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Character bases for Dragon Rampant

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I picked up a few character figures to round out my Dragon Rampant armies with some magic users, clerics and heroes. (Apologies if the formatting is a bit off–Blogger is giving me difficulties).These are Splintered Light minis and are lovely poses. Th…

Remembering the Rumble!

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Olá Leitor! Você pode conferir a versão em português deste artigo clicando aqui.   Até logo!   +++   Hello Reader.   Preparations for the second Rumble in the Jungle event “Rumble in the Jungle II – The Mission” are well underway as me and my friends in the “Clube Cuiabano de Wargames and Boardgames” […]

Relembrando o Rumble!

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    Hello Reader.   You can check the English version of this article clicking the link here.   Over and out.   +++   Salve Leitor!   Os preparativos para o “Rumble in the Jungle II – A Missão” continuam a todo vapor. Tanto eu, quanto os amigos do Clube Cuiabano de Wargames e […]

Memoir 44: Escobar

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We had seven guys at the club on Tuesday, including newcomer John. Kevin and I played a game of Memoir 44, which allowed me to get my new German tanks plus a bunch of figures I got from Tim in Saskatoon on the board.This was a German counter attack in …

Some WW2 tanks

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I finished up some 1/72-scale German tanks this weekend, just in time to run a game at the club tomorrow! I don’t usually cut things that close and I’m happy to have these done.These are kits I got about a year ago from Tim in Saskatoon. The Panther is…

A few 15mm monsters

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I’ve spent much of this week building some plastic kits (finally done and primed) so painting was minimal. I did knock off two monsters I found in one of my Battlelore boxes.The guys above is a hill giant that I decided to make an ice giant with some b…

Last of the dwarves

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A few days of rainy weather gave me enough time to finish off the last of the Battlelore dwarves that have been patiently waiting on a painting tray for months.These are big dwarves for 15mm figures (probably close to 25mm dwarves). Above we have some …

Battlelore standards

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Jess and I spared over a game of Epic Battlelore last night as I finally finished up most of the major.Jessica handily beat me (I could not roll worth a damn) but it was nice to play and see my boys out on the table. I think I used the first Epic scena…

Last of the goblins

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I finished off the goblins from the various Battlelore expansions I have. These included a bunch of hyena-riders (I think–or maybe dogs?).There were six models which makes them about the perfect size for a mounted unit in Dragon Rampant.There were als…

Club Night May 3

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We had eight guys out last night at the club and two games ran. Terry hosted a game of tomb robbing (The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus). A fun game with a fair bit of randomness.As the ceiling starts to the guys who ran deepest into the tomb (where…