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Dwarf pikemen

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To mix things up some, I pulled out some of the Battlelore dwarves to paint. These were from the Scottish Wars expansion, I think, and are pike men.Nice enough sculpts, although the demands of casting a robust plastic figure seems to mean the dwarf pik…

More medium foot (sigh)

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I turned my attention back to the pile of medium foot in the Battlelore set. These are boring as hell to paint and there are a lot of them!I production-lined these with varying pant and shirt colours but overall similar looks. The result is okay.Again,…

Battlelore: First of the mounted

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I finished off the first of the mounted units for Battlelore. I picked three different poses and did a unit of each for a total of nine figures.These fellows with the long swords are from the Code of Chivalry expansion (I think). Overall, these are pro…

Battlelore: Last of the bow

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Okay, so aging in-laws sidetracked my plans this week. But I did manage to complete the last four units of bowmen among the Battlelore troops I have been painting. I decided to paint these as units with reasonably uniform duds.Up next: Gaming-wise, it …

Battlelore light and heavy foot

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A cold a snowy weekend gave me some time to make progress on my Battlelore painting project. Today I finished off the light foot as well as some of the heavies.There were 16 light foot so I painted them in a batch.The Little Big Man shield decals reall…

Sherman paint fiasco and Battlelore troops

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So, over the Christmas holidays, I painted up some Shermans for a game in a hurry. I didn’t let the spay primer cure and, when I applied the matt finish, the paint crackled. You can see the crackling in the picture below on the right. I’ve never seen t…

Battlelore crossbow troops

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I moved a few more Battlelore missile troops to completion as I await decals for the foot. This batch are crossbow men from one of the expansions.  Not a bad match for the bow that I painted last week.There were a dozen of these guys, comprising t…

Spartacus at club night

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We had an even dozen guys out at cub night on Tuesday. Kevin hosted Bruce and I in a game of Spartacus.Memo to self: running a dominus is not a good business proposition. Chen and Dave played some Zombicide (with some sort of different board than I hav…

New project: Painting Battlelore

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With the new year comes a new project: to paint up my first edition Battlelore game. I’ve always thought painting these guys would be interesting and this will be a nice change of pace from my 172-scale WW2 project.I’ve ordered shield transfers for the…

2015 retrospective and 2016 plans

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 So 2015 was a pretty good year for gaming. Looking at the stats I kept on Board Game Geek (and excluding playing card games), I played CCA (8) and CCN (4) the most. After that it was a mixed bag, including Bang! (8), Power Legion (7), DBA (7) and Long Street (6).

A notable trend is the number of wargame set in North America, including Long Street (6), 1812: The Invasion of Canada (3), A Few Acres of Snow (3). Amateurs of Arms (2), Wilderness Empires (2), Clash for a Continent (1), New York 1776 (1) and The Struggle for New France (1).

This next year my plans include painting out the figures I have and thinning out my collection of games (I have a lot of games we don’t play). First up painting-wise is my first edition game of Battlelore. I have about 200-odd figures that I’m priming.

After than I need to make some decisions about the remainder of the 1/72-scale WW2 figures I got from Tim. There are a few more to rebase, lots of unpainted plastic and a fairly large number of older model kits (anyone need 9 unbuilt Panzer 4 with skirts from ESCI?).

I’d also like to expand my collection of 54mm AWI guys in anticipation of Richard Borg eventually releasing a SYW variant for Commands and Colors.

Gaming-wise, I have a tonne of CCA and Memoir scenarios I’d like to work my way through.

– Bob Barnetson

Some games for sale!

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My plan this year is to get rid of a bunch of stuff I have not been using. First up are a bunch of board games. Lord of the Rings cooperative game, base set. New is $60; I’d take $30.Betrayal at House on the Hill cooperative game with tile buildin…

Epic CCA at the club

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We had a pretty good turn out at the club on Tuesday for the last games night of the year. Karl and Brad played some 28mm Napoleonics. Not sure what rules they used.Kevin, Dave, Scott, Chen and I played a game of CCA epic (Alexander at Gaugamela). Belo…


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I popped out to Bruce’s on Tuesday night for a bit of French v Russian Napoleonics action. This battle was a Russian holding action that preceded the largest cavalry battle of the wars.The first game saw Bruce open with a cavalry charge against the Rus…

Struggle for New France

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So I swung out to Bruce’s last night and he hauled out two more FIW games he had laying around. We played Wilderness Empires (a “new” game by Worthington Games) a few weeks ago and we wanted to compare. First up was The Struggle for New France.As we we…

Sea Kings at club night

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We had 12 guys out at the club last night and four games running. I host two games of Sea Kings, which is an abstract viking game. I enjoyed the game (mechanics moved so turns were quick) but the consensus was it likely needed a few more players (we ha…

The Triumph and the Tragedy

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Bruce brought a new game back from Fallcon called the Triumph and the Tragedy. This is a political game (although there are military aspects to it) that allows you to play out the period 1933-1945 in Europe. Much of the game is about securing poli…

Star Wars 33mm AT-ST

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A few more pieces from this Star Wars commission I’m working on are done. today I finished the AT-ST. It looks very nice, I think. I put in a few stormtroopers for scale. Shame it did not come with a commander peeking out of the top hatch.The instructi…

Wilderness Empires

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I backed Worthington Games’ Wilderness Empires as a kickstarter and the game finally arrived last week. I was keen to have a FIW game that was less complex than Wilderness Wars and Bruce had already picked up A Few Acres of Snow.Overall, decent compone…

October 6 Club Night

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We had 18 guys out at the club on Tuesday night, which was pretty impressive. Craig ran a multi-player game of Songs of Blades and Heroes.Bruce hosted six of us in a game of Maurice. The evil red coats slowly marched across the table towards the noble …

Amateurs to Arms

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Bruce and I got together twice this week to play our way through Amateurs to Arms, an 1812 game he picked up last weekend at the Sentry Box. The most obvious difference between this game and others 1812 games we’ve played is that the whole of the US is…

Some Napoleonic playtesting

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Bruce had me over to do some playtesting on a Napoleonic game he has been developing to pitch at a publisher. We playtested the two-player version. It is card-driven and you can either use a card to activate units on the board or as an event or (someti…

September 1 EWG Club Night

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For the first club night of the autumn, we had really good turn out, with 18 guys playing including four newcomers (welcome!).Saga was the big draw of the night, with two games running. These were still underway when I left about 8:50.I hosted several …

Gaming: Victory in Europe

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Between kids soccer and the yard, the painting table has not seen much action. I did, however, get two games of Victory in Europe in with Bruce. The first game we played the 1939 scenario. Germany made a two pronged attack on France, feinting into the …

Gaming: Victory in Europe

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Last night Bruce set up his new Columbia game Victory in Europe. Oval map, 1939-1945, card driven, hidden units, step reduction. We played the first turn of the 1941 scenario in about two hours while learning the game. The map could stand to be a bit b…

Gaming: DBA 3.0

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We had a pretty good turn out on Tuesday at the club with four games going. First up were the seemingly head corpses of Wiley and Neal duking it our with CCA.Scott and Terry ran several guys through their MayDay Martian game.The highlight of the evenin…