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Flames of War- Game Vault 1500 Mid-War Tournament Recap

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by Eric “Tarzan” Lauterbach

Some days you just get lucky as a tournament organizer – this was one of those days. First we had an even amount of players, then we had equal amounts of Axis and Allied armies with no effort at all. So with those two things happening before we got started it was shaping up to be a easy day for me.

The tournament was a local Virginia, DC, and Maryland player affair at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg.  The store owner had set the theme as open mid-war armies 1500 points. Missions played were one each of the three basic randomly selected by the players at the table. We had Soviets, Brits, US, Germans, and a Hungarian player so the mix of armies was pretty good.

The allies started out strong but the Germans were on the offensive this day!

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Anglo Egyptian disaster in Sudan. Anglo egipska klęska w Sudanie.

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Hello again! I’m back from my Irish holiday (I will give you soon a separate post from that). Today the game we had two weeks ago in our club. It was Sudan game prepared by Campbell. There was 6 players involved in the game  and umpire.
Witam ponownie. Właśnie wróciłem z moich irlandzkich wakacji (napiszę wkrótce specjalną relację z tego wydarzenia). Dzisiaj gra, którą mieliśmy dwa tygodnie temu w naszym klubie. Była to kampania sudańska przygotowana przez Campbella. W grze wzięło udział 6 graczy plus prowadzacy.
MODELS/MODELE: Campbell Hardie

1. Forces. Siły.

(Michael, Dougie Trail, Peter)
British Camel Cavalry
3 x Egyptian Cavalry
Egyptian Camel Cavalry

3 x British infantry battalions
1 x Egyptian infantry battalion
3 x Sudanese infantry battalion

1 x Gatling gun
(Michael Schneider, Ken Pearce, Bartek Żynda)
2 x Horse Cavalry
1 x Camel Cavalry

12 x foot warbands
1 x gun

2. The game. Gra.

As usual in that kind of games, the British and their allies had to go somewhere or relief something. This time it was the tower with the British constructors trapped in. The British had to reach the tower, free the trapped engineers and help some Sudanese troops to withdraw back to Egypt. The Mahdists had to prevent it. Also Mahdists could be deployed on any place on the table. I chose to put all troops as close as we could, to the possible British entry place and of course, hidden and ready to strike.
Jak zawsze w takich grach, Brytyjczycy i ich sprzymierzeńcy muszą gdzieś dotrzeć albo kogoś uwolnić. Tym razem była to wieża z uwięzionymi tam brytyjskimi konstruktorami. Brytyjczycy musieli dotrzeć do wieży, uwolnić inżynierów oraz pomóc pewnej ilości oddziałów sudańskich wycofać się do Egiptu. Mahdyści mieli temu przeciwdziałać. Również Mahdyści mogli rozstawić się w dowolnym miejscu na stole. Wybrałem aby całość naszych sił znalazła się jak najbliżej miejsca, gdzie Brytyjczycy mogli wejść na stół i oczywiście wszyscy byli ukryci i gotowi do walki.
British and Egyptian troops enter the table in few different places in columns. That was their first mistake. It allowed Mahdist to spread the forces and eliminate the opponent one after another. The Egyptian cavalry ride across the table without support failed too and soon unit after unit get slaughtered. Finaly all troops were pushed back to the corner of the table and then finally annihilated.
Brytyjczycy i Egipcjanie weszli na stół w kilku różnych miejscach w kolumnach. To był ich pierwszy błąd. Pozwoliło to Mahdystom na rozdzielenie sił i eliminację przeciwnika jednego za drugim. Rajd egipskiej kawalerii w poprzek stołu, pozbawionej wsparcia również zawiódł i wkrótce odział po oddziałe były kolejno masakrowane. W końcu wszystkie oddziały zostały zagnane w róg stołu i tam ostatecznie unicestwione. 
Anglo Egyptian defeat left Sudanese troops in very bad situation. Our new club member Michael had to face a number of incoming Mahdists. Six big Mahdist warbands supported with a gun moved against him. He fought bravely but finally he get slaughtered too. The game finished with great Mahdist victory!
Anglo egipska klęska postawiła Sudańczyków w bardzo niekorzystnej sytuacji. Nowy członek naszego klubu, Michael musiał sprostać wielkiej ilości nadchodzących Mahdystów. Sześć wielkich grup, wsparte działem ruszyło na niego. Bronił się dzielnie, jednak ostatecznie został również zmasakrowany. Gra skończyła się zdecydowanym zwycięstwem Mahdystów!

3. Links. Linki.

Campbell’s relation:
Relacja Campbella:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Bolt Action – Blitzkrieg Wolverine vs Rubicon Achillies

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Back in February 2015, I attended my first ever Bolt Action event. Is was called BAMF and it was a 750 point event where I met some incredible and lasting friends. Bryan showed up with his incredible French to show everyone what the gold standard was. Anf showed up with a multiple vehicle list and freaked me right out! And the LRDG were in the house strong with Old Man Morin running the floor and Lachlan and Dave throwing dice like a couple of furious honchos. At that event I was lucky enough to to win the prize I had my eye on all day, namely the Blitzkrieg Wolverine. 18 months later, and the Rubicon M10/M36 has crossed my desk. So as opposed to doing a straight up review of the Rubicon kit I thought I’d pit the two models against each other and see what’s what.

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Bolt Action – Unofficial Unit: Canadian Skink

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In March 1943, the Canadian Army Technical Development Board approved the development of the Skink anti-aircraft tank. Designed on the Grizzly chassis (the Canadian built version of the M4A1 Sherman) it mounted four 20mm Polsten cannons in an enclosed turret and was planned to be a mobile anti-aircraft platform to defend the Canadian ground forces against the dreaded Luftwaffe. Keeping with tradition of naming Canadian tanks after animals, it was named the Skink after Ontario’s only native lizard.

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If at First You Don’t Succeed…Redefine Success!

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“¡Vamos, muchachos!”

As the campaign is on a short hiatus, last Saturday I took on Darren’s French with my British and Spanish armies in a scenario I’ve had fun with previously (I should put the details in the Scenarios page, shouldn’t I?). The gist of the story is that the Spanish occupy a strategic village, on this occasion on a road junction near a river crossing. The Spanish have called for assistance and a British force is on their way. The French start with an advanced guard (a third of the total force) on the board and after the first turn, each side rolls to see when their reinforcements arrive with greater odds, the longer it takes.

Playing with a Spanish army is fun because as you expect so little from them, when they do succeed it’s always extremely gratifying (that is me redefining success, BTW…). The standout units were the Spanish artillery, the Walloon Guards (naturally!) and the Farnesio cavalry regiment in their debut, but more on that in a moment.

The village was occupied by Spanish line infantry, all rated as Landwehr (one step above the worst rating of Militia!), while I placed the Walloon Guards, Converged Grenadiers and another line regiment along with the artillery and Farnesio regiment on the right flank. In between the village and the river I placed the Sagunto Dragoons. I took a risk weighing down the right flank and leaving the left relatively weak, because I thought that the British reinforcements could regain any lost built up areas (BUAs), while the stronger right flank could prevent the village being surrounded and keep the French at least partially occupied.

The Spanish awaiting the onslaught

Regimiento Farnesio on debut! Will they earn fame and glory?

The Sagunto Dragoons in reserve.

Here come the enemy!


Negotiating the woods with the Grenadiers deployed.

While Darren prepared his attack on the village, he attempted to clear the defenses on my right flank. An infantry charge at my artillery offered the chance to see what the Farnesio Regiment was made of! They managed the opportunity charge, but in the pre-melee suddenly decided that it wasn’t such a good idea, anyway! They retreated ignominiously, allowing the French infantry to charge into the guns. As the cavalry had charged and retreated through the artillery, they had no clear shot at the attacking infantry. The gunners stood to their guns and defended them in the ensuing hand-to-hand combat, rather than fleeing to safety. Defending the guns is not usually the smartest thing to do in this situation, but I’ve read that along with Russian gunners, the Spanish were most likely to stand in defense of their guns come what may. So that’s what I did. We both passed our pre-melee test (even with the cavalry retreating, mind you) and then went into melee where I rolled really well and Darren rolled badly. Upshot was we both retired with disorders, but the Spanish had successfully beaten off their attackers and saved all their guns! Huzzah!

The Spanish move forward, guns deployed.

The Walloon Guards in line span the gap between village and artillery, with plenty of reserves behind.

Farnesio deploys in line.

Sagunto Dragoons get a bit eager and suffer losses from artillery in background.

The French infantry advances and knock off another dragoon, while the cavalry fires back ineffectually.

French infantry charge the Spanish guns and the Farnesios counter-charge!

But then they decide that discretion is the better part of valour and bug out before contact!

The gunners are made of sterner stuff, though, and meet the infantry in combat!

The honours are shared, both retiring with disorders. The gunners live to fight another day, despite the lily-livered cavalry!

While the Farnesios reformed in the rear after their pusillanimous display, the Walloons and the grenadiers formed up in line and the guns re-positioned themselves to the right flank of the line, ready to enfilade any further attack from that quarter. The big 9lb guns whittled away the closest French infantry as punishment for attempting to silence them earlier!

Redeployed and ready for action!

Take that, ustedes perros franceses!
I was hoping that the Sagunto Dragoons would keep the left flank secure for a while, but they folded like a deck chair after a couple of turns, breaking to the rear, never to be seen again. From then on I was hoping that the British reinforcements would arrive before it was too late!
The Sagunto Dragoons decide to go in a blaze of glory…

…but disappear in a puff of smoke! Poof!

The grenadiers form up between the guns and the Walloons. The French back off and form a defensive posture, while the reinforcements approach.

Darren’s artillery softened up the closest BUA in preparation for an infantry charge. 2 battalions faced the BUA from the front, while a 3rd battalion approached the flank facing the river. This unit had seen off the Sagunto Dragoons easily with some artillery help, but now seemed ripe for a flank attack. I moved the battalion in the rear BUA out into line to threaten its flank, but all I succeeded in doing was provide a clear path for the inevitable charge from the first two French battalions so that rather than having to fight for 2 BUAs they just had to clear the first before occupying the second! The battalion I had removed from the BUA was now nearly surrounded on all sides, but miraculously remained in place after several shots into its flank. Mind you, they couldn’t affect the outcome as they couldn’t shoot their way out of a wet paper bag.

By now Darren’s main body was making an appearance on the board, which definitely changed the complexion of the game.
“Marche en avant!”

Time to make them pay before they get too close

The Spanish in the the rear BUA form up in line to threaten the flank of the nearest French  column.

“Frenchmen, sah! Fahsands of ’em!”

Darren’s guns play on the nearest BUA, causing casualties, while the infantry await the order to attack.
The French go into action: While one BUA gets a working over in the form of a firefight….

…the other receives a charge from two French battalions! The infantry run to the rear accompanied by the general.

The 2 left hand BUAs have fallen to the French and the Spanish line is left high and dry in a sea of blue!

They stand their ground, however, stoically taking flank fire from left and right.
Pity they couldn’t hit the side of a barn, though!

With half the village in enemy hands, the British advanced guard appeared. As then advanced guard mainly consisted of cavalry, I sent them into the flank of the French facing the Spanish guns and defensive line. While one light dragoon regiment charged the French horse guns to the front, the surrounding infantry battalions formed square where the gunners sought refuge. This was the perfect time for the Walloons to go on the offensive, as the nearest French infantry had been threatening the adjacent BUA. The Wallons saw off the French to their front, while the light dragoons rashly took the breakthrough, rather pull up half way after the object of their charge absconded. Being British cavalry, I suppose it was entirely appropriate for them to continue on into the French formation unsupported, but they struck no more enemy formations and were blown and disordered deep in French territory with no support! The French heavy cavalry obviously had a nice flank charge presented to them on a platter, and the Walloons were now exposed to the breakthrough. When the inevitable charge came, the light dragoons fled (only a retreat, thankfully) and the Walloons were caught in the open, having failed an attempt to form square, and were smashed! Unfortunately the best Spanish unit was the victim of their uncaring allies and could not be recalled!

But, wait! Here come the British!
The Walloons seize their chance, charging the line to their front…

…and sending them packing! “¡Hurra!”Now for the square in front!

(Shaky hand-held cinema verite)
The light dragoons had charged the guns, forcing the gunners into the nearest square, while the Walloons accounted for the closest square.
Darren’s light infantry forge around the flank of the village towards the British flank.

“Marchons, mon frères!”

Meanwhile, Darren sends the rest of his reinforcements to deal with the threat from the British cavalry and light infantry.
The beleaguered Spanish line cops more casualties, but takes the punishment in their stride!
The British light infantry fan out into line after the horse guns fire on the approaching French. Behind the French infantry, the heavy cavalry position themselves to fall on the flank of the impetuous British cavalry in the distance.

The inevitable happens: the light dragoons are charged in the flank! The Walloons look on in horror!

Even Guardsmen can’t stand against a cavalry charge!

All was not lost, however, as the French cavalry’s charge was brought to a halt on the edge of town where a combination of fire from the village and the grenadiers firing into their flank caused the French cavalry to retreat, blown with casualties and disorders.

The French cavalry brought to a halt against the BUA cop flank fire from the grenadier column…

…sending them heading for the hills!
Run away!

While my remaining cavalry regiment and the light infantry tackled the French on the right flank, I finally rolled for my British main body to appear on the board, and chose to march them straight at the village in order to evict the French from the BUAs taken from the Spanish. Meanwhile a brigade of French light infantry were making a flank march around the village on the other side of the village, preparing to put the kibosh on my attack on the village.

Meanwhile, the other light dragoon regiment charges the advancing anchored line…

…but find that they can’t push home after failing their pre-melee! How un-British!

Here comes the British infantry!
The British infantry become aware of the threat to their flank.

“You men! There’s damned Frenchies approaching! Stand to!”

Back in front of the village, Darren had re-manned his horse artillery battery and was bringing up a solid block of infantry columns in support. The time was right for an attack on the battery before the infantry support could reach it. I put the grenadiers in line to block the French infantry, suffering casualties as I did, then charged the lone Spanish line infantry battalion not in the BUA. They had a lovely flank approach, so the guns couldn’t touch them, but a combination of rubbish troops, a terrible pre-melee roll and crossing broken ground meant they bottled it and stopped 2″ from their target with added disorders!

The re-manned French horse gun battery is charged by a Spanish infantry column…

…who flub their attack!

Now came the stand-out moment of the game, IMHO: by this stage the Farnesios had got their act together and reordered themselves and were in a position to re-join the fight. I’d positioned them so that if the infantry charge failed, I’d have a second shot at the artillery battery. I didn’t hold out much hope after their previous attempt at combat, but this time was different! Despite the incoming fire from the battery (which missed, thankfully!) and their rubbish morale, they charged home. In the ensuing melee they ran down the gunners, putting them all to the sword. To top it off, when it came time to see if they were still in control, I rolled 0 on the d10 which meant they had gone battle-mad and were out of control! That meant they had no choice but to take the breakthrough, which led them into the infantry line behind the guns. The French infantry desperately tried to form square, but failed, meaning they couldn’t fire on their attackers before the melee. It all ended in tears for the French with the line being smashed and following the gunners in breaking to the rear. ¡Hurra!

Time for Regimiento Farnesio to make up for their previous failure! 

Battlemad! RAAAARRRGH!!!!

“Cop that, Johnny Crapaud!”

However, the triumph was short lived as flank fire from an approaching artillery battery caught the cavalry in the next turn, sending them routing off the board.

Next turn, the French artillery punishes the Farnesios for their audacity with a withering flank shot.

Their honour redeemed, the Farnesios advance to the rear double-quick:

The grenadiers suffer the full brunt of a regimental charge!

The pressure was too great and they are forced to retreat.

Luckily for the line battalion, the French success couldn’t be exploited. They live to fight another day!
Back at the village, the British artillery can’t hit a barn door, let alone the enemy.
It’s time to act before it’s too late!

Back at the village, the 92nd Gordon Highlanders had fanned out into line to face the light infantry threat, while the line regiments formed up to charge the nearest French-occupied BUA. I put another regiment in line in the attempt at masking the charging units from the attentions of the French infantry deployed in support. All that did was dilute the attackers’ strength and didn’t mask the attack, anyway. When the attack went in, I didn’t roll high enough and suffered too many casualties to be able to force my way into the BUA. The charge stalled before contact! My one chance at regaining the village blown!

The 50th Foot form line, instead of joining the upcoming charge

The charge goes in, but stalls due to poor execution and lack of numbers. D’Oh!

There was a post-script on the right flank, though: The French infantry facing my light infantry and cavalry managed to dispose of the horse gun battery, but after the Spanish artillery knocked a few figures off the closed column which anchored the infantry line, they failed their morale test and retreated, leaving the rest of the line open to a cavalry charge. The cavalry disposed of the line and the light infantry did the same with the remaining closed column, destroying the brigade on that flank.

The anchored line charges the light infantry and pushes them back!

Next, the guns are targeted.
Attempting to limber and flee, the battery was caught and couldn’t put up any resistance!
The Spanish guns force one of the supporting columns of the anchored line to retreat.

The light infantry then initiate a firefight on the remaining units.

When that failed to shift the enemy, the cavalry  made sure!

“Come back and take your punishment, Frenchies!”

The artillery which saw off the Farnesios then provided the incentive for the light dragoons to retreat over the other side of the hill!

The French fire on the 3rd BUA.

After cumulative casualties of 50%, the Irlanda regiment breaks, giving the French possession of the 3rd BUA.

The right flank now fairly denuded, only the guns and a couple of infantry units remain of the Spanish division. The British hold the line but can’t retake the village!
Darren had since captured a 3rd BUA from the Spanish and had a lot more infantry up in support. My British assault had stalled and the majority of my Spanish troops were in bad morale, which would have caused a Divisional Morale test, so I conceded the field to Darren after a hard fought, but very enjoyable game.

Bolt Action – AAR: Desperate stand in the homeland! German Infantry vs. British Armour

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As the war in Europe begins it’s 6th year of conflict, the outcome looks all but settled, but that does not stop desperate German forces attempting to hold the advancing Allies out of their homeland. As the sun rises the grim defenders of a German town clutch their last-ditch weapons and hunker down, awaiting the rumbling advance of an Allied armoured spearhead.

A little while ago, I managed to get in a scenario style game of Bolt Action with my brother. We decided to do something different, playing length-ways on a 8 by 4 foot table. I was playing a German army, that was tasked with defending the town with 1250 points of troops, chosen with the reinforced platoon selector. My brother, using his British, was tasked to enter the town and get through to the other side, with 2500 points chosen with the armour platoon selector.
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Bolt Action – Review: Warlord Games BEF 18/25 Pounder Light Artillery

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The lovely people over at Warlord Games recently sent me their 18/25 Pounder for the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) to review. They released it in July of 2015 (Release notes here) to compliment their BEF range, and it is a must have for any early war British player. I will be using the 18/25 Pounder in my new mixed nations force consisting of BEF and French forces which I have written about here and spoken about on the most recent Ghost Army Podcast.
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Bolt Action – Review: Rubicon Models M8 Scott/M5A1 Stuart

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I’ve been sitting looking at a blank page for nigh on 15 minutes now trying to come up with new ways to illustrate how great Rubicon Models kits are. Alas I’m many things, but a wordsmith isn’t one of them. I’ll simply say this. Rubicon continue to produce some of the best plastic kits on the market and every Rubicon kit I’ve built (8 so far) have been of the same reliable, excellent quality that we’ve all come to expect from this powerhouse. The Scott/Stuart is no exception.

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Bolt Action Latest

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 Before I went on my weekend I had completed the latest arrivals for my Bolt Action forces, these included the PAK 40 shown in the previous battle report if only a glimpse, a 6 pounder anti-tank gun and a medic for each side, I also took delivery …

Bolt Action – Making a Land Mattress

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Hey guys, this week I take a look at the American artillery choice that is the Land Mattress. A while ago this little gem popped up in Easy Army and I gleefully rubbed my hands together. Playing against Garratt, I’d faced the fury of the multiple launcher before but other than the Sherman Calliope, the Americans didn’t have access to the equivalent of the dreaded Nebelwerfer. Then along came the Land Mattress in the Battleground Europe Theatre Book. I immediately did some searching on the internet and was wholly disappointed to find that no one seems to produce a 1/56 scale model for this great little piece.
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Bolt Action – Review: Warlord M7 Priest

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By Anthony “Anfernee” Mason

I’ve recently received two of the new-ish Warlord Games M7 Priests for a little conversion project that will be its own article at a later date, but first I thought I would take some time to go over these great resin kits from Warlord for those out there that want to add some bang to their British or American forces.

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45th (1st Nottinghamshire) Foot Complete

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It’s been a while coming, what with my hobby butterfly approach, and working on them in batches of 8 models at a time, but my very first 28mm scale Napoleonic battalion is complete! I am very happy about this as Napoleonics has always been near the top…

The Battle at Peekskill. Bitwa pod Peekskill.

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Last Thursday we had our AWI campaign game. Campbell’s forces (he act as lord Cornwallis) finishing cleaning from the Rebels New York collony. At the village of Peekskill he met large contingent of Colonists who where willing to fight! I jumped into a game as Campbell’s subordinate with an order to take the village and kill all Rebels. So I had to take the village over the river, it sounds very familiar…
W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy grę z naszej kampanii WNSZ. Oddziały Campbella (wcielił się w postać lorda Cornwallisa) dokańczał oczyszczanie kolonii Nowy Jork z buntowników. We wiosce Peekskill napotkał znaczny kontyngent kolonistów, który był skłonny by walczyć! Wskoczyłem do gry, jako podwładny Campbella z zadaniem wzięcia wioski i zabicia wszystkich rebeliantów. Miałem zająć wioskę za rzeką, brzmi bardzo znajomo…

MODELS/MODELE: Michael Schneider, Bill Gilchrist

1. Forces. Siły

Jim and Bill played the Americans and me together with Campbell the British.
Jim i Bill grali Amerykanami, natomiast ja i Campbell, Brytyjczykami.

2. The game. Gra.

Game from the beginning divided into two separate battles. Me against Bill defending the village and Campbell who tried crossed the river and face Jim’s forces awaiting in small forest on the hill. In my battle I had under my orders quite big forces, consist of two brigades, supported with a gun. I still had in my memory the struggle I had few months ago, when I had to fight in similar scenario (it was Napoleonic game, when Poles tried to cross a river and take the town). This time I was going to use that experience to win a battle. Therefore I created the firing cover for the troops, who were going to cross the river. This time I pushed soldiers in march columns through the bridge and did not forget to rally my troops. That helped me as same as Bill’s lack of good scores on his dice at the end of the game. I should lost at least one battalion, but lucky for me it hasn’t happened and soon the village was cleared from Colonists.
Gra od początku podzieliła się na dwa oddzielne bitwy. Ja przeciw broniącemu wioski Billowi i pomiędzy siłami Campbella i ukrywające się w lasku na wzgórzu za rzeką, siłami Jima. Pod moimi rozkazami znalazło się dość silne zgrupowanie dwóch brygad, wsparte działem. Wciąż mam w pamięci moje zmagania w podobnym scenariuszu rozegranym kilka miesięcy temu (to była napoleońska gra, gdzie Polacy próbowali przekroczyć rzekę i zdobyć miasto). Tym razem postanowiłem wykorzystać to doświadczenie by wygrać bitwę. Dlatego też stworzyłem strzelającą osłonę, dla oddziałów przekraczających rzekę. To mi pomogło w równym stopniu, jak i bardzo słabe rzuty Billa w końcówce gry. Powinienem był stracić batalion, ale na szczęście to się nie stało i wkrótce wioska została oczyszczona z kolonistów.

Completely different looks game between Campbell and Jim. For the most of the time Campbell tried to cross the river, but his command rolls were terrible bad. For the most of the time his forces were under constant fire from hidden American troops. Finally he managed to cross the river and charged the Colonists with his bayonets. I am not sure when it actually happend, was it during the charge or just before, but he lost one of his battalions who suffer casualties from very accurate American fire. The need for revange pushed Campbell against Rebels and in fierce fight he pushed Americans off the table. Only one American battalion survived, who managed to escape from New York. Now Mr Cornwallis is the time, to cross the Hudson!
Zupełnie inaczej wyglądała gra pomiędzy Campbellem i Jimem. Przez większość czasu Campbell próbował przekroczyć rzekę, jednak jego fatalne rzuty na dowodzenie mu na to nie pozwalały. Z tego też powodu bł ciągle ostrzeliwany przez ukryte oddziały amerykańskie. W końcu mu się to udało i przekroczył rzekę, by przy użyciu swoich bagnetów zaszarżować na Kolonistów. Nie jestem pewien kiedy to się właśnie stało, czy w czasie szarży, czy też krótko przed nią, ale jeden z jego batalionów został zniszczony od bardzo dokładnego ognia Amerykanów. Potrzeba rewanżu pchnęła Campbella przeciw rebeliantom i w zażartym boju zepchnęła Amerykanów ze stołu. Tylko jeden amerykański batalion zdołał się wyrwać z Nowego Jorku. To teraz Panie Cornwallis czas przekroczyć Hudson!

3. Links. Linki.

Michael’s relation:
Relacja Michaela:
Campbell’s relation:
Relacja Campbella:
My gallery on Flickr:
Moja galeria na Flickr:

Bolt Action – Review: Rubicon Models M10 Wolverine

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By Anthony “Anfernee” Mason

Today we are going have a look at the Rubicon Models M10/M36 kit. This is another stunning kit from Rubicon that is brimming to the top with options. This kit not only has the option to make the M10 Wolverine as I have here, but also the M10A1 variant, the 17pdr SP Achilles (Ic or IIc) and the M36 Jackson (M36, M36B1 or M36B2). They model makers at Rubicon have managed to fit this staggering amount of choices into the one box. The modular nature of Rubicon’s kits really make them big game winners in my eyes. So come with me as I crack open this box of goodness and assemble my very own M10 Wolverine.

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Last Victory

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With our second summer of four days over I drove off to the club in the rain, it was fairly busy last night, we had a Bloodbowl game, Sharp Practice II demo and two boardgames along with our Bolt Action table.I need more terrain. We had an awkward…

Beautiful Day

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I expected to be very quiet this morning which would work out as I had been given a priority map to draw, but no, the sun is shining and it really is hot so I think the village was up early, I got thirty minutes done on the map which was not nearly eno…

Bolt Inaction

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The big German vs Russian game at the club did not happen as Simon had done his back in and had not recovered by last night, Andy’s collection is huge but mainly 20mm so it was time for both my new armies to hit the deck. I was quite happy as I had rus…

The great update of the blog: March/April games. Wielkie uzupełnienie bloga: gry z marca i kwietnia.Gilchrist

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It is a while since I posted something on my blog. Sorry for this. Firstly Hugh’s sudden death took all power off me to posting anything on the blog and then I took the holiday to recharge my batteries and bring myself back in action. Today’s post is about all past, unposted games I had privilage to play. However all that games have been played some time ago, so most of them will be only briefly described.
Już jakiś czas minął od mojego ostatniego posta na blogu. Przepraszam za to. Wpierw nagła śmierć Hugh’a zabrała całą moc ze mnie i nie chciało mi się nic umieszczać na blogu, potem pojechałem na wakacje by ponownie naładować baterie i by znów wrócić do działania. Dzisiejszy post będzie o tych wszystkich grach, nieopublikowanych relacjach z gier, w jakie miałem zaszczyt zagrać. Jednak wszystkie te gry były rozegrane jakiś czas temu, więc opisy będą tylko opisy bardzo ogólne.

GAME 1st. GRA 1.


This game was played, to honor 100 aniversary of the original battle and to celebrate finished Angus’s book: “The battle of Jutland” (I think, that the book is already published). Angus choose for us one of the last episodes of the battle, when Beatty’s ships met Hipper’s ships for the last time.
Ta gra była rozegrana by uczcić setną rocznicę oryginalnej bitwy oraz by świętować ukończenie pisania przez Angusa jego książki poświęconej bitwie jutlandzkiej (wydaje mi się, że jest już dostępna w sprzedaży). Angus wybrał dla nas jeden z ostatnich epizodów tej bitwy, kiedy okręty Beatty’iego spotkały po raz ostatni okręty Hippera.


MODELS/MODELE: Angus Konstam

1.1. Forces. Siły.

(Bill  Gilchrist, Bartek Żynda)
HMS Princes Royal
HMS Tiger
HMS Lion

HMS New Zealand
HMS Indomitable
HMS Inflexible
(Michael Schneider, Campbell Hardie)SMS Seydlitz
SMS Moltke
SMS Derfflinger
SMS Von der Tann

SMS Schlesvig-Holstein
SMS Schlesien
SMS Pommern
SMS Deutschland
SMS Hessen
SMS Hannover

1.2. The game. Gra.

Rules used/Użyte zasady: General Quarters: Fleet Action Imminent

During this game the we had a special rule, which determiated visibility of the game. Before every turn we rolled a D10, to check how far our ships would be able to spot the enemy. That rule for the most of the time favoured German navy, who managed to came at the close range and gave the Royal Navy a hard lesson. Brits lost two ships: HMS Lion with Beatty and HMS Inflexible with the spectacular explosion. Germans payed for this with only few heavy damaged ships. The most sensational thing is that mostly all damages to British ships were made by the old German pre-dreadnoughts!
Podczas tej gry, mieliśmy specjalną zasadę, która determinowała widoczność podczas gry. Przed każdą turą rzucaliśmy K10, by sprawdzić jak daleko nasze okręty mogły wypatrywać wroga. Ta zasada przez większość gry sprzyjała niemieckiej marynarce, której udało się zbliżyć na krótki zasięg by dać Royal Navy ciężką lekcję. Brytyjczycy stracili dwa okręty: HMS Lion z Beattym na pokładzie oraz HMS Lion, który zatonął przy spektakularnej eksplozji. Niemcy zapłacili za to jedynie kilkoma ciężko uszkodzonymi okrętami. Najbardziej sensacyjna wiadomość z tej gry to taka, że prawie wszystkie straty zadały Brytyjczykom stare niemieckie przeddrednoty!
100% realism of the game! 100% realizm gry!
Fleets are going to meet soon! Za chwile floty się spotkają!
HMS Lion in the middle slowly sinking. HMS Lion powoli sobie tonie w środku.
HMS Inflexible explodes! HMS Inflexible eksploduje!

1.3. Links to that game. Linki do tej gry.

Angus’s relation:
Relacja Angusa:
Michaels relation:
Relacja Michaela:
Cambpell’s relation:
Relacja Campbella:
My gallery on Flickr with more pictures:
Moja galeria na Flickr z większa ilością zdjęć:

GAME 2nd. GRA 2.
Amalfitana, 1516

Rules/Zasady: Pike and Shotte
That game was played on 14th of April and it was about to use more or less all our Renaissance collections.
Ta gra została rozegrana 14 kwietnia i jej ideą, było aby użyć jak największej ilości z naszych renesansowych kolekcji.


FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Michael Schneider, Donald Adamson, Angus Konstam

2.1. Forces. Siły.

We all started the game from 4 different corners. I had Spanish troops and my ally, angus had Venetian on the other corner of the table. My forces faced Donald’s French and in fornt of angus were Campbell’s Frenchmen. After fer than ew turns Michael should arrived with his forces in the random place of the table. However till that moment we did not have idea who is going to get support.
Wszyscy zaczęliśmy grę w czterech różnych rogach stołu. Ja z moimi Hiszpanami, oraz mój sojusznik Angus ze swoimi Wenecjanami stanął po przekątnej stołu. Moje oddziały stanęły naprzeciw Francuzom Donalda, a Angus stanął naprzeciw Francuzów Campbella. Michael ze swoją armia miał nadejść po kilku turach w losowo wybranym miejscu stołu. Do tego tez momentu nie mieliśmy pojęcia, która ze stron uzyska w ten sposób wzmocnienie.

2.2. The game. Gra.

During that game I haven’t been determinated enough to hit Donald as quick as I should. I think that if I would perform my charge of my cavalry few turns quicker it was strong possibility that the whole game would be completely different. In our game the objective was the bridge. That side, who would kept that on the end of the will win the game. My delay cost me break of my cavalry and lost of the initiative, so helped Donald to take the bridge. Angus performed much better than me. He managed to stop Campbell, but then Michaels forces arrived. He roll to arrive beetween Angus’s and Campbell’s forces and he roll again to support French. On that situation Angus decided to withdraw his forces. Another day, another time they said… French victory!
Podczas tej gry nie byłem wystarczająco zdeterminowany by uderzyć na Donalda tak szybko, jak to było możliwe. Wydaje mi się, że jeśli wykonałbym moją szarżę znacznie wcześniej, istniało duże prawdopodobieństwo, że cała gra wyglądała by całkiem inaczej. W naszej grze celem był most, i ta strona w której posiadaniu byłby on na koniec gry zostawała zwycięzcą. Moje opóźnienie kosztowało mnie rozbicie mojej kawalerii i utratę inicjatywy, co pozwoliło Donaldowi przejąć most. Angusowi wiodło się na polu bitwy znacznie lepiej niz mi. Udało mu się zatrzymać oddziały Campbella, ale wtedy nadciągnął Michael ze swoimi oddziałami. Pojawił się on pomiędzy Angusem a Campbellem. Po wykonaniu testu okazało się, że przybył kolejny francuski gracz. W takiej sytuacji Angus wycofał swoje oddziały. Jak to mawiają innym razem, w innym miejscu…. Francuskie zwycięstwo!
Initial setup. Rozstawienie początkowe.
Campbell’s French moving forward. Campbellowi Francuzi maszerują do przodu.
Venetians. Wenecjanie.
Spanish cavalry preparing for charge. Hiszpańska kawaleria przygotowuje się do szarży.

2.3. Links. Linki.

Angus’s relation:
Relacja Angusa:
Michaels relation:
Relacja Michaela:

Cambpell’s relation:
Relacja Campbella:
My gallery on Flickr with more pictures:
Moja galeria na Flickr z większa ilością zdjęć:

GAME 3rd. GRA 3.

My last game before holiday was Napoleonic Black Powder. Bill and Campbell increases theirs collections recently, so we all decided to try them on the battlefield.
Moją ostatnią gra przed wakacjami była gra z użyciem zasad Black Powder i osadzona w czasach wojen napoleońskich. Bill i Campbell ostatnio powiększyli swoje kolekcji i zdecydowaliśmy się je sprawdzić na polu bitwy.


FIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI i MODELE: Bill Gilchrist, Campbell Hardie

3.1. Forces. Siły.

(Bill Gilchrist, Bartek Żynda)
2 infantry brigades (3 battalions + gun each)
2 cavalry brigades (2 regiments _ gun each)
(Cambpell Hardie, Michael Schneider)
2 infantry brigades (3 battalions + gun each)
2 cavalry brigades (2 regiments _ gun each)

3.2. The game. Gra.

This time for a change I joined the Russians, just for fun (that’s becouse there was no Poles involved). Bill gave me cavalry with the order to crush the French. My horses moved forward and faced French cavalry. In the long duel we both battered each other back and forth until my cavalry finally stand alone. Thanks that, my guns reach the German infantry and from the close range battered them all. We even had a close range duel between the guns. Thanks my actions Bill was able to bring his forces close enough to force Allied to withdraw. Russian victory!
Tym razem dla odmiany dołączyłem do sił rosyjskich (również dlatego, że Polacy w tej bitwie nie byli zaangażowani). Bill dał mi kawalerię i polecił rozbić Francuzów. Moja konnica ruszyła naprzód i stanęła naprzeciw francuskiej kawalerii. Po serii licznych szrż moja kawaleria ostała się jako jedyna na stole. Dzięki temu, moim armatom udało się podejść bardzo blisko do piechoty niemieckiej i z bliskiej odległości razić ich ogniem. Doszło nawet do pojedynku na krótkim zasięgu pomiędzy artylerią. Dzięki moim akcjom Billowi udało się przyprowadzić swoja piechotę na tyle blisko, by zmusić Sprzymierzonych do odwrotu. Rosyjskie zwycięstwo!
For most of the game it was all about cavalry. Przez większość gry liczyła się tylko kawaleria.
Horse artillery played its role too. Konna artyleria także miała swój udział.
Artillery duel. Pojedynek artyleryjski.
Russians push the Allied to withdraw. Rosjanie zmuszają Sprzymierzonych do odwrotu.
Last Russian cavalry regiment, the victorious one. Ostatni rosyjski regiment kawalerii, ten zwycięski

3.3. Links. Linki.

Campbell’s relation:
Relacja Campbella:
My gallery on Flickr with more pictures:
Moja galeria na Flickr z większa ilością zdjęć:
Finally my blog is up to date!
W końcu mój blog jest na bieżąco!


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When I watched the Discovery channel on the rigs I saw so many Eastern Front documentaries I caught the chopper home suffering from combat fatigue, now when I go to wargame shows or look online I feel a chill. What’s the big deal with snow.All of a sud…

Sitrep(M&T): Fort Timber

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Sliton’s convoy

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How Many Sojers Does a Man Need?

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Loads I think is the answer to that. I cashed in my book royalties from Wargame Vault last night and was very happy at the sum sitting there as it would more than cover my new purchases for Bolt Action. These new recruits will give me a very good force…

Busy Bee

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What am I like, a veritable machine, PO this morning and completing an Eastern Front map, lunch, build Cromwell tank, prime said tank, clean house, iron clothes, do another map, build and prime Humber armoured car which had just arrived, put wash on, a…

Sitrep (M&T); Fort Timber

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Fort Timber
fort map.jpg

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Happy Days

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Both the ‘unhappy’ Postman and I were pleased yesterday, I received my swag from Warlord games and he takes a strange pleasure out of seeing my smiling face whenever a cardboard box arrives. This time it is the ‘eavy mob, tanks, a Cromwell for the British and that workhorse of the Panzer divisions a MkIV for the Jerries, along with a truck each, those elusive decals I was after at Salute and a pack of panzerfausts to stick to some infantry. Being used to Airfix 1/72 years ago I was surprised at the size of the tanks, pleasantly surprised I might add.

Before they arrived I had 99% made my mind up that I was going to buy an airbrush to do them justice. I looked on ebay for a used kit but there was nothing, I then asked advice on the Bolt Action Facebook page and got some encouraging answers for a cheap airbrush. However, even the cheapest brush comes in at around £45, then you have to get the compressor, sure you can do with the can propellant but I phoned a company up and was put off this idea, then cleaning solvent etc. so it was approaching £60 – £70. At that price you are getting something which ‘will do’ it is by no means the best kit, one deal gave you two airbrushes along with the compressor, old sweats advised getting the compressor and then buying a decent airbrush. I had to bite the bullet, how often realistically would I use it and I could get three to four vehicles for that money, so no airbrush.

The sun was shining but it has gone now, however a good day ahead as my son and I face each other across my new table, Western Franks vs Romano-British, my Romans have thrashed them twice but the RB’s went down to a crushing defeat the last time we fought so I am out for revenge today. We were hoping to get two days out of it but I have a hospital appointment tomorrow and have been invited to friends for dinner, I think they are feeling sorry for me being on my own, my only fear about this is that with the missus away for another two weeks I will have to attempt a wash on Monday. Battle reports later in the week.

Bolt Action – My LRDG project comes to a conlcusion, well sort of!

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By Patch

Earlier this year I was fortunate to receive some of the new Warlord Games  Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Chevrolet trucks and one of their Jeeps to review. I found them to be amazing and I was bitten by the LRDG bug. Something about their roguish appearance and mish-mash of vehicles made them truly appear like pirates of the desert and had me hooked. I reviewed those vehicles and provided a painting guide here.

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