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Children of the Emperor! Death to his Foes!

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In today’s post, I’m taking a look at the current status of my Emperor’s Children, most glorious of all the Legions.Because, if you have been following the blog this month, I’m going all out on my IIIrd Legion, and my initial set goal for them is to re…

Sonic Dreadnought kitbash

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The FAQ for the Forge World book brought them back, the good old Sonic Dreadnought, and better then before.While the original model, now impossible to find, was the old “boxy” model, I went to build one with some parts I had lying around.The base of th…

A Blast(er) From the Past

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Who still remembers the old Space Crusade, licensed out by Games Workshop to MB games?Well, in what I began to call the “Willie lot”, there where some models from that time, including a laser turret from the expansion.So heck, why not paint them up in …

Primaris Traitoris test model

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Well, initially the plan was to make an Alpha Legion force using the new Primaris models… but that died as quickly as I painted the first model.Instead, the testbed model of that figure got repainted into the colours of my beloved IIIrd Legion.The id…

Mass FWC 6mm Rhino’s

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Well, I need my army to go places fast in Future war Commander, and I have a LOT of infantry stands.So to that end, some IFV’s have been very welcome.The force as such has been boosted now with 11 additional rhino’s, giving me a total of 19 now to tran…

Unboxing Chaos Space Marines Start Collecting

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A while ago, I (finally?) cracked open the Start Collecting box Noshi had gotten me for christmas.The goal being that the marines themselves will be dispersed over various regiments, so let’s have a look at the contents of this small force…It’s decen…

Epic 30K odsłona 38 | Motory Pożeraczy Światów | Epic 30K part 38: World Eaters’ bikers

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Pięć podstawek motorów Pożeraczy Światów w malowaniu Mormega. Cztery to starsze modele plastikowe, natomiast podstawka z dowódcą to model nieco nowszy, wydany do ostatniej bodajże wersji gry.Swoją drogą niesamowite, jak leci czas. Ostatni wpis z tego c…

More corrupted Black Templars

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Nothing to fancy this week again in finished models, as I completed the last two Black Templar Assault marines.Well, for use in my Emperor’s Children of course… so sporting the lovely black and pink colours.It where the final two stragglers of a box …

Havoc expansion

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A small update to an existing Havoc regiment today, as I rounded out my plasmagun / lascannon squad to it’s full 10 man compliment.Though these guys are nothing more then “meatshields” (albeit in power armour) to allow the heavy and special weapons to …

Deathmaster Snikch Twins

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Warhammer Skaven Deathmaster Snikchs for Silver TowerWarhammer Skaven Deathmaster Snikchs for Silver TowerA child-aged Curis attempted to paint the single Skaven Clanrat from 3rd edition Talisman.  The paintjob went so badly it’s taken over twenty years before an adult-aged Curis returned to painting Skaven miniatures. Double Dragon Rat. This is classic Jes Goodwin Deathmaster…

1750pts battle report – Genestealer Cult & Iron Hands v Death Guard & Ad Mech – game 1

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Double Trouble 3 and Alex From the Fang’s doubles tournament replacing Blog Wars. 875pts with random pairings but all match-ups are Battle Brothers. Once again my recollection is pretty hazy so for the most part enjoy the pictures, the commen…

Papa was a rolling unclean one – Rogue trader Great Unclean One

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And just to finish this first tale of several gamers, here’s a Greater demon of Nurgle with a Rogue Trader twist !
Having already painted a Bloodthirster and a Keeper of Secrets I still had 2 left to paint to complete my pantheon so I thought painting the fat papa would be cool to go with the palanquin I had just finished !

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Warhammer Champions Hands-On at UK Games Expo

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It’s uncomfortably warm here at Birmingham NEC, right now. It’s not even open to the public but it’s already amass with exhibitors setting up and […]

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Pimple my ride – Nurgle Palanquin for Rogue Trader

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Hi there, I’m in the final steps of my tale of several gamers so still trying to finish as much as I can for my Chaos renegades. I’ve only realized last month I haven’t painted a single character in this challenge and thought I could use some leadership. Now of course I couldn’t settle on something simple could I ?
And that’s how I remembered I had this Nurgle Palanquin with no less than 3 potential riders, all fitted with Magnets !
Best part of which being one is pretty neutral and could be your regular undivided chaos lord.
Since I didn’t have enough corks to put the riders on, I had the best idea in the world (aka worst idea ever, don’t do this at home) and pinned all three on the same cork !

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Ahriman the Chaos Sorcerer was painted to our level 5 quality with NMM gold and metals. The custom colours were dictated by the client. Also were did not need to put the miniature together on the stand or the stand on a base as the client would do that after […]

Make some noiiiisseeee

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While they weren’t needed per se for the big battle the coming weekend, nevertheless I expanded my squad of Nosie Marines with 5 more rockers of the apocalypse.While waiting for GW to (ever?) release plastic Noiseys, I went through a third party.The Ma…

9th Age / AoS – Scyla Anfingrimm

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Hey! Another small diorama with wild, chaos monster. This time – Scyla Anfingrimm. Enjoy! In previous post you saw my first „scene” with daemonic hand and Khorgorath. My another creation is wild Scyla on lava base and Bloodstoker. Again it’s filler for chaos warriors regiment for 9th Age / old WFB editions. I created base[…]

9th Age / AoS – Khorgorath mini-diorama

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Hello Wargamers! Another nice project on my blog 😉 I did small diorama-filler for Chaos Warrior unit. Enjoy! Khorgorath – mighty beast from fist AoS starter set. I decided to use this model as a core of filler. Imprisoned by daemonic hand, he’s waiting for enemy and fresh blood! Base and hand is 100% kitbash[…]

Recenzja: Evil High Priest I od Otherworld Miniatures.Reviews: Evil High Priest I from Otherworld Miniatures.

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Prezentowany poniżej model jest jedną z nagród ufundowanych przez sklep Battle Models, którą można było wygrać w turnieju Warheim FS.Zapraszam zatem do lektury recenzji figurki ME2d – Evil High Priest I wyprodukowanej przez Otherworld Miniatures.Evil H…

Mortarion the Demon Prince

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Another commissions that has been completed a while ago that I haven’t put up on the website. Its Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard and demon prince of Nurgle. This one is a custom colour scheme provided by the client and painted to level 4…

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Magore’s Fiends vs. Spiteclaw’s Swarm

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  Scott from Party Foul has painted up his first Shadespire warband to try out the game! I bring Spiteclaw’s Swarm to face them in this three round Matched Play session. Advertisements

Necromunda Underhive: Gang Spotlight Submissions Now Open

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Here at TabletopGamesUK we love games, we love writing about games, but our favourite part about this is you guys; our readers! Of course, what […]

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Blood Bowl – Am I too late for kick off?

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When you put it on paper I should not really be that in to Blood Bowl. Science fiction has always been one of my biggest […]

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W40k – Thousand Sons – FULL ARMY!

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Hello wargamers! Today I would like to show you full, painted army of Thousand Sons. Enjoy!  Army list: – Magnus – Ahriman – Ahriman II – 3 x Sorcerers – 30 x Rubric Marines – 15 x Scarab Occult Terminators – 30 x Tzaangors – Land Raider – 2 x Rhino I posted some of[…]

Lords of war! a Warhammer 40k BatRep with large models

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Tonight at TSA, Jo hosted the fourth and final scenario that will influence the big battle at the end of may.And then this scenario will decide who will be the defender and who the attacker, but more on that at the end…Both sides deployed their force…