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La Belle Alliance

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I have been out of the game for the past couple of weeks due to illness, no blogging, no painting! In fact not very much of anything, but now I am back.I scored this resin model of La Belle Alliance a few weeks back at the local swap meet.After a bit o…

Teeny Tiny Town!

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It’s a post! About some stuff I’ve painted! Those have been a little thin on the ground recently. But never mind, let’s not mope, stiff upper lip and so on. I’ve painted some buildings for Black Powder. Since we’ve been playing American Civil War …

Brigade Models – New Terrain

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Brigade Models has been hard at work with the Imperial Skies Kickstarter but as things are coming back to normalcy they have released a few wonderful bits for 15mm science fiction.

The release is a set of outbuildings for their Advanced Buildings. These are perfect for small habs, workshops, sheds or other light utility structures. The second set is a bunch of “widgets” for use on the tops of the Desert Buildings, though I see no reason they wouldn’t work on other structures. If you are like me, you love these sorts of add-ons for your own scratch built terrain.


B15-210 – Small Utility Building – £4.00
B15-139 – Building Detail Widgets – £3.00