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Infinity Batrep – Paradiso Mission 201

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Oops. I just realised I had not posted the battle report from my last Infinity Campaign Paradiso mission, despite writing it some weeks ago, and I’ve got the next game booked in this week. So without further ado I present my summary of Campaign Paradiso mission 201. This mission followed on from 103 and had […]

Historicon 2014: Fridays’ Game, One Day during the Seven Days

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 On Friday, Mike and I ran our second ACW game at Historicon.  The game used the same terrain setup from the previous night but was a more traditional “big battle” style game rather than a skirmish.  I decided to use the newish Longstree…

Historicon 2014: Thursday’s Sink the Tennessee! Game

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 This will be the first of several posts discussing Historicon 2014.  As usual, I had a blast and really enjoyed putting on several games with Mike.  Our first game was Thursday night and was a re-run of last year’s game “Sink the Tennes…

Black Templars Vs The Legion of the Damned – Battle Report (Versão em Português).

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  Hello Reader.   Today’s post is the Portuguese version of the battle report featureing Black Templars Vs The Legion of the Damned published here on the blog yesterday. If you missed that, please, do check it out today!   Over and…

Black Templars Vs The Legion of the Damned – Battle Report.

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  Hello Reader.   We have another battle report today that continues the narrative from the battle reports posted recently here on the blog. The first of them featuring Black Templars Vs Blood Angels started this narrative being a “preq…

Engagement Around Caen – Bolt Action AAR

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Played in a large Bolt Action game yesterday.  Adam Clark (check out Adam’s custom Bolt Action projects on his site … - they are outstanding) was kind enough to invite me over to play at his place (thank you Adam!). &…

Bolt Action Day – Two AARs In One Post!

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Hello all,This past Saturday, July 5th, Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Matt Hilzendrager and I got together to play two side-by-side games of Bolt Action.  Roy and I played a bocage scenario while John and Matt played an eastern front scenario.Bocage Bre…

Battle: Kommander Strakhov vs. Grand Scrutator Severius, 50 points

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Played John Christensen (aka Menothjohn) over a year ago. In this second of three games, Strakhov fought the Grand Scrutator.The first part was easy. Cast Occultation (stealth) onto the Black Dragons.Kossites Ambush the Errants and Conquest lays down s…

X-Wing – Assault on Imdaar Alpha: Event Review

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You’ve got to give it to FFG – They’re doing a great job of turning the X-Wing hype-o-meter up to eleven and the recent worldwide Imdaar Alpha event was no exception… There were a number of game stores around my home city of Brighton that were hostin…

Bolt Action – Russians vs Germans

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John Lantz came over on Friday (we had the day off from work) and brought his table and Russians for Bolt Action.  I pulled out my Germans (yes, the tanks are not painted for the eastern front …) and Roy and John played through a game of Bolt Ac…

Black Templars Vs Imperial Guard – Battle report (Portuguese Version).

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  Hello there Reader!   Today’s update it the Portuguese  version of the battle report published here yesterday, so if you missed that post please check it out.   Over and out.   +++   Salve Leitor!   O relatório de ba…

Blitzkrieg Commander II – Early Russian Front 1941

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We had a BKC 2 game set in 1941 Ukraine to have a go with the BKC campaign rules and see how the glorious march of the panzers / glorious defense of the motherland would go. Well, the panzers rolled over the obsolete Russian tanks.

Black Templars Vs Imperial Guard – Battle report.

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  Hello there Reader!   Today’s Battle report is a sequel of sorts to the battle report showcasing the armies of two of my friends (Valter’s Black Templars against Ton’s Blood Angels) I posted here on the blog a while ago. If you missed tha…

Fire & Fury Regimental Playtest

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 Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in another round of play testing over at Rich H’s house.  Rich is the author of the ACW ruleset Fire and Fury Regimental and always puts on a great event.  I played a small scenario on a 4…

Bolt Action AAR – Meeting Engagement

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After finishing some big boardgame related campaigns on my regular Wednesday gaming night and with our Bolt Action and other miniatures collections wanting more use, the regular Wednesday night gaming will now become a night for miniature gaming.This p…

Bolt Action – A Hotel Too Far …

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Happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there … for my day I got together with Roy Scaife and Adam Clark to play a game of Bolt Action.  We played a Normandy D+6 scenario that saw a small section of US airborne hold up in a hotel complex waiting…

Battle Report: 6/6/2014 Bolt Action on D-Day

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Well we could not miss playing a game of Bolt Action on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  So after my son got home from work we headed out to our local game store for a late night game.Since it was D-Day, I let my son play his US army while I comman…

Tabletop Weekend

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Two weeks ago my cousin Sven came over to Berlin for my birthday. I’m 44 now which means I have been into tabletop and role-playing games for 30 years.My original plan was to organise a HOTT mini-campaign for the weekend, but we played one game of Warh…

Paradiso Missions 101-103

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Can’t believe we’re almost half-way through 2014 and I’ve barely played any tabletop games at all. However, I have been slowly working my way through the Infinity Paradiso Campaign with regular opponent JPS – pitching my vanilla Aleph against his Panoceanian Knightly Orders. John and I seem to have the same outlook when it comes […]

FoF campaign start: Enduring Oppression

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We started a new Force of Force campaign yesterday: &#8 […]

KublaCon 2014 Convention Report

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Hello all,Well I must say that my KublaCon weekend was one of the best in many years.  I gamed my butt off and had a great turnout for my games.  I was all packed up and ready to go early Friday morning and after catching some breakfast with …

Battle Report: 5/9/2014 Warhammer ‘Dwarfs vs Skaven’ (2500 Points)

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Friday night May 9th, I played my first game of Warhammer Fantasy in a few years (I did get a quick 1000 point game in the weekend before with my son, but that was more of a refresher on the rules).  I’ve been working on a 2500 point Dark Elves li…

Battle Report: 5/11/2014 Bolt Action ‘Soviet Union vs Germany’ (1000 Points "Maximum Attrition")

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With yesterday being ‘Mother’s Day’, my oldest son and I headed out to our local game store (Empire Games) while the wife was with the youngest two, afterwards we were all going to meet for a late lunch.  Usually my son and I play in the garage, b…

Battle Report: 5/10/2014 X-Wing

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It has been a little bit since I last posted a X-Wing battle report (I did play one or two more games since the last report), but this past weekend was all about getting some games in.  Friday night I got in a game of Warhammer Famtasy, Saturday m…

I-95 Flames of War Italy Tournament

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 Yesterday (5/10), the I-95 gamers held a Flames of War (FOW) Italy themed tournament at a local game store, the “Game Vault” in Fredericksburg, VA. I made the 2 hour drive to participate in my first FOW tournament and enjoyed myself immensely . &…