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Horus Heresy Battle Report – M.31 Ep 29 (Tucson Comic-Con)

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Bolt Action Tournament Battle Report – British vs Americans (2nd Edition) – 1000 Points

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Roll a 4, 5 or 6 to hit…All the numbers are here, except the numbers that would actually hit. 8 LMG shots all needing 4s or better to hit. …Yep, that is pretty much how the entire game went.Now this was my second game in the Bolt Action Tourna…

Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Necrons

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Round two! After being annihilated by Tau in round one, my second game saw my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list matched against a Necron Decurion in a progressively-scored table quarters mission.

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep 34

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Another 1805 Practice Game

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Another game, another 1805 batrep!
This time I was commanding the 1st Column, which will be my command during the re-fight in January. My able companions were Quinny, commanding the Russian Guard, and Darren who commanded part of the 5th (Cavalry) Column. Before the game we rolled to see who would take over-all command, and as I rolled the highest, that honour fell to me. The plan was for Quinny to aggressively move forward against Bill (who is taking Bernadotte’s role, IIRC), while Darren tried to contain Garry on the right flank. I would use the greater weight of infantry against Andrew B. in the centre, pushing against the junction of the French commands. Initially I had planned to push in between Bill and Andrew’s commands, but the opportunity seemed greater on the other flank. That indecision was probably my downfall, as my reserves weren’t in the right place when my big push came (Note to self: if you change your plan, make sure you can pull it off!). 
Anyway, things went swimmingly until I bumped up against the vineyard; 2 disorders and quarter speed if marching perpendicular to the rows. Rather than slog through them to emerge on the other side disordered and then try to tackle the river, I sent a brigade either side with the 3rd to act as a reserve to support an attack in either direction. I initially thought that attacking the left would be most promising, but found that there was really insufficient room once Darren’s Guard Cossacks were in the picture. There was plenty of room on the other flank, but also plenty of opposition, including a battery of what turned out to be 8lb artillery which punished my every forward movement.
My own big guns were too slow to play a big part in the game. I had planned to set them up on the point of land jutting out to the front of my position, but found that the units I really wanted to target were in dead ground once the guns were unlimbered! Once it became clear that Andrew was playing a defensive game, I realised that my feint to the right was the best chance I had and that the original plan had to change. The left flank was squeezed between cossacks and the vineyard, while the area between the vineyard and the building to the right was wide open. 
The Kiev Grenadiers led the attack on my right flank in l’ordre mixte as Andrew had plenty of small cavalry units lurking. By making my intentions obvious Garry then diverted a fair proportion of his command to threaten my approach, which meant they weren’t available for his push against Darren.
When the push came, the Kiev Grenadiers disposed of their opponents in a couple of brutal firefights, but with the 8lb artillery still within close range and plenty of cavalry and infantry support, that was the high-tide of my advance. Even after my hussars successfully charged across the river into the artillery’s supporting infantry, I still didn’t have any reserves up close enough to exploit my successes. And because I had neglected to push at least one battalion into the vineyard, Andrew’s counter attack included cutting through the corners of the vines to attack the flanks of my two main approaches. 
Luckily Quinny’s attack had been a lot more successful as his cavalry tore a gaping hole in Bill’s defences which his infantry readily exploited. Of course, he had moved them to a position where they were actually able to support his success!
Kiev Grenadiers

12lb artillery!


and more Cossacks!

Useless Jaegers

Quinny’s Guard Division on the left..

…with its accompanying cavalry.

Bill’s French facing Quinny’s Russian Guard…

…with his reserve ready to back up the front line.

Большой сыр – The big cheese!

The centre advances

Kiev Grenadiers spread out to the right,

Quinny’s Guard attack develops on the left flank

Andrew’s French wait on the other side of the river, while his skirmishers occupy the vineyard.

The French 8ib battery and supporting unit.

My hussars take casualties as they mask the advance of my big guns

Darren’s Guard Cossacks on the left.

The Kiev Grenadiers and the Moscow Fusiliers advance, while the hussars take cover from the French artillery behind the rise in the ground.

Over on the right, Darren’s cavalry holds the flank against Garry’s French

Hussars and Dragoons supporting the horse gun battery

On my left flank the cossacks squeeze out the infantry. I was hoping that the Guard Cossacks would charge, but they were faced by numerous small cavalry detachments which would have counter-attacked any successful sortie across the river.

My advance from the French point of view.

The gap isn’t quite wide enough for the whole regiment to fit abreast with their accompanying battalion guns!

Andrew’s dragoons to the Russians: ‘Ger aweh, or Ah shall taunt yer anothair tahm’!

The infantry screen my big guns while they unlimber. 

The Kiev Grenadiers form an anchored line on the BUA.

Andrew doesn’t move across the river, so it’s time to continue. The battalion in the BUA exits, while the rest of the regiment conforms to the forward movement.

Finally unlimbered, the 12lb battery looks for targets with the infantry and cavalry in support


To advance through the vineyard or not?

Darren’s Guard Cossacks advance after urging by the C-in-C (ie, me!). but still no action on that flank.

My guns are too far back to hit Andrew’s closest units which are in dead ground!

Darrens protects his flanks as Garry cheekily advances infantry in closed column in support of a small horse gun battery.

The Kiev Grenadiers advance and trade fire across the stream. To the right, Garry assumes a flanking position.

Darren’s dragoons offer a counter threat, while I angle the Moscow Fusiliers in support, effectively leaving the Kiev Grenadiers to their own devices.
Garry closes in on the flank…

…while the rest of his forces advance through the cultivated land against Darren

My big guns belatedly move forward with support. Note the hussars out in front sheltering behind the fall of the terrain.

The logjam behind the vineyard; should have just pushed through.

Quinny’s cavalry blitz crashes into Bill’s infantry

Quinny follows up with the infantry.

Back in my sector, the much-reduced Kiev grenadiers firefight with their French counterparts.

My hussars unleash a charge across the river at the line supporting the artillery on the other side of the artillery. Luckily I rolled high enough to cross the river and shrug off the casualties from defensive fire!

However the charge resulted in a draw, which saw us both retire.

Still, with the unit charged by the hussars in bad morale, the infantry facing the Kiev grenadiers broke and ran!

The high-water mark!
Note the general facing backwards; he was severely wounded in the previous firefight.
My guns finally reached a position to do some good, but it was too late, really.

The supporting column of the Kiev regiment had had enough of close range French artillery fire and broke!

The other battalion of Kiev grenadiers then copped flank fire from Garry, and retreated…

…before Andrew counter-attacked with his reserve…

…following through into the Russian supporting line!!

Wrong way, Roger!

Battle Report: Imperial Knights vs. Tau Empire

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Alright, you’ve seen my 1500 pts Imperial Knights list, now it’s time for some battle reports. The first round of the tournament saw me matched up against Tau in a progressive-scoring missions with predetermined pseudo-Maelstrom Objectives.
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Aaah-oooh – it’s the Dacians of London Again..!

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Fresh from drinking a pina colada at Trader Vics, those barbarian scallywags from the land of Dracula, the Dacians, touch down in Central London for 3 games of Roman-period themed L’Art de la Guerre goodness.Marvel at how this usually somewhat underpow…

Bolt Action in action!

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Hey again,Last month turned out to be absolute painting success in 2016 – at the end of a day 10 pieces were moved from the shameful pile.It was mostly caused by Bolt Action stuff. I wasn’t sure about these sculpts while browsing rulebook for the firs…

Battle Report – Malifaux – Unto the Breach Ep 26

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In which I rob Ben mercilessly.🙂

Match Report – Blood Bowl (LRB6) – Throwback Thursdays Ep 77

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Not that you’re likely to spot a difference (apart from the rules we flub), but here’s our last Living Rulebook 6 match between the Secund Sunz and Yensid Villains!

Battle Report – Dark Age – A Forsaken World Ep21

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Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 40

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Battle of Ipsus 301BC using Ancient Battlelines Clash

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This is game 28 in play testing my ancient rules by replaying historical battles.  The latest version of ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’ is on its own blog page. I am play testing the rules by replaying all the Peter Sides scenarios from his Historical Battles books.  ABC is designed to finish in under an hour on a 2’x2′ table.

Battle of Ipsus
In the saga of the Successor Wars, Antigonus One-Eye and his son Demetrius face a coalition of three other Successor emperors – Seleucus, Cassander and Lysimachus.  The three had banded together as they were likely to be destroyed by Antigonus piecemeal otherwise.  This was the last real chance for Antigonus to reunite Alexander’s empire.

There is not much on the internet on this battle:

Wikipedia article 

Description of the battle and PowerPoint animation

Scenario changes

Reduced by about a three-quarters the troops due to my smaller sized table. I also roughly halved the Spear or pike units as the scenario units are for DBx that assumes in this case that the units will be rear supported, not the case with my rules.  I also put a bit more cavalry on the Antigonid right flank as the limited information on the battle seems that there was more cavalry here with Demetrius, compared to  the Allies that may have evenly distributed the cavalry.  I also put an elephant on the Antigonid left flank and centre, while the Peter Sides Scenario had elephants on the left and right flank.


Diodachi Allies (Seleucus, Cassander’s brother Pleistarchus and Lysimachus)

4 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
2 Peltasts, aux infantry
1 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry, high fortitude
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, long missile
4 Elephants, elephant
2 Scythed Chariots
1 General with Guards

Breakpoint: 12


2 Phalangites, battle infantry, phalanx
2 Hoplite, battle infantry, phalanx, some protection
2 Peltasts, aux infantry
2 Psiloi, skirmish infantry, short missile
2 Elephant, elephant
1 Guard Cavalry, aux cavalry, high fortitude
1 Heavy Cavalry, aux cavalry
2 Light Cavalry, skirmish cavalry, short missile
1 General with a phalangite.

Breakpoint: 10

I thought about using subgenerals to represent the sons/generals on each side and have the general in the centre. With the small number of units, I decided against this and to put one general on each side – Antigonus in the centre and a guess that the main allied general is on their right wing cavalry.


Allies to the left, Antigonus on the right

For this game I am doing something that someone suggested a few years ago and do double depth for the heavy infantry for visual purposes only.  It looks better.  It does increase the depth of a heavy infantry unit which does mean they would be a little easier to flank.  Not much though.

The Game

The Allies advance the elephants and scythed chariots.

Allied advances

Antigonus responds by advancing Demetrius with the cavalry on the right flank, and advancing his own elephants.

Antigonus advances (view from the Allied side)

The pair of Allied elephants go in.

Allied elephants (on left) on the allied right flank

The two elephants force the skirmisher to retreat and it is out of the game.  But the skirmisher has disordered the elephants.  Both continue their charge into the Antigonid elephant and force it to retreat through the peltasts behind it (disordering the light infantry).  One Allied elephant continues to charge into one of the peltasts and they are locked in melee.

This is why I wrote Ancient Battlelines Clash – all of the above driven by the rules – fast, a little unpredictable but still producing a great narrative with just a few dice rolls.

The result of sending in the Allied elephants (a lot of skimisher casualties)

Scythed chariots hit the hoplites, disorder them but are destroyed in return

Scythed Chariots – at least they caused a disorder

Elephant and skirmishers meet in the centre but all that happened is the Allied skirmishers cleared the opposing skirmishers.

Battle of elephant and skirmishers in the centre.

The other elephant comes in and elephant and skirmisher disordered.

The second Allied elephant joins the fray in the centre

The other scythed chariot charges into some hoplites for no effect and are destroyed.

The second scythed chariot throws itself at the phalanx line for no effect before being destroyed.

Demetrius and associated cavalry charge up the Antigonid right flank into the defending infantry.  The light cavalry exchange missiles before the clash, and both retreat disordered.  The heavy cavalry meet, and it is disorder all round.

On the Antigonid right flank, Demetrius meets the opposing cavalry.

The elephant battle in the centre sees both allied skirmishers routed and the Antigonid elephant in combat with an allied one, but disorder all round and no destruction.

Elephant battle continues in the centre, clearing out the skirmishers.  It is tusk on tusk now.

Through some really great Antigonid die rolling, elephants on the Allied left flank see the Antigonid light infantry take out both Allied elephants.

On the Allied right flank, both Allied elephants are routed by opposing light infantry

In the centre the Antigonid elephant and skirmisher are routed.  The centre is cleared of allied units.and the way is open for the Allied elephants to throw themselves at the Antigonid phalanx.

In a case of brilliant and poor dice rolling,the Antigonid right flank sees one the the Antigonid heavy cavalry routed, but also the lone Allied cavalry as well. Demetrius pursues to near the table edge.

Demetrius routs the opposing heavy cavalry, but losing one of his heavy cavalry as well.

One of the Allied elephants makes it to the phalanx line and disorders a phalanx.  The elephant does not last long and it routed next turn

An Allied elephants makes it into a Antigonid phalanx and disorders them before routing.

The next turn the other charges in to a phalanx unit and disorders an other phalanx but it too is routed in a few turns.

The other Allied elephant makes it into another Antigonid phalanx and disorders them before routing

Across the rest of the field, Demetrius has slowly being turned around, the Antigonid elephant and peltasts are realigning to go against Seleucus and the Allied phalanx has been slowly advancing but staying far enough away for the elephants for if they rout.

Overview of the battle after the initial flank battles and centre skirmishing

The Allies are near their breakpoint (losing 4 elephants and a heavy cavalry) while the Antigonids are still far away from it (losing only one elephant and heavy cavalry).  but now the phalanxes are going to meet…

The moment we have all been waiting for – the phalanx lines meet. The Antigonids have three disordered phalanxes (not good).  The undisordered one has Antigonus with them (that is good).

Phalanx battlelines clash. three of the Antigonid phalanxes (rear) are at a disadvantage as they are disordered.  But the undisordered one has Antigonus with them.

Two Antigonid disordered phalanxes routed.  The elephants did their job in softening up the line.  The Antigonids are now also one heavy unit away from the army breaking as well. Demetrius is closing in on the rear of the Allied phalanx

Two of the disordered Antigonid phalanxes rout.  Demetrius can bee seen botton centre

Antigonus then manages to destroy an Allied phalanx.

Antigonus routs an opposing Allied phalanx

Game over as the Allies have reached their breakpoint.  Interestingly enough, I rolled a die for the other Antigonid phalanx unit in combat, and it routed.  This would have caused the Antigonid army to break if Antigonus had not won his combat.  What a close game!

End game. Antigonid victory

Alternative history – the Allies won this one in reality.

I thought about not using so many elephants, but they were important to the original battle’s outcome, so I used quite a few.  They tend to get routed early – before the main battlelines clash – and this did cause the Allies to get close to their breakpoint.  It was fine, although there usually only been a couple of skirmisher-elephant clashes in other battles, this one had lots and it does slow the game game slightly.  Normally skirmishers are one  or two-shot  units before retiring from the game.

Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 76

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Battle Report – Warmachine Mk III – A Whole New War Ep 05

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Battle Report – DeadZone – The Elysia Incident: Part 2

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The Battle of Pampilhosa – Portugal 1810

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On Sunday some of Posties Rejects gathered in the shed-o-war to play a neat little Napoleonic, Peninsular War game. This was a fictional battle set with historical forces pitting French forces against a mixed force of British and Portuguese in a strong…

Frostgrave: The Well of Dreams and Sorrows Battle Report

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Recently, I got a game of Frostgrave in with my friend Dave. For this game, we used just the base rules from the core rule book. The mission that we chose to play was The Well of Dreams and Sorrows. The object of this scenario is to collect treasure, l…

DW Fleet Action Musings

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Greetings! Last weekend I had the chance to play a full game of Dystopian Wars Fleet Action (DWFA) against CDR-G. For those that may not be familiar, Fleet Action is the DW cousin of Firestorm Taskforce, both by Spartan Games. … Continue reading

Battle Report – Malifaux – Unto the Breach Ep 25

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Battle Report – Blood Bowl – Throwback Thursdays Ep 75

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X-Wing Game, 11/15/16

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BK and I played a game of X-Wing yesterday at Games and Stuff. It has been a long while since he and I have played X-Wing, and given our renewed interest in it, it certainly seemed like a good time to change that.Since it has been a long while since hi…

Dragon Rampant: Battle Report and First Impressions

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Recently, I played a game of Dragon Rampant at a convention and was it ever fun! Waiting for us at the table were 6 armies (Lizard Men, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Middle Earth [Lord of the Rings] Orcs, and Wood Elves). Quickly I sat at one of my favourite f…

X-Wing first fly out

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First off thanks to the guys that gave me some help on list building for my first fly out in the X-Wing universe, first off I lost, seemingly quite drastically but on reflection two of his four tie fighter things were nearly crippled so for a first game I don’t think I fared to bad … Continue reading X-Wing first fly out


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Vistula Lancers unleashed!Two weeks ago Tim invited all comers to test out the Austerlitz battlefield with 1500 points of their favourite armies. Of course, as I will be playing on the Allied side during the real Austerlitz game, I chose to play on the…