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9th Age / AoS – Scyla Anfingrimm

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Hey! Another small diorama with wild, chaos monster. This time – Scyla Anfingrimm. Enjoy! In previous post you saw my first „scene” with daemonic hand and Khorgorath. My another creation is wild Scyla on lava base and Bloodstoker. Again it’s filler for chaos warriors regiment for 9th Age / old WFB editions. I created base[…]

9th Age / AoS – Khorgorath mini-diorama

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Hello Wargamers! Another nice project on my blog 😉 I did small diorama-filler for Chaos Warrior unit. Enjoy! Khorgorath – mighty beast from fist AoS starter set. I decided to use this model as a core of filler. Imprisoned by daemonic hand, he’s waiting for enemy and fresh blood! Base and hand is 100% kitbash[…]

Recenzja: Evil High Priest I od Otherworld Miniatures.Reviews: Evil High Priest I from Otherworld Miniatures.

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Prezentowany poniżej model jest jedną z nagród ufundowanych przez sklep Battle Models, którą można było wygrać w turnieju Warheim FS.Zapraszam zatem do lektury recenzji figurki ME2d – Evil High Priest I wyprodukowanej przez Otherworld Miniatures.Evil H…

Mortarion the Demon Prince

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Another commissions that has been completed a while ago that I haven’t put up on the website. Its Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard and demon prince of Nurgle. This one is a custom colour scheme provided by the client and painted to level 4…

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Magore’s Fiends vs. Spiteclaw’s Swarm

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  Scott from Party Foul has painted up his first Shadespire warband to try out the game! I bring Spiteclaw’s Swarm to face them in this three round Matched Play session. Advertisements

Necromunda Underhive: Gang Spotlight Submissions Now Open

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Here at TabletopGamesUK we love games, we love writing about games, but our favourite part about this is you guys; our readers! Of course, what […]

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Blood Bowl – Am I too late for kick off?

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When you put it on paper I should not really be that in to Blood Bowl. Science fiction has always been one of my biggest […]

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W40k – Thousand Sons – FULL ARMY!

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Hello wargamers! Today I would like to show you full, painted army of Thousand Sons. Enjoy!  Army list: – Magnus – Ahriman – Ahriman II – 3 x Sorcerers – 30 x Rubric Marines – 15 x Scarab Occult Terminators – 30 x Tzaangors – Land Raider – 2 x Rhino I posted some of[…]

Lords of war! a Warhammer 40k BatRep with large models

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Tonight at TSA, Jo hosted the fourth and final scenario that will influence the big battle at the end of may.And then this scenario will decide who will be the defender and who the attacker, but more on that at the end…Both sides deployed their force…

Slaanesh Renegades

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I’m still painting more recruits for my renegade army and this month, I thought I could add some of the Slaaneshi. After all, I’ve already  spent some time on Slaanesh this past year so it was time for me to get the marines done !
And since I had to paint 400 points I thought I could just as well add that Dreadnought I unboxed a while ago

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Necromunda Spotlight – Eight-Fanged Spiders Chaos Gang

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I’ll confess, I missed the original tidal force of Necromunda. That is to say I never touched it at all, not once. It was mentioned […]

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Tactical Marine Champion

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Something small and inbetween I painted up this week, is this marine squad officer.While a regular space marine, I went for the pre-heresy purple of the Emperor’s Children, in order to vary my squads some more as I mix pre- and post-heresy schemes thro…

On the Workbench

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I’m currently working on the blood bros of Gorechosen – I’ve been trying to get these guys done for a while, but the Vampire Counts Warmaster army (which was finished in less than 30 days! – pics to come) took precedence.Most of of these guys are down …

Emperor’s Children vs Slaanesh Daemons: 420 points battle report

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Tonight I fought perhaps the hardest battle imaginable.Not for the fact it was small scaled, or for the fact it was against my own daemons… no, becuase it was the game I learned Noshi to play 40k.Winning would mean sleeping on the couch, losing would…

Against all Odds! Duo battle 40k Batrep

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There we have it, my entry into a series of special “prequel scenarios” that will influence the big battle end of May.While I would be paired with Nemesis and his Death Guard, he ran off for something called “family holiday in Singapore” (lame excuse) …

AOS Khorne Horde

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Lots of bloodthirsty warriors for the blood god. These Khorne Age of Sigmar warriors were painted to level 3 quality. They’re painting scheme was to follow Games Workshop’s version as well as being based on a desert landscape.These were pai…

Battle Report – Battlefleet Gothic – Throwback Thursdays Ep 133

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  Ben brings his Blood Angels to face my 13th Black Crusade fleet in a 1500pt clash! Advertisements

Epic 40k Slaanesh Questor and Hellknight Knights

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So there we have it, the first miniatures finished after the AHPC8…While intended to be included still, I didn`t get round to base it before the deadline of my last upload passed by… though as such with the 24 hr grace period, the post follows clos…

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Reavers vs. Orruks!

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  Christian is back with his Orruks to face Garrek’s Reavers! Advertisements

Warhammer World GT3 – Game 0 Tyranids v Nurgle Space Marines

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Game 0 of GT3 as we went early we arrived at Warhammer World at lunch time, ate and then had tables booked for two, half-two. I’d played Otty and Ben in the run up so it was only right I rocked up against Liam’s Nurgle Chaos Space Marines and DeamonsTh…

Dulle Griet marches onwards!

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The next model I completed from the line of Crisis entry figures to kick off this weeks entry of mix and match figures, we have De Dulle Griet.She was the first “non real” person that was released for the range, as she is based on the figure from the p…

Warhammer World GT3 – Game 5 Tyranids v Chaos Space Marines

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Last game of GT3, game 5 and I’m facing Daniel Brennan and his Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. It’s been over a week since this game and I was pretty fatigued and out of it throughout, there were points were Daniel was actually reminding me of things…

Rogue trader Keeper of secrets

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Soooooo, still working on my “tale of several gamers” entry for March, I’ve managed to paint something easier. Since We’re supposed to paint 400pts a month and I have painted 1100 in 2 I thought I could use the spare points and make March an easier month with about 250 pts worth of Demonic lust. ^^

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Daemonettes of Slaanesh

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The fifth and final bonus round this weekend, and the theme is Monstrous.While initially thinking about some big beastie or the likes, in the end I went a different route altogether.Because what is more monstrous then a psychopatic, murderous, rip your…

Lady Woodgin – Slaanesh Cult Dominatrix

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Hey, you might remember the six sinners from earlier, well; I’ve been meaning to upgrade the team from quite some time now but was looking at how to do it right. The arrival of the new Necromunda was the right trigger for this for 2 reasons :

– The magnificent Escher models in the box
– The upcoming chaos cult list in WD.
Oh yes, chaos cults in the underhive, that’s how groovy it’s going to get.

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