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Gen Con Countdown T-minus 8 Star Trek Panic

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With only eight days left I’m going to start sharing the games I’m looking forward to.  I doubt I will get to try them all with nearly thirty interviews scheduled at Gen COn 2016.  This list will be presented in no particular order, but I think, at times, you will be able to tell which […]

Let’s Play World’s Fair 1893!

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Mansions of Madness Second Edition Announced

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Mansions of Madness Second Edition Announced
Update: As soon as I post my article Fantasy Flight Games post the official announcement with lots more details and images 

Original Article: As I’m writing this there is no news on the Fantasy Flight Games website, but via YouTube the gaming company have announced a second edition of Mansion of Madness, and it’s rather different from the first.

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Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquistion Game Review

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Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquistion Game Review

Now, I like cake. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t. Cake is one of life’s fantastic luxuries. It’s never a bad time for cake and it goes with pretty much any meal, snack or beverage. It’s like the friend everyone has who is always up for a beer no matter what day of the week it is. And like that friend, you’ll always end up consuming far too much, feel sick and regret it the next day as your gut grows steadily larger. But you’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Assuming it still beats after troughing a mountain of chocolate fudge.
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UK Games Expo – Adrenaline

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There’s been a lot of video games that have made their way to our cardboard domain over recent years, from direct ports like Civilisation to those, like XCOM, that take the theme and spirit of the game and blend something new.

One thing these games have in common is that they tend to be based on the strategy end of the video game market, and whereas miniatures games like Infinity have mastered the art of tactical squad combat, no-one has really mastered the arena shooter.  Until Adrenaline.
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Shore Leave 2016

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So I got back from this year’s Shore Leave convention and had an absolute blast. The highlight for me was getting to meet Michael Forest, the actor who played Apollo in the classic Star Trek episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” and reprised the role in th…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 7

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Steve is our only hope as his misfit rebellion defeat Andy’s evil empire in Star Wars Rebellion, Andy takes his revenge as a blood hungry vampire in Fury of Dracula and John talks about Imps Devilish Duels, a game of dice and cards from Triple Ace Games.

The boys also take another look at the economic worker placement games of Crisis and Scythe.

Discussion is then prompted by questions from listeners where all three weigh in with their thoughts on Battleships, Legacy games and the Spiel des Jahres nominees.

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Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu

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Vacation Time in Sweden With Added Cthulhu So the ordinary vacation time has arrived and that usually means more gaming. Add in some old friends heading back home which also means more gaming. Visiting…

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7 Board Games To Try on Your Pokémon Go Breaks

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You can’t play Pokémon Go all day.

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8 Really Quite Racist Board Games

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Board games have a darker history than you might think. I spent a horrible afternoon crawling through the strangest corners […]

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UK Games Expo – New Earth

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New earth board game first impressions

I’m not sure I’d do very well after an apocalypse. I can’t whittle spoons like Bear Grylls, I can’t mine and wouldn’t know the first thing about where to start looking for ore and I’m not exactly a Bronzed Adonis hunter-gatherer type. I’m just an average sized chap with a plethora of Physics degrees and a penchant for board games. The former seem to have proven about as useful to me as a one legged man in an arse-kicking contest, but the latter certainly did put me in good stead for what I’m doing right now: babbling unwaveringly at a curious reader who came here to learn about a recent board game and is instead being told a series of useless facts about the author.
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Snipers, Casualties and Boardgames

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This weekend my friend John hosted a Commands & Colours day and invited me and The Boy. I think he has at least one copy of all of the Commands & Colours series of games (in some cases, I think he might have MORE than one copy!?)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The Boy and I started out with the introductory scenario for Battlelore– the fantasy version of the game. The Boy was a bit disappointed that it was just humans vs. humans and there were no fantastical creatures involved or magic… (different elements are introduced one at a time through the scenarios).

Afterwards we played a game of Commands & Colours: Ancients

Others were playing Great War and Memoir ‘44. We left around supper time – just as the pizza the others ordered arrived. Games continued on into the evening…

I finished these snipers from 1st Corps up this past week, but didn’t really have time to post them. Truthfully I wouldn’t have taken much time to post two pics, but I was waiting for something else to post them with… and didn’t want to post them with the posts on complete German units I’ve done this past week (11th Bavarian Infantry Regiment and 261st Reserve Infantry Regiment).

This standing one I actually painted last week, but I wasn’t happy with the paint job. Luckily Stu Ratcame to the rescue with a linkto this fantastic post about Great War Sniper camouflage – with some fabulous pictures. I am much happier with the results now.

Another sniper – also from 1st Corps

I also finished up some casualty markers for the 5thBrigade – the figures are from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design Company.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Should have three more posts in the next day or so – 16thBattalion, 22nd Battalion, and… Hellboy and the Scooby Gang escape a Zombie Outbreak….?

Review – Dreadball version 1

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Dreadball is Mantic Games’ Tron style future basketball sports game. It was conceived as an attempt to get a slice of the BloodBowl gamers pie and launched on Kickstarter back in the day, its about to get a second edition soon like Deadzone but I gave the latest version a whirl to see how it…

Crisis Kickstarter Review

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Crisis Kickstarter Review

I must admit to you that I prefer the lighter side of theme, a game about dragons, laser rifles or Cthulhu will allows grab my attention.

Yes, I know, I’m part of the problem.

Which is why I want you to have a look at Crisis, because Crisis may be the heaviest and most economic game I have played.  This may not sound like much of an endorsement from a man which took one look at Kanban, realised it looked far too much like actual work and ran a mile, but Crisis does something very interesting in both its theme and its implementation.
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Review – Deadzone version 2

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Do you like Necromunda, if so I’m sure Mantic Games would never try to exploit the facts it’s out of production with a similar style game for you to buy instead. Actually that’s a poor opening statement, the only real similarity between the games are the skirmish setting and the plastic scenery in the box.…

Long Weekend and Assorted Great War Canadians

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A belated happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian compatriots and happy Independence Day to all the Americans checking out the blog tomorrow! I hope you’ve all had a great long weekend (how often does that work out that Canada Day is on a Friday and Independence Day is on a Monday?).

I spent Friday finishing off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two (so I could return it to the library of Saturday). Saturday I spent pretty much the whole day (well… 10 hours of it!) playing Angolawith some friends:

A very long game of Angola (covering only the first 10 months of the 30 year civil war). Brent and I played the MPLA/FAPLA (which was considered two separate factions for game purposes) John played the FNLA (with some help from Zaire and assorted Mercenaries) and Kurtis played UNITA (and the South Africans). it was a tough game and there was a lot of back and forth in the first half – utter chaos – I felt totally lost. In the second half more clear lines consolidated and I thought things were looking up for the MPLA/FAPLA, but in the last round FNLA and UNITA really turned it around for the win! Fun, challenging game. Love to try it again sometime.

This was probably at the zenith of the MPLA/FAPLA game. The yellow is the MPLA – which I played – and the red is the FAPLA – which my partner Brent played. John’s FNLA was coming down from the north and Kurits’ UNITA forces working their way up from the south.

After I finish this post I’ll probably be doing some yard work… (unless those clouds roll in a bit quicker and it starts raining… do I sound like I’m stalling…? I might be stalling…).

As I mentioned earlier I ordered a LOT of stuff over the last month… and most of it has arrived in the last few weeks. So I’ve been spending most of my hobby time assembling, prepping, basing, priming and gooping miniatures so they’d all be ready for painting – whenever I got to that! I have worked on a few fun things that have lingered on my workbench long enough to get some paint on them.

A staff member for the Second Division from 1st Corps. The 1st Corp miniatures are a bit on the chunky side, but there are a few interesting sculpts and they have a lot of character.

I added some of the same nylon screen door mesh I used for all my other barbed wire around the base of the post he’s perched on. Looking at it now I’ve realized I should have drybrushed a bit of reddish brown on there to make it look a bit rusty…

Another 1st Corps mini – one of two snipers I picked up. I’m not as happy with this one (the painting that is) he’s got a tarp over him for camouflage and while I know printed camouflage was not in use in the great war, I couldn’t imagine a plain khaki tarp being used and thought perhaps they might paint on some blotches of… something… to work as camouflage. The lines I painted on look far to regular – and honestly they probably wouldn’t have had access to such nice green and brown paints… The next one I’ll try to paint with blotches of brown and grey – to look more like patches of mud or charcoal that’s been smeared on… maybe I’ll repaint this guy…

Trench Fighters from 1st Corps. These are kind of a fun set of guys. Most of them look like they’re wearing sweaters rather than the issued tunic – and I wasn’t sure what colours to use…

I’m particularly fond of these first two in the front – especially the guy with two pistols – the funny thing is: one is an automatic and the other is a revolver!? While not exactly useful for the Vimy game, I thought they might be a fun set of characters for some small scale trench raids or role-playing-type game.

Some casualties/morale failure markers – the walking wounded is from Wargames Foundry  and the two dead fellows are from Gripping Beast.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a battalion of the Gripping Beastfigures on the workbench – along with some mortars from 1st Corps, and machine-guns from a few different manufacturers… hopefully I’ll finish up some of those in the not-too-distant future. 

Why People Love Catan So Very Much

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A board game called Settlers of Catan came out in 1995. It’s pretty basic: just a few hex tiles and […]

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Widgets and Wonders Ep 44 – Calcio Storico the indie Boardgame by Castle Arts!

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"Unknown" – A cooperative survival boardgame by Rob and Dave games

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“Uknown” is a (pardon the pun) relatively unknown game that I happened to come upon on Kickstarter. I thought it looked promising, backed them, and then completely forgot about it.Check out Rob and Dave games on Facebook. I’m not sure if this game will…

YOKOHAMA Deluxe! by Hisashi Hayashi & TMG.

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Now I know what I will play next year! I could not withstand this great game with TMG which is an rely solid producer relaunch this to the world. This will replace some other trade/company builder games that I have.Now I only have to wait for 8 months …

The Cost of a Game

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I was drawing up a list of all the current miniature games in existence and came across many companies who are nursing a popular franchise of a game into its 3rd or 4th year and for the reasons of wanting to turn a profit or keeping the game fresh have expanded the initial rule set…

Elder Sign brief review and video Playthrough

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I recently made the trek down to Game Theory in Raleigh NC for a Star Wars Armada Regionals tournament. I’m a big fan of that game shop; I visit it regularly as it’s near my in-laws’ place. So, I wanted to pick something up to support them (and, more i…

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower

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I recently picked up Game’s Workshops newest board game – Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. This is a remake of their earlier classic, Warhammer Quest, although the mechanics are pretty different. I won’t talk too much about how the game works, as they have a pretty good gameplay overview on their website.

The game comes with around 50 miniatures, with several of them being duplicate sculpts. These are GW style wargaming figures, not the cheapo plastic board game figures most dungeon crawlers come with. The figures require assembly, with clippers, glue, and all, and if you’re adventurous, paint.

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Never being Boring

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Hello people,So, after the qualified triumph of Yavin / Expo as a bit of variety I’ve been dabbling elsewhere, which is allowed under my self imposed gaming restrictions as I haven’t spent any money. Nor will I…..honest :)Nigel recently picked up War…

UK Games Expo 2016 – Codenames Pictures Interview

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UK Games Expo 2016 - Codenames Pictures Interview

At the UK Games Expo Jon got the chance to speak to Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules fame and CGE about the upcoming version of our favourite party game; Codenames Pictures.

Many thanks to Chris from the UK Gaming Media Network for the recording and for Playmore Games and Dized for the use of their booth.

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