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Gaming this weekend – X-Wing, Board games, Multiplayer WHFB & WH40K

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So heaps of gaming happening this weekend. Spend your free time if you have it getting some funs at your local club, I know I will be.With the lead up to Regionals and Nationals I’ve got our Clubs X-Wing casual tournament to goto. We are full for the t…

My Five Current Favorites, Part 4: Ascension

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Dear Reader, So for our last few correspondences (and for one more after this one), we’ve been taking a look at my five current favorite games.  In the past, we looked at the cooperative Pandemic, the lucky-die King of Tokyo, … Continue reading

The Weekend: Gaming on the Mellow Side

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I’ve been meaning to catch Otto Schmidt’s THE WEEKEND for a long time now. It’s been tough, as June is a busy month usually with high school age kids. Now that one is in college and the other is in his last year, I thought I’d spread my wings a little and manage a day trip. Here are my observations. Continue reading

UK Games Expo 2015: Alien vs Predator

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Yay Games Sandcastles Interview

At the UK Games Expo 2015 I got to speak to Rob from Prodos Games to talk about their highly anticipated release of Alien vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins. You may remember at last year’s Expo we spoke to Rob about Prodos Games and it makes an interesting listen to hear how the company has progressed over the last twelve months.

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Who Dares Rolls reads us a 12 Realms Bedtime Storie

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Yay Games Sandcastles Interview

MAGE Games are currently blasting through their latest Kickstarter for 12 Realms: Bedtime Stories. Chock full of miniatures and tokens, Bedtime Stories is the third expansion for 12 Realms and takes the number of Realms available to play up to the titled 12.
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UK Games Expo 2015: Sandcastles from Yay Games

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Yay Games Sandcastles Interview

Sandcastles is a surprisingly cut-throat game of building the best sandcastle before the see comes in and destroys it. At the UK Games Expo 2015 I spoke to Andrew Harman from Yay! Games about getting sand in your eye.
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UK Games Expo 2015: Yay Games talk about Frankenstein’s Bodies

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Frankenstein's Bodies

Frankenstein’s Bodies is a grisly game of patching up and animating body parts to impress Dr Frankenstein himself. At the UK Games Expo 2015 I spoke to Andrew Harman from Yay! Games about his diabolical creation.

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UK Games Expo 2015: Chris Birch from Modiphius Entertainment

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Modiphius Entertainment have had one hell of a year. It was this time last year that they announced the Thunderbirds Board Game and since then they’ve announced a score of roleplaying game systems and supplements and had huge success with the Thunderbirds Kickstarter.

Together with the UK Gaming Media Network, we managed to catch up with Chris Birch to talk about Achtung Cthulhu board games, Thunderbirds and Mutant Year Zero.
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Last call for OSWARP game masters!

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Game proposals for this year’s OSWARP (Old School Wargaming and Role Playing) convention, held in conjunction with Dexcon in Morristown, NJ July 3-5, are due by this Friday, June 5th!Types of games we’re looking for:Old-school RPGs (Basic, AD&D, Wh…

Super Dungeon Explore: Mistmourn Coast Expansion

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Super Dungeon Explore: Mistmourn Coast Expansion $39.95   Perpetually locked in an unnatural fog, the Mistmourn Coast is home to fickle and cruel faeries who make sport from tormenting trespassers. Trolls are some of the few mortal creatures who call the Mistmourn Coast home, and even they have been deeply affected by its magic. Featuring […]

Sultan’s Library Interview

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Sultan's Library Interview

Sultan’s Library is a card game about the golden age of knowledge in the Middle East, when rich Sultans where thirsty for information and would send their emissaries far and wide to accumulate learning and create the greatest libraries in the world. Sultan’s Library is published by Photon Games a Canadian based company working with South African game designers and artists, and I had the opportunity to speak with Ryno Lourens, the driving force behind Photon Games and designer of Sultan’s Library.
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Game shelf porn

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I’ve recently engaged in moving my office into another room of the house, to allow my daughter to use the spare bedroom as a music room (drums take up a lot of space). In so doing, I had the opportunity to go through my game collection, reorganize ever…

UK Games Expo 2015 Preview

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The UK Games Expo 2015 is less than a week away and I’m like a kid at Christmas. There’s going to be so much going on it will make your dice bag explode with excitement. You may be heading there for all three days or only able to make a single day, so it’s best to be prepared. Here are some of the games that are making their first public appearance at the Expo so keep an eye out for them.

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World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game – A review

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So the exam is done (man it was hard going) and the show is out of the way too, “Up Pompeii” for those of you who are interested (was that a tumbleweed moment there???) Anyway here is a picture for the one of you interestedI can see the number of hits …

Porto Carthago From Iron Games this June

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Porto Carthago $65.99   Carthage – long before the deadly conflict with Rome, was one of the most important sea and economic powers of its time. You are a senator, vying for power through your servants and connections but beware, you have enemies in your midst and they too, want power in the palace. Can you […]

Super Dungeon Explore Fig.5: Hexcast Sorceress

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Adding warmer colours to the Super Dungeon Explore Hexcast Sorceress’s original cooler colour scheme was a bit of a gamble on my part albeit one in which success was alluded to by my trusty old colour wheel. Initially, it seemed counter intuitive (to m…

Blackout has glowing green undead

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Blackout Kickstarter board game news

Seriously game designers you really do know what I’m a sucker for don’t you? I mean look at Blackout; post-apocalyptic, vampires, strategic miniature based combat, it’s like you somehow hacked into my mind and found all the things that tickle my acquisition disorder.
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Ultimate Warriorz From Asmodee Editions

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Ultimate Warriorz $39.99   It’s time for the great Tribal Rumble! This ritual battle takes place in the sacred arena and the best Warriorz from all the different tribes, clans and races are gathered. There will only be one winner to be named chief of the legendary End of the World Island. The one, the […]

Club Sunday 10th May

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Good gaming day Sunday at Club. 32 Peeps made it down and many games were played.Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, BloodBowl, X-wing, Board Games and more.

Painting night & Club 3rd of May

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Great idea for a mass painting night and we had our first session tonight. Open to everyone and good for beginners and vets to share knowledge and get in some banter. If you are in Auckland and want to get into the hobby come join us. Feel free to get …

SDE Hexcast Sorceress [WIP – Skin Tone and Dress]

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With my desire to draw temporarily sated, I turned my attention back to the Super Dungeon Explore Hexcast Sorceress board game piece which until now only had her hair completed. During this latest stage of the sorceress’s paint work, progress was made …

Barony From Asmodee Editions in June

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Barony $49.99   On the outskirts of the Empire, the tension is palatable: in the race for power, your struggles take on more and more challenging proportions.   As a baron, you rule one of the four most influential families of the region. With your army of knights, you have to reach the most rich […]

My Five Current Favorites, Part 1: Boss Monster

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Dear Reader, I don’t do reviews much, and I know I should, but having moved somewhat recently I have a hard time getting together the few people I know to play games enough to give them a fair review. In … Continue reading

Mining Maniac Kickstarter Review

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Mining Maniac Kickstarter Review

It’s not very often we get to review a really good Kickstarter prototype. It’s not even that the games are bad; it’s just that most often than not the games are simply average. However, every now and then you get a really good game and a really bad game. Unfortunately I have to say that Mining Maniac is a bad game, a really bad game.
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Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga From IDW Games

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Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga $79.99   Power and Glory – or Untold Sorrow: Which Shall Be Your Destiny?   Glory and blood are at stake in this lauded and highly sought-after grail game. Fire and Axe is a strategy game full of raiding, trading and ultimate control, which can live on reputation alone. […]