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Words with Randall Bills from Catalyst Game Labs Part 1-3

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First I’m sorry this took so long, but I had a lot of unforeseen problems after Origins that prevented me from taking the time to break this down into three parts. For example flooding put our internet provider under water, that makes the whole social media thing pretty difficult.  There were other weather problems but [...]

SDE Royal Paladin [WIP - Armour, Shield, Cloak & Hilt]

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As fun as the Super Dungeon Explore miniature project has been so far, the very thought of painting the Royal Paladin board game piece had actually filled me with a fair bit of apprehension. This was because it forced me to face some of my biggest fear…

GCT Studios announce Rise of the Kage

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GCT Studios, creators of the beautiful looking Bushido miniatures game, have announced their very first boardgame in the form of Rise of the Kage. Designed for 2 to 4 players, Rise of the Kage will see players working cooperatively as a team of ninja …

Emergence Event rules emerge

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Megacon Games, purveyors of the Mercs miniatures game, have released the work in progress rules for their upcoming space exploration game Emergence Event.Read more »

Conflict of Heroes

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I had my first 2 player game today of COH – Awaking of the bear and it was a blast. We just played the first mission and took our time and re checked rules etc. I tried to just use the reference card and it almost worked but I had to reference the rules a […]

Stock up on Lemsip: Pandemic Legacy is coming

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We all kind of knew it was true, what with the rumours and wild speculation floating around the internet, but Z-Man games have officially announced that Pandemic Legacy is coming. Read more »

Unboxing the TIE Phantom Expansion Pack for X-Wing

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Wave 4 for the X-Wing Miniatures game arrived. There are several interesting new ships in the mix, but none more so than the sneaky, cloaking Imperial stealth fighter, the TIE Phantom. I definitely had to get myself one of those. The TIE Phantom is a g…

The Resistance Review

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Do you trust your friends? Next time you’re sitting across a game table from one, look into their eyes, they could be a spy, no they are a spy and they’re here to ruin your day. In fact they could all be spies, every single person around the table…

Words With Kenny from MegaCon Games

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At Origins Kenny and I chatted about, MERCS 2nd ed, Emergence Event, Mercs Conflict, Myth, and a little bit about Recon.  They are an overworked bunch of guys that are great to be around at a convention.   Which by the way make sure you read my thoughts on MERCS Conflict in a couple of [...]

Folklore the Affliction Sneak Peek from Origins 2014

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While at Origin I took some time with TwinFire Production and looked in  detail at Folklore the Affliction.   Folklore the Affliction is a Kickstarter project scheduled for the fall of 2014.   The game is a classic horror storytelling game that uses nuances of table top role playing with board game mechanics.   We [...]

Words With Julie Ahern from Greenbrier Games

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Julie and I had teh chance to sit down and chat a bit about everything that has been happening with Greenbrier Games since October 2012. It is an overwhelming interview that was a lot of fun. Julie and I discuss Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice, Heavy Steam and more.     Check out their products at Greenbrier [...]


Words With Twinfire Productions on Folklore the Affliction

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At Origins I had a chance to sit down with Twinfire Productions and chat about their game Folklore the Affliction.  Folklore the Affliction is a classic horror cooperative RPG story board game that will be on Kickstarter this fall.  I even had the chance to see the greens for the miniatures.   Nino and Will [...]

Super Dungeon Explore Fig.3: Ember Mage

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This fiery little character from the Super Dungeon Explore board game took longer than expected because I had yet another Murphy’s Law moment and struggled mightily to paint the Ember Mage’s eyes. I repainted her eyes many times and each time I tried t…

Next England Captain Preview

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 Football and board games don’t always go together, to me they are at completely opposite ends of the play ground but ever since Subbuteo there has been a linkup between tabletop gaming and the beautiful game. Too Much Games are attempting to create…

Couple of Board Games & Wargaming on the cheap.

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Stumbled on some very cool, what I call filler games just recently. These are those quick (under an hour) games that just fill the gap when you finish the main course. Also wouldn’t go a miss for the main fair.Manila:Fun betting and intuition game. Bet…

Looking Foward to More Forward D!

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Last night, my gaming group felt the need, the need for speed. And, ThrockMorton answered that call by busting out this little jewel of a game: Forward D.Basically, it’s a game of managing your gear shifting and maneuvering through the corners at just …

Mantic Games’ Not-So-Limited-Editions

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What the hell is Mantic Games up to again? It appears that they are trying to take a page out of Games Workshop’s playbook by launching more limited edition products. The problem: their current limited edition DreadBall product is a reprint of th…

Interview with Agnieszka Kopera from NSKN Games

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 At the UK Games Expo I got to speak with Agnieszka Kopera from NSKN Games about their current Kicktarter project: Progress.Read more »

Every Round Counts preview

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Beer and gaming have always gone together, from shove ha’penny to darts and pool, games and booze have lived hand in hand throughout history. However, in Every Round Counts, instead of drinking the beer the game is all about serving the beer and bein…

Board Game Review – Splendor

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Splendor is an entertaining, abstract game where 2 – 4 players race to the most points. A lot of descriptions – on Amazon for example – describe the game as “addictive”. I don’t think I fully agree, but Splendor is a…

X-Files: The Board Game from IDW Publishing

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X-Files: The Board Game $59.99 SRP   X-Files: The Board Game is a tense cooperative board game where 1-4 players will take on the roles of FBI agents trying to uncover the truth of the conspiracy covered up by The Syndicate.  One player will take up the role of the cigarette smoking man trying to [...]

Box Breaking 100 Forged in Fire for Mage Wars

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In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the new warlock and warlord for Mage Wars.   He discusses the strategy a little as well as his favorites from the expansion.  I do believe my favorite card is Conquer it offers so much strategy to an already strategic game. Thanks for watching  you can [...]

Splendor – A Game Play Introduction

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I raved about high quality of game components for Splendor the Board Game. But how does it actually play? Splendor is described as a chip collecting and card development game. This is actually a good, very literal summary of the two main steps that mak…

Splendor – Board Game Unboxing

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Splendor is a relatively new, abstract board game about collecting the right set of (gemstone-themed) cards. Not the usual wargamer’s fare, but it is one of three nominees for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres 2014 awards. I also happened to have…

SDE Ember Mage [WIP - Hair, skin and clothes]

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Normal painting service resumed on the Super Dungeon Explore Ember Mage with me making some progress on her hair, skin tone and clothes. Although I was able to get reasonably close to the original colour scheme of her light skin tone and purple clothes…