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Shadow War – The Good, the Bad and the Atrocious

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I’ve gotten a bit behind with my Shadow War updates. I’ve been playing the games, but not finding the time to post about them. So here are three quick reports in succession.Round 2 – Game 3 – Dark Eldar Wyches vs OrksThe first game, which was also the …

Forge World – Newsletter

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New from Forge World…——————–View in web browser FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF £100 OR MORE* Mûmak™ War LeaderConquer Middle-earth with this resin and plastic kit, which enables you to build the mighty Mûmak War Leader upo…

W40k / Thousand Sons – Scarab Occult Terminators

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Hello! Another part of Thousand Sons army on my blog. Three units of elite Scarab  Occult Terminators. Enjoy! Termies are big, really! Thousand Sons are one of the newest releases for Chaos (ok, Death Guard) and in compare to the old, generic Terminators they are massive. Inside the box we have some weapon/visual options and[…]

Another 40K Friday

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It’s the last day of the school break and my friend Aaron brought his boys around to play some 40K with the kids for the day. Inspired by the fast and furious games I played a few weeks ago at the Battleforce Recon Tournament I set up a day-o-gaming fo…

Allies of Inconvenience: BONUS Adepticon Roadshow Special

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Join Chris and myself in our mad ramblings on our Journey to Adepticon 2018!Listen to us babble on about such things as-Adepticon Lists-Codex: Kroot-Necron Previews-Big Guys that need to come back to the game-Tau and their Magic School BusAND MORE!This…

Adepticon 2018- Team Display: Trazyn’s Collection in the Vaults of Solemnance

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I give you our Team Tournament display this year,  The Vaults of Solemnance, the Collection of Trazyn the InfiniteWe had Necrons (obviously) and then things that Trazyn has collected over the years INCLUDING-Adeptus Custodes-Sisters of Silence-DOO…

Battleforce Recon Tournament

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This weekend I played in my first Warhammer 40K tournament ever. It seems like a weird thing considering I started playing 40K 30 years ago… (Mind you, I took a 20+ year break from the game… but that’s a whole other story). I’m not really excited a…

40K Friday

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I’d hoped to post pics of the last two Roughriders I finished up last night and the entire force I’m planning to take to the tournament tomorrow, but I like to take pictures outside in natural light and we’re in the middle of a late-season snow storm t…

W40K – Thousand Sons – Ahriman

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Hey! Time for a new army on my blog – Thousand Sons.  Enjoy :] As a first miniature I would like to show you commander of Thousand Sons – Ahriman. It`s very interesting character in 40k universe and I strongly recommend to visit warhammer wikipedia to read something about him. In 2016 Games Workshop decided[…]

Black Library – Newsletter

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‘Black Library Live’ and some release news…——————–View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsBlack Library Live 201816th June 2018 | Warhammer World, NottinghamThe ultimate one-day Black Library event is back! Spend the d…

Shadow War Campaign – The Blue and the Grey

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It’s been a long time since my last update, though I’ve actually been painting and gaming quite a bit. It’s just the blogging I’ve let slide. Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify it with a few updates in quick succession, starting with my onging Shadow Wa…

Chaos Defiler Review for 8th Edition

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Ah, the Defiler. You want to love it – it’s a big giant spidery daemon. However, in the past this poor thing has had its share of problems. It was too expensive, and had such a mixed role that you weren’t even sure what you should be doing with it. Now…

Chaos Daemon Prince Painting Showcase – Darktide

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As with some of the other old models I’m taking pictures of, at the time of painting this model (2012) I didn’t have a setup for pictures that would accommodate it. Now that I do, and I had some free time, it was time to rectify the problem. I also upd…

Chaos Cultists Painting Showcase

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Here we have yet more units I painted years ago that I never took pictures of. Nothing fancy here, just the fodder of Chaos, Cultists. Cultists Squad #1 Thoughts Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite units I’ve painted. I like the aesthetic of …

Chaos Defiler Painting Showcase – Ragefist

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I got this Defiler for free from a gaming buddy 6 years ago. It was in decent shape, but I did have to tear quite a bit of it a part to fix some issues. So, things aren’t exactly how I’d like them in a perfect world, but I can’t complain about a free m…

Games Workshop – Newsletter

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For those of you who really like painting gold…——————–View in web browser  Death from AboveFrom atop their Dawneagle jetbikes, Vertus Praetors destroy enemy Flyers with hails of deadly munitions and break the formations of your…

Chaos Rhinos Painting Showcase

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I painted these Rhinos 6+ years ago, but at the time I didn’t have a good setup for pictures so I never took any. This past fall I did a little updating on them with some sponge weathering, and adding snow to the Rhinos to tie them into everything else…

Huron Blackheart and Hamadrya Painting Showcase

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I’m revising this article to update it with better pictures (relatively speaking), and to include shots of the Hamadrya, which I didn’t have when I first made my counts-as Huron, who I’ve named Psykill. Oh, I also updated the snow basing on Psykill to …

Black Library – Newsletter

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A new Primarchs novel from the Black Library…——————–View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsFerrus Manus: Gorgon of MedusaDavid GuymerWith the Great Crusade drawing to a close, and a Warmaster to be chosen from among t…

Finished! Iron Warriors Demon Prince

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Let the galaxy burn! Or be smashed! I’m guessing either one would be fine with this guy.Gallery View

Lord Felthius & Tainted Cohort – Kit Review

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Back once again with another wade into the realms of Games Workshop’s Easy-Built kits. Last time we covered the Myphitic Blight Hauler and this time […]

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Chaos Possessed – Paint in Progress #1

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I built these Possessed a few years ago. I had a list idea at the time for a big local tournament with them, so I put these together. Pictured below are 4 of the 7 I built, the other 3 haven’t got paint on them yet. These were hobbled together with ass…

Games Workshop – Newsletter

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Not even a fan of Nurgle and now I’m tempted…——————–View in web browser  Nurgle’s mightiest DaemonsReborn for a new age of Warhammer, the Great Unclean One is the perfect centrepiece for any Nurgle collection. Build yours with …

Maulerfiend Review – Unleash the Daemonic Hound

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Much like the Forgefiend in 8th, if you liked the Maulerfiend previously then you’ll enjoy it in 8th edition. It remains a solid, and affordable choice to Chaos Marines. It remains largely unchanged from 7th, all things considered anyway. So, if you li…

Black Library – Newsletter

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A new Alpha Legion story courtesy of Rob Sanders and the Black Library…——————–View in web browser Coming SoonNew TitlesSeriesAuthorsSons of the HydraRob SandersBoxing Day Digital PremiereFull of turkey and chocolate and not wanting …