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Hotshots Review

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HotshotsFirefighting seems to be an underserved genre in tabletop gaming. I can count on one hand the number of games that use this theme and still have a few fingers left over. Which is too bad, because it’s really a theme that can suck people in. Perhaps veteran publisher Fireside Games realized this when they […]

Escape from 100 Million B.C. Review

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Escape from 100 Million BCWhatever big budget movie next summer has in store, the concept usually begins with a pitch meeting where the producer needs to be convinced that the idea is viable. In this game review, that pitch goes something like this: “Ok, what if there was a team of time travelers sent back to the distant past […]

Burgle Bros. iOS Review

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Burgle BrosGame designer Tim Fowers is quietly putting out a nice catalog of games. The first game of his I played with the excellent deckbuilding/word game mashup Paperback, which is really the only word building game I need to own anymore. Burgle Bros, the second game of his I played, was a clever heist game that […]

Outpost: Siberia Review

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Outpost: SiberiaWhen I look at Outpost: Siberia, I have memories of watching John Carpenter’s The Thing. You’re stuck in a frozen outpost, being terrorized by monsters. What’s not to love? Well unless you are actually there I guess. Outpost: Siberia is a cooperative card game designed by veteran game designers Jonathan Gilmour (Wasteland Express Delivery Service) […]

Train Heist Review

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Train HeistWhile I don’t always gravitate towards the old west theme, if there is one niche of that genre that’s sure to suck me in, it’s the train heist. Gearing up, forming a plan, and attacking a moving target. It has all the elements needed for an entertaining evening. So with that in mind, today we […]

The Goonies Adventure Card Game Review

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The Goonies Adventure Card GameNostalgia can be a powerful thing and publishers must be realizing that. Lately we have been seeing a resurgence of games based on 80’s IP. Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Terminator 2, and now The Goonies. Designed by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle (Morocco, Back to the Future Card Game), The Goonies Adventure Card Game […]