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Peninsular War British Heavy Dragoons

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These have been a while coming! We’ve finally had some really heavy rain, the first in about 3 months, and it hasn’t been good weather for varnishing, I tell you. I had the first week of the school holidays off while my wife worked, and she’s had …

Fire & Sword Battle 04: Sally at Abu Hamed

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As referred to in Turn 03: January 1884, at Abu Hamed Sayed Bey decides to sally forth from the town and endeavour to temporarily break the siege. While Abu Hamed is now plentifully supplied with resources (it has over 6 months of…Read more &#8…

My Hovercraft is Full of Eels – Part 2

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In the second week running I maanged to make it to the club. Huzzah!As it was the club sales night, I suggested a scenario with a reduced points list for everyone so that we could get a game in after perusing the wares on offer. I picked up a Roman sty…

Review – Web Resources, British Army Units Since 1945

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This is a MOD operated web site and does what it says on the tin pretty much. It lists every unit that has been part of the British Army since 1945. These are accessed through selecting the Arm of Service, you can then select from a list of unit titles…

A Spanish Village near Waterloo

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In a Spanish Village somewhere between Quatre Bras and Waterloo, in Belgium, Napoleon’s advanced guard clashed with rearguard elements of Wellington’s retiring British & German allied force. My detachment of dragoons were in the vanguar…

Wargames Unit – British Challenger 1 Squadron

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I started building this unit a long time ago, the first break in production was a fairly long wait to get the stowage sorted, the particular issue being crew figures. Then it spent an age waiting for the paint job to get completed. Primarily because I …

Italy Battle report: Elephants in the dark HG Pioneers Vs. 8th Indian Division

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by Eric LauterbachA little while back, John Desch came over to test out the new Italy books Road to Rome and Fortress Italy.  We each wanted to get some toys on the table that we rarely use. For John that was the Elephant. So, he set down with the …

(FOW): Desperate Pleasures

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Flames of War main strength, for me, is tanks, dozens of them, whizzing around the table blast crap of things.Battling on a 6'x6' tableRead more »

Anglo-Brunswick vs. Franco-Polish = My Hovercraft is Full of Eels

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Przywołać na armat!Somehow this game didn’t end up like the Monty Python Hungarian Phrasebook sketch with all those different nationalities represented on the tablePete E. and I played John R. and Paul last Saturday. I had a British force and Pete a …

ORBAT – British 1980′s BG, NATO and BAOR Reinforcement units, Part 1 General

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I have had this post on a long list of ones to write for some time, it was always my intention to cover the full range of Battle Groups that could be deployed into Germany with my British collection. This post will look at what that range may be. Forw…

15mm Modern British Army BsV10 All Terrain Armoured Vehicle or Viking for short…….

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………from Old Glory!Received nearly all these vehicles for free from my Secret Santa last year, it took a while to build up the courage to make them (even after contacting Old Glory for a picture), not the best of sculpts and the picture didn’t rea…

Review – Web Resources, Exercise Lionheart Videos on You Tube

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Exercise Lionhart took place in September 1984 and saw the deployment of significant elements of 1 BR Corps across Belgium, Holland and Germany. In addition it was also a major reinforcement exercise seeing some 151,000 troops deploy from the UK, as su…

Road to Waterloo

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Another test game of the proposed ‘Waterloo’ rules, with the French, consisting of Tel and Tony, assaulting a village defended by the British and Spanish of Martin and Jim. The village spans a river, crossable by troops but with a bridge in place …

Review – Model 1/72, S&S M548

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The M548 cargo carrier was developed in 1965 as an armoured cargo carrier with a capacity of 6 tones. In the British army it was primarily used to support the tracked Rapier batteries where it carried the blind fire radar, missile reloads and everythin…

Road to Rome, the Allies in Italy 1944-45 Review

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By, The WWPD CrewToday, the WWPD team is happy to bring you our review of the first of two compilation books for Flames of War late war play in Italy, Road to Rome: The Allied Assault on Italy January 1944 – May 1945, along with our first impressions …

7YW: Napier’s 12th Regiment of Foot

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Hoi,Part two of my Battle of Minden Seven Years War project is upon us today as we take a look at the 12th Regiment of Foot or Napier’s regiment.Raised in 1685 as the Duke of Norfolk’s Regiment of Foot, the unit served with distinction in both the Span…

Review – Model 1/76, BW Models AT 105 Saxon

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The AT 105 Saxon entered service with the British Army in 1984 with the first Battalions worth of vehicles equipping 1 Kings Own Royal Border Regiment. Delivery was complete by 1989 with 19, 24 Brigades being equipped with the vehicles. 24 Brigade sur…

From Burkhard: 28mm WWII British Tankers and Achilles Tank Destroyer (44 points)

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From Burkhard:First of all let me start with what I did not enter for this round. I had initially planned to enter a bunch of Sherman tanks for the vehicle theme round. When I started on these I decided that these would depict two troops from the Irish…

From KevinS: 28mm WWI Early War British Infantry (100 points)

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From Kevin:Here’s my last submission for the challenge: 20 Early War British infantry from Battle Honors.  Included in the series are a colour sergeant, an officer and a heavy machine gun team on the run. I started these (and others) …

Peninsular Heavy Dragoons WIP

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In an effort to bring my British Peninsular War cavalry collection up to scratch, I’ve embarked on an improvement drive starting with last post’s lioght dragoons in tarletons.This time we have heavy dragoons in bicornes. I already have a small unit of …

From BurkhardS: 28mm WWII British M5 Halftracks (65 points)

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From Burkhard:To complete my ever expanding British forces, here are some more rides for my poor bloody infantry. This time something heavier than those Universal Carriers, namely some M5 half-tracks. Now the M5 was created when the usual manufacturers…

From KevinS: 28mm WWI Captured British Mark IV in German Service (15 points)

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From Kevin:More pics for you today as I finish up a few “almost done” projects.  Here’s an Old Glory Mk IV converted into a German Beutepanzer.The Germans were adept at capturing and salvaging or appropriating British tanks for their own pu…

Review – Book, Rats Tales & Royal Scots in The Gulf

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Both these books have a broadly similar approach to telling the story of the first Gulf War from the perspective of two of the Armoured Infantry Battalions the Royal Scots and The Staffords. the First Gulf war followed on from Iraqs invasion of Kuwait,…

15mm Napoleonic Game "The Battle of Grudge Bridge"………..or is that cooking pot attached?

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After my disaster from the mornings game, Ray was feeling cocky and demanded another game and more figures and I agreed as long as I had a chance of a win this time.So I had to protect the bridge from the French (Ray)and his little gunpowder plot, Ray …

From Burkhard: 28mm WWII British Heavy Weapons & Ordinance (175 points)

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From Burkhard:So now it is time to continue with my British Infantry platoon. Or in this case rather some ”very” heavy weapons for them. Lets start off with the lightest of them all, a pair of 3” mortars. Medium mortars were a very essential…