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Battle Report – GORECHOSEN – Ep 03

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Andy brings in his GORECHOSEN Champions for the most metal gaming experience in board games. We play a 2v2 with Redgar and Heldrax take on Tark and Fexgor!   Advertisements

From the Deep – A Lobotomy Expansion

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Board Games – Pop Culture Icons/References trapped in an insane asylum
trying to escape from other Pop Culture Icons/References seems to be the
basis of Lobotomy the board game. I haven’t actually played the game, but
based on the large batches of minis I’ve painted for my client that’s the
general opinion I have about the game. The models are decent quality and
plentiful which is usually a good enough reason to pick up a game. (Because
if it’s awful you can always repurpose the minis right?) 

Vanguards of War assemble to defend the Church

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We have received Vanguards of War recently so today we are going to have a quick look at what the game is all about. Vanguards […]

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Too Many Games?

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Keeping Up Recently, the Dice Tower podcast has been discussing the notion that there are too many games to possibly play, review, or even process the flood of games coming at consumers and reviewers from all sides. There’s an uncertainty in … Continue reading

Showcase: Bêlit’s Guards from Conan the Board Game

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A while ago, my buddy Dave Lamers painted up some miniatures for me. The miniatures he painted are Bêlit’s five Guards
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Stuffed Fables … Board Game Miniatures

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Board Games – My board game clients are always bringing me something new
and different that I I’ve either not played or not heard about, but wind up
intrigued by the models. Stuffed Fables is one of those games. The concept
of a family friendly game that takes place completely on a self contained
“book” that also acts as a board is intriguing. I might need to do some
more research into this game as it might be a good fit for my kids.

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Ironskull’s Boyz vs. Spiteclaw’s Swarm

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  Mike is back for another Matched Play session against my Skaven! Spiteclaw’s Swarm is finally on the table and ready to run the Glory. Advertisements

Battle Report – Godtear – 0.8 Early Access (Decay!)

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  The latest update to Godtear adds new missions, dramatically changes the Champions statlines and abilities and more than anything, but now there’s also new SCENARIOS! Owen and I check out DECAY, one of two new scenarios introduced in Godtear’s 0.8 Early Access. Advertisements

Lords of Hellas Review

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Lords of Hellas Core Box

It seems hypocrisy is something with which I am becoming more familiar. Not through malice or an attempt to ruin someone’s day (although I will admit it is entertaining), but through an evolution of taste and the fact that I seem to have been cross-bred with a magpie. That being the only explanation  I can think of for claiming to be “not about the miniatures” whilst jumping on the bandwagon faster than Zebedee on a springboard when a juicy Kickstarter appears which is clearly “mostly about the miniatures”.

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Cowboy Up – Shadows of Brimstone Expansion

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Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone (the chronically mispronounced game
“Shadows over Brimstone”) has a ton of expansions. Most recently I painted
up the “Allies of the Old West” expansion. This added a few miners/outlaws,
a black smith, pack mule and dog to my client’s collection for the game.

The Grimm Forest Review

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The Grimm Forest Board Game Review

Once upon a time there was a trio of men who had a severe obsession in board games. Because of this obsession, they spent many hours playing, discussing and criticising their games, arguing about which was best. Needless to say, they almost never agreed.

It turns out that on occasion, the stars do align and said trio of man-children do reach a consensus. Unfortunately for the Grimm Forest, it’s not a positive outcome.

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April Games Part One

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This first week of April was the spring school break – which usually means a break from all our regular activities. I had been looking forward to a break from things and just hanging out with the kids and playing games and going of bike rides and hoped…

New to Us Games – March 2018

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Not a ton of new games this month. New board games, from best to worse: Barenpark – I immensely enjoyed this Tetris-style tile laying game, even with the flimsy theme of building a bear-only zoo. Unfortunately, due to Asmodee’s acquisition of Mayfair, this game will likely be difficult to obtain in the US for the […]

March Gaming Round Up

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When I started this year I thought I’d do weekly round-ups, since we were going to be playing so many games. but some weeks we just don’t play that many. Seems silly to write up something about just one… (Well unless it’s a blow-by-blow miniature gam…

Legends of the Alliance – Review

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Hi there, I’m Lee – I love to paint miniatures and play games involving them and have done for over 20 years now. I’m a […]

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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth Part 3

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Wrapping up this expansion with the heroes MHD-19, Verena Talos, and Loku Konolua as well as Echo Base Troopers. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed it. All done and ready to play!

Mice and Mystics Review

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Come gather round the fire and let me tell you about a tail from a mouse called Colin, who fought an evil Queen to free his father from her vicious clutches. Let me fill your head with wonder as Colin and his team fight off rats and spiders and the …

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth Part 2

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Continuing on from Part 1, we’ve got the SC2-M Repulsor Tank, General Sorin, Dengar, and two wampas. Part 3 coming soon; wrapping up with the heroes.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Return to Hoth Part 1

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We’ve taken to not playing Imperial Assault without painted miniatures as it just adds so much and looks so much cooler. I’ve made my wife wait almost 3 months now to play the Return to Hoth expansion while I wrapped up some other projects and get arou…

Cockroach Poker: Review

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Every once in awhile I encounter a game that is so simple in its rules that I doubt it will work as well as promised. […]

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Battle Report – GODTEAR – (0.4) 3 vs 3 ‘Growth’!

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  Owen brings his Champions (Rhodri, Lorrsayne and Blackjaw) to face my own team (Shayle, Raeth-Marid and Rhodri) in ‘Growth’! Advertisements

Let’s Play! – GodTear by Steamforged Games

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Steamforged is doing something Unique with their upcoming MOBA-Style miniature Boardgame GODTEAR… allowing the public to participate in the Beta-Testing. Beta Testing kits are available HERE ( and will be your opportunity to get the models in high-detail metal. Join the forums or jump on the Facebook Group ( to join the discussion and more […]

Box Breaking 237: Cities of Splendor the Expansion

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In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Cities of Splendor, and all the wonder it has to offer. This expansion is a game changer!

New to us games – February 2018

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February was a rough month for me, health-wise. But now I get to cheer myself up now looking at how many new games we fit in in before things went south! New board games, from best to worst: 1960: The Making of the President – this political area control game about the 1960 United States presidential election is […]

Games Games Games

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It’s been a while since I did a bit of a Boardgame Round Up. The last one I did was for the first week or so of February. The Following week the only games we played were Shadow War: Armageddon, and I did full game reports for those…Monday, 12 Februa…