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Designer’s Corner #7 – I’mma Talk About Video Games

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I know that in general, up to this point, I have done most of my talking about board game design because it is what I know best. There is something that bugs me a bit about video game design that … Continue reading

Revising my game design “Bucket List”

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On the right side of the blog in the side column, there is a little text list about outstanding Game Design projects that featuring the following bullets. I have taken the liberty of editing it a little. This is a very old list, and I think I need to revisit it somewhat, hence this post. Continue reading

UK Games Expo 2015

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UK Games Expo 2015 

The map of tabletop gaming is a lot like the map of these Great British Isles. To the south we have the sophisticated and learned board games, the far reaches of the north hold the great untamed wilds of the collectible card game, over the hills to the west there be the dragons and wizards of roleplaying games and from Nottingham the kings of miniature war games hold court. And right in the centre of it all is the UK Games Expo.
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ANZAC Weekend games

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Club Sunday was active with 28 peeps still in town over the long weekend to enjoy some relaxing games. We had a big variety of games going and I got lost in some X-wing team games. Good to see a couple of new faces and also to welcome back one of our c…

Club Sunday

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Quiet meet at club this Sunday past, hosting 28 people. Auckland Open was rollicking along at Remuera and those of us unable to attend made do with games at our regular Sunday club meet from 1-5pm.We’ve had a few questions over several social media sit…

Pandemic Video Review

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Pixelated brains: Surviving One Month In

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Surviving One Month In

When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives us board gamers are all going to be well prepare because games like Surviving: One Month In have trained us in how to construct a base, working as a team and scavenging the wastelands.
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Vampire Hunters launches on Kickstarter

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Vampire Hunters Board Game kickstarter news

Holy water?
Cross bow?

We’re all tooled up which means one of only two things, we’re either going vampire hunting or I’m being forced to watch the Twilight saga again! The good news is we don’t have to watch Bella Swan sulk in a chair for an hour because Vampire Hunters from Dark Gate Games is on Kickstarter now.
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Doctor Who Clue from USAopoly

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Clue: Doctor Who $39.95   Doctor Who Clue places your favorite characters on a search through the Universe to rescue The Doctor. Playing as his closest friends and allies, players must reveal who amongst them the Daleks conditioned and mind-controlled to mislead the Doctor, what powerful weapon was used in the crime, and where The […]

Upper Deck Announces New Bring Out Yer Dead™ Board Game

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  Upper Deck Announces New Bring Out Yer Dead™ Board Game   Original new board game from Upper Deck introduces new Euro-style game mechanics with French Tarot-sized cards! Carlsbad, Ca. (April 6, 2015) – Upper Deck has announced plans to release Bring Out Yer Dead, a new and original game of morbid family fun. Bring […]

Viceroy From Mayday Games

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Viceroy $32.95 SRP   Viceroy is a board game of bidding and resource management set in the fantasy universe of the famous Russian CCG Berserk. As the players struggle for control over the world of Laar, they recruit a variety of allies and enact various laws. These cards allow players to develop their state’s military […]

Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback from Ares Games in May

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Galaxy Defenders: Operation Strikeback 74.90   As the Agency plans the assault on the Alien Moon base, new technologies are studied and new weapons are readied. A gigantic shuttle transports the team and part of the Agency HQ to Earth’s natural satellite.   Arriving on the Moon, the team and the agency gape in wonder […]

Welcome to the Jungle, Lords of War Elves and Lizardmen returns to Kickstarter

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Lords of War Elves vs Lizardmen

By now you should know all about Lords of War. You don’t! Well it’s a very clever two player card game, where the location of your card is just as important as how hard it is. Black Box Games have had great success with the game so far, Dwarves vs Orcs, Elves vs Lizardmen, Templars vs Undead, magic and weather, well now they are returning to Kickstarter to add some magical power ups to the Elves and Lizardmen factions.
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Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol From Ares Games this May

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Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol $84.90   Galaxy Defenders: Extinction Protocol is the second campaign expansion for Galaxy Defenders, and can be used with or without Operation Strikeback. The agents cross a portal to the invaders’ home planet to fight the final battle against the Aliens – The adventure begins after the Agents defeat the Aliens […]

And the beat goes on, Arcasam: Beat The Dragon on Kickstarter

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 Arcasam: Beat The Dragon

So Battleborn Legacy wasn’t enough fantasy for you then? Then you need to heat things up a bit with a Dragon, Arcasam: Beat The Dragon to be precise.
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Metal Adventures from Asmodee Editions

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Metal Adventures $49.99 Space Pirates are battling for Honor, Glory and Wealth! Join them in their exploration of the Universe and their quest for victory. Players will explore, offer challenges, and engage in alliances; battles will be waged and mighty spaceships are key to victory!   In the Metal Adventures card game you’ll use cards […]

Battleborn Legacy is all of the Fantasy (and on Kickstarter)

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Battleborn Legacy

How much fantasy do you want? Some fantasy? Here, have an orc. Oh, you wanted more fantasy, how about a dwarf and an elf? Sorry, you want even more fantasy than that? Basically what you’re saying is you want all of the fantasy, therefore you want Battleborn Legacy.
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SDE Hexcast Sorceress [WIP – Hair] & Seeking inspiration for a new blog name and banner

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After the rather dark and gloomy miniature piece I completed in my last post, I felt an urge to paint a ‘brighter and happier’ subject matter. So on cue to satisfy my wish is a Super Dungeon Explore heroine board game piece, my fifth in this anime chib…

Gaming with Kids #7 – Redirection, Repetition, and Burnout

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I play about 5 games with my kids for every one game I play with adults.  Having kids is a wonderful experience and gaming with your kids can be extremely rewarding.  That being said, there are always downsides to any … Continue reading

Welcome to the Dungeon From Iello

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Welcome to the Dungeon $14.99 Push your luck and dare your friends! Dare your opponents to tackle the dungeon with less-and-less equipment to fend off the increasing horde of monsters. You must be brave, bold, and lucky to survive!   The game is played in rounds of building equipment, drawing monsters and either placing them […]

GAMA Trade Show Collider

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This last week has seen the advent of the GAMA (Game Manufacturing Association) trade show from Las Vegas and there has been some big gaming news from the show. In the past GAMA has mainly been a trade only even and top news was short on the list but this year however there have been some really big announcements and sneak peeks.
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Master Fox From Iello

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Master Fox $39.99   It’s night and the farm is quiet. What a great time to investigate the chick coop! In this frantic race of tactile recognition, you’ll need to capture the correct loot to win! How quick and careful are your hands as you attempt to become the Master Fox?   Each round in […]

Drakon from FFG

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Drakon $34.95   Enter the dragon’s lair in Drakon!   This new edition of the classic board game of treasure, greed, and dragonfire places two to six players in the roles of rival heroes who have been caught stealing from Drakon’s hoard. The first hero to grab ten gold will be released; the others will […]

Peloponnes from Irongames this April

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Peloponnes $65.99   In Peloponnes, each player is trying to establish one of seven different civilizations in 1,000 BC. To do this, they must erect buildings and annex land to be developed, thereby increasing both their wealth and their population.   Your goal: Nothing less than being the most dominant civilization on the peninsula at […]

Sea Kings from Worthington Games

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Sea Kings $60.00   Land, Wealth and Fame. This is what inspired Vikings to travel far from home. Fighting dangerous seas, foes and each other. They would go anywhere, anytime and in any weather. You are one of the Viking leaders seeking fortune in the unknown with your long boat and crew. Do you have […]