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Battle Report: Chaos Space Marines vs Tau

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Last night my Chaos Space Marines faced off against Tau in a 1,650 game. I wanted to experiment with a list featuring Khorne and Nurgle elements, the peanut butter and jelly of Chaos a friend put it the other day. Here’s what I brought along. 1,6…

all quiet on the martian front, demo game pics

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A month or so ago I organised a demo night to play the new shiny all quiet on the martian front,after some intense painting I managed to get quite a bit of the humans painted, and Lee got his tripods painted up to a basic level and these are the pics f…

The 2nd Battle of the Corunna Road – January 1937

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Over the weekend Reject Clint put on a cracking game set during the Spanish Civil War. Seven of us gathered in the Shed-o-War using a set of rules written by Clint the day before (allegedly)! The rules worked very well and made for a quick and easy gam…

Against all Flags! – Pirates in September 2014 Event

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HMS Brangelina in her maiden voyageHMS Frolic had her maiden voyage (although renamed for the day…more on that later) at the club’s mega-pirate event, Against All Flags! The brainchild of Fly, of the dice-whisperer fame, this was the pirate event to …

Battle of Chaeronea 338BC using Ancient Battlelines Clash

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IntroductionThis is game 18 in play testing my ancient rules by replaying historical battles.  The latest version of ‘Ancient Battlelines Clash’ is on its own blog page. I am play testing the rules by replaying all the Peter Sides scenarios …

Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Tyranids

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Last night I played a 1,650 40K game against Tyranids with my Disciples of Twilight, Chaos Space Marines. I decided to do something different and that’s run a very Nurgley list. I haven’t run a Nurgle heavy list in a very, very long time. H…

AAR : A Train to Trieste, Chapter 4, episode 4 ….

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((Here is the set up, the players are defending the trains shipment of equipment to be used as a defensive screen vs the Barons Anti Airship Super Weapon beam! Traveling through the mountains on their way to Trieste from Germany, a trip of several days…

Black Templars Vs Eldar – Video Battle Report.

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  Hello there Reader.   I know it’s been a while since my last update but that doesn’t mean I have been idle. Quite on the contrary, I’ve been producing a lot in the hobby front, and that’s exactly why I have decided to surf the inspi…

Weekly Round up 24/08/2014 – More Nautical High Jinx

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It may be obvious to many that I am currently experiencing a little nautical bloom so to speak. The Great hall has this week seen a big boost in the amount of preparation and work on my new rules, with another round of play testing this week with all t…

Gen khaann……zzzzz!

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Another Gen Con in the bucket!  This was by far the best Gen Con to date for Mantic, so let’s wrap up. First let’s talk events!  Pathfinder Mike Carter ran several play and learn Kings of War events with a total of 168 participants and a giant Mega-battle at 6000pts a side!  Much fun was […]

Warhammer Quest (simplified) with my children

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IntroductionI mentioned on some forum that I occasionally played Warhammer Quest with my children.  The response was that I should post a report of one of the game, just to show how it goes.The boxBackgroundThe gameMy best friend gave me the optio…

Hold the Town! – Peninsular Scenario

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“¡Vamos, muchacos!”Tim and I had a highly entertaining battle at the Croydon venue this Saturday past. I came up with a scenario where my Spanish brigade (including my new Zaragossa Regiment. ¡Viva!) held the village and a vital road junction. The Fr…

Gruntz Batrep – Patrol action on Malvee

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Rhys played his first game of Gruntz the other day.  He has been collecting his army slowly over the last couple of months and I’ve been painting them for him.  He gets units or vehicles as rewards for being good at school.  As I’ve mentioned before…

Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Iron Hands

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Wednesday night I played a 1,600 game of Warhammer 40K against Space Marines, Iron Hands specifically. As usual we played a Maelstrom of War mission and got the one where you start with one card and gain on each additional turn. The list I brought alon…

Dropzone Commander Battle Report – Operation Cyan Rapier: Phase 2

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My buddy Stephen and I played our second game of the campaign we have going “Operation Cyan Rapier.” I’ll talk about Phase (game) 1 later, but today’s game was the follow-on from that game in which the UCM managed to successfully extract a Praetorian insertion team that had gone into enemy territory to link up […]

The Road to Hue : A Vietnam BatRep

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On Saturday Posties Reject ‘Smiffy’ (Mark) ran another Vietnam game using all his growing collection of figures and his own rule-set. This is the second time I have played the rules and aside from a few minor tweaks they remained unchanged from last ti…

GP Utrecht report – a view from the trenches

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And so my second GP of my Magic career has come to pass with the Utrecht 2015 Grand Prix, and on the contrary to London two years ago, this one was a whole weekend of card chucking.Before we start a rather odd tale of very odd games, let`s recap my per…

All Quiet on the Martian Front – U.S. Army

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Once I got going on the U.S. Army units in the AQoMF starter box, I knew they wouldn’t take too long. Minis at this scale (18mm) go much faster than 28s. Also, I had promised myself that when I finished them, I would paint the Martian Tripods. I’ve painted I don’t know how many G.I.s […]

Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Eldar

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Last night I faced off against Eldar with my Chaos Space Marines. We played a 1,600pt game and the Maelstrom of War mission was The Spoils of War where you hold three cards, can’t discard any cards for snagging objectives and you can score your o…

Battle of Bayreuth 1809

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A couple of weeks ago I joined some of the Rejects in Posties Shed-o-War for a Napoleonic game. It was good game (even though my side lost badly) and as usual I shot loads of photos. Since then I haven’t had time to sort through the pictures and write …

Bushido – Battle in the Swamp, with pictures

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Here are a few pictures from my latest game of Bushido the first since I finished my project to paint all my Bushido models and the first in which I got to use all painted models and scenery.I don’t have the notes or patience for a full battle report, …

Saga in London!

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After far too long a gap, finally some new updated material for this website – Saga Vikings in 3 separate match reports against Jomsvikings, normal Vikings and Franks.I’ve endeavoured to take photos of the Battle Boards and explain what choices I made …

Battle Review: Chaos Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

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Last night I played a game against Kamui and his Rebel Grots, counts-as Astra Militarum, with my Chaos Space Marines, Disciples of Twilight. We played a 1,600 game with the Maelstrom of War mission where you always have three cards in hand. The list I …

Game On … Relic Knights & 7th Edition 40K

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Game Night – This week the stars aligned and four guys from my gaming group were all free on Sunday to play some games. With everyone busy with their families and various summer obligations its been hard to get together to play some mulitplayer g…

Württem-burglars Failed to Steal this One!

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Officer: “What do you mean you’ve left the bag marked ‘Swag’ behind?!”After a dalliance with the Dark Ages, it’s back to my true love; Napoleonics!In a rare appearance of late caused by family commitments, Andrew S. was at the club last Friday night wi…