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Combining Conan with Frostgrave: Painting Up Conan The Boardgame (by Monolith)

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A few months ago, Asmodee sent Must Contain Minis a Review Copy of Conan the Board Game. This is a very enjoyable game and for those that want to read earlier posts about it, check out my Initial Impressions / Unboxing post and my first&…


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I’ve just pimped my copy of Santorini by painting the 3 sets of characters. These are probably the worst miniatures I’ve painted since the “Fury of Dracula” ones. I don’t understand why they went with such small models, I really believe the game would look better with bigger models. Anyway, it’s an abstract game and they do the job I guess. Paint job was quick, I just wanted 3 different colours easily differentiated.

Je viens de finir les figurines du jeu de plateau “Santorini”. C’est vraiment pas jojo comme modèles, les pires depuis la “Furie de Dracula”. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils ont utilises des figurines si petites, le jeu serait vraiment plus chouette avec une autre échelle..bref, le jeu fonctionne quand même et est super.

Project Elite – Initial Impressions

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Now here is a game that I wanted to try for a long time, and I got to play it this weekend. My buddy James owns it (along with most of the expansions) and broke it out for his Birthday Party!The Alien Pack Expansion for Project Elite. The Adrenali…

Unboxing Zombicide: Black Plague by Cool Mini or Not

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Unboxings Games is one of the things that Must Contain Minis enjoys sharing with its readers. Zombicide: Black Plague is a game that I wanted since the Kickstarter Campaign started. For Christmas, one of my family members bought me the retail version o…

Future – 2017

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Quite a bit late, but I am back to have a look at the year ahead and what games I’m excited to play (and buy). Hopefully it’ll be more of the former than the latter. Eek!

Board Games

The game I’m probably most exited to get my hands on is First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet by Ignazy Trzewiczek and Portal Games. Mars was the big new board game theme last year and in the end the

Conan Battle Report – In the Clutches of the Picts

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This past week, I took my copy of Conan to my favourite “Friendly Local Gaming Store”(Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada) and ran a demo game. What an awesome time I had! Thanks goes out to Asmodee for sending me this copy of Conan.Check…

Podcast: Secret Hitler vs Ultimate Werewolf

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Best Play was born in the first half of 2016, with a mission to help bring better board games to more people. We feel like thing have gone well so far, with our Gist series, our Recommends series and our Funny Old Games all landing pretty much how we wanted them to. At Christmas we took a […]

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The Gist: Mechs vs Minions

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Mechs vs Minions in under a minute. It’s a truly epic game of programming cartoon mechs dished out at a manageable pace. It’s for 2-4 players and is great for couples or a committed group of friends to play over several sessions. Pre-order the next print wave direct from Riot games here.

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Neuroshima Hex iPad Review

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Neuroshima Hex iPad and iPhoneIn 2015 I got my first chance to play the Neuroshima Hex board game. It’s a game that’s been around for many years, yet I’ve never got around to trying it. I’m usually not one for abstract games, so it wasn’t too high on my radar to being with. However I kept hearing rumblings about […]

Unboxing Conan by Monolith

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Now was this ever a treat. Recently Asmodee sent me a review copy of Conan and am I ever excited! This post is an unboxing of the product and focuses just on the contents of the game. This particular copy is the retail version and does not come with al…

Past – 2016

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Another year behind us and it’s time to have a look back at what came and didn’t come to pass during my 2016 gaming year (I’ll simply refrain from talking about all the horrible non-gaming related stuff that has been going on and focus on the fun stuff!). As always the board games far outweighs miniature and roleplaying games, but that is only to be expected. So let’s get stuck in with the top

Top 10 Board Games of 2016

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Top 10 Board Games of 2016With 2016 coming to an end, we can finally close the books on a year of board gaming. Thanks to the rise of Kickstarter, we had quite a few new games released this year. Hundreds, if not thousands of new games are available for players to enjoy on their tabletop. As I do every year, I’ve […]