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Chasing of USS President 15th January 1815. Pogoń za USS President 15.01.1815.

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Last Thursday our Back of Beyond game was call off according to some our players participation to other games. Instead we decided to play the naval game (first of this year) using the Post Captain rules. This time Angus prepared the historical sce…

Easy Eight M-10 Hit/Damage chart

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 US Army tank destroyer.  When the M-10 was up gunned with the 90mm gun. The tank destroyers had something to defeat all German armor.  The M-10 was used by the British but upgunned to the 17lb british anti tank gun.

Easy Eight Italian and British Weapon, Guns & Armor chart

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Easy Eight British and Italian Small Arms

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Bolt Action Universal Carrier Wasp Mk II

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Along with the previous introduced Chindits, there is need for suiting vehicular support. In Burma they used the nimble bren carriers to transport soldiers and goods, some of the universal carriers were fitted with a flamethrower and called Wasp, which I want to introduce in this review. Of the more than 110,000 units that were […]

An army with an exotic theme – Chindits for Bolt Action

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I have this lot of chindits lying around for quite some time now, and I want to explain why I chose these and what is the motivation behind it. First of all, why a themed army? I always liked from background to my projects, wether it is sourced ficitional or historical. I like to have […]

Easy Eight Crusader III Hit/Damage chart

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Last is the last chart of the British Armor (Tanks).   Next will be the remaining German vehicles.  We are slowly coming to the end of the vehicle charts for Easy Eight.   

All gold of Bukhara. Całe złoto Buchary.

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Last Sunday we had our this year’s first meeting of Gotheburg Gamers. This time it was organised by Tim Watson Back of Beyond game with the use of Bolt Action v.1 rules with some Bill Gilchrist’s house rules. W ostatnią niedzielę mieliśmy pierwsze…

Easy Eight M4 Sherman Firefly Hit/Damage Chart

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This is the chart most British player want The Firefly.   Basically the only non-soviet tank that could go toe to toe with all the German armor.  Why the US Army didn’t adapt their Sherman to use the 17pounder amazes me.  But that i…

Easy Eight T17E1 Staghound Hit/Damage chart

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The T17 and the T17E1 were two American armored car designs produced during the Second World War. Neither saw service with frontline US forces but the latter was supplied, via the United Kingdom, to British …

Easy Eight Rolls Royce Armoured Car Hot/Damage

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Grand old lady of the Western Desert the Rolls Armoured Car.   

FIW: Blockhouse.

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Today, very short report from our last game. Bill invited us for his Muskets and Tomahawks game. This time it was the British settlement, somewhere in North American woods. It was attacked by allied forces of French and Indians. Colonist has to survive…

Easy Eight Comet Hot/damage Chart

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Blowing up a Bridge in Musket &Tomahawks

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Pioneers at workRead more »

Easy Eight M3 Honey Hit/Damage chart

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he M3 Stuart, officially Light Tank, M3, is an American light tank of World War II. It was supplied to British and Commonwealth forces under lend-lease prior to the entry of the U.S. into the war. Thereafter…

East Eight M3 Grant Hit/Damage Chart

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Grow ingup many moons ago (1960) I watched the movie called Sahara.  Humphrey Bogart was an American Tanker with his tank called Lulubelle fighting off hoards of Germans.  That was the M3 Lee while the British version was the Grant.  Gre…

Easy Eight Universal Carrier Hit/Damage chart

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East Eight Cromwell VII Hit/Damage Chart

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Cromwell was the forerunner for what would great series of tanks. Having the armor, speed and hit power the British trooper got what they had been wanting.

Easy Eight Valentine III Hot/Damage Chart

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 Valentine tank was another good British tank.  It had the same problem as the other early war Britsh tanks as it was under gunned.   Later the Canadian built version had a 6lb gun which could a lot of damage.  The majority end…

Easy Eight Churchill Hit/Damage Chart

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The Churchill was another tough tank to kill.  The only failing was it was just too damn slow. The other problem is was under gunned in the early part of the war. Later with larger guns the Churchill could go toe to toe with most German armor.

Easy Eight Cruiser Tank MK IVA Hit/Damage Chart

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The MK IVA was pretty much the main battle tank for the British during the early years of WW2.  Lucky for the wargamer Plastic Soldier Company and S Model make version of this early war warhorse.  Hope these chart will help you in your battle…

Easy Eight Matilda II Hit/Damage chart

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Tough little tank with a very small main gun.   This tank actually made the enemy pause. Why because they are hard to knock out…..  Even the Germans like them…

Easy Eight British Light Tank MKVI Hot/Damage chart

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Here we go.  Nothing more than a motorized go cart with Armor.  

Easy Eight British armor

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Today started the hit/damage charts for British Armor.   For some of folks this is what they have been waiting for.  Every British armor vehicle will be covered. Lets start with a couple British elite characters.   Nothing like…

Kaiserschlacht 1918

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Today very quickly report from the game we had a week ago. Michael was tempting to use his 1WW collection and with some support from Campbell’s figures he organised the game. He put it on my special demand, he placed his scenario just after the breakin…