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Deathstrike Tactics

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In this Tactica article, I’ll be covering one of the coolest and most visually intimidating artillery units in the Guard, the Deathstrike. Rarely seen, this unit comes in to annihilate the foes of the Emperor when everything but an Exterminatus i…

Manticore Tactics – Warhammer 40K Blog

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Today we welcome back Cadian Sergeant Steel for another guest post. Over to him… In this Tactica article, I’ll be covering one of the best pieces of Astra Militarum Artillery. This is not an exaggeration. If all other Guard artillery is the…

Buffing Astra Militarum Infantry – The Complete Guide

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I’ve just written the title of this article and now I’ve immediately regretted it. But it’s there now so let’s stick with it. Onto Buffing Astra Militarum Infantry. If you have an addition or an idea please do let me know! Eithe…

Astra Militarum Artillery – Earthshaker Cannons

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I have a guest post today from Cadian Sergeant Steel on Instagram! Firstly big thank to him for doing this, it’s not easy or quick to write an article like this. It is also nerve wracking – putting yourself out there like this. I’ll h…

W40K – Astra Militarum – Chimeras

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I found old gallery of Chimeras – check them out! 😀  On my old hard drive I found a pack of old photos with Astra Militarum vehicles. I really like Chimeras – simple design, a lot of modifications and variants. Kilka z nich możecie obejrzeć w tym właśnie poście. Enjoy and let me know which[…]