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Almost Done

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Very quiet day yesterday so I got on with my M3 for my British forces, I had primed it the day before so it was ready to go. The kit was from Rubicon and if you are making it as a British version because you cannot find a decent M5 then you have to lea…

The "Ooooh, Shiny!" Complex Strikes Again!

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The new Portuguese artillery set from Hagen MiniaturesSometimes it’s a curse keeping abreast of the latest developments in our hobby! If I wasn’t a member of Benno’s Forum or followed History in 1/72, then I would still be living in blissful ignorance …

Bolt Action Tiger Hunt! Scenario & Mini Game

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If you hunt around on the Warlord website not only will you find great content for all of their games, you might also find a Tiger or two. The first is a scenario devised by Andy Singleton of VolleyFire Painting, this scenario puts three Churchill MK 3’s up against an early Tiger 1. Based in 1943 Tunisia, the scenario does’t claim to be historical … Continue reading Bolt Action Tiger Hunt! Scenario & Mini Game

Coming soon to a Konflikt near you!

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Available to as of yesterday are the first preview blister packs for the Soviets and British in Konflikt ’47. Box sets for both these awesome troop types will come later in December but we know you guys couldn’t wait!NB Final design of infantry for the box sets may change from the designs in these preview blister … Continue reading Coming soon to a Konflikt near you!

Winding back to ’47 for a bit

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In a dramatic change of pace for recent posts, we’re now winding back to an alternate 1947 where WW2 is still going strong. These were originally bought to go with my Bolt Action Commandos, but with the release of Konflikt ’47 they have changed purpose…

Bits ‘n’ Bobs

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I didn’t manage to post these before the big game, but the eagle-eyed among you may already have spotted these from the previous post. 
Up to now, I haven’t had a British army command stand, only a divisional one, so I needed to make one before the display game. The general comes from the Revell British infantry set, with a head swap using the HaT infantry command head, the colonel is from the HaT command set with a shako head instead of the bicorne, and the staff galloper is a hussar from the Italeri light dragoon set. The horses from the light dragoons have no shabraques, so I made a sheepskin shabraque using Milliput. I also added cotton thread reins glued to the hand from which the pistol had been cut.


The object of the game was a baggage train and the only cart I had was a civilian one, so I snapped up the Italeri baggage cart when I saw it in the shops. The road on the base is the same as that I made for my terrain collection.

Also, I recently painted up another 9-figure battalion of infanterie légère using HaT light infantry figures, including a head conversion of the officer using a Franznap metal conversion head. The plume is slightly shorter, but I’m not fussed.

I only have 3 light infantry battalions, so with divisions of 4 brigades, I’m short one légère battalion. Just for the sake of balance I’ve created this bunch, but too late to feature in the big game.

Iron Maiden the Last Wave and a Freebie!

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In this article – the last of three that are focused on the new releases coming out for Iron Maiden – we have a bit of surprise for you.  The folks at Battlefront are releasing a new mini version of the Team Yankee rules in the new Charlie’s Chieftain boxset deal.   The mini rules are 90 pages and cover everything except the data on the forces of the game.  I like this move since you will get the info on the forces either from the books or the cards when you buy the models.   I am guessing here, but Battlefront sent me a picture of the sticker that announces that a particular box has the mini rules, so maybe we will see the mini book in other releases and maybe re-releases of the three previous box sets.  I have some snaps of the new mini rules at the end of this article.

I also said in my second article of this series that I will provide you pictures of the sprues for some of the plastic models.  I finally got my hands on the Scorpion/Scimitar and Spartan/Striker. It looks like unless you find a smart way to make it work with magic or magnets, you will not be able to do swap outs between the two different versions for either model.  Maybe the gun on Scorpion/Scimitar can be magnetized, however the Spartan/Striker looks like it will take more creativity since the rear of the model is so different.  I will be doing the unboxing articles in the future and I will see what can be done to give you some flexibility.



On to the new stuff.   This article will detail the resin and metal releases that are coming out with Iron Maiden. Much like the metal and resin of Leopard, we are looking at infantry and support vehicles.

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Preview: The Forces of Iron Maiden: Tommy’s Not Tanks

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Now that you have seen the spoiler and the cards for Iron Maiden, the next step is to give you an idea of the formations the book offers you. Let me go back to my first impression of Iron Maiden: “Wow”. Yes, the book shocked me. I saw right away how different the British would be as compared to the other three nationalities in the game. I got the advanced copy of the book before Throck, and I left for the Guns of August Tournament in Williamsburg VA. I told him I saw the book and he asked for my thoughts. I can recall saying “it’s different” and “if you like infantry, this book is for you”. I loved the fact the first lists – and especially Leopard  -featured the tank as the main weapon. Who doesn’t like tank fights? However, with the release of IM, I see how the developers expanded the scope of the game and put a tool in the game’s tool box that you will love to play or hate to play against.

On to the Book
While Leopard had 3 formations to choose from, Iron Maiden has 4 types of formations: Tank, Mechanized Infantry, Air Mobile, and Recce. After reading the book a few times, I would say it would be hard to argue against the fact that the strength of the British in Team Yankee is their infantry.  This article will detail the infantry-based lists from Iron Maiden.

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I painted up a few Highlanders in full Highland dress yesterday, they are the figures in action pose from  the pack “B66 Highlander Flank Company Assorted” that I got from my trip to the Foundry shop a few weeks ago and a pre-owned mounted officer…

Secrit Santas & an actual update!

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So, it is that time of year where Chris, Ian and Cath start polling for the secret santas for this year. As always, I’ll be in for both as they are the highlight of my year. Who doesn’t like getting mystery presents through the post? Go sign up!Which r…

Foundry 95th Rifles

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Some Foundry 95th Rifles.  Nice figures and easy to paint.Once again I slapped on the paint in a selection of mid price hotels on various A roads around the North West this time.  You may have noticed that I have stepped up production lately,…

Skirmish Sangin: House Call.

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Last Thursday in our club we have been testing another new scenario for Skirmish Sangin. The game was prepared for us by Michael Charge. This time Campbell and I lead the Afghan Police squad supported by British in searching action against Al Qaeda in a small village.
W ostatni czwartek w naszym klubie testowaliśmy kolejny nowy scenariusz do gry Skirmish Sangin. Gra została przygotowana dla nas przez Michaela Charge. Tym razem Campbell  i ja dowodziliśmy policją afgańską w akcji poszukiwawczej przeciw Al-Kaidzie w małej wiosce.
MODELS/MODELE: Michael Charge.

1. Scenario. Scenariusz.

Here is the scenario for the game:
Tutaj scenariusz do gry:

2. The game. Gra.

We, Campbell and I split our troops on two groups and started searching the buildings. Unfortunately for me, one of my guys step on the trap and we got first casualties, one heavily wounded and another lightly. When finally I rallied my troops, we successfully arrested one of the terrorists. As the result of not very pleasant for him, interrogation, we received information about the rest of the traps, which save our man from further casualties. Finally we managed to transport our unconscious policeman together with the detainee to the armoured car, when the shooting begins.
Razem z Campbellem rozdzieliśmy nasze siły na dwie grupy i przystąpiliśmy do przeszukiwania budynków. Na nieszczęście dla mnie, jeden z moich ludzi nastąpił na pułapkę i w ten sposób ponieśliśmy pierwsze ofiary, jeden z policjantów został ciężko ranny a drugi lekko. Kiedy udało mi się opanować moich ludzi, udało nam się zaaresztować pierwszego terrorystę. W rezultacie dość nieprzyjemnego dla niego przesłuchania, uzyskaliśmy informacje o pozostałych pułapkach, co oszczędziło naszych ludzi przed dalszymi ofiarami. W końcu udało nam się przetransportować nasze nieprzytomnego policjanta i aresztanta do samochodu pancernego, gdy zaczęła się strzelanina.
This time the terrorists were very unsuccessful, they tried the RPG against our car, but slowly we were getting the advantage. Soon two of the terrorists were lying dead and we got few new arrested. Finally we found our target, and Campbell did arrested him. At the end of the game we lost one of our men. He get hit by the sniper, who was hidden in the canal. Anyway we fulfill our plan and this time we definitely won the game.
Tym razem terroryści byli bardzo nieskuteczni, użyli nawet RPG przeciw naszemu samochodowi, jednak powoli zyskiwalismy przewagę. Wkrótce kilku terrorystów leżało martwych, oraz dokonaliśmy kilku nowych aresztowań. W końcu odnaleźliśmy nasz cel i Campbell zaresztował go. Pod koniec gry straciliśmy jednego z naszych ludzi. Został on trafiony przez snajpera, ukrywającego się w kanale. Jednak wykonaliśmy nasz plan i tym razem zdecydowanie wygraliśmy nasza grę.

3. Links to other relations and galleries. Linki do innych relacji i galerii.


Iron Maiden, Release Preview Two

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Last week we gave you a look at the Chieftain, Lynx and the Charlie’s Chieftain army deal, This week, we will look at the plastic models that will come out in the second batch of releases. We have some vehicles that you will just love and use quite a bit since they will carry around your infantry, shoot missiles at planes and tanks, or scout. So far, I have been very impressed with the quality of the plastic models for Team Yankee, especially the Leopard IIs and the Marders from the Leopard release. I have a feeling I will have a stack of these boxes on my painting table since each box set can be built into two different types of types. We are lucky that the British used some of the same chassis and hulls on different vehicles or we would be looking at a ton of different box sets coming out. Since I have yet to see the sprues for these models, I do not know if you can do some magnet magic and swap out the tops of the vehicles as you can do with the BMP box set. Once I get those pictures, I promise to tell you if that is possible. No matter what, the models look great and they look relatively easy to paint which is nice.

The first box set is the Spartan or Striker troop.  The Spartan makes an appearance in the Mechanized Company armed with the Milan missile, or they can bought from Divisional support where they cover your forces as mobile Blowpipe teams.  The Spartan is in your Recce Company, you have a slick version which acts as your command vehicle or can carry around some infantry.
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Team Yankee: The British Army of the Rhine in Iron Maiden

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The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) has its roots in the British forces that occupied Germany at the end of World War Two. Initially made up  of the units from Field Marshall Montgomery’s 21st Army Group, these units found themselves busy in rebuilding post war Germany and preventing the westward expansion of the Soviet army.  When the occupation of Germany changed to the front line of the new Cold War, Great Britain, a founding member of the NATO alliance pledged forces for the defense of Western Europe and the BAOR was stood up as the administrative command for these forces.

The BAOR commander was dual hatted, and not only served as Royal Army’s senior officer in Germany, but also as commander of NORTHAG, or the Northern Army Group which consisted of the 1st British Corps, III US Corps, Dutch and Belgium Corps, 1st German Corps, and depending on the year some French forces as well. The territory that NORTHAG was responsible for was the area north of the Harz Mountains to the Elbe River near Hamburg. This area is well known as the North German Plain and factored in many battle plans drawn up by both NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

Many felt that the flat farmland in this part of Germany would be a great axis of advance for an army.  While this fact is true, it is also the widest part of what was West Germany and it is dotted with rivers and towns that also form natural defensive barriers. No matter the suitability of the terrain, the British and the Warsaw Pact forces would have had a bloody fight if WWIII ever kicked off.
The BAOR was made up of forces that were stationed in Germany permanently such as the 1st, 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions, and the 2nd Infantry Division that was based back in the United Kingdom. In the event of a conflict, the 1st and 4th ADs would meet the Soviet attack at the frontier, with the 3rdAD held in reserve. Once the 2nd ID arrived from the UK it would be used as a reserve force and to provide rear area security.  The other major British force in Germany was the “Berlin Brigade” which was not a part of the BAOR and was based in West Berlin.
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2016 Open Day Demonstration Game

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The French have a lot of emotional baggage to carry after this game!
Sorry for being AWOL for so long, folks! Real life and all that jazz, you know…
Well, we had our club’s open day on the the last weekend of August, including your humble correspondent’s own game, trialed in the last post. It was good to see new folks and spruik our version of Napoleonic wargaming. A couple of interested visitors also told me they were regular visitors to this blog, too, which was very pleasing! 
This is the game played with the lessons learned from the earlier one (although I still think I could play it again with further lessons learned from this iteration! More on that later….). As spectacle was called for, everything started on the board at the same time. The major difference being this time the Portuguese started as an independent command.
For those interested in the Order of Battle:
  • 1 Light cavalry brigade
    • 1 regt. Hussars
    • 1 regt. Chasseurs
    • 1x 6 gun bty. 6lb horse guns
  • 2 Infantry divisions
    • 1st Div
      • 1st Brigade
        • 4 btns line infantry
        • 1btn light infantry
      • 2nd Brigade
        • 4 btns line infantry
        • 1 btn light infantry
      • 1x 8 gun bty. 8lb foot guns
    • 2nd Div
      • 3rd brigade
        • 4 btns line infantry
        • 1 btn light infantry
      • 4th brigade
        • 6 btns line infantry
      • 1x 6 gun bty. 6lb foot guns
  • Heavy cavalry reserve
    • 1 regt. Dragoons
Anglo- Iberian Allies:

  • 1 Light cavalry brigade
    • 2 regt. light dragoons
    • 1x 6 gun 6lb bty. horse guns
  • 1 Infantry division
    • 1st Brigade
      • 2 regt. light infantry 
      • 1 regt. highlanders
      • 2 regt. line infantry
    • 2nd brigade
      • 4 regt. line infantry
      • 1 regt. provisional infantry
    • 1x 6 gun 6lb bty. foot guns
  • Heavy cavalry reserve
    • 1 regt. Heavy Dragoons
  • 1 btn Cacadores
  • 4 btns line infantry
  • 1 Heavy cavalry brigade
    • 1 regt. dragoons
    • 1 regt. line cavalry
  • 1 Infantry division
    • 1 regt. Guard infantry
    • 1 regt. Light infatry
    • 1 regt. Converged grenadiers
    • 8 regts Line infantry
  • 1x 8 gun 9lb foot battery
Map approximation of the tabletop. I don’t think I have quite managed the placement of the fields correctly, but the gist of it is correct.
 The French are advancing down the road from the right. The ford and bridge are marked by the gun-sights.
Again, the objective for the French is to get the general’s loot across the river at one of two crossing points, with the bridge held by the Spanish. The allies’ objective is to thwart the French and, if possible, capture the baggage train.
“Allez, pour l’empereur!”
“Hearts of Oak!”
“Morte aos franceses!”
“Viva España y Fernando el rey deseado!”

I took the French role for this game, while Quinny ably assisted with the Allied side. While I plodded the French forwards up the road towards the Spanish-held bridge, Quinny used the maneuver move option in our rules (which allows double movement as long as the units being moved stay outside 24″ of the enemy’s nearest formations) to shoot the British light cavalry and Portuguese over to the flank by the river. I always find the maneuver rule a little odd; why does distance from the enemy allow troops to don rocket powered skates?
Maneuver rule?
Anyway, I didn’t take advantage of this rule, while Quinny did, so more fool me! I suddenly found I had a combined arms force approaching my flank across the river before I had got myself into a position to start assaulting the crossing points.
Plod, plod, plod.
While I was massing my forces ready to assault the crossing points, I had to peel off a brigade to deal with the flanking move by the Portuguese and British light cavalry. My own light cavalry showed up in the form of the hussars who screened the infantry as they breasted the hill. The honours were basically even infantry-wise, but his cavalry were much better than mine and he also had artillery, which I had neglected to send over with the cavalry.
Hup, hup, hup!
Hussars lead to counter the British cavalry, but are at risk of being outflanked.
After his leading cavalry unit charged my hussars which ended in a minor victory for the British, he quickly brought up support in the form of the other light dragoon regiment and horse gun battery, quickly followed by the Portuguese brigade. I thought a forward defense posture was called for, rather than conceding the ridge, but maybe a more passive defense would have sufficed? Against Quinny, though…? I think I made the right call in the end. In lieu of artillery, I sent in the chasseurs to charge the exposed flank of the British light dragoons, about the only time I would consider doing such a thing given the quality disparity. I’d have had a stunning victory if I’d managed to pull it off, but Quinny rolled well to turn his cavalry to face the threat, denying his flank to my charge. Despite his cavalry not being able to counter charge and, in effect, being stationary, it was enough to result in a draw, saving his cavalry and preventing my chasseurs being able to break though into the heart of his attacking forces. Curses!
The hussars take the opportunity charge against the nearest light dragoon regiment as it attempts to cross the river.
The hussars are forced back into the French infantry and the British cavalry and guns threaten the French flank.
Here come the Portuguese!
Huzzah! Caught him napping!
Curses! He turns to face the danger!
Meanwhile, the bulk of my infantry approached the Spanish held village and prepared to attack. Before they could, the Spanish cavalry had to be dealt with. My dragoon detachment took on the task, and though outnumbered, made easy work of the hapless Spaniards; so much so, that they went battlemad, charging ahead out of control ending half in, half out of the river, blown and with multiple disorders. They were now easy meat for a counter charge by the British heavies, or a flank fire from the Spanish guns! 
“Agárrate fuerte, muchachos!”
Spanish cavalry adopt a forward defensive posture…
…and then think the better of it, before advancing again to their peril later on.
The Spanish held village as seen from the French side of the bridge. Spanish artillery guard the approach to the ford.
The French infantry negotiate the woods while keeping the Spanish dragoons at bay.
Further back in the woods, guerrillas spring an ambush to little effect, except to tie up the battalion in question for the next few turns in fruitless combat!
The 95th Rifles provide covering skirmish fire, while the French infantry await the order to attack. The horse gun battery softens up the village defenses in preparation for the assault.
Traffic jam!
The Allied view of the developing attack on the Village.
First, to deal with the Spanish cavalry.
Battle-mad! RAAARRRGGHH!
Whoops! Left like a shag on a rock!
My horse-gun battery accompanied the infantry, rather than the cavalry where it could have helped stabilise things, but ces’t le guerre! It fired in support of the attack on the nearest built up area, softening up the target before the charge went in. Usually a 3:1 ratio is needed to successfully assault a BUA, but I went in with 4 battalions just to make sure. I was spectacularly successful, smashing the first Spanish unit and careering through to the next BUA, in another display of brute force!
That was probably my high water mark. Quinny had assembled a line along the far bank of the river, defending the ford, with the best of the Spanish troops. I was organising my forces to assault that line across the river and to assault the remaining built up areas on the far side of the river. I’d calculated my chances of success in attacking the nearest BUA across the river and felt that success was a likely outcome, but hadn’t banked on uncooperative dice! In a disastrous turn of events, I rolled a 1 on my pre-melee morale check, which, combined with the accumulated disorders gained by attacking across the river, resulted in the attack failing even before it launched; all 3 battalions turned tail and ran! It was only a retreat, but it put a large dent in my plans. I had hoped to take the village on the other side of the village, flank the Spanish artillery and then concentrate on assaulting the ford. But, as some well known master of the pugilistic arts was known to have said:
Even if it was self-inflicted!

The attack goes in! One BUA falls…
…then on to the second!
Let’s try that on the remaining BUAs.
Whoops! Not going to happen with that die roll!
Run away!
Quinny was piling on the pressure on my right flank, even if I was inflicting some damage along the way. Still, when he was inflicting more casualties on me than I could on him, the result was always going to be a forgone conclusion. His cavalry pinned most the infantry, while his artillery whittled away my numbers until his infantry closed in for the kill, either engaging in firefights, or charging. Although, when he charged my vulnerable square, he found out it still had teeth! In a very unlikely turn of events, my square inflicted a casualty on his charging line, which then impacted on his pre-melee check when he rolled low, resulting in his charge faltering 2″ from the square with disorders! It was a short lived victory as he followed up with a firefight that sent the square packing. That was the first of many breaks and eventually the division crumbled, forcing a divisional morale check, which I failed, causing half my command to decamp and ending the game in a French defeat. All that done without the British infantry engaging in combat!
Sadly depleted square gets a blast of Portuguese fire…

…and decamps, leaving the remaining French battalions vulnerable to a flank charge from the lurking cavalry.

British light dragoons charge the foot battery making its way to the fighting. Chasseurs counter-charge and meet them…
…with the expected results: casualties and disorders and heading the wrong way!
The gunners had legged it into the forest on the hill, while the infantry in greatest danger had managed to square up.
Now’s the time to unleash on the Portuguese! A column charge on the junction of the nearest two Portuguese lines sends the Cacadores into retreat!

I had to take the breakthrough or they would have ended up stranded between the two lines. As it was, it took the column right up the clacker of the retreating Caçadores!
That then left them vulnerable to flank fire from the horse gun battery in the wheat field.
The heavy dragoons saved the Caçadores and forced the remaining infantry into anti-cavalry postures

In the backgound, a line and closed column try to dispose of the British cavalry, while in the middle, the Portuguese line charges the square, only to have the square inflict a casualty on the charging line…

…which caused the charge to fail, halting at 2″ with casualties! Huzzah!

But then the inevitable happened, and the square was broken…
…along with its supporting battalion!

Suddenly there’s a big gap where the French had been! Too many battalions in bad morale forced the divisional morale check, which I duly failed, causing half my force to retreat from the battlefield!
Just when the British infantry was about to enter the fray. I had a nice flank charge on the highlanders, too!
Inspiring battlefield quotes #1
“Men, we shall fight to the last drop of Iberian blood!”

Inspiring battlefield quotes #2
“Are we there yet?”

Napoleonic British Marines

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Last weekend I spent a pleasant couple of hours at the Boarder Reiver wargames show at Gateshead, amongst the swag I brought back were 2 blisters of Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British Marines.  I’ve painted up 6 this week while stuck in a hotel o…

Bolt Action – How I painted the Infantry for my LRDG force

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I have been building and painting my LRDG force for a while now and this is the latest in a series of articles I have written about the journey (the other articles can be found here and here if you missed them). In this, part 3, I’ll describe how I painted the infantry component, as they have garnered an amount of interest with some of the community. Hopefully I can explain so others can do the same should they wish.
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Going Deep; Building a Commonwealth Lists from the Bulge

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By Mitch Reed

With the addition of the Commonwealth in Battlefront’s upcoming Battle of the Bulge  I wanted to take a deeper look at the lists provided in the book and select two that I may play in a Bulge themed tournament.  My first army in Flames of War was the Canadians, I even painted them with the “greener” battledress and when I expanded my collection to play other commonwealth lists I made the choice to but new figures and paint their battledress brown, so I guess you can say I am dedicated.  This expanded even further when I collected an entire airborne army, and even more when built and painted an entire force just for the Mediterranean in Mid-War.  I must have about 15 Churchill tanks, and even more Cromwell’s and I always look for great lists in which to get these forces on the table.
For this article I plan to use a 1500 point total, and only select forces in which I have models.  I will try to pick a list that is both fun to play and somewhat competitive.  I know a lot of folks feel there is a “science” into picking a list, perhaps there is, however I am going to pick something I would bring to the table, not necessarily for a tournament.

7th Armoured Division: The Desert Rats

I have played the Desert Rats in the past; I liked the Reluctant/Veteran list from the Overlord book.  In this list you can put a ton of Cromwell’s on the table and with the “Cautions not Stupid” rule I was able to overcome the low motivation rating at certain times.
This is a pricey list, especially with what I plan to take.
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SS Königin Luise, 5.08.1914

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Last Thursday, in our club, Angus invited us to another naval game. This time it was beggining of the Great War, just short after the Great Britain enter the war. Angus’s scenario was based on true events, which lead both sides to their first loss on the seas during that war. For the game we used the General Quarters: Fleet Actions Imminent rules.
W ostatni czwartek, w naszym klubie, Angus zaprosił nas do kolejnej morskiej gry. Tym razem był to początek Wielkiej Wojny, zaraz po tym jak Wielka Brytania przystąpiła do konfliktu. Scenariusz Angusa opierał się na prawdziwych wydarzeniach, które doprowadziły do pierwszych dla obu stron, strat na morzu. Do gry użylismy systemu: General Quarters: Fleet Actions Imminent.


MODELS/MODELE: Angus Konstam

1. Forces. Siły.

SS Königin Luise (Michael Charge)

Destroyers flotilla (Michael Charge)
Light cruisers flotilla (Michael Schneider)
SMS Köln
SMS Mainz
SMS Rostock


HMS Amphion (Dougie Trail)

Light cruisers flotilla (Campbell Hardie)
HMS Southampton
HMS Nottingham
HMS Lowestoft

Destroyers flotilla (Bartek Żynda)
HMS Lance
HMS Landrail
HMS Lydiard
HMS Laurel

2. The game. Gra.

Our game started with only SS Königin Luise and destroyers: HMS Lance and HMS Landrail on the table. My destroyers moved full speed and started fired at German minelayer. She quickly received first hits, which started fire on enemy ship. Minelayer however managed to drop some mines and my both ships enter the minefield, but lucky they passed it without any problems.
Naszą grę na stole rozpoczęły jedynie SS Königin Luise i niszczyciele: HMS Lance i HMS Landrail. Moje kontrtorpedowce ruszyły na pełnej prędkości i rozpoczęły ostrzał niemieckiego stawiacza min. Został on bardzo szybko trafiony i wkrótce zaczął się palić. Udało się jednak jemu postawić kilka min i moje okręty weszły na postawione pole minowe, jednak przeszły przez nie bez problemu.

Then on the battlefield entered rest of the forces. My destroyers get under the fire from the German light cruisers and destroyers. Lucky for me their fire was not  accurate and finished only on minor damages. In return I fired my torpedoes and they almost hit the target (first I shoot to quick and the torpedoes did not reach the target and the second they passed in front of enemy ships). 
Wtedy na pole bitwy weszły pozostałe okręty. Moje niszczyciele dostały się pod ogień niemieckich lekkich krążowników i niszczycieli. Szczęśliwie dla mnie ich ogień nie był zbytnio celny i skończyło się jedynie na lekkich uszkodzeniach. W odpowiedzi odpaliłem moje torpedy i prawie trafiły one w cel (peirwsza salwa była wystrzelona za szybko i nie doszła ona celu, druga przeszła przed dziobami wrogich okrętów).

Soon Michael’s and Campbell’s cruisers get busy together, and I use that break to finish the German minelayer. In the meantime they managed to stop the fire but then she received another hits, which led to a new fire and finally her cargo explodes and the first ship of the First War was sunk.
Wkrótce krążowniki Michaela i Campbella zajęły się sobą i ja zyskałem chwilę przerwy, którą postanowiłem wykorzystać na wykończenie niemieckiego stawiacza min. W międzyczase udało m sie ugasić pożar, jednak wtedy otrzymał on kolejne trafienia, które doprowadziły do wybuchu kolejnego pożaru a ten spowodował eksplozję przewożonego ładunku. Pierwszy okręt, pierwszej wojny został zatopiony.

After that, Michael C. decided to revenge his loss. His destroyers opened fire at me on the very short distance and I returned the fire. As a result of this deadly shooting one German destroyer get sunk (V-191) and two of my destroyers had very heavy damages (both HMS Lydiard and HMS Lance were not able to move as their engines were dead). Lucky for me I get support of our flag ship HMS Amphion. She did the torpedo attack on German destroyers, and she even managed to hit the enemy ship, but the torpedo did not exploded…
Po tym Michael C. postanowił pomścić swoją stratę. Jego niszczyciele otworzyły do moich ogień na bardzo krótkim dystansie, na co ja odpowiedziałem również ogniem moich dział. W rezultacie tej morderczej strzelaniny, niemiecki niszczyciel zatonął (V-191) a dwa brytyjskie niszczyciele zostały ciężko uszkodzone (HMS Lydiard i HMS Lance zostały unieruchomione). Na szczęście dla mnie uzyskałem wsparcie naszej flagowej jednostki HMS Amphion. Wykonała ona atak torpedowy na niemieckie niszczyciele i udało jej się nawet uzyskać trafienie, jednak torpeda nie eksplodowała…

When the destroyers moved back to their bases, the last act of the battle was played. Campbell irated because of his unsuccessfull firing decided to ram Michael’s cruisers. It finished on very heavy damages on both HMS Southampton and SMS Rostock. After that we finished our game, with British victory.
Kiedy niszczyciele skierowały się do swoich baz, rozegrał się ostatni akt tej bitwy. Campbel zirytowany skutecznością ostrzału swoich dział, postanowił staranować krążowniki Michaela. Skończyło się to na bardzo ciężkich uszkodzeniach HMS Southampton i SMS Rostock. Po tym zdecydowaliśmy się zakończyć grę, która skończyła się brytyjskim zwycięstwem.

3. Summary. Podsumowanie.


HMS Southampton – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
HMS Lydiard – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
HMS Lance – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
HMS Laurel – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
HMS Nottingham – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.
HMS Lowestoft – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.
HMS Landrail – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.

SS Königin Luise – sunk/zatopiony
V-191 – sunk/zatopiony
SMS Rostock – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
SMS Mainz – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
V-191 – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
G-197 – heavily damaged/ciężko uszkodzony.
SMS Cöln – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.
V-188 – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.
V-189 – lightly damaged/lekko uszkodzony.

4. Links. Linki.


20 mm Conversions for Chain of Command

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First, a couple of warnings. The photos are not great – the camera is old and I am no Karsh. Secondly, 20mm is my cheap and dirty scale to do North West Europe quickly and with a small investment. Efforts are focused on getting toys on the table rather…

Preview: Commonwealth forces in the Battle of the Bulge Book

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By Mitch Reed

History is usually biased by the nationality of the writer, which is why many Americans do not realize that the British participated in the Battle of the Bulge. After the Allies recovered from the shock of the attack, General Eisenhower gave Field Marshall Montgomery temporary command of all forces north of the German thrust.   To be fair Monty did not do a bad job and held the Germans on his end of the salient.  Problems did arise after the battle where Monty, true to form, took credit for winning the battle.  These claims did not endear the Field Marshall with his American boss and made their relationship deteriorate further.

The developers of Battlefront did their research when creating the new Battle of the Bulge book and much to my pleasure included the forces under Monty that took part in the battle.  I have been playing with Commonwealth lists since I first started playing this game and I am always looking for new lists in which I can use my huge collection of Cromwell tanks in.

The Lucky 7th
I was not disappointed in what the Battle of the Bulge (BoB) had in store for me; the Desert Rats yet again make an appearance in the game.  The last time we saw these guys was in the Overlord book and they were Reluctant/Veteran; however a few months later in the war BoB lets us play them as Confident Veterans.  I like the fact that you can have two Cromwell’s and two Firefly’s in a platoon for 435 points.  You can even upgrade the Firefly’s to Challengers for 20 points each.  Yes it’s pricey, but at 475 points you have a very strong platoon.  Personally I would go for the 3 Cromwell with one Challenger option at 425 points.  It takes some getting used to playing with fast tanks, however a lists that can field a lot Crowell’s is always fun. This list also lets you field Commandos which are sometimes a great option to have.  Other than the commando platoon the list is the standard British lists we have seen before.
Read more »

Battle Report – 11th Armored Division Vs. German Grenadiers (Market Garden Campaign Game)

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Up here in Danbury Connecticut, where my local club is located, we are in the midst of a Firestorm Market Garden Campaign.  So Far, the Germans are kicking butt and taking names…and as the overall Allied Commander, I’m doing my best to reverse our flagging fortunes.

Through 2 Campaign Turns, our situation is becoming desperate.  Eindhoven isn’t taken yet, and this map below shows the battles marking the end of the 2nd Full Campaign Turn.

My Friend Shane was good enough to come over to my place and give me a game. We rolled off for attacker and defender, and he won, electing to attack the Fabled Groesbeek heights.  Not having any american airborne, there was some proxying going on.  I am also, embarrassingly low on Jagdpanthers so when you see a stuG…that’s what those are.
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Latest PDF releases from Grinning Skull Studios!!

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Just a quick post to let you know about the latest releases from Grinning Skull studios over on Wargame Vault. in a departure from the usual fantasy fare, I thought it was time to add to our back catalogue of publications with some real world historical stuff. It’s been over 100 years since the Great […]

Polish Wall (AWI). Polski mur(WoNSZ).

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Another week and another game. This time I joined to Michael’s Schneidera game with his AWI collection. This game has been organised for two novices, David a new club member and my nephew, who was curious to visit our club. So David joined Michael and they played British and my nephew joined the family team and played for Americans. For the game we used Black Powder with some Michel’s house rules.
Kolejny tydzień i kolejna gra. Tym razem dołączyłem do gry zorganizowanej przez Michaela Schneidera z użyciem jego kolekcji do wojny o niepodległość Stanów Zjednoczonych. Ta gra została zorganizowana dla dwóch nowicjuszy, Davida nowego członka klubu i dla mojego siostrzeńca, który bardzo chciał odwiedzić nasz klub. David dołączył do Michaela i zagrali oni Brytyjczykami, z kolei mój siostrzeniec dołączył do rodzinnego zespołu i zagraliśmy dla Amerykanów. Do gry użylismy zasad Black Powder z Michaelowymi dodatkami.
SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Eve of Battle pregame
UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Michael Schneider, Bartek Żynda
MODELS/MODELE: Michael Schneider

1. Eve of Battle pregame.

Before the game we decided to play Eve of Battle, to determinate number of troops, the battlefield and the scenario for the game. For those, who don’t know what Eve of Battle is, this is the card driven game, writen by Michael where cards have two sides: one with special events, terrain features etc. and the second side with units markings (infantry, cavalry, artillery), which could be added to your basic forces. The players can play either one side or the other against the opposite player. If you want know more about it, write to me or Michael about more details (don’t forget about your email).
Przed grą zdecydowaliśmy się rozegrać Eve of Battle, by określić liczbę oddziałów, pole bitwy i scenariusz gry. Dla tych co nie wiedza, co to jest Eve of Battle, jest to karcianka, napisana przez Michaela gdzie karty maja dwie części: pierwsza zawiera specjalne zdarzenia, dodatkowe tereny itp., natomiast druga zawiera znaczniki oddziałów (piechota, konnica, artyleria), które mogą być dodane do naszych sił podstawowych. Gracze mogą zagrywać albo jedną albo drugą stroną karty przeciw swojemu przeciwnikowi. Jeśli jesteście zainteresowani tą grą skontaktujcie się albo ze mna albo z Michaelem o więcej szczegółów (nie zapomnijcie podać swojego emaila).

In our game Michael played for British and I for Americans. For British we had: Low on Powder (every time when the British unit fired had to roll a dice and on 1 loosing the fire ability for the rest of the game), Huzzah Enfilade! (British player could deploy 25% of his troops on one of the sides of the battlefield),  Delayed Enemy (one of opponent’s unit was delayed by 2 turns) – by my mistake we had 2 delayed units, however it saves the game for us!, Lost Depeches (British could re-deploy their units after Americans deploy their), Surprise Attack (British could deploy within 12” of the enemy). Also British get extra units: 1 veteran cavalry, 2 infantry and a gun. For Americans we had: 2 Scouts Ahead cards (we could deploy 2 units, one for each card, 12” in front of enemy lines) Delayed Enemy, Doctor on the Field  (we did not have to use that card it resolve the Plague or Disease cards), The Speach (it gave me +1 on break tests). Our extra troops: veteran infantry, infantry and a gun. For the battlefield we had: Village or Farm (we had a Farm with 24” of wall, which could be deployed on my half of the table)), 50% of Wood (half of the table was covered by woods) and the Swamp Land (impasible swamp on my half of the table). Here is the ready battlefield after the pregame:
W naszej grze michael zagrał dla Brytyjczyków, a ja dla Amerykanów. Brytyjskie karty to: Low on Powder (za kazdym razem gdy oddział brytyjski strzelał musiał po tym rzucić kością, na 1 tracił możliwość strzału do końca gry), Huzzah Enfilade! (Brytyjczycy mogli rozstawić 25% swoich oddziałów na jednym z boków pola bitwy), Delayed Enemy (jeden z oddziałów przecinika zostął opóźniony o 2 tury) – przez mój błąd mieliśmy dwa takie oddziały, jednak uratowało to dla nas grę!, Lost Depeches (Brytyjczycy mogli rozstawić ponownie swoje oddziały po naszym rozstawieniu), Surprise Attack (Brytyjczycy mogli rozstawić swoje oddziały 12 cali przed naszymi). Dodatkowe brytyjskie jednostki: 1 kaweleria (weterani), 2 oddziały piechoty i jedno działo. Karty Amerykanów to: 2 karty Scouts Ahead (pozwoliło to nam wystawić 2 oddziały, po jednym dla kazdej karty, 12” naprzeciw brytyjskim liniom) Delayed Enemy, Doctor on the Field (nie musieliśmy użyć tej karty, ona eliminuje efekty kart Plague i Disease), The Speach (dawała nam +1 na testy złamania). Nasze dodatkowe jednostki to: 1 oddział piechoty, weteranów, 1 oddział zwykłej piechoty oraz 1 działo. Karty determinujące pole bitwy: Village or Farm (mieliśmy farmę z 24 calami muru, który mógł być rozstawiony na naszej połowie stołu), 50% of Wood (połowę stołu pokrywał las) oraz Swamp Land (nieprzekraczalne bagno na naszej połowie stołu). Tak wyglądał stół po naszej przedgrze:

2. Forces. Siły.

(Michael Schneider, David)
1 veteran infantry
4 line infantry
1 skirmish infantry
2 guns
1 Dragoons (delayed)

(Czarek Michna, Bartek Żynda)
1 French infantry (veterans)
3 Continental infnatry
2 Militia infantry (both delayed)
1 skirmish infantry
2 guns

3. The game. Gra.

We started with two our units deployed in front of British units. It was gun and 1 unit of Continental infantry. They fired first, caused some desorganisation and then moved back to the wall line. At least the Continetals did as the gun failed to move and get destroyed. Our plan was to use the wall feature and defend that line till the end of the game. We managed to form a defending line very quickly. Now we were waiting for British to come.
Zaczęlismy grę z naszymi dwoma oddziałami wystawionymi naprzeciw brytyjskim oddziałom. Było to działo i jeden z oddziałów piechoty kontynentalnej. Wystrzelili powodując pewne zdezorganizowanie we wrogich oddziałach, po czym wycofali się do lini muru. Tak faktycznie to tylko piechota się wycofała, poniewaz nie udało się to działu, które zaraz też zostało zniszczone. W naszych planach mur był podstawą naszej obrony, którą mieliśmy zamiar utrzymac do końca gry. Naszą linie obrony udało nam się utworzyć bardzo szybko i teraz oczekiwaliśmy na Brytyjczyków.

Here the British troubles started. First one of the guns rolled bad for Low on Powder effect and it was not able to shoot for the rest of the game! The second problem was with the charging British infantry, they underestimate the distance and did not hit the enemy! So we were able to charge them instead. The hand to hand battle was fierce and finaly our unit brake alongside with one of the supporting units. We were in serious troubles!
I tu zaczęły się brytyjskie problemy. Wpierw jedno z dział źle rzuciło na efekt Low on Powder i do końca gry nie było w stanie strzelać! Drugim problemem było niedoszacowanie odległości szarżującego brytyjskiego oddziału, który nie dotarł do wroga. Mogliśmy więc uderzyć na nich. Walka wręcz była zażarta jednak w końcu nasz oddział został zniszczony wraz z innym go wspomagającym. Mieliśmy naprawdę poważny problem!

At this moment our two Militias arrived on the battlefield. They filled the gaps and we could still defend our positions. Then come another British assault, now against our best unit, the French infantry. Unexpectedly they broke very quickly and now we had a serious problem!
W tym momencie nasze dwa oddziały milicji przybyły na pole bitwy. Udało im się wypełnić luki w naszej obronie, którą mogliśmy dalej kontynuować. Wtedy nastąpił kolejny brytyjski szturm, teraz przeciw naszej najlepszej jednostce, francuskiej piechocie. Niespodziewanie zostali oni rozbici bardzo szybko i dopiero teraz mieliśmy poważny problem.

The hope always die as the last! From fire of our Skirmishes, we managed to broke first British unit and soon British assaulted us for the third time. This time it was all or nothing action, becouse it was almost end of the game and we still hold the line. This time the Militia hold the ground and broke the British infantry alongside with supporting unit! It finished the game and gave us victory! We had great fun and both David and Czarek enjoyed the game!
Nadzieja zawsze umiera ostatnia! Od ognia naszych Traperów, udało nam się zniszczyć pierwszy brytyjski oddział i wkrótce Brytyjczycy uderzyli po raz trzeci. Był to atak typu wszystko albo nic, ponieważ gra zblizała się do końca a my ciągle utrzymywaliśmy naszą linię obrony. Tym razem naszej milicji udało się wytrzymać atak i rozbić oddział brytyjskiej piechoty razem ze wspomagającym go oddziałem! To zakończyło grę i dało nam zwycięstwo! To była świetna zabawa, a najwazniejsze że, David i Czarek byli bardzo zadowoleni z gry!

4. Links to other relations and galleries. Linki do innych relacji i galerii.

Yet to be updated. Czeka na uzupełnienie.

Yet to be updated. Czeka na uzupełnienie.


Games 2016 Scenario Practice Game

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All in!I hosted a game at the club at last Saturday’s meeting using my terrain and figures in preparation for our annual club open day which will be held later in August. I took the Spanish, John R. took the Anglo-Portuguese command and Darren and Geof…