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Wacky Racers? More Gaslands Cars

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Gaslands – One thing about “mad-maxifying” Hot Wheels cars is it’s pretty
easy if you’re not concerned with be accurate or to scale. It’s also really
enjoyable to mash together parts to make something unique for your
Wasteland Warriors to ride in. 

Gasland – Converting Some Death Racers

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Gaslands – I’ve always loved Mad Max, Death Race and the like, when I was a
little kid the idea of a car with guns strapped to it was just so amazing.
I still remember the Christmas my grandma gave all the grandsons a vehicle
from the Tonka Steel Monsters line. I had the pick-up truck “Blaster” and
loved it. Many hours were spent tearing through the “desert” as Talon (the
driver) was joined by my collection of GI Joes fighting it out with
Badlanders in my 1980’s infused imagination of a post nuclear apocalypse. I
wasn’t introduced to Death Race 2000 until I was “to-old” for toys and had
moved on to Comics and RPGs as my money sink of choice. GURPS and the TMNT
role playing game continued to feed my “after-the-bomb” imagination.
Gaslands plays right into that nostalgia factor for me and has me watching
Youtube for play-throughs while I convert some salvaged Hot Wheels and
Matchbox cars. 

Battle Report – Gaslands Ep 04 – Enter the War-Rig

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  Owen’s War Rig is finally ready for the wastelands. Team Rutherford takes on the Mishkin Leviathan in this 60can game of GASLANDS in a Death Race! Advertisements

Battle Report – Gaslands Ep 03 – The Arena of Death!

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  Owen brings Team Taledega to face Team Warner in the Arena of Death! Advertisements

BwendTV Tuesday Tussle – Gaslands AAR

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Steve and I tried Gaslands for the first time this Tuesday. I think we mostly got the rules right, but more importantly we had a great time. The game played more slowly than expected. I imagine it will go more quickly now that we understand the rules b…


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For Christmas I received a copy of Gaslands, the post-apocalyptic vehicle combat game from Osprey. Gaslands is a tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem. With fast and cinematic rules, it is designed to be played with toy cars, allowing play…

Eureka Miniatures’ Mad Maximillian 1934: A new Obsession & Frustrations

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So, yeah, this is a thing. I’ve been noticing these larger scale old timey racing and fighting vehicles at the Eureka booth the last few shows, and I’ve restrained myself.. until now.  Why? Because there’s a new set of rules … Continue reading