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?Sails of Glory Napoleonic Wars From Ares Games

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Sails of Glory Napoleonic Wars In an age where the fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I battled across the seas and the powerful Royal Navy of the British Empire clashed against the French from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, prepare your naval fleet for battle on an epic stage like no other […]


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Now then,I have owned this game for a while now, Its a great game, and probably has the best components of ANY game ive seen. The makers of this game really have raised the bar when it comes to production values!Last week, I decided id paint all the mi…

Yomi’s Gate, the plastic fantastic

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 Board Games are made of cardboard, those are the rules right? It’s even in the name; board games, as in cardboard games? Well that’s just old fashioned thinking because these days you can make a game out of anything, and if you have access to a l…

12 Realms is coming like a Ghost Town

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12 Realms is fast approaching living up to its name. Four Realms where included in the base game, four more in Ancestor’s Legacy and now one more is available in the latest 12 Realms Expansion Ghost Town.Read more »

V-Commandos sneak onto Kickstarter

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Did you ever play Commandos on the PC? It was a complex strategy game where the aim was to complete your mission using a team of highly specialised Commandoes from a broad spectrum of allied World War II forces, and it was ridiculously difficult.If you…

Conan Hyborian Quests Launch Gameplay Video

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 Things are moving fast on the new tactical miniatures game Conan: Hyborian Quests. The project is due to hit Kickstarter early in 2015 and to tease you more than a muscled man in a loin cloth is a video of the game in action.Recorded at Essen Spiel 2…

Epic Death Review

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Epic Death starts off in a fairly typical Dungeons and Dragons inspired manner; send your team of adventurers off on heroic quests to gain shiny loot. Nothing to write home about really, but then Epic Death flips the world on its head and states that o…

January Releases from Steve Jackson Games

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Check out the cool stuff that’s coming in January of 2015! Munchkin Love Shark Baby Here’s a little something for that special munchkin in your life! More monsters to slay, more treasures to steal, more curses to dodge . . . all in the name of True Love. (Love of loot and levels, that is!) […]

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King $99.95 Super Dungeon Explore brings video game style dungeon hack-and slash adventures to your tabletop as only Soda Pop Miniatures can! Play as an adventuring party of Heroes or as the dungeon’s Dark Consul. Gather powerful loot to customize your Heroes and defeat the dungeon boss, or send your horde […]

Last Night on Earth: Starfleet Survivor Christine Chapel

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Head Nurse Christine Chapel is yet another survivor who escaped the first wave of zombification together with Sulu and two other yet-to-be-named characters. I must admit I am continually and pleasantly being caught by surprise by the level of detail in…

A shiny new Firefly Board Game

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As if one shiny board game and card game wasn’t enough, browncoats will be pleased to know that Toy Vault Inc has released details of their upcoming Firefly Board game Firefly: Fistful of Credits.Read more »

Housing Crisis Review

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I must admit, when I first played Housing Crisis I hated it; a dull theme, a cash in on the micro game craze and a strategy that plays like tic tac toe but with numbers rather than noughts and crosses. It really did not win me over. I was ready to giv…

Bones Shoggoths and a Halfling

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Wow… I’ve been slacking off a bit – over TWO WEEKS since my last post!?A couple odd items this morning – all Reaper MiniaturesBones figures …(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):4 Shoggoths – I picked these up to use wi…

Interview: Mike Langlois on Fireteam Zero

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 Cthulhu and World War II is an odd mix when you think about it. The horrors of war are bad enough and then our twisted imagination decides that it’s not scary enough and that we need some otherworldly beings added to the mix. It’s a recipe that h…

Last Night on Earth: Starfleet Survivor Hikaru Sulu

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Based on the previously stated premise that the Starfleet survivors are garbed in 20th century Earth clothes, I proceeded to mix and match the Last Night on Earth (LNoE) survivor miniatures with Star Trek: The Original Series characters that they best …

Back in the groove: WHFB & X-wing

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Warhammer Khaine was released for pre-orders over the weekend. Attributing to it’s massive popularity it was sold out in less than 20 minutes of release. Well this tells me how many players are out there still playing Warhammer fantasy, Friggin lots! S…

Boxbreaking 150 Firefly Clue

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In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Firefly Clue.  In this crazy alternate version of Clue from USAopoly  you can play any of your favorite characters from the Firefly crew.   It is your duty to figure out who took River.

I can;t wait to play…


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I know I said I wasn’t going to pledge to any-more Kickstarters but these all appealed to me (though for different reasons). An RPG, a board game and a miniatures game (well two as there’s also the inevitable Mantic Games one but we’ll leave that one t…

The Ancient World

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The Ancient World $54.99 In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. The five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing kingdoms pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place […]

Games in Sacred Texts

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An editorial by Geoff Englestein on the Dice Tower podcast reminded me of the view the Gautama Buddha took towards frivolous activities, namely gaming, and how they could be a roadblock to achieving true enlightenment.   That got me to thinking … Continue reading

X Wing Minatures Game Bedworth Tournament Report Part 2- The Martin Strikes Back

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To Recap: Tournament list here Part One of the report here So Onward to Part 2! We left our plucky Imperial Heroes (just as they are in Star Wars) 0-2 […]

Interview: Wylliam Judd on Friends and Foes

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Friends and Foes is heading towards its final few days on Kickstarter but it’s not too late to get the lowdown on the game. So I sparked up a conversation with Wylliam Judd, the designer of Friends and Foes, and we talked about the game’s developm…

Mind the Gap – MIND: The Fall of Paradise hits Kickstarter

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 I was about to start this piece of news by talking about my favourite science fiction novel, where the AI overruns mankind and cripples its entire infrastructure. Then I realised this happens at the end of the book and is kind of a huge spoiler so le…

Friends and Foes on Kickstarter

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 Friends and Foes is evoking a fantasy version of Galactic Arena, the science fiction gladiatorial combat game that we previewed a couple of months back. Galactic Arena had its issues (the biggest of all was a poorly written rulebook) but Friends and …

An odd group of Starfleet zombies

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 7208.37 – We have uncovered yet more Starfleet officers being afflicted by a condition that renders them undead, for a total of seven affected crew. It is interesting to note that so far all those who have turned into zombies we…