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Chaos Space Marines versus Space Marines / 40K Battle Report / 1250 points

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The other day I asked Krüger to bring his entire Space Marine Army and he brought: a captain, a terminator squad, a dreadnought, 2 tactical squads, a scout squad, a drop pod and a stormraven, a total of 1250 points.

I played Chaos Space Marines: a winged daemon prince, a chaos lord with a daemon weapon, 2 units of plague marines, a rhino, 3 obliterators and a summoned greater daemon.

Being very laid back old school gamers, we used the 5th edition of 40K as a ruleset. The scenario was capture and control / dawn of war.

turn 1

My daemon prince wiped out Krüger’s scout squad in close combat.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, his dreadnought destroyed my rhino, so the chaos lord and 9 plague marines had to leave the burning vehicle. Krüger fired a twin-linked plasma cannon, 2 melters, a storm cannon, 4 storm bolters and 10 bolters at them and managed to kill 2 plague marines. Then Krüger’s terminators attacked the same unit and killed the chaos lord in close combat. None of the terminators survived. (I rolled a 6 for the daemon weapon.)

turn 2

My obliterators arrived, fired 3 lascannons at the stormraven, landed a glancing hit and immobilised the vehicle. I attacked the tactical squad of space marines next to Krüger’s objecive with my plague marines and lost another 4 of them.

Krüger’s droppod landed close to the objective on my side and 10 space marines disembarked. Then Krüger’s stormraven shot all of his weapons at my obliterators, including 4 bloodstrike missiles, and killed 2 of them.

turn 3

Next to the objective on my side a plague champion was transformed into a greater daemon. Nevertheless only 4 of the 10 plague marines, which were supposed to guard the objective, survived close combat. Next to Krüger’s objective my winged daemon prince was able to attack and kill 3 space marines.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, I lost my last obliterator. Damn. 

turn 4

The greater daemon destroyed Krüger’s tactical squad.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, the stormraven shot down another one of my plague marines, so only one plague marine survived next to my objective. (I had already lost the other unit, but I don’t remember when. Probably in turn 3.)

turn 5

Krüger’s captain killed my winged daemon prince in close combat and what was left of his tactical squat reached the objective on his side.

Then the dreadnought shot down my last plague marine. Krüger won the battle 1:0. Grrrrrr …

Chain of Command AAR – 13th May 2015

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This part two of a battle report – part I can be found here. …as the battle continued, the British 2″ Mortar team looked to try and prevent the Tiger from levelling the farm, and their aim was right on the money… Meanwhile, the smoke shells continued to fall… The Tiger advances down the road, … Continue reading Chain of Command AAR – 13th May 2015

The Waltrop Campaign / Day 3

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The Greeks under the command of general Heracleides and officer Fibos left their camp to explore the beach in hexagon 23. There they encountered a small group of Goblins. Krüger and I played out the battle that ensued using the ruleset Hordes of the Things. I was the defender, Krüger the attacker. I placed four pieces of rough terrain with bushes and some stones to depict the beach.

My army consisted of these elements:

Spear General, 5 Spears, 4 Shooters, 2 Riders

Krüger played this army:

Warband General, 4 Warbands, 1 Hero, 3 Riders, 2 Beasts

I deployed my phalanx in the center, 3 shooters on the right side and 2 riders on the left side. Krüger placed his warbands and hero opposite to my phalanx, his beasts opposite to my shooters and his riders opposite to my riders.

My strategy, if you can call this a strategy, was to send my riders and a shooter forward on my left flank and wait with the rest of my army.

Thus I lost 2 riders and a shooter.

On the other flank I was able to shoot down Krüger’s beasts, combining the attacks of my 3 shooters. And one of Krüger’s riders was pushed back over the board edge. In the center the battle wavered back and forth – I lost 2 spears, Krüger lost a warband – until 2 of my spears killed Krüger’s hero.

The Greeks won the game and were able to occupy hexagon 23.

This is how our campaign map looks like now. Next turn Krüger’s orks will start moving from one of their villages in the jungle.

Battle Report – NEW CONTENT SNEAK PEEK! – Infinity – Combined Army vs. NeoTerra

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NEW CONTENT SNEAK PEEK FOR MAY: Radio Free NeoTerra Episode 8! I wanted to give you guys something in May while I built up content for June. My amazing backers got their first look at it this week, and now the rest of you do too! Known issues, out-of-the-box my mic was preset WAY too […]

Chain of Command AAR – 7th May 2015

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Last night saw the first evening of our third full game of Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies. We were playing scenario three from the rulebook: Attack and Defend. I was to be the attacker, Dave the defender. Dave was once again using his British Paras, and I thought that I would use regular … Continue reading Chain of Command AAR – 7th May 2015

Chain of Command AAR – 30th April 2015

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Part I of this battle report can be found here Part II of this battle report can be found here We continued on with our clash between British Airborne and German Panzer Grenadiers. The action in this final phase of the game was concentrated, unsurprisingly, on the German left flank. It started with the Paras … Continue reading Chain of Command AAR – 30th April 2015

Imperial Guard & Raven Guard Vs Salamanders Battle Report

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So its finally written up and online at The 40K Battle Directory! The lists are on my blog too Salamanders list

The post Imperial Guard & Raven Guard Vs Salamanders Battle Report appeared first on Imperial Guard Blog.

The Waltrop Campaign / Day 1 + 2

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This is how our campaign map looks like after two days of gaming. So what happened?

The Greeks from Saganakia, also called the Aquarians, who started shipwrecked in hexagon 61, moved up the beach. They didn’t encounter monsters and were able to occupy hexagons 51, 50 and 41. In hexagon 32 they met the Greeks from the island Kalimera who have their camp there. The two commanders had a short conversation.

-Γεια σου.
-Γεια σου. Πως σε λένε;
-Με λένε Σπύρος, εσένα;
-Ωραίο όνομα!
-Ευχαριστώ, Σπύρο! Πώς είσαι; 
-Δεν ειμαι και πολύ καλά σήμερα.
-Γιατί; Τι έχεις;
-Ειμαι πολύ χάλια σήμερα.

Heracleides was able to convince Spiros, the Aquarian, to join his army and explore hexagon 31. There they encountered a group of Orks. The Greeks had never seen such horrible creatures before. The Orks probably thought the same about the Greeks.

We simulated the battle that ensued with a 36 point game of HotT. I played 22 points of Greek hoplites and Thracian riders:

Spear General (C-in-C), 8 Spears, 2 Riders

Sven played 12 points of peltasts and psiloi:  

Hero General, 3 Shooters, 2 Lurkers

Krüger played two battle groups that were 24 and 12 points strong, using these elements:

Warband General (C-in-C), 6 Warbands, 1 Hero, 3 Beasts

Hero General, 4 Riders

(I was so busy counting the other players’ elements that I forgot to count mine. I ended up with 22 points, instead of 24 points. And the same happened to me the next day.)

We placed a couple of large rocks, some rough terrain and a waterhole on the board. We decided to play without a stronghold. Krüger started to deploy his troops and put his large battlegroup on one side of the table and his small battlegroup on the other side.

Since warbands are very good against spears, Sven and I decided to field the spears against the riders and the lighter troops against the warbands. Our plan worked and we won the game. So the Greeks under the command of Heracleides were able to occupy hexagon 31 which gives them access to fresh water.

On day 2 of the campaign Spiros, who was in a better mood now, convinced Heracleides to explore hexagon 40. He wanted to look for a base camp for his army. There they discovered an Ork village. Krüger told us the locations of the other Ork villages: hexagons 20, 68, 78 and 38.

We placed tropical forests and some rocks on the battlefield. Krüger was the defender.

Krüger’s large battle group (24 points): 

Warband General (C-in-C), 7 Warbands, 1 Hero, 2 Shooters

His small battle group (12 points):

Hero General, 4 Beasts

My army (22 points):

Spear General (C-in-C), 7 Spears, 2 Riders, 1 Shooter

Sven’s army (12 points):

Hero General, 4 Shooters

The armies deployed more or less in the same way as on the first day and we used the same strategy. We fielded our spears against Krüger’s beasts and our shooters against his warbands.

There was a moment in the game when Krüger thought he would win. He got very nervous and started to chew on my DBX ruler.

We lost 2 spears, 1 rider and 2 shooters. Krüger lost a hero, 3 warbands and 4 beasts, thus loosing the battle for hexagon 40 and a village on the campaign map.

The village was occupied by the Aquarians under the command of Spiros.

Battle Reports – Infinity – Yu Jing vs. Knightly Orders!

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OLD CONTENT WARNING!: This was filmed before I left MWG. I’ve no idea whether the league I refer to will still be happening, but obviously it will not involve me. :)

French Foreign Legion – An Adventure In The Desert!

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Somewhere in the vast Egyptian desert, professor Von Dorf and his daughter, Cora Von Dorf, along with their valuable archaeological finds, have been taken prisoner by a local band of Arabs who a displeased with the infidels intrusion into their territo…

Cossacks vs Muscovites: Delay the enemy AAR

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Earlier this year I ordered a painted up army of Cossacks from the court painter over at I had seen his work on some kickstarter armies and was confident he would provide me with a solid tabletop standard using painting techniques that I …

Battle Report – Infinity – Ariadna vs. Haqqislam!

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This is one of the two final Battle Reports I currently have in the bank. Even though some folks have already backed me on Patreon this battle report will NOT be something I expect them to support. Only the Battle Reports posted with the new equipment and at highest quality will draw from that amazing […]

Khorne Assault Battle Report – Lists

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The Khorne Daemonkin codex has been released, and inkzoo and I were itching to take it for a ride. We’ve been waiting for a decent Chaos book for a while, and in particular one that let inkzoo use his painted and awesome Khorne troops. But first, a story. When I was a young man back […]

Lengel’s Crossroads GT Experience: Take 3

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It’s been two weeks now since the crew returned from the Crossroads Spring Break GT. We all had an awesome time, drank a bunch of beers, rolled some dice, dislocated some knees, and even took home both the first place Player’s Choice…

Warmachine/Hordes: Batrep Nr.2 – Legion vs. Khador

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Since my Legion of Everblight 2-Player-Box arrived some time ago, Numbdice and Me met for a gaming session and sent our wives on a party :) After scanning through the rulebook and all my stuff, we decided to start with a Mangled Metal match so that I c…

Battle Report – Malifaux – Joss vs. Samael 20SS Squatters Rights!

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By Fire & Sword Grand tournament 2015 AAR

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Much of the past month was spent preparing for the grand tournament in Warsaw, the guys at my club got to play the new Deluge book less than they had wanted to due to the late delivery. However we managed to try out many of the new rules and I toyed with several army lists up until the departure.

Initially I wanted to play the Royal city of Gdansk, I even made 3 army lists that I figured would be very competitive and fun to play at low/middle/high end points. Sadly I realized soon during my playtesting that the army would have a difficult time with the new Deluge scenarios, additional effects and pretty much formed a new (better) paystyle at the skirmish level. Deluge rewards mobile armies, and you will have a hard time with a very static force. Imo 7 out of the 10 scenarios in Deluge are very hard for static armies, and only 2 could be counted as directly favorable for static gunlines (defend the crossing and defend the village). 1 last scenario, “Delay the enemy” can also be played with static force but its imo risky to the point of being 50-50.

I was then considering bringing a Swedish force, but wanted to have dragoons – and lacked the models. So in the end I brought a Lithuanian army divided into 3 lists that looked like this:

Lithuania 1655-61
41 Recon points

On their own ground, Swimming, Left hand division Right hand division

Colonel 3 Command points
Rotamaster 1 command point
6 bases of armored Reiters
6 bases of Reiters
12 bases of Cossack style cavalry
10 bases of Volunteers
2 bases of Dragoons

Lithuania 1655-61
16 Recon points

On their own ground, Swimming, Left hand division Right hand division

Colonel  3 command points
3 bases of armored Reiters
3 bases of  Reiters
5 bases of Cossack style cavalry
2 bases of Dragoons
Lithuania 1662-67
21 Recon points

On their own ground, Swimming

3 bases of armored Reiters
4 bases of Elite Reiters
9 bases of Cossack style cavalry
2 bases of Dragoons

Short info on the army lists. In the 2015 tournament, “Small skirmish forces” were being used, so you were forced to bring at least 1 army lists with 7 or less FSP. I settled early on the 1655-61 Lithuanian skirmish force due to the large number of Reiters it could field as well as the recon boosting Volunteers. The list has one big flaw, the rule “Left hand division, Right hand division”  randomly selects a unit or squadron at the start of your movement phase. That selected unit becomes insubordinate and loses its starting order, and if it is already insubordinate it becomes disorganized.

Furthermore the Volunteers suffer from the new “Robbers” rule, which make their deployment and use on the battlefield even more uncertain than ever.

It was only at the tournament when I realized that the best way to limit the impact of those two negative effects on my army was to never consider the Volunteers as anything more than Recon bonus points and increasing the tolerance for taking losses in battle with better units. I deployed the Volunteers in companies instead of squadrons. With more companies the chance of rolling “Left hand division, Right hand division” for an already pretty useless unit like the Volunteers increased. And indeed, during several of my battles the Volunteers absorbed that rule, leaving my better troops unaffected.

The “middle” list ,Lithuania 1662-67, I didn’t play once during the tournament.  Despite being more of a safe bet with no “Left hand division, right hand division” rule I grew to like the maxed out Lithuanian list and huge Recon numbers of Lithuania 1655-61. 
That large list was able to rival even a Tartar skirmish force at 12FSP in the first battle I played during the tournament. And it also seemed like more people had the same idea as me – that  the new rules of Deluge encouraged fielding larger armies. In 4 out of 5 battles I played forces ranging from 12-13 points! 
Now onto the individual battles:
Day 1: Battle 1
My first battle was against “P.” (P Kropka) who was fielding a 12FSP Elite tartar army vs my 13 FSP Lithuanian 1665-61 army.

He picked the scenario “Patrol” and both our huge cavalry armies massed in two opposing lines. Having recently played against my friend Andreas tartars, I had an idea of what I was getting into but still lacked proper experience. I knew that the Tartar units would love me to  chase after them with failed charges only to shoot and charge me to death the next round. As such I attempted to keep my force somewhat coherent during deployment and movement, and advanced cautiously – figuring I would trick the Tartars by doing the opposite of what was expected (like movement/defend order instead of charge even when charges would be possible).

Unfortunately I took that idea a bit too far and was sloppy on a few occasions which cost me unnecessary losses. Admittedly the Tartar player was more aggressive than I would have thought. The battle was a fairly even battle with lots of fighting around the center of the table. We did not manage to play more than 5 rounds before the time (2 hours only per game!) was up. We had both scouted the objectives, and had both taken heavy casualties which ended the battle a draw.

3-3 in big points

Though I am certain that my opponent would have pulled off a tactical victory had we played one more round.

Day 1: Battle 2
Second battle was against “VeyDer” and his small Imperial skirmish force at 4FSP, I fielded my 5FSP Lithuanian army.
On the outset it looked like an easy victory, he rolled and picked “Delay the enemy” and his army only consisted of musketeers, dismounted dragoons and a single cannon.
This battle thought me to carefully read the scenario victory conditions since I lost the battle due to not knowing about how the points were being scored. My opponent was holding two hills and a forest while I was attacking the southern hill closest to my deployment zone – having sent one Reiter company on a Flanking maneuver.
The attacks towards the hill went OK and I did my best to limit my casualties. Then my opponent left his other hill and I figured that he did not control it anymore. Then my flanking cavalry arrived and instead of sending them off the opposite end of the table I decided to gather more points in kills.

What I failed to understand was that a played controlled a hill whether he occupied it or not, as long as he had occupied it for 1 turn. And then my opponent got 2 points if I failed to move any units off the table!!

I was very surprised, and partially shocked when I realized that I had lost a tactical defeat.

Big points 5-0, and 0-0 in small points.

 Day 1: Battle 3
Third battle was against “Ordnyiec” and his 12 FSP Swedish Reiter packed skirmish force against my 13FSP Lithuanian force.

The scenario was “Take and hold”.
Having played a bit against Swedes on division level during the early days of my By Fire & Sword gaming I had huge respect for Swedish Reiters. Their excellent skill, coupled with Good tactical discipline and military drill make them a very dangerous foe.

The enemy had two squadrons of 4 Regular reiters, and two squadrons of Armored Reiters along with 3 commanders.

This was the first time “Left hand division, Right hand division” severely messed me up as the result landed on a company of Lithuanian armored reiters. The remaining company of armored Reiters was also delayed by the enemy with an additional effect. Effectively I was robbed of my best unit and fairly demoralized by this fact. I knew that it would be tough to win with the cossacks and regular Reiters alone.

The battle that unfolded over the next 5 turns was very even, several fights went down with the control of the hill going back and forth between the Lithuanians and the Swedes. The Swedish side also suffered a fair number of casualties early on which made me hopeful that I could pull off a victory. In turn 6 however, things went bad quickly with a show of extraordinarily bad dice rolling on my part. What was to be the decisive final all out assault on the Swedish defense near all 3 victory point locations ended up in a complete failure.

Swedish defensive fire and countercharges coupled with horrific Lithuanian armor save / rolls to hit saw a complete breakdown and my troops were sent either Fleeing or Disorganized away from all 3 victory locations. My opponent just laughed and shook his head at the end result and we shook hands. Despite the total defeat I thought that this battle had been the most intense and even battle so far during the tournament, and also the most enjoyable. Bad luck had seen that two negative effects completely messed up my best unit though and it was hard to work around that loss.

Day 2: Battle 4 
At the start of the second day I was weary of my placement in the rankings – I certainly didn’t want to end up anywhere near the bottom like I did last  year and was determined to pull off two victories in the last two battles to place myself somewhere in the middle of the player rankings.
I had up until this point been spared at least the horror inducing scenarios like attack the river/defend the river, and spared fighting a large cossack army which I had seen being played in a “defend the village” scenario which (with that combination of army and scenario) looked like a complete nightmare for the attacking player.
Ironically just as I was thinking about it was announced that I was to play against a cossack player!

My fourth opponent was “Alexander07″ and he played Cossacks at 13FSP! I played my Lithuanian 13FSP list. Rolling the scenario “Take and Hold” was to be played again. At least I now had an idea how the scenario worked and despite my worry about the wagon train my opponent had I was at least confident that I would not overlook any victory conditions.

I played this scenario pretty carefully, only allowing myself a couple of “let’s try and see what happens” moves. What happened was that the hill was captured by my troops early on, but the closing cossack trains were soon going to cause me problems. So I formed 3 attack groups poised at the wagon train and cossacks in the middle of them and attempted a  charge. This first attempt was ground to a halt when one unit was sent fleeing through the other two and ended up disorganizing them – completely disrupting my entire attack plan.

My opponent sighed in relief and laughed a little, rightly so. Fortunately the losses from that assault were minimal. And as he moved up the remained of his cossacks on the left flank on I realized that more attacks like that would cost me too many casualties and forced me to focus on the victory locations. Most of the fighting during the second half of the game was on my right flank, between a Reiter squadron and cossack infantry acting alone outside of the safety of their wagon support.  This yielded some much needed kills to the enemy army, but I also took a surprising amount of losses myself. In the end I decided I would focus on the victory locations and just keep my troops out of harm’s way – a single charge my mounted cossacks went my way as they were beaten back and the hill remained in Lithuanian hands despite cannon ball and case shot fire from the wagons.

The battle ended a 5-2 for the Lithuanians as I held the hill, 1 approach and had acceptable losses compared to the enemy heavy losses.

Day 2: Battle 5
My final battle was against “Pawel Siarkiewicz”, who I would later learn is the main proof reader of the Deluge rulebook! He was fielding a Swedish 12FSP reiter force, identical to that of “Ordyniec” who was playing against me in my 3rd battle. Interestingly enough the “Take and hold” scenario was rolled again.

This meant I would play the same scenario a third time. I had nothing against this fact, since I think the scenario forces both sides to actively engage each other which makes for a dynamic game. The second reason I was pleased with the scenario beside that was that I got a chance to try an idea that I could not against Ordyniec as my armored Reiters had been out of order in that battle.

No, in this battle I deployed my armored Reiters so that they would move against the hill, they were flanked by Reiters who became “insubordinate”. Then I deployed a “light flank” made up of two squadrons of cossack style cavalry, their aim was to make a joint charge and destroy an enemy squadron as soon as possible and then flank the remainder of the Swedish force.

Pawel had deployed fields in my path however, and that charge of Cossack style cavalry was slowed down enough to allow him to move out of reach, having my flank slightly disorganized with only 1 cossack style cavalry reaching their target. On their own, they could not break the Swedes and were thrown back across the field.

The fighting around the hill went somewhat better, with me rolling above average and Pawel rolling below average when our armored Reiters clashed. His good tactical discipline and my numerical superiority resulted in several draws, but his squadrons around the hill ultimately lost one attached commander and were thrown back from the hill. I consolidated my position with both Reiter regiments and kept fighting with the cossack style cavalry on the right flank and harassing the enemy with Volunteers on the left flank.

The battle was close, especially with the “Fatigue” effect that Pawel inflicted upon me as the stronger player. This caused the morale of my troops to drop by 1 point, and made the end game a very shaky experience with morale checks at morale 4.

But ultimately, with some luck and experience from having played the same army 4 times and the same scenario 3 times I pulled off another tactical 5-2 victory.


I ended the tournament at place 35 out of 68 with 15 Big Points and 7 small points which I was happy with. Though I curse myself for overlooking so much in the “Delay the enemy” scenario against VeyDer, as it could probably have been 3 tactical victories, 1 draw and 1 loss had I fully understood the victory conditions. 

The overall experience of the tournament was good. I had a great time during my battles. The 2 hour limit was very stressfull for large armies at the start of the tournament, but towards the end I knew how all my effects/charts worked and could work out my army special rules very quickly. But with the shift towards larger armies this year I think the time limit should be extended with 30 minutes to compensate for all the new effects that require dice rolling and randomly picking affected units. 

The strongest impression I took with me from the tournament is that By Fire & Sword as a skirmish level game feels a lot more polished, almost to the point of feeling like a new game. The new scenarios, additional effects etc provide a whole new experience and you can no longer rely on certain scenarios being rolled or certain effects always being available for you. I think the Deluge book has reduced the boring “meta-gaming” of certain armies at certain point levels, and forced players to try out new things.
Full list of players, their armies and their rankings
1 Jarema iconHRE 22 30
2 Szwedzki iconTRA 21 29
3 Gajowy iconTUR 20 33
4 P. iconTAT 20 27
5 Masakrator iconTUR 20 24
6 Olbracht iconTUR 19 25
7 Alexandros iconRON 19 22
8 pnzr iconTUR 19 22
9 Kidziak iconTAT 19 22
10 Artois iconKOZ 19 21
11 Lubelak iconSWE 19 17
12 Skościański iconRON 19 16
13 Orris iconTAT 18 25
14 Przemek Gorek iconKOZ 18 23
15 Piotroslav iconTAT 18 22
16 Veyder iconHRE 18 8
17 Sowabud iconTAT 17 23
18 Seebar iconPRU 17 22
19 Netcop iconSWE 17 16
20 Mario iconRON 17 15
21 Bombel iconSWE 17 14
22 zk1944 iconRUS 17 14
23 Fensir iconRUS 17 12
24 Samu iconRUS 17 7
25 Mires iconRON 16 27
26 Moggrash iconTUR 16 20
27 Adek iconRON 16 16
28 Adam2412 iconRON 16 13
29 Geralt iconHRE 15 29
30 Niepokalany iconRON 15 14
31 Kijanka iconRON 15 14
32 Filip iconRUS 15 13
33 Wrednobrody iconKOZ 15 9
34 Rahumene iconRON 15 9
35 Anatoli iconRON 15 7
36 Wicio iconDAN 14 16
37 Sztazi iconRON 14 13
38 Enma iconTUR 14 12

39 Skoczek HRE 14 11
40 Pug iconRON 14 5
41 Anders iconSWE 14 4
42 Avallar iconRON 14 3
43 Iluzagin iconTAT 13 18
44 Diacon iconHRE 13 16
45 Paweł Siarkiewicz iconSWE 13 15
46 Pancer23 iconRON 13 14
47 Ordyniec iconSWE 13 5
48 Jacek Cybulski iconRON 13 5
49 Emen75 iconRON 13 3
50 Eoderen iconRON 12 11
51 Tomek Kurpiewski iconRON 12 8
52 Vojti iconHRE 12 7
53 Malmstrom iconRUS 12 6
54 Aleksander07 iconKOZ 12 5
55 Tomasz Korkus iconRON 12 3
56 Daw iconKOZ 12 2
57 Juha iconTUR 11 9
58 Cichy iconTAT 11 7
59 Najemnik iconSWE 11 5
60 Blak iconHRE 10 12
61 Norbert T. iconHRE 10 7
62 Cukierek iconRON 10 2
63 Łukasz G. iconRON 9 7
64 Bartosz P. iconRON 9 6
65 Tim van der Weyden iconSWE 8 2
66 Plusman iconSWE 7 0

Battle Report: Elves vs Orcs

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Now that the Easter holidays have arrived I have been able to get the boys together for another Battle Companies skirmish in the new den. Alex chose to be Elves, and used his own painted figures, whilst Nick used some of the orcs that I got for him che…

Hey, I didn’t lose a game…

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Fresh off our weekend at Crossroads Spring Break GT, I wanted to give a quick recap of my games, my list, and where I feel the meta is at the moment in the Northeast. List: Grey Seer 5++, Power Scroll…

Battle Reports – Infinity – Tohaa vs. Nomads

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My quest to teach everyone in the world to play Infinity N3 continues with Mike from Epic Duck Studios! NOTE: I haven’t played my Tohaa yet in N3. Or really a lot at all. ;)

Battle of Salamanca – Black Powder AAR

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Battle of Salamanca – July 22nd, 1812

Roy Scaife, John Lantz and I got together today to play test our Napoleonic scenario for Black Powder that we plan to run at KublaCon this coming May (memorial day weekend here in the US).  Roy did a great job of putting together the scenario – working partly from the historical battle and the scenario that is covered in the Albion Triumphant: Volume 1 expansion for Black Powder.


After the capture of Badajoz and Ciudad Rodrigo, the Duke of Wellington advanced into Spain. Marshal Marmont’s French Forces were waiting for him. Marmont was able to threaten the British supply lines and force Wellington to fallback. On July 22nd, Marmont encountered a British force in plain view on a ridge and clouds of dust moving away to the south. Thinking he had caught Wellington’s rearguard, Marmont extended his army to flank the defenders. Unfortunately for Marmont, what he thought was the rearguard was Wellington’s left flank, and the clouds were from the baggage train Wellington had sent towards Ciudad Rodrigo. Wellington immediately ordered his army to attack.


This scenario covers the center of the Battle of Salamanca. The French left is certainly lost to Marmont’s fatal mistake. With Thomieres’ and Curto’s Divisions unsupported they are relatively easy for Packenham’s infantry and Cotton’s cavalry to overwhelm. On the French right Foy and Ferrey attempt to support the center, but they are checked by the 1st and Light Divisions of the British. A victory in the center for either side will divide the enemy’s army and deal a decisive blow to the enemy.

The overall battlefield and focus area of our battle.

As you can see from the map above, we are focusing in on a specific part of the overall battlefield.  This translates into the table layout below.

Victory Conditions & Points

The game lasts 6 turns or until, at the end of a turn, one or both of the armies become broken (1/2 or more brigades are broken).  Victory points are allocated as follows:

  • Lesser Arapiles hill – French controlled = 6VP, British controlled = 3VP
  • Greater Arapiles hill – French controlled = 3VP, British controlled = 6VP
  • For each full size Infantry or Cavalry unit destroyed or shaken (at game end) = 2VP
  • For each Artillery unit or small/tiny sized unit destroyed or shaken (at game end) = 1VP
  • For each enemy general (brigade or C-in-C) removed from play = 1VP
  • If your opponents army is broken = 6VP
  • For each of your opponents broken brigades = 2VP
At games end, count up your victory points.  Determine the difference in victory points.  For the player with more victory points, consult the following results:
  • +0-5VP = Draw
  • +6-10VP = Minor Victory
  • +11 or more = Major Victory

British Order of Battle

  • Wellington – SR 9
1st Brigade – Clinton – SR-7: 
  • 79th Line – Cameron Highlanders
  • 92nd Line – Gordon Highlanders
  • 2nd Line – King’s German Legion 
  • 85th Light – Bucks Volunteers 
  • 60th Rifle Company 
  • 1st Royal Foot Artillery
2nd Brigade – Cole – SR-7:
  • 3rd Foot Guards – Scot’s
  • 2nd Foot Guards – Coldstream
  • 52nd Light – Oxfordshire 
  • 1st Line – King’s German Legion
  • 95th Rifle Company
  • 3rd Portuguese Foot Artillery
3rd Brigade – Leith – SR-7:
  • 42nd Line – Royal Highlanders
  • 5th Line – King’s German Legion 
  • 29th Line – Worcestershire 
  • 35th Line – Sussex 
  • 95th Rifle Company
  • 2nd Royal Foot Artillery
4th Brigade – Hope – SR-7:
  • 51st Light – King’s Own/Yorkshire 
  • 2nd Light – King’s German Legion 
  • 9th Portuguese Cacadores Light Regiment
5th Brigade – Cotton – SR-8:
  • 1st Hussars (Light) Cavalry- King’s German Legion
  • 10th Hussars (Light) Cavalry – Prince of Wales Own 
  • 3rd KGL Horse Artillery

French Order of Battle

French C-in-C:
  • Marmont – SR 8
1st Brigade – Sarrut – SR-7:
  • 2nd Line Infantry 
  • 4th Line Infantry
  • 27th Line Infantry
  • 36th Light Infantry
  • Foot Artillery Battery
2nd Brigade – Bonnet – SR-7: 
  • 118th Line Infantry 
  • 119th Line Infantry
  • 122nd Line Infantry
  • 130th Light Infantry
  • Foot Artillery Battery
3rd Brigade – Brennier – SR-7:
  • 65th Line Infantry
  • 22nd Line Infantry
  • 50th Line Infantry
  • 17th Light Infantry
  • Foot Artillery Battery
4th Brigade – Maucune – SR-7:
  • 15th Line Infantry
  • 25th Light Infantry
  • Foot Artillery Battery
  • Foot Artillery Battery
5th Brigade – Boyer – SR-8:
  • 6th Dragoon Cavalry
  • 11th Dragoon Cavalry 
  • Horse Artillery

Pictures & Our AAR

Our game lasted 5 turns.  By the end of turn 5 both armies had broken, with 4 of 5 French brigades broken and 3 of 5 British brigades broken.  Two British generals died when the units they where leading in melee were destroyed.  The French suffered heavy casualties – and it wasn’t looking good for them until they managed a great round of shooting in turn five that saw many British units move to “shaken” (with counts against brigade and army morale).  The British cavalry was destroyed by turn two but the French could never capitalize on the opportunity due to poor command rolls.  Two of the British brigades (in the center) failed brigade orders in the first couple of turns which delayed getting them engaged and allowed the French to move forward early to engage the left and right British flanks.  The official VP results are after the pictures below.

So who won?  The end of turn 5 VPs worked out as follows:

  • +3VP (holding lesser Arapiles)
  • Destroyed/shaken French units:
    • 6 x Infantry = 12VP
    • 2 x Cavalry = 4VP
    • 1 x Artillery = 1VP
  • +6VP (French army broken)
  • +8VP (4 x broken French brigades)
  • +3VP (holding greater Arapiles)
  • Destroyed/shaken units:
    • 8 x Infantry = 16VP
    • 2 x Cavalry = 4VP
    • 2 x Rifle Companies = 2VP
  • +2VP (British generals killed)
  • +6VP (British army broken)
  • +6VP (3 x broken British brigades)
That leaves the difference in VPs at +5 in favour of the French which is a DRAW (one more VP and they would have pulled out a minor victory!).
Overall it was a great game — we are adjusting two things:
  1. The woods between the two central British brigades will be reduced to a single tree — the larger tree clump really limited the British ability to deploy their brigades.
  2. Replace one of the French Dragoon units with a French light cavalry unit (either Hussars or Chesseur a Cheval).
I also finished my army quick references for the Albion Triumphant Volume 1 French and British lists this morning …

Well — that’s it for today — I hope you enjoyed the report!

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