieniądz. Niech opiją pierwsze zwycięstwo. Tym razem było lekko ale jeszcze poznają życie… Jak jeden z drugim będą oglądać nawzajem swoje wnętrzności to wkrótce staną się mężczyznami.

Wężywąs nie wiedział, że jego słowa były prorocze. Dla Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej strata kolejnego składu z dobrami przechyliła szalę goryczy. Skryba Ghoth, z długą do stóp brodą i nosem dłuższym niż niejeden nóż wreszcie podliczył zyski i straty. Dość już złota zgrabił Willem. Czas na porządki. Trakt handlowy przez Drakenborg musi być drożny. Dobrze się składa że jeden z naszych najemnych oddziałów stacjonuje w pobliskim lesie.
Jeszcze tej samej nocy dzięki wiadomości dostarczonej za pomocą wędrownych kruków,  brodaci wojownicy wyruszyli w drogę, żeby przechwycić łupieżców..

Zwyczaje żołnierzy Willema były dobrze znane krasnoludom. Jeden ze zwiadowców Kompanii  szybko wpadł na ślad zbójeckiej rejzy.  “Jest nas tylko garstka, ale pokażemy im że nastały nowe czasy. Kierują się do Czerwonego Kruka – tam ich przechwycimy. Zamiast piwa posmakują własną krew. A potem my zajmiemy ich miejsca przy stole…”


Przedstawiam wam pierwsze starcie pomiędzy Krasnoludzką Kampanią Handlową, a żołdakami Willema z Drakenborgu jakie zagraliśmy na zasadach Dragon Rampant.
Brygada Kompani Handlowej składa się z dwóch jednostek defensywnej piechoty i maga, którego statystyki odpowiadają oddziałowi kuszników. Wężywos dowodzi jednym oddziałem piechoty, lekką kawalerią oraz dwoma oddziałami chłopstwa uzbrojonymi w łuki. Każda armia liczy 12 punktów.


Armia Willema. Zapomnieliśmy kupić miarki calowej i improwizowaliśmy

Armia Krasnoludzkiej Kampanii Handlowej, która przybyła na miejsce starcia przed oddziałami Wężywąsa.


Ofensywnie usposobieni najemnicy z Krasnoludzkiej Kompanii Handlowej rozpoczynają starcie. Oddziały ludzi w związku ze zmęczeniem oraz przewagą jednostek strzelających przyjęły taktykę defensywną. Krasnoludy atakują pozycję Drakenborgczyków już w drugiej turze, wykorzystując swój potencjał zasięgowy w postaci kul ognistych ciskanych rzez ich drużynowego maga Balvina. Wkrótce jeden z oddziałów łuczników, oblewa testy morale i czmycha w popłochu  z pola bitwy. Lekka zbroja i kiepskie morale nie mogły przeciwstawić się magii Balvina.
Chłopi z Łęczycy w odwrocie

Wężywąs próbował przejąć inicjatywę, ale bezskutecznie. Oddział lekkiej kawalerii  oblewa rzut i nie wykonuje rozkazu “move and shoot”, ludzie tracą inicjatywę  a w następstwie przyjmują szarżę piechoty krasnoludzkiej i ulegają całkowitemu zniszczeniu.

Oddział krasnoludzkiej piechoty szarżuje na stojąca w bezruchu lekka jazdę z Drakenborgu

Drugi oddział chłopów zdołał zaskoczyć krasnoludów i zmusić ich do odwrotu po udanym ostrzale. Krasnoludy szybko się pozbierały, a wezwany na odsiecz drugi oddział zdziesiątkował przeciwnika. Ostatecznie chłopstwo musiało ustąpić pola dwóm doborowym krasnoludzkim oddziałom już w piątej turze starcia.

 ‘Waleczni’ chłopi samopas przeciw dwóm oddziałom ciężkiej piechoty

Po wyeliminowaniu potencjału strzeleckiego ludzi, krasnoludy zbiły się w dwie defensywne formacje, które nie mogły już ulec przetrzebionym siłą Wężywąsa z Drakenborgu.  Oddział Wężywąsa był w tym czasie mocno zajęty unikaniem piekielnych ogni z runicznej lagi Balvina i wkrótce uciekł z pola bitwy. Przeżyło tylko kilku wojowników.
Tym samym bitwa zakończyła się zdecydowanym zwycięstwem krasnoludów. Oddziały Kompanii poniosły niewielkie straty, podczas gdy wszyscy ludzie zostali zabici bądź zmuszeni do ucieczki. Cała potyczka trwała 7 tur.

– Panie te pokurcze miały jakiegoś maga czy coś. Chłopaków z Łęczycy na raz wszystkich spalił – rzekł Wężywąs
– Strzelał piorunami z zielonej laski? Zdziwił się Pan na Drakenborgu
– Tak
– Ghoth wysłał Balvina. Niedobrze, znaczy traktuje sprawę poważnie. Co było dalej?
– Próbowaliśmy ich wystrzelać. Ale dopadli konnych Andrzeja. Próbowali uciekać, szybki ostrzał i wycofanie, ale powpadali na siebie, konie im ugrzęzły czy coś. Totalna panika. Krasnoludy nie miały litości. Wycięli ich w pień. Nim kur zapiał nawet jeden koń nie przeżył.
– Jak krasnoludy mogły dopaść konnych?
– Bogowie nam nie sprzyjali.. za to chłopi z Tłuszcza walczyli do końca. Dwa oddziały na nich szły, a oni mężnie stawali. Udało się im paru krasnoludów podziurawić.
– A Ty co robiłeś w tym czasie?
– Panie wybacz, ale byliśmy sparaliżowani. Jeszcze czuliśmy zapach zwęglonych ciał, gdy piekielny ogień maga spadł na nas z nieba. Wycofaliśmy się do lasu
– Ostatni raz przegrałeś.  Jutro o świcie wyruszasz pomścić moją stratę. W międzyczasie wyjaśnisz mi dlaczego zboczyłeś ze szlaku na zamek w stronę karczmy. Ciesz się, że dałem Ci szanse na odkupienie win, a nie dyndasz na stryczku

Wężywąs (w zielonej zbroi) wyrusza na krwawą wendetę

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