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Battle Report – GODTEAR – (0.4) 3 vs 3 ‘Growth’!

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  Owen brings his Champions (Rhodri, Lorrsayne and Blackjaw) to face my own team (Shayle, Raeth-Marid and Rhodri) in ‘Growth’! Advertisements

Let’s Play! – GodTear by Steamforged Games

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Steamforged is doing something Unique with their upcoming MOBA-Style miniature Boardgame GODTEAR… allowing the public to participate in the Beta-Testing. Beta Testing kits are available HERE ( and will be your opportunity to get the models in high-detail metal. Join the forums or jump on the Facebook Group ( to join the discussion and more […]

Box Breaking 237: Cities of Splendor the Expansion

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In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Cities of Splendor, and all the wonder it has to offer. This expansion is a game changer!

New to us games – February 2018

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February was a rough month for me, health-wise. But now I get to cheer myself up now looking at how many new games we fit in in before things went south! New board games, from best to worst: 1960: The Making of the President – this political area control game about the 1960 United States presidential election is […]

Games Games Games

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It’s been a while since I did a bit of a Boardgame Round Up. The last one I did was for the first week or so of February. The Following week the only games we played were Shadow War: Armageddon, and I did full game reports for those…Monday, 12 Februa…

Room 17 – Flicky Spaceships comes to Kickstarter

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Board games have really come on leap and bounds since I was a kid and its great to see so many of them hitting the […]

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Playing Alternative Games – Kingdom Death Monster, Giant Killer Robots, and Aliens vs Predator

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During our groups Winter break (we play 40k in a garage that gets too cold during the winter months to play in), we try to play alternative games. I will discuss the game briefly and then go over my gaming groups reaction and thoughts on the game. King…

Fear the Devourers … 7th Continent

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Board Games – Ice monsters are fun. The idea of walking along and having
something giant pop out of the ground to eat you is pretty scary. I
recently saw a trailer for another Tremors movie that takes place in the
Arctic. Fun stuff. 

Chariots of Rome (VPG) a review

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So I received this game in the mail with an offer to review and jumped at the chance. I love Chariot Racing games and always have thought that anything since Avalon Hill’s venerable (oh, so venerable!) Circvs Maximvs kind of … Continue reading

Lobotomized … more boardgame minis

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Boardgames – Last year I worked on a large batch of minis for Lobotomy the
board game from Titan Forge games. This was a kickstarted board game that
had quite a few add-ons. My client had missed the Kickstarter but was able
to track down some of the extras by contacting Titan Forge directly. The
results are the next batch of minis to hit my painting table.

Two more Sins – The Others: Envy and Gluttony

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Board Games – The Others: Seven Sins is still finding it’s way across my
paint table. Every time I start a new batch I’m impressed with the
creativity behind these sculpts. As board game miniatures they’re really
nice and some of the larger models would look right at home on a 28mm
tabletop battlefield. (which several of my 40k clients mention anytime they
see these on my painting table)

The Last (Couple) Weeks Games

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I didn’t end up posting last week about the previous week’s games as we really only got in ONE GAME and there was a complete game report for that…. Here’s what went down at our place over the last two weeks or so…Monday, 29 January 2018 – Warhammer…

Episode 37 – Fallout, Kitchen Rush and Ethnos

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It’s the New Year, so Steve, Andy and Jon gaze into their crystal ball and look forward to the games that are coming out in 2018.  We’ll choose our top picks that are coming to Kickstarter, before looking at the games we have backed and are waiting imp…

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Royal Guard Champion

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Continuing with another board game miniature, speed painted. Been picking up several Imperial Assault minis over the past couple months which are perfect for this. My wife and I really love this game and it really does add a lot to the fun when all the…

New to us games – January 2018

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  January just finished, so let’s look at the new games we played. The theme of this month seemed to be “Board games that surprised us and video games that disappointed us.” New board games, from best to worst: Dinosaur Island – I fully expected this to a be a mess, but instead the worker […]

Battle Report – ARISTEIA! – Draft Night II

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  Owen and I play the second in our ‘draft’ series for ARISTEIA as the Aristos are formed in to random teams each game! Advertisements

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Han Solo & Chewbacca

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Again moving in my sort of usual rhythm for painting. After a big project that takes months I like to take a break and just do some fun speed painting. Board game minis are perfect for this and Star Wars miniatures are really a lot of fun to paint. Pai…

Last Week’s Games

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Whoops – meant to post this last night, but we ended up watching Kindergarten Cop (long story) and a few more episodes of Heroes Season 3…. (during which I finished off my Tau Ethereal and got quite a bit of work done on the Tallarn Roughriders!…

Lions, Tentacles and Faceless Horrors … yes its Kingdom Death

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Kingdom Death – The Lion God and Slenderman are painted. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Awesome Games Coming in 2018: Part 2 Kickstarter Arrivals

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As the resident….well, I hesitate to use the term “junkie”, but it’s pretty much what the other two call me….“purchasing enthusiast” within the Polyhedron Collider walls, it seems that the majority of Kickstarters we collectively backed prior to 2018…

Reaching the Peak … Dicey Peaks

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Board Games – After being hit with a bunch of snow over the holidays it
seems appropriate to work on painting up some mountain climbers and oxygen
tanks. These simple miniatures belong to a board game called Dicey Peaks, a
press your luck game designed by the same guy who did the Tiny Epic series. did a really good review of the game if you’re interested in
learning more.

This Week’s Games – January 2018 – 3rd Week

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We got in a few more games this week…Starting off on Monday we got in a game of Five Tribes.I was totally excited thinking I’d do really well having collected up a complete set of all the trade goods and quite a few viziers… And when we did, I.. we…

How we organize and store Mansions of Madness

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Yesterday, we looked at how to organize Star Wars Imperial Assault. Today, we’ll look at how we are currently organizing another large game in our collection – Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty similar. Since Adam had a bunch of these Battlefoam boxes from his Warmachine days, we store our models in one of […]

How we organize and store Star Wars Imperial Assault

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In this post, I looked at how we normally store our games. But with so many components and expansions, we needed a better way to store Imperial Assault. Here’s how we are currently storing this game. (I expect this will change after the arrival of our Glowforge). I think we have all of the expansions […]

Incantris 4-Player Battle Report

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Quiet a while ago, we got another game of Incantris. In this post, we outline that game and discuss how
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