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FreezerBurn VII

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This weekend I attended FreezerBurn VII. FreezerBurn is a small one day invitational game day hosted by my friend JohnToonCon organizer guy. Most of those invited are ToonCon organizers and volunteers. I went to the very first FreezerBurn seven years ago and haven’t been able to make it since. (I had planned on going to FreezerBurn V – two years ago – but ended up in hospital and missed it…).

Games started early (they were supposed to start at 8:30am, but ended up starting closer to 8:30

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The first game was Small World, which I ended up playing with John, Iain, and Darrin. I thought I was doing pretty good, but ended up coming in third. Good fun! I had underworld Wizards and Bivouacking Humans and Tritons and Orcs at different times in the game… It’s been a while since I’ve played Small World.

The next game we played was Roll for the Galaxy. Again I was playing with Darrin and Iain. I felt like I the game had barely even started and it was OVER!? Dead last with 33 points…? Maybe…? I would have had 8 more if it’d gone another turn! Ah well…

One of the other tables of Roll for the Galaxy with John, Brent, Mike and Zack.

The Third game we played (after some lunch!) was Age of Industry. I had not played this before, but I did play Brass once – another Martain Wallace game which this game was based on… I’m familiar enough with Martain Wallace games that I was able to fudge my way through. I really like this game – so many things to do! Dead last again… but a LOT of fun.

The fourth game we played was Viticulture. I played this for the first time a few weeks ago at John’s. Another fun game, but both times I’ve played I felt like I was just getting started…. and it was over… The game plays until someone gests 20 victory points. I was dead last for most of the game and then in the very last turn went from 5 victory points to 18! Which was a pretty spectacular move, if I do say so myself, but not good enough to catch up –  I ended up fourth…

The Final game of the evening (after supper) was Power Grid Deluxe. My best game of the day – I ended up in third place… or maybe fourth… I don’t know. I had fun and it was probably my best game of Power Grid ever – I think we all powered the same number of cities in the final round, so it went down to how much cash we had in hand at the end…

John kept track of everyone’s overall standing through out the day- and kept them posted on his big screen tv – points were awarded based on everyone’s placement in the game they played. I was dead last all day – until the final round which brought me up to 9th… out of 11….

Everyone brought a game to put on the prize table and then in order of over standings everyone got to pick a game off the table. I ended up with a copy of Nautilus, which I’m pretty excited to try out.

Absolutely fantastic day! Hope I get invited (and can make it out!) again next year!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario), CEF – I finished painting them up yesterday. Hopefully later today I’ll get to put some grass on their bases and get some pictures taken to post.

Countdown to Vimy – an update on this weeks progress.

This Week’s Games – a brief note about other games I played this past week. 

20 Awesome Looking Board Games Coming in 2017: Part 1

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Time has rolled round yet again, the year has been reset and by the time you read this most people’s New Year’s resolutions will have been broken. Hopefully your New Year’s resolution wasn’t to buy less table top games, because there are loads of awesome board, card, miniature and roleplaying games set to be released in 2017.

Every year this list gets easier and easier to write as game publishers provide more and more information early and start promoting their games. In fact I’ve really struggled to keep this list down to X games.

It also means that games can be delayed.  All the games listed here are slated to be released in 2017, but as we’ve seen in previous years there may be some delays.

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The Gist: Mechs vs Minions

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Mechs vs Minions in under a minute. It’s a truly epic game of programming cartoon mechs dished out at a manageable pace. It’s for 2-4 players and is great for couples or a committed group of friends to play over several sessions. Pre-order the next print wave direct from Riot games here.

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This Week’s Games

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I just noticed the BGG widget on my blog doesn’t seem to be working anymore – rather than showing the lasted games played it’s currently showing a smattering of games played over the last few weeks…? Weird.Anyway… I finally got the kids to start so…

1960: The Making of the President

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1960: The Making of the President is my dad and my go-to game for our twice-yearly father-son weekends. It combines a few things we like – politics, history, and interesting game mechanics – all in a fun strategy game. The game uses the 1960 Presidenti…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 17: DOOM, Mech vs. Minions and Timeline

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We kick off the New Year with by kicking some demon butt in Doom: The Board Game, we investigate the hype of Mechs vs. Minions and realise we know nothing about our nation’s past with Timeline: British History.  We also discuss board game profit margins, the new Roborally and

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The Moment I Realised Board Games Were Cool

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Five years ago, my experience with board games was mostly limited to childhood memories of fraught Monopoly games and my older brother desperately trying to get me to play Risk. I was a pretty avid card player, mainly thanks to my fantastic grandmother (who still plays Bridge aged 92). My favourite trick was nonchalantly announcing […]

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DOOM: The Board Game Review

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For those of you swimming around inside your father’s scrotal cavity in 1993, the DOOM series has been a benchmark for FPS titles (First Person Shooters for those of you not au fait with the wonderful world of the video smile machines), a standard which few games have surpassed. id Software are renowned for making solid game engines and DOOM was their breakthrough title. It’s spawned (pun intended) a legacy of sequels, updates and remakes around the canon – all usually involving an unnamed soldier (the DOOM Marine) running around a Martian base trying to repel the forces of Hell back from whence they came. Rather like closing time in a one-club town, there’s a lot of ugly mutants wandering around attacking the authority figures and wondering why they get a beating, before being sent back to the holes they came from.
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Naturally Disastrous First Look

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Here you go, I just received the first production copy of Naturally Disastrous by Silver Lake Games. This is a recent funded Kickstarter. The premise, as promised by the designer, reads like so: Naturally Disastrous is a 1-6 player co-operative … Continue reading

12 Days of Gaming (or What I Did For My Winter Holidaze…)

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

It seems to have become a bit of a tradition these last few years to play games just about every day between 24 December and 5 January (The Boy’s birthday).  Usually we gather at my folks place on the evening of the 24th– because we usually have to wait until Amanda and my sister to finish work. This year, however, the 24th fell on a Saturday, so we were able to get started a bit early.

The morning of the 24thI did my usual Saturday morning errands – running to the library downtown and usually I heat to the Night Oven Bakery (but I skipped it on the 14thas we were running a bit late and I figured there wouldn’t be much left…)

Wow, was it EVER quiet downtown!

Despite an early blast of snow in October, it has been exceptionally mild and most of that early snow melted. Despite a drop in temperatures in mid December, we didn’t get any precipitation, and thererefore, there was little snow… so far…

Heading over to my folks – The Boy zips ahead of us (still on his summer bike – but with winter apparel!?)

Amanda – also on her summer bike.

Across the bridge – still some ice on the water…

Despite riding her own bike well into December, The Girl finally decided it really was too much effort to ride her bike in the cold – even if there wasn’t snow – so she’s been riding on the back of my cargo bike.

Up the bike hill on the other side of the river.

I guess technically it isn’t really a “hill”, per se, it’s really the steep BANK.

I made The Girl get off and walk up the hill – I’ll haul her around on the flats, but not up hills anymore! I ride up the hill about as fast as she walks anyway…

Finally at my folks – the kids opened up one gift right away – and everyone was enamoured with The Girl’s new Rubik’s Cube. 

Amanda, showing The Girl how it’s done…

Usually The Boy always has stuff to do in his bag – books to read and a note book and sketch book… for some reason he didn’t bring ANY of that and found himself at loose ends. Luckily, I’d brought my copy of Rogue Stars that had arrived in the mail the day before.

Unfortunately he didn’t put it back in my bag and it got left there and I didn’t get it back until a day or so ago…

My sister arrived and the gift rampage begins.

This takes forever as the kids need to thoroughly investigate each and every gift. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s better than them tearing through everything as fast as they can and then wonder where the rest is…

After all the gifts had been opened Amanda went back to trying to solve The Girl’s Rubik’s Cube .

The Boy mostly got a PILE of stuff for Sentinels of the Multiverse and Sentinel Tactics (like FOUR expansions for SOTM and two boxes of miniatures for Tactics). He spent hours just reading through all the cards and organizing them.

My mom had asked me to pick out a game that all of us could play. It’s hard to find a seven player games that would be interesting enough for the seasoned gamers of my family, but easy enough that my folks and sister could play. So I had spent some time looking and finally my friend Other Tim turned me onto a game called Mysterium, which sounded like it fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunatley when we busted it out, my Dad and sister decided they just weren’t going to play.

I played the Ghost for this first game. I didn’t end up getting any pictures of the game in progress as I was too busy doing the ghosty things – but also having to explain and re-explain how it all worked (despite the fact that I’m supposed to be SILENT throughout the game!?). So above is a picture of the mess I was cleaned up afterwards…

Puzzle. The tradition everyone does get in on…

The Girl has been bugging us to play Dixitfor ever. I suggested to bring it along to my folks as it’s a waaaaaaay better game with more people. And it was a much more fun game to play with more people. My dad joined us for the game. My Sister pryed herself away from the puzzle long enough to come over to see what was going on.

The loot to be hauled home.

Good thing I brough the Yuba!

Before heading off to bed Amanda set out all the gifts from her parents and the one or two we got for the kids. (In the background is all the loot hauled home from my folks).

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A very patient 8-year-old waiting… We slept in. This was at about noon…

A very excited boy with a new book.

Seriously, that’s all he needed.

All he wanted to do for the rest of the day was read. Opening the rest of his gifts became a bit of a chore.

New sweater for The Boy – The one Amanda’s wearing I actually knit for her 9 years ago. I spent the entire month of December knitting it in secret whenever I could steal a moment – or staying up way after she’d gone to bed…

Present open, picture taken – back to reading.

Apparently my mother-in-law thinks I’m a cynic or misanthrope (or a cynical misanthrope!?). This little book has hundreds of pages with a quote from some famous personage or author about why humans are awful, and opposite  a lined page to write why this is so… Do I really come off as being that negative…? Am I reading too much into this…? 

On with the games! Recruited the kids to help punch out the tokens in Nations

Of course every time I turned my head and/or he didn’t have something someone specifically asked him to do, The Boy disappeared back into his room to read his new book.

Nations. Amanda and I really like this game. The kids say they like it, but every time we’ve played they always seem to get really frustrated in the third or fourth age when they realize I have PILES of workers out and and starting to reap what I’ve sown throughout the earlier ages. I tend take extra meeples in the growth stage and get off to a slower start – but it usually pays off in the end game. I can’t remember who actually won this one. Amanda also does very well at it – which I find frustrating as she seems like she has no idea what she’s doing and it seems like she does just random things… but they all seem to work out really well for her! 

Reading his book at supper.

Later in the evening we played Railways of Great Britain. Everyone really liked this version of Railways of… I think it was because there were SO MANY so close to each other and so many short lines they could set up. I didn’t take out nearly so many bonds as I have in other games. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

After lunch The Boy and I headed out to Dragon’s Den Games for their annual boxing day sale.

I meant to take a bpicutre there, but, in all the excitement, completely forgot. We were there much later than previous years (when we’ve shown up right at opening) it wasn’t as insanely busy – no line-ups snaking around the perimeter of the store – but it was still very busy!

Our haul from the Boxing Day Sale (less two packs of minis I forgot to put in the picture). A realtively small haul – compared to previous years. The Boy picked up the Fantasy Age Bestiary. The Girl had asked me to pick up Mice & Mystics for her, if the had one (they did!). I picked up Pulp Cthulhu, the latest Wargames Illustrated and stocked up on  some new brushes and painted and tufts.

Later in the evening some friends came over (Kurtis and Shannon) and brought along Imhotep to introduce to us.

We also played Hanging Gardens.

Still later Shannon’s brother joined us and we played a game of Samarkand.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I spend most of the day on the 27th over at Brent’s playing Angola with Brent, Kurtis and John. Brent and I both played the exact same factions we played last time Where John and Kurtis reversed roles. Totally different game – in the previous game I ended up with a little enclave in the eastern part of the country and it was always difficult to get my reinforcements to the fronts that developed – where I needed them as they mostly arrived in Luanda (on the coast). This time  I help most of the cities along the western coast for most of the game.

In the evening when I got home we tried out Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It was hard. We lost.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

In the afternoon a friend and her two daughters (10 and 8) stopped by and we introduced them to 7 Wonders – it was an epic 7 player game and at the end of it our entire extended dining room table was covered with cards and surrounded by smiling faces… and I forgot to get my camera out… dang it.

Finally got around to trying out some of the Sentinels of the Multiverse stuff The Boy got.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

In the afternoon we went out todo some climbing at Grip It! It’s been a few weeks since we last went, so we weren’t there for long before muscles were aching and we decided to call it quits… We’d been going fairly regularly through September-October-November… and were slowly not feeling less and less awful and sore afterwards… but after just a few weeks of not going, I was feeling it all week – especailly any time I went out to shovel snow! We’ll have to get back into a regular pattern of weekly (or semi-weekly) visits! 

In the evening my friend Christian came into town with his daughter to play a few games.

First we tried out Are You the Cultist? Which was a lot of fun – once we figured out what the heck we were doing.

Then we had another stab at Mysterium – with The Girl as the Ghost – it was a LOT of fun this time around. Unfortunately we lost – amazingly the kids, who were only able to see one of the final cards all guessed right. Amanda, Christian, and I – who got to see two of the final cards, all guessed a different murderer and it was 3 – 3 there was no majority and thus we lost… darnit! SO close!

After they left we played a quick game of Carcassonne.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Everyone got haircuts today and we didn’t get in any gaming with the kids.

We did get in one last game of D&D for the year in the evening.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

More snow had fallen and with it the temperature on New Year’s Eve.

I had to run around and do a few errands in the morning and the roads and pathways were just awful.

I hadn’t put my winter tires on, so I actually borrowed Amanda’s fat tire bike. Despite the fact that she’s had it for FOUR YEARS now, and raves about how great it is for winter riding, I had never tried it out. I got that it worked for her, but I never really understood HOW great they are in the snow. Wow. What an eye-opener….

I hate to say it… but I think I might need ANOTHER bike!?

Other Time stopped by for the afternoon to play Firefly with us – it was his first go at it. We actually finished the game and Amanda won.

I was flying the Serenity with Nandi as Captian. I thought I’d been doing pretty good for myself… but not as good as Amanda!

Afterwards Other Tim introduced us to Show Manager – which was really fun.

(not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game…)

After Other Tim left we played a quick game of Timeline.

We ended up all staying up to Midnight and watching Bladerunner – which I have not seen in a very long time!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

On the first my Friend Aaron and his two boys came over for the afternoon. One has been painting a pile of Tyranids for 40K and has been dying to get in a game – so I pulled out my Imperial Guardsmen and Trench Terrain and set up a little scenario for him.

Because I had defensive works I took less points than him. Though afterwards I realized they were as much a hindrance and really needn’t have done so.

My guys were quite spread out and his tyranids were on my front line on the first turn – not really diving me any opportunity to shoot them up. As they did little shooting, the trenches weren’t of much use to me…

Ah well… he had fun.

We were invited to play games at Kurtis and Shannon’s in the evening, but we all ended up being so exhausted from staying up so late the night before, we all packed it in early… 
Monday, 2 January 2017

Bright and sunny, but brutally cold – we walked downtown to see Rogue One.

We were supposed to meet up with the family of one of the kids friends, but their friend was sick. She’s been sick since early December – first with one thing, now another… We’d hoped to meet up with them a few times, but totally weren’t able to. It was a bit of a drag…

The movie was okay.

In the evening we played Loonacy…

… and a round of Race for the Galaxy.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

We didn’t end up playing any games at home today.

The Boy did go out to play D&D at King Me Boardgamery (as he does every other Tuesday).

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Bruce Stopped by and played Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu with me and the kids.

Something fishy going on in Innsmouth.

Amanda got back from an appointment and joined us for a game of Big Book of Madness – a new co-op game The Girl got… wow is it hard. WE totally lost on the 3rd round (out of a potential 6 or so…).

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The fifth was The Boy’s Birthday.

He is now a teenager.

Aaron’s boys came by for a little party in the evening. The kid’s other friend was still sick and couldn’t make it!

The played a round of Red Dragon Inn.

Friday, 6 January 2017

this is getting into our 13thday of gaming… but there were a couple days were we didn’t all get to play games. It had been my hope to play all of the new games we got at least ONCE before the holidaze were over… we were MOSLTY successful…

Knocked one more game of the list of new games Friday evening – ABYSS.

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting much from this game, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I totally crushed it. I think I had 80 or 90 points, The girl had around 60 maybe… I had more points than Amanda and The Boy combined.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

That brings us to yesterday – Amanda and the girl were out most of the day at various dance classes. While they were out Bruce and Adele stopped by

We played a game of Firefly. This was the first time I’ve ever completed a scenario that wasn’t the “First Time in the Captain’s Chair” beginner scenario. The Boy actually won…

I felt like I was going pretty good this game as well – I completed two of the Goals and was on my way to complete the third when the Boy finished it first… This was just after finishing the first goal. I picked up a few more guns before moving on to the 2ndas it required a bit of misbehaving.

Later, after the girls got home, we tried another game of Abyss.  The point spread wasn’t so great this time around. I barely squeaked out a victory 3 points ahead of Amanda – the kids were less than 20 points behind…

And that was about it for our Holidaze. The Kids activities have all started up again. Amanda goes back to work on Monday. The kids and I will be back at our regular homsechoolification…

We didn’t get to playing any Sentinel Tactics or trying out any of the Dominion (Intrigue and Adventure) or The Grizzled: At Your Orders expansions I got – or Mice and Mystics… Hopefully we’ll get to those in the coming weeks – and many, many more games! 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I did get some painting done over the holidaze – hopefully get some pictures of those up shortly… 

The 10 Best Board Games of 2016 (that I have actually played)

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the best board games of 2016

It’s that time of year yet again where we take stock of what has been before and look forward to what yet may come.  I’ve already discussed some of my favourite games of the year on our latest podcast episode but that doesn’t stop me from sticking with tradition and writing up a list of my favourite games of the year.

As with every year it’s not possible to play every single game (unless your surname is Vasel) but I always have a damn good go to play as many games as I can.  Unfortunately, there are always those that slip through the net.  I haven’t had any chance to play Euro-darlings Cottage Garden and A Feast for Odin and my miniature game addiction laments that I haven’t had the opportunity to play The Others: 7 Sins, even though one of my gaming group went crazy with the Kickstarter it got stuck at sea for a very long time.  The games I regret not playing the most however are Terraforming Mars and Cry Havoc both of which come highly praised.
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Game Plan 2017

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Every year, after looking back at the previous year, I tend to look forward and try to come up with some sort of plan. It’s good to have a plan. Though my plans tend to be more like the Pirates Code (“they’re more like ’guidelines’”).

Alternating Friday D&D

Since September, my friend Bruce has been running a D&D 5E Primeval Thule game every other Friday for me and Amanda and a few other friends. (Before that it was the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign using Savage Worlds/Realms of Cthulhu). It has been a lot of fun and I expect (HOPE!) that to continue for the foreseeable future.

50 Games

I have a lot of games.

I mean a LOTof games (and that’s just the board and miniature games… don’t get me started on all the role-playing games). Now mind you many of those entries on BGG are expansions – and some of them are single card promo cards and the like… but still a lot of games. I could play a different game every day of the year and… well… I might get to play them all (if I used all the expansions). So there are two things I wanted to do this year: 1) get rid of some games – I’d like to sort through them and get rid of some of the chaff  (I’ll try to maybe trade them away on BGG, or just sell them at the ToonCon Auction) and 2) PLAY as many as I can, obviously, but also make sure I get to play all the ones that I really want to play again (or try out).

To do the second thing I thought I’d make a list of 50 games I’d REALLY like to play and endeavor to play at least one of them each week. I thought I’d get the kids to do the same – which would mean we’d have to play at least three games a week – and we’d all get to play at least ONE game on our list of games that we want to play. This was harder than I initially supposed… I sat down and started the list and when I counted them up I had WAY OVER fifty! (and I hadn’t even gotten to listing the MINIATURES games I wanted to play – which I’d initially though to include, because I’ve been feeling I haven’t been playing those as much as I like, and thought including them would ensure I’d get to play at least a few more…).

So I had to do some paring down. First of all I took off a few of our “Go To” games – games that we got down and can play in under an hour – we’ll end up playing those whenever we have a bit of time to kill – games like Dominion, 7 Wonders, Race for the Galaxy, Love Letter, Loonacy, Fluxx, Pandemic, the Grizzled, etc. I’m even hoping A Study In Emerald might slip into this category as the last couple times we played we got through games pretty quickly!). I also decided something else had to be done to get some more miniature games in (more on that in a moment) so I canned them from the list. I also dropped a bunch of games from the list that I know the kids really like hoping that they’d end up on THEIR lists, so we’d get to play them anyway.

Here is what I ended up with…

1. Railways of the World (Eastern United States)

2. Railways of North America

3. Railways of Mexico

4. Railways of Great Britain

5. A Study In Emerald (Second Edition)

6. London

7. Onward to Venus

8. Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

9. Pax Pamir

10. Pax Porfiriana

11. High Frontier

12. Bios: Megafauna

13. Arkham Horror

14. Arkham Horror + Kingsport Horror expansion

15. Arkham Horror + Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion

16. Arkham Horror + King in Yellow expansion

17. Eldritch Horror

18. 1775: Rebellion

19. 1812 Invasion of Canada

20. Freedom: the Underground Railroad

21. Firefly: the Game

22. Power Grid Deluxe North America

23. Power Grid Deluxe Europe

24. Conquest of the Empire

25. Empires: Age of Discovery

26. Fire in the Lake

27. A Distant Plain

29. Labyrinth: The War on Terror
30. Lancaster

31. A Game of Thrones

32. Homeland

33. Illuminati

34. Agricola

35. Popular Front

36. Albion

37. Forbidden Stars

38. Inca Empire

39. Joan of Arc

40. The New Science

41. Star Trek: Five Year Mission

42. Puerto Rico

43. Samarkand

44. Secret Hitler

45. Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean

46. Wallenstien

47. Warrior Knights

48. ZhanGuo

49. Paths of Glory
50. A Few Acres of Snow

I’m considering possibly themed months… maybe all the Railways of World games on month, all the Martin Wallace games another month, all the Phil Eklund games, all the GMT games, etc… I was thinking October could be Arkham Horror month… It might help keeping rules straight if playing a series of games with similar rules/mechanics…?

I thought of suggesting the same to Amanda… but then we’d have FOUR games to play each week… that might get a bit daunting…. and, honestly, she probably couldn’t be bothered. She’ll play any game we put on the table and invite her to play, but she would never seek out new games to play or sit down to read rules. Maybe I could ask her to pick out just 12 – so we play one game she wants to play each month. 

Saturday Afternoon Games

While Amanda is out with The Girl at dance classes on Saturday afternoons I have been organizing games for me and The Boy to play with various other friends. Generally I’ve run longer games (2-4 hours). I hope to continue this. This is where a lot of the games on my list will probably end up being played… which, unfortunately, will likely mean Amanda and the Girl don’t get to play them… ah well… Hopefully we’ll get to play a few of the games on The Boy’s list as well!

Skirmish Saturday Night

I think it’s time I brought back Skirmish Saturday Night and got some miniatures on the table. Actually what I mostly have in mind is a series of campaigns that could be a series of linked skirmish scenarios to something more like role-playing… we shall see. 

I tried to make a list of games I’d like to play and sort out how I’d get them all in. As the list grew I started thinking if there were twelve I could focus on one game each month for the year… although that would mean only four of each game – which would mean some pretty short-lived campaigns… then the list ended up longer than 12 anyway…

Some of the Games I definietely would like to play at least a few times this year include:

Lion Rampant

Dragon Rampant

The Men Who Would Be Kings.

The Pikeman’s Lament

Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai


En Garde!


Hordes of the Things

Of Gods and Mortals

A Fistful of Kung Fu – Hong Kong Movie Wargame Rules

A Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Shadows and Dust

Faustus Furious – using chariots or JET BIKES!
Fear and Faith

Song of Shadows and Dust

Flying Lead

Maybe even Bolt Action or Force on Force…?
I’d really like to set up campaigns of Frostgraveand/or Song of Shadows and Dust. I’ve also been considering running pseudo-roleplaying games using Fear and Faith (running Call of Cthulhu adventures) and/or Flying Lead (possibly running old Twilight: 2000 adventures…?)


The whole Vimy project is kind of up in the air at this exact moment. It probably deserves a completely separate post. So, more on that in a moment…

Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend

Originally I’d planned to NOT have a skirmish campaign this year as I’d hoped to have enough of the terrain and miniatures done for Vimy to play test it that weekend with a few people I was hoping might help out with running the game. As that I up in the air at the moment, so are plans for the Birthday Bash.

My birthday falls on a Saturday this year, so I’ll definitely be playing games all day – probably all weekend – it just may or may not be Vimy…

Family Day Weekend

Two weeks before my Birthday is the Family Day weekend in February  and for the last couple of years we’ve had a weekend of playing boardgames with family and friends. I’ll probably do the same this year.

Summer Skirmish Weekend Campaign

As I am not planning a skirmish campaign for February, I thought I might organize one over the summer…? I have NO IDEA what game I might run or exactly when it might be… just putting it out there, it might happen. (if there was anybody interested).


As the whole family had a lot of fun at ToonCon last year, we will very likely all be attending again this year.

I will also definitely be running some sort of game (or gameS). I guess I don’t have to decide for sure for a few months, but some possibilities I am currently considering are Passchendaele (as it will be close to the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Corps’ assault on the ridge and the final capture of Passchendaele in 1917) and/or Faustus Furious with JET BIKES! (I picked up the game a couple of months ago and it looks like a RIOT! When Viscount Eric at Gaming with the Gnomies pointed out the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter (which ends in a few days!) I immediately thought it would work perfectly for racing jet bikes!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Vimy Project Update!?

New Miniatures!

12 Days of Gaming (or “What I Did for My Winter Holidaze)! 

Happy New Year!

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Year End Wrap Up – Wow 2016 was one of my busiest painting years yet. Sadly very few of those models painted were my own. I did make some progress on several fronts but no where near the amount I anticipated. Of course I didn’t stop adding things…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 16: The Best Games of 2016 That We Have Played

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 16: The Best Games of 2016 That We Have Played

It’s the end of the year, so between filling their bellies with roast turkey and figgy pudding and the inevitable hangover that follows New Year and Hogmanay the boys gather to look back at the best board, card and tabletop games of 2016.

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Good Riddance 2016; Hello 2017: The Year in Gaming

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Every year I try to write an article that summarizes the passing year and share what I am most excited about for the upcoming one. Let’s be honest here, 2016 was a crazy year! A year ago did anyone think that we would end up with Trump for president? Or have the Cubs win the World Series? Would I after a 16 month hiatus resume paining again? Despite the turbulent year, it was yet another great year for the gaming community and 2017 looks to continue that trend. Over the last few years the gaming industry has a seen a boom as far as leveraging multiple platforms, broadening its appeal by expanding the span of topics in which we could play, and the explosion of card based games; all of these factors really point to the fact that we are in the “golden age of gaming”.

The Industry
In 2016 the value of the video games market alone is $99 Billion dollars worldwide with it expected to grow to about $130 Billion by 2019. This boom can be attributed to the growth of app based games.  Who didn’t almost run someone over while playing Pokémon Go this year? The popularity of board games has also dramatically risen  over the last few years and as more interesting titles hit the shelves this will continue to grow. Card based games such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon are attracting many young players to gaming and we can see the effect when 30-50 tweens jam into our local gaming stores and prevent us from getting a table. Historical based gamers have also seen a boom, this year Bolt Action came out with a second version, Battlefront’s Team-Yankee grew and has attracted many new players to the hobby. Of course the games tied to movies did well, Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars X-Wing had many new releases that were tied to the very popular Force Awakens movie.

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Run as stealthily as you can.

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Can you escape from Colditz? do you have what it takes to get past the guards? Osprey Games have released the 75th Anniversary Edition of Escape From Colditz! Designed by Pat Reid, a British officer who escaped from the Colditz prisoner-of-war camp during World War II, and Brian Degas, writer of the iconic TV series based … Continue reading Run as stealthily as you can.

Five Tribes

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Five Tribes is a multiplayer, Mancala-like worker-placement game (designed by Bruno Cathala) that we have played on more than a few occasions.  It was the 2014 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game winner and has received high praise from…

Timeline: British History Review

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Timeline: British History Review

You would think with a name like Tudor I would have a greater interest in history. Apart from a half-baked attempt at finding out if I am a descendant of the most famous family in UK history I really do not know much about my country’s past. As a point of reference, History is the only class in school I got told off in, and I was a proper nerdy swot. So the game Timeline presents an interesting challenge for me.

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Descent – Ynfernael Hulk

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Ynfernael Hulk from Shadow of Nerekhall which is an expansion for Descent 2nd Edition the boardgame. The sculpt is not great but I somehow like that beast. Fast project for myself. Can be also use in Song of Blade and Heroes and Dragon Rampant

Ynernael Hulk z dodatku Cienie Nerekhall do drugiej edycji gry planszowej Descent wydanej przez FFG. Jak wszystkie figurki do tej gry muszę przyznać, że model jest ładny ale wykonanie odlewu tragiczne. Bardzo dużo czasu zajęło mi ukrycie niedoskonałości rzeźby. Przyjemnie się malowało i wydaje się że nawet nieźle wyszło w porównaniu do innych pomalowanych kolosów, których zdjęcia można znaleźć w internecie. 

Blood Bowl is back!!

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We held our Club intro for Blood bowl release over the weekend. Great interest and even though it was late notice we got some good numbers. Don’t worry for those that missed out, we’ll be holding events very early next year.Thanks again to Vagabond Gam…

Mice and Mystics … painted up

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Mice and Mystics – I have to be totally honest I know little to nothing about mice and mystics. When I started painting these I assumed they were for a Mouseguard RPG. 
One of my newer clients is big into board games and has several that she…

Our Wargaming Club Xmas Dinner 2016

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ACG Xmas Dinnner 2016. Great to see all of the crew who could make it to the Clubs 1st ever festive season dinner last weekend. Hope you all enjoyed the great eats provided by the Hotel and the good company. We also kicked it off with a games meet befo…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 15: Knightmare Live, Legends Untold and Mansions of Madness

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Welcome listeners of illusion to the podcast of confusion. We, Polyhedron Collider, challenge you to the ultimate adventure. The next episode of the podcast is complete, the entrance to the dungeon is open so enter, listener.

The Polyhedron Collider Crew party up and head into the dungeon adventure that is the world of board games, card games, roleplaying games and tabletop gaming.  Andy tells us about his experience of Knightmare Live, Steve and Andy explore the kickstarted world of Legends Untold before escaping the locals of Innsmouth in Mansions of Madness and Jon takes us through Dobble Star Wars.

We also delve into the mailbag and talk about our pet peeves in gaming, rulebooks and augmented reality and VR.

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Ether Wars Interview

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Ether Wars Interview

Those with long memories may remember an interview we did a little while back regarding Ether Wars, a dice rolling area control game from Spain. You also may remember we also did a couple of interviews with Burning Games, also from Spain, regarding their card based RPG Faith.

Well Ether Wars didn’t do very well first time around but the developers have teamed up with their fellow countrymen to come bring back the sci-fi dice game to Kickstarter.

I had a little chat with the development team regarding how to do a Kickstarter the second time around.
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Space Hulk is back…again!

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Space Hulk is back...again!

Did you get rid of your old original Space Hulk? Did you fail to catch the limited edition version of Space Hulk back in 2014? Did you fail to catch the reprint of the other limited edition in 2015? Well never fear, because Space Hulk is coming back. Again.

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