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Pimping ‘Half Moon Jacket’

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I backed the Kickstarter for ‘Full Moon Jacket’ last year. If you aren’t aware, Full Moon Jacket is a boardgame that has US forces fighting Werewolves in Vietnam – if it were a film, imagine Platoon meets Dog Soldiers. Whilst I …

Nemesis Board Game launches on Kickstarter

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There is some debate amongst film fans as to which of the first two Alien films are the best – let’s ignore what happened after Aliens, as it all goes somewhat downhill from there. Alien is a true horror film set in space. OK, the premise w…

The changing face of my miniature gaming in 2017

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Whilst 2016 was most definitely the year of Chain of Command, my gaming hobby in 2017, though still primarily miniatures based, has moved much more towards a smaller sized game, especially as the year has progressed. It could be argued that most of my …

The Great War: The French Army launches on Kickstarter

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PSC Games have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the next expansion for ‘The Great War’ series of World War I boardgames. Following on from the core game and the Tank expansion, The French Army box set gives figures, rules and scenarios for using this army in the game. The scenarios concentrate on the action around the battle of Verdun in 1916. As well as the French Army box set, the project is also looking to fund (as stretch goals) the production of new ‘special personnel’ figures for the British and German armies, which can be used as additions to the first two games. These figures, which include engineers, flame-throwers, light machine gunners, and spotters, have figures and rules included in this expansion – the stretch goals are to add these retrospectively to the base game. Additionally, the original figures from the first game are being redesigned and produced off-the-sprue in a softer plastic. The project had a funding goal of £12,000, which it has over doubled within it’s first 24 hours. The project is running until the 30th November, with delivery due in June 2018. You can find out more details and back the project hereFiled under: Crowdfunding Tagged: […]

Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

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Do you remember the film Dog Soldiers? It was the directorial debut of Neil Marshall, who went on to make The Descent and Doomsday, and is directing the Hellboy reboot… The premise of the movie was simple – a squad of British soldiers are dropped on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, and are subsequently attacked by a pack of werewolves. It’s a story that I have always thought would make a great wargame scenario. Take that premise, transpose it to the Vietnam War, and you have basic plot behind a boardgame that is currently being funded on Kickstarter – Full Moon Jacket. The is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. Each player takes a different role in a squad, with your objective to retrieve your Colonel who is lost in the depths of the Vietnam jungle – a jungle that appears to be infested, not with Viet Cong, but with Werewolves! The project is first produced by Strangely Games It is running until the 22nd November 2017, and has a funding goal of £35,000 – it’s around 90% funded at time of writing. The main box game will be due for release in October 2018, and has a pledge coat of […]

Mansions of Madness – investigating Vengful Impules provides something of a surprise

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It’s not very often that you get completely blindsided by a game, and it turns into something you don’t expect – but when it happens, it makes for a memorable gaming experience. One such event happened last night when we played a game of the 2nd Edition of Mansions of Madness from Fantasy Flight Games. Just in case you are not aware, Mansions of Madness is a boardgame based in H. P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthuhlu genre. It’s a miniatures boardgame in the ‘dungeon bash’ style, where players have character models that they move through a map, made up from a series of tiles. During a scenario, players explore the map, looking for clues, solving puzzles and perhaps encountering nightmarish monsters. Whilst the first edition of the game required one player to effectively be the games master and run the adventure, the second edition introduced an app to take over this role, which means that all players take the role of investigators. We’ve played the game before, so we thought that we knew what to expect – explore a location, get clues and items and at some point run into gribbly monsters that we would have to fight – you […]

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 231 – Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

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Download Episode 231 Welcome to Episode 231 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   Due to the length of this week’s feature interview, this weeks show has minimal chat about what we’ve been getting up to. Instead, we launch into our feature, which is an interview with game designer Jake Thornton. The main aim of the chat is to find out the latest on Mythic Battles: Pantheon and also find out as much as possible about the forthcoming game: Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, which is launching on Kickstarter on the 10th October. We hope you enjoy the show. Mythic Games website Joan of Arc Facebook group That dragon If you enjoyed this episode of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast, you may want to become a supporter of the show, Details can be found on our Donate page, or you may want to visit our Patreon page.Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: Boardgames with Miniatures