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Battle Report – Horus Heresy – M.31 Ep 23

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Battle Report – Dark Age – A Forsaken World Ep 08

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Battle of Castalla – Napoleonic Battle Report

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This past Sunday the group got together for a long overdue Napoleonic game.  Roy Scaife put together an excellent scenario around the Battle of Castalla.  This post serves as both the scenario information and the battle report.  This scenario will be run at KublaCon 2016 this year (Saturday morning of the convention).  We used my hybrid (essentially combines Black Powder and Kings of War) set of rules based on This Hallowed Ground but modified for Napoleonic’s.

Battle of Castalla – April 13th, 1813

The British army under Arthur Wellesley is gaining ground throughout Spain. With victories at Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, and Salamanca, and help from Napoleon’s blunder into Russia, the Marquis of Wellington is clearing the French from the Peninsula. The French are falling back, but they are fighting hard for their emperor Napoleon having won victories at Valladolid and Villena. Determined French armies scatter the countryside to repulse the will of the allied armies. On the eastern seaboard of Spain an 11th century castle overlooks the village of Castalla where a combined British and Spanish army led by General Rowland Hill faces the French army under the command of Marshall Suchet.


The British allied commander, General Hill, has deployed his men along the high ground, with his right flank against the village of Castalla. He has the advantage of more infantry than the French, but the French cavalry outnumbers the British. Across from the Anglo-Spanish army, the French are determined to give Napoleon another victory. Marshall Suchet has deployed his infantry en mass on the British left flank to overwhelm the Spanish, while his cavalry is consolidated on the British right flank to check the British infantry.

Victory Conditions

  1. The game lasts for 6 turns. The French have the Initiative.
  2. If one side has 6 or more victory points than their opponent, they are victorious! Otherwise the battle is a draw.
  3. Victory points are awarded as follows:
  • +3 VP for each Broken infantry or cavalry regiment. 
  • +2 VP for each Broken artillery or light company.
  • +1 VP for each enemy unit that is currently Shaken.
  • +1 VP for each uncontested hill in British possession.
  • +3 VP for each uncontested hill in French possession.


  • Premeasuring – Players are free to measure distances at any time they wish, whether it is their turn or not.
  • Woods – Must be in Skirmish formation to enter, move through, or leave. All movement through woods is normal pace (cannot March). Shooting at units in the woods incurs a -1 To-Hit penalty (target is obscure).
  • Hills – All hills are gentle (no movement penalty). Hills do not modify shooting, order, or morale tests. Units shooting atop a hill may shoot over friendly units provided they are 6” away.
  • Line of Sight (LOS) – Units draw LOS from the unit leader point to a target in their front arc. Draw a line from this point to the enemy unit. If the line is in the front arc and crosses any point of the enemy unit then it is in LOS. 
  • Shooting – A unit can shoot any target in LOS and the unit’s front quarter (90 degrees). Skirmishers can shoot 360 degrees.
  • Order tests – Roll 2d6, apply modifiers, and compare to the unit’s current number of hits. A double ‘1’ is always a Blunder (failed test). 
    • If the result is greater than the unit’s current number of hits the order is received and carried out.
    • If the result is less than or equal to the unit’s current number of hits the order is failed and the unit must Hold.
  • C-in-C – The C-in-C may attempt to give an order to one unit each turn which has failed its Order Test.

British (& Allies) Order of Battle

  • General Rowland Hill

1st Infantry Brigade – Beresford: 
  • 24th Line – Warwickshire
  • 35th Line – Sussex
  • 92nd Line – Gordon Highlanders
  • 79th Line – Cameron Highlanders
  • Royal Foot Artillery
  • 95th Rifles

2nd Infantry Brigade – Trant:
  • 4th Freire Line – Portuguese
  • 9th Viana Line – Portuguese
  • 21st Valenza Line – Portuguese
  • 14th Tavira Line – Portuguese
  • Foot Artillery – Portuguese
3rd Infantry Brigade – Ompteda:
  • 5th Line – King’s German Legion
  • 1st Line – King’s German Legion
  • 2nd Light – King’s German Legion
  • 2nd Dragoons – King’s German Legion
  • Horse Artillery – King’s German Legion

4th Infantry Brigade – Zayas:
  • Grenadiers – Spanish
  • Reina Line – Spanish 
  • Granada Line – Spanish 
  • Saragossa Line – Spanish 
  • Foot Artillery – Spanish
5th Cavalry Brigade – D’Urban:
  • 9th Dragoons – Portuguese
  • 1st Dragoons – Portuguese

Note:  In the battle report below there are some additional units on the British side — this made it overwhelming for the French to assault the British positions (should be a 1.5x modifier applied to number of units attacking … or, make both sides move to contact by putting objectives in the middle of the table) … the army list above reflects some changes that have been made to the army list.

French Order of Battle

French C-in-C:
  • Marshall Suchet 
1st Infantry Brigade – Robert:
  • 1st Light
  • 114th Line
  • 44th Line
  • 121st Line
  • 27th Line
  • Foot Artillery
2nd Infantry Brigade – Harispe: 
  • 3rd Light
  • 7th Line
  • 116th Line
  • 36th Line
  • 15th Line
  • Foot Artillery

3rd Infantry Brigade – Habert:
  • 14th Line
  • 16th Line
  • 117th Line
  • 26th Line
  • 65th Line
  • Foot Artillery
4th Cavalry Brigade – Boussard:
  • 24th Dragoons
  • 6th Dragoons
  • 13th Cuirassiers
  • 3rd Cuirassiers
  • Horse Artillery

The Battle Report

The French put up a good fight but the British and allied forces were just overwhelming in numbers.  The battle was still a lot of fun and a bloody fight at that … but this is why we playtest our scenarios.  As a result of the battle we’ll be modifying the scenario objectives a little, adjusting the position of the French cavalry bridge (moving it one position over towards the center so there will be infantry and guns either side to support), and finally there are some modifications to the British OOB.
This was Roy’s first game at his place — we played on a beautiful day in his garage – tough times here in California.  Lots of pictures below of the battle.

That’s all for now … more to come as we make the run up to KublaCon 2016.

Frostgrave: Worm Hunts AAR

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Third game in our ongoing campaign was the scenario “Worm hunts” which starts out as a regular search for treasures on a generic board but with each treasure picked up the chance of a giant man-eating worm appearing from below increases (sort of like …

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realm Quest Ep 03

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Enter the Ty-Rad! Jo-Tali, Brody and Eric set off to free Ghyran from the Oppression of Sigmar’s forces of Order in the only way they know how… with ultra-violence. Another big thanks to three of the amazing IndieGoGo backers that made all this possible almost a year ago. You guys are why all this happened!

The Defence of St Harlot’s Wood

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…as it is known by Royalist forces, also referred to as the Second Battle for Curmudgeon Moor by the forces of Parliament.  Both refer equally to a cracking day out with Dux at Chateau Millsy yesterday.

Observant members of the blogosphere …

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 34

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Battle Report – Necromunda -Throwback Thursdays Ep 46

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Frostgrave: The Silent Tower AAR

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Second game in our ongoing Frostgrave campaign, we played the “Silent tower” scenario, which has a magic negating structure in the middle of the board where no magic works. This also means that you can’t use magic against units inside that building, a…

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy – M.31 Ep 22

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The Silent Run is secured. Its guns are trained on the Sons of Vulkan as they retreat to their Stormbirds.
But the XXth legion is hot on their heels, hell-bent to stop them.

Battle Report – This is Not a Test – Nickle City Stories Ep 06

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Swineland: Chapter 1 The US Govnerment had been practicing strict austerity measures due to the war effort prior to the apocalypse of 2077. To try to combat the drain on agriculture, government scientists had been authorized to experiment with the FEV virus on various livestock. When the Hammertown Rileys opened the Continuation of Government bunker […]

The Winged Horse – AAR#4 – Where’s Merville? – Part II

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We recently got chance to finish our game of the “Where’s Merville?” scenario from Red Devils in the night. Part I of the battle can be found here… It was Dave’s phase. Typically at this point, he rolled consecutive phases. The Paras PIAT team couldn’t believe their luck at being presented with such a juicy … Continue reading The Winged Horse – AAR#4 – Where’s Merville? – Part II

Video: Salute 2016 games

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A short video from our roving reporter of the games he found praiseworthy on his visit to Salute at London ExCel centre.

Battle Report – Kings of War 2E – Legends of Mantica Ep 04

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Frostgrave – starting a campaign

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As Caroline became interested in Frostgrave a while back I painted up a second warband and wizard couple for her to play. We recently played a test/learn the rules and then proceeded to play a regular game. In both instances we used the “genie in the bottle” scenario since I had recently painted up the superb Genie and lamp miniature from North Star.

I was playing my Witch along with his apprentice, Caroline opted for the Illusionist. Initially she was not happy with the lack of offensive spells that she had picked but realized she will have to play her wizard in another way – and I told her that she will be able to learn new spells in the future.

She enjoyed the game a lot, so I think there will be more  Frostgrave games between us in the future. The scenario ended with my warband being able to snatch the lamp – with a bit of effort and having to sacrifice one soldier to distract the genie as I was summoning fog screens.

Carolines Illusionist warband set up their home base in the “laboratory”, and accumulated 390 gold as well as a ring of power and a potion of strength as well as a potion of healing. She also decreased the difficulty to cast the Explosive Rune and the Telekinesis spells.

My Witch warband set up a base in the old “Treasury”, and accumulated 340 gold and after selling the Genie lamp and a few small items I also recruited a Templar.
My wizard spent his experience to decrease the difficulty to cast the Elemental Hammer and Shield spells.

Worth mentioning is that we use the “Frostgrave Rules Changes version 1.2 – 27/07/2015″ by BadKarma
Pictures from our test game
Pictures from our first campaign game. The Genie was really acting out in this game once spawened he was chasing my soldiers around. I had to put fog screens and throw away a soldier as a distraction to get rid of him 😀

In our next game we will be adding random encounters.

Battle Report – Malifaux – Unto the Breach Ep 23

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Henchman Ben is back for another 50SS game, his Outcasts against my Neverborn in this encounter from Gaining Grounds 2016. My next two upcoming Gaining Grounds events are April 30th at Lords of War in Oakville Ontario… … and the Ontario Masters at Lords of War Weekend June 5th, Mississauga, Ontario! Hope to […]

First Game Since November

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Annihilation. JohnB went first, dropped an Akal Commando into an air bubble in my deployment zone, and killed half my army, including the Clockmaker that could attempt to fix them. Already half an Order Pool down, and the rest of his targets hiding in his DZ, I ended picked apart as I slowly crossed the … Continue reading First Game Since November

Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 45

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A few more men for the Sun King

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A quick snap of another battalion of Pendraken 10 mm figures from the League of Augsburg range. Walloons in the French army.

The Winged Horse – AAR#4 – Where’s Merville? – Part I

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Last night saw the start of our next scenario in “The Winged Horse” campaign. This is the 5th scenario from ‘Red Devils in the Night’, entitled “Where’s Merville?”. The Scenario This is a hypothetical scenario, written to highlight the issue of the scattered parachute drop of the 3rd Brigade as it attempted to assemble to … Continue reading The Winged Horse – AAR#4 – Where’s Merville? – Part I

Battle Report – Horus Heresy – M.31 Ep 21

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Battle Report – Dark Age – A Forsaken World Ep 07

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Chain of Command: Early War Poles vs Germans city skirmish AAR

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This weekend Johan and I played a game of Chain of Command using our Early War armies. The Poles rolled poorly on their morale track, starting the fight with 8 and becoming the defenders – they picked an R35 tank for support. The attacking Germans star…

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realm Quest Ep 02

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1,500 point Debrief – Astra Militarum Vs Tau

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Another day and another debrief. But this time with a twist. A 180° twist – for today men of the God Emperor, I bring you a 1,500 point victory! A victory against the Tau, what a rare phrase to utter. Cherish it. Although I think it was a given before the game began. I went into this one wanting to win, I had played my opponent a lot over the last two years, I know his forces and I’d just played three games back-to-back against Salamanders the previous weekend. I was stoked, as the kids say. It may have been slightly unfair as […]

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