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Romics – october 2017

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Two times every year, this is an appointment that I don’t want to miss. As the same I go here in the less overcrowded day of the convention. I find some comics that I didn’t pick up previously, a lot of gadgets (as Funko), and a day immersed in one of my principal interests. And […]

Romics – april 2017

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Time travel. There were two more Romics editions after this one. Always the same story about backlog of posts. However we had fun at time. It is the excuse to buy comics, gadgets. And to taste strange foods and drinks from Asia. And to watch beautiful female cosplayers. We visit Romics during an entire day […]

Lucca C&G 2016: Walk around [part11]

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I showed close-ups at the most on particular subjects. Now is the turn to watch some views of Lucca and his habitants in the 50th year of the convention. Always a partial view, but it is something at least. The eye of the camera is so small that cannot reproduce hundred of thousand people that […]

Romics fall 2016: diabolik

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Romics is not the place for exhibitions or talks about comics and authors, it is more focused on cosplay and gadgets. But this time there were really great exhibits. And the best was this one on Diabolik. I was amazed. Different reprints of the first number. Some modifications on the pages between different editions. The […]