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Emperor’s Children: tactical marine

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Następna figurka z powstającej mini-armii Emperor’s Children Mormega. Zapytany o plany, nakreślił je poniżej.Plany mam ambitne, oczywiście jak na mnie: dwie drużyny taktycznych legionistów, dwa leviathany i dwa oddziały kakophoni. Uzbiera się razem mał…

The 8 horsemen of the Apocalypse – Chaos renegade riders

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OK, let’s start with the appropriate soundtrack shall we ? The 8 Horsemen of the Apocalypse deserve as much. ^^

Ok now, following my plans to have a sizeable chaos renegade army for Rogue Trader this year, I’ve taken some old models from the shelves. WHen I say old, I don’t only mean the model themselves are old but the conversion are too !

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Sierżant drużyny taktycznych Astartes Legionu Emperor’ Children | Emperor’s Children Tactical Squad Sergeant

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Podobnie jak poprzednie figurki, figurka złożona w przeważającej mierze z części dostępnych w pudełku Betrayal at Calth. Naramiennik pochodzi z zestawu Forge World. Hełm – prefektora – pochodzi z zestawu FE Palatine Blade Squad. Malowanie standardowe d…

Renegades Progress Report #1

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Renegades January Progress (16th to 31st Jan)Just a quick update as I forgot to mention it in a previous post. Above is the progress I have made in the first 2 weeks of my New Year hobby plan. As mentioned before, the first 2 weeks of a month are for w…

Chorąży drużyny taktycznej Emperor’s Children | Emperors’ Children tactical squad Vexilla

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Kolejnym modelem z drużyny taktycznej Emperor’s Children pomalowanym przez Mormega jest “chorąży” – Legion Vexilla, mający zwiększać morale wojowników. Mormeg do budowy tego (i wcześniejszych modeli, pokazujących marines w pancerzach Mk IV), wykor…

Music of the Apocalypse

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For this Bonus round, I went to the power of pink once again.  I was rummaging through Lead Mountain, when I realised that I didn`t have that much of “musical” models at all lying around, and then I found three ancient Noise Marines.Equipp…

Drugie Dziecię Imperatora | Second Emperor’s Children

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Drugi legionista drużyny Emperor’s Children z czasów Herezji Horusa w malowaniu mojego brata. Podobnie jak wcześniejszy, malowany z użyciem washów nakładanych na metaliczny podkład. Metoda, zdaniem Mormega, szybka, łatwa i dająca niezłe rezultaty. I z …

AOS Khorne Force

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This small Chaos force from Age of Sigmar was painted to level 3 quality. They were painted to follow the studio colours closely as there will be more miniatures to come for this small force which will need to tie into the colour scheme. They were finally based on a […]

Emperor’s Children vs Necrons: 750pts Battle Report

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The first 40k game of 2018, and while I debuted Lucius (I`m going to field him in every game I play until the big battle in may), it was also the first time I played Necrons.  Like, ever…I didn`t study the rules or such, so had no idea what to e…

Dżabersmok | Jabberwocky

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Ładnych parę miesięcy temu, przy okazji któregoś z wydań Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego, zamieściłem na blogu notkę o białym kruku – niekatalogowanej figurce dżabersmoka wyrzeźbionego przez Boba Olley’a. Dostałem ją do pomalowania od Adriana z GitGame…

First Post of the Year! 40k Renegades Project is Underway!

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First post of the year. I have decided to spend the first 2 weeks of a month working on my AOS Empire army and the last 2 weeks working on my 40k Renegades. Work will begin on The Empire models from the 1st of Feb and thought I’d spend an extra couple …

Lord Felthius & Tainted Cohort – Kit Review

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Back once again with another wade into the realms of Games Workshop’s Easy-Built kits. Last time we covered the Myphitic Blight Hauler and this time […]

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The sword of echoes – Undead champion of chaos

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Quick one today with a model painted for a friend as a token of gratitude for his continued excellence and kindness. I’ve meant to paint him a little something for a while but never could find what to do until he just sent me tis guy along another that should get painted soon enough… ^^

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Kairic Acolyte Sample Model

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I finished the second model in my Tzeentch force today. The Kairic Acolyte!This was another color sample, and test to get familiar with the model.This is how the rest of them will look, as I’m stoked with the results.This is also one of my first succes…

Chaos Squats

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Yes I know, squats again, well I guess it’s a form of coming out I guess. I love stunties, there I said it ! Now I’ve been considering getting back on my chaos renegade army for some time but you know how things are right ? There’s always a good excuse to do something else and as long as stuff gets done and painted, I don’t mind much actually. Things, is though, there’s been a combination of events lately that lead me to seriously consider what I’d do next for my chaos army.

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Death Guard Myphitic Blight Hauler – Kit Review

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s been a long time coming, but the teased and much-sought after Myphitic Blight Hauler has landed! It’s been […]

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Give Lucius some Loving!

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Aaaah, Lucius the Eternal, chosen champion of Slaanesh, master swordsman and overall cry-baby…And what more fitting figure to kick 2018 off with then the character that will lead my forces in the TSA mega battle… and if the rumours are true, the wh…

Seekers of Slaanesh

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One of the units I couldn`t enter in the AHPC8 competition as I already started painting them before the kick-off, these lovely ladies provide some fast support for my budding Daemon contignent.And I`ll be working away slowly but steadily those non-eli…

Tzaangor Sample Color Model

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I’ve finished the first model in what will hopefully be a vast horde of Tzeenchy goodness.This guy was done up as a test model / sample color scheme. It was an attempt to get to know these models a bit, and to see if I could get a successful color pain…

The second Helbrute

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The second Chaos Dreadnought-y beast has been completed for my Emperor’s Children force this morning.Now, with the AHCP kicking off the past week, this was one I couldn`t enter (it`s a rule thingy, I already started painting it before I knew I was in),…

The Exstacy of Debutation

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So, I am part of this highly motivational painting challenge, for the first time, and this is my very first entry ever, and hopefully the forebode of a lot more.When I saw Curt kick it off this morning, I jumped to the painting table (well, shuffle…

Regnak vs BPPV vs Hobbytime

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been out of action for last 3 weeks due to BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) that triggered with the slightest movement of my head. I have spent the time basically lying still in bed or on the sofa. My Ne…

Penetratus Intensio – Knight of Slaanesh

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Well, the beast is all varnished and done, and a former Imperial Knight has fallen to the sway of She Who Thirsts.Now the model is ready to see battle in both the huge 40k game we have at TSA in may, as well as a Knights only special scenario in april….

Warhammer 40k: Chapter Approved Planetstrike or The Rise of Hammerfall

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Jason from Headwound minis came by with his Nurgle forces and we played the first in the series of Planetstrike missions from Chapter Approved. We talked for a bit beforehand on how to organize games into a narrative campaign of sorts, linking them int…

Age of Sigmar – Archaon Everchosen

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It is good to start your day with ALMIGHTY ARCHAON! One of the biggest miniatures from Games Workshop! Massive look, tons of details, huuuge wings – Archaon Everchosen. To be honest – I was really stressed before the painting process. 😉 Miniature (?!) is well casted, almost no mould line but it`s definitely hero not-for-newbies in[…]