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Brigade Models – New Scenery and Weapons

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Some awesome new stuff from the folks at Brigade Models. Continuing with their growing 15mm science fiction scenery range they add a new, raised colonial housing structure along with some new weapon emplacements.

Here’s what they have to say about it….
Some houses in the desert wastelands are built up on high plinths to keep them safe from predators – this is one such design, accessed by a single stairway to a raised platform. This new 15mm building is available today.

I’ve also been tinkering with some of our recent releases, combining them with other parts to see what I could come up with. In particular, the new Fasolini tracked gun units have all sorts of possibilities. I’ve added a missile launcher and radar dish to the tracked base to create mobile anti-tank and comms systems, as well as a 5-barrel gatling weapon, known as the Lucane (Stag Beetle) family. I’ve also put the single-barrel gun on a ground mount to create a light AA gun (the quad gun was unfortunately a bit too big to fit the base and overbalances). These are listed under the EuroFed.

B15-130 – Plinth Dwelling – £10.00
SF15-416b – Lucane Tracked Missile System – £4.00
SF15-416c – Lucane Tracked Radar Unit – £3.75
SF15-416d – Lucane Tracked Gatling – £3.75
SF15-416e – Ground-mount AA Gun – £3.75

Cell Block-H

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From Brigade Models.
One of the most popular 15mm building sets we’ve come out with has been the Research Base. Possibly because it’s a very versatile design that will stand in as a military barracks, PoW or prison camp or general purpose civilian huts. Today we have a new addition to the base, a double hut connected by a central corridor – in other words, an H-Block. In its original guise as a cold weather research base it means that the occupants can move from hut to hut without stepping outside in the cold, which has to be a good thing !

B15-505 – H-Block – £10.00

Check out more – HERE 

New Research Station Buildings from Brigade Models

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A few weeks back Brigade Models previewed their new 15mm Research Base buildings. The models are now all ready to go and are available from the website today. The display models have been painted in bright orange colors as an Arctic base, but the models could equally be used as a base in any other setting – jungle, mountain, desert etc. The buildings would also make a good Nissen Hut replacement for airbases or barracks.

The Research Base set includes a command center, two accomodation blocks, a garage block and storage shed, along with some clutter pieces such as a small container and storage boxes. The four buildings are also available individually.

B15-500 – Research Base Set -£30.00
B15-501 – Accomodation Block – £6.00
B15-502 – Command Centre – £8.00
B15-503 – Small Garage Block – £6.00
B15-504 – Storage Hut – £3.50



Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah new FREE Print & Play building template

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As per usual on my birthday it’s time to give a present away to the readers and what better than the next installment of my Generatorium design for my Print & Play building. It’s also timely in that this could form part of your Google AdSense compe…