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Coming Soon: Grinning Skull’s first adventure module, The Witch’s Daughter!

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Well, almost ready for release is the first Grinning Skull Adventure module, “The Witch’s Daughter”, Other than these few images, I’m not telling you too much, other than a little tease of a few pages. It’ll be on sale in a few days, and I’ll tell you more then!

Skulltaliser Update (and you can buy me a coffee if you like!)

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So, it’s that time again to show you where we are on the mighty Skulltaliser chart at this point in time. So, we’re at $59 so far. Will we reach the goal by the end of the month? I would say so. One thing you can do to help is buying me a coffee! Yes […]

Must Contain Minis becomes One-Year Old!!!

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Exactly one year today, I wrote the first post on Must Contain Minis. Since then, I published 180 articles with a total pageview count of over 190,000. Not bad at all!   :)In today’s article, I am going to write a little bit about Must C…

Chris Cornell, R.I.P.

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A quick post (First of the day, that is) Can’t believe that the great Chris Cornell is gone. This is terrible news. He was a fantastic front man, from Soundgarden to Audioslave, and a successful solo career too, his voice was unique and soulful. My thoughts are with his family and those close to him. […]

Skulltaliser Update!

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Just an update to the Skulltaliser total so far today. So, total raised for the pot is $12.94, we’re off at just over a tenth of the way there. Can we get there by the end of the month? I should hope so! I’ll pop the Skulltaliser graphic in the top of the side bar […]

All Hail the Skulltaliser!

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Ok, if you have been reading this blog of late, you’ll be aware that I have a plan to pull in $99 to monetise this here blog, and before I reveal the Skulltaliser in it’s glory, I want to clarify a few things. So, I’m probably not the best at putting what I mean across […]

Tidying Up My Blog

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My typing is terrible and as a blogger who would like people to take him at least a little bit seriously I should really have done something about it. Every time I look, which isn’t that often, I find a typing error, usually where I have managed to hit…

Seriously though, would YOU be willing to be my Patron?

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So, I like talking shit, and if your a regular here, you’ll agree! So earlier, I asked the “lovely and not at all aloof” forum posters on a well known RPG forum, if they could offer any suggestions to add to my mad, get monetised quick scheme. As you might imagine, it’s good job that […]

The Skulltaliser (Otherwise known as, The WordPress Monetisation Rant!)

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So, where to begin…ages ago, as the old memory serves that is, blundering head first into trying to monetise my blog here, I ended up hitting a snag, old readers will remember the Semalt debarkle, and as a result of that rant, I ended up dropping myself in the shit and getting this blog shut […]

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #44

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Wow! It’s been over 3 months since I’ve done one of these. I have no good excuse either. So, let’s dive in. Now, these first two are from back in January, when I started collecting for this. I’m sure those bloggers won’t mind traffic on some slightly older content :) The last one is recent, and what reminded me I’ve neglected doing a wargaming bloggers showcase. De Silentio Umbrae: XXX – Showcase: Nurglings Stats does some great work in the name of Nurgle, so it’s not surprising that his Nurglings look great. The thing that really caught my eye with these is the mucus…continue reading

New release for April: 100 Rumours for all Sci-fi & Near future RPGs

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Well, it’s April already, and doesn’t the year unfold quick? Well, as ever, check out the latest release from Grinning Skull, with 100 Rumours for all Sci-fi & Near future RPGs. To check out this title, click this link to be taken to the product page Or to visit our RPGnow publisher page, click below!

Possibly the best TV advert? EVER!! (Oh yes!!)

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If you live here in the UK, you have probably seen this excellent advertisement for Moneysupermarket (Comparison site) that features Skeletor, Iconic 80’s cartoon villain. All I can say, is Brilliant! By far the best advert I have seen in a long, long time! So for the benefit of my international visitors who may not […]

Guess who’s back? The Return of the Skull!!

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Well, long time no post! Yes I’m back. Yup, it’s been a long time since I was here to post, so I thought it was time to get back into the old blogging and let you know what I’m up to. I suppose I’ve been putting off doing a revamp on this site, and yes […]

Monetizing a Miniature Gaming Blog

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To begin, I would like to start by setting the frame. This article is about my experience monetizing my Blog. It is a long post that includes information on what I have done to monetize the Blog, my thoughts on the subject and my plans for the future.F…