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How to Teach Board Games and Influence People

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Hello. So the idea is to move your eyes to this bit of text and start referencing the order and […]

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Dead of Winter Review

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dead of winter a crossroads game review

Picture the scene; it’s the middle of both a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion and the worst winter in recorded history, you’re running low on everything from food to medicine and you come across a horse. A horse would be very useful for getting around town quickly, it’s a majestic beast and for one to have survived this far into a zombie outbreak means it’s a fighter, but it also represents a significant quantity of fresh protein and there’s plenty of starving mouths to feed back at the colony.  So what do you do?
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Best Play Recommends: Jaipur

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TL;DR What: A beautifully designed two player card game about trading in an Indian market Players: Two. Yup, that’s it. Two or nothing. […]

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Undercity: Black River Irregulars: Heroes Expansion

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Undercity: Black River Irregulars: Heroes Expansion $34.99   The Undercity Black River Irregulars Heroes Expansion contains four new hero characters for players to use with their The Undercity Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, as well as a new stand-alone scenario.   Expand the scope of your adventuring party with four new heroes ready to tackle […]

What I Did For My Summer Vacation

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I’m not dead.
I’ve been on vacation. 

Which, at times, fort of felt like the same thing… 

You can read all about our adventures on my bike blog, here:

Part I – Edmonton and Jasper

Part II – Canmore

Part III – Calgary and Drumheller

But here are a few extra pics…

In Edmonton I did get to hook up with Boband his family and got to play some Dragon Rampant!

We used all his beautifully painted BattleLoreFigures.

Next to me was The Boy and his monstrous minions.

I got to play some sort of Dwarves. We were essentially on two teams of three and romped around the table trying to pick up gems… or beat up enemies and take their gems away…

My Highland Dwarf Ponyriders… despite their supposed impetuaosity, I don’t think they moved more than once in the whole game!

My “Spearmen” (they look more like pointy caber tossers) going toe-to-toe with The Boy’s Ogres (or something like that…?)

There were three different colours of gems and we didn’t know the value of them until the very end. I had only three red gems at the end, but they all turned out to be super valuable so I ended up winning! Huzzah! Fun games + good company = great evening!

I also met up with my friend CVT in Edmonton – with whom I have played many games. We didn’t get to  tossing dice or pushing little men about a table – but it was still good to meet up with him again. Next time we’ll bust out the toys!

We did get to stop in at a Board Game Café in Edmonton as well… but didn’t have time to play any games… The Girl did buy herself a new game – Bananagrams!

We did play Bananagrams a few times over the vacation – in Jasper and Canmore.

We also played a few games of Race for the Galaxy in Canmore

One game I totally rocked it with the Alien stuff – I think I had 91 victory points at the end!!!

When we hit Calgary we made a few trips to the the Sentry Box! I think this was the kids most anticipated destination of our journey – Oh, they totally had a great time doing all the other stuff we ended up doing. But if we could have picked ONE THING to do before we left, I bet the kids would have both said “let’s go to that game store!!”

I had meant to take a bunch of pics of the store – with the kids running around like maniacs – eyes buggin out to their heads – but once I got there I got too wrapped up in searching through their treasures.

This is really just part of the store… This is the mezzanine area where games are played, the picture above looks down at the board game area and part of the GW stuff. Below this mezzanine area is a huge area for Role-playing games and collectable card games of all sorts. Beyond that board game area is an HUGE area filled with science fiction and fantasy novels – that’s bigger than most book stores I’ve been in lately. ABOVE the novle area (up those stairs barely vidible at the top is another entire section devoted solely to HISTORICAL subjects – board games, miniatures, books… (I spent most of my time up there…).

The kids checking out The Girls treasures after the first trip to the Sentry Box. She spent pretty much all her money there the first day. She mostly picked up stuff for Shadowrun (including some old Greanadier Models miniatures from the Fasa era), which she seems fascinated with at the moment, but I think there was also a few miniatures destined for a Frostgrave or other fantasy skirmish warband. Oh and a character deck for Red Dragon Inn and a miniature for Super Dungeon Explore

The Boy and I kind of just tried to “Take it all in” and then spent some time between visits thinking about what we really wanted the most (because there was no way we could bring home all the treasures we found there!)

When The Boy finally bought his stuff he mostly picked up some D&D graphic novels (Dragonlance Classics? I think…?) and a new Star Wars RPG game – the Force Awakens beginner box. 

My haul from the Sentry Box.

With the exception of the GW figures and Arkham Horror dice, most of this had been sitting on their shelves since the last time I was there…. Probably been on their shelves since longer than the kids have been alive… I wasn’t interested in new stuff – new stuff I can get at my friendly local game store –  Dragon’s Den Games – it’s the old weird stuff they’ve had forever tucked away in the back corners that i was looking for… Unfortunately some of the stuff listed in their online catalogue – was tucked so far away that no one there knew where it was… so I had to settle for this lot. 

We spent a day at Heritage Park in Calgary and one of the houses had a small display of Toy Soldiers.

Curse those dark rooms where I cant’ take clear photos!.

I also stopped by Things Military in Calgary and picked up a replica Canadian Great War uniform… for…  reasons…   more about that later!

A number of my oldest gaming pals live in Calgary – Woody, J.C., Cory – I’d hoped to meet up with them all at play some games. But somehow it just mostly didn’t work out…

I did get to go to Cory’s the last day there for a fabulous meal of roasted veggies and veggie sausages and finally got to meet his partner Martha!

And we did get to play one game – ROLL for the Galaxy

And that was about it.

We did visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller – but I was all vacationed out and just wasn’t into it – all I could think about was hopefully being able to use The Men Who Would Be Kings (coming out SOON!) for VSF adventures of hunting dinosaurs on Venus?!

And now I’m back and need to get working on the Vimy Project and my game for ToonCon(Regina Trench!) coming up in just FIVE WEEKS – more about that soon – registration is open and there are only four slots (of which one has already been filled!).

Fury Of Dracula Review

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Fury Of Dracula Board game Review

It’s probably pretty obvious to you that, as the writer of board game reviews, I consider myself to be a bit of a geek. Others consider me to be quite a lot of a geek, although that’s the polite ones. I won’t mention what the others call me; Polyhedron Collider would probably ask me to stop writing. The point is, as a geek I have pale skin, don’t like daylight and take particular offense to being stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake. It seems that I share a few things in common with Vampires, which came in handy recently as I played through The Fury of Dracula from Fantasy Flight Games.
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Descent – Ettin

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Ettins from Descent 2nd Edition. The sculpt is not great but I somehow like them. Fast project for myself. Can be also use in Song of Blade and Heroes and Dragon Rampant

Ettiny pochodzą z drugiej edycji gry planszowej Descent wydanej przez FFG. Modele malowało się przyjemnie aczkolwiek odlew jest tragiczny a detali praktycznie brak lub są zakryte nadlewkami.

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 8

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After a refreshing break in the wilds of Scotland the Polyhedron Collider crew get back together to discuss the board games they have been playing. We talk about Scythe yet again (well it is popular) and we take an in depth look at Fluxx, Multiuniversum, Vampire Hunters and Eldritch Horror.

We also give a shout out to the Brawling Brothers for supporting our show, and an argument about a brewery start some impromptu Sean Bean impressions.

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Best Play Recommends: Chickapig

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TL;DR What: a four-way sliding Chess remix with a defecating cow Players: two or four people, but best with four […]

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Gencon 2016 quick thoughts

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Gencon 2016 was so much better than last year. There are a bunch on contributing factors like us getting a room at The Westin, the closest possible hotel, some better planning, and Stephanie having better migraine medications, but there was one big reason. There was a big ‘ol colorful, smile-inducing pile of awesome games. Last year […]

2016 Gencon Preview Video

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Shadows of Brimstone play

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Our monthly game session rolled around and Andrew was suffering from some alien virus or other and couldn’t make it. …

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Stupid Free Things You Can Play Codenames With

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Codenames is one of those games that you play and instantly think ‘why the hell didn’t this already exist?’. Beautifully simple, […]

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The Gist: Codenames

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The Gist of Codenames in under a minute. It’s A party word game that’s simple to learn and full of […]

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Best Play Recommends: Codenames

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TL;DR What: A party word game that’s simple to learn and full of tension and laughs Players: 2+ (I would never […]

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Euphoria Review

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Euphoria Review

You’d think running a city would be a straightforward matter. How hard can it be? Tell the people what to do and they’d go off and do it without question. Sometime later the fruits of their labour would be there for you…er…everyone to enjoy.

It seems that somewhere along the way, somebody introduced knowledge and free will into the mix which has thrown a nasty spanner into the works. And don’t get me started on happiness – you’re here to work, not have fun. What do you think this is? Disneyland? Get back to your jobs, plebeians.
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Gen Con Countdown T-minus 8 Star Trek Panic

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With only eight days left I’m going to start sharing the games I’m looking forward to.  I doubt I will get to try them all with nearly thirty interviews scheduled at Gen COn 2016.  This list will be presented in no particular order, but I think, at times, you will be able to tell which […]

Let’s Play World’s Fair 1893!

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Viticulture Review

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Viticulture Review

I’m not a wine connoisseur. I used to serve the stuff when I worked as a waiter and I know the difference between red, white, rosé and sparkling, but that’s about as far as my expertise goes. Give me a single malt and I can probably tell you not only where it’s from and how old it is, but also which still it was made in and the name of the local village dog.

Wine on the other hand is another matter. Whenever I’m involved in a discussion about wine, I always remember the BBC programme “Food and Drink”, specifically Jilly Goolden. Every week she’d be spouting all kinds of nonsense like an unsecured fire hydrant, spraying everyone nearby with fragrant descriptions of whatever the “plonk-de-jour” was. Talk of noses, depth, length, chocolate notes and vanilla on the cusp. Almost like you were visiting a plastic surgeon who side-lined as a chocolatier about a proboscis adjustment.
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Mansions of Madness Second Edition Announced

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Mansions of Madness Second Edition Announced
Update: As soon as I post my article Fantasy Flight Games post the official announcement with lots more details and images 

Original Article: As I’m writing this there is no news on the Fantasy Flight Games website, but via YouTube the gaming company have announced a second edition of Mansion of Madness, and it’s rather different from the first.

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Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquistion Game Review

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Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquistion Game Review

Now, I like cake. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t. Cake is one of life’s fantastic luxuries. It’s never a bad time for cake and it goes with pretty much any meal, snack or beverage. It’s like the friend everyone has who is always up for a beer no matter what day of the week it is. And like that friend, you’ll always end up consuming far too much, feel sick and regret it the next day as your gut grows steadily larger. But you’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Assuming it still beats after troughing a mountain of chocolate fudge.
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UK Games Expo – Adrenaline

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There’s been a lot of video games that have made their way to our cardboard domain over recent years, from direct ports like Civilisation to those, like XCOM, that take the theme and spirit of the game and blend something new.

One thing these games have in common is that they tend to be based on the strategy end of the video game market, and whereas miniatures games like Infinity have mastered the art of tactical squad combat, no-one has really mastered the arena shooter.  Until Adrenaline.
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Shore Leave 2016

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So I got back from this year’s Shore Leave convention and had an absolute blast. The highlight for me was getting to meet Michael Forest, the actor who played Apollo in the classic Star Trek episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and reprised the role in th…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 7

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Steve is our only hope as his misfit rebellion defeat Andy’s evil empire in Star Wars Rebellion, Andy takes his revenge as a blood hungry vampire in Fury of Dracula and John talks about Imps Devilish Duels, a game of dice and cards from Triple Ace Games.

The boys also take another look at the economic worker placement games of Crisis and Scythe.

Discussion is then prompted by questions from listeners where all three weigh in with their thoughts on Battleships, Legacy games and the Spiel des Jahres nominees.

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Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu

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Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu So the ordinary vacation time has arrived and that usually means more gaming. Add in some old friends heading back home which also means more gaming. Visiting…

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