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Battle of Paraitakene 317BC using Ancient Battlelines Clash

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This is game 25 in play testing my ancient rules by replaying historical battles.  The latest version of ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’ is on its own blog page. I am play testing the rules by replaying all the Peter Sides scenarios from his Historical Battles books.  ABC is designed to finish in under an hour on a 2’x2′ table.

Battle of Paraitakene
In the saga of the Successor Wars, Eumenes confronts Antigonos One-Eye in Media. This was the first of two indecisive battles (the second being Gabiene) between these two Diadochi.

There is not much on the internet on this battle but here is the link to Wikipedia:

Wikipedia article

I also used Lost Battles (Sabin)

Scenario changes
Reduced by about a third the troops due to my smaller sized table. I roughly halved the Spear or pike units as the scenario units are for DBx that assumes in this case that the units will be rear supported, not the case with my rules.  I also moved one Antigonos heavy cavalry from his right flank to the left – more like the Lost Battles setup.  In the battle, this flank was able to defeat its opposition, and so needs the bolstering.
3 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
1 Hoplite, battle infantry, phalanx, some protection
1 Light Infantry, aux infantry
4 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Companions, aux cavalry, high fortitude, disciplined
2 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, short missile
1 Elephant, elephant
1 General (+1 ability) with Companions
Breakpoint: 10
2 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
1 Silver Shields, battle infantry, phalanx, high fortitude, drilled
8 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Elite cavalry, aux cavalry, high fortitude, disciplined
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, short missile
2 Elephants, elephant
1 General  (+1 ability) with Guards
Breakpoint: 8

Eumenes on the left with a large elephant/skirmish line in front; Antigonos on the right with a fairly typical successor setup.

The Game

Antigonos advances all units but the companions and associated heavy cavalry. Eumenes responds by advancing skirmish/elephant line, pike centre and the Heavy cavalry on his right flank.
Antigonos right flank skirmishers charge Eumenes elephant and skirmish support.  The  Eumenes elephant reacts and charges through the Antigonos screen (bad rolls).

Eumenes left flank elephant smashes through the opposing Antigonos skirmishers. 

Antigonos left flank charges in and good die rolls sees disorders all round.

Antigonos left flank and Eumenes right flank cavalry clash and remain in melee.

One Antigonos light cavalry goes around the flank.  Eumenes destroys a enemy opposing Heavy cavalry.

An Antigonos light cavalry unit manages to go around the flank.  but an Antigonos heavy cavalry is routed after facing Eumenes and his Companions  

Eumenes elephants charges hoplites – both disordered (no picutre for this); Antigonos right flank advances and sees Eumenes lose two skirmishers.  The Eumenes left flank is fairly open.

Eumenes left flank on the left of the picture.  Not much – a lone skirmisher bottom right is the flank!  The elephant at the right centre is too far advanced to protect the flank..

Antigonos himself runs from the oncoming elephant on the left flank.  On the Antigonos left flank, the flanking light cavalry charges the flank of one of Eumenes heavy cavalry for no effect.  In the centre, a Eumenes elephant tears through the hoplites (excellent die roll).  Eumenes has effectively taken control of his right flank (Antigonos’s left one)

At the top, an Eumenes elephant charges through the enemy hoplite line.  Bottom left sees a Antigonos light cavalry charge the flank of an opposing heavy cavalry for no effect.  Eumenes controls his right flank.

Phalanxes clash. Unluckily – a 1 in 36 chance – a Eumenes hoplite unit is routed by an opposing phalangite unit.

Top left – Antigonos pike unit rout an opposing hoplite unit.

Antigonos sees a gap on the right flank and races into the gap to hit the flank of the battleline.

Antigonos and Guard cavalry in centre.  Found the gap on his right flank and charges through it towards the infantry battleline.

Another Antigonos phalanx unit gone.  Eumenes is moving on his right flank and the Eumenes’ elephant are circling into the centre.  Antigonos is racing to flank the infantry battleline.  It is a close game to see who can rout the other side first. Antigonos hits the infantry battleline in the flank.

Antigonos and Guards hit the flank of the Eumenes phalanx.

First unit is gone.  Antigonos continues to charge. Second unit gone.

Antigonos and Guards have routed two opposing phalanxes.

The Eumenes breakpoint reached and game over for Eumenes.

End game. Fairly scattered forces..

Hard to give a verdict for this game – I wrote this up one year after playing it!  I had completely forgotten I had played this, taken pictures and written game notes. Until I went to get ready to play it and work out the units and discovered the draft blog post had played game notes in it and a folder had pictures in it.  So I cannot tell you whether I enjoyed this game or not, other than I’ve enjoyed every other game with my rules, so I am bound to have enjoyed this one!  The game does seem to have gone fast and be fairly intense, so the rules are working as designed. 

Battle Report – Marvel Universe Miniature Game – Age of Marvels Ep 04

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WW2 6mm Vzyama or Bust Scenario 2A Urk East Front 1941 battle report

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IntroductionI played five games in a the mini-campaign in the IABSM Vzyama or Bust scenario book (available at the Too Fat Lardies site). I want to test out some company level rules, rather than the variations on my battalion level rules I used for …

The Walking Dead Play Through

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So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If … Continue reading The Walking Dead Play Through

Battle Report – Dark Age – A Forsaken World Ep 19

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  The Shadow Caste have arrived! CMON Designer Bryan Steele travels up with his freshly painted Dragyri to showcase their new rules and willingness to work with others!To kick off his visit we throw down in a BLUDGELT challenge, where I bring my best to try to get the numbered and stamped pass to IMMORTALS […]

Derby 2016 – The Kalmar Union in FoGR Action

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A frantic effort not to retain a trophy that needs engraving comes to a cattle shed near an airport next to a busy motorway near a town with a great ring road!It’s almost as glamorous as Charleroi, but it’s in England and it’s Derby again!The Mighty Ka…

World War Marvel Battle Report Videos

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Adma over at Blackfyre Productions has been making some awesome Marvel battle reports.You can check out the latest below. 40 Lvls, X-Men vs Avengers- Hendybadger

Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs Vs. Varangur – Orctoberfest 2016 – Round Three Battle Report

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Here is round three of Orctoberfest! Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs against Lengel’s Varangur!

Battle Report – Infinity – RECON! Ep 03

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Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs Vs. Elves – Orctoberfest 2016 – Round Two Battle Report

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Here is round two of Orctoberfest! Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs against Elves!

WWPD South Operation Market Garden Mega Game BatRep (Day 1)

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Hey y’all!  SonBae here posting a Batrep done by WWPD South’s very own Dane Tkacs covering a Mega Game we held here in Huntsville, Alabama at the Deep Comics and Games from 17-18 September 2016.

From Dane:

Part 1 – A Bridge Too Far – Mega-Game

The Huntsville Historical Gamers (HHG) gathered on SEP 17-18 to recreate Operation Market Flames of War ruleset.  The HHG Mega-Game stretched over 5 tables.  The Mega-Game pitted 10 Axis players against 7 Allied players.  Each side had approx. 11,500 points for a mega-Game total of 23,000 points. Lists were chosen from the forces in Market Garden for the Allies or Bridge by Bridge for the Germans.
Garden using the

Operation Market-Garden, Field Marshal Montgomery’s plan to attack over the Lower Rhine into the industrial Ruhr Valley and capture the V-1 and V-2 rocket launch sites that have been terrorizing Britain.

Garden:  To represent XXX Corps, the Allies had:

2,060 points Irish Guards
2,060 points XXX Corps

In Addition, the Allies also received:
Either 3, or 5  (depending on fog) dedicated aircraft sorties (for Close Air Support or Air Resupply) each turn.
8x 25-pdr battery, plus,  8x 5.5” batteries of Off table Artillery (Guns across the Volga rule) able to  range targets on boards 1 (Joe’s Bridge) and 2 (Son / Veghel).

Market:  To represent First Allied Airborne Army, the Allies had:

1,525 points British 1st Airborne Division
1,540 points US 82nd Airborne Division
1,540 points US 101st Airborne Division
1,045 points Polish Airborne Brigade
1,500 points British 52nd Airlanding Division

Relocated into Holland after fierce fighting in France, Army Group B was placed under the command of Generalfeldmarschall von Rundstedt who had been recalled from retirement on  4 September.   To represent the scattered forces of Army Group B, the Germans had:

1,565 points  KG Walther (6th Fallschirmjager Division)
1,065 points  KG Graebner (9th SS Panzer Division Recon)
1,500 points  KG Spindler (9th SS Panzer Division)
1,500 points  KG von Tettau
1,500 points  59th Grenadier Division
1,500 points  107th Panzer Brigade
1,500 points  KG Becker (3rd Fallschirmjager Division)
1,000 points  406th Landesschützen Division
200 points Nijmegen Garrison
140 points Best Garrison

In Addition, Germans also received:
1 dedicated air mission sortie (either air interdiction or Close Air Support) each turn.
8x 150mm sFH18 howitzers Off table Artillery (Guns across the Volga rule) able to  range targets on boards 5 (Arnhem) and 4 (Elst / Driel).
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Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs Vs. Varangur – Orctoberfest 2016 – Round 1 Battle Report

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Here is round one of Orctoberfest! Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs against Varangur!

Kasual’s Abyssal Dwarfs vs. Rob’s Ratkin – Orctoberfest 2016 Practice Game

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Kasual’s first game with Abyssal Dwarfs against Rob’s Skaven!

Horizon Wars – 2nd Game

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I’m surprised Google hasn’t deleted this blog yet.Anyway,  I have been kicking around a lot of different rulesets lately, trying to find something I like.  I have to say that Osprey’s releases into wargaming have really scratched a lot of itc…

Battle Report – Fantasy Battles: 9th Age – Nethammer Ep 08

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Horizon Wars!!!

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Yes, Osprey’s new “skirmish+” scale Sci Fi rules have finally proved to be the justification for all of the mad mini-mechs and stuff you will have seen creeping, scuttling and hovering onto this website in recent months with no real purpose.As classic …

Battle Report – Marvel Universe Miniature Games – Age of Marvels Ep 04

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Battle Report – Battlefleet Gothic – Throwback Thursdays Ep 69

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Team Yankee Battle Report: West Germans Vs Soviets: No Retreat

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With Ben Gobel

I didn’t have to wait long after I painted up my West Germans from Leopard to use them on a table. In fact,  I flocked my infantry teams the morning of the game and the paint was still wet and we were ready to play.  Playing with me was Sean “Throckmorton” Sarah and the Brothers Gobel, Ben and Chris.  All of these guys are veteran Flames of War players and have never played Team Yankee before. Throck only played once, which was the demo game at Historicon. Throck and I made our list from two formations – the panzer and aufklarungs battalions. Team BroGo took Soviet tanks. Since my Gepards, and Rolands have not arrived, we did not allow the Soviets to have any Hinds. On the West German side, we used Marders to proxy for my Fuchs, which also have not arrived yet.

We set up the table and made up the German list first because they were lacking a few of the assets mentioned above.  We thought we settled on an 83 point list, and told the BroGos to make a list to that point total.  When Ben asked me how much the HQ tank was I said “5 points” and he assumed that each T-72 was the same cost, so he made a list that we found out afterwards was only 78 points. Hhe could have had one other T-72! It also turned out we added a two tank Leopard 1 platoon and forgot to add the points, so Team Brogo could have had a few other items as well, 11 points is a huge difference in this game.

Below is what our lists looked like.

Soviet Red Banner Tank Division
T-72 Tank Battalion HQ – 1x T-72 (5 pts)
T-72 Tank Company – 5 x T-72 (22 pts)
T-72 Tank Company- 5 x T-72 (22 pts)
T-72 Tank Company- 4 x T-72 (17 pts)
BMP-1 Motor Rifle Company – 4x AK-74 with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-1 (6 pts)
BMP-1 Recon Platoon- 2x BMP-1 (2 pts)
Carnation Platoon, 3 2S1 Carnations (5 Points)
78 Points

West German 1st Panzer Division
Formation1: Panzer Company
HQ-1x Leo2 (11 Points)
Panzer Plt  3 x Leo2 (33 Points)
Panzergrenadiers 3x Marders, 2x Milan, 3 x G3 Teams (7 Points)
Jaguar 1 (3x Jag) 6
Formation 2: Aufklarungs Company
HQ x 1 Leo1 (3 Points)
Luchs Plt 2x Luchs (1 Point)
Luchs Plt 2x Luchs (1 Point)
Panzer Plt 3x Leo1 (9 Points)
Panzer Plt 2x Leo1 (6 Points)
Fuchs Pzgrs 2 x Fuchs w 1 Milan, 3 x G3 teams (4 Points)
Attack Helicopter 2x BoH-105 (8 Points)
89 Points

We rolled up a mission and it came out to be “No Retreat”, which is a bit different that the Flames of War Version of the same name.  First of all, it starts out at night and the defender gets to place 3 minefields on the table prior to start. 

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French Oldhammer Day at the Octogone !

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Just like last year, the Octogone convention in Lyon this year was the occasion for a few of us to gather and have a healthy dose of vintage fun !
To celebrate the event like BOYL last summer. our excellent friends Geoff from Oakbound and Curtis from Ramshackle had had the delicacy of sending us a load of special event models ! I don’t know what your definition of classy is but this one definitely stands in my top 3.
An intriguing monk carrying an old hammer and no other than Morcar from HQ fame !

But let’s get on with the main reason we all gathered : GAMES.

Beware, there’s quite a large number of pics to follow so grab a bag of crisps and a good beverage and fasten your seatbelt !

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Post Industrial Decay & Fruit Based Drinks – plays ADLG at The 2016 Worlds

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“The Worlds” – not the one in Derby, but the global historical multi-ruleset gaming tournament that traces its’ lineage back over a decade and which now was occurring up in its’ most glamorous location ever – Charleroi in Belgium.

This year an intrepid team of Central Londoners made the hazardous journey into post-Brexit Europe by trains, planes and automobiles to take on the world in the biggest and most multi-national competition at this year’s event – L’Art de la Guerre, featuring almost 50 players drawn from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the USA (and us…).

In 6 lavishly (or should that be laddishly?) illustrated match reports you can be astounded by the local architecture, amazed by the quality of painting of the opposition’s troops, puzzled by the near-complete absence of success for the 15mm Condotta army list that did do well in their previous 25mm outing at Devizes, and enlightened by the usual flurry of ADLG hints, rules explanations and insights.

With over 10,000 words, and opponents ranging from as far afield as Han China to as close as a Condotta civil war, these 6 perfectly formed match reports make compelling and convincing reading for anyone considering ADLG, especially those looking for evidence that a game with around 35 DBx bases per side has enough variety in list composition, tactics and general play style to offer repeated playability.

At the end of each report Hannibal is quite rude about my tactics (as usual), a few of the speech bubbles have swearing in them as well (which always goes down well on Frothers), and there is even multimedia accompaniment in the form of a post-event Podcast for you to download and listen to whilst painting your next army!

Read on to see how the Condotta did in teeny tiny 15mm scale playing The Worlds Most Popular Competition-grade Ancients Ruleset – ADLG at The Worlds 2016.

Battle of Mountjoy Manor – June 1778

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Last weekend the Rejects gathered in the shed-o-war for some American War of Independence action. Postie had his massive 28mm collection out on the table along with some pretty impressive terrain including several buildings by GrandManner. However the …

Genestealers Mission – A Warhammer 40K Custom Mission

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First off the fact this mission was Genestealer based was a complete fluke that is coincided with the release of the Genestealer Cult models and Codex. I have been out of the 40K loop for a while so I hadn’t even seen the rumours. We had a new player taking part and he had a lot of old models plus many Genestealers from Space Hulk and other sources I believe. So we picked them up and used all 30 of them for a custom mission. I’m going to just detail my Astra Militarum’s game here as I cannot remember what happened for […]

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Dreadfleet: Battle Report and First Impressions

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This week, I visited my friend James and played his copy of Dreadfleet. Check out this set up. Amazing!!!Dreadfleet on the TableNow, this was my first time playing Dreadfleet and I found it to be a fun and exciting game. James hadn’t played in a year o…

Wargamer vs The Elements: A Battle Report

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It was a sunny Saturday morning in 2016 and the weary wargamer (me) had been hatching a plan. I had all the raw materials for some terrain work and now saw an opportunity to forego the housework in favour of some groundwork. My felt gaming mat and some…