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Busy Bee

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What am I like, a veritable machine, PO this morning and completing an Eastern Front map, lunch, build Cromwell tank, prime said tank, clean house, iron clothes, do another map, build and prime Humber armoured car which had just arrived, put wash on, a…

Sitrep (M&T); Fort Timber

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Fort Timber
fort map.jpg

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Happy Days

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Both the ‘unhappy’ Postman and I were pleased yesterday, I received my swag from Warlord games and he takes a strange pleasure out of seeing my smiling face whenever a cardboard box arrives. This time it is the ‘eavy mob, tanks, a Cromwell for the British and that workhorse of the Panzer divisions a MkIV for the Jerries, along with a truck each, those elusive decals I was after at Salute and a pack of panzerfausts to stick to some infantry. Being used to Airfix 1/72 years ago I was surprised at the size of the tanks, pleasantly surprised I might add.

Before they arrived I had 99% made my mind up that I was going to buy an airbrush to do them justice. I looked on ebay for a used kit but there was nothing, I then asked advice on the Bolt Action Facebook page and got some encouraging answers for a cheap airbrush. However, even the cheapest brush comes in at around £45, then you have to get the compressor, sure you can do with the can propellant but I phoned a company up and was put off this idea, then cleaning solvent etc. so it was approaching £60 – £70. At that price you are getting something which ‘will do’ it is by no means the best kit, one deal gave you two airbrushes along with the compressor, old sweats advised getting the compressor and then buying a decent airbrush. I had to bite the bullet, how often realistically would I use it and I could get three to four vehicles for that money, so no airbrush.

The sun was shining but it has gone now, however a good day ahead as my son and I face each other across my new table, Western Franks vs Romano-British, my Romans have thrashed them twice but the RB’s went down to a crushing defeat the last time we fought so I am out for revenge today. We were hoping to get two days out of it but I have a hospital appointment tomorrow and have been invited to friends for dinner, I think they are feeling sorry for me being on my own, my only fear about this is that with the missus away for another two weeks I will have to attempt a wash on Monday. Battle reports later in the week.

Bolt Action – My LRDG project comes to a conlcusion, well sort of!

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By Patch

Earlier this year I was fortunate to receive some of the new Warlord Games  Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevrolet trucks and one of their Jeeps to review. I found them to be amazing and I was bitten by the LRDG bug. Something about their roguish appearance and mish-mash of vehicles made them truly appear like pirates of the desert and had me hooked. I reviewed those vehicles and provided a painting guide here.

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A Good day and still to go to Salute.

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I ordered my new ‘wargame’ table a couple of days ago and got word that it would turn up this afternoon, this did not please Mrs. Anderson as she had made plans for lunch and to drive No.1 granddaughter home and my delivery time seemed destined to upse…

My Tribute to Miles – Jon Bullock, Able Seaman

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This Tribute figure is for the Challenge’s resident arch-mage statistician, spreadsheet guru and top-of-the-heap brushmeister, Mr. Miles Reidy. Miles has been an enthusiastic participant of the Challenge since it’s second incarnation, back whe…

Damn Post Office and some British

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I have to be up early today as the decorator will be here to finish this week, so I took the opportunity to motor on down to the sorting office, I found that the doughball who tried to deliver my parcel last week is the usual doughball that rings the d…

Cold Wars Doubles Mid War 1942 Tournament

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 By Eric Lauterbach

Cold Wars has come and gone and it was another great one. Once again I ran the I95 Flames of War Doubles Tournament on Friday, and this years Cold Wars theme was 1942 armies. The rules were you could use any equipment in the Mid-War lists but if you wanted 3 extra points to your finial battle score you must have equipment that was in the field in 1942, no 1943 equipment at all. So a little research had to be done to make sure your army was compliant to get the points and three points is a big deal. For my part as the TO, it was pretty obvious if the army was 1942 compliant but I did have to check a few things.  I learned StuH42s did see the field in 42′ as 11 of the earlier versions were retrofitted and sent to the front as a test. So hey – I even gained some knowledge! The rest of the doubles rules were 1000 points swing 200 to either play and you may not have two of the same type companies. Tank/Tank or Infantry/Infantry would be illegal.

 I could tell it was going to be one of those days when the players were coming up with these team names.

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Pretty dismal weather here for Easter, but then again it is pretty early, I found out the other day that the various Christian churches have been trying to come to an agreement on the date of Easter for over 1,000 years and they are hopeful it will hap…

Rapid Fire

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I joined in a WWII game this week, it was set in Normandy and both sides had to defend their own village while capturing the enemy village, we used 20mm troops and vehicles and the quick-play rules Rapid Fire. I am not a fan of quick-anything, my warga…

1 Section, All Present and Correct, Sah!

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I couldn’t wait and as I am away this weekend I thought I would get these guys complete this morning before heading into the PO to while away the beautiful Spring day.I have been really pleased with my British paint set from Vallejo and the Crusader fi…

Sitrep (M&T): battle for Picard point

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The battle for Picard point starts with Camembert  highhandedly charges the thin red line. (he is quite mad)

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British Peninsular Flank Companies

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Not going to be a vey wordy blog entry this one.I’ve completed the two flank companies that will go with my first British Peninsular battalion. Once again, I am very pleased with how the unit as a whole is progressing. Here is how the two flank compani…

Bolt Action – Mixing Nations in Generic Platoons to Create a Unique Force

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By Patch

For the readers that have followed my adventures in our great game of Bolt Action over the last three or so years, it will be no surprise that this is another article involving Early War French. Now I can actually hear your eyes rolling whilst I write this but this is something different I promise.  This time I am embarking on force that will embrace two of the great allies of the Battle for France in 1940 into one cohesive force, England and France!

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Williamsburg Muster….Always a good time!

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 By Eric LauterbachMuster! and so should you! If you’re not going to the Williamsburg conventions and you live within a couple hours drive you are wrong. The gaming is non-stop late into the night and the tournaments are always a good friendly aff…

Bolt Action – Review & Painting Guide: Long Range Desert Group Miniatures by Warlord Games

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By Patch

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Giants Of The Sky Swoop In

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They have landed! The Wings of Glory Giants of the Sky Kickstarter Bundle, with 2 each of the Handley-Page O/400 and the Zeppelin Staaken R.VI bombers (from World War I). They are impressive models and very very large, the might be

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Tamai 1884

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Second game of the week was played in our club on Thursday. It was Sudan game with Black Powder rules, prepared by Campbell.
Druga grę w tym tygodniu rozegraliśmy w czwartek w naszym klubie. Była to konfrontacja w Sudanie z użyciem zasad Black Powder, przygotowana przez Campbella.

UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Campbell Hardie, Bill Gilchrist

FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Campbell Hardie, Bill Gilchrist, Bartek Żynda

1. Forces. Siły.

1st Brigade under command of Bartek Żynda

NSWC Battalion
15th Ludhiana Sikhs Battalion
Royal Marines Light Infantry Battalion
Yorks&Lancashire Battalion
7pdr gun
Gatling gun

2nd Brigade under command of Peter

Sussex Battalion
1st Sudanese Battalion
2nd Sudanese Battalion
Bashi Bazouk
Egyptian 6pdr
Egyptian Nordenfelt

Cavalry Brigade
10th Hussars under command of Bartek Żynda
19th Hussars under command of Peter
1st Brigade under Bill Gilchrist

6 Ansar Warbands

2nd Brigade under Hugh Wilson

6 Ansar Warbands (1 with rifles)
Captured gun

3rd Brigade under Michael Schneider

4 Beja Warbands

4th Brigade under Campbell Hardie

Baggera Cavalry
4 Ansar Warbands

2. The game. Gra.

In our game British-Egyptian-Sudanese forces had to cross the table from one end to the other. That was the British condition of winning the battle, whereas Mahdists had to only prevent it. In our game Campbell a little soften up Imperial forces and instead two British brigades gave us one European and the other mixed. It gave  Mahdists bigger chances for winning. Together with Peter we were going to create as quick as possible two brigade squares, survive all Mahdists attack and then after breaking them all, move forward through cleared battlefield. Sounds easy, not really.
W naszej grze brytyjsko-egipsko-sudańskie siły miały za zadanie przekroczyć stół z jednego końca na drugi. To był warunek brytyjskiego zwycięstwa, podczas gdy Mahdysci mieli tylko temu zapobiec. W naszej grze Campbell lekko osłabił imperialne oddziały i zamiast dwóch brygad brytyjskich dał jedną europejską i jedną mieszaną. To dało Mahdystom większe szanse na wygraną. Razem z Peterem postanowiliśmy jak najszybciej utworzyć dwa  brygadowe czworoboki, przetrwać wszystkie ataki Mahdystów i po ich zakończeniu, przejść przez oczyszczone pole bitwy. Wydaje się łatwe, otóż nie do końca.
My brigade managed to create the square in second turn and in third it was attacked by Bill’s and later on by Campbell’s units. My square was too hard for poorly equipped Mahdists forces. However they managed to destroy my gun and Gatling, but that was it. Once again supported me cavalry, failed. It forced few units to withdraw, but finally shaken left the table and never returned. At the end of the game attacking me forces were nearly broken, but still capable to fight back. So on my flank I draw the battle.
Moja brygada już w drugiej turze ustawiła się w czworobok, by w trzeciej zostać zaatakowana przez oddziały Billa i później Campbella. Mój czworobok był zbyt silny dla słabo wyposażonych Mahdystów. Jednak udało im sie zniszczyć moje działo i mojego Gatlinga, ale na tym się skończyło. Znowu, wspomagająca mnie kawaleria, zawiodła. Zmusili oni kilka oddziałów do cofnięcia się, jednak ostatecznie z ciężkimi stratami opuściła stół i nigdy już nie powróciła. Na koniec gry, atakujące mnie oddziały były na granicy załamania, jednak były wciąż zdolne do walki. Na mojej flance gra zakończyła się więc remisem.
Peter needed three turns to create the square and he was attacked in turn fourth. I advised him a small trick, which worked at the beginning of the game very well. He put Sussex Battalion on front of the square and against it Hugh and Michael pushed their first attacks. Mahdists were unable to broke them, especially when 19th Hussars arrived. They managed to nearly destroy, whole Michael’s brigade. When the game was nearly finished, last big charge of Michael’s, Hugh’s and Campbell’s forces was pushed on Peter’s square. One o the Sudanese battalions panicked and run away from the battlefield. That broke Peter’s square, but his forces were still fighting. Sadly the game was over, so were not able to cross the table and therefore we lost a game.
Peter potrzebował trzech tur na utworzenie czworoboku i zaatakowany został w turze czwartej. Poradziłem mu mały trik, który doskonale się sprawdził na początku gry. Ustawił on battalion Sussexu na czole czworoboku i to przeciw niemu Hugh i Michael skierowali swe pierwsze ataki. Mahdyści nie byli w stanie ich złamać, szczególnie gdy przybył tu 19. Huzarów. Huzarom udało się prawie zniszczyć brygadę Michaela. Kiedy gra miała sie już ku końcowi, oddziały Michaela, Hugha i Campbella zostały rzucone do ostatniej szarży. Jednen z sudańskich batalionów nie wytrzymał i uciekł z pola bitwy. To złamało czworobok Petera, jednak jego oddziały wciąż były zdolne walczyć. Niestety na grę się skończył i nie byliśmy w stanie przekroczyć stołu, dlatego też zakończyła się ona naszą porażką.

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My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Road in Spain. Droga w Hiszpanii.

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The busiest wargame week of the year just started. Till the end I will have three games: one played yesterday at Hugh, one on Thursday in our club and one on Saturday, played with AB1 group. Now I have noticed that all three of them will be played with Black Powder rules. The first game has been already played and it was game prepared by Bill Gilchrist and we went Napoleonic!
Zaczął się właśnie najbardziej wargamingowy tydzień w tym roku. Do końca tego tygodnia rozegram trzy gry: jedną wczoraj u Hugha, jedną w czwartek w naszym klubie i jedną w sobote z nasza grupą AB1. Teraz właśnie zdałem sobie sprawę, że wszystkie one będą rozegrane według zasad Black Powder. Pierwsza gra juz za nami i była to bitwa z okresu napoleońskiego, przygotowana przez Billa Gilchrista.

UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Bill Gilchrist, Hugh Wilson

FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Bill Gilchrist, Hugh Wilson, Bartek Żynda

1. Forces. Siły.

1st French Infantry Brigade under Tim Watson

4 battalions of intantry
1 gun

2nd French Infantry Brigade under Bill Gilchrist

4 battalions of intantry
1 gun

Duchy of Warsaw Brigade under Bartek Żynda

4 battalions of intantry
1 gun

French Light Cavalry Brigade under Bartek Żynda

2 Light cavalry regiments
Horse artillery
1st British Brigade under Ian Carter

4 battalions of intantry
1 gun

2nd British Brigade under Dave M.

2 battalions of infantry
2 batalions of light infantry
1 gun

Portuguese Brigade under Dave O’Brian

3 battalions of infantry

British Light Cavalry Brigade under Dave O’Brian

2 Light cavalry regiments.

2. The game. Gra.

The main objective of the game was the road. The side, which will control the road at the end of the game will be the victorious one. French and Polish brigades moved very fast forward. However the Bill’s brigade met the best British troops and get smashed in several melees by Brits. However somethin else stopped Britsom gaining victory here. It was central French brigade and their actions.
Głównym celem gry była droga. Strona, która będzie ja kontrolować pod koniec gry, zostanie uznana zwycięzcą. Francuzi i Polacy ruszyli bardzo szybko do przodu. Jednakże brygada Billa napotkała najlepsze brytyjskie oddziały i w kilku potyczkach na bagnety została przez nich rozniesiona. Jednak stało się coś, co powstrzymało Brytyjczyków przed ogłoszeniem tu zwycięstwa, były to akcje centralnej brygady francuskiej.
Tim pushed his forces fast forward and faced part of Dave’s British brigade. He get very quickly in contact with them. In few melees, he managed to broke Dave’s brigade, took the central village and then attack Ian’s Brigade, saving the rest of the Bill’s brigade. Finally at the end of the game French controlled most of the road on their left and in the central part of the battlefield.
Tim rzucił swoje oddziały do szybkiego ataku na brytyjską brygadę Dave’a. Bardzo szybko wszedł z nią w kontakt. W kilku szarżach na bagnety, złamał brygadę Dave’a, opanował centralną wioskę i mógł zaatakować brygadę Iana, ratując w ten sposób resztki brygady Billa. Pod koniec gry Francuzi kontrolowali większość drogi na lewym skrzydle i całą drogę w centrum pola walki.
Poles under Prince Poniatowski (I know, that he never took the part in Spain campaign, but I was so desperate to use my model, despite it was completely ahistorical). moved half of the brigade against village, occupied by Portuguese and half of the brigade kept in reserves. Soon Poles get support from French light cavalry and together moved against British positions on the hill. However both of us Dave O’Brian and myself had the troubles to push our cavalries into action. Finally we managed to do it and this time Brits managed to push back French horses, but this was it. French were supported by Poles, who stopped Brits and forced them to withdraw, by creating battalion squares. French cavalry tried the same, but with the same result. In the meantime Poles took village from the Portuguese and then managed to destroy their brigade. They took positions on the British flank where were disorganised British cavalry. Poles destroyed the first British cavalry regiment and soon Polish infantry charged the second British cavalry regiment from their flank. That was enough to force them to withdraw and give up the game. So the game finished with Franco-Polish victory.
Polacy pod dowództwem Ks. Poniatowskiego (wiem, że nie wziął on nigdy udziału w kampani w Hiszpanii, jednak tak bardzo chciałem użyc mojego modelu, ze przymknęliśmy na to oko) ruszyli połowę swojej brygady przeciw Portugalczykom we wsi, a drugą połowę pozostawili w rezerwie. Wkrótce Polacy otrzymali wsparcie rancuskiej kawalerii i razem ruszyli przeciw brytyjskim pozycjom na wzgórzu. Jednak zrówno ja, jak i Dave O’Brian mieliśmy trudności by nasze kawalerie wzięły udział w akcji. W końcu to nam się udało i tym razem Brytyjczykom udało się odepchnąć Francuzów, ale na tym sie to skończyło. Francuzi wsparci przez Polaków, którzy przez utworzenie batalionowych czworoboków, zmusili Brytyjczyków do wycofania się. Francuzi spróbowali tego samego, z takim samym rezultatem. W międzyczasie Polacy zdobyli wieś i zniszczyli portugalską brygadę. Zajęli pozycje na flance brytyjskiej, gdzie znalazła się zdezorganizowana brytyjska kawaleria. Polacy zniszczyli ogniem pierwszy regiment brytyjskiej kawalerii a na drugi natarła polska piechota (atak na jej flankę). To wystarczyło by zmusić ją do odwrotu i do poddania gry. Gra zakończyła się więc francusko-polskim zwycięstwem.

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Dave’s O’Brian relation on Facebook:
Relacja Dave O’Briana na Facebooku:

My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Bolt Action – Pacific Native Irregulars

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By Bryan & Patch

The Empires in flames campaign book for the Pacific and Far East introduced some new and interesting units for the Allied and Japanese armies. One available to all armies is the ‘Native Irregulars’ infantry squad. This unit is deliberately designed to cover all manner of locally recruited forces throughout the Pacific and Far East. One such unit I have decided to paint up for my Australian army is the Papuan Infantry Battalion.
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Town in Normandy 1944. Miasteczko w Normandii 1944.

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Last Thursday in our club,  I joined the game organised by Derek and Jack. It was 15mm Chain of Command game set in 1944 in Normandy. I hadn’t game of CoC for a long time so it was great opportunity to refresh the rules.
W ostatni czwartek w naszym klubie, dołączyłem do gry organizowanej przez Dereka i Jacka. Była to gra w skali 15mm z użyciem zasad Chain of Command, osadzona w Normandii w 1944 roku. Gry w CoC nie miałem od dłuższego już czasu, wiec była to doskonała okazja, by odświezyc sobie zasady.

UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville

SCENERY/SCENERIA: Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville, SESWC
FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Derek Hodge, Jack Glanville
Chain of Command is very specific game. It’s biggest advantage is the game realism. I do not know much more realistic skirmish game than this. So to play it well, one need take an extra caution as on the real battlefield. The mistakes cost always a lot. So there was no different this time. British troops had an order to attack the town (2 platoons – Jack, Stuart and myself)) defended by two German platoons (Derek and Peter). In Recce phase Germans managed to kept British outside the town, so they can deploy in the buildings and await the enemy.
Chain of Command jest bardzo specyficzna grą. Jej największym atutem jest realizm gry. Nie znam bardziej realistycznego systemu niż ten. Więc by dobrze w niego grać, trzeba być dodatkowo ostrożnym, tak jak ma to miejsce na prawdziwym polu bitwy. Błędy zawsze kosztują bardzo dużo. Więc i tym razem nie było inaczej. Brytyjczycy (2 plutony – Jack, Stuart i ja) mieli rozkaz ataku na miasto obsadzone przez Niemców (2 plutony – Derek i Peter). W fazie zwiadu, Niemcom udało się utrzymać Brytyjczyków poza miastem, więc mogli rozstawić się w budynkach i oczekiwać tam na wroga.
Brits started moving into the town. As the first Jack’s squads get under the fire from Peter’s platoon. That was hard enough to stop Jack’s advantage. In the meantime I wasn’t patient enough and tried to push one of my squads deeper into the town. I didn’t use the screen from the smoke to gave them extra protection and soon all my soldiers which find themselves on street get evaporated in one moment, shoot by Derek’s troops. Later I finally used my mortar to create the screen, but it was too late we started to loose the moral points. Stuart, who moved his troops in the centre reach the town and soon get pinned by the rest of the Peter and Derek’s platoons. That finished the game, as we have not been able to break through the German defences. Anyway the game was great and we learnt something new, that in CoC, if one want to win, than one need to be patient and precise.
Brytyjczycy zaczęli wchodzić do miasta. Jako pierwszy pod ogień z oddziałów Petera dostały się drużyny Jack’a. Ciężki ogień zatrzymał jakikolwiek dalszy jego pochód. W międzyczasie ja wykazałem się brakiem cierpliwości i puściłem moje drużyny głębiej w miasto. Nie użyłem tutaj żadnej osłony z dymu, by dać jakąś ochronę moim oddziałom i wkrótce cały oddział, który znalazł sie na ulicy, zniknął w jednej chwili. rozstrzelany przez żołnierzy Dereka. Później w końcu użyłem mojego moździerza, by stworzyć taką zaporę, jednak zabrakło czasu, by coś z tym zrobić, ponieważ zaczęliśmy tracic punkty morale. Stuart, który przemieszczał się w naszym centrum, dotarł do miasta i wkrótce również został spinowany przez resztę plutonów Petera i Dereka. To zakończyło grę , jako, ze nie byliśmy w stanie przebić się przez obronę niemiecką. Pomimo tego, była to znakomita gra, w której dane nam było się czegoś nauczyć, że w CoC trzeba być niezwykle cierpliwym i dokładnym by móc odnieść zwycięstwo.
Gallery from the game on my Flickr:
Galeria z gry na moim Flickr:
Some pictures on SESWC facebook profile:
Kilka zdjęć na profilu facebookowym SESWC:

Cavalry is not my Forte – or, I Should have Listened to the Lemur (Part 2).

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How will the French fare against the British, this time?In a reversal of the past couple of weeks, I fielded my French forces against Quinny’s British in another Peninsular War set-’em-up, knock-’em-down battle. I chose a 4 brigade French infantry divi…

PiP (M&T, LS): Elites

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Highlanders on the march

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Caen 1944 (# 3A)

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Last Thursday we all come back to our ‘forgotten’ Bolt Action campaign, Caen 1944. Finally we started the third turn. We played the centre action, where British and Canadian troops moved forward to take the Caen. Those troops where lead by Donald and Bill. Bill asked me to borrow him my troops for this game and finally he cannot made that evening so I jumped into his chair. The same happened to Germans players, where Brian has been replaced by John Glass.
W ostatni czwartek powrócilismy do naszej “zapomnianej” kampanii Caen 1944, rozgrywanej przy uzyciu zasad Bolt Action. W końcu rozpoczęliśmy trzecią turę. Była to akcja w centrum, gdzie brytyjskie i kanadyjskie oddziały parły w kierunku Caen. Te oddziały były dowodzone przez Donalda i Billa. Bill poprosił mnie aby na ta gre pożyczyć mu moje oddziały i ostatecznie nie mógł być tego wieczora w klubie, więc zajałem jego miejsce. To samo przydarzyło się graczom niemieckim i tam Briana zastąpił John Glass.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: No 4. from the main book/Nr 4 z głównego podręcznika
FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Donald Adamson, Campbell Hardie, Bartek Żynda

1. Forces. Siły.

Allied placed 1500 pts British tank platoon (Donald Adamson) supported by Canadians (Bartek Żynda) with 1200 pts. Germans placed 1200 pts Infantry platoon (John Glass) together with German 1500 pts tank platoon (Campbell Hardie).
Alianci wystawili brytyjski pluton pancerny na 1500 pkt. (Donald Adamson), wsparty Kanadyjczykami (Bartek Żynda) z 1200 pkt. Niemcy wystawili pluton piechoty na 1200 pkt. (John Glass), wsparty plutonem pancernym na 1500 pkt. (Campbell Hardie).

2. The game. Gra.

This time we did not have to much luck during whole game. Firstly, our artillery attack went completely wrong. First Donald rolled 1 for incoming artillery and his troops get hardly pinned and in next turn I made the same… So our only hope was to use our secret weapons: three flamethrowers. Two of them was on Wasps and one was carried by soldiers. However soon it turned out, that two Wasps are illegal under the campaign rules as too powerful, but this time they allowed us to use them. They cleared the objective (the white house in the centre), but then Donald decided to complicate our game one more time. He took the wrong bag with order dices and for the few turns, he draw dices from the bag, where was several ‘tea time’ dices and none of the allied… It was not surprising, that the turns ended very quicklyen’t been moving and time was running out very fast. Finally we did not managed to take control over the objective and the game finished with German victory.
Tym razem nie mieliśmy w grze zbyt dużego szczęścia. Po pierwsze, nasz atak artyleryjski poszedł kompletnie nie tak, jak to sobie zaplanowaliśmy. Wpierw Donald wyrzucił 1 dla nadchodzącej artylerii i mocno spinował swoje oddziały a następnie ja zrobiłem dokładnie to samo… Naszą ostatnią nadzieją pozostały nam nasze sekretne bronie: trzy miotacze płomieni. Dwa z nich były na Waspach a trzeci był niesiny przez żołnierzy. Jednak wkrótce okazało się, że uzycie dwóch Waspów jest według zasad kampanii nielegalne, jednak nasi oponenci zgodzili się byśmy ich użyli. Oczyściły cel gry (biały dom w centrum), ale wtedy Donald postanowił dodatkowo skomplikować nam grę. Pomylił torby z kośćmi rozkazów i zaczął przez kilka następnych tur wybierać kości z tej torby, gdzie było kilkanaście kości “tea time” i żadnej alianckiej… Nic więc dziwnego, że tury kończyły się bardzo szybko, my się nie poruszaliśmy a czas uciekał bardzo szybko. W końcu nie udało się nam opanować celu gry i ta zakończyła się niemieckim zwycięstwem.

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Topsy-Turvy Bloody Peninsula Battle

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The heroes of the day: The Sagunto Dragoons played a blinder!Last Saturday meeting’s game (2 weeks ago now!) saw me taking on Andrew B. in a game set in 1813 Spain, based on the formations of the Battle of Vittoria. Andrew used the Army of Portugal (mi…