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Happy Broo year!

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Rather than start a new army, because I already have enough, I’m digging out my Beastmen to use for Kings of War. In KoW they are affectionately known as “The Herd.” I’m sure there’s…

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Realms Of Chaos: Born From Violence The Unriven!

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Greetings and welcome back to the waste lands, a Champion has risen and his influence rises. let me tell you the tale of Drogorn ‘The Unriven’ Champion Of Khorne.So my Champion has a name, and one I quite like as it is based on an old character I use t…

Realms Of Chaos: A Champion Rises!

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So today I did something a little random.  Keeping in theme with the Chaos Warbands ideal, I decided to roll my Chaos Champion and his retinue. This gives me some nice direction for the collection and stops me going overboard with the buying; beca…

Realms Of Chaos: Welcome (Back) To The Wastelands By Chris

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Greetings and welcome (back) to the Wastelands! regular followers will have noticed that my Twitter feed has been rife with Oldhammer activities. What was meant to be a small addition to an existing project, has very quickly spiraled into a full blown …

Ghorgons and Giants and Bloodthirsters… oh my!

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This month has been quite a hectic one, and has included painting up these three monsters for Turbo Tape Games, a Norwegian computer game company that is working with a Warhammer license.I know that the Ghorgon is being used as a prize in a promotional…

Nurgle day! More Oldhammer Plaguebears and Palanquin

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It’s Nurgle Tuesday and so I have painted some more unique Nurgle models. This time I’m back onto the Plaguebearers. The scheme is pretty simple, so I did another 3, bringing the total to 6 unique Plaguebearers. I have 19 different models so far, as follows: There’s also one later generation of metals and the […]

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Oldhammer Pestigor

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Continuing the challenge to paint something Nurgle every 7 days, I’ve done a tester piece for my Nurgle Beastmen – aka Pestigor. This is the first classic Beastman I’ve painted and it’s certainly very different from the plastics. I wanted to combine rusty metals, with pale clothing and ill-looking flesh. I quite like the idea […]

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Gruss vom Krampus

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For the Myth round I chose to do Krampus. I was first introduced to this mythological creature by the TV Show Grimm. The thought of a monster that punishes children, as jolly St. Nick gives them presents, fascinated me.I found some interesting informat…

Assembling the Oldhammer Beastman horde

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The horde grows. I have been very distracted by Minotaurs. The lovely folk over at the Oldhammer trading group (a sister group of the Oldhammer forum) are great for trading miniatures. I’ve been swapping unwanted treasures for all sorts of hairy goodne…

Oldhammer Minotaurs

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Trading has been fruitful. I’ve amassed quite the pile of Minotaurs and Beastmen now, so I am starting to work on assembling and painting the models! Deciding how to paint models that are almost as old as myself is quite intimidating, but I am eager to…

Oldhammer Beastmen

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I’ve finally decided on an army to label “Oldhammer” and it’s one I’ve slowly collected classic models for over a long time. I’ve always liked Beastmen, but refrained from starting another army as Warhammer wasn’t being played locally. Now it is and I …

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Some of you may be aware that I have been on sabbatical/hiatus/break/time out whatever you want to call it. I have been taking some personal time or rather dealing with real life which generally happens when you’re trying to finish a high level diploma, buy a house, look after a 1-year-old have a heavily pregnant […]

Showcase: Beastmen, Malagor the Dark Omen

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Here he is, Malagor the Dark Omen. A Beastmen Bray-Shaman with a couple of unique rules and access to several of the better lores of magic. He is all but worshipped by other Beastmen who consider him the herald of doom for mankind.More after the jump »

Miniature Obscura: Unusual miniature ranges you might not be aware of….

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My fave things about miniatures, is the fact there are loads of really weird and wonderful stuff to be found, yeah I like the usual stuff too, but I much prefer the more out there and wacky. In fact, the weirder the better! I thought that I’d hig…

Miniature Obscura: Unusual miniature ranges you might not be aware of….

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My fave things about miniatures, is the fact there are loads of really weird and wonderful stuff to be found, yeah I like the usual stuff too, but I much prefer the more out there and wacky. In fact, the weirder the better! I thought that I’d hig…

Salute in Review: Mat Bought Toys!

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And relax… So that was Salute. Well I have to say for my first show since Games Day many moons ago it was great and I loved every minute… But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me take you back to the Friday before… It’s Friday night and I’m getting ready for the early morning start […]

The Shell Case does Salute – Mat

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As the 12th April comes ever closer and the prospect of another day filled with nothing but the sights, sounds and smells of the UK’s best all-round gaming show (and with the recent trend with Games Day, arguably just the outright best) fills our every waking thought (especially Mat’s – it’s his first time and […]

It’s all for the Greater Good

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We are coming up to my anniversary. That’s right its been nearly a year since my re-insertion into the hobby. Which I imagine to be a bit like being reinserted into the Matrix but a lot less sinister and somewhat more enjoyable.  A lot has happened in the last 12 months and a great deal of […]

A Tale of Two Armies – Chapter 2

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Ahead of the narrative to go with the 1,000 point game Lee and I played a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to write a middle part to set the scene, if you will. von Strauss grunted with satisfaction as Baduk’s axe impacted against the chest of his beastman opponent with a wet snap of […]

Mordheim: Beastmen

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The Albion Dark Emissary proxied for the Beastman ShamanSo this weekend just gone I found my Fiance’s old Mordheim warband in the loft (well the painted parts of it at least). She never finished the warband (she paintes really REALLY slowly (e.g she ta…

In the future, even goats wear shades…15mm Irregular Miniatures Sci-fi Goatmen

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Well, I’m back after a time of chaos and stress, hope you haven’t missed me too much!. Yes, as well as it was half term, I haven’t had much time near the PC as I would have liked, but it did mean I could attempt to get some stuff pain…

Minotaur Lord

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Greetings one and all. To those who have been dropping in on "Today I have mostly been…" (PVP’s daily work in progress Tumblr feed) will know that I have been painting an Avatars of War Minotaur Lord for a client and hoo boy, this fellow is huge.

I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of most of the Avatars of War range but this guy is something else. There’s such a sense of weight and momentum to

Fifty shades of brown

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     Here is my take on the Bray Shaman. I have painted him a a month ago just didn’t feel like posting pictures. Now he is available on eBay so good luck on your bidding. Hope you like him.Feed your Imagina…

First Bestigors

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I didn’t have much time last night but I got my first Bestigors finished. Only twenty six left to go! I am guessing a regiment of thirty or so is enough, I think forty is fairly excessive at a standard game level. These are really nice models to paint….

A Horde Arrives

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I managed to finish my Gor Horde. That is the first purpose built regiment for eighth edition. Aalmost every other one I have built over the years topped out at twenty or so models, maybe I stretched it to thirty with Skaven and Goblins. There are a fe…