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Blood Bowl – Auckland Casual Carnage League

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Blood Bowl is available to be played in our casual league.1. Your Team(s) tracked via OBBLM.2. Play as many games as you wish over each month (max 2 games per team)3. NAF Official merchandise included with your $15 entry fee4. Final round tournament wi…

IMHOTEP Builder of Egypt Review

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Since the Egyptian times man has been playing board games. Today we are going to look at Imhotep by Kosmos, an Egyptian themed board game. Have […]

Legend of Hero: Board Game Design Project [PART 2]

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This post is part of an ongoing series. I’m documenting my journey through what I’m hoping is my first successful Game Design project start to […]

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 21: James Hudson and The Grimm Forest

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Its time, yet again, for another dose of board gaming chat.  Jon is off biking, or some other strenuous activity that Andy and Steve find far too much like hard work, and so they substitute a brummy for a redkneck as they are joined by James Hudson from Druid City Games.  James tells us all about his new game, The Grimm Forest, and goes into detail about publishing, Kickstarter, distribution and Peppa Pig.

The Grimm Forest launches on Kickstarter on 21st March.

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4 Video Games That Should Be Board Games

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If Superhot can be made into a board game, anything can. Superhot was a breath of fresh air when it emerged as the result of 7 day game development challenge in 2013. It looks like a shooter that’s been stripped of all artwork – it’s just angular red shapes and white walls. Gameplay, however, was totally […]

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Adrenaline Review

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adrenaline board game review

Way back in Days of Yore, when Settlers of Catan ruled the great board game wildlands and Facebook was something aggressive librarians did to unruly students, I was engrossed in video games. In fact, I’ve been a fan of the digital smile machines since I was old enough to smash fingers into keyboards and code my first POKE-based programs on my trusty old Amstrad CPC-464. And yes, I realise I’m showing my age with that one. Once games evolved to the point where we could shoot each other over the internet, the idea of digital deathmatch has exploded, mostly due to two games: Quake and Unreal Tournament.
Yes, I know there were others, but let’s be honest, they were crap in comparison. I never got into Quake as much as UT for reasons best known to myself and I spent many an hour with the phrases “Head-Shot!”, “Double Kill!” and “Ultra-Kill!” ringing in my ears. And probably my neighbour’s ears too as the speakers were always turned up loud enough to wake Tutankhamun and his extended family.

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 20: Our Favourite Games

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Its episode 20 and the Polyhedron Collider’s One-Year anniversary, so we thought we would take a break from our usual format and take time to discuss what are our very favourite games and, more importantly, why we like them.

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Andy guests on We’re Not Wizards

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  Andy makes a visit to We’re Not Wizards as a guest on their podcast. Go give it a listen.

Online Board Game Websites

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Being a parent has significantly reduced the amount of gaming that I get to do. I play half as often with my game group and […]

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February 2017 Boardgames Roundup

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At the beginning of the year I decided to make a list of 50 games I’d like to make sure I played this year – about one per week. I tried to encourage the kids to do the same – so we’d ALL get to play at least 50 games we wanted to. I’ve even encouraged Amanda to pick at least one game each month – she enjoys playing with us, but couldn’t really be bothered to pick out a game each week (that would also mean finding time for FOUR boardgames each week…).
Last month I posted a January Boardgame Round up. For a full list of the 50 games for this year, check out the Game Plan 2017.

This Month’s Picks

The Girl picked:

Space Junk



Smash Up

Finnegan picked: 

Small World

A Study in Emerald (Second Edition)

Arkham Horror


My picks:

A Game of Thrones

Railways of Mexico

Pax Porfiniana (or Pax Pamir)

Illuminati (which I haven’t played in YEARS – probably even a decade! or MORE!).
Amanda Picked:


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

We kicked off this month’s picks with a game of Smash Up with our firend Bruce. (one of The Girl’s picks). I can’t remember how it went down. I think I had kitties and ponies…. This was fun enough when I first got it, but I have to admit, I’ve grown rather tired of it. 

I also ended up playing Bananagrams with The Girl later in the evening. Not anyone’s pick… just another game we found time to play…

Saturday (4 February 2017) Finnegan and I had planned to play A Study in Emerald (Second Edition) in the afternoon with some friends, but then no one was able to show up. So we ended up playing it in the evening when The Girl got back from dance classes and Amanda was out… or.. busy…?

This game is funner with five players – and everyone is having to guess who is on which side – and you know that at least ONE other person is on your side! 

Sunday (5 February 2017) we got in a game of Linkage– another of The Girl’s picks.

Tuesday Evening while the Girls were out at Karate, Finnegan and I tried out a game of Faustus Furius – I have a whole separate post about that game: Faustus Furius MMLIII

On Wednesday, 8 February 2017, the kids and I played a game of Railways of Mexico. I had not played on the Mexico map before. I thought it might be a bit daunting – all those MOUNTAINS! I’d heard from a friend that played and people had wracked up so much debt trying to drive rail lines through those mountains that they ended up taking bonds just to service their debt! I also thought it might be a longer game. It turned out to be neither a long game of a bank breaking game. I thought it was really fun and relatively quick. The map is smaller than the Railways of the Eastern U.S. and the cities aren’t terribly far apart. There were lots of quick little coastal lines that could be built.

We actually ended up with a continuous rail line that went right around the country in a bit circle.

Friday, 10 February was our biweekly D&D night. Not really a board game, but it’s gaming… and it ends up on  my BGG Games Played Calendar, so… I though I’d mention it.

Saturday, 11 February, Bruce, Adele, and Jasper joined me and Finnegan for a game of  Firefly.

We actually finally finished a 5-player game in an afternoon – that wasn’t the “First Time in the Captain’s Chair” scenario. Of course we tried out the accelerated version (where you START the game with a bunch of crew and equipement). This time we played “King of All Londinium”. I think Bruce or Adele won. They’re, like, PROs at this game now.

I wasn’t even close. I don’t think I even had my first goal token! But I still had a lot of fun playing. I could just faff around all day doing jobs, hiring crew, buying new equipment, and such. It’s sometimes hard to stay focused on the fact that there is a GOAL to the game.

Finnegan plays D&D every other Tuesday at King Me Boardgamery. Also not really a boardgame… nor one I have anything to do with (other than walk over there and meet him to walk home – because they finish up quite late)…

Wednesday, 15 February the kids and I played Small World. We haven’t played much Small World lately – Okay I played it at FreezerBurnin January… but before that…? and I can’t remember playing on the 3-player board – I’m sure I have – probably when I first got it I played it once or twoice with just the kids – but usually we end up playing with 4-5 players.

18-20 February was the Family Day long weekend in Saskatchewan this year. So I planed a weekend of family gaming fun!

We actually kicked things off on Friday with a game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns with my friend Aaron and his boys – because his boys had the afternoon off school. You can see the full game report of the ensuing shenanigans here:

Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Saturday afternoon we played A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition). We played this almost exactly a year ago, either on the family say weekend or my birthday. This year Jasper and Kurits joined us. I ended up playing the Starks again. Amanda was the Greyjoys, Kurtis the Lanisters, The Girl played Dorn, Jasper the Tyrells, and Finnegan played Baratheon. It was okay. Jasper had to leave about two turns before the end. WE probably should have called it then, but I was winning at that point so I felt like calling it would have seemed like I was doing so because I was in the lead… No one else suggested it so we played on..

It’s kind of an odd game.  The Greyjoys basically have NO chance at winning ever – sandwiched between Stark and Lannister. The best they can do is harass and annoy and make it hard for one (or BOTH) to get anywhere, which, really, is all they want according to the books? They want their own kingdom and they want to reave the shores of Westeros. What care do they have for collecting castles – let along 7 or 8 of them – which is what you need to win the game!? Seems like maybe there should be separate victory conditions for the other houses.

That’s pretty much all Amanda did all game with the Greyjoys – alternately attacked the Lanisters and Starks and got nowhere in return. I tired to make an alliance with her, but so did Kurtis (the Lanisters). I tried to point out that there was NO POINT in attacking me – as there were not enough castles in all the north for her to take over and win the game – her only hope was to go SOUTH and attack the Lanisters – which I was perfectly willing to help her do!

Instead she just remained a thorn in both of our sides the whole damned game… I couldn’t get past the Neck.

It didn’t help that they event cards just didn’t work out – there were hardly any supply cards – where supply was worked out – so most of the game I was stuck with my initial starting supply – which meant – even though I had captured enough areas with barrels (supply areas) that if supply had been worked out I would have been able to field more armies I was stuck being unable to concentrate my forces into more that two armies – which meant I had to spread any forces I gained out and was unable to make focused attacks. There were even a few muster cards where everyone else got new troops, but I couldn’t simply because the army/supply limits meant I could not put new guys in the castles where they mustered because there was already a unit there and a second unit makes an “army” and I already had my limit (of TWO!?) armies elsewhere!? So frustrating. SOOOOOO frustrating.

(there may have been a few f-bombs dropped during the game…) 

Sunday afternoon just the four of us played a game of Agricola.

This was my sad little farm at the end.

Amanda was very pleased with hers – probably the most diversified farm she’s ever built. Look at all though ploughed fields!? How did she find the time to do that!? (Oh, maybe she had a card that allowed her to plough three with one action…?) 

And she won with it.

I think it’s an odd game too. It’s way easier to raise animals – I actually find it really hard to get more than a couple of areas ploughed and sowed with grains or vegetables. It’s because there is ONE spot to plough a field to start with – which ploughs one little section – but when you do the build fences action you can essentially cover half (or more!) of your land with fenced in pastures?! Or in one build sheds action you can build up to four sheds – occupying four areas – provided, in both cases, that you have sufficient wood. I mean, I like the game… I just wish there was more opportunity to plough fields and sow them!

Sunday evening we played Space Junk

Finnegan played a ship/captain that was SUPER slow, but collected a LOT of junk – it looked like he was super far behind all game because he wasn’t scoring points for laps or for blasting away at other ships ( I had “lapped” him on the score track at one point – one hundred points ahead of him!), but when we counted up points for junk collected he shot past all of us.

Both of Sundays game had bee The Girl’s picks.

Monday (Family Day – a stat holiday in Seakatchewan), Kurtis joined us again for a game of Nations. I played China again. I am determined to win with them at some point – there has got to be a way (totally didn’t THIS time around)! Amanda played Japan – which was really interesting (I’d like to try playing that sometime). I think it came from the expansion that Kurtis brought along. Kurtis and I played at Prince level, Amanda and the kids played at Chieftan (They got more resources during growth).

Later Kurtis’ wife Shannon joined us for supper (I made a GIANT vat of veggie chili) and then we played a few games they brought over.

First we played Dicetown, which was pretty fun.

The Kurtis, Shannon, Amanda and I played Castles of Mad King Ludwig. This was really fun – It tapped into that part of my brain where pre-teen Tim still resides designing and planning “dream homes” that are a bizarre cross between D&D dungeons, a mad scientists lair, a nuclear fallout shelter and homes of the rich and the shameless. I must play this again sometime.
This was my little castle.

I’ve been trying to cut back on the game-buying and maybe even try to pare down the collection a bit, but I might consider getting this game at some point. It is officially one the boardgame wish list.

The following week was a school break so some of the kids friends came over to visit. Games were played. I didn’t play with them so I didn’t really keep track of them, but I took pictures of a couple.

Munchkin Legends

Smash Up

Friday was another D&D night for me and Amanda. 

Saturday, 25 February, was my Birthday. For the past dozen years I’ve hosted an annual Wargaming Birthday Bash – which usually involved MINIATURE wargames, and sometimes were entire weekend affairs – like last year’s Quest for the Skull Sword Frostgrave campaign, or the Ronin Campaign (and other games) two years before that, or the Dark Age DBA Campaign. Other years it’s been a bit more low key and just involved one evening’s game – like Top Malo House in 2013, or the Raid on Tantoone Station and Warrior Knights in 2011, or a Mega HOTT game in 2009, or the Fear and Faith Zombie game I played with the kids in 2015…

This year with all the Vimystuff going on, I didn’t think I really had time to plan and host any sort of bigger event so I invited people to come over and play one of the Pax games by Phil Eklund in the afternoon and some old school Illuminatiin the evening (which I probably haven’t played in 15 years!).

Brent showed up to play Pax Pamir with me and Finnegan in the afternoon. I tried playing this once with the kids about a year ago. I have since played Pax Porfiriana a few times, but hadn’t had another stab at Pax Pamir.

I love this game. I need to play this MORE! We ended up playing two games Saturday afternoon. The first game was sort of a “learning game” (well… the second was kind of a “learning game” too, as we continued to figure it all out…). After about four rounds a “topple” card came out and I happened to fit the victory conditions so I kind of won…

In the second game. we paid a bit closer attention to what everyone else was doing – there are so many ways to win, but the whole game can change in the play of a card – sometimes your OWN card, if you’re not paying close enough attention – which can totally mess up any sort of plan you had… I think you kind of need to work at a couple of options simultaneously and hope to take advantage of any sudden changes of the political winds…

I’d REALLY like to try tout with 4-5 players. Both games we happened to each be allied with a different empire (British, Russian, or Afghan) which meant that favour didn’t really play into it all that much – as if one of those empires gained supremacy, whoever was aligned with it would win. It would be interesting to see a game where more that one player was aligned with of or more of the empires and they had to co-operate to get their empire into ascendancy, yet at the same time try to curry more favour with that empire than the others for the win when their empire gains supremacy.

There were no takers for Illuminati, so after Amanda and The Girl got back from Dance classes we played a quick game of Race for the Galaxy, had supper and then watched a couple of movies (while I did some painting). 

My game was all over.. I started thinking I’d go for Genes stuff… but then other opportunities came up and I kind of went for novelties in the end…

And that was pretty much if for gaming this month… We didn’t end up getting to play two of the games we’d initially picked to play this month (Arkham Horror – which Finnegan had picked – and Illuminati – which I had picked) but we got to play some other games, so… 

I think we’ll probably lay off the gaming a bit through March a bit to give me chance to concentrate on the Vimyterrain building – which I really need to get cracking on!!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Great War Canadians!

Ave Roma Review

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Ave Roma Review

One of the more surprising facts about me is that I had a “Classical Education”. That doesn’t mean I sat around smoking a pipe and listened to Beethoven and Hayden all day, it means that I studied Latin and Ancient Greek. The latter was more to do with not having to study Geography to learn why we put sheep on hills than anything else, but it was interesting nonetheless. The benefits of said education did allow me to read works such as the Iliad, the Odyssey and Aeneid; pretty much all stories about a man in a loincloth travelling in a ship, beating up monsters and seducing women, with something about a wooden horse thrown in for good measure. Not a bad job if you can get it and it certainly worked for James T. Kirk, although thankfully wearing slightly more than just a loincloth.

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Legend of Hero: Board Game Design Project [PART 1]

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Legend of Hero: From Daydream to Rough Concept If I were to say to you, “the most influential video game of my life has been the […]

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Pay Dirt

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We’ve played Pay Dirt a few times over the last few months.  Pay Dirt is a worker placement game for up to five players and we’ve enjoyed it each time we’ve played.  There are three items to bid on each turn – claims to mine, equipment to pro…

Talisman is Coming Back!

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Talisman is Coming Back!

 With the split between Game Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games coming into effect in a few days (you will no longer to buy Fantasy Flight’s licensed Game Workshop games from the 28th February) the question remains, what happens to all the games? It probably means we will never see those games designed by Fantasy Flight game again in their current form, which means no more Chaos in the Old World, Blood Bowl Team Manager or Forbidden Stars but there has always been hope that those game originally developed by GW will rise again.
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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 19: Cavern Tavern, Superhot and Elemenz

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 19: Cavern Tavern, Superhot and Elemenz

Jon, Steve and Andy are back and ready for some chat about board games. First off we look forward to Airecon and have a rather in depth discussion about Cavern Tavern from Final Frontier Games.  We then look at a couple of Kickstarters, SUPERHOT from Board & Dice and Elemenz from BadCat Games. Finally we round off the show with questions from the mailbag, answering our thoughts on Kickstarter versus pre-order and comment on the best and worst Kickstarter games we have backed.

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Airecon 2017 – We will be there and so should you!

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Airecon 2017 - We will be there and so should you!

 We all know that 2016 was a bit of a git of a year. With more celebrity deaths than a nuke at an Academy Awards ceremony, I think its 365 days of our lives we’d all like to put behind us. Well, actually, more like 363 days as there was one weekend in particular last year that quite a few people enjoyed in the North-English town of Bradford. No, I’m not talking about the local rugby team entering administration, but of a small gaming convention held in the Jubilee Centre
I am of course talking about Airecon – named not due to the pleasant acclimated conditions of the rooms, but because the event was originally held in the Aire Valley, which makes more sense. Whilst heated (pun intended) discussions about the benefits of recirculated air may be interesting to some, we’re more interested about the tumbling of polyhedrons (two on the trot!), the ruffling of cards and the clatter of…er…cardboard (ok, three was too many).

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Cavern Tavern Review

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Cavern Tavern Review
 Anyone who read our Beer Empire review will know that the chaps here at Polyhedron Collider are partial to the occasional pint of the good stuff. And depending on how drunk Jon is, occasionally the bad stuff too. If he ever offers you some of his “Binja”, my advice is to decline, politely or otherwise. Put it this way; last time I had some, I could see beforehand. That’s not to say we’re against the idea of cocktails – quite the opposite. I’m rather partial to a good Mojito or five, and if offered I wouldn’t turn down Sex on the Beach with a couple of Slippery Nipples.

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Teaching Script: Food Chain Magnate

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Teaching games can be hard. A lot hinges on how well the rules to a game are explained. I’m going to attempt to help make […]

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Imhotep Review

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Cats are wankers. It’s a simple truth. Their cute, furry façade is little more than a thinly veiled cover for their treacherous, evil ways. Oh sure, they’re adorable and look great when asleep, but as The Oatmeal has thankfully identified, cats are clawed, plotting deathtraps that just eat, sleep, vomit and poop in strategic locations specifically chosen so that you’ll stand in it and trail the remains all over the house. The two felines in my life definitely fall into this category. Kipling is an evil, maniacal genius that will nuzzle you one minute and chew your nose the next. Banjo is much more personable, but has the rectal precision of a laser guided air-assault. Between them, they rule the roost and a good night’s sleep is very much at their behest.
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January Boardgame Round Up

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Back at the beginning of January when I posted my Game Plan 2017 I mentioned I had come up with a list of 50 games I wanted to make sure I was going to play SOMETIME this year. The kids have followed suit and made up lists of their own – though their lists are shorter – Finnegan had 25 on his list and, I think, The Girl has 37… which is okay, they can add to it later – or just play some of those game MULTIPLE times – I suspect it will be the latter – in fact I HOPE it is the latter! Luckily some of the games I want to play most are games that are on all three lists – which means we’ll get to play those at least 3 times this year. Amanda even said she’d pick one game a month – thought couldn’t be bothered to make a list in advance.

We didn’t “officially” get started on the lists until the second week of January. The first week was still part of our winter holidaze 12 Days of Gaming.

As the end of the second week I did a brief update – I had thought I’d do a little weekly update on the games we’d played each week.. but since I’m already doing a weekly VimyI thought I’d forego a second weekly update (which I’d probably end up wanting to do on Sunday as well) – at least for now. Maybe I’ll do this at the end of the month for the next few months… or have fortnightly updates… just because I like the word fortnightly and I don’t get to use it nearly often enough!

So here is what we got up to since that last update

The evening of Sunday, 15 january, we played Amanda’s pick for the month: Olympus

It had been a while since we played this (over a year!) I’m not sure what sparked Amanda’s memory but it was fun to dig it out and play it again.

I recalled the getting the Temple of Athena early in the game was a huge benefit and managed to grab it – not only does it give you extra levels of other stuff when your priest worships at the temple of Athena, at higher levels it causes your opponents to LOSE levels in something of their choice – which is nasty. It is one of the few things that mess with your opponents in the game – that and building up your army and raiding them or bringing down plagues by worshipping at the Temple of Apollo.

When we last played the kids were a bit younger and didn’t take offensive interactive play very well and everyone pretty much left every one alone and concentrated on building up their stuff. I didn’t do that so much this game. I raised my army up and attacked their cities a few times. I worshipped at the temple of Apollo when I had the last priest and no one else could join in and save themselves from the plague I brought down. But I was only able to do each ONCE. After I did it once, everyone else followed suit and built up their army or would worship at Apollo (taking the victory points instead of the plague) early in the round to prevent me from using such things against them.

On Monday we played Five Tribes. This wasn’t anyone’s “pick” for the week… we just decided on Monday afternoon that we should play it, and we did.

Wednesday we played Race for the Galaxy. This was one of Finnegan’s picks for the month. I didn’t even bother putting games like RFTG or other games that we play in less than an hour (like 7 Wonders or Dominion) on my list as I knew that we’d get in games of them anyway – whenever we had an hour to spare… but Finnegan had it on his list so  we picked this for our Wednesday game.

The last few games of RFTG were pretty… I don’t know… unsatisfying…? I couldn’t get a theme going or get anything working together and felt like I didn’t even get started before it was over. This game went a bit better, I got some cards that worked together and had a bit of a theme going. I can’t read those six-cost developments, but I’m sure I had 50-60 points. I’m not sure I even won with that, because the kids also had great games it was all very close and entirely different strategies were taken – The Girl always like setting up production and consumption worlds and just producing and consuming for 2x victory points and usually does pretty good with that – racking up VPs with just a few worlds while were all scrambling to fill out our tableaus before she eats all the VPs.

Friday we had another crack at The Big Book of Madness. This is a co-operative, deck-building game where all players are students at a school of magic where one of the students went looking through the restricted section of the library and accidentally unleashed a bunch of horrors into the school and the players are busy trying to banish them all before they take over and everyone goes mad. WE tried to play this as a five player game over the holidazeand lost – big time! It was SUPER hard and was almost unimaginable how the game could ever be defeated.

Well… playing with fewer players is one key to the game. You face 6 monsters in the game and have rounds to deal with them – so 30 rounds. In a five player game that means everyone gets on round of play per monster and a total of 6 rounds of play in the entire game (if it lasts that long) which is precious little time to advance your character – build up your deck and get better spells.

We STILL didn’t beat the game this time around, but we got a lot further, and got a better sense of the strategy of how to play. I think this would probably play even better with just two players… which isn’t as awesome as we usually like to all play games together (which means minimum 3-4 players, depending on whether Amanada is available to play with us). Two player games hardly ever get played around here…

Saturday I spent the day at FreezerBurn VII (an annual invitationa game day hosted by my firend John) and played Small World, Roll for the Galaxy, Age of Industry, Viticulture, and Power Grid Deluxe. As Power Grid Deluxe was on my list, I counted it as one of my picks for the week.

During the last week of January, on the Wednesday, we played Olympus again – it was one of Finnegan’s picks and he wanted to play it again while it was all still fresh in his head. They let me get the Temple of Athena again – though The Girl did try to scoop it, I was quicker… I think she went for the 2 VP from Apollo EVERY TURN through the whole game – which put her in a pretty commanding lead and had me wondering if that was maybe a pretty good strategy to do that through the game… until we did the final points tally and Finnegan and I raced WAY ahead of her.

This past Saturday Brent came by and played Power Grid Deluxe again with me and Finnegan – this tiem we tried the Europe board (which I hadn’t played on before) . With three players there were only three areas available – we had ended up picking the France/Spain, Germany, and Russia/Poland areas which left a bit of a bottleneck which caused to trouble early in the game. It ended up being the closest game of Power Grid I’ve played – in the final turn we ALL powered 17 cities and it came down to counting coins to see who won (I think I won by a few “Elektros”!)

Monday and Tuesday we had a bit of catching up to do as we’d missed a few of The Girls picks for the month…
Monday, 30 January, we played Bottlecap Vikings. The Girl won this game at a local event at Dragon’s Den Games for International Tabletop Day last year (which I thought I had done a post about… but can’t seem to find it..? Maybe I just posted pictures on facebook…) – and she has been HOUNDING us to play it ever since… I have to admit I’ve been reluctant to try it out – mostly due to the name. “Bottlecap Vikings”? Seriously? WTF is a Bottlecap Viking!? That and that fact that it’s supposed to take 15 minutes to play didn’t strike me as a game that would be very interesting.

I was wrong.

For a small game there’s quite a bit going on – lots of decisions to be made strategies that could be taken and lots of replayability in that the board is modular and only half the board elements are used in any game (as they are double sided and you randomly select one or the other). It did take us a bit more than the 15 minutes the game claims it takes to play, but with a few more plays, we could get it close to that…

I guess I should have been so prejudiced (and then surprised!) – Love Letter is a very quick-playing game that is a lot of fun.

Finally… at the very last moment we got in The Girl’s last pick for January: Submarine. This is another game we haven’t played for over a year and a half.

The kids weren’t pleased with me (as may be evident in the picture). Rereading the rules I quickly ascertained that this game really isn’t about picking up the treasures as it is about card management and always trying to make sure when someone else picks up a treasure they have to give you a card as well and positioning yourself to give up a minimum number of cards when picking up treasure yourself – you start the game with a finite number of cards. In a three player game everyone starts with a deck of 15 – from which they draw a hand of three. Every time you pick up a treasure you have to play a card of the matching colour. If there are submarines of another player in the same space of above you in the same column, you have to give a card off the top of your deck to the other players for each of their submarines so positioned – which they then place on the top of their decks.

Halfway through the game the kids were down to only a few cards and I had a HUGE pile… yeah… so… this may sit on the shelf for another year and a half before we play it again (or however long it takes them to forget how badly I crushed them…). I had hoped they’d get wise to my shenanigans earlier on and try to block ME from picking up stuff without having to pay for it, but by the time they sort of figured it out they’d pretty much given up…

Next Month…

Earlier this week we sat down and tried to plan out what games we’re going to play for the next month – trying to fit in all the games we want to play around all the stuff I need to do for the Vimy Project, and all the kids activities and… y’know… actual schooly-stuff… Luckily there is a stat holiday in February followed by a week-long school break – one might think the school break wouldn’t matter to us (being homeshoolificators) but when there is a school break, it usually means all the kids other activities (dance, violin, karate, swimming, theatre school, etc) are all cancelled which frees up a LOT of time. (I’M hoping to get a lot of terrain building done over the school break!).

The Girl picked Space Junk, Linkage, Agricola, and Smash Up. Finnegan wants to play Small World, A Study in Emerald (Second Edition), Arkham Horror, and Firefly. My games for the month will be A Game of Thrones, Railways of Mexico, Pax Porfiniana, and Illuminati(which I haven’t played in YEARS – probably even a decade!). Amanda decided her game for the month would be Nations.
So today we are playing Smash Up and A Study in Emerald (Second Edition) on Saturday. Next week is probably Railways of Mexico on Wednesday and Fireflyon Saturday. The following week is Small World on Wednesday and A Game of Thrones on Saturday, Agricola, and Nationson Monday (that’s the long weekend). I think we were going to play Space Junk one of those evenings. Sometime during the break the following week we’re going to play Arkham Horror, and finally – on my birthday (Saturday, 25 February 2017) we’re going to play Pax Porfiniana in the afternoon and Illuminatiin the evening!
Well… that’s the PLAN… but our plans tend to be like the Pirates Code (“they’re more like…’guidelines’”)

We didn’t get to playing any skirmish miniature games last month, but I’m hoping we might get to that on Sunday evenings this month… or maybe every other Sunday evening…?

Quartermaster General

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Quartermaster General is a 2-6 player World War 2 strategy game that uses a card-driven mechanic.  Unlike most World War 2 games, it focuses on the logistics and importance of supply in warfare.  There are no dice, and battles (if you initiat…

On the painting table … More Mice and Mystics

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Boardgames – My painting table was recently grace by these two nifty little models. These are from the Mice & Mystics: Heart of Gloorm Expansion. I’ve never played the game but my client seems to really enjoy it so I might need to check it out. 

The two models are both sorcerer/wizard types one being a lighting bug and the other a shaman type character. For these I’ve been asked to paint them to tabletop standard with a little extra glow on the lighting bug. 

Browns, grays and tans are the order of the day for these matching or coming close to the box/card art pretty much dictates my color choice, so the only thing I needed to think about is the final execution. 

Podcast: Secret Hitler vs Ultimate Werewolf

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Best Play was born in the first half of 2016, with a mission to help bring better board games to more people. We feel like thing have gone well so far, with our Gist series, our Recommends series and our Funny Old Games all landing pretty much how we wanted them to. At Christmas we took a […]

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FreezerBurn VII

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This weekend I attended FreezerBurn VII. FreezerBurn is a small one day invitational game day hosted by my friend JohnToonCon organizer guy. Most of those invited are ToonCon organizers and volunteers. I went to the very first FreezerBurn seven years ago and haven’t been able to make it since. (I had planned on going to FreezerBurn V – two years ago – but ended up in hospital and missed it…).

Games started early (they were supposed to start at 8:30am, but ended up starting closer to 8:30

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The first game was Small World, which I ended up playing with John, Iain, and Darrin. I thought I was doing pretty good, but ended up coming in third. Good fun! I had underworld Wizards and Bivouacking Humans and Tritons and Orcs at different times in the game… It’s been a while since I’ve played Small World.

The next game we played was Roll for the Galaxy. Again I was playing with Darrin and Iain. I felt like I the game had barely even started and it was OVER!? Dead last with 33 points…? Maybe…? I would have had 8 more if it’d gone another turn! Ah well…

One of the other tables of Roll for the Galaxy with John, Brent, Mike and Zack.

The Third game we played (after some lunch!) was Age of Industry. I had not played this before, but I did play Brass once – another Martain Wallace game which this game was based on… I’m familiar enough with Martain Wallace games that I was able to fudge my way through. I really like this game – so many things to do! Dead last again… but a LOT of fun.

The fourth game we played was Viticulture. I played this for the first time a few weeks ago at John’s. Another fun game, but both times I’ve played I felt like I was just getting started…. and it was over… The game plays until someone gests 20 victory points. I was dead last for most of the game and then in the very last turn went from 5 victory points to 18! Which was a pretty spectacular move, if I do say so myself, but not good enough to catch up –  I ended up fourth…

The Final game of the evening (after supper) was Power Grid Deluxe. My best game of the day – I ended up in third place… or maybe fourth… I don’t know. I had fun and it was probably my best game of Power Grid ever – I think we all powered the same number of cities in the final round, so it went down to how much cash we had in hand at the end…

John kept track of everyone’s overall standing through out the day- and kept them posted on his big screen tv – points were awarded based on everyone’s placement in the game they played. I was dead last all day – until the final round which brought me up to 9th… out of 11….

Everyone brought a game to put on the prize table and then in order of over standings everyone got to pick a game off the table. I ended up with a copy of Nautilus, which I’m pretty excited to try out.

Absolutely fantastic day! Hope I get invited (and can make it out!) again next year!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario), CEF – I finished painting them up yesterday. Hopefully later today I’ll get to put some grass on their bases and get some pictures taken to post.

Countdown to Vimy – an update on this weeks progress.

This Week’s Games – a brief note about other games I played this past week. 

20 Awesome Looking Board Games Coming in 2017: Part 1

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Time has rolled round yet again, the year has been reset and by the time you read this most people’s New Year’s resolutions will have been broken. Hopefully your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to buy less table top games, because there are loads of awesome board, card, miniature and roleplaying games set to be released in 2017.

Every year this list gets easier and easier to write as game publishers provide more and more information early and start promoting their games. In fact I’ve really struggled to keep this list down to X games.

It also means that games can be delayed.  All the games listed here are slated to be released in 2017, but as we’ve seen in previous years there may be some delays.

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