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8th Edition 40K: Thousand Sons and Possible Invulnerable Saves

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What initially put me off the Thousand Sons is just how badly priced they were. 8th Edition promises to change all that though!Despite some new shiny models, and some excellently fluffy formations, the standard Rubric Marine was hideously over priced f…

Thousand Sons vs. Tau Battle Report: Knowledge is power!

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Knowledge is power!As you can probably guess from that title image… things went quite well for my Three Musketeers!This was the first outing of my starter Thousand Sons army. At only 450 points, it’s nect to impossible to fit Rubricae in any meaningf…

500 points Chaos Space Marine Army: I am Alpharius…

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I had a request from a newly made reader on Facebook last night, asking about their Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines kit. The wanted to know what options they could put on their miniatures, with the intention of getting some games in.

First of all, let me say it again; Welcome to the Grim Dark future, Shi! You’ll forgive me for not using your full name, but I try to keep this site as PG-13 as possible for any potential student neophytes who might be reading.

As I mentioned last night, you will need to get a codex so you can start building your own lists, and in addition to that, the Traitor Legions codex supplement is near mandatory for Chaos Space Marines. However, to get you in the Long War as soon as possible, this is an army list that should get you someway towards winning games without you needing to buy any more miniatures.

Image taken from the Games Workshop webstore

The army is going to be an Alpha Legion Combined Arms Detachment. This is because Alpha Legion tactics will give you a decent amount of board mobility and tactical options without you needing to buy a Rhino or other transport.

Alpha Legion tactics allows you to take Chosen as Troops choices, which is going to be very handy in terms of getting some heavy weapons to the field, and letting you hit the minimum requirement of the CAD whilst still getting in some semi-elite troops. The Alpha Legion also give the Veterans of the Long War upgrade for free to anyone who can take it. In return for not being able to us any Marks of Chaos, all your Chosen, standard Chaos Space Marines and Cultists and Infiltrate.

I’ve tried looking at other Legion tactics, but none of the others quite give you the same amount of flexibility at this low points cost. Don’t feel like you need to paint them as Alpha Legion though… just use their rules for now! 

Here’s the army:

Alpha Legion Insurgent Training Group (CAD)


Chaos Lord [140pts]: Combat familiar, Combi-bolter, Hydra’s Teeth, Lightning claw, Terminator Armour, Veterans of the Long War


Helbrute [110pts]: Reaper autocannon, Thunder hammer


Chaos Space Marines [118pts]: 4x Chaos Marine with Boltgun, Meltagun, 4x Take CCW, Veterans of the Long War. Aspiring Champion: Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Power Fist

Chosen [130pts]: 4x Chosen with Boltgun, CCW and Boltpistol, Heavy bolter, Replace boltgun w/ Plasma gun, Veterans of the Long War. Chosen Champion: Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Power Sword

Total: [498pts]

Starting with the troops, these are kitted out due to some of the weird rules attached to building CSM squads. The regular Marines have the Meltagun and Powerfist in the unit, and are actually your assaulting half of the troops choice. Everyone has a bolt pistol and close combat weapon in addition to their bolter, meaning they are flexible for shooting or assault. The meltagun and powerfist also make this your default anti-heavy armour unit, to be thrown at the occasional surprise Land Raider!
The Chosen are the shooting half of the army… partly to give you a taste of Infiltrating plasma guns, but also because normal CSM units need to have 10 men to get a heavy weapon (in this case the heavy bolter). Chosen can pretty much take whatever they want, and giving them the H. Bolter and Plasma gun turn them into a fairly good Objective camping unit. Infiltrate means that objective can even be in the middle of the battlefield, and since the Chosen are Troops, they get Objective Secured. Traditional methods of clearing such troops off the battlefield include getting an assaulting unit to overrun them… which would be an interesting thing to try against the Chosen’s 15 attacks back, with 3 of them being done with the Champions Power Sword!
In terms of modelling these, I would give them all a bolt pistol and close combat weapon, and then strap the bolter and special weapons to their backpacks. If you’re careful with using small amounts of glue, you can reclaim those special weapons back for other projects if you waned in the future.
The Hellbrute is somewhat of an oddity in this list. Due to the Crazed special rule, it’s not as reliable a firebase as it could be. That said, with the Reaper Autocanon threatening light vehicles and the Thunder Hammer threatening… well everybody, all it needs to do is Rambo up from your back lines. If the enemy choose to ignore it, they will end up with a crazed robot/demon hybrid rampaging up the battlefield. If they focus fire on it, well good. Your other units can get some good work done!
The Chaos Lord gives you something that not many armies can claim. It gives you an actually scary hero unit, that can rip apart entire units if not dealt with. Terminator armour is an upgrade you need to take to use the model in the Start Collecting box. It also gives you a good deal of survivability, and the ability to Deep Strike. We will exploit this…
The Combi-bolter comes free with the Terminator armour. It’s a twin-linked bolter, which we’ve paired up with a unique piece of Alpha Legion wargear; the Hydra’s Teeth. This turns your humble bolter into a small blast, Ignores Cover, Poisoned 2+ mini-canon of Imperial Guard death. You Deep Strike in, preferably within 12-inches, and drop two blasts of poison onto a soft and squishy troops choice. For guard equivalent troops, this is about the same as getting hit by plasma canons, and even other Marines will have to take quite a few saves.
Your next turn will be delicious, provided your Lord survives. As the terminator armour gives you Relentless, you can do your poisoned blast trick again before charging in a ripping up your target with the Lighting Claw.
Here’s the best bit about Alpha Legion. If your Chaos Lord dies, you do not give the enemy a victory point for Slay the Warlord. Your next Aspiring Champion will simply become your Warlord, due to the I am Alpharius special rule. Only Alpha Legion can do this, which makes the suicidal Deep Striking unsupported Chaos Lord less risky.
So there you have it. In the first turn, you’ve already Infiltrated up to the enemies door-step. In the second turn, your Chaos Lord has a chance of dropping and hammering them from behind. If the enemy manages to chew through all that, they’ll then have to deal with the Hellbrute crashing onto their lines!
A surprisingly competitive list for 500 points, with a lot of fun tactical options to be made. You could even opt for a very risky null-deployed army, with the Hellbrute acting as an anchor for Deep Striking and Outflanking infantry. What’s even more surprising is how easy it was to get this list out of the Start Collecting! kit, making Chaos Space Marines one of the best starter armies to buy.
For a faction that still somewhat ranks quite low in the power tiers, that is an awesome achievement!
I hope that helps you plan your build Shi. As I said, don’t consider yourself tied to the Alpha Legion. This is just a good way for you to start and have a chance of winning some of your early games.
Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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Wizard in Progress: The trouble with cloaks…

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So you can see from the picture the problem. With the big flowing cloak in the back, any detail on the mini-disc of Tzeentch is entirely lost.Will look great running away… Also secret reveal of extra layers of painting!The solution is to just put any…

Wizard in Progress: The Disclet of Tzeentch Mk. 2

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Whilst I like the shield surf board stolen from a Stormcast Eternal, I couldn’t get any of my Sorcerer models to fit easily on them. So I came up with the new Disclet of Tzeentch!A really simple conversion. All you need is a flying base flipped upside …

Thousand Sons: Porthos the Sorcerer and The Disclet of Tzeentch!

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Double post to make up for missing yesterday. I was busy driving back from visiting Tabletop Engineer, so couldn’t put up anything.This is a work in progress for Porthos’ “bike”, the Disclet of Tzeentch. Not as big or powerful as a proper Disc, it’s en…

Thousand Sons: Porthos the Sorcerer, a Rescue

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This is another quick post, as it’s Easter Monday. This is a before and after shot for the first of my Thousand Sons sorcerer army, named after one of the Three Musketeers, Porthos!Poor guy…Needs a bit more blue and contrast on it, but it’s certainly…

The Next project: Thousand Sons and Turning to Chaos

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You know, it’s funny sometimes how a simple thing like a Twitter poll can kick off a great deal of change.That’s a Tzeentch pun, by the way.Well I laughed.Anyway. Thousand Sons were voted to be the next project, which means this chap here gets to look …

Thousand Sons and Space WolvesTest Models

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With the polls losing tomorrow, and no other votes being made in the past day, it looks as though the Thousand Sons will be the winners!However, I did have a go at testing out paint schemes for both the Wolves and Sons:The first model is the standard R…

450pts Thousand Sons Army List: Ahriman the Goat Herder

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Something of a giggle build for Thousand Sons, revolving around a powerful ace HQ and some warm bodies for canon fodder.God I miss my computer… image edited in Paint with Ahriman picture from hereCombined Arms Detachment [440 points]HQAhriman: Disc o…

Next Project update, and Thousand Sons Starter List

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Well… a lot of love for the Traitor Nerds out there, and not enough for the flea bag Vikings:

We’ll just not mention the poor World Eaters, who are universally disdained by Chaos, the Imperium, the 40K playing populace, and even their own primarch. Don’t worry guys, Khorne still loves you!


Anyway, the issue of getting a working Thousand Sons army at 450 points is a big one. Space Wolves are relatively easy, getting either a Deathpack going from the started set (which just needs a drop pod to become useable), or the more expensive CAD option of two Blood Claw packs in transports, all of which I can scrape under about £80.

You contrast that with the Thousand Sons, which scale upwards nicely, but are comparatively expensive for low point armies (thanks to the high money to point ratio of Tzangors, and the very high points cost of Rubricae).

So, I decided to think a little out of the box, and play a bit with a formation:

Thousand Sons, War Coven [450 points]
Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch
Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch
Sorcerer: Mastery Level 2, Bike, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch
Sorcerer: Mastery Level 1, Jump Pack, Pistol, Force Staff, Mark of Tzeentch

This… is silly. But it looks like it could work well.

The idea behind this formation is to abuse Psychic Shriek, and maybe get lucky on the Tzeentch psychic power table. The formation allows you to pick one BRB psychic discipline, and models in that formation get to harness warp charges for powers in that discipline on a 3+.

The idea would be for the biker Sorcerers to ride up to the enemy mind bullet them to death, and then Turbo-boost away. With the range of Psychic Shriek being 18-inches, that should be enough to keep them out of the worst of the counter-fire, whilst hiding behind walls and T5 jink saves to mitigate the majority of it.

By choosing the Telepathy Discipline, there are also some nice defensive shenanigans they can pull. Since each ML2 Sorcerer can only get one power, they can roll on the table and see if anything interesting comes up, like Invisibility or the Shrouding power. If neither pops up, just swap for Shriek.

A best case Scenario: Invisibility, Shrouding for a 2+ Jink save and a Shrieker at the front… plus whatever happens from the Tzeentch table.

The jump-packer is there as a Warp Charge battery, but has the Jump Pack to keep mobile, and if he gets lucky on the Tzeentch table, maybe drop a few Doombolts.

It’s far, far, faaaaar from competitive, but clocks in at around £40 worth of models. Outnumbered and massively reliant on psychic powers, this seems like a good way to decide if I like the Thousand Sons play style or not.

And yes, a 4 model army is a really bad idea, but should make for an entertaining training army for my students to play against. Also, before anyone starts complaining about the cheesy beardiness of the Telepathy discipline, there are literally 8 wounds to table this force.

I plan to call the Sorcerers Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D’Artagnan.

Unless, of course, the World Eaters have a sudden rush of support!

Until next time…

Thanks for reading.

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Tabletop Parents have the best books to read…

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Still sick, but that didn’t stop me from, well, doing everything I always do. Heading for a crash at the end of the week though. Today I managed to get out to my local Games Workshop, taking my son along with me.

He loves the shop, and always demands we sit down and read the Battletomes and Codexes whilst we’re there. Today we picked up the latest White Dwarf, and were happily rolling down the high street whilst he flicked through the pages.

Just catching up on the latest Black Library…

Believe me, there were many more uptight parents who were scandalised at the notion of a toddler looking at pictures of sky pirate dwarfs.

However, they were also very jealous he was holding the magazine the right way up, and turning the pages in the right order (one of the early years literacy checks for 3/4 year olds). As a teacher I know my stuff.

Anyway, just to keep you updated on the polls for the next project, Thousand Sons are still in the lead, despite the Wolves getting some support. No one loves the World Eaters apparently.

After checking the prices for the Thousand Sons models, I think I’m rooting for the Space Wolves. It’ll cost near £100 to get a 450 point Sons army going, wheras the Wolvs can fill that out with their Start Collecting! kit, with the formation there to make it legal.

But that got me thinking about formations. And an idea for the Thousand Sons so crazy, it just might work!

Until next time!

Thanks for reading.

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WHO WANTS TO ROCK THE PARTEH ? – Rogue Trader Noisesmarine

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After quite and exhausting but pleasant week end hitting people with a stick and screaming at them wearing a blue skirt and an armour, I finally took the 10 minutes required to finish what had remained a WIP for too long…

Read Moar Skullz »

Biały kruk – Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy XXXI

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Ilustracja Tenniela do książki o przygodach Alicji.
Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy to inicjatywa mająca na celu zwiększenie aktywności polskich blogerów piszących o wargamingu. Więcej o niej można przeczytać tutaj, natomiast gospodarzem 31. już odsłony, której tematem jest “Biały kruk”, jest Grish z bloga Fat Lazy Painter.
Tym razem temat Karnawału potraktuję dość dosłownie – będzie o białym kruku figurkowym. W swojej kolekcji mam sporo modeli, z których część jest obecnie zapewne dość droga, a część pewnie dość trudno dostępna. Po głębszym zastanowieniu doszedłem jednak do wniosku, że nie mam w niej czegoś, co określiłbym mianem “białego kruka” – czegoś rzadkiego, cennego i wyjątkowego. Nie mam Włócznika z Nuln, nie mam plastikowego bohatera krasnoludów, nie mam specjalnych, limitowanych edycji modeli z Forge World.
Mam jednak w domu miniaturkę, która dokładnie spełnia te wymogi – tyle, że nie jest moja. To jabberwock, wspomniany w tej notce przez Adriana z GitGames i do niego należący. Znalazł się u mnie na krótko, do malowania “w wolnej chwili”.
Ale ab ovo – jak powiedziałyby starożytne elfy. Co jest też wyjątkowego w tym monstrum? Większość osób interesujących się WFB czy nawet WFRP kojarzy jabberwocka z ilustracji w podręczniku do 1. wydania gry fabularnej lub miniaturki oznaczonej symbolem C29 Jabberwock, wydanej w 1985 r. i wyrzeźbionej przez Nicka Bibby’ego. Miniaturka jest zaś wydaje się, z kolei, być wzorowana na pokazanym poniżej rysunku Tony’ego Acklanda, nie jest jednak, wg. mnie, specjalnie udana.
Ilustracja jabberwocka z podręcznika 1. edycji WFRP.
Szkic koncepcyjny modelu jabberwocka autorstwa Tony’ego Acklanda.
Natomiast pierwsza wspomniana ilustracja, ta z podręcznika WFRP, w zasadzie wiernie naśladuje widok jabberwocka ukazany na rysunku Johna Tenniela z Alicji po drugiej stronie lustra Carrolla z wydania z 1871 r. 
Istnieje jednak również drugi jabberwocky, wyrzeźbiony przez Boba Olley’a – jak się zdaje właśnie na podstawie tego rysunku. Pozostaje relatywnie nieznany, ponieważ był dostępny krótko i jedynie za pośrednictwem zamówienia Mail Order lub wyłącznie w sklepach (występuje tu nieścisłość – być może można było go krótko kupić i w sklepach GW, i za pośrednictwem Mail Order). Jego historia nie jest dokładnie znana, nie wiadomo nawet, kiedy dokładnie znalazł się w sprzedaży (najczęściej przyjmowany jest rok 1987), wiadomo jednak, że nie pojawił się w żadnym katalogu, nie było go w żadnej reklamie, nie wystąpił na żadnej ulotce. Stąd też jego relatywna rzadkość. Pojawiają się też głosy, że być może była to jakaś figurka testowa, na co miałaby wskazywać nieduża liczba szczegółów. Nie zgodzę się jednak z tą hipotezą – nie widać może tego na fotografiach, ale praktycznie cała powierzchnia potwora pokryta jest drobną łuską i ma liczne zmarszczki. Nie wydaje mi się, by wkładano tyle zachodu w rzeźbę mającą być jedynie próbą. 
Figurka owego monstrum również nie grzeszy pięknością, ma jednak swój urok – i na pewno zyska po pomalowaniu. Nie może to jednak przesłonić faktu, że na rynku jest kilka ładniejszych modeli tego potwora, część nawet zbliżona datą powstania do citadelowego… Ale tylko tego jednego brzydala nazwałbym pośród nich białym krukiem – ciekawe, czy pochodzenia tego smoczyska pozostanie jeszcze jedną z tajemnic Citadel i Games Workshop…

CONFIRMED: GWs New Tabletop Farming Game

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I’ll be honest… the pieces were always right there in front of us. I don’t usually like to jump to conclusions and make an ass out of myself with wild speculation, but this bit of evidence is just so compelling, I had to post it.Rumour Engine picture…

2v2 1000 Point Tournament – Part 2 Some Tense Gaming

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Moving into Game 2, this would be a very different vibe from the first one that we played. Not only were our opponents experienced, this would be my very first experience playing with someone who was quite notoriously known for fudging in the tournamen…

2v2 Tournament Part 1

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So after finally painting and working on my army for the past 2-3 weeks, it was time for the actual tournament. Daryl is my buddy and he brought a beautifully painted army. It’s a 2v2 tournament with no repeat formations.Here is my list:Skyhammer …

Karnawał Chaosu, ver. 1.0.

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Dziś mam dla szanownego państwa-draństwa pierwszą wersję zasad Karnawału Chaosu z możliwością wyboru Znaku Chaosu czyli jednego z pięciu Mrocznych Patronów.

PDF z zasadami można pobrać ze scribd lub dropbox.

Wszelkie uwagi, pomysły, komentarze oczekiwane.

Tym samym do zrobienia pozostały jeszcze Postacie Dramatu oraz Banici z Księstw Granicznych.

Zachęcam także do POLUBIENIA gry Warheim FS na FB,
dołączenia do BLOGOSFERY oraz komentowania wpisów!
Zapraszam także na forum AZYLIUM, które skupia graczy
Mordheim i Warheim FS.

Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

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Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today? I decided to show you one[…]

THOUSAND SONS – Magnus the Red!

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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had also worked on a Magnus the Red… well… here he is!My client was after something very close to the box art, and that seemed like a very cool proposition, at the start. The further and further I got into the…

THOUSAND SONS – A squad of Rubric Marines

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I recently finished a commission for these ten Rubric Marines and the might Magnus the Red. I handed them off to the client on the weekend and he was very happy, always a good thing : )It has been a long time since I painted some Thousand Sons, and the…

Śmierć spada z góry | Death comes from above

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Stado raptorów Władców Nocy Mormega znowu jest silniejsze. Kolejny metalowy staruszek po pomalowaniu wzmocnił grupę wojowników dawnego VIII Legionu. Malowanie zostało już opisane w jednym z wcześniejszych wpisów przedstawiających członków stada, zachęcam do zerknięcia.
Zawsze miałem wrażenie, że podstawki 25mm, na których do jeszcze całkiem niedawna stawiano marines, są wystarczające – z wyjątkiem właśnie Assault Marines i Raptorów. Osobiście użyłbym już nowszej, większej podstawki, rozumiem jednak i niechęć do zmiany wcześniejszych podstawek i chęć utrzymania jednolitej wielkości. Ciekawy tylko jestem, jak taki raptor utrzyma się na makiecie terenu choćby odrobinę nierównej, kiedy ma tak wysoko położony środek ciężkości.
Pack of Night Lords’ Raptors belonging to my brother Mormeg has grown yet again. Further metal old miniature strengthtened warband of former warriors of VIII Legion. Painting was described in detail in one of the earlier notes showing raptors, you can read about it here.

I always thought that 25mm round base used for years for Space Marines was large enough, with the exception of Assault Marines and Raptors. Personally, nowadays I would use larger, modern 32mm bases, as models look better on them and are more stable. Still, rebasing already painted models is major PITA… But handling this raptor made me wonder how unstable it will be on some gaming table features, having centre of the mass placed so high.

Empyric Storm Cards, One of the Best Games – 40K Blog

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Approximate Reading Time: 7 minutesThe games are coming thick and fast at the moment for me. I recently had a 2,500 point battle between my Astra Militarum and Chaos using the second mission from the Gathering Storm book. We also used the Empyric Storm Cards which were fantastic fun and this article will detail the odd and wonderful moments the cards produced. The Mission The mission pits the Guard against waves of Chaos over eight turns. The Guard deploy in one half of the table with the board split down the long edge. At the start of the Chaos player’s turn they move on […]

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