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Deep Fried Lard, Musselburgh 2018.

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Today relation from my second show of the year. As it is June, it is time for Deep Fried Lard in Musselburgh. For those, who don’t know what is this, it is all day meeting with games from Too Fat Lardies. Once again all participants were able to play 2…

Summer 1944 in Italy. Lato 1944 roku we Włoszech.

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Another game in our club, this time Chain of Command. Since some time I try to win with Angus’s Germans using my Poles. As I remember I did never win. This time we tried something a little different. Regular infantry against regular infantry. For the p…

Kaiserschlacht 1918

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Today very quickly report from the game we had a week ago. Michael was tempting to use his 1WW collection and with some support from Campbell’s figures he organised the game. He put it on my special demand, he placed his scenario just after the breakin…

Brettevillette 1944

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Last Thursday we had another Chain of Command game, but this time we used the Big CoC rules, so we had two infantry platoons plus tank platoon per side.W ostatni czwartek mieliśmy kolejną grę z zasadami Chain of Command, jednak tym razem użyliśmy reguł…

Warlord Games Kriegsmarine

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These guys were a Christmas present that have finally been across the painting table.Something a bit different for me but I thought the figures looked pretty cool and so I just had to get them.Just goes to show that you never know what might be wanderi…

Chain of Command trial game.

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Our last Friday night game was a trial game of the Chain of Command rules.In the end we spent most of the night re reading the rules, but it was still a good game.A group of British Para’s  are wanting to take control of an important crossroads. H…

Winter War begins

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We fought the first battle in our Winter of No Surrender campaign. The Red Army crossed the border at Rajajoki with two sections of border guards and a section of engineers. The battle ended in a major Finnish victory.

Winter War Campaign

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Winter of No Surrender Winter of No Surrender (WoNS) is part of our official WWII CoC Grande Campaign. Players on both sides will have their own player characters leading platoons (on the Finnish side) and companies (Soviet side) / other forces and engage in historical scenarios over 105 days of fighting on the Karelian Isthmus. […]

Playing a bit of CoC and Longstreet

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Heikki organised a CoC game based on a historical WW2 battle with a long range Finnish patrol fighting NKVD troops. History was reversed, the Finns launched furious charges and decimated the Soviets with their SMG fire. Heavy casualties all round. On another table Petri’s confederates trashed Eero’s Union army in a 1861 Longstreet game. As […]

20 mm Conversions for Chain of Command

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First, a couple of warnings. The photos are not great – the camera is old and I am no Karsh. Secondly, 20mm is my cheap and dirty scale to do North West Europe quickly and with a small investment. Efforts are focused on getting toys on the table rather…

Analogue Painting Challenge – the final tally

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As I mentioned a long while back, I decided to participate in the Analogue Painting Challenge for 2015-16.  I set myself a goal of 500 points and wound up producing 675. I am quite proud of this and very much appreciate the kick in the pants it ga…