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Judge Dredd – Ape Gang Vs Iron Stan!

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Having survived a miraculous escape from death, playboy zillionaire Stanley Park had risen from the ashes reborn a new as the lone vigilante Iron Stan. And with gangs roaming the streets and the Judges under pressure to control the ensuing chaos, …

Adepticon Slideshow Spectacular!

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The Epic Gamer

Some shots from a few of my Adepticon events this year. First up is the Legends of the Old West: Battle at the Little Bighorn event. All the terrain and figs were provided. I took control of Captain Benteen and a few of us his men. We actually managed …

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Feora Protector of the Flame, 50 points

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The irregular schedule of irregularity continues rather irregularly.Early in 2013, I traveled up to Milwaukee to play a game against Menoth John of the infamous Ask MenothJohn thread and Painting with Menoth John. I brought the Heavy Armor Battalion an…

By Fire & Sword Warsaw 2014 tournament AAR

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This will be a quick rundown of my By Fire & Sword tournament games ( I realized that I had not taken as many pictures as I would have wanted and many of the “game in progress” pictures turned out badly…).Andreas and I arrived in Poland on Frida…

Battle Report – Chain of Command Goes Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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Bedknobs and Broomsticks! The words leaped out of the page at me as I was reading the TooFatLardies’ 2013 Christmas Special (an excellent resource by the way – so if you haven’t gotten your paws on it, don’t delay). Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of my favourite movies as a kid, although I could never […]

Blood Angels Vs Black Templars – Battle report.

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Hello there Reader.   I went home to spend the weekend a couple of weeks ago and invited a few friends over to share a few beers and roll some dice. I still haven’t gotten around to understanding how the new Eldar Codex works (and to be honest I…

Ruth’s Birthday Bonanza

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The Epic Gamer

Some shots from the games this past Sunday. Eight of us got together in honor of Ruth’s birthday (like we needed an excuse to game…).

Battle: The Butcher of Khardov vs. Chieftain Madrak Ironhide, 50 points

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Steve Keplinger was a newer player when I brought the Butcher to his Madrak. It’s a crazy infantry shredding game that ends in a rush and a whiff..The Chieftain takes position on the hill with Surefoot supporting his champions. Cleverly, Madrak present…

Legion of Doom: a comic After Action Report

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“Why don’t you Germans do the fighting General, and let us Italians build the roads?” House of Hengist dig out their Italians.  It’s Borscht versus Bruschetta:  

Battle Review: 1,250 Tournament with CSM

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Yesterday was a 1,250 Warhammer 40K tournament at an LGS and I brought along my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I have been working out the list I want to bring to Fratris Salutem, a 40K event in a few months, so I wanted to try a scaled down ver…

Battle: Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs. Kallus Wrath of Everblight, 50 points

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Supreme Kommandant Irusk had a nice little fight against Kallus.

The Wreck marker on the hill isn’t a wreck, but is probably a heavy warjack of some kind. I can’t remember if this list uses Beast-09 or not. Probably, since he can’t balance on that h…

Chef de Bataillon game

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We had a blast from the past in our latest game night. […]

X-Wing – Mega Tournament!

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At the end of last year, Gambit Games UK held their second X-Wing Tournament. In a change to a straight up knockout format, the players would also be competing to gain vital mission objective points, all themed around classic scenes and battles from ac…

Han shot first indeed!

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Hoi,Yesterday buddy Mark and his son Enzo, came over to play a game of X-wing the miniatures game. Enzo being a big fan ofHan Solo and the Falcon we decided to play the catch the container scenario out of the Falcon’s rule-booklet.I wanted to use my TI…

FFotW – The Battle of Finuval Plain

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Battle of Finuval Plain from HoodlingToday again something more hoby related. Perhaps some of you remember the last massive battlereport from Hoodling (The Battle of Hel Fenn) I posted a while ago. And he and his mad crew did it again: An unbelievable …

BF&S Winged Hussars in Courland AAR

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This weekend Andreas and I tried out our intended armies for the Polish championship, I ran the Gosiewski foray with Lithuanian Winged Hussars while Andreas ran Courland with some new additions that were WIP. We played two games, both were the dreaded …

BF&S Cossack attack on Courland village AAR

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Christian and Andreas also played a game of By Fire & Sword, using the same huge Cossack list that Christian had faced my Poles while Andreas fielded 5 pts of Courland troops.The scenario was attack on the village and the wildly outnumbered Courlan…

Race to the Wire: a comic After Action Report

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More Afrika Korps madness for you:  

Battle Review: Disciples of Twilight vs Eldar

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On Wednesday my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, faced off against Eldar in a 1,500 game of 40K. I brought along a list I’ve been toying with for Fratris Salutem, a 40K event this spring, that features my Warpsmith, Grimtech. The list can be…

Mega Bolt Action Game: German End Game

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With the main British thrust towards the ruined cathedral now clearly evident, the 21st Panzer Division was committed to the German right flank. The PzIV-H swept around in an outflanking manoeuvre to surprise the British , but poor navigation in the wi…

Trench Raider Triple

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Myself, Ed and Ollie recently got together for some superb games of Ed’s self-penned ruleset, Trench Raiders. This post covers my French raiding team in their first game as attackers and a (narrow) victory, and a superb stealthy victory by Ed’s Brits a…

Mega Bolt Action Game: British End Game

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Reporting in to complete the After Action report from the British lines.  If you missed the first part look here, or even here if you like Lord Haw Haw’s propaganda clap trap of what the Jerries thought of the opening stages of the battle.


AWI Action – Brother Against Brother

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Had a great “president’s day” wargame this past Monday.  Matt, Tibor, Roy and I all got together and played an American War of Independence (AWI) game using the Brother Against Brother rules.  It was interesting to see how these rules compare…

Battle Review: 1,000pt 40K Tournament

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Saturday was a 40K tournament at my LGS at 1,000pts. I brought along my Disciples of Twilight, Chaos Marines, and ran this list. The idea with the list was something fun and themed as I’m aiming towards getting a list finalized for Fratris Salute…

Mega Bolt Action Game: Sannerville Dawn!

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This amusing interlude brought to you by Leutnant James: